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         Sailing Recreational:     more books (16)
  1. Sinking of the recreational sailing vessel Morning Dew at the entrance to the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, December 29, 1997 (SuDoc TD 1.116:99/01) by U.S. Dept of Transportation, 1999
  2. Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1994, (Including Recreational Vessels), V. 1 and 2
  3. Sailing (Sports World) by Donna Bailey, 1991-01
  4. Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1994, (Including Recreational Vessels), V. 1 and 2
  5. Modern Seamanship: A Comprehensive, Ready Reference Guide for All Recreational Boaters by Don Dodds, 2002-07-01
  6. Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1994, (Including Recreational Vessels), V. 1 and 2 by Transportation Dep, 1995
  7. Sail Better: 101 Tips & Techniques on Cruising, Racing, Boat Maintenance, and Emergency Skills for Every Recreational Sailor by Roger Marshall, 1996-03-15
  8. The Perfect First Mate: A Woman's Guide to Recreational Boating by Joy Smith, 2000-01
  9. Canal and River Cruising by Sheila Davenport, 2006-07-31
  10. Through the French Canals by Philip Bristow, David Jefferson, 2003-02-28
  11. World Cruising Essentials : The Boats, Gear, and Practices That Work Best at Sea by Jimmy Cornell, 2003-02-06
  12. Ocean Cruising Survey: An Appraisal of Boats, Gear and Crew by Jimmy Cornell, 1986-01
  13. All in the Same Boat : Living Aboard and Cruising by Tom Neale, 2003-08-11
  14. World Cruising Survey by Jimmy Cornell, 1989-10

1. Recreational Sailing
Recreational Sailing. Recreational Sailing – Students will learn allthe necessary components of handling a sailboat safely and enjoyably.

Introduction to the Outdoors

Winter in the Outdoors

Classes 2004-2005
Recreational Sailing
Recreational Sailing Students will learn all the necessary components of handling a sailboat safely and enjoyably. Sailors will learn how to set up a boat for the given weather conditions, and how to sail under most of the conditions that wind and water create. Instruction in how to right a capsized boat, care and upkeep of boat and equipment and the right-of-way rules of the sea and competitive sailing will be taught. The school maintains a small fleet of 420s on Spofford Lake in New Hampshire for twice weekly sailing days, and a trip to Boston Harbor sailing Rhodes 19s comes towards the end of the term of instruction. Instructors More Photos Northfield Mount Hermon School
206 Main Street
Northfield, MA 01360-1089 Phone: (413) 498-3000 e-mail:

2. Recreational Activities At National Trust Properties: Sailing
Essential information for visitors
Things to do

Surf the coast

Country Code

Sailing Sailing is an appropriate activity with little environmental impact. There is little sailing on National Trust-owned inland waters, but on coastal waters adjoining Trust land it is considerable. Where there is pressure for more access to such waters, the Trust should consider these needs carefully.
Penberth Cove
Guiding principles
1. The National Trust welcomes sailing on its inland and adjoining coastal waters.
2. It should consider new opportunities on condition that use is compatible with wildlife conservation and the need to maintain some water bodies as 'remote' and tranquil.
3. Use should be managed by permit and licence where possible. 4. Charges for parking, berthing, launching and/or mooring may be made by the National Trust to contribute to management costs. Good practice
  • Liaise with clubs, outdoor centres etc. and form local access groups wherever possible.

3. Sport - Recreational Sailing
Recreational Sailing. Page Links.

4. YCYC Recreational Sailing
Recreational Sailing at YCYC. Summer Season. During the summer YCYCis open for lessons and supervised sailing 7 days a week. The
Recreational Sailing at YCYC
Summer Season
During the summer YCYC is open for lessons and supervised sailing 7 days a week. The yacht club also holds weekly racing series, and other events throughout the summer. Please see our brochure for more info about summer programs.
Academic Year
YCYC is open for recreational sailing during the academic year from Tuesdays through Fridays, 2:30-5:30 PM, weather conditions and boat availability permitting. You must be a member of the yacht club in order to rent a boat for recreational uses. Membership Memberships are available to any Yale faculty, staff, or students for $50. This entitles you to the use of our boats for the academic year, which runs from Sept. 1 through May 10. Please note our hours above, and also that YCYC is closed for the winter from November 14 through March 10. Also, the Yale Sailing Team has priority to the boats and equipment for practices and regattas. During the 2002-2003 academic year, please contact: Eric Steinauf , YCYC Vice Commodore
about competition recreation alumni merchandise conditions summer ... news

5. Recreational Sailing
RECREATIONAL SAILING. he URI Sailing Center is open to the general publicas well as the University community. SUMMER 2003 RECREATIONAL SAILING.
he URI Sailing Center is open to the general public as well as the University community. The annual membership fee for students 18 and older is $75 and for non-students, $100. Members who have qualified for a “Skippers Card” are entitled to unlimited use of the Techs or Flying Juniors during recreational sailing hours at no additional charge. Rec sailing hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Monday-Thursday, additional Rec sailing hours are from 12pm to 7pm. During this time however, class participants have priority use of the boats. After Labor Day weekend, Rec sailing is on weekends only from 11am to 6pm until the weekend of October 25-26. For racing enthusiasts, Club races are held during the summer, beginning June 20th, on Friday evenings from 5:30 to 8:30pm. Boats are available on a first-come basis.
SPRING 2003/FALL 2003
Friday, March 28 - Sunday, May 18 FRIDAY
Friday, September 6 - Sunday, October 26

recreational therapy, seminars, lessons, adventures, for sailing, skiing and cycling in the Northwest United States.

7. Downtown Sailing Center, Baltimore, MD
A volunteerrun Community sailing Center in downtown Baltimore, MD offering affordable sailing lessons, racing, recreational sailing, cruising (including Greece and the Caribbean), juniors camp, and community outreach programs for children.
Photo: Chris Morone Racers coming back to the docks at sunset. The Downtown Sailing Center offers exceptional value for a wide-range of sailing programs. We welcome anyone with an interest in sailing or learning about sailing to join us. The DSC is a non-profit volunteer-run sailing organization with about 600 members located in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. Our mission is to promote affordable sailing opportunities in Baltimore by offering inexpensive adult and youth sailing lessons, recreational sailing, racing, cruising and community outreach programs. Thousands of adults and children have learned to sail through our Junior Sailing Camp or adult sailing programs, and more than 2000 inner-city children have experienced sailing through our outreach programs. Use the About the DSC page for a tour of our programs. Please send us your questions and comments.
Would you like to Make a Gift ? We're raising money to put over 2000 at-risk youth on the water this summer!

8. FACT Dinghy Sailing
Dinghy sailing. recreational dinghy sailing has always been a popularactivity at Fellowship Afloat. The Blackwater estuary is the
Dinghy sailing
Recreational dinghy sailing has always been a popular activity at Fellowship Afloat. The Blackwater estuary is the perfect setting providing variety and challenge, with opportunities to sail in open water or to explore the saltings and creeks. Our fleet consists of Wayfarers, Picos, Laser 1s and 2s, Stratos's, a Dart 16and a gaff-rigged cutter. Our sailing season is generally between mid March to late October and youth groups, schools, special needs and development training groups enjoy the adventure and challenge. Fellowship Afloat is a Recognised Teaching Establishment (RTE) for the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) (telephone 0845 345 0400) - the UK Governing Body for sail training. Our activities are inspected by the Adventure Actvitiy Licensing Authority (AALA) (telephone 029 20 755715). I would like to enquire further about dinghy sailing courses at FACT. FACT activities Sailing and boating
Dinghy sailing (recreational)
RYA dinghy sailing courses

Powerboating (recreational)

RYA Powerboating courses
Sail away for a day!

9. The Sailing Club At GWU
This club is for both recreational and competitive sailors.
The Sailing Club at G W Use the Compass Rose to navigate! The GWU Sailing Club is for both recreational and competitive sailors. We welcome anyone from newcomers to old "sea dogs" to come out and have fun sailing with us. For people who have never sailed before, we offer an opportunity to learn the sport of sailing. And for those who have sailing experience, we offer the opportunity to race against top-ranked teams like Georgetown, St. Mary's Old Dominion and the Naval Academy
(Just hit "Reload/Refresh" to change the quote)
It's been a long, long, LONG time, but the GW Sailing web page has finally been updated! Check out the new Gallery section! This weekend the GW Sailing Team participated in the Washington College Open. Division A scored a 50, and Division B got a 60, for a team total of 110. This score was good enough to allow us to finish in 10th Place! Questions? Write to GWSail
This page is maintained by Daniel L. Cole . Last update:

10. WindRider: The Recreational Sailing Trimaran Company
WindRider is the top manufacturer of recreational sailing trimarans.We produce the WindRider 16, a stable and comfortable to sail
No longer does sailing demand most of your time, half your money and all of your upper body strength. From its head-turning design to its hands-free controls, WindRider has made sailing simple, affordable and attainable to anyone who wants to ride the wind. Ride In Comfort
It's been called "armchair" sailing. By removing the tiller in favor of intuitive foot pedal steering (press right to turn right, left to turn left), you face forward in a comfortable seat with a backrest, protected by the hull and with your hands free to control the single sheet, take pictures, enjoy a beverage - all at the same time! There is no hiking out or scampering back and forth across the deck. With no confusing tangle of ropes, tiller or mass of marine hardware requiring your constant attention, you are free to concentrate on the scenery, your companion or nothing at all. Simplicity is bliss. Ride In Safety
Look at the wide beam and sealed outriggers. Shy of using plastic explosives or a hurricane, you're not going to capsize or sink this boat. That's comforting knowledge for novices who want to develop skills, and for experts who want to test theirs. Slender hulls slice through the water and reduce hobby-horsing in the chop. Note, too, that the boom height allows for safe, effortless jibes. No more brain damage; at least not from the boom. The rugged polyethylene construction stands up to encounters with coral, docks, pilings and buoys that would shatter fiberglass. If there's a safer sailboat, it's one that never leaves the showroom.

11. -The Pocket Yacht
Manufacturer of small sailboats for sailing in recreational waters. These micro boats are small enough to fit on car roof racks or into an estate car or SUV.
Home Contact Us About Us Gallery Home Contact Us About Us Gallery ... Club Minuet

12. Hostellers Sailing Club - Dinghy Cruising
Resources for those using small sailing boats for recreational travel over relatively long distances.
Hostellers Sailing Club
All about Dinghy Cruising
There is quite a lot about dinghy cruising in this website. I think this is excusable since this activity has become one of the main activities of the HSC and it is an activity which distinguishes the HSC from most other sailing clubs. Contents (for this page only)
What is dinghy cruising?

Is dinghy cruising better than yacht cruising?

Overnight stops while dinghy cruising

Carrying luggage
Windy weather and the capsize problem
What is dinghy cruising?
By 'dinghy cruising' we mean the use of a sailing dinghy for recreational travel over relatively long distances, generally with overnight stops. Most dinghy sailors use their boats for racing, or just for pottering, which usually means sailing for an hour or two in one patch of water. Few dinghy sailors seem to be aware that their boats are potentially capable of covering greater distances and carrying all the equipment that will be needed for overnight stops. I suppose that if you want a definition of dinghy cruising then you need to supplement it with a definition of a dinghy. In this context we take a dinghy to be a small (say less than about 20 foot (6.1m) length), open (i.e. no permanent cabin) sailing boat which does not have heavy stabilising ballast. However, we don't need to apply these conditions too rigorously, there are some boats which most people would think of as dinghies but which do have some ballast and there are some which have a tiny cabin but which are otherwise dinghy like in style. The HSC Wayfarers are certainly dinghies in all respects. There are also people cruising with what are basically rowing boats, perhaps with a small sail to provide relaxation on downwind legs only, this can reasonably be included as a form of dinghy cruising.

13. Recreational Sailing
Classes 20042005. recreational sailing. IMG_0232.jpg (48088 bytes),IMG_0249.JPG (81366 bytes), IMG_0261.JPG (72776 bytes). IMG_0270.JPG

Introduction to the Outdoors

Winter in the Outdoors

Classes 2004-2005
Recreational Sailing
Northfield Mount Hermon School
206 Main Street
Northfield, MA 01360-1089 Phone: (413) 498-3000 e-mail:

14. Yale Corinthian Yacht Club
Home of the Yale University sailing team, its facility is also open to members of the Yale community, and in the summer, to local residents for recreational sailing.
The Yale Corinthian Yacht Club, established in 1881, is the oldest collegiate sailing club in the world. Located on a beautiful rocky cove in Branford, CT., the club is a state of the art sailing facility and home to the Yale Varsity Sailing Team. The fleet consists of twenty-four 420 racing dinghies, augmented by FJs, Lasers, windsurfers and three safety launches. Our sailing area is located on open water and boasts what may be the finest wind and waves in all of college sailing. When the Westerly blows in the fall and spring, waves regularly build to 6 feet and the team practices surfing their boats down the breaking rollers. The Yale Sailing Team has produced scores of All-Americans, World Champions and Olympic Medalists in its long history. In fact, Yale sailors JJ Isler and Jonathan Mckee both won medals in the recent Sydney Olympics. The team is supported by an active alumni organization and a full time racing coach, Zack Leonard. In addition, the Yacht Club has recently undergone a renovation that replaced the aging club with a brand new club house. Email

15. Fletcher Boland's Web Site
Fletcher's Homepage contains information about me, my building projects, and artwork. Captain Fletch is seeking to start a sailing club at Wheaton College. Follow his adventures in recreational sailing and academia.

16. Things To Do - Recreational Activities - Sailing & Boating | The National Trust
home things to do recreational activities sailing boating.
home things to do recreational activities
... links
The National Trust welcomes the use of canoes, rowing boats and sailing craft on many of its coastal and inland waters and their launching and landing at those parts of its shores which are open to the public, subject to any local restrictions which may apply.
Motor powered craft are permitted, subject to speed limits, in specified areas and/or at specified times. For details please contact the relevant Regional Office - click here to visit our directory.
In some areas such as the Lake District ( North West Region ) the Trust has rowing boats for hire.
Please be sure to contact the Trust property concerned and/or the appropriate organisation before indulging in a recreational activity as permission, a licence, insurance or organisation may be required.
Always follow the Country Code

17. Pentagon Sailing Club - Cruising, Racing, And Training On The Chesapeake Bay And
Dedicated to safe and enjoyable recreational sailing, primarily on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers and on the Chesapeake Bay. Officers, activities, training, newsletter, meetings, boat rental, and photos.

18. Learn To Sail With The Best Sailing School In Pittwater, Sydney Australia
recreational sailing Courses recreational Courses. Adventuresailing Coastal Adventures Offshore Adventures.
Recreational Sailing Courses
Recreational Courses
Adventure Sailing
Coastal Adventures

Offshore Adventures
To see the dates of courses and make reservations, click on a course name in the table below.
We offer special combination packs of sailing school courses to advance your skills as far as you wish to go. Check out these package deals on the table below! To convert Australian Dollars to your currency
Prices subject to change without notice. YA Course Objective Pre course
requirements Duration Price
/Person Special Package Prices Introductory Click for info
Just have a go and feel the breeze! None Weekend with or without overnight
Bosun Logbook Competent Crew Click for info Crew on a cruising boat and feel relaxed on the water Introductory Learn to Sail Weekend with or without overnight First Mate Inshore Skippers Theory Learn some fundamentals Competent Crew 1 day

19. Chicago Sailing Club,Lessons, Rentals, Charters. Teambuilding And Group Events.
Full service sailing organization that provides sailing instruction, recreational sailing, racing and social events for the chicagoland area. No membership fees or dues.
Chicago Sailing Club makes yachting accessible, affordable, and fun without having to own a boat. We are a full-service club offering a broad spectrum of individual and group programs, a fleet of well-maintained J/22s and J/30s along with two new Hunter 326's available for rent or charter. We also have a 47- foot luxury yacht available for charter, U.S. Sailing certified instructional programs and fun social activities. Whether you own a fine sailing yacht, wish to learn, or brush up on your sailing skills, we're here to meet your needs with a variety of programs. Our staff includes skilled technicians, licensed USCG captains, and excellent U.S. Sailing certified sailing instructors. For groups, we offer a number of special events that can be designed as a special reward for performance, an exciting and motivating event to stimulate your team, or a powerful tool to illustrate the importance of basic business and teamwork principles. Our yacht service program - Proper Yacht, Inc.

20. Learn To Sail With The Best Sailing School In Pittwater, Sydney Australia
Learn to Sail with Club Sails recreational sailing Courses recreational Courses Reservationsand course dates click on a course name in the table shown on the
Learn to Sail with Club Sails
Recreational Sailing Courses
Recreational Courses

Reservations and course dates: click on a course name in the table shown on the recreational course list
Adventure Sailing
Coastal Adventures

Offshore Adventures

Training grounds
The Leading Sailing School in Pittwater, bringing new vision to Yachtmaster Training
We selected Pittwater as the best place to learn how to sail because it is close to Sydney, a safe and sheltered inshore environment and part of the beautiful labyrinth of wilderness waterways of the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. This area is a pure delight and an adventure to explore as you build your experience through the Competent Crew and Inshore Skipper levels. Pittwater also has easy access to the high seas of the Tasman Sea where we will take you for adventuring along the beautiful NSW coastline and to help build your skills up to the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster levels.

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