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  1. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750: The Well-Tempered Clavier (Kalmus Edition) by Johann Sebastian Bach, 1999-06
  2. Sonata in C Minor, Op. 13 ("Pathetique") by Ludwig van Beethoven, 1986-11-01

141. WECOM INC Precision Laser Cut Parts, Sheet Metal Fabrication And Laser Cutting P
Specializes in precision sheet metal fabrications and laser cutting for clients in the aerospace, automotive, computer, electronics,food, medical, military, pharmaceutical, process control, railroad, refrigeration and telecommunications industry.
WECOM INC specializes in precision sheet metal fabrications and laser cut parts for clients in the computer, electronics, food, process electrical control, refrigeration and telecommunications industry. Products manufactured include brackets, cabinets, casings, coin vaults, dispensers, enclosures, frames, gates, gears, guards, hardware, housing, panels, racks, shelters, shims, tanning booths, toll booths, vents and work stations. Services rendered include CAD/CAM, precision sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, CNC machining, punching, piercing, welding, spot welding, bending, forming, cutting, shearing, deburring, painting, metal finishing, metal coating, silk-screening, electromechanical assembly, metal fabrication, riveting and fastening and job shop work. Let WECOM INC produce your job on time, within budget and to your complete satisfaction. Map and Directions to WECOM Sample Products Laser Cutting CNC Machinery ... About WECOM WECOM INC., 20 WARRICK AVENUE, GLASSBORO, NEW JERSEY 08028......1-800-628-4115......Fax: 856-863-8408.......

142. Fact Sheet On Male Circumcision
They researched it you can read the highlights.
Fact Sheet on Male Circumcision
Main Menu What's New About This Site Our Mailing Lists Sex-Positive Books and Resources Sex Toys Erotica Matchmaking Services Video Rentals by Mail Safer Sex Erotic Massage Erotic Talk Flirting G-Spot Play Swinging Guide Swinging Community Hosting Erotic Events Sex-Positive Basics Philanthropy Dr. Betty Dodson Transcript Dr. Jack Morin Transcript Laura Antoniou Transcript Vena Blanchard Interview Anna Marti Interview NightOwl Interview Seattle Guide Portland Guide San Francisco Guide Vancouver BC Guide Guides to Other Cities Artistic Viewpoints (INDEX) BDSM (INDEX) Bisexuality/Homosexuality (INDEX) Body Modification (INDEX) Creating Social Change (INDEX) Cuir Underground Archives (INDEX) David Steinberg Archives (INDEX) Fetishes (INDEX) General Sexuality (INDEX) Jane and Dick Archives (INDEX) Miscellaneous Files (INDEX) Passionate Living Archives (INDEX) Polyamory (INDEX) Religious Viewpoints (INDEX) SHS Primary Documents (INDEX) SHS Reviews (INDEX) SHS Mailing List Archives (INDEX) SHS Miscellaneous (INDEX) SWP Workshops (INDEX) Safer Sex (INDEX) Seattle Event Archive (INDEX) Seattle Information (INDEX) Self Improvement (INDEX) Sex Work (INDEX) Submission.Net Archives (INDEX)

143. E! Online - Credits - D.W. Griffith
D.W. Griffith filmography.,12,40355,00.html
June 11, 2004 FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
Trouble in "Stepford"?

Wayne Flies over "The O.C."

Have you got the goods for one of our cool shows in production? Find out!
Watch with Kristin:
Get Six Feet Under scoop straight from the show's stars
The Awful Truth:
Does J.Lo need an I do intervention from the likes of Liz?
Tab Fab:
Crank YankerBrit thinks it's Colin callin'. Oops, they got her good!
See which stars lead Stepford livesand how to be the next action hero
D.W. Griffith
get the goods search
for D.W. Griffith products: movies collectibles Movies:
Origins of the Gangster Film
The Struggle Abraham Lincoln The Sorrows of Satan ... The Judds THS Family Fare: See the Judds chase the dream; 8 p.m. help about E! Online site map membership ... newsletter Use of this site signifies your acceptance of the and

144. Page Not Found
In depth look at machadojoseph disease with some resources for further reading.
Page not found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Please try the following: If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly. - Click the Back button in your browser to try another link. - Use a search engine like Google to look for information on the Internet. HTTP 404 - File not found

145. The Complete Sheet & MegaPrep
Daily cuttingedge radio show prep from the former producers of Rick Dees and Mark Brian . Seven writers work to get you ratings.

146. Sheet Harbour
The board of trade features photos and information about area tourism, history, and industry. requires Java

147. Webster Sheet Metal Machinery
UK. Offers new and used sheet metal working machines.

148. Where Can I Find A List Of HTML Tags And What They Do?
Extensive list of HTML tags, which are grouped by function.
HTML Cheat Sheet
  • Basic Elements
  • Links
  • Backgrounds
  • Graphics and Sound ...
  • Structural Elements
  • TITLE TAG DESCRIPTION Basic Elements Document Type document root element, beginning and end of file Title document title, must be in header Header descriptive info, such as title Body bulk of the page, notes body of document TITLE TAG DESCRIPTION Formatting Bold bold text style Italic italic text style Underline underlined text (not widely implemented) Strikeout strike-through text (not widely implemented) Strikeout strike-through text (not widely implemented) Subscript subscript numbers like footnotes Superscript superscript numbers like cross - reference numbers Typewriter teletype or mono spaced text Pre formatted pre formatted text (display text spacing as-is) Width width in characters Center centers text and images Blinking Font Size local font size(ranges from 1-7) Change Font Size controls font size rendered Font Color <FONT COLOR=" "> </FONT> controls font color rendered Select Font <FONT FACE="***"> </FONT> the style of the text, such as Times New Roman Point size the size of the text Weight used to specify weight or thickness of text Base Font Size size of font (from 1-7; default is 3)
  • 149. Vegetarian Society (UK) Information Sheet - Statistics
    Large number of statistics from surveys from 1945 to the present day, covering the number of people in the UK who called themselves vegetarian, or avoided certain animal products, and attitudes towards vegetarianism.
    The Vegetarian Society index is at:
    You will be taken there in 10 seconds. Please update your bookmarks and links.

    150. The Material Safety Data Sheet Fun Page
    Poke some fun at the content of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    MSDSpro is the leading provider of MSDS Software and Services
    Create your own
    Unsafe Material Data Sheet (UMDS)
    How to Play
      Simply fill in the blanks on the left and make selections from each of the pulldown menus on the right. When you are finished, click the "Submit" button to see your auto-generated UMDS. We don't save this info: check out our if you're concerned. For best effect, make sure that you fill out all the entries. Feel free to send this URL to your friends and coworkers. Kudos, comments and complaints can be sent to us via email
    Enter info to include in your UMDS:
      Fill in the blanks below Name of a friend or coworker:
      Name of a second friend or coworker:
      A sensitive part of your body:
      An internal organ:
      Another body part:
      An animal:
      A number:
      Another number:
      A piece of personal safety equipment: A celebrity you dislike: An adjective: Another adjective: A noun: A liquid: A disease or injury: An occupation: A household chemical substance or product: Select a choice from each pulldown menu below: warts tumors growths aberrations hemorrhoids pustules blisters cankers polyps pimples fungal colonies invisible microscopic tiny sizeable huge humungous bodacious incredibly large oozing fatal deadly toxic carcinogenic mutagenic potent contagious likely to kill you outlawed in so many countries infectious harmless harmful addictive internal bleeding vomiting diarrhea dizziness lethargy pulmonary edema stroke heart attack renal failure erectile dysfunction leprosy hydrogen cyanide pure oxygen pure nitrogen

    151. A Fact Sheet On The Economics Of Aging In Canada
    Discusses the practical implications of a smaller workforce supporting a larger number of nonworking citizens.

    152. NS Department Of Agriculture And Fisheries: Lake Trout (Salvelinus Namaycush) Sp
    , image, life history, and other information on this inland freshwater fish indigenous to North America. From Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.......
    Inland Fisheries Division Angling Regulations Sportfishing Weekend Lake Surveys ... Species Factsheets Species Sheets: Inland Lake Trout ( Salvelinus namaycush
    This salmonid is a member of the charr family and is also called grey trout, Great Lakes charr, forktail trout, mountain trout, namaycush, mackinaw trout, salmon trout, togue, laker and touladi. Distribution Lake trout are indigenous or native to North America and are found in every province and territory, with the exceptions of Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. They are well established in Alaska and the Arctic islands. The present distribution of native lake trout is largely due to glacial activity and the retreat of the Wisconsin ice sheet about 10,000 years ago. As this ice sheet melted and retreated northward, it scoured the landscape, producing thousands of freshwater lakes. As a result, good habitat was produced and lake trout were able to recolonize much of their previous range. It is estimated that 8,000 to 10,000 lakes around the world contain lake trout. About 75% of these lakes are in Ontario, Quebec and the Northwest Territories. In Nova Scotia, there are known populations of lake trout in Sherbrooke Lake, Lunenburg County, and Dollar Lake, Halifax County. They are also thought to be present in Pockwock and Big Indian Lakes, Halifax County, and Lochaber Lake, Antigonish County. Physical Characteristics Lake trout are the largest trout native to North America. The largest lake trout on record weighed 46.3 kg (102 lb), which was caught by the commercial fishery at Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan in 1961. The angling record contains a specimen weighing 32.8 kg (72.25 lb), caught in Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, in 1995. In Nova Scotia, the average lake trout caught is usually less than 2.0 kg (4.4 lb). A lake trout weighing 8.6 kg (19 lb) and measuring 81.3 cm (32 inches) was caught in Sherbrooke Lake, Nova Scotia in 1992.

    British company specializing in sheet metal fabrication, assembly, and finishing. Emphasis is on design, engineering, and manufacture to customer requirements.

    154. Sheet Metal Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Structural Steel, Metal Forming, Baghous
    Offers broad range of metal fabrication capabilities. End products include tanks, hoods, machine guards, chutes, enclosures, and structural steel assemblies. Site provides list and photos of completed and potential projects.
    Advanced Metal Cutting
    Since 1870
    Home Contact Us About Us Employment ...




    Click Here
    Sheet Metal

    Laser Cutting
    Water Jet Cutting Plasma Cutting CNC Punching ... Welding
    ABC Sheet Metal has continued the tradition of providing our clients the best Southern California sheet metal fabrication and custom sheet metal installation services for more than 130 years. ABC Sheet Metal is known as one of the most diversified Southern California sheet metal job shops, serving Commercial, Industrial, Medical, and Food Service clients. Our skilled craftsmen fabricate food grade and medical grade products and are Structural-LA Certified. Contact us now to obtain superior metal fabrication and installation services. Phone (714) 630-6200 • FAX (714) 630-1096 2871 E. La Cresta Ave. • Anaheim, CA 92806 Design by LPH Internet Services/FCM

    155. Maestronet Home Page
    Fingerboard. The hottest place at Maestronet to discuss music and stringed instruments. Is it normal to have a life absorbed in music?
    Jun 11, 2004
    Stolen P. G. Rogeri

    An extremely fine P,G. Rogeri along with 5 bows was stolen on our about June 1, 2003 from a private home in Yonkers New York.
    Interesting New Article on Giorgio Serafin by Stefano Pio.

    Great article from the book 'Liuteri and Sonadori, Venice 1750 -1870' written by Stefano Pio.
    More News
    Search the Maestronet database of stringed instruments for sale, and track down your next instrument online. Our database features hundreds of string instruments and bows for sale from dealers and individuals around the world.
    Click here for Advanced Search
    Quick Search
    Select an Instrument Violin Viola Violin Cello Doube Bass Bow - Violin Bow - Viola Bow - Violin Cello Bow- Double Bass Price Range Under $2,500 Over $250,000 Looking for a violin dealer or maker in your area? Check out the dealers, makers and auction houses from around the world that have their homepage here on Maestronet. The hottest place at Maestronet to discuss music and stringed instruments
    • Is it normal to have a life absorbed in music?

    156. Welcome To Samsung Industry
    Manufactures sealing products, gaskets, braided packing, gasket sheet and rubber products.
    Samsung Industry Homepage Open (1999/4/1)
    Samsung Industry obtain ISO 9002 Cetificate No.33243(1998/11)
    Samsung Industry obtain API Certificate No.6A-0382 (1998/1) Contact for more information

    157. Anthill Pythons Information Sheet
    Information on the Australian Anthill Python.
    Common name(s): Anthill Python
    Latin name: Although its species name is pretty fixed as perthensis, it has in the past been placed in the genera Liasis, Bothrochilus and, most recently, Antaresia. The latest classification, Antharesia perthensis, uses a genus name invented and adopted by Wells and Wellington in 1983, and followed by others, including Dr. Hal Cogger of the Australian museum and Dave and Tracy Barker in 1994.
    Native to: Pilbara region of northwest Western Australia, as well as adjacent areas of similar habitat. How far this species extends outside the Pilbara is largely unknown, due to the mainly uninhabited nature of possible habitat, coupled with an official discouragement by Australian wildlife authorities towards research on much of Australian's wildlife, including snakes. To date the most accurate distribution information was that published by Laurie Smith in his 1985 paper reviewing the " childreni" species group. Smith noted and mapped locality information for all anthill pythons

    158. Gastonia Sheet Metal Works, Inc. Air Conditioning And Heating Systems
    Commercial and residential heating and air conditioning contractor in Gastonia, North Carolina.
    Serving the greater Gaston County area since 1927!

    159. Vivaldistudio - Music Scan, Music Notation Software, Digital Scores, Vivaldi Gol
    Deutsch, Classic music scores, music scan and notation software. Italiano, All rights reserved. Vivaldistudio publishes musical notation and scan software.
    American English Deutsch Classic music scores,
    music scan and notation software. Italiano Francais Espanol
    Vivaldistudio publishes musical notation and scan software. Over 3000 interactive sheets are available. vende programmi di scansione e notazione musicale. Sono disponibili oltre 3000 partiture interattive digitali.

    160. Welcome To!
    Represents over 2000 skilled tradespeople in the Boston area.
    June 11, 2004 Welcome
    You are not currently logged in. To Improve Your Family's Life, Click Here
    Welcome from the Officers and Members of Local 17 - Click Here

    Click on your area for local information What's New At SMW 17 New Union Hall News (4/5)
    Mar 09, 2004 (07:14:36)
    New building update: On Tuesday March 30, 2004 we went before the Boston board of appeals trying to get some variances that we needed to move forward. We are very happy to announce that they were approved . News from the SMWIA Web
    Feb 05, 2004 (15:26:35)
    New England Labor News (6/11)

    Feb 05, 2004 (15:21:04)

    More than 1,000 Nurses and Health Care Advocates Flood Massachusetts State House
    photo: MNA Labor Headlines: (Updated Every 60 Minutes) Visteon strike driven by globalization pressures Labor Dept downplays offshoring Baltimore Zoo workers vote to keep Steelworkers Maytag workers go on strike at Iowa plants ... UAW workers strike Maytag in Iowa Member Login: Username: Password: Not registered yet?

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