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         Rowing Olympic Sports:     more detail
  1. Rowing: Olympic Handbook of Sports Medicine (Olympic Handbook Of Sports Medicine)
  2. Rowing, Sailing, and Other Sports on the Water (The Olympic Sports) by Jason Page, 2008-03-15
  3. The Wonder Crew: The Untold Story of a Coach, Navy Rowing, and Olympic Immortality by Susan Saint Sing, 2008-07-08
  4. Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing, and Yachting (True Books-Sports) by Christin Ditchfield, 2000-03
  5. On the Water: Rowing, Yachting, Canoeing, and Lots, Lots, More (Zeke's Olympic Pocket Guide) by Jason Page, 2000-08
  6. Four Men in a Boat: The Inside Story of the Sydney 2000 Coxless Four by Rory Ross, Tim Foster, 2005-04-01
  7. The Amateurs/the Story of Four Young Men and Their Quest for an Olympic Gold Medal by David Halberstam, 1985-06
  8. A Golden Age: The Autobiography by Steve Redgrave, Nick Townsend, 2004-05-01
  9. Stroke: The Inside Story of Olympic Contenders by Heather Clarke, Susan Gwynne-Timothy, 1988-01-01
  10. A Lifetime in a Race by Matthew Pinsent, 2005-06-01
  11. The Red Rose Crew :A True Story of Women, Winning, and the Water by Daniel J. Boyne, Daniel J. Boyne is the Director of Recreational Rowing at, 2000-09-27
  12. Rowing and canoeing facility: 1984 summer Olympics, Lake Casitas, California by Cassie Jill York, 1981
  13. Second Wind by Anthony M. Perez, Jr., 2006-07-06

1. Olympic Sports
There are two types of Olympic rowing events, sculling and sweep oar There are two main distinctions between rowing and paddling sports such as canoeing
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Rowing Basics Equipment The Course
Scull Events
... Sweep Events

Rowing was scheduled to be a part of the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896 but the competition was cancelled due to high waves. Women's rowing events were added in 1976.
The Basics
  • Boats are also called shells.
    There are two types of Olympic rowing events, sculling and sweep oar. The rower has two oars in sculling and one oar in sweep oar. There are two main distinctions between rowing and paddling sports such as canoeing. One is that the rower always sits with his or her back to the direction in which the boat is going. The other is that the rower uses an oar that pivots on an oarlock, not an unsupported paddle. The coxswain is a lightweight crew member who faces the rowers and directs them. Only some races include coxswains.
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rowing olympic sport since 1896, ABOUT Tactically, it sounds as ludicrousas sprinting the first five kilometres of a marathon. To

3. United States Olympic Committee
The Official Site of the U.S. olympic Committee Modern Pentathlon. Racquetball. Roller sports. rowing. Sailing. Shooting Copyright © 2003 United States olympic Committee. All Rights Reserved
index index

of any sport. Competitive rowing precedes most of the other Olympicsports in its recorded modern history. The first OxfordCambridge

5. - Olympic Sports - Work At Rowing Site Moves Ahead Despite Protests -
formula one. olympic sports. athletics. cricket. rugby. winter sports half the preconstruction work for the 2004 olympic rowing center this summer despite protests that the facility

scoreboards soccer S ... U.S. SPORTS INTERNATIONAL NEWS Asia Europe


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Statitudes ... Cities GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly SI Women SI for Kids ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore Land work at rowing site moves ahead Click here for more on this story Posted: Thursday July 26, 2001 12:36 AM ATHENS, Greece (AP) Crews should complete half the pre-construction work for the 2004 Olympic rowing center this summer despite protests that the facility threatens wildlife and an ancient battlefield. Government spokesman Tilemahos Hitiris said Wednesday that 50 percent of the digging of the artificial lakes and other land clearing should be completed by September at the rowing center - the only Olympic venue ahead of schedule. The center is expected to be completed in January 2004. The dispute over the site in Schinias, about 18 miles north of Athens, has an added significance following the appointment Monday of the International Rowing Federation chief as the main overseer for the Athens Games. Denis Oswald of Switzerland replaced Jacques Rogge, the new president of the International Olympic Committee. Oswald is expected in Athens for the next IOC inspection visit in late September.

May 20June 3 Shooting, olympic trials (pistol World Championships; Melbourne,Australia • May 28-30 rowing, World Cup 10 Hardest Things to Do in sports.
var layerTop = - More for you. Less for them. Cars Jobs Tickets Travel ... Weather Olympic sports Olympics home Olympics briefs Winter sports Future Games ... Olympic Glory International sports Index British review Asian review Tools Game matchups Sheridan's odds Live odds Sagarin ratings Indexes Scores Columnist index Sports briefs TV listings ... Sports index 06/11/2004 - Updated 02:48 PM ET Diving brothers in sync Meet Team USA Athlete of the Week Cantwell's feat of strength is world's best this year. Who's going to Athens? Check rosters and qualifying status for each sport. Inside Olympic sports Olympic flame headed around the world Graphic: See where the torch relay goes before Athens. Photo gallery Olympians in Action; more photos: Gardner, Byers Summer sports Track Olympic qualification, follow major events and meet U.S. athletes:
Select one: Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Boxing Canoe/kayak Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Field hockey Gymnastics Judo Modern pentathlon Rowing Sailing Shooting Soccer Softball Swimming Synchronized swimming Table tennis Taekwondo Team handball Tennis Track and field Triathlon Volleyball Water polo Weightlifting Wrestling Olympic action The week's events June 7-13: Diving, Olympic trials, St. Peters, Mo.

7. ICES Sports - Rowing Long Beach California Olympic Stadium Marine Park
Since 1976 ICES sports has provided a highly professional and personalized travel / promotions service in California rowing. worldfamous tourist attractions and an historic olympic rowing Center

8. British Rowing - Olympics 2000
which will deliver the latest results and news across all sports straight to yourdesktop. One of the largest and most comprehensive olympic rowing sections is

XXVIIth Olympics
September 2000

    Dates are GMT in this box September 24th
  • OK, this is getting silly. Gold for Redgrave and cohort yesterday, silver (the first women's Olympic rowing medal) for the women's quad today in the tightest of finishes, and finally, to round off the regatta, gold for all nine of the British men's eight, beating the rest of the big boys at their own game, peaking at exactly the right time after silver last year and defeats this summer. Three rowing medals, thirteen Olympic champions and four Olympic runners up, our best result for decades. Huge congratulations to everybody involved, (and a particular well done from RQ to Guin, to Tim, and to Rowley, Fred and Ben H-D).
  • Mission, ecstatically, accomplished - Chris Dodd's exclusive report for the Rowing Service.
  • LIVE REPORTING - Both the first and second set of A-finals from Penrith were covered live by the Rowing Service online, with auto-updating. These reports will remain online now as static files.
  • There is the chance of more reportage from the British press contingent, over the next few days, so check back here for updates.
  • Redgrave does it : it was fast, hard, and agonisingly close. Gold for the truly awesome foursome and their inimitable coach. Below is the real-time-written report, and here is Chris Dodd's report on the day that made history:

9. Armenian Olympic Athletes
Armenian olympic Medalists, competitors, and famous athletes from around the world. Part of Cilicia web site. armenian olympic + sports page. armenia sports. about cilicia Karina Aznavourian Women's individual epee Russia. rowing. Georgeta Damian with Doine Ignot, Women's Coxless Pairs
armenian olympic + sports page armenia > sports about cilicia feedback chat calendar
Olympic medalists and competitors from across the globe
  • 1952, Helsinki
    • Hrant Shahinian. Gold - Gymnastic Team
    • Hrant Shahinian. Gold - Ring Excersizes
    • Hrant Shahinian. Silver - Combined Tournament
    • Hrant Shahinian. Silver - Vaulting Horse Excersizes
    • 1956, Melbourne
      • Albert Azarian. Gold - Gymnastics Team
      • Albert Azarian. Gold - Ring Excersizes
      • Nikita Simonyan. Gold - Soccer Team
      • Vladimir Yengibarian. Gold - Boxing
      • Igor Novikov. Gold - Pentathalon Team
      • 1960, Rome
        • Albert Azarian. Gold - Ring Excersizes
        • Albert Azarian. Silver - Gymnastic Team
        • Valentin Chernikov. Silver - Individual Fencing
        • Valentin Chernikov. Bronze - Fencing Team
        • Igor Novikov. Silver - Pentathalon
        • 1964, Tokyo
          • Igor Novikov. Gold - Pentathalon Team
          • Igor Novikov. Silver - Individual Pentathalon
          • 1972, Munich
            • Faeena Melnick. Gold - Discus Throwing
            • Edward Mikayelian. Silver -Gymnastic Team
            • Arkade Andreasian. Bronze - Soccer
            • Hovannes Zanazanian. Bronze - Soccer
            • 1976, Montreal
              • Vardan Melitosian. Silver - Weightlifting
              • Davit Torossian.

10. Olympic Sports History - Rowing
Only four sports have been in every modern Olympics. rowing would be a fifth, butall five events scheduled in 1896 were cancelled because of bad weather.

Check Availability Browse Accommodations Buy Olympic Event Tickets ... Submit A Special Request Olympic Sports History ROWING Only four sports have been in every modern Olympics. Rowing would be a fifth, but all five events scheduled in 1896 were cancelled because of bad weather. However, the rowing events did come off in 1900, and the sport has been a staple of the Olympic program ever since. Women's rowing was added in 1976 and lightweight events joined the program in 1996. All Olympic rowing competition has the same basic format, beginning with qualifying heats. The fastest qualifiers go into the semifinal and the others enter a repechage round. The top repechage finishers also advance to the semifinal. The first six semifinal finishers race in the final and the next six enter a petit final, for 7th through 12th places.
The races
The boats are held by the stern on starting pontoons and the bows are aligned on the start line. The rower in the bow seat may raise his/her hand to indicate that the crew is not ready, up until the time when the starter conducts a roll call of the crews. After the last crew has been named in the roll call, the starter raises his/her red flag and gives the warning command "Attention" and, after a pause, says "Go", simultaneously dropping his flag. In the case of a false start, a bell is rung and the starter waves a red flag to recall the crews. Crews are allowed only one false start each before being eliminated. A re-start can also be called for equipment breakage within 100 meters of the start. Straying from a lane is punishable by the umpire by disqualification if interference takes place with another boat. The winner is the boat whose bow touches the finish line first, monitored by judges and a photo-finish camera. The umpire must raise his white flag at the end of a race to signify that it has been completed in accordance with the rules and that there has been no protest.

11. Olympic Sports
Figure Skating. Skiing. Badminton. Archery. rowing. Shooting. Sailing. Water Polo How many olympic sports can be played at your school or in your community
Olympic World
Lesson # 3 Olympic Sports What you will learn:

This lesson will introduce you to all of the sports that are included in the
summer and winter Olympic Games. You will learn about the sports that
you can participate in at school and for the rest of your life. Possible Partnerships and Research Locations

Individual sports books, Griffin Publishing Group

Sports magazines and newspaper articles


International Olympic Athletes Association

Jobs in Sports

Sports Illustrated for Kids
International Olympic Committee Research and Portfolio Content
1. Reading Can you read the names of the sports that are in the Olympic Games? Snowboarding Speed skating Diving Soccer Gymnastics Cycling Decathlon Wrestling Bobsled Softball Equestrian Table Tennis Basketball Fencing Judo Figure Skating Skiing Badminton Archery Rowing Shooting Sailing Water Polo Swimming Triathlon Ice Hockey Luge Kayaking Volleyball Tennis Boxing Weightlifting Pentathlon Athlete Competitor Slalom Sailing Pentathlon Handball Curling Biathlon Baseball Scoring Field Hockey Judge Canoeing Kayaking 2. Math

12. Athens Housing - Athens Olympics 2004 Sports List, Venue List
racing competition will be held at the Schinias olympic rowing and Canoeing to 25August in the olympic Velodrome at the Athens olympic sports Complex, while

Check Availability Browse Accommodations Buy Olympic Event Tickets ... Submit A Special Request Sports during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Click here for an Olympic Sports Event Schedule
Swimming - Diving - Synchronized Swimming - Water polo

For the first time in Olympic Games history, all Aquatics events will take place in a single venue, the Olympic Aquatic Centre of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex. The Aquatics program spans all 16 days of the Games (14 to 29 August 2004). Swimming starts off the Aquatics program, followed by Diving, Water polo and Synchronized swimming.
The Archery competition in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games will take place at the Panathenean Stadium (Kallimarmaro) . This is the Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896, and it is built on top of the ancient Stadium dating from 329 B.C. The competition will be held from 15 to 21 August in the following categories: Archery, individual events, men's Archery, individual events, women's Archery, team events, men's Archery, team events, women's.
During the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Athletics events will be staged at the Athens Olympic Stadium in the Athens Olympic Sports Complex with the exception of The Marathon and the road walk events. Competition will take place over the span of ten days (August 20-29).

13. New Zealand Sports News - General - Rowing: Olympic Hopefuls Waiting On Passport
rowing olympic hopefuls waiting on passport 05.05.2004 By DAVID LEGGATLightweight double scullers Carolyn Steele and Rachel Starr

14. New Zealand Sports News - General - Rowing: Olympic Hopefuls Test The Water
rowing olympic hopefuls test the water 14.02.2004 By JULIE ASH New Zealand solympic hopefuls will test themselves and their opposition

15. BBC SPORT | ROWING AND WATER SPORTS | Redgrave's Golden Glory
British olympic rowing News. GB Coxless Fours site. The BBC is not responsible forthe content of external internet sites. Links to top rowing and Water sports
feedback low graphics version You are in: Rowing and Water Sports Front Page


BBC Five Live's Alan Green
"The greatest rower of all time, the greatest British Olympian of all time"
Team-mate for the first gold medal, Martin Cross
"Steve has the strength of Geoff Capes"
At the Leander Rowing Club, Henley Redgrave's friends and supporters pay tribute to him. real Francois Carrard, IOC director general "Just great, fantastic." real Past Glory Listen to Steve Redgrave winning his last four gold medals real Saturday, 23 September, 2000, 01:06 GMT 02:06 UK Redgrave's golden glory Relief and emotion shows as Pinsent hugs Redgrave real Redgrave and team talk to the BBC. Olympic legend Steve Redgrave raced to a record fifth successive gold medal as Britain's coxless fours scored a thrilling victory over the Italians. Cheered on by ecstatic British support at the waterside, and millions of TV viewers burning the midnight oil back home, Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent, Tim Foster and James Cracknell, held on for an historic win. British fans lined the banks of Lake Penrith The crowd went wild with delight as Redgrave and his team somehow held on in the face of an incredible surge from the battling Italians to win by 0.38 seconds. Australia were third.

16. ThinkQuest : Library : The Olympics On Internet: The Game_ite
In all the years that rowing an olympic sport is, are the lengths many times changedand were there many different kinds of weather when the matches were.
Index Olympic Games
The Olympics on Internet: The Game_ite
In this site, each Olympic gathering is described , highlighting the statistics about medals, dates, and country participant .The athletes are described, with attention paid to women participants. The Olympic oath, the Olympic Flag and the Olympic Fire are included. Olympics in antiquity are featured and the corruption scandal is explored. This is a place on the Net for true Olympics enthusiasts. Languages: English, Dutch. Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Dutch Students Gerhard Zernike College, Groningen, Netherlands Peter Zernike College, Groningen, Netherlands Chris Zernike College, Vries, Netherlands Coaches Sjoerd psychologist, Groningen, Netherlands Mathilde librarian, Groningen, Netherlands Aad Zernike College, Winsum, Netherlands Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site.

17. Rowing
Home olympic Games sports rowing rowing. History Rules Athletes Calendar Equipment Qualifications sports Entry Forms
The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games Fran§ais
Olympic Games Vision and Mission ...
Key Dates
09 July 2004
The Olympic flame returns to Greece
Interesting Facts
The Olympic Stadium roof extends over a total area of 25,000 sq.m., covering the majority of seated areas. Athens Guide Torch Relay Tickets Sport Events ... Sports Rowing Javascript must be enabled to view this page, although the important information on the page is also available to browsers that do not support scripts.
History Rules Athletes Calendar ... Sports Entry Forms
Rowing is a highly developed and popular sport in many countries. It combines a graceful spectacle with sharp competition. The field of play takes place in a natural scenic environment, such as a lake, river or a canal, which adds to the allure of rowing.  Watching the sport once, either in person or on television, turns almost anyone into an avid fan of the sport. The long and narrow boats, the colourful oars, the synchronised crews - ranging from one to eight athletes - are all ingredients for a very successful mix. This combination creates an exciting sport to watch and cheer on for spectators.   Description
In Olympic rowing 14 different boat classes are raced, eight sculling events in which two oars are used, one in each hand and six sweep-oared events in which the rower uses one oar with both hands. The sculling boat classes are the single, the double and the quadruple sculls with crews of one, two or four athletes respectively, as well as the lightweight double. The sweep row categories include the pair, the four, the lightweight four (for men only) and the eight with coxswain, which is perhaps the most spectacular rowing event of all.

18. - Olympic Sports - U.S. Men's Olympic Rowing Team - Friday September 0
US Men s rowing Team. Event Quadruple Sculls olympic History Competing in his firstolympics. CNNSI, Copyright © 2001 CNN/sports Illustrated An AOL Time Warner


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Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore
U.S. Men's Rowing Team
Chris Ahrens Tom Auth Sebastian Bea Pete Cipollone ... Jake Wetzel Chris Ahrens Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: July 24, 1976 Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis. Event: Eight-Oared Shell With Coxswain Olympic History: Competing in his first Olympics Back to the top Tom Auth Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Sept. 9, 1968 Hometown: Maplewood, N.J. Event: Men's Lightweight Four-Oared Shell Without Coxswain Olympic History: Competing in his second Olympics. He also took part in the 1996 Atlanta Games. Back to the top Sebastian Bea Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: April 10, 1977 Hometown: San Francisco, Calif. Event: Pair-Oared Shell Without Coxswain Olympic History: Competing in his first Olympics Back to the top Pete Cipollone Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Feb. 5, 1971

19. - Olympic Sports - U.S. Women's Olympic Rowing Team - Friday September
The most decorated rower on the US National Team Sculls olympic History Competingin her first olympics. CNNSI, Copyright © 2001 CNN/sports Illustrated An AOL


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Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore
U.S. Women's Rowing Team
Ruth Davidon Jen Dore-Terhaar Christine Smith Collins Amy Fuller ... Marc Schneider Ruth Davidon Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: March 20, 1964 Hometown: Haverford, Pa. Event: Double Sculls Olympic History: Competing in her second Olympics. She also took part in the 1996 Atlanta Games. Back to the top Jen Dore-Terhaar Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Dec. 19, 1971 Hometown: Kearney, N.J. Event: Quadruple Sculls Olympic History: Competing in her second Olympics. She also took part in the 1996 Atlanta Games. Back to the top Christine Smith Collins Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Sept. 9, 1969 Hometown: Worcester, Mass. Event: Lightweight Double Sculls Olympic History: Competing in her first Olympics Accomplishments:
  • An eight-time national team member who has won more world titles (four) than any female rower in U.S. history
  • 20. Sports 123: Rowing: Olympic Games: Men: Lightweight Coxless Fours
    rowing olympic Games Men Lightweight Coxless Fours, Year, Location,2004, Athínai (gre), 2000, Sydney (aus), France, Australia, Denmark.
    Olympic Games

    Men: Lightweight Coxless Fours Year Location Athínai (gre) Sydney (aus) France Australia Denmark (Laurent Porchier,
    Jean-Christophe Bette,
    Yves Hocde,
    Xavier Dorfmann) (Simon Burgess,
    Anthony Edwards,
    Darren Balmforth,
    Robert Richards) (Søren Madsen,
    Thomas Ebert,
    Eskild Ebbesen, Victor Feddersen) Atlanta (usa) Denmark Canada USA (Victor Feddersen, Niels Henriksen, Thomas Poulsen, Eskild Ebbesen) (Brian Peaker, Jeffrey Lay, Dave Boyes, Gavin Hassett) (Marc Schneider, Jeff Pfaendtner, David Collins, William Carlucci)

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