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The Official Site of the U.S. olympic Committee 32 quota slots allowed each country in the olympic shooting events? That U.S. shooters have earned 44 gold the largest and smallest olympic shoots in history; a record 459 shooters
Did you know...
  • That 1996 marked the first time electronic targets were used for the entire match during the pistol, rifle and running target Olympic events?
  • That USA Shooting earned all but one of the 32 quota slots allowed each country in the Olympic shooting events?
  • That U.S. shooters have earned 44 gold, 25 silver and 20 bronze Olympic medals since 1896?
  • That Los Angeles hosted the largest and smallest Olympic shoots in history; a record 459 shooters from 68 nations at the 1984 Olympic Games but only 41 shooters from 10 nations at the 1932 Games?
  • That fifty-one percent of all U.S. Olympic shooters have been affiliated with the U.S. Armed Forces?
  • That the first woman to win an Olympic shooting medal was U.S. shooter Margaret Thompson Murdock, who claimed silver honors in the 1976 Olympic three-position match in Montreal?
  • That two shooters co-hold the U.S. record for the most medals won in single Olympics with swimmer Mark Spitz? Willis Lee and Lloyd Spooner earned seven medals each in rifle competition at the 1920 Olympics.
  • That only 13 shooters have won two gold medals in individual Olympic competition, and four of them are Americans: rifle shooter Gary Anderson (1964, 68); rifle shooter Morris Fisher (1920, 24); pistol shooter Alfred Lane (1912); and rifle shooter Lones Wigger (1964, 72)?

2. LookSmart - Directory - Olympic History
tips for photographers on shooting sports events. olympic Statistics. French olympic enthusiast Stefan Darmoni Take a journey into olympic history with this site from the country
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Olympic History - Learn about the rich athletic, social and political history of the ancient and modern Olympic Games.
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  • High Hurdles and White Gloves
    Article from the Atlantic Monthly features an athlete from the 1896 Athens Games recounting his experience at these first modern Olympics.
    Kodak - Olympic Games

    Gallery presents photos from past Olympics and an exhibit of athletes in action. Includes tips for photographers on shooting sports events.
    Olympic Statistics

    French Olympic enthusiast Stefan Darmoni presents a personal page containing rankings by country for each Winter and Summer Olympics event.
    Olympics - 100 Years Of Change

    Outlines the struggle between Olympic rhetoric and reality leading up the the Atlanta Games. Olympics - Trivial Knowledge Brush up on knowledge of Olympic facts. Find a list of venues and gold-medal winners for all of the Summer and Winter events. Olympics Through Time Take a journey into Olympic history with this site from the country where it all began - Greece. Created by the Foundation of the Hellenic World.
  • 3. International Institute For Sport And Olympic History
    Nonprofit educational corporation, 501c3, IISOH, Library, Museum, olympic Games, history of Sport, Physical Education, Wrestling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Sports Athletics, Dance, Recreation Go (Japanese) Golf. Gunsmithing (see shooting) Gymnastics. Halls of Fame
    International Institute for Sport
    and Olympic History
    The following subject areas are suggested areas of interest for named endowments.
    You can see the broad scope of the Institute's collecting goals from this list.
    Additional subjects may be added at any time by the Board of Directors or suggested by Benefactors. Subjects in BOLD are on the program of the Modern Olympic Games and are the primary areas of interest in seeking endowments. Some subjects have links to a more detailed page on that subject to give you more information.
    • Adapted physical education
    • Air Sports
    • Alpine skiing (see skiing)
    • Ancient / Antiquities (Greece, Rome, etc)
    • Aquatics (see Water sports)
    • Archery
    • Architecture (sports stadiums and facilities)
    • Arts (see Sport in Art: coins, medals, posters)
    • Association football (see soccer)
    • Athletic injuries (see sports medicine)
    • Backgammon
    • Baseball
    • Badminton
    • Basketball
    • Biathlon
    • Bibliography
    • Bicycling (see cycling
    • Billiards
    • Biomechanics
    • Blacks in Sport
    • Canoeing, Rowing, Yachting
    • Bobsleigh (see Winter Sports)
    • Bowling
    • Boxing
    • Business (see Sport and Business)
    • Canoeing
    • Cars and car racing (See Automobiles)
    • Cards
    • Checkers
    • Cheerleading
    • Chess
    • Children and Physical Education
    • Coaching (19th century)
    • College Athletics
    • Cricket
    • Croquet
    • Curling
    • Cycling
    • Dance
    • Diving (See
    • Dressage (See Equestrian Sports
    • Drugs and sport (See Sports medicine)
    • Equestrian Sports
    • Exercise
    • Facilities (see sports stadiums and facilities)
    • Falconry
    • Fencing
    • Field Hockey
    • Figure skating (see Skating)
    • Fitness (See Physical Fitness)
    • Football (American)
    • Football (British, see Soccer)

    4. Buffalo And Western New York Olympic History
    history. Buffalo as his home, Adam Beattie Gunn was Western New York s first Olympicmedalist 1908 London, England; William F. LeushnerRifle shooting, gold medal
    Olympic History from Buffalo and Western New York
    News... History
    This page is maintained by Tim Evans, a member of the International Society of Olympic Historians. You can e-mail me at The 2004 Athens Olympics Boxer Nick Casal turns pro .... last updated 3-28-04 (from "Casal turns pro, signs with Finkel" By TIM GRAHAM Buffalo News 3/27/2004) Boxer Nick Casal dreamed of winning an Olympic gold medal from the time he was a child growing up in Niagara Falls. Now, an injury has forced him to abandon that dream and turn professional. IN January of 2004, Casal was hurt durring the U.S. National Championships, and will not be able to make the Olympic team. Instead 18-year-old Junior Welterweight turned professional in March, signing a multi year contract with manager Shelly Finkel. Durring a sucessful amateur career, Casal won the 2002 National Junior Olympics the 2003 "under 19" World Chamtpionship and several New York State Golden Gloves Tiltles. None of the Buffalo/Rochester area sailors managed to qualify for the 2004 Olympics in recent trials at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Houston, Texas. In Florida the weekend of 3-21-4, Kathleen Tocke and Jodie Swanson finished 4th in the Yngling Class and 5th in the European Class respectively. Both are members of the storied Buffalo Canoe Club. Also missing the cut were Cory Sertl of Rochester who was a member of Jodie Swanson's crew, and Kurt Taulbee of Williamsville, who finished 12th in the Laser Class last November in Houston.

    5. Shooting – News Reports, Sydney Results, Ancient Origins, Olympic History, Atla
    deer shooting, double trap squad from Sweden and thus, at 72 years and 279 daysof age, became the oldest competitor and medal winner in olympic history.
    OLYMPIC HISTORY Shooting had a friend in the highest of places when the Modern Olympic Games opened in Athens in 1896. None other, in fact, than Pierre de Coubertin, who was a pistol shooting champion for France. The first president of the International Olympic Committee introduced four pistol and two rifle events at the first modern Olympiad. The sport has featured at all bar two Games since, St Louis in 1904 and Amsterdam in 1928 not having staged shooting events. His record-breaking did not stop there, however, and over two days at the Stockholm Games of 1912 he established two more Olympic milestones which have stood the test of time. First, he became the oldest medal winner in an individual event, by taking the bronze in the Running Deer, double-shot at the age of 64 years and 256 days; then, he became the oldest ever gold medal winner when triumphant as a member of the Swedish Running Deer, single-shot team at the age of 64 years 257 days.

    6. A History Of The Olympics
    Discover the history of the modern Games and get the highlights of each Olympiad, from Athens in 1896 through Atlanta in 1996. 192 meters (210 yards). This made Coroebus the very first olympic champion in history weight lifting, swimming, cycling, target shooting, tennis, marathon and gymnastics were all
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About History 20th Century History Home ... Free, Email Newsletter zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Decade By Decade Great Events of the Century Holocaust Horrible Disasters ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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    A History of the Olympics
    According to legend, the ancient Olympic Games were founded by Heracles (the Roman Hercules), a son of Zeus. Yet the first Olympic Games for which we still have written records were held in 776 BCE (though it is generally believed that the Games had been going on for many years already). At this Olympic Games, a naked runner, Coroebus (a cook from Elis), won the sole event at the Olympics, the stade - a run of approximately 192 meters (210 yards). This made Coroebus the very first Olympic champion in history. The ancient Olympic Games grew and continued to be played every four years for nearly 1200 years. In 393 CE, the Roman emperor Theodosius I , a Christian, abolished the Games because of their pagan influences.

    7. - Olympic Sports - U.S. Olympic Shooting Team - Friday September 08, 2
    shooting Team. MEN. Michael Anti. Age 36, Height 5 7 , Weight 140, Birthdate Aug.8, 1964 Hometown Winterville, NC Event ThreePosition Rifle olympic history


    Sportsman of the Year

    Heisman Trophy

    Swimsuit 2001

    Fantasy Central

    Inside Game

    Multimedia Central

    Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore
    U.S. Shooting Team
    Men: Michael Anti Lance Bade Bill Demarest Lance Dement ... Thomas Tamas Women: Janine Bowman Christina Cassidy Jayme Dickman Jean Foster ... Rebecca Snyder MEN Michael Anti Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Aug. 8, 1964 Hometown: Winterville, N.C. Event: Three-Position Rifle Olympic History: Competing in his second Olympics. He also competed at the 1992 Barcelona Games. Back to the top Lance Bade Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Feb. 6, 1971 Hometown: Ridgefield, Wash. Event: Trap, Double Trap (Shotgun) Olympic History: Competing in his second Olympics after winning a bronze medal in Trap at the 1996 Atlanta Games. Back to the top Bill Demarest Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Dec. 20, 1964

    ABOUT olympic history abounds with tales of athletes who overcame crippling adversityto Takacs was part of Hungary s worldchampion pistol-shooting team in

    9. Summer Olympics 2000 Olympic History -- Swimming
    Fan Guide history U.S. Roster. olympic history Swimming Badminton. Sailing. Canoe/Kayak. shooting. Cycling. Synchronized Swimming
    ESPN Keyword Search Search The Web ESPN Network: NASCAR ... U.S. Roster Olympic history Swimming
  • 50 freestyle
  • 50 freestyle
  • 100 freestyle
  • 100 freestyle ... Wrestling
    olympic history, shooting has been contested at most of the olympicGames. The sport first appeared in 1896. There were also events

    11. ThinkQuest : Library : The Olympics: Past And Present
    The history of shooting. history of shooting / Women in olympic shooting. history of shooting. Have you ever tried to hit anything from. 50 meters or about 165 feet away, with a fraction of an inch meaning the
    Index Olympic Games
    The Olympics: Past and Present
    This site presents information on the events of the modern and historic olympics. There is a brief history of the event and well as listings of the equipment and rules governing the sport. Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students Marjorie HJ MacDonald Middle School, New Bern, NC, United States Thayer HJ MacDonald Middle School, New Bern, NC, United States Thomas HJ MacDonald Middle School, New Bern, NC, United States Coaches Carole Hart H.J. MacDonald Middle School, New Bern, NC, United States Melvin Miller H.J. Macdonald Middle School, New Bern, NC, United States Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

    12. - History - Olympic Medalists In Shooting
    This document lists all olympic shooting medalists. It is a page in the Historysection of, the largest collection of sports information on
    Sports History
    Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
    Olympic Medalists in Shooting
    Table of Contents

    13. Summer Olympics 2000 Olympic History -- Fencing
    Fan Guide history U.S. Roster. olympic history Fencing Badminton. Sailing. Canoe/Kayak. shooting. Cycling. Synchronized Swimming
    ESPN Keyword Search Search The Web ESPN Network: NASCAR ... U.S. Roster Olympic history Fencing
  • Individual foil
  • Individual foil
  • Team foil
  • Team foil ... Wrestling
  • 14. - History - Index To The Olympics
    Polo; Powerboating; Rhythmic Gymnastics; Rowing; Rugby. Sailing; shooting; Skeetshooting; International olympic Committee (IOC) history, profiles, current news
    Sports History
    Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
    Index to The Olympics
    Top of Page History Biography Glossaries Calendar Quotations ... Directory
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    15. LookSmart - Directory - Olympic Shooting
    Olympics 2000 shooting Contains an overview of the sport and itsOlympic history. Read related articles to learn more about the
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    YOU ARE HERE Home Sports Olympics Summer Events
    Olympic Shooting - Examine information from national federations and international media outlets covering Olympic shooting.
    Directory Listings About
  • International Shooting Sport Federation
    Official page contains an organizational profile, rules and regulations, and competition news and results.
    Ananova - Olympic Shooting

    Handy Press Association-produced introduction to the Olympic sport of shooting outlines the tournament rules and a brief event history. - Shooting

    Find a list of men's and women's medal-winners for every shooting event since sport's inception in the Olympics.
    Olympics 2000 - Shooting

    Contains an overview of the sport and its Olympic history. Read related articles to learn more about the Sydney competitors and schedule.
    Saturday Evening Post - Targeting the Olympics
    Covers the young shooters who arrived in Colorado Springs in search of a spot on the Junior Olympic Development Team. United States of America Shooting National governing body for Olympic Shooting Sports profiles the United States team, and offers merchandise and sport news.
  • 16. Olympic Shooting Books Of Rifle Techniques And Mental Training
    It is an outgrowth of an olympic development shooting school, organized by USWIRO, for elite international rifle become the most dominating shooting team in history. It will be a
    SCHIESSPORTSCHULE II - or - SCHIESSPORTSCHULE I SCHIESSPORTSCHULE DIALOGUES II The United States Women's International Rifle Organization announces the publication of SCHIESSPORTSCHULE DIALOGUES II, a soft cover book, written by United States World and Olympic International Rifle Champions, who dominated the shooting world for more than a decade. It is an outgrowth of an Olympic development shooting school, organized by USWIRO, for elite international rifle competitors and their coaches immediately following the 1978 U.S. International Shooting Championships and Team Tryouts at the Ben Avery Range, Phoenix, Arizona. Dedicated to Deiter Anschutz, the book is a result of lectures that were taped, transcribed and edited by members of USWIRO. The organization disbanded in 1983 with all it's goals achieved. Publication of this book is a final project by former USWIRO officers. Dr. William Cole, President of EDGE Learning Institute, presents the complete "Increasing Human Effectiveness" seminar and a "Follow Up" lecture. This is the mental training course used by the U.S. Shooting Team and U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft. Benning, Georgia, since it's original presentation at SCHIESSPORTSCHULE II. This material will give an understanding of how the mind and emotions function, with useable mental techniques to improve the mental aspect of shooting. This book is a "must have" for shooters in all disciplines, because the approach to winning doesn't change. It will be particularly valuable for serious collegiate and international shooters and coaches.

    17. Olympic Games - History
    Abd. Ahad (shooting). For the second time in Malaysian olympic history,the Hockey team did not qualify for the olympic Games. As
    History Previous
    Medal Tally
    Brief Record of Malaysia's Participation in Past Olympic Games since 1956 Prior to the formation of the Federation of Malaya Olympic Council in 1953 and its subsequent recognition by the IOC in 1954, some Malayans may have participated in the Olympic Games, representing their countries of origin, such as China and India. After receiving the recognition of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1954, the Federation of Malaya Olympic Council, as it was then known, sent a contingent of 33 athletes from 6 sports to participate in the Olympic Games in 1956 in Melbourne. Since then the Olympic Council of Malaysia, as it is known since 1964, has been participating in all the Olympic Games, except the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.
    The Olympic Contingent of the Federation of Malaya to the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games comprised six athletes, two swimmers, 18 Hockey players, three Weightlifters and four shooters. There was only one female athlete in the Contingent, Ms. Annie Choong, who participated in Athletics. Amongst the Olympians were Koh Eng Tong, the 1950 British Empire Weightlifting gold medallist in the Featherweight Division and Tan Kim Bee, the silver medallist in the Light Heavyweight Division. The Hockey team finished 9th out of 12 teams. The Chef de Mission was Mr. H.M. De Souza (Hockey) and the Flag Bearer was Tan Eng Bee (Weightlifting)

    18. Olympics Accommodations & Hotels In Markopoulo Shooting Center - Athens 2004
    for August 2004 for fans of shooting olympic Events. Ancient olympics history Modernolympics history - Modern Winter olympics - The olympic Ideal

    Check Availability Browse Accommodations Buy Olympic Event Tickets ... Submit A Special Request
    for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games
    (Please Click on picture for a Map of Olympic Athens) Athens Housing is your accommodations connection for hotels and private residence short-term rentals in Markopoulo Athens in 2004. Markopoulo (or otherwise pronounced Marcopoulo) is located about 35-40 km outside of Athens and it is where the Olympic Shooting Center is located and where all the shooting events are going to take place during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. We, at Athens Housing, are making every effort to secure affordable hotel and private accommodations in Markopooulo for August 2004 for fans of Shooting Olympic Events. Please feel free to browse through our our accommodations section to find something appropriate. If you see that there is no availability, please submit a form and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible to discuss private accommodations and hotel options for you. Athens 2004 Sport Events Tickets Olympic Games Events Schedule List of Olympic Sports - List of Olympic Venues - Ancient Olympics History - Modern Olympics History - Modern Winter Olympics - - Athens City Information - Guide to the Greek Islands The Sporades Islands The Ionian Islands (Eptanisa) The Dodecanese Islands ... Crete - Greece Sightseeing - Best of Greece - Greek History - Greek Boating - Foreign Embassies in Athens Foreign Consulates in Athens Athens 2004 Merchandise - Official Olympic Games Merchandise -

    19. Olympic Sports History - Biathlon
    olympic Sports history. BIATHLON. The Biathlon, which combines crosscountry skiingand rifle shooting, originated in Norway as a training exercise for soldiers.

    Check Availability Browse Accommodations Buy Olympic Event Tickets ... Submit A Special Request Olympic Sports History BIATHLON The Biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, originated in Norway as a training exercise for soldiers. The first known competition took place in 1767 between companies of guards who patrolled the border with Sweden. Late in the 19th century, local rifle and ski clubs in Norway and other Scandinavian countries practiced the sport to keep their members prepared for combat. An early form of the Biathlon, called "military ski patrol," was a demonstration sport at the first Winter Olympics in 1924, and it was a medal sport in 1928, 1936, and 1948. Because few countries participated, and the few that did participate had trouble agreeing on the rules, the sport was dropped from the Olympics. However, the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne et Biathlon was founded in 1948 to standardize rules for both the Biathlon and the modern pentathlon. The first world championship was held in 1957 and Biathlon was added to the Winter Olympic program in 1960.

    20. Olympic Shooting Fact Sheet
    Information describing the events and history of shooting events in the Olympics.

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