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41. Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site (National Park Service)
Service Commission and New York City Police Department, and terms as Governor ofNew York and Vice president of the us. theodore roosevelt became president when
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Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace NHS will be closed Saturday, May 29th in observance of Memorial Day. The site will resume normal hours Tuesday, June 1st.
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace NHS is located at 28 East 20th Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue South. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, lived at this site from his birth on October 27, 1858 until he was 14 years old. The reconstructed house contains five period rooms, two museum galleries and a bookstore. Teedie, as young Roosevelt was nicknamed, was a sickly but bright boy, from a wealthy family. To improve his health, Teedie began an exercise program at the house's outdoor gymnasium that started a lifelong passion for the "strenuous life." After graduating from Harvard, Roosevelt pursued his boyhood dreams, as a rancher, naturalist, explorer, author and Colonel of the Rough Riders. His political service included reforming the U.S. Civil Service Commission and New York City Police Department, and terms as Governor of New York and Vice President of the U.S. Theodore Roosevelt became president when William McKinley was assassinated in September 1901. As President, Roosevelt pushed progressive reforms, such as conservation of public lands and trust busting, and negotiated an end to the war between Russia and Japan, for which he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

42. The Leadership Style Of Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt:Quotes, Teddy Roosevelt Quote
University researcher revealed that us presidents who have life experiences than dopresidents who use ABOUT THE LEADERSHIP STYLE OF theodore (teddy) roosevelt.
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Streaming Video Watch Gene Griessman: As Abraham Lincoln and Keynotes and Seminars HOME PAGE Favorite Quotes THE LEADERSHIP STYLE OF THEODORE "TEDDY" ROOSEVELT The following Teddy Roosevelt quotes can be found in Edmund Morris, The Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt Modern Library 2001) "Cowardice in a race, as in an individual, is the unpardonable sin." (Quoted in Edmund Morris, The Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt, p. 594) "It may be that at some time in the dim future of the race the need for war will vanish: but that time is yet ages distant. As yet no nation can hold its place in the world, or can do any work really worth doing, unless it stands ready to guard its right with an armed hand." (Quoted in Edmund Morris, The Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt, p. 594)

43. Theodore Roosevelt - 25th President Of The United States
Works of theodore roosevelt from The theodore roosevelt Collection.roosevelt s Letters to his children. Trivia. The (teddy) Bear. Vice president.
PRESIDENTS HOME PAGE Theodore Roosevelt 25th President Birth: October 27, 1858 at New York, New York Birthplace information from American New York, New York web site Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site Death: January 6, 1919 at Oyster Bay, New York Gravesite information from American Picture of Grave Biographies Grolier online biography White House biography Congressional biography Biography from ... Theodore Roosevelt by Edgar Lee Masters Books and Other Media Theodore Roosevelt : A Life Theodore Rex Theodore Roosevelt: The American Experience – VHS Tape Theodore Roosevelt : An Autobiography ... Search for books about Theodore Roosevelt Cabinet/Staff List by William Howard Taft - Secretary of War Election Results/Presidential Campaign Opponent: Alton B. Parker (D) Election Opponents: Woodrow Wilson (D) William Howard Taft (R) Election Roosevelt Campaign Memorabilia Events during Roosevelt’s administration and lifetime Outline of events during Roosevelt’s administration Theodore Roosevelt Time Line Military service Spanish-American War ... Nobel Peace Prize First lady and family Edith Roosevelt biography from Grolier online Edith Roosevelt biography from the White House Pictures of Edith Roosevelt from the Library of Congress Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt ... Theodore Roosevelt’s Family in World War I Genealogy Brian Tompsett’s US President genealogy page Genealogy of Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt

44. Theodore Roosevelt's Presidency And Accomplishments As President - Teddy Rooseve
us National Park Service created; Offers to help in was proposed by TR when he wasPresident. Sources Edmund Morris, The Rise of theodore roosevelt Edmund Morris
The Presidential Years
September 14, 1901 - March 4, 1909 Presidential Accomplishments

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45. Theodore Roosevelt - Almanac Of Theodore Roosevelt - 26th President Of The U.S.A
Declaration of Independence us Constitution Gettysburg His Papa Judge Berryman s (teddy) Bear Series Naturalist Conservationist, theodore roosevelt Links and
26th President of the United States of America click images to enlarge or click text for page links

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46. President T. Roosevelt
Louis, Missouri. The (teddy) bear was named after president theodore roosevelt. In1902, while hunting in Mississippi, (teddy) s dogs cornered a small bear cub.

U.S. Presidents Home Page
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Theodore Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt was born in the State of New York. The youngest man to become president. He was 42. When the Great White Fleet, which TR sent around the world in 1907, returned to America in 1909, it was immediately painted gray. Theodore Roosevelt served in the Spanish-American War Theodore Roosevelt: third cousin twice removed of Martin Van Buren Booker T. Washington was the first black man invited to dine at the White House, a guest of TR. His sons, Archie and Quentin, sometimes lined up for morning roll-call with the White House police. Theodore Roosevelt (Republican) founded the Progressive or Bull Moose Party. He was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize (1906). He set aside vast wilderness lands for conservation. These later became part of the country's national parks and nature reserves. Roosevelt tried to have "In God We Trust" removed from coins. He thought it sacrilegious and unconstitutional. Teddy was the first president to ride in an automobileit was a purple-lined Columbia Electric Victoria. He rode through Hartford, Connecticut on August 22, 1902. 20 carriages followed the president's car. He was also the first president to own a car.

47. Theodore Roosevelt
theodore roosevelt in Puerto Rico (teddy) roosevelt in Puerto Rico After resigninghis post in May 1898, roosevelt joined Colonel Leonard Wood s First us
Theodore Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt, Neil , p. 241.
Download an uncompressed TIFF (.tif) version of this image. Born in New York City, Theodore Roosevelt spent the earlier part of his life battling asthma; once he conquered the disease, he passed the remainder of his days battling external foes, often conquering them as well. His greatest gift, among many, was his unerring ability to promote himself in the media. Despite his upper class upbringing and education at Harvard College, Roosevelt was always able to get along with men of any class and social background. He sought a political life in order to reform society and prevent what he perceived was the threat of revolution by the lower classes. His fearless work as president of New York City's Board of Police Commissioners caught the attention of political associates of William McKinley . After his election as President, McKinley appointed Roosevelt assistant secretary of the navy in 1897. Much to Navy Secretary Long's chagrin, Roosevelt would make policy himself particularly when the secretary was out lunching. One such case involved the appointment and supply of Admiral Dewey's Asiatic Squadron with orders that they head for Manila harbor.

48. The United States Presidential History Links Page
Personal Memoirs of us Grant by Ulysses S. Grant. Indomitable (teddy) roosevelt byGeorge C. Scott, VHS Video The Rise of theodore roosevelt by Edmund Morris.
Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video Electronics Software Kitchen Keywords: ***Recommended Reading - Long General List***** Life of George Washington, Vols 1-5 (The Complete Works of Washington Irving) John Adams: A Life - The book not only presents the life, character and achievements of John Adams in a lucid style but depicts a very absorbing picture of the United States and Europe during Adams' life time Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation : A Biography - Merrill Peterson's book is a great work of prose. It is a masterpiece of American biography. He looks at Jefferson's record with great care, and he makes every page a joy to read. The Life of James Monroe by George Morgan Diary of John Quincy Adams by John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson - An excellent course supplement as well as fascinating reading for biography and history buffs. "The best biography of Andrew Jackson available." Library Journal Autobiography of Martin Van Buren - John C. Fitzpatrick (Editor)

49. Presidents On The Rocks: Mt. Rushmore
http// This fourth grade classroom and hasa (teddy) bear quilt that links to quick facts about theodore roosevelt.
If the sculptor Gutzon Borglum had a hero of his own, it was 26th President Theodore Roosevelt, who promoted construction of the Panama Canal and ignited progressive causes such as conservation and business reform: "We, here in America, hold in our hands the hopes of the world, the fate of the coming years; and shame and disgrace will be ours if in our eyes the light of high resolve is dimmed, if we trail in the dust the golden hopes of men" (Address at Carnegie Hall, March 30, 1912).
  • Date of Birth: Wednesday, October 27, 1858
    Date of Death: Monday, January 6, 1919
    Alice Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Kermit Roosevelt, Ethel Carow Roosevelt, Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt, and Quentin Roosevelt
    Education: A.B. Harvard University
    Presidency: 26th President: September 14, 1901- March 3, 1909
    Terms: one elected, one assumed

50. Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, The 26th President Of The United States (1858-1919)
United State s most beloved presidents, theodore ((teddy)) roosevelt didn t take twoyears for (teddy) to recover After leaving the presidency roosevelt would stay
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Subscribe to the About Asthma newsletter. zau(256,152,100,'hs','',''); Search Asthma Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States (1858-1919) Profiles of famous and historical figures with Asthma Related Resources Historic Figures with Asthma
From Other Guides Teddy and Koala Bears?
Panama Canal

Elsewhere on the Web Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)
Theodore Roosevelt - His Life and Times on Film

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Alliance

Theodore Roosevelt Timeline - U.S. History Interactive

One of the United State's most beloved presidents, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt didn't start life as the robust figure history remembers him as, but as a sickly child with chronic asthma. He overcame his asthma through intense physical exercise and a true love of the outdoor life. Roosevelt was no stranger to tragedy when at the age of 26 he lost both his wife and mother on Valentine's day in 1884. When his early political life was also less than successful he turned his efforts to developing his skills as a writer about life in the old west and western life. Some of his early works include Hunting Trips of a Ranchman (1885), Thomas Hart Benton (1886), and The Winning of the West (1889). Roosevelt would do much to bolster the romantic view of the West and many of the currently held myths about the Old West.

51. Theodore Roosevelt
http // http // theodore roosevelt Inaugural Address. us Inaugural Addresses
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  • President Theodore Roosevelt
    http: // Theodore Roosevelt http: // Theodore Roosevelt http: // Theodore Roosevelt: Inaugural Address. U.S. Inaugural Addresses. 1989 http: // AITLC Guide to Theodore Roosevelt http: // Encyclopedia Americana: Theodore Roosevelt http: // IPL POTUS Theodore Roosevelt http: // Man of Action: Theodore Roosevelt http: //
  • 52. ThinkQuest : Library : The Environment: A Global Challenge
    issues both through his pioneering work as president and through theodore RooseveltNational Park. Please read our copyright information or contact us if you
    Index Earth Science
    The Environment: A Global Challenge
    "The Environment: A Global Challenge" is a comprehensive site providing information on many aspects of the environment. There are 400 articles in twelve content sections [ Current Events, Economics, Environmental Problems, Health Concerns, History, Organizations, Science, Statistics and World Outlook]. Articles are interlinked and multimedia and links to outside information often accompany the text. Integrated into each content section and spread out through various other sections are many interactive features, such as simulations, interviews, streaming multimedia, a scientific experimentation center, and systems for adding links and new content enable visitors to experience what they are learning about. Educators can easily and instantly involve their entire class in the site by creating accounts in our Classroom Connection database. Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Awards Platinum Languages English Students Michael Kantonsschule Pfdffikon/Nuolen, Pfaeffikon, Switzerland

    53. Theodore Roosevelt
    theodore roosevelt (18581919), was the youngest man ever to that are still knownas (teddy) bears. As While roosevelt was president, millions of Americans
    Click on the links below to read portraits of presidents who served from the early though the mid-1900's. Theodore Roosevelt
    William H. Taft

    Woodrow Wilson

    Warren G. Harding
    ... Go back to links to portraits of vice presidents. Served as president from 1901 to 1909 Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), was the youngest man ever to become president of the United States. He took office at the age of 42. Roosevelt had been vice president for only six months when President William McKinley was assassinated in September 1901. Roosevelt won wide popularity, and millions of Americans affectionately called him "Teddy" or "T.R." In 1904, the voters elected him to a full term as president. He ran for president again in 1912, as the "Bull Moose" party candidate, but lost to Woodrow Wilson.
    Roosevelt was a man of great energy and practiced what he called the "strenuous life." He enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, hunting, hiking, and boxing. He often expressed enthusiasm for something by describing it as "bully." Cartoonists liked to draw Roosevelt with his rimless glasses, bushy mustache, prominent teeth, and jutting jaw. One cartoon showed him with a bear cub. Soon, toymakers were producing stuffed animals that are still known as "teddy bears."
    As commander of the fearless Rough Riders, Roosevelt became a national hero during the Spanish-American War in 1898. He led this famous cavalry regiment against the Spaniards in Cuba. Roosevelt came home and won election as governor of New York. Two years later, he was elected Vice President.

    54. The American Experience/TR Teacher's Guide
    through The American Experience miniseries TR, The Story of theodore roosevelt and the Brainstorm a list of the admirable qualities of an ideal us president.
    Teacher's Guide
      Cowboy, soldier,
      explorer, scientist
      and president
      by the age of 42.
      But behind the success
      was a man haunted
      by tragedy.

    Program One
    "The Long Campaign" 1858-1901 TR is born into a wealthy New York family that has a strong sense of social justice. He fights his severe asthma through a strenuous exercise program. He be- comes New York State assemblyman. Then tragedy strikes with the untimely deaths of his beloved first wife and his mother. To escape his grief, he flees to the Dakota Badlands for the rigors of ranch life. When he returns, his political career flourishes; he eventually becomes William McKinley's Vice President.
    Program Two "The Bully Pulpit" 1901-1904 After McKinley's assassination, Roosevelt becomes an "accidental" president. Seeing himself as a crusader, TR uses the presidency to advance his agenda of social reform. He expands the power of the presidential office and comes to dominate American politics. Yet, the night he is elected to a second term, TR announces he will not run again, ultimately weakening his second term. Program Three "The Good Fight" 1905-1909 TR is just 46 years old when he is inaugurated as president. He builds the Panama Canal, wins the Nobel Prize for Peace, and combatively introduces widesweeping social reforms. As his presidency draws to a close, TR names his best friend, Secretary of War William Howard Taft, as his successor. Taft wins the 1908 election.

    55. American Experience | The Presidents | Theodore Roosevelt | PBS
    in 1901, making his vice president, theodore roosevelt, an accidental media; creationof the (teddy) bear; TR s fascination with the roosevelt family; portrait
    1. Washington 2. J. Adams 3. Jefferson 4. Madison 5. Monroe 6. J. Q. Adams 7. Jackson 8. Van Buren 9. W. Harrison 10. Tyler 11. Polk 12. Taylor 13. Fillmore 14. Pierce 15. Buchanan 16. Lincoln* 17. A. Johnson 18. Grant* 19. Hayes 20. Garfield 21. Arthur 22. Cleveland 23. B. Harrison 24. Cleveland 25. McKinley 26. T. Roosevelt 27. Taft 28. Wilson* 29. Harding 30. Coolidge 31. Hoover 32. F. Roosevelt* 33. Truman* 34. Eisenhower* 35. Kennedy* 36. L. Johnson* 37. Nixon* 38. Ford 39. Carter* 40. Reagan* 41. G. H. W. Bush 42. Clinton
    within Presidents all of American Experience Program Summary Discussion Questions For the Classroom
    Did You Know?
    World Timeline ... In "Quotes" Program Summary
    An assassin's bullet ended the life of William McKinley in 1901, making his vice president, Theodore Roosevelt, an "accidental" president at the age of 42. Young and exuberant, the living symbol of the "strenuous life," TR embodied America at the turn of the century. A reformer who used the power of the government to improve the lives of ordinary Americans, TR extended the powers of the president and the role of the U.S. in international affairs. He used the increasing influence of mass media to enlarge his own image and manipulate public opinion. Roosevelt's legacy is still evident today in such areas as government regulations, foreign policy, and the national park system. Yet, behind the vigor and optimism was a man shadowed by tragedy. Program Segments: The entire program has been produced for home video use in two video cassettes. The total viewing time is 4 hours. For your convenience, we have described the program in segments. You may want to use specific segments to focus classroom discussion and activities.

    56. Theodore Roosevelt
    and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act, 1906; us Navy s battleships theodore rooseveltBiography. As a child, (teddy) roosevelt suffered from asthma and poor eyesight
    Please be will be treated to a wav file of Teddy Roosevelt speaking...
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Click the portrait for brief biography on Theodore Roosevelt courtesy of the White House Birthplace: New York City, New York Date of Birth: October 27, 1858 Education: Occupations: Rancher, Soldier, Author, Governor, Vice President 26th President: September 14, 1901-05, 1905-091841 Political Party: Republican Vice President: None, Charles Fairbanks Votes: Popular-None-succeeded William McKinley
    Electoral: None
    First Lady: Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt
    Roosevelt's first wife, Alice Lee Roosevelt, died in 1884; his Mother died that same day. Significant Events of Presidency:
    • Treaty for Panama Canal signed by Panama and the United States, 1903
    • Wright brothers flew the first airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 1903
    • Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act, 1906
    • U.S. Navy's battleships, the Great White Fleet, toured world, 1907-1908
    • Won the Nobel Peace Prize for mediating the Russo-Japanese War, 1906
    Famous Quotes:
    "No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man's permission when we require him to obey it. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right, not asked as a favor."

    57. President Theodore Roosevelt Gravesite
    Mike s Notes (teddy) roosevelt s grave is at the top of a illustrating that he wasthe 26th president of the See theodore roosevelt s grave at Find A
    Name: Theodore Roosevelt Categories: President of the USA Vice-President of the USA (under President William McKinley Governor of New York Burial Location: Young's Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay, New York, USA. Mike's Notes: Teddy Roosevelt's grave is at the top of a hill in this small cemetery. Leading up to his grave is a staircase consisting of 26 steps, symbolically illustrating that he was the 26th President of the United States. See Theodore Roosevelt's grave at Find A Click here to see a slide show of all the U.S. Presidents' graves!

    58. TR Lion In The White House
    s greatest presidents, surely theodore roosevelt deserves a Congress in 1902, rooseveltsubsequently established 51 hunting trips, stuffed (teddy) bears became

    59. Teddy Roosevelt In Political Cartoons
    perfectly suited for the art of political cartoons than theodore roosevelt. Pine KnotThis cartoon makes fun of roosevelt heading off (Note that (teddy) and his

    60. KiteCD - U.S. Presidents 21 To 30
    This gave us the name for the present day (teddy) bear. theodore roosevelt was theuncle of Eleanor roosevelt, whom he gave away when she wed Franklin Delano
    United States Presidents 21 to 30
    [21 Chester Alan Arthur] [22 Grover Cleveland] [23 Benjamin Harrison] [24 Grover Cleveland] ... [home]
    Arthur, Chester Alan - 21st U.S. President
    Born 5 October 1829
    Died 18 November 1886
    Term 1881 to 1885
    • President Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. It broke the Treaty of 1880 with China which allowed Chinese immigrants to enter the U.S. While the Chinese Exclusion Act did halt immigration for 10 years and kept already immigrated Chinese from becoming citizens, Arthur had already vetoed a bill which would have banned any Chinese immigration for 20 years. In 1883 Buffalo Bill, who had become famous hunting buffalo to feed the crews who were laying track for the Transcontinental Railroad by the Union Pacific, organized the first of his wild west shows. These shows featured sharpshooter Annie Oakley and Sioux chief Sitting Bull. In 1883 President Arthur signed the Pendleton Act. This act reformed civil service, which was believed to be filled with politically connected individuals who didn’t really do any work. The Pendelton Act created exams for government jobs. It also created a Civil Service Commission to oversee the new competitive merit system. Chester Alan Arthur - portrait and biographical information at the White House web site.

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