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         Science Earth & Space Activities General:     more detail
  1. Science Giants: Earth & Space by Alan Ticotsky, 2006-07-24
  2. Building Confidence in Outer Space Activities: Csbms and Earth-To-Space Monitoring (UNIDIR)
  3. Contemporary Activities in Astronomy: A Process Approach by Darrel B. Hoff, Jeffrey A. Wilkerson, 2006-11-30
  4. The Earth (Starting with Space) by Cynthia Nicolson, 1996-02-15
  5. Space: Songs That Teach About Gravity, Space Travel and Famous Astronauts (The Science Series) by Twin Sisters Production, 1999-09
  6. The Sun (Starting with Space) by Paulette Bourgeois, 1995-07-12
  7. Our Planet: Ask Me a Question: A Picture Flip Quiz for 5-7 Year Olds (Ask Me a Question series) by Brenda Williams, 2003-05-01

1. GSFC Earth Science Summary Page
educational activities, and information of general interest. The mission of the earth science Directorate is Aeronautics and space Administration, and the earth sciences community
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Earth Science
Earth Science Vision Initiative
The purpose of this initiative is to develop a vision that guides, inspires and enables the earth science enterprise and its partners to meet future national aspirations and needs. Click here to view the presentation. Earth Science Directorate Homepage Here you find current information on key programs and projects, educational activities, and information of general interest. The mission of the Earth Science Directorate is to provide leadership in achieving improved observations and understanding of global Earth systems processes and trends through the development and effective utilization of space technologies, and to provide enabling functions which support associated projects and programs of Goddard Space Flight Center, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Earth sciences community worldwide.
Earth Science Enterprise Homepage
If you want to learn more about this Earth Systems Science program at the Goddard Center, just click on the button above. You can discover the many organizations that are out front conducting research to make our planet a better place to live.

2. SSDOO Education Outreach Page
Kids and science space science educational activities for students IMAGE/POETRY. NSSDC's general Public page - Guide to students and teachers. Sun-earth Connection Education Forum
What's New!
Venus Transit coming June 8, 2004
Student Observation Network: Tracking a Solar Storm
New Space Science Education Products/Resources
SSDOO Education Resources

3. EE Link: EE Activities - General
out the four elements earth, Air, Water, space. about the environment of the earthwe call http//

EE Link Introduction

Professional Resources

Class Resources

Environment Info

Arts-based Consumption Biodiversity Earth Day ... En Español
advanced search

EE Activities - General Links on this page are for activities and materials that address multiple topics, or use an integrated approach that can't be categorized in any one of the topics at left. In addition to the links at left, you will also find topic-specific information on EE-Link in two other areas:
*Our larger categories have been split up into smaller pages to make your searching easier. Make sure to click "Next Page" in the lower right hand corner of the page to see all the resources listed in this category. Sort by: Choose a method: Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Rating: Total Rating: Month Visits: Total Visits: Month Addition Date: Oldest to Newest Addition Date: Newest to Oldest suggest a link We process all link requests within 3 days Guaranteed!

4. Earth & Sky : Browse Science Links - Space (General)
Each page leads kids through activities, information, data, and science categoriesinclude animals, experiments, space, your body, and earth science.

5. Earth & Sky : Browse Science Links - Earth (General)
at Manoa More than 25 handson science activities are provided both teachers and studentsfor exploring earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.

6. S2N2 | Resource Finder | By Topic | General Space Science
For Kids Only earth science Enterprise provides information on air http// Kids space Kids provides activities, news, and links
General Space Science Including Links for Kids
The following is collection of General Space Science related links as well as links to Space Science sites geared towards children. General Space Science Sites
Space Science Education Resource Directory
The Space Science Education Resource Directory is a convenient way to find NASA space science products for use in classrooms, science museums, planetariums, and other settings.
AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet
AstroWeb links to resources on space observation and research, as well as publications, organizations, images, software, and more.
Central Operations of Resources for Educators (CORE)
NASA CORE is a worldwide distribution center for NASA's multimedia educational materials including videocassettes, slides, and CD-ROM programs. For a nominal fee, CORE will provide educators with materials through its mail order service.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: Space Science
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence links to an array of educational resources on space science.

7. University Of Indianapolis, Physics Earth-Space Sciences
II, Calculus based; 165 general Physics II Student activities and Awards in Physicsand earth some course materials and earthspace science/environmental displays
Earth-Space and Environmental Sciences The curriculum in Earth-Space and Environmental Sciences is structured to develop student understanding and appreciation of the scientific method and the world in which we live. Coursework can lead to B.A. or B.S. degrees in either Environmental or Earth-Space Sciences. Opportunities exist for undergraduate students to build an educational foundation leading to natural science and environmental positions of responsibility in government, business, industry, and education. Moreover, students interested in graduate studies in the earth-space (geology, meteorology, and astronomy) and environmental sciences can build a framework for success. Certain careers and graduate work require a full year each of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics through calculus. The student is encouraged to consider career and graduate school requirements when choosing courses. Degree Programs in Earth-Space and Environmental Sciences (Please request an information sheet if interested in the detailed requirements)
  • Environmental Science College Major
  • Earth-Space Sciences College Major (B.A. or B.S.)

8. First Science Preschool Activities And Crafts
What s in space? (Themes astronaut, astronomer, comet, stars, sun,planet earth planets). First science general (simple experiments).
Home Search
Preschool Themes Index
Alphabet Activities

Alphabet Printables


Art Appreciation



Teddy Bears
Transportation Sister Sites: DLTK's Crafts KidsRCrafty
First Science Preschool Activities and Crafts
Home Themes Updated: April 02, 2004 Come and have fun with First Science for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten (ages 2 to 6). Visit a a theme to activities that include easy instructions and a list of materials needed related to science. You will find printable crafts, lesson plans, coloring pages, simple and safe science projects, experiments, and related resources. For additional related science themed activities, visit the following educational themes: First Animals First Climate and Weather First Health and Nutrition First Plants ... First Steps (Hygiene and First Seasons This is a labor of love in progress. I would love to hear your kind comments and ideas to make this a better site. More activities will be added regularly! First Alphabet Visit the themes below for various opportunities to address the alphabet within a science theme.

9. Geological Society Of America - Elementary Resources - General Earth Science
activities covering the whole range of earth science. drobison/webshare 101 Amazingearth Facts Example

K-12 Teacher Resources
Distinguished Educator State Standards Biggs Award ... Earth Science Week
Elementary Earth Science in General
Some documents may require Acrobat Reader Return to K-12 Teacher Resources Sorted by: Topic Age Group
Additional Resources
GSA is not responsible for content on web sites linked from our site. However, please contact us if you encounter broken links. Interactive Internet Sites Books
Science Games - Go to this site for the following games and game templates: Science Jeopardy, Science Taboo, Science Bingo, Science Monopoly, Science Bowl and more.
The Understanding Evolution web site - written for teachers but accessible to the general public is intended to provide "one-stop shopping" for evolution education. The web site is rich in content, with sections on the nature of science, evolution itself, the different lines of evidence supporting evidence, evolution's relevance to everyday life, widespread misconceptions about evolution, and the history of evolutionary thought.

10. General Science Education Resources
Physical science Activity Manual 40 activities at the 810th grade level from AstroImageMy collection of astronomy, earth, and space science sites with
General Science Education Resources
What's New
Helping Your Children Learn Science
This on-line book provides examples of a few simple activities we can do with our children. It is an introduction to the wealth of material in many other books available in libraries and bookstores. It might also inspire us to make up our own experiments to see why and how things turn out the way they do.
Rare and well done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research. Recommended!!
"MicroWorld Resources and News is an innovative WWW site dedicated to >providing on-line microscopy and microanalysis resources"
MICSCAPE - the On-line Microscopy Magazine
Includes images, general articles, popular articles, book reviews, and microscope reviews. Recommended!
About Temperature
This document was prepared for the middle school math teachers who are taking part in Project Skymath . I do a a few questions about the science but these are personal quibbles. To be commented on later.
Bad Science
Bad Science abounds and comes in many guises. This page sets out to attack only one brand: well understood phenomena which are persistently presented incorrectly by teachers and writers, presumably because they either do not know any better or because they don't really care enough to get it correct.
The Internet Museum of Holography
Holography is the process of creating three dimensional images using lasers. This site has a visitors center, reference library, reading room, on-line intro to holography lesson, educators/students can submit questions, places to see holograms in the U.S. and Canada, information on doing holograms as a hobby, diagrams of lasers, dictionary of terms, and a gallery exhibit.

11. Mineral Matters Http://sdnhm
general science http// periodically with newarticles and activities. Curriculum Correlation earth/space science I, Unit 1 scienceactivities Fernando.htm
Earth/Space Science Internet Activities
  • Mineral Matters
  • This site is maintained by the San Diego Natural History Museum. It offers students facts about minerals, ways to identify minerals, information on collecting minerals, and the science of growing mineral crystals. TSC Curriculum Correlation: Earth/Space Science I, Unit 2, 4.0 List 5 properties of a mineral
    which distinguish it from other materials. This site allows students to see their world from a different perspective. Satellite imagery of the surface of earth can be used in mapping and the study of surface formations. TSC Curriculum Correlation: Earth/Space Science I, Unit 3, 10.0 Interpret landscape
    features from a map. Plate Tectonics This site offers a wide variety of information as related to the movement of earth’s tectonic plates. General information, article reviews, books, and research archives are available. TSC Curriculum Correlation: Earth/Space Science I, Unit 4, 1.0 Describe the movement of

    12. ESA Portal - Press Releases - Take A Space Walk At ILA In Berlin
    and the general public with an impressive exhibition in Hall 2. 1600 square metresof European space activities ranging from space science, earth observation

    18 April 2002

    The ILA 2002 international aerospace exhibition takes place between Monday 6 and Sunday 12 May at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport. As in the past ESA, DLR (the German Space Agency) and the German space industry, under the umbrella of BDLI (German Aerospace Industries Association), will be present for trade visitors and the general public with an impressive exhibition in Hall 2.
    1600 square metres of European space activities ranging from space science, Earth observation, telecommunications, satellite navigation, launchers, the International Space Station to industrial matters and technology programmes. Activities for the media, the trade and the general public To address the media, the trade and the general public, a stage set up in the Space Hall will host various kinds of presentations/events throughout the week. Media activities On 3 May, a few days before the opening of ILA, the media are invited to attend a press conference starting at 09:30 at the Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin with Mrs Edelgard Bulmahn, Minister for Education and Research and Chair of the ESA Ministerial Council, Antonio Rodotà, Director General of ESA, and Sigmar Wittig, Chairman of the Executive Board of DLR. For further information on this event call Florian Frank, Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin, tel. +49 30 28540 5322. From Monday 6 May, the opening day, interviews with ESA directors, top management, programme specialists and astronauts can be arranged throughout the week at the Space Hall. To book your interview opportunity, please complete the attached form and return it by Monday 29 April 2002 at the latest.

    13. ESA Portal - A Journey Into Space At The Berlin Air And Space Show
    and the general public a fascinating journey into space. The space Hall will featureEuropean space activities ranging from space science, earth observation
    ESA Life in Space Expanding Frontiers Improving Daily Life ... Benefits for Europe Multimedia ESA Multimedia gallery National galleries Media Centre Press Releases Information Notes ESA Television ESA and the EU Cooperation Services Calendar Publications Frequently asked questions ESA-sponsored Conferences ... Subscribe Search All ESA Home Advanced Search Airbus A300-600 on the ILA2002 A journey into space at the Berlin Air and Space Show
    30 April 2004
    ESA PR 23-2004. The Berlin Air and Space Show 2004 (also known as ILA 2004) takes place between Monday 10 and Sunday 16 May at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport.
    Once more ESA, DLR (the German Space Agency) and the German space industry, grouped under BDLI (the German Aerospace Industries Association), will offer trade visitors, the media and the general public a fascinating journey into space. The Space Hall will feature European space activities ranging from space science, Earth observation, telecommunications, satellite navigation, launchers, the International Space Station to industrial matters and technology programmes, with special focus on state-of-the-art technology “made in Germany”. The international presence at the Air Show will be strengthened by a number of Russian companies involved in space activities.

    14. Resumes By Category: Science
    Carolyn J. Munk, Secondary earth/space, general and Physical. Ian E. Rausei, Physicsand general science. Schutt, HS Chemistry, cocurricular activities; willing to
    K-12 Home School Data Staff Directory Indiana Department of Education
    Resumes by Category
    Science Posted Name Area+ June Jay M. Drew H.S./M.S. Biology and Physics; also listed under "Technology" Daniel J. Vidt H.S. Chemistry and/or Biology Angel E. Lant Gr. 5-12 Biology, General and Physical Science Amber P. Dehner Earth Space, Physical, Life, Environmental and M.S. Sciences Jonathan D. Moore H.S. Biology or Physical Science; Coaching Kristie J. Meyers M.S.; also listed under "Elementary Education" and "History..." H.S. or M.S. Chemistry and/or Physics May Philip D. Patterson UPDATED 06/01/04 Chemistry and Physical Science Daniel Kenning M.S./H.S. General Science, Physics, or Earth/Space Science Juli J. Fast

    15. Federation Of Earth Science Information Partners
    Professional, Informal, Public) Classroom Categories (general science, earth science,Ecology). a part of OGC WMT II activities. by NASA and other space agencies Science

    16. General Data Sets
    web about weather, earth science, space science, planetary science a wide varietyof earth science data sets data libraries that support educational activities.
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    General Data Sets
    These portal sites offer links to data sets in a wide range of earth systems topics.

    17. NASA - Space Science - Education - Links
    Sites with general content Program Exploring Planets in the Classroom Hands-onSpace science activities! Live From earth and Mars Lunar Prospector mission
    Education Overview Explanatory Guide Support Organizations NASA Education ... Curator: Craig Tupper
    Space Science Education/Public Outreach Sites
    We welcome suggestions for any additional sites relevant to Space Science education and public outreach. Please send your recommendations to dwoods at hq dot nasa dot gov. Sites with general content: Amazing Space
    Astronomy Village
    : CD-ROM based multimedia program for teachers and students
    Astronomy Picture of the Day

    Cooperative Satellite Learning Project
    - Learn to build and operate spacecraft!
    Earth Views of Space and Space Views of Earth

    Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
    - Great Education Resource!
    From Stargazers to Starships

    Imagine the Universe
    - Ages 14 and up
    NASA's Quest Project

    NASA Spacelink
    - Great Link to Electronic Versions of NASA Education Products!
    Practical Uses of Math and Science (PUMAS)
    - Link to 20 (and growing) Examples for Teaching Math and Science! Space Place The Space Science Institute Starchild - Ages 4 to 14 The Virginia Space Grant Consortium Student Balloon Launch Page Windows to the Universe - Wonderful Education Link!

    18. Planetary Science Research Discoveries PSRD
    Classroom activities for earth and space Sciences Exploring Planets in the Classroom,handson activities formatted in teacher-background pages and student

    19. Spacelink - Space Science
    role in attaining NASA s goal of expanding human activities beyond low earth orbit.Additional space science Education Resources This site contains a
    Library Contents:
    Other Features:
    Where am I? NASA Spacelink Home The Library Instructional Materials Curriculum Support Space Science
    Space Science
    NASA's Space Science Program seeks to discover the mysteries of the Universe, explore the solar system, find planets around other stars, and search for life beyond Earth. Discover resources here to bring these ideas to your classroom.
    [Some of these links will take you out of NASA Spacelink. To return, use the Back button on your browser or bookmark this page for later reference.] Educator Guides and Activities
    Meteoroids to Meteorites
    Near Earth Impact Hazards
    Our Solar System
    Planetary Probes
    Space Observatories
    Space Science Images Stars Galaxies and Amazing Phenomena Related Materials on Spacelink: NASA Projects: Space Science - Space science research seeks to solve mysteries of the universe, explore the solar system, discover planets around other stars, search for life beyond Earth, chart the evolution of the universe and understand its galaxies, stars, planets, and life. NASA Overview: Space Science Fact Sheets - These Fact Sheets provide details and facts related to NASA research within the Space Science Enterprise.

    20. Online Resources On Educational Subjects
    Athena earth science, astronomy and space, oceans, weather space Settlements HomePage - NASA/NAS. Quest - NASA interactive eduational activities, (eg Live
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    Welcome to the Educational Links page! The following websites feature online educational activities and classroom resources for teachers and students. If you have any suggestions for new links, please e-mail . For general information links, please see the general links pages.
    Updated June 21, 2001
    National Air and Space Museum Educational Web Pages:

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