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21. Brief History Of The Olympic Games
Brief history of the olympic Games. War II forced cancellation of the olympics in1916 hockey, gymnastics, handball, judo, rowing, shooting, soccer, swimming
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Brief History of the Olympic Games
Ancient Olympic Games Chronology of athletic events added to the Olympic Games Myths and the Olympic Games Pelops myth ... Athens for Olympic Games of 2004
Ancient Olympic Games The Olympic Games begun at Olympia in Greece in 776 BC. The Greek calendar was based on the Olympiad, the four-year period between games. The games were staged in the wooded valley of Olympia in Elis. Here the Greeks erected statues and built temples in a grove dedicated to Zeus, supreme among the gods. The greatest shrine was an ivory and gold statue of Zeus. Created by the sculptor Phidias, it was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Scholars have speculated that the games in 776 BC were not the first games, but rather the first games held after they were organized into festivals held every four years as a result of a peace agreement between the city-states of Elis and Pisa. The Eleans traced the founding of the Olympic games to their King Iphitos, who was told by the Delphi Oracle to plant the olive tree from which the victors' wreaths were made. According to Hippias of Elis, who compiled a list of Olympic victors c.400 BC, at first the only Olympic event was a 200-yard dash, called a stadium. This was the only event until 724 BC, when a two-stadia race was added. Two years later the 24-stadia event began, and in 708 the pentathlon was added and wrestling became part of the games. This pentathlon, a five-event match consisted of running, wrestling, leaping, throwing the discus, and hurling the javelin. In time boxing, a chariot race, and other events were included.

22. USA Archery - About USA Archery
the United States had its origin as a result of just such a turn in our own country shistory. In butt shooting, the ancestor of olympic target archery
History Archery is one of the oldest arts of ancient times which is still practiced today. From its first development until the 1500s, the bow was man's constant companion and has been the most widely used of all weapons in recorded history. The bow allowed the prehistoric human to become the most efficient hunter on earth, providing him safety, food and raw materials such as bone, sinew and hide. From that time on, archery has played an important role in many of the world's civilizations. Starting with the reign of William the Conqueror, the bow was England's principal weapon of national defense for several centuries. Around the year 1200, Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes conquered much of the known world employing short, powerful bows. For Native Americans, archery was the means of subsistence and existence during the days of English and later American colonization. Finally, after the bow's replacement by firearms as a weapon of war, archery became a favored sport, thus securing its continuous practice throughout history. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, archery's importance as a cultural advance ranks with the development of speed and the art of making fire. The use of the bow appears in

23. Know Your Sport
About olympic history abounds with tales of athletes who overcame crippling adversityto Takacs was part of Hungary s worldchampion pistol-shooting team in
Choose Your Sport
Olympic Season Summer Sports Winter Sports Aquatics Athletics Archery Badminton ... Wrestling
International Shooting Sport Federation

Olympic history abounds with tales of athletes who overcame crippling adversity to win gold medals, but Karoly Takacs' comeback may be the best. Takacs was part of Hungary's world-champion pistol-shooting team in 1938 when an army grenade exploded in his right hand. Ten years later, he won the first two golds in rapid-fire pistol - after teaching himself to shoot left-handed. In a sport where the bullseye looks about the size of the full stop at the end of this sentence, a sport where shooters compete amid a cacophony of noise and still concentrate on firing between heartbeats, Takacs' achievement tests the imagination. From just three shooting events at the 1896 Olympic Games to 17 today, the sport has grown steadily. In part this leap can be ascribed to advances in the technology of firearms and equipment, which have led to constant changes in the shooting competition. But it can also be ascribed to the passion shooters have for their sport.

THE history OF SKEET shooting. by the International shooting Union, a worldwide shootingorganization, and the International olympic Committee, producer of
An American Game
For close to 20,000 members of the National Skeet Shooting Association, shattering clay targets is a way of life...exercise of the body, mind and the soul. Through winter and summer they shoot at millions of targets - breaking most of them - meet new people and travel across the U.S. It all started on the ground of the Glen Rock Kennels in the town of Andover, Massachusetts in 1920. It was there and then that a small group of upland game hunters, including the late C. E. Davies, proprietor of the Glen Rock Kennels, his son Henry W., and the late William H. Foster, all of Andover, were shooting at clay targets as a means of obtaining wing-shooting practice with their favorite upland guns. Their shooting gradually developed into a regular program that gave each shooter the same series of shots so that the competition, which was inevitable, might be even. Originally, the arrangement was a complete circle of twenty-five yards radius with the circumference marked off like the face of a clock. The trap was set at "12 o'clock" and was set to throw the targets over "6 o'clock". The competitive program consisted of shooting two shots from each of the twelve stations. The shell that was left over from a box was used, first as a stunt, to shoot at an incomer from the center of the circle. This later proved to be a shot offering real snap-shooting practice and has since developed into the plan of Station Eight shots of the regulation program.

25. MSN Encarta - Skiing
extra time is added to the crosscountry result depending on shooting accuracy. inthe 1994-95 season, and snowboarding made its olympic debut at VI, history.
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: logoImg(''); Encarta Subscriber Sign In Help Home ... Upgrade to Encarta Premium Search Encarta Tasks Find in this article Print Preview Send us feedback Related Items waterskiing areas known for skiing more... Magazines Search the Encarta Magazine Center for magazine and news articles about this topic Further Reading Editors' Picks
News Search MSNBC for news about Skiing Internet Search Search Encarta about Skiing Search MSN for Web sites about Skiing Also on Encarta Encarta guide: The Reagan legacy Compare top online degrees Proud papas: Famous dads with famous kids Also on MSN Father's Day present ideas on MSN Shopping Breaking news on MSNBC Switch to MSN in 3 easy steps Our Partners Capella University: Online degrees LearnitToday: Computer courses CollegeBound Network: ReadySetGo Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions Encyclopedia Article from Encarta Advertisement document.write(''); Page 3 of 3 Skiing Multimedia 15 items Article Outline Introduction Types of Recreational Skiing Skiing Fundamentals Equipment ... History B Other Nordic Events In Nordic combined competitions, jumping events are paired with cross-country racing. Scoring for the jumping portion is the same as for regular ski jumping. The competitor’s jumping score is then translated into a time handicap that determines the start in the cross-country portion of the competition. A “normal” Nordic combined event includes two rounds of 90-m jumps and a 15-km cross-country race. An individual sprint is one 120-m jump and a 7.5-km race. There are also team events.

26. Olympic Games Athens 1896
The revival of the ancient Olympics attracted athletes from 14 nations fencing, gymnastics,wrestling, swimming, weightlifting, tennis and shooting (rowing and
@import url(../../style/default.css); where are you :: home Olympics History Athens 1896 1st MODERN GAMES
April 6 - 15, 1896 Mascot - none 14 countries, 311 athletes - 230 Greek (no women) 9 sports, 43 events Opening - King George Ist of Greece Torch lit by - none Assigned during the 1st IOC Session 1894 Standing proud: Spyridon Louis, the first and symbolic marathon champion of the modern Olympic era. The modest shepherd was revered in Greece, and went on to feature as flag-bearer to the Greek delegation in 1936. THE RENAISSANCE OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES
The rebirth of the Games
The first Session of the IOC was held in Paris on 23-24 June 1894. It was during the first Session that the city of Athens was selected for the Games of the I Olympiad. The inauguration of the first Games of the modern era, opened by King George I at the foot of the Acropolis on April 5, 1896, was a huge relief for baron Pierre de Coubertin. Greece's instability and economic stature, due to numerous conflicts, proved almost insurmountable obstacles. However, a wealthy Greek architect from Alexandria, George Averoff, donated a gift of one million drachma and in a matter of 18 months a superb white marble stadium, able to hold 60,000 people, was constructed. Baron de Coubertin's dream of reinventing the Games was one he had coveted since 1892 - two years later the official announcement was made and Athens chosen as the site. Baron Pierre de Coubertin invited countries from all over the world to attend the first of the new Olympics in Athens.

27. Olympic Games Los Angeles 1932
14 sports (shooting added, football dropped), 116 events. Los Angeles and the Coliseumwitnessed renewed olympic fervor, and the introduction of photofinishes
@import url(../../style/default.css); where are you :: home Olympics History Los Angeles 1932 X (10th) OLYMPIAD
GAMES OF THE Xth OLYMPIAD July 30 - August 14, 1932 Mascot - none 37 countries, 1408 athletes (127 women) 14 sports (shooting added, football dropped), 116 events Opening - Vice-president Charles Curtis (USA) Torch lit by - none Candidates: none Los Angeles and the Coliseum witnessed renewed Olympic fervor, and the introduction of photo-finishes, podiums and electronic timing. The Olympic village was set in exquisite surroundings near Hollywood, and the Games were attended by many of the era's big movie stars.
Los Angeles - the American way
The financial crisis which prompted the stock exchange crash of 1929 did not truly affect the success of the 1932 Games, held in Los Angeles between July 30 and August 14. This 10th Olympiad was held a couple of paces from Hollywood, with Charlie Chaplin, Gary Cooper, and Douglas Fairbanks taking their seats among the spectators. In "their" 105,000-seater Coliseum stadium the American athletes, including Mildred "Babe" Didriksen, winner of the 80m hurdles, javelin and runner-up in the high jump, had plenty to cheer about. But in swimming it was the Japanese who dominated, winning five out of six titles. In total the United States annexed 103 medals, with 41 golds, ahead of Italy (36, 12 gold), France (19, 10 gold) and Sweden (23, 9 gold).

28. USA Basketball: Men's Olympic History - 1984
It was the first time in olympic basketball history that a olympic team had recordedsince they started keeping olympic field goal shooting statistics in
Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad 1984



... USA Records
Los Angeles, California, USA
July 29 - August 10, 1984

Basketball, the sport invented 93 years prior in Springfield, Mass., made its first Olympic appearance on its native soil. Waltzing past all opposition, both the USA men's and women's basketball teams captured gold medals. It was the first time in Olympic basketball history that a single nation won the men's and women's tournaments in the same Olympiad.
(USA Basketball Photos)

USA China USA Canada USA Uruguay USA France USA Spain USA F. R. Germany USA Canada USA Spain *1984 OLYMPIC GAMES FINAL STANDINGS 1.United States (8-0) 7. Australia (4-4) 2. Spain (6-2) 8. F. R. of Germany (2-6) 3. Yugoslavia (7-1) 9. Brazil (4-4) 4. Canada (4-4) 10. China (2-6) 5. Italy (6-2) 11. France (2-6) 6. Uruguay (3-5) 12. Egypt (0-8) *Several countries, including Bulgaria, Cuba, and the Soviet Union chose not to participate in the 1984 Olympics. But just as the 1980 Olympic basketball suffered from the USA's decision to not participate, the 1984 Olympics suffered because the Soviet bloc countries decided not to participate.

29. USA Basketball: Womens Olympic History -- 1984
1984 olympic GAMES FINAL STANDINGS shooting 70.8 percent (1724) from the field andlimiting Australia to 15.4 percent shooting (4-26) in the first half, the
Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad 1984



... All-Time Results and Standings
Los Angeles, California, USA
July 29 - August 10, 1984

The 1984 Olympic women's basketball competition began with some disappointment, as the eagerly awaited Olympic showdown between the United States and Soviet Union women was once again prevented by politics, this time it was the Soviet team that did not compete. However, by the time the 1984 competition ended, the U.S. women had plenty to celebrate as the Americans cruised to their first Olympic gold medal with a perfect 6-0 slate, and in the process had outscored their opponents by an average of 32.7 points-per-game.
(USA Basketball Photos)

USA Yugoslavia USA Australia USA South Korea USA China USA Canada USA South Korea 1984 OLYMPIC GAMES FINAL STANDINGS 1. USA s (6-0) 2. S. Korea(4-2) 3. Canada(3-3) 4. China(2-4)

30. History
The shooting sport had fulfilled the requirements demanded of olympic events by theAtlanta olympic Broadcasting System sport has ever received in its history.
ISSF–International Shooting Sport Federation
Step by step to "ISSF" History of the "UIT" Shooting with the rifle, pistol and shotgun has been practiced in many countries since the Middle Ages. During the 19th Century, however, shooting also developed into a sport: Associations, federations, councils, confederations, unions or organizations were formed in some countries, using different words to describe the alliance of shooters in clubs or the alliance of clubs in local, regional or national organizations. History books report of shooting competitions in some European countries as early as the 11th Century, but the modern concept of our sport began in the 19th Century with the development of shooting equipment, and several of the present day national federations were formed. At the first Olympic Games of the modern times in the year 1896 in Athens, nine different sports were placed on the program by the International Olympic Committee, and the shooting sport had the highest number of participants in these first Olympic Games. The first world championship in our sport was organized in 1897 in France, and eight national shooting federations founded the "Union Internationale des Federations et Associations Nationales de Tir" on 7th July 1907 in Zurich, Switzerland. This Union was dissolved in 1915 during World War I but was reorganized in 1921 under the new name of "Union Internationale de Tir", also using the initials, UIT.

31. UK Online - Official ISP Of The Olympics
history. shooting dates back to the Middle Ages, St Sebastianus shooting Club inCologne, Germany was formed in 1463. The olympic disciplines of skeet and trap

32. Press Release
Every day is part of history. I had a good feeling about this all week and secondbest is never enough, Redgrave admitted. Ian Peel olympic Trap (shooting).

33. Malta Olympic Committee - History
history. was represented by the largest contingent ever at the 1960 olympic Games,which shooting and Cycling were the two sports Malta took part in at the
News Calendar Newsletter Merchandise ... Athens 2004 Programme History Preparations are now well in hand for the tenth edition of the Games to be held in Malta again in 2003. Malta hosted twice the annual Seminar for Secretaries General for the European Olympic Committees, in 1988 the 9th edition and in April 2000 for the 21st edition, which has grown to include the Chefs de Mission of the European teams.
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34. Malta Olympic Committee - History - By Year
1956 remains known in history for two sad events – the Suez Canal Malta participatedfor the 7th time in the olympic Games with shooting, Archery and
News Calendar Newsletter Merchandise ... Athens 2004 Programme
Athens 1896 12 countries took part in these Games for which there were 80,000 spectators. The Americans dominated most of the athletics events (they won 9 out of the 15 events), while the Germans were superior in gymnastics, and the French in cycling. However the disappointment of the Greeks was soon forgotten when Spyros Louis managed to win the marathon.
Following the success of these first games, the Greek proposed that all subsequent Games were to take place in Greece. But this was not approved, and it was then agreed that the second Games were to be held in Paris as recognition of the hard work done by Baron de Coubertin. top
Paris 1900 These Games took part at the same time when the World Fair was being organized, and the organizers of this Fair, did all they could so that the Olympic Games would not steal the show. The Paris Games lasted 5 months, and because of this the interest in the Games were not high. No adequate sports stadia were built and the Games were held at the track of the Racing Club de France at the Bois de Boulogne. However the standard of the athletes was already getting better. Water polo was one of the sports in this edition.

35. ThinkQuest : Library : The Olympics
olympic history abounds with tales of athletes who overcame crippling adversity towin Takacs was part of Hungary s worldchampion pistol-shooting team in 1938
Index Olympic Games
The Olympics
Our site is about the Olympics: Ancient, Summer, Winter, and Special. We describe the events and when they entered. We have a messageboard, quiz and wordsearch. Visit Site 2002 ThinkQuest USA Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

36. ThinkQuest : Library : Archery: Sport Of Champions
Early American history. V. olympic Archery. They used a tactic of shooting with theirupper half of the body facing towards the enemy and firing backwards while
Archery: Sport of Champions
"Archery: Sport of Champions" comprehensively examines this ancient sport. The main feature of this page is the physics of archery: and what factors are involved in using a bow and arrow. Included are the parts of a bow and arrow, types of bows and arrows, and the rules. Also included are the history of archery, the basis of scoring , and much more. A simulation of firing a bow and arrow adds to your interactivity with the site. Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students Ching-Huai Chantilly High School, Centreville, VA, United States Alexander Chantilly High School, Chantilly, VA, United States Mary Faith Fellowship Academy, Cocoa, FL, United States Coaches Sandra Todd Fairfax County Public Schools, Springfield, VA, United States Bryce Burrows Soho Soho Ltd, Dunedin, New Zealand Richard Todd United Space Alliance, Cocoa, FL, United States Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site.

37. Shooting
olympic Records Qualifications...... Home olympic Games Sports shooting shooting. history Equipment Events Athletes shooting Events
The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games Fran§ais
Olympic Games Vision and Mission ...
Key Dates
09 July 2004
The Olympic flame returns to Greece
Interesting Facts
Hyundai (Grand National Sponsor) will provide a fleet of environmentally- friendly electric cars to accommodate certain 2004 transport needs. Athens Guide Torch Relay Tickets Sport Events ... Sports Shooting Javascript must be enabled to view this page, although the important information on the page is also available to browsers that do not support scripts.
History Equipment Events Athletes ... Sports Entry Forms
Shooting is considered one of the most popular sports internationally. It requires good physical and psychological condition, as well as technical perfection. It is open to men, women and children of all ages for recreation. On the championship level, it is the only sport where you will see a great difference in age between competitors. For instance, Konstantin Lukashyk, a 17 year old competitor representing the Commonwealth of Independent States, won the gold medal in the Men’s 50m Pistol event at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. The runner-up was the 58 year old Swedish competitor, Ragnar Skanaker, who had won the gold at the 1972 Munich Games and silver medals at the Los Angeles and Seoul Games (1984, 1988).  ATHENS 2004 Shooting All Shooting events in the ATHENS 2004 Games will take place in the Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Centre , on the following ranges:
  • The 10-metre Shooting range (with eighty firing points for air gun events and four Running target stands).
  • 38. ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games
    history. », Antiquity, », Revival, », The olympic Games Timeline. Sports. ,Sailing, », Hockey, », Modern pentathlon. », shooting, », Table Tennis, »,Taekwondo.

    39. Stdin: [sixties-l] Olympic History
    athletes in white America reflects the history of African He was shooting on the streetwheremasses of receiving for his comments regarding the olympic boycott
    [sixties-l] Olympic History
    From: Ron Jacobs (
    Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 14:08:42 CUT
  • Next message: William Mandel: "[sixties-l] How 60s People Stay Relevant" While watching the Red Sox this weekend, I noticed that more and more of
    the ads are mentioning/selling the Olympics, so I thought I'd send this out:
    Let the Games Begin
    This year the Olympics take place in Sydney, Australia. As anyone with a
    rudimentary knowledge of British colonial history knows, Australia began as
    a penal colony for the British Empire. To make room for its outcasts,
    Britain attempted to clear the land of its inhabitants, human and
    otherwise. Just as the indigenous Americans were slaughtered and pushed
    from their lands, so were the aboriginal peoples on the fifth continent.
    Likewise, many of those who survived the various assaults on their lands and people were "resettled" and their children were stolen. Once stolen
  • 40. History Of Olympic Game Farm
    history of olympic Game Farm, Inc. That same land eventually became olympic Game Farm thestudio would be interested in buying some of the film he was shooting.
    History of Olympic Game Farm, Inc. For most of his life, Lloyd Beebe, the owner, has had a love of the outdoors and a certain awe for the wildlife of this state. He liked to roam in the mountains and became fairly skilled in observing wildlife on its own turf. He worked as a logger, but in the back of his mind he kept the dream of one day owning his own place. In 1942 that dream came true when he was able to purchase a farm and begin dairy farming. That same land eventually became Olympic Game Farm. Dairy farming is a very demanding occupation, so whenever he could find some spare time, Lloyd knew that a few hours in the mountains observing wild animals on their home ground would refresh his mind from the financial cares and physical labor of making his farm a success. To him, this was recreation in its purest sense. Because it became second nature for him to observe wildlife, the thought occurred to him that he would like to share these experiences with others, but taking people into the woods with him could spoil the whole thing. Using a camera to photograph the things he was seeing so they could be shared was the logical conclusion to which he came. This led him to putting his old car up as collateral at a local bank for a small loan, with which he purchased his first camera. From time to time the Beebes had taken in wild animal orphans. In 1947 there were some of those babies being raised by Lloyd and his wife, Catherine, here at the Farm.

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