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         Safety & Prevention Consumer:     more books (100)
  1. Congress favors credit industry over consumers.(COMMENTARY)(Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005): An article from: Los Angeles Business Journal by Debra J. Saunders, 2005-04-18
  2. Wellness: Safety and Accident Prevention by David C. Lawson, 1991-10-01
  3. Teen Health Course 2, Modules, Safety and Injury Prevention by McGraw-Hill, 2002-05-31
  4. Child Safety: Problem and Prevention from Preschool to Adolescence: A Handbook for Professionals by Bill Gillham, James A.Thomson, 2007-03-14
  5. Safety for older consumers : home safety checklist (SuDoc Y 3.C 76/3:2 Sa 1/4/991)
  6. Cashing in on CCTV technology. (convenience store television) (Special Supplement: A Consumer's Guide to Retail Security): An article from: Security Management by Kelly Norton, 1992-03-01
  7. Proceedings of the Conference on Playground Related Injuries and Their Prevention: Brussels, 19-20 November 1987 (Report / European Consumer Product Safety Association)
  8. Safety for older consumers : home safety checklist (SuDoc Y 3.C 76/3:2 SA 1/4/998)
  9. Factors affecting consumer acceptance and use of child restraint systems: Final report (NTIS Accession no. PB82-255605) by Kathleen Weber, 1982
  10. A Quick consumer guide to safe food handling (SuDoc A 1.77:248) by U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1990
  11. HHS unveils two new efforts to advance pandemic flu preparedness.(United States Department of Health and Human Services): An article from: FDA Consumer by Gale Reference Team, 2007-03-01
  12. Security Measures in the Commercial Trucking and Bus Industries (Synthesis) by David M. Friedman, 2003-01
  13. A quick consumer guide to safe food handling (FSHED) by Pamela L Brady, 1991
  14. Health and Safety for You by Ted K. Tsumura, 1986-05

1. VDACS - Food Safety - Food Poisoning
Discusses signs, symptoms and prevention of viral, bacterial and fungal food poisoning. From the Virginia Department of Agriculture and consumer Services.
About Poisoning
Safety Tips

Kitchen Test

Cool Rules

Food Security

About Food Poisoning In most cases of foodborne illness (food poisoning), symptoms resemble intestinal flu and last a few hours to several days. But in cases of botulism, or when food poisoning strikes infants, the ill, the elderly, or those with compromised immune systems, life-threatening complications can result. Microscopic organisms that cause foodborne illness are everywhere-in the air, soil, water, and in human and animal digestive tracts. Most are capable of growing undetected in food because they do not produce an "off" odor, color, or texture. The only way these microbes can be prevented from causing human illness is by handling and storing food safely.
Disease: Salmonellosis
Source: Spread when contaminated food (meat, poultry, eggs) is eaten raw or undercooked. Also, when cooked food comes in contact with contaminated raw food, or when an infected person prepares food.
Symptoms (after eating) : Onset: 6-48 hours; nausea, fever, headache, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting lasting 2-7 days. Can be fatal to infants, the elderly, the infirm, and the immune-compromised.

2. Fire Safety
Identifies possible sources of fire in homes and gives fire prevention tips. download the document to your computer and use Adobe Acrobat to view it. consumer safety (Home)
Number Name of Publication Document
Format Your Home Fire Safety Checklist

Identifies possible sources of fire in homes and gives fire prevention tips.


Smoke Detectors Can Save Your Life


PDF - Chinese ... HTML Chimneys Safety Alert: Check the Structural Integrity of Your Chimney to Prevent Fires HTML Child-Resistant Lighters Protect Young Children Safety Alert HTML PDF Overheated Clothes Dryers Can Cause Fires Safety Alert HTML Household Extension Cords Can Cause Fires Safety Alert HTML New Electric Heat Tapes Help Prevent Fires Safety Alert HTML Metal Chimneys Safety Alert HTML Test All Smoke Detectors and Annually Replace Batteries Safety Alert HTML Older Brass Gas Connectors DANGER: Certain Older Brass Gas Connectors May Be Dangerous HTML CPSC Fire Brochure PDF PDF means that the document is in portable document format. If you have not done so already, viewing these publications requires Adobe AcrobatTM software Consumer Safety (Home) About CPSC Library ... Business

3. Prevention Safety
prevention safety Learn more about how you can take steps to protect yourself,your family and your assets. , Top 10 home prevention safety tips.

4. Poison Prevention Publications
Links to publications on poisoning, from the consumer Product safety Commission.
Number Name of Publication Document
Format Locked Up Poisons

Prevent a tragedy - protect your child against accidental poisoning.

PDF - Spanish
Poison Lookout Checklist
Discusses home areas that are the most common sites of accidental poisonings and tells how to correct situations that may lead to poisonings.

Poison Prevention Packaging: Textbook for Pharmacists and Physicians
To educate Pharmacists and Physicians about CPSC's child-resistant packaging program.
National Poison Prevention Week, March 16-22, 2003 Editor's Fact Sheet HTML PDF A Parent's Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse HTML Spanish Enhanced Save a Child - Use Child-Resistant Containers Safety Alert HTML PDF Child Resistant Packaging Saves Lives Safety Alert HTML PDF Prevent Poisoning and Death From Iron Containing Medicine Safety Alert HTML PDF Child-Resistant Closures and Veterinary Drugs Dispensed by Veterinarians to the Consumer HTML PDF means that the document is in portable document format. If you have not done so already, viewing these publications requires Adobe AcrobatTM software Consumer Safety (Home) About CPSC Library ... Business

5. Home Safety
, Your Guide to Woodburners. ·, Home Inventory Checklist. ·, consumer Productsafety. , Detailed List of Home safety and prevention Products (PDF).

6. The Consumer Law Page: Resources: Safety And Injury Prevention
Please BOOKMARK this site for future reference and be sure to visit our articles, resources and brochure pages. class50/index.html. consumer Product safety Commission gopher// consumer Product safety Commission http
Accident First Aid

Preserving Evidence

Before Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring the "Right Lawyer"
California's two year statute

Free Consultation

National Consumer Complaint Center

Register to Vote

California Injury Law Insurance Company Abuse SERIOUS INJURIES Brain Injury Burns DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS Air Crash Gas Tanks SUV Rollover Tire Defects ... Secret Defects TOXIC CHEMICALS Cancer/Electronics Industry Cancer/Solvents Proving Toxic Torts Environmental Pollution ... Cancer/Fiberglass CHILDREN Childhood Seizures/Asthma Child Molestation Child Adoption Fraud In Utero Workplace Injuries Please BOOKMARK this site for future reference and be sure to visit our articles resources and brochure pages. The Consumer Law Page is regularly updated and is published by , a law firm leading the legal profession in serving the public, consumers and small businesses, individually and in class actions, in cases in which corporate abuse, fraud, defective products and toxic chemicals have caused personal injuries or damage to property. This site, along with its affiliate site, , averages thousands of visits per month. Thank you for your positive response.

7. The Consumer Gateway Safety At Home
The Child Accident prevention Trust (CAPT) runs Child safety Week an annual event,which aims to increase the awareness and understanding of children s

8. FirstGov For Consumers: Product Safety
CPSC. Poison prevention CPSC. Pool and Spa safety Latest consumer Product safety Review (pdf)

Directory Assistance
Contact Special Projects Search ...
In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight
CPSC, The Fondue Factory LLC Announce Recall to Replace Glass Stands on Fondue Sets

9. EuroSafetynet Health And Safety Promotion; Injury And Accident
Our keywords Accident,prevention,consumer,Health,promotion,Injury,Injuries,safety,Accidents,Eurosafetynet,Ecosa,health,safetypromotion,Europe,safe,European

10. FirstGov — Citizen Gateway — Health
from the National Center for Injury prevention and Control; Food Advice from;Food and Drug Food Publications; Food safety; Food safety Alerts and

11. Food Safety Education And Consumer Information
Section of FSIS Web site dealing with food safety education for consumers and consumer advice; includes links and resources for educators. Centers for Disease Control and prevention Food safety Training and Education Alliance
Food Safety and Inspection Service
United States Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 20250-3700 Updated: March 08, 2004
Food Safety Education and Consumer Information
Food Safety Resources
for Consumers
Topics of Current Interest

12. Child Injury Prevention Consumer Safety Product Recalls
consumer safety Product Recalls. CPSC, Stanley Furniture Company Inc.Announce Recall of Cribs Link Exits OHS site.Isabella model

13. Child Injury Prevention: Consumer Safety Product Recalls
An overview. Injury epidemiology. Intimate partner violence. Violence against women. Child injury prevention. SAFE KIDS. Child fatality review. Youth suicide prevention. Violent death reporting. Staff. WWW resources. consumer safety Product Recalls
DHS home Public Health Child Injury An overview ... WWW resources
Consumer Safety Product Recalls
CPSC, Stanley Furniture Company Inc. Announce Recall of Cribs:
Isabella model cribs
An incorrect screw (used to attach the movable gate) was provided for the assembly of some of these cribs. The crib cannot be assembled using this screw. However, if consumers have substituted their own screw, it may not properly hold the movable gate in place. The result is a potential risk that a child could fall from the crib or become entrapped between the gate and the mattress.
These are Isabella model cribs with model number 326-94C1 or 326-94C2. The model number appears on the bar code label. The Isabella cribs are distributed through Stanley Funiture's Young America line. They are made of wood and painted white.
Consumers should contact the store where the crib was purchased to schedule a free, in-home crib inspection and repair, if needed. These stores also will attempt to contact consumers. Consumer Contact: Consumers should call Stanley Furniture at (888) 839- 6822 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or go to the firm's Web site at

14. Injury Prevention And Epidemiology Children S Injury Prevention
national organization dedicated solely to the prevention of unintentional Read moreabout Oregon Crib safety Guidelines and a consumer safety Product Crib

15. NCPC Homepage
Licensed Products. Embed prevention. Strategies Center. ONA (New Americans) safety/Sec. Career In 2003, the FTC consumer Sentinel Project received 214 905 identity theft reports
select link Conferences Coalition Membership Licensed Products Embed Prevention Strategies Center ONA (New Americans) Safety/Sec. Career TCC Youth Safety Corps CPTED Meth Clearinghouse Nat'l Service Program Free Publications Crack Down on Meth You asked for it; now you can get it! The limited edition bobblehead McGruff doll is now available! Check out the new bobblehead McGruff doll!
NCPC Announces New CEO

The National Crime Prevention Council announces our new President and CEO, retired Major General Alfonso E. Lenhardt. General Lenhardt comes to the agency with an impressive career in military and public sector service. He also served as Sergeant at Arms for the United States Senate. The 10th National Refugee Crime Prevention Seminar
The National Refugee Crime Prevention Seminar is a great tool for law enforcement, community leaders, and all other stake holders in refugee/immigrant communities to network, to share ideas and resources, and to learn about the issues and needs of new Americans. 2003-04 Crime Prevention Month Kit
A limited number of the 2003-04 Crime Prevention Month Kit are available at the reduced rate of "free" plus the cost of shipping. Although the Kit contains last year's calendar, the program examples and repros are timeless. Call 1-800-627-2911 to request copies of the calendar. Just Published! People of Faith Mentoring Children of Promise

16. FirstGov For Consumers Product Safety
Poison prevention, CPSC. Iron Poison prevention, - FDA. Child safety Seat Easeof Use Ratings. Latest consumer Product safety Review (pdf). Ladder safety Alert.

17. Welcome To
Career Opportunities consumer Information Sales Referrals Systems Fire Life safety Systems - Closed Circuit Television design and workplace violence prevention programs. Avoid the
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

18. FirstGov For Consumers Children
Child Care consumer Education, ACF. Health safety, - ACF. Child Support ReportingProblems, - FDA. safety and Accident prevention Air Bags, - NHTSA.

19. Page Not Found - MT Dept Of Justice
of Montana health, safety and prevention issues such drug pricing lawsuit, fire andlife safety, the Great use, the tobacco settlement, consumer protection and
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20. VDACS - Food Safety - Food Poisoning
on the amount of mycotoxin and length of exposure.) prevention Store foods to Top Copyright © 2004, Virginia Department of Agriculture and consumer Services

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