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         Science Technology Acronyms:     more books (48)
  1. Acronyms in Information Science & Technology: 6500 Acronyms with 7500 Explanations by Vijay Kumar Rangra, 1997-12-31
  2. International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations and Acronyms of Science and Technology
  3. International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations and Acronyms in Science and Technology: Yearbook 2005/2006: Part II: A-Z Reversed Edition by Michael Peschke, 2005-12-20
  4. Computer and Information Science and Technology Abbreviations and Acronyms Dictionary by David W. South, 1994-07-06
  5. Abbreviations and acronyms in science and technology: English - German by W Goedecke, 1972
  6. International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations and Acronyms in Science and Technology
  7. International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations and Acronyms in Science and Technology: Series A: Politics, History, Social Sciences: Part I: A-Z (Yearbook Series a: Politics, Hisory, Social Sciences)
  8. International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations and Acronyms in Science and Technology: Yearbook 2005/2006: Part I: A-Z by Michael Peschke, 2005-12-20
  9. International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations And Acronyms in Science And Technology Yearbook 2005 (International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations & Acronyms in Science & Technology (2 Vol.)) by K G Saur Publishing, 2005-12-20
  10. International Encyclopedia Of Abbreviations In Science & Technology Yearbook 2004 (International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations & Acronyms in Science & Technology (2 Vol.))
  11. International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations in Science & Technology Yearbook 2003 (International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations & Acronyms in Science & Technology (2 Vol.))
  12. International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations in Science & Technology, Yearbook 2001 (International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations & Acronyms in Science & Technology (2 Vol.))
  13. The Computer and Information Science and Technology Abbreviations and Acronyms Dictionary by David W. (editor) South, 1994
  14. Pugh's Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations: Abbreviations in Management, Technology, and Information Science by Eric Pugh, 1987-09

1. SciTech Daily Review - Science, Technology, Future Developments, Innovations, Im
Adventure Plagiocephaly Information Web ProposalNet Psyche Matters PubMed ReefBaseScience and Sustainability Scientific and Technical acronyms, Symbols, and
Closer To Truth TurboNote
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My wishlist:
  • to fly through Valles Marineris (but the closest I'm likely to get to the rest of the solar system are the shots in the JPL Planetary Photojournal to hear about a real cure for cancer (but until then, I'll keep recommending folk check out Quackwatch to see the new CTT shows (but reality TV rules locally, so I'll have to watch online
Vicki Hyde, Managing Editor, SciTechDaily Review
I find exploring the NASA Homepage is always interesting. It's fun to see in real time, my tax dollars at work; expanding our knowledge of the Universe and keeping track of how we are affecting our own planet. My teen side loves The Why Files for its humor and retro graphics. And Grist Magazine keeps me informed (with perhaps a little bias) along with SciTechDaily Review (no bias there!), of something near and dear: the Environment. Valerie Elachi, Associate Producer, Closer To Truth
Answering questions at the Internet Public Library (IPL) reference desk, I found the IPL's own KidSpace collections of links very helpful, and the bold, colourful Why Files are a continuing favourite. I recently discovered the

2. HobbySpace - Space Education, Science & Technology
StarBits abbreviations, acronyms, contractions, symbols, and so on about 200,000entries. . ESA - Rosetta science technology Rosetta. Galileo (JPL
HobbySpace Activism

About HobbySpace

This section looks at various sites dealing with education, science and space related technology. Site Search Match: All Any
Format: Long Short
Links Index

Space Education,
Technology Index Space News
Space Blogs Launch Schedules ... Space Colonies RLV: General, US World Technology History ... Other Link Lists Space Education Space History and Reference Sources Thomas Lindblad's AF Cape Canaveral Air Station Museum Lost Cosmonauts - Mario Abrax Moonport: A History of Apollo Launch Facilities and Operations Saturn V Blueprints Missing? ... NASA Personnel bios of many NASA managers, astronauts, etc. History sites at NASA Centers MSFC History Olaf's Raumfahrtkalender Romance to Reality - Annotated bibliography of Moon and Mars Expedition and Settelement ... The Space Place - Space collectables, autographs, memorabilia, space history

acronyms AND ABBREVIATIONS. 2D Two Dimensional (length/width) 21 CLW 21st Century Land Warrior 3-D Defense Office BST Biomedical science and technology B/T Boost and Orbit

acronyms AND ABBREVIATIONS. Command and Control System ATD Advanced technology DemonstrationATP Missile Defense Office BST Biomedical science and technology B

5. Buy International Encyclopedia Of Abbreviations And Acronyms In
International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations and acronyms in science and technology by KG Saur in Hardcover. ISBN 3598229976.

6. ACRO.IT: Science & Technology Acronyms
6/9/2003 90157 PM.
6/9/2003 9:01:57 PM Search Classified Common Computer Smiley Software Engineering ... Telecommunications Alphabetical A B C D ... Old ACRO.IT AC Alternating Current ATM Automatic Teller Machine AV Audio Video CERN Conseil Europen pour la Recherche Nuclaire DAC Digital to Analog Converter DBMS Data Base Management System DC Direct Current DIN Deutsches Institut fr Normung DIN Deutsche Industrie Norm connector DNA Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration PCG Protein Crystal Growth PINFET PIN photodiode Field Effect Transistor SMT Surface Mount Technology STM Scanning Tunneling Microscope UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply WWW World Wide Web ACRO.IT
While every effort is made to ensure that accurate information is disseminated through this medium, ACRO.IT makes no representation about the content and suitability of this information for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. ACRO.IT disclaims all warranties with regard to this information, including all implied warranties or merchantability and fitness. In no event shall ACRO.IT be liable for any special indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of income or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising in connection with the use or performance of the information on ACRO.IT web site.

7. Science & Technology
science technology. Abkürzungen chemischer Verbindungen Maritime Environmental Protection (NATO) Soils Glossary. acronyms US Dept. of Energy
Magnet-ABC (En) Soil Science Glossary Acronym Finder ... Turbinen-Lexikon (De-En) Calculators Online General Chemistry Organic Chemistry (Beilstein dictionary) Uhren, Werkzeuge und Materialien (En-De) ... Periodic Table
(WebElements, Mark Winter) Chemical Databases, Index of (in German) Geography Glossary Photonics Dictionary Umwelt-Altlasten ... Geoinformatik-Lexikon
(Uni Rostock) Photorefraktive Optik (De-En) Umweltdatenbank Chemical Industry Search Engines Geology Dictionary ... GIS-Glossar
Great collection of links Units of Measurement (Dictionary of) Chemical Substances GIS Glossary of Terms (downloadable) Polymer Chemistry (Key centre for Polymer Colloids) Chemical Terminology (IUPAC, "Gold Book") Glas-Bibliothek Polymer Glossary
(Polymer Doctor) Chemikalien: Sicherheitsdatenbank Glossaries, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and more Polymer Glossary (PolymersNet) see also: Polymer Terminology (MIT) Virus encyclopedia Chemikalien-Infosystem zu verbraucherrelevanten Stoffen GPS Glossary of Terms Polymer Glossary
(ETH Zürich) Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung Chemistry Directory on the WWW Power Conversion Glossary (multilingual) Chemistry Glossary ... Hydrological Glossary UNESCO (multilingual) Pump Glossary Watchmaking Glossary Chromatographic Terms (En-De) Hydrologie-Lexikon (Wasserversorgung Moosrain) R- und S-Klassifizierungen (multilingual) Water terminology glossary Chromatography Glossary Illustrated Glossary of Geologic Terms ... Rohstoffe, nachwachsende

8. ACRO.IT: Science & Technology Acronyms
May 14 2004 074000.

9. Acronym Finder: Find Out What Over 351,000 Acronyms & Abbreviations Stand For
Acronym Finder the web's largest searchable dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations over 348 000 definitions in the database! Covers common acronyms, computers, science, technology, acronyms Abbreviations (most common first web's most comprehensive dictionary. of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms
Friday, June 11, 2004
Find out what those acronyms and abbreviations stand for...
The web's most comprehensive dictionary
of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms.
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10. Science & Technology Encyclopedias & Dictionaries
Guides Bibliographies. science technology Encyclopedias Dictionaries. Library Guide Series Dictionary of Engineering acronyms and Abbreviations. T 11 .K43 1994
Library Guide Series These Encyclopedias and Dictionaries are available in the SEL Reference collection: Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
Q 123 .A33 1992 Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists
Q 141 .B53 1994 Diccionario de las Ciencias
Q 123 .H3818 1991 Dictionary of Engineering Acronyms and Abbreviations
T 11 .K43 1994 Dictionary of Science
Q 123 .W 43 1998 Dictionary of Technology
T 10 .W29 1985 Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science
T 57.6 .E53 1995 Facts on File Encyclopedia of Science
Q 123 .F334 1999 Hazardous Materials Dictionary
T 55.3 .H3 C65 1988 International Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
Q 121 .I48 1999 Kettridge's Technical Dictionary T 10 .K4 1980 Lewis' Dictionary of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health T 55 .L468 2000 McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms Q 123 .M34 1994 McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Q 121 .M3 1997

11. Acronyms For Information Technology And Computer Science
AITCS (acronyms for Information technology and Comptuer science).I decided to start a list of acronyms since there are a million
(Acronyms for Information Technology and Comptuer Science) I decided to start a list of Acronyms since there are a million out there.....check back frequently. When I get more, I will put in an index in for each Letter.
If you can't find it here or want the official description, check out Whatis DB - Database DBMS - Database Management System OODBMS - Object Oriented DBMS DR - Disaster Recovery E-R Diagram - Entity Relationship Diagram RDBMS - Relational DBMS SQL - Structured Query Language C/S - Client Server LAN - Local Area Network WAN - Wide Area Network MAN - Metropolitin Area Network CPU - Central Processing Unit ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit CU - Control Unit URL - Uniform Resource Locator HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTML - Hypertext Markup Language COBOL - Common Business Oriented Language FORTRAN - Formula Translation BASIC - Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code VB - Visual Basic WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get SDLC - Systems Development Life Cycle CASE - Computer-aided Software Engineering DBA - Database Administrator RAD - Rapid Application Development CQI - Continuous Quality Improvement TQM - Total Quality Management JPEG - (or JPG) - Joint Photographics Experts Group GIF - Graphics Interchange Format BMP - Bitmap CBT - Computer Based Training Pixel - Picture Element UNC - Universal Naming Convention NetBIOS - Network Basic Input Output System IP - Internet Protocol TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol - IP version 6 NAT - Network Address Translation

12. Blue Ridge AHEC: Commonly Used Acronyms
COMMONLY USED acronyms. Georgia Association of Career and technology Education GC StaffDevelopment Consortium GYSTC – Georgia Youth science and technology
Education Acronyms Health Career Acronyms Education BOE
GC GCIS GDOE GMCF GSCA GVSDC GYSTC HSTE HOPE HOSA HPSA IC MUA NCHSTE NTI PAGE RFP SDU VICA YAP Back to Top Health Careers A.A. A.A.H. A.A.N. A.A.S. A.A.T. A.B. A.D. A.D.N. A.M.Sc. A.S. A.S.D.H. A.S.N. B.A. B.A.S. B.H.S. B.M.Sc. B.S. B.S.E. B.S.Ed. B.S.E.H. B.S.F.C.S. B.S.N. B.S.W. C.R.N.A. D.C. D.D.S. D.M.D. D.N.Sc. D.O. D.P.M. D.P.T. D.V.M. Ed.D. Ed.S. M.B.A./M.H.A. M.B.A./M.P.H. M.D. M.D./M.P.H. M.D./Ph.D. M.Ed. M.H.A. M.H.E. M.H.S. M.H.S.A. M.M.Sc. M.N. M.N./M.P.H. M.N./M.B.A. M.P.A. M.P.A. M.P.H. M.P.T. M.R.C. M.S. M.S.E. M.S.E.H. M.S.H.A. M.S.H.S. M.S.L.S. M.S.N. M.S.N./M.B.A. M.S.N./M.P.H. M.S.W. Ph.D. Pharm.D. Pharm.D./M.B.A. Pharm.D./Ph.D. Psy.D. Back to Top Webmanager ::: Last Updated: May 11, 2004

13. Technology Proposals Acronyms
technology Proposals acronyms. Here are a few acronyms commonly used in funding opportunity ESTO. Earth science technology Office. HEDS. Human Exploration and Development of Space
Home SiteMap Technology Proposals Acronyms Here are a few acronyms commonly used in funding opportunity announcements of interest to the ISD and associated proposals:
ACT Assistant Chief Technologist (Peter Hughes for ISD) AIST Advanced Information Systems Technology AO Announcement of Opportunity CAN Cooperative Agreement Notice CETDP Cross-Enterprise Technology Development Program CIO Chief Information Officer ESE Earth Science Enterprise ESTO Earth Science Technology Office HEDS Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise IS Intelligent Systems Program ISE Intelligent Synthesis Environment LOI Letter of Intent NBC New Business Committee NRA NASA Research Announcement NTPIO NASA Technology Planning and Integration Office OCT Office of the Chief Technologist OSS Office of Space Science SOMO Space Operations Management Office SSE Space Science Enterprise TLD Target Launch Date TRL Technology Readiness Levels TOP Home SiteMap Curator
NASA Official
Ann Carbin

Joe Hennessy

Privacy, Security, Notices

14. Computer Science Student Resource Site
Computing and Information technology Interactive Digital Educational Links for ComputerScience Researchers An Computer Related acronyms An online list of
Computer Science Student Resource Site
William Stallings
Last Updated: Saturday, May 22, 2004
The purpose of this site is to provide information and links for computer science students. It contains a number of documents that you may find useful in your ongoing computer science education. I would like to make this resource as helpful as possible, so if you have ideas or links for additional information, please contact me at
NOTICE: No password is required for any downloads. Downloading sometimes fails, either because your browser mistakenly assumes a password is needed or for other reasons. If so, try using another browser or an FTP package. If that doesn't work, there might be a problem at your end or at your ISP, perhaps a firewall issue. Then you would need to talk to a system manager on your end.
Math How-To Research Resources Miscellaneous
Math Refresher : This brief overview covers useful high-school math you may have forgotten. Includes basic formulas for sinusoid and logarithmic functions, a discussion of log scales, and discrete probability. By William Stallings. Updated 8 February 2002.
Number Systems
: Decimal, binary, hexadecimal, with a discussion of conversion from one system to another. By William Stallings..

15. ScienceDaily -- Browse Topics: Science/Technology/Television
The Forensic science of CSI by Katherine M subjects for the broadcast industry; TVTechnology The on Abbreviations, acronyms and TLAs often used in television
Match: sort by: relevance date
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16. Home > Biological Sciences > Dictionaries
Symbols, and Abbreviations is a reference work featuring over 200,000 entries coveringthe abbreviations, symbols and acronyms used in science and technology.
low graphics
Biological Sciences
BioABACUS BioABACUS is the BIOtechnology ABreviation and ACronym Uncovering Service. This searchable database of abbreviations and acronyms in biotechnology and related disciplines typically returns the expanded version of the term and, if available, a link to a Web resource for additional information about the term. There is also an option for searching journal abbreviations with links where appropriate to the journal home page. The site is hosted by the Molecular Biology Department at New Mexico State University. Databases, Factual Database [Publication Type] Biotechnology / abbreviations BioTech's life science dictionary This free searchable dictionary was developed by the staff members of BioTech , which is located at the University of Texas at Austin. This dictionary is aimed at students, researchers and academics. There are more than 8,300 terms and they cover subjects such as biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology, genetics, ecology, limnology, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine. Users of this resource can search by single words, word fragments or phrases and search hints are available from the home page. There are links to specialist plant, animal and chemical database sites. This resource is continually updated and is published on the web by the University of Texas. Dictionary [Publication Type] Biological Sciences Dictionary of cell and molecular biology The Dictionary of Cell Biology was first published in 1989, and has since been translated into several languages. It is aimed at researchers and is intended to provide quick access to cross referenced definitions of biological terms. This is now the 3rd edition, written by members of the Institute for Biomedical and Life Sciences at the University of Glasgow. It is fully searchable, and was published in 1999 by Academic Press.

17. Forensic Science Services Acronyms
. NFSTC, National Forensic science technology Center.......acronyms and Abbreviations used by Forensic science Services. Acronym,
Acronyms and Abbreviations used by Forensic Science Services Acronym Description AAFS American Academy of Forensic Sciences ABC American Board of Criminalistics
A certification body for forensic sciences AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System AFTE Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners ALS Alternate Light Source
A stain locating device AM Tox Ante-mortem toxicology
A FSS toxicology program for 11550 related offenses ASCLD
ASCLD/LAB American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors
American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors / Laboratory Accreditation Board ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials ATF Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms BA Blood Alcohol BAC Blood Alcohol Concentration
The weight/volume % of alcohol in blood. 0.08% is the legal limit in California BAIN Blood Alcohol Identification Number
Also known as the vial number. BE Benzoylecgonine
A cocaine metabolite BNE Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement CAC California Association of Criminalists Cal-ID California Identification
State-wide automated fingerprint identification program CACLD California Association of Crime Lab Directors CAT California Association of Toxicologists CCI California Criminalistics Institute CLUE County-wide Law enforcement on Unsolved Elements
Sheriff Department task force on old cases COC Central Orange (County) Court CODIS Combined DNA Index System A national database of DNA profiles coordinated by the FBI CS Controlled Substances A FSS program for the analysis of controlled substances, usually 11377 and 11378 charges

18. Ocean-related Acronyms
results. Acronym, Meaning, Source. A/R, Accounts Receivable module, COAST. NODC.CODATA, Committee on Data for science and technology, CODE,
You are here: NODC Home Ocean FAQs
Note - For further information on many of the institutions and projects listed here, try entering the name into the search engine of your choice. Using the acronym will work, but spelling it out will often provide more relevant results.
Acronym Meaning Source A/R Accounts Receivable module COAST AAHIS Advanced Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometer
AAOE Airborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment EOS AAPA American Association of Port Authorities
AARI Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (St. Petersburg Russia)
AATSR Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer EOS ABBA Automated Biomass Burning Algorithm
ABE Autonomous Benthic Explorer
ABI Advanced Baseline Imager
ABS Advanced Baseline Sounder
ACB Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
ACC Anthropogenic Climate Change CLIVAR ACCE Atlantic Circulation and Climate Experiment ACCESS Accelerated Coastal Community Environmental Science Service ACCLAIM Antarctic Circumpolar Current Levels by Altimetry and Island Measurements ACCP Atlantic Climate Change Program NOAA ACE Antarctic Current Experiment ACE Antarctic Cyclone Experiment ACE Army Corp of Engineers COE ACM Acoustic Current Meter ACR Active Cavity Radiometer EOS ACRIM Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor EOS ACS American Chemical Society ADACS Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem ADAMMS Archive Data and Metadata Management System NODC ADC Affiliated Data Center EOS ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler NODC ADE ARGO Data Explorer ARGO ADE Array Drive Electronics ADEOS Advanced Earth Observing System

19. Legend To Acronyms And Abbreviations
PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory S T science and technology - SLAC Stanford InstrumentationMethods (original source of acronym) NMIS Nuclear
Legend to acronyms and abbreviations
Last revised: 3-25-97 ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology AdCom Administrative Committee APP All Periodicals Package APS-DPB Americal Physical Society - Division of Physics of Beams BoD Board of Directors BoG Board of Governors CANPS Computer Applications in Nuclear and Plasma Sciences CCIP Committee on Communications and Information Policy CEAA Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities COMAR Committee on Man and Radiation CRADA (CRDA) Cooperative Research and Development Agreement CTAA Committee on Technology Accreditation Activities DME Design and Manufacturing Engineering EAB Educational Activities Board EAC Engineering Accreditation Commission EHS Environment, Health and Safety Committee ESONE European Studies On Norms for Electronics ExCom Executive Committee FC Functional Committee FCC Functional Committee Chair FESAC Fusion Energy Science Advisory Committee FT Fusion Technology - DIII-D Doublet III - 4th Iteration - ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor - JET Joint European Torus - TFTR Tritium Fusion Test Reactor ICALEPCS International Conference on Acclerators and Large Physics Control Systems ICOPS International Conference on Plasma Sciences IEC International Electro-Technical Committee IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEL Electronic Library ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee JOLLY Journal on-line launch year Laboratories and Organizations MIC Medical Imaging Conference Nominations and Appointments

20. Topic Chemical Engineering For User Category All Categories
science Foundation (NSF), science and technology D DoD and Information technologyAcronym List Listing of abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms
Home Site Map Index Help ... Communications Search Advanced Search
Enables you to search 47 million pages in real time
Browse topic: ( home) Chemical Engineering
B C D ... W
Aerospace Directorate - Ames
- Researches, develops and transfers leading-edge technologies and services [National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Ames Research Center (ARC)]
Aerospace Technology Innovation Information
- Browse news and opportunities in technology transfer and commercialization [National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); Office of Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology]
Aerospace Technology Newsletter
- Online newsletter highlights selected items from NASA aeronautics and access-to-space research [National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)]
Agricultural Chemical Use Database [USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service]
- Provides interactive access to data from NASS on commodity acreages and active ingredient agricultural chemical use. Statistics are provided for selected states and crops only [Department of Agriculture (USDA)]
Ames Research Center Office of Technology Partnerships
- Facilitates the transfer of new Ames technologies [National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Ames Research Center (ARC)]

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