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41. History Of The Olympics + Cartoon Fun By Brownielocks
The Winter Games include biathlon (skiing and shooting), bobsledding, ice hockey alink to it.) olympic Museum olympic Stories olympic history Sport s Journal
Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
Cartoon Fun
The History of the Olympics Since the Olympic games go way back to the early Greeks, to do an entire history on one page is a bit overwhelming. So, I'll give you a brief summation of how it all began, and then provide some further links for additional information. So, how and why did it all begin? In ancient Greece, they often combined religious festivals with sporting events, to honor certain gods. The Greeks held the following: The Pythian Games
The Nemean Games
The Isthmian Games
The Olympic Games It was the last one, the Olympics, that were held for the Greek God Zeus and were also the most popular with the people. The first game is said to be held at Olympia, Greece in 776 B.C. and has been held every 4 years since = 1,168 years! Then, Greece came under the rule of the Roman Empire and the Olympic games were declined, to the point where they actually declined in 393 B.C. by the Christian Roman Emperor, Theodosius I, who objected to what he felt were some "pagan rites" associated with the games. In the beginning, the Olympic games were confined to just one day and one event. That event was a footrace that was the length of the stadium. Soon, additional races were added as the popularity grew, as well as discus and javelin throws (tosses), broad jumps, boxing, wrestling, chariot racing and a pentathlon. The pentathlon was composed of 5 different track and field competitions.

42. Olympic History For Sporting Families
olympic history for Families. his brothers, also Finnish champions, but without olympicsuccesses; the Swahn family of shooting (484.3) Oscar Swahn (193); Alfred
Olympic History for Families
The following are families of which more than one member have achieved Olympic successes (from the Full list)
  • The Leahy Brothers, Irish athletes (28620)
  • The Sheldon brothers, American athletes (25920)
    • Richard Sheldon (USA/ATH/1900)
    • Lewis Sheldon (USA/ATH/1900)
    • the Abbagnales, Italian Rowers (982)
    • the Joyners, American Athletic stars (900.5) the Kelly-Costello family (822)
      • Paul Costello , triple gold medallist at double scull (480)
      • John Kelly, sen , his cousin, who shared two of those medals (256)
      • John Kelly, jun, his son, bronze at skiff in 1956 (36)
      • Bernard Paul Costello, Paul's son, silver at the same event in 1956 (50)

43. Texas Almanac - Texas History
States olympic Committee. Olympian. *. Sport. Games**. Medal. Acuff, Amy Lynn, B,Track, 1995 USOF, S. Allen, Chad, T, Baseball, 1996 SOG, B. Anderson, Terence M.L, shooting,
Texas Olympic Medalists Abbreviations used in the Sport column are: Mod. Penta.=Modern Pentathlon; Fig. Skating-Figure Skating; Sp'd Skating-Speed Skating; Tm Handball-Team Handball; Track-all track and field events except those noted separately. Source: United States Olympic Committee Olympian Sport Games** Medal Acuff, Amy Lynn B Track 1995 USOF S Allen, Chad T Baseball 1996 SOG B Anderson, Terence M. L Shooting 1995 PAG
1994 USOF
1983 PAG
1979 PAG
S Anti, Michael E. L Shooting 1991 PAG 4G, B Arnette, Jay Hoyland T Basketball 1960 SOG G Austin, Charles T Track 1996 SOG G Baker, Walter Thane L Track 1956 SOG
1952 SOG G, S, B
S Baptiste, Kirk

44. NZ Summer Olympic History
NZ Summer olympic history. into its own for New Zealand at the 1968 Mexico olympicswhen the Ian Ballinger won a bronze in the smallbore rifle shooting and Mike

45. - Olympic History - 1896
Nine sports, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, lawn tennis, shooting, swimming, trackand field time of 12.5 sec, was the first competition of the Modern Olympics.
Home OLYMPIC WINNERS 2004 NEWS 2004 Athens ... Paralympics The first modern Olympics
The Modern Olympic Games started in 1896 in Athens, Greece. The Athens Games of 1896 were a great success and were held in a superb white marble stadium, which was constructed in less than 18 months, able to hold 60.000 spectators. King George of Greece opened the event on April 5 in front of a full stadium.
Nine sports
Thirteen countries competed (Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States). Nine sports, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, lawn tennis, shooting, swimming, track and field, weight lifting, and wrestling were on the agenda April 6 – 15, 1896.
Some highlights
The first heat of the 100m which was won by Francis Lane, USA, in a time of 12.5 sec, was the first competition of the Modern Olympics. The first winner was the American James Connolly, who won the triple jump of 13.71 metres. Worth to mention is also Edwin Flack, the only representative from Australia, a 23 year old accountant who won the 800 and 1500 metres track events. He also competed in the marathon until fatigue forced him to withdraw and in the singles and doubles tennis events.

of crosscountry skiing and shooting as an The first olympic competition was heldin 1960 in HOME - ORGANIZATION - ADDRESSES - COMPETITIONS - history - LINKS
Airportcenter Postfach 1 - 5073 Wals Himmelreich - Austria - Tel. +43-662-855050 - Fax +43-662-8550508 Concept, graphic design and realisation by

47. - United States - New - Sports - All Sports - Sports Reference - Events
4. olympics 2000 shooting http// an overview of the sport and its olympic history.

48. RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History - Alberta Community Development
RecFacts 513 Canada s Summer olympic history. The Canadian Medal Count. Team GSBTotal Size. Boxing 3 5 6 14. Canoeing 3 6 4 13. shooting 4 3 2 9. Wrestling 0 3 58.
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Location: Alberta Government Home Community Development Home Building Strong Communities Sport and Recreation ... General Index RecFacts 513
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RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History
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RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History
The Canadian Medal Count
Team G S B Total Size 1896 Athens Did Not Compete 1900 Paris 1 1 2 1* 1904 St. Louis 4 1 1 6 43 1907 London 3 3 9 15 91 1912 Stockholm 3 2 3 8 36 1916 Berlin Games Not Held 1920 Antwerp 2 3 3 8 47 1924 Paris 3 1 4 73 1928 Amsterdam 4 4 7 15 71 1932 Los Angeles 2 5 8 15 102 1936 Berlin 1 3 5 9 109 1940 Tokyo, Helsinki Games Not Held 1944 London Games Not Held 1948 London 1 2 3 106 1952 Helsinki 1 2 3 113 1956 Melbourne 2 1 3 6 99 1960 Rome 1 1 97 1964 Tokyo 1 2 1 4 118 1968 Mexico City 1 3 1 5 143 1972 Munich 2 3 5 220 1976 Montreal 5 6 11 414 1980 Moscow Did Not Compete 211** 1984 Los Angeles 10 18 16 44 436 1988 Seoul 3 2 5 10 354 1992 Barcelona 6 5 7 18 314 1996 Atlanta Totals 38 61 75 174 * No official team sent, but George Orton, a Canadian studying in the United States, won two medals competing on his own.

49. The Village Voice: Sports: Golden Moments By Allen St. John
first of two olympic gold medals in the rapidfire pistol event, shooting left-handed 5000-meterrun, with a time of 185007—the slowest in olympic history.
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    The Other History of the Olympics Golden Moments by Allen St. John September 20 - 26, 2000 ure, you've heard a lot about the truly heroic moments in Olympic history: Bob Beamon's record-breaking long jump, Abebe Bikili winning the marathon barefoot, Mark Spitz winning seven gold medals with that Tony Orlando mustache in tow. But the Olympics is also about cheating, drug abuse, wooden legs, sex changes, and death threats by dictators. Here is a Games-by-Games time line of classic Olympic moments that won't make NBC's heartwarming reel of past highlights. Athens 1896 The 1500-meter swim in the maiden Olympics is contested in open seas, with 12-foot-high waves and 55-degree water. Says winner Alfred Hajos, "I shivered from the thought of what would happen if I got a cramp in the cold water. My will to live completely overcame my desire to win." St. Louis 1904
  • 50. Web Archive Copy: Women In The Olympics - A Brief History
    cycling, diving, equestrian, hockey, rowing, shooting, softball, swimming to representAustralia at the olympic Games Sandra any country in the history of the
    This is an archive copy of a document originally located at
    Women in the Olympics - a brief history
    The 20th May 2000 marks the 100th anniversary of the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games. It also marks the centenary of women’s participation in the modern Olympics. Three events were available for women at the 1900 Olympic Games: golf, tennis and yachting. When the modern Olympic Games began in 1896 women had no part in the competition. In fact, the founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin had said on several occasions that the Olympics were no place for women. He felt that rather than seek records for herself, a woman’s greatest achievement was to encourage her sons to excel. Women had to work to gain a presence in the Olympic arena and force open the door to one sport after another. Swimming for women was included in the Games in 1912 and a limited program of track and field was added in 1928. Women’s races longer than 200m were banned until 1960 when the 800m was reintroduced. The women’s marathon was not added until 1984. In 1992 the 10,000m walk was introduced and recently, waterpolo — which had been the domain of men since the Olympics first began — was added to the 2000 Olympic Games program for women. Women have played an enormous role in painting the Olympic picture. Since Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain won gold in singles tennis at the 1900 Paris Olympics, many women have put their stamp on Olympic history.

    51. Shooting Federation Of Canada History
    A Little history. The shooting Federation of Canada liaises with Sport Canada, theCanadian olympic Association, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, the
    A Little History
    The Shooting Federation of Canada was formed in 1932, under the name of the Canadian Small Bore Rifle Association. In 1949, Supplementary Letters Patent were issued for a change of name to the Canadian Civilian Association of Marksmen. Our present name, the Shooting Federation of Canada was authorized in 1964 when skeet and trap associations affiliated to form one umbrella organization. In 1962, the SFC was officially recognized by the Fitness and Amateur Sport Branch of Health and Welfare Canada as the National Sport Governing Body responsible for organized recreational and competitive target shooting in Canada. The National Sport and Recreational Centre, NSRC was set up in Ottawa in 1971 and the Federation became one of the first resident organizations to locate its office in the Centre. The SFC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of all forms of shooting activity in Canada. It coordinates a wide range of programs and services for recreational shooters, and arranges participation by Canadian teams in national and international competitions, including Commonwealth, Pan American and Olympic Games. Directing the Federation's affairs is a volunteer Board of Directors which includes representatives from each provincial/territorial association and any other affiliated shooting organizations. Programs are developed and implemented by Section Committees of each of the various disciplines; rifle, pistol, black powder, skeet, trap, running target, metallic silhouette, PPC/action shooting and fullbore. Special standing committees coordinate participation in international competition, national team training, coaching and officiating, firearms legislation and a variety of other activities. Day-to-day operations, including the servicing of members needs, classification of competitors and the sale of official targets and merchandise are conducted by the SFC national office.

    52. History And Geography Of The Olympic Games In Ancient Greece
    nine sports cycling, fencing, gymnastics, lawn tennis, shooting, swimming, track Websitehistory Pages; Boston Marathon history; olympic Marathon, by
    415 Mason Ct. #1
    Fort Collins, CO 80524

    History and Geography of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece by Rick Price, PhD. co-owner and co-founder of ExperiencePlus! Specialty Tours, Inc. The Olympics came to us as one of the oldest institutions of Classical Greece. Although the first written record of the games dates to 776 B.C., their origins go back at least five hundred years earlier and are linked to religious events well before that. The games honored Zeus, supreme god of all the Greeks and ruler of the sky (Zeus's brothers Poseidon and Hades ruled the sea and the Underworld, respectively). The Olympic games were officially abolished by the Roman emperor in 394 AD after a run of 1170 years! As god of all kings and of all humans, Zeus ruled from lofty Mt. Olympus north of Athens. His primary role was to keep the peace among those same gods and "men" on earth. In his honor a universal truce applied during the Olympic Games every four years and even though the truce was broken on several occasions, the games were never interrupted as a result of war. The reasons for the location of the games in "Olympia," near the west coast of the Peloponnesian peninsula are lost in history. The site was never a major city or permanent settlement except during the games themselves when tens of thousands of spectators and participants camped on the grounds. Evidence suggests that the site of Olympia was once the location of a religious festival honoring Gaia, the Earth Mother. Indeed, the site must have had strong historic and religious roots as it is located on the western edge of Classical Greece far from the Greek heartland as this

    53. Summary Of Olympic Games Sports
    The shooting program is complex, with competition in four Women s Football was includedin olympic competition at many great athletes during its long history.
    Home General Information Olympic Games Schedule Wave Dates-How to Reserve ... Cartan's Canada site Athens 2004 Summary of Olympic Games Sports AQUATICS – DIVING
    Athens Olympic Sports Complex

    Diving started developing at the end of the 19th century in Europe and was included into Olympic competition at the St. Louis Games in 1904.Olympic diving competition includes the 10m platform and the 3m springboard for men and women, and 10m platform and 3m springboard synchronized for men and women. AQUATICS – SWIMMING
    Athens Olympic Sports Complex

    Swimming counts among the most popular sports disciplines of the modern Olympic era. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly together with freestyle and medley relays make up the official Olympic Games competition program. Athletes compete in two individual events and also in a number of relays. AQUATICS – SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING
    Athens Olympic Sports Complex

    Synchronized Swimming was developed and organized as a sport after 1950.The Los Angeles Games in 1984 marked its

    54. U Of T Archery Club - Links
    Ottawa Recreation Association Archery Club shooting times, instructor informationand and tournament schedules Information about the olympic history of archery
    HOME Mail Match Injury Survey Updates ... Construction Log
    Thanks to Kjetil Kilhavn who gathered most of the links below and who's comments are shown bellow each link. Over the next few weeks this list will be brought up to date and expanded. If you aren't on it and would like to be, or have any other comments or suggestions email me . Enjoy.
    Victoria Bowmen
    Bowhunting in Nova Scotia
    Quite a bit of information on; The Bowhunter Instructors Association of Nova Scotia, Bowhunters Association of Nova Scotia, the Department of Natural Resources, Bowhunter Fun Shoot events (calendar), and known bowhunter associations and clubs (list). Bowhunting information, some of it specific to Nova Scotia, some not.
    Ottawa Recreation Association Archery Club
    Shooting times, instructor information and instruction times. Also some links to general information about the RA.
    York County Bowmen
    Located just north of Toronto, Ontario. There's a map and a nice event calendar with descriptions of the events as well as the dates.
    Atlanta 1996 Olympics
    Really nice page with a lot of good information, links, and tournament schedules

    55. What Are The Modern Olympics? (Lesson Plan)
    olympic history. The first modern olympic Games took place in 1896 with nine sportsevents cycling, fencing, gymnastics, lawn tennis, shooting, swimming, track
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    What Are the Modern Olympics?
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    Grade Levels: Related Topics: Maps and globes History of the ancient world Olympic Games Greece Related Themes: The 2002 Winter Games
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    56. Olympic UIT Rules Based First In Poland Shooting Veterans Competiton
    First Team Medal for Poland in history of shooting New Year 1997 began very splendidfor Polish shooting. Renata Mauer (left) olympic Champion from Atlanta and

    10.9: Olympic Shooting Giants Gallery
    <= Touch

    57. Olympic Report, Gymnastics And More
    Qantas Offers Sydney As Low As $925 TRACK AND FIELD medal results by country and news DeFrantz wants to make history as first WOMAN IOC President KWAN Swept at Grand Prix Blaine Wilson Wins Winter Cup SWIMMING WORLD CUP BEGINS - November 10, 2000 Krazyleberg Honored USOC RESIGNATION COULD AFFECT GYMNASTICS October 31, 2000 - The fallout continues after the "Best Ever Olympic Games," as finger pointing and controversy rules the in an assortment of countries unhappy with their Olympic results. COLLEGES WITH MOST MEDAL? GTS shows you which colleges have the most Olympic Medal Winners e-mail today! GYMNASTIC NEWS OLYMPIC MEDAL RESULTS

    58. Pentathlon History
    Modern Pentathlon history to introduce Modem Pentathlon at the 5th olympic Gamesof pentathlon s five disciplines show-jumping, shooting, fencing, swimming
    modern-pentathlon .com
    guide to modern pentathlon

    Ancient Pentathlon



    Pentathlon Scoring Team Relay Competitions Calendar of Events Resources Pentathlon News Contact Modern Pentathlon History Admiration for the ancient pentathlon was fully shared by the founder of the modem Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin. He persuaded the Olympic Committee to introduce Modem Pentathlon at the 5th Olympic Games of the modem era in Stockholm, Sweden in 1912. It was his belief that this event, above all others, "tested an athlete's moral qualities as much as their physical resources and skills, producing thereby the ideal, complete athlete." The choice of the five diverse and unrelated sports that make up the Modem Pentathlon arose out of a romantic vision of the wild adventures of a liaison officer whose horse is brought down in enemy territory. He defends himself with his pistol and sword, swims across a raging river and finally delivers the message on foot. Thus the modern pentathlon's five disciplines - show-jumping, shooting, fencing, swimming and cross-country running - were chosen.

    59. - Directory:Sports Betting:Olympic Games
    Photos. Features. olympic Primer Vote Trade history and Information. USolympic shooting Vote Trade US olympic shooting Team Website.

    60. LookSmart Australia
    Includes tips for photographers on shooting sports events 6. olympics Through TimeTake a journey into olympic history with this site from the country where it;317902;

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