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         Skyscrapers Architecture:     more books (100)
  1. Skyscrapers.(brief history of skyscrapers and the suggested impact of telecommuting): An article from: Canada and the World Backgrounder
  2. Petronas Twin Towers: The Architecture of High Construction by Cesar Pelli, Michael J. Crosbie, 2001-03-23
  3. Skyscrapers: A Social History of the Very Tall Building in America by George H. Douglas, 1996-11
  4. Art and Architecture on 1001 Afternoons in Chicago: Essays and Tall Tales of Artists and the Cityscape of the 1920s by Ben Hecht, Florice Whyte Kovan, 2002-01-22
  5. Skyscraper
  6. The saga of the Chicago Tribune skyscraper.(Book Reviews)(Book Review): An article from: Architectural Science Review
  7. Skyscraper by Paul Goldberger, 1983-05-12
  8. Skyscrapers (Buildings at Work) by Elizabeth Encarnacion, 2007-08
  9. The World Trade Center (Classics of American architecture) by Anthony Robins, 1987-05
  10. Skyscrapers, the first 100 years (A Louis Sullivan Museum guide) by John D Randall, 1984
  11. The Skyward Trend of Thought: The Metaphysics of the American Skyscraper by Thomas A. P. Van Leeuwen, 1988-10
  12. Skyscrapers: A Project Book for Young People by Anne MacGregor, 1981-09
  13. Skyscrapers: SeeMore Readers Level 2 (SeeMore Readers) by Seymour Simon, 2005-03-31
  14. Skyscraper Rivals; the AIG Building and the Architecture of Wall Street by Daniel Abramsom, 2001

81. Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators - Art & Architecture
library of ancient Greek and Roman art, architecture, and classic texts. SkyscraperPage links to information and photos about skyscrapers, history, and
For our newsletter and special teacher promotions.
Architecture and Interior Design for 20th Century America

...a collection of over 29,000 photographs taken from 1935-1955 in the northeastern US
Architecture in Education

...a number of interdisciplinary, hands-on projects and ideas for incorporating architecture into the curriculum
Architecture Web Sites

...a plethora of architecture links arranged by broad topic
@rt Room

...provides a virtual learning environment for learning about art; a site for kids that will be useful for teachers in planning art lessons
Art for Kids

...a well-compiled site with art projects, art history, and much more ArtLex ...a dictionary/glossary of over 1600 art terms ArtsEdge Performing Arts Education Materials ...a clearinghouse for information about the performing and visual arts ArtsEdNet ...a site for art educators to share ideas, get lesson plans, and learn more about discipline-based arts education ArtsWork: Arts Resources for Teachers and Students ...links to education materials in the area of visual arts, dance, music, and drama/theater

82. Skyscrapers: 20th Century - 1
Photos and information on American skyscrapers built in the period, from the Digital Archive and American architecture.

Table of Contents
Quick Index: 17th century 18th century 19th century 20th century ... Fine Arts department home page
20th Century Architecture
Skyscrapers 1900-1925
King's Dream of
New York, 1908
Higher resolution
image. (128k)
Flatiron Building
New York, 1902. 285' ht
C.L.W. Eidlitz and A. McKenzie:
Times Building, 1903-5. 362'8"
C.L.W. Eidlitz and A. McKenzie:
Times Building, 1903-5. 362' 8" Times Square, with Times building, 1903-05 C.L.W. Eidlitz and A. McKenzie: Times Building, 1903-5. 362'8" C.L.W. Eidlitz and A. McKenzie: Times Building, 1903-5. 362' 8" Francis Hatch Kimball: Trinity and US Realty Buildings, NYC, 1904-5,1906-7. Steel frame footbridge added 1912. 260' ht (left); 275' (rt) Francis Hatch Kimball: Trinity Building under construction, NYC, 1904-5, NYC. Postcard, 1906. E. Flagg: "Little Singer Building," New York, 1904. E. Flagg: Singer Building New York, 1906-8. 612' ht. E. Flagg: Singer Building New York, 1906-8. 612' P. LeBrun: Metropolitan Life New York, 1907-09. 700' P. LeBrun: Metropolitan Life

83. Athens Skyscrapers And Modern Architecture - Online Photo Albums - Www.freephoto
Home Galleries Misc Jedi Athens skyscrapers and Modern architecture.Athens skyscrapers and Modern architecture. As per title.

84. Home
Personal page covering a variety of Russian related subjects including Russian architecture, culture, history, economy, politics, photo archive, Soviet Union, Moscow skyscrapers, Cathedral of Christ Our Saviour, Krushchev's grave and miscellaneous topics.
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Last Update: 09 April 2003 HOME CONTENTS
What's New?

About Me

Why Russia?

Cathedral of Christ The Saviour

Moscow Skyscrapers

Krushchev's Grave

The Russia House
... Miscellaneous
E MAIL ME! Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook In 2002, the Russian Economy saw its fourth-consecutive year of solid economic growth; sound budget management that produced another surplus; a stable currency; reasonable inflation; a world-leading stock market; recognition as a market economy; and, of course, a booming oil sector, which is cranking out 8 million barrels per day for the first time in a decade, meaning Russia's most important industry is back where it started. See the Economy page for a review of the Russian economy during 2002. The armed conflict in Chechnya continued to cause problems beyond that region, with terrorist acts being carried out in neighbouring regions and as far away as Moscow. These culminated in the tragic events of last October where the armed siege of a Dubrovka theater ended with a tremendous loss of life; although, had the terrorists succeeded in blowing up the building, the number of casualties would have been far higher. The theater recently reopened after an extensive refurbishment and performances of the musical "Nord-Ost" were staged once again. March 5 this year is the 50th anniversary of the deaths of Stalin and Prokoviev. Prokoviev died on the same day as Stalin, but because of the outpouring of grief and period of official mourning over Stalin's death, it was some time before the country noticed that Prokoviev had also died.

85. Architecture Skyscrapers Art Prints
architecture skyscrapers Posters and Fine Art Prints. Movie Posters Search. Buyersmls.comHealth and Fitness. architecture skyscrapers Art Prints. Search
Welcome to where finding your favorite architecture poster is easy. Shopping Mall more posters Tv collectables movie poster collecting Links
Architecture Skyscrapers Posters and Fine Art Prints
Movie Posters

CATEGORIES what's hot Artist Galleries Abstract Animals ... World Culture
Architecture Links
Architecture Art Prints

Architecture books

Architecture videos

Bridge Architecture Art ...
Window Architecture Art

Want to shop for Health Products Health and Fitness Architecture Skyscrapers Art Prints Search: Architecture Art Prints Buildings Apartment Buildings Banks Barns Beach Huts ... Windows Architecture Books from Amazon

86. Houston Architecture Info
News, pictures, and information about skyscrapers, buildings, and bridges in the city, from the Houstonbased author of Glass, Steel and Stone.
Architecture of Houston, Texas
Houston Architecture Home The Buildings The Discussions The Shop ...
About Us
Most recently updated buildings
402 Main

Jefferson Davis Hospital

Koch Building

CenterPoint Energy Tower
1500 Louisiana

Most recent discussions
Small Town Architecture

Not Cool If...

Top Texas Sylines:
Medical Center Best Urban Area Of Houston Find more at our other sites: Chicago New York London Vienna ... Global Arte faqs Photographs and information may not be used without permission. All your skyscrapers are belong to us.

87. Architecture Of San Antonio, Texas
Pictures and information about the buildings, skyscrapers, and monuments of San Antonio.

88. Architecture That Reaches For The Sky
Welcome to architecture that reaches for the sky. As the title indicates, this isa website that is dedicated to skyscrapers and those of us that love them.
Welcome to Architecture that reaches for the sky. As the title indicates, this is a web-site that is dedicated to skyscrapers and those of us that love them. We are, as you will see, still under construction. Still, we have chosen to make the finished parts public, since some information is better than none. We do not inted this site to be for architects only, in fact we feel that our primal target group is not architects. The skyscraper-lover is who we want to satisfy. Architects are of course more than welcome, but may not find it professional enough. This is no problem, since our primal concern is to provide information about:
I have finally started to update these pages, starting on the ranking list
of the highest buildings of the world. More changes will come soon. Check it out.

89. Manhattan Skyscrapers
Among the more recent skyscrapers are the Lipstick Building by John Burgee You cancall it Bauhausarchitecture, Modernism, Reductionism or Internationalism.
No. 4, March 2000
Film Music History ... Travel
and Eric P. Nash. Flatiron Building. Manhattan Skyscrapers
A book by Eric P. Nash with
photos by Norman McGrath

Princeton Architectural Press New York 1999
Get the book from
One of the most popular and best known skyscrapers in the world is the Flatiron Building. Built by Daniel H. Burnham in 1902 as the headquarters of the George A. Fuller construction company, it "was only briefly called the Fuller Building and soon became known as the Flatiron because of its distinctive shape." Unfortunately, the picture on the right is the only construction photo Nash/McGrath have included in their book. It shows the underlying steel-structure of the building. As Buckminster Fuller remarked, the Flatiron dated to an era when "architects were still pretending there was no steel." The Flatiron looks like an ocean steamer moving towards us. The 21-storey, 307-foot tall building was the tallest skyscraper north of Wall Street when it was built." The style is sometimes called "Burnham Baroque", its "rippling terra-cotta curtain wall decorated with lion's heads, wreaths, and archictectural masks is a link with a classical past."
The Flatiron Building under construction.

90. The New Detroit
Images, plans and discussion of the architecture of Detroit. skyscrapers, sports facilities, buildings proposed and under construction. Forum.
Expansion is chosen over a new Cobo
Marshall Field's is sold to May?

2005 Winterfest Planned?

Statler Hilton to be razed?
or View My Guestbook

E-mail Me
Headlines Visiting Detroit? Here are some helpful city and regional maps.
Maps require Adobe Acrobat. Wish to take a tour of Detroit? Click Here Please ignore the question marks. There is some problem with GeoCities' web publishing program. Thank you.

91. Architecture
What is the Future for skyscrapers? an interesting read from the BBC News. ChicagoArchitecture Foundation Student tours available Teacher resources
Program Goals Lesson Plans Year Plan ... To top of page This page is still under construction!
I'll be building more links all the time.
History and Architects
Buildings Educational Resources
Frank Lloyd Wright
... Victorian Architecture and more!
History of Architecture Art Serve: Art and Architecture Images mainly from the Mediterranean Basin and Japan. If you have some time - you might want to check this site out for images - no historical information given. I found some nice architectural details like columns and doors. Site from Australian National University Renaissance and Baroque Architecture images included in this collection were scanned from slides taken by Professor C. W. Westfall and used in his survey course, Renaissance and Baroque Architecture, University of Virginia. High quality images - also shows influence on architecture in the United State. History of Western Architecture This site has links to images by region and period. Information is given about each structure. Images a fairly small but a good source for images for PowerPoint presentations. History of Japanese Architecture Asian Historical Architecture Cities/Buildings image archive University of Washington - Cities/Buildings Database is a collection of digitized images of buildings and cities drawn from across time and throughout the world.

92. Architecture Of Skyscrapers; Hardback; Book
English Books architecture Public, Commercial, orIndustrial Buildings architecture of skyscrapers.
Architecture of Skyscrapers
English Books

German Books

Spanish Books

Sheet Music
Architecture of Skyscrapers
Hardback; Book; 250 Colour Illustrations
187 pages
Published: December 1997
HarperCollins Publishers Inc
ISBN: 0688154158 This item non-returnable. Order may not be canceled. PRODUCT CODE: 0688154158 USA/Canada: US$ 132.60 Australia/NZ: A$ 206.30 Other Countries: US$ 146.50 convert to your currency Delivery costs included if your total order exceeds US$50. We do not charge your credit card until we ship your order. Government and corporate Purchase Orders accepted without prior account application. PLACE AN ORDER To prepare to buy this item click "add to cart" above. You can change or abandon your shopping cart at any time before checkout. CHECK ORDER STATUS Check on order progress and dispatch. CHANGE OR CANCEL YOUR ORDER Please E-mail us within one hour The NetStoreUSA website is operated by Open Communications, Inc an Arizona corporation, which has successfully served the Internet community since 1994. Site Design by GillespieFox (

93. AECasia - Architecture Asia - Building Types - Skyscrapers
building types, .Location Index building types skyscrapers. buildingtypes Arena l Castles l Culture l Education l Gallery l
The architect and design network for Asia l Australia Bangaladesh Cambodia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Korea Laos Malaysia Myanmar New Zealand Philippines Sri Lanka Singapore Taiwan Thailand Vietnam I about us I add listing I advertising I contact us I building types Location: Index building types Skyscrapers building types - Arena l Castles l Culture l Education l Gallery l Government l Hotel l Industrial l Museum l Palace l Public l Residential l Skyscrapers l Other l Kanchanjunga Apts


skyscraper multifamily housing, apartment tower
India Petronas Towers


At 1483 feet (452m) tall, the tallest building in the world at the date of its completion. Tapering twin towers share an Islamic-influenced geometrically polygonal plan.
Malaysia Super Dry Hall

yo.dry.html Headquarters of Asahi Beer, is topped by what appears to be a huge globule of beer, tipping dangerously off the top of the skyscraper. Japan WTB The World's Tallest Buildings Page

94. Skyscrapers Buildings Architecture Posters And Prints
skyscrapers Buildings architecture posters and prints a huge selection tosuit every taste. Home architecture Buildings skyscrapers. CATEGORIES.
Skyscrapers Posters
Home Architecture Buildings Skyscrapers
CATEGORIES Artist Galleries Abstract Animals Architecture ... Posters International FAST DELIVERY Most Orders Ship
in 24 Hours. BOOKS
Index Automobiles Aviation Nautical ... Children's Books SKYSCRAPERS GALLERY 103 products Page 1 of 9 PAGES: NEXT
Chrysler Building, New York 1938

by Unknown
12x51 Fine-Art Print
other sizes available


frame ...
Wallstreet, NY, 1936

24x32 Wall Poster other sizes available more info frame ... cart World Trade Center by James Blakeway 14x40 Fine-Art Print more info frame it now ... cart Empire State Building, New York ... by Unknown 12x51 Fine-Art Print other sizes available more info frame ... cart View to the Chicago River, Chica... 24x32 Fine-Art Print more info frame it now ... cart On the Chicago River, Chicago, 1930 24x32 Fine-Art Print more info frame it now ... cart The Skyline, Chicago, 1930 54x27 Fine-Art Print more info frame it now ... cart Manhattan Skyline by Unknown 54x18 Fine-Art Print other sizes available more info frame ... cart Construction of the Empire State... 39x20 Fine-Art Print more info frame it now ... cart Flatiron Building, NY, 1937

Changes that have taken place in architecture, low squatty buildings with plain entrancesno. longer constructed, in their place appear skyscrapers of which the
SKYSCRAPERS Reference Dupré, Judith, 1956- Skyscrapers / Judith Dupré : introductory interview with Philip Johnson. – New York : FOLIO Includes bibliographical references (p. 126) Chicago : the sky’s the limit : an exhibition at the Chicago Public Library Cultural Center, September 15-November 3, 1984 / [edited by Arla Hightower]. – Chicago : Office of Fine Arts, c1984. Bibliography: p. 31. Morrison, Elizabeth Newman. Microfilm The development of skyscraper style 1874-1922 [microform] / by Elizabeth Newman Morrison. – Chicago : Dept. of Photoduplication, University of Chicago, [1931?] Includes “a list of important buildings, 1874-1922, with architects, dates, and references to illustrations”: leaves 122-29. Microfilm of typescript: Thesis (M.A.)—University of Chicago, 1931. Includes bibliography. Willis, Carol. Form follows finance : skyscrapers and skylines in New York and Chicago / Carol Willis. – 1st ed. – New York : Princeton Architectural Press, c1995. Includes bibliographical references (p. 209-213) Reference The Sky’s the limit : a century of Chicago skyscrapers / edited by Pauline A. Saliga :

96. Skyscrapers, Building Types, History, Architecture, Arts, American Arts And Craf
skyscrapers, Building Types, History, architecture, Arts, directory,,American Arts and Crafts Directory. Directory skyscrapers.
Skyscrapers, Building Types, History, Architecture, Arts, American Arts and Crafts Directory
Directory: Skyscrapers
Home Directory Arts Architecture ... Building Types : Skyscrapers Search for Art Directory Topics:
See also:
  • Emporis - An international team maintains this huge database of tall buildings, navigated by map and list. Also lists construction companies and architects, and supplies news.
  • High Rises - A photo gallery by Matthew Armling of highrises, skyscrapers and towers in New York, Hongkong and Frankfurt.
  • Highrises in Movies - Ziggy's database of skyscrapers appearing in motion pictures. Search by building or movie. User input supported.
  • History of Skyscrapers - History Channel offers a brief history by Gail Fenske, history of the elevator, skyscraper architects.
  • How Skyscrapers Work - This illustrated narrative by Tom Harris from HowStuffWorks explains that the main technological advancement that made skyscrapers possible was the development of mass iron and steel production.
  • Jaybop's Skylines - Jason Gray presents aerial, high-view and panoramic photographs of cities across the world, which include skyscrapers.
  • Man Made Net - Aims to chronicle monuments built by men to overcome their feelings of anatomical inadequacy. The focus is on high rise hubris.

97. ThinkQuest : Library : Fusion Of Form And Function : Art We Live In
To describe Chicago as the birthplace of skyscraper architecture would not be veryaccurate; however, it is the only metropolitan city where you can see the

98. Art Deco Architecture - New York City Skyscrapers
More Art Deco skyscrapers in NYC new_york_city NYC architecturephotos architecture resources and databases More architecture - Gargoyles Architecture.htm
NYC Architecture - Art Deco

The period termed "art deco" manifested itself roughly between the two world wars, or 1920 to 1939. Many actually stretch this period back to 1900 and even as far as the late 1950's, but work of this time is generally considered to be more of an influence to the Art Deco style, or having been influenced by the style. As with many other art movements, even work of today is still being influenced by the past. This period of design and style did not just affect architecture, but all of the fine and applied arts as well. Furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewelry and graphic design were all influenced by the Art Deco style.
Common themes Basically it was a "modernization" of many artistic styles and themes from the past. You can easily detect in many examples of Art Deco the influence of Far and Middle Eastern design, Greek and Roman themes, and even Egyptian and Mayan influence. Modern elements included echoing machine and automobile patterns and
shapes such as stylized gears and wheels, or natural elements such as sunbursts and flowers.

99. Chicago Architecture Info Forum -> Skyscrapers
skyscrapers. Topic Wilson. The Future Of skyscrapers From Forbes, PrintWeasel,2, 617, 12th May 2004 - 1143 AM Last Post by -Another Wilson-.

100. Chicago Architecture Info Forum -> The Future Of Skyscrapers
We checked in with architecture firms all over the world to determine the ten tallestbuildings in the pipeline, and found that skyscraper construction around

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