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         Roosevelt Theodore (teddy) Us President:     more detail

21. Binkley Worldwide- Origins Of The Teddy Bear
The Origins of the (teddy) Bear. In the end of the 1800 s us president theodore (teddy) roosevelt established himself as a conservationist.
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Someone you know needs a hug! Quick HELP! Credit Card Security Shipping Costs UPS Tracking Our Bear-antee ... Testimonials Binkley Family of Sites Binkley Family The Origins of the Teddy Bear In the end of the 1800's US President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt established himself as a conservationist. He may have been an avid hunter, but he loved animals and respected them. It is his love for animals that is the core of the teddy bear legend. Hard-working and dedicated, Roosevelt was at the height of his popularity in 1902. His famous "big stick" policy and his powerful physical presence gave him a reputation as a man's man, while his well known devotion to his family made him popular with wives and mothers. Journalists of the day also admired the president, and good-naturedly reported his activities. However, Roosevelt was in trouble with Southern Republicans and National Republicans for his sponsorship of progressive social programs. He further antagonized them by inviting Booker T. Washington to dine at the White House with his family and to advise him on the appointment of blacks to federal posts in the South.

22. IMA Hero: Teddy Bear History
Rose, made two stuffed bears called (teddy) s Bear named after thenpresident theodore (teddy) roosevelt. Patrick s Day, (teddy) bears bring us joy year
Home Collection Teddy Bear 100th Anniversary Teddy Bear History 1. Who inspired the first Teddy Bear?
2. What was the name of Morris Michtom's company?

3. What is the history of the Steiff jointed bear?

4. When was the teddy bear first called a "Teddy Bear?"
7. How did Winnie-the-Pooh start?

1. Who inspired the first Teddy Bear?
President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt inspired the first Teddy Bear. Although the Steiff Company in Germany produced a jointed stuffed bear in 1902, the First Teddy Bear was made by Rose and Morris Michtom with the influence of Teddy Roosevelt and Clifford Berryman. Here's why: On November 14, 1902, then-President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt went to Mississippi to settle a border dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana. While there, he went on a hunting trip. The other members of the hunting party tied a black bear cub to a tree for President Roosevelt to shoot, but Roosevelt refused to harm the defenseless bear. The next day, political cartoonist Clifford Berryman, drew a cartoon showing President Roosevelt refusing to hurt the helpless bear. The cartoon's caption "Drawing the Line in Mississippi" refers to both the border dispute settlement and the hunting incident.

23. IMA Hero: Teddy Bear 100 Contest!
1. Which us president inspired the first (teddy) Bear? theodore (teddy) roosevelt.(roosevelt was the 26th president and served two terms from 1901 to 1909.).
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24. Re: 26. Theodore Roosevelt -- Eric's US Presidents Forum
Type your message here theodore roosevelt 26th president Charles Warren Fairbanks Considered an Effective president Known as (teddy), TR, and
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>Theodore Roosevelt
>26th President
>First Lady:Edith Kermit Carow
>Vice President:Charles Warren Fairbanks
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25. US Constitution - Theodore Roosevelt 26th President Of The United States
Parents theodore Martha (Bulloch) roosevelt. Children Alice Lee (18841980);theodore (1887-1944); Kermit attempt running for president The (teddy) bear is
Theodore Roosevelt - 26th President
September 14, 1901 to March 3, 1909
Born: October 27, 1858, New York City, New York
Died: January 6, 1919, Oyster Bay, New York (Inflammatory Rheumatism - 60) Interred: Oyster Bay, New York 42 years old, Lawyer, Rancher, Author, Republican Married: October 27, 1880, to Alice Hathaway Lee; December 2, 1886, to Edith Kermit Carow Children: Alice Lee (1884-1980); Theodore (1887-1944); Kermit (1889-1943); Ethel Carow (1891-1977); Archibald Bulloch (1894-1979); Quentin (1897-1918) Also served: Governor of New York Vice President: Charles W. Fairbanks of Indiana Facts: Was the youngest man to assume the office of President (42)
Started his own party (Progressive) and made an unsuccessful attempt running for President
The teddy bear is named for him
He was the first president to travel outside the United States to Panama
Nicknames: "TR"; "Trust-Buster"; "Teddy" Medal of Honor Recipient July 2001
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26. History Focus October 27  - Teddy Roosevelt
theodore ((teddy)) roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858. He became the 26th presidentof the United States. I bet you thought that the youngest us president
H istory F ocus
October 27
A short focus on a person or event associated with this day in History. Theodore Roosevelt-
(Born on October 27, 1858)
A few possibly unusual facts about the 26th US president Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858. He became the 26th president of the United States. I bet you thought that the youngest US President was John F. Kennedy. NOT! Teddy became president at age 42, following the assassination of William McKinley. Kennedy was the youngest elected president, at age 43.
Teddy was the first president to travel outside the United States. He traveled to Panama. Teddy Roosevelt was very much a conservationist. He was so obsessed with conservation that he banned Christmas trees from the White House. In 1906 he was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for arbitrating end of Russo-Japanese War.
It was only after the assassination of William McKinley that measures in security for the president were taken. Secretary of the Treasury Lyman J. Gage took matters into his own hands and assigned Secret Service agents to guard Theodore Roosevelt. After the assassination of McKinley the police unit assigned to guard the White House was increased to a staff of six men. Teddy Roosevelt was protected by the Secret Service. He also said that he carried a hand gun on himself for personal protection. While Roosevelt was in Milwaukee to attend an election rally. He was shot by John F. Schrank, while waving at a crowd of people. Teddy, with a bullet still in him, gave a speech and remained on stage for 1 and 1/2 half hours before seeking medical attention.

27. - Detail Info The Life And Times Of Theodore Teddy
who is probably John P. Orme, president of the is the most complete collection onTheodore (teddy) roosevelt that exists Just send it back to us and we will

28. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
She named them after president (teddy) ( theodore) roosevelt, and started a big 1906)are the oldest (teddy) Bear makers 6. BIOGRAPHIES OF us presidentS The World

29. - Theodore Roosevelt: The Best President
From June 1884 to October 1886, (teddy) worked as a 1895 roosevelt was a Member ofUS Civil Service theodore roosevelt went on to be the Assistant Secretary of
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30. DEP Kids Page - Pioneer Theodore Roosevelt
Pioneers of Environmental Protection. us president theodore roosevelt. Didyou know (teddy) bears were named after theodore roosevelt?
Pioneers of Environmental Protection
U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
Born October 27, 1858 in New York City, New York Died January 6, 1919 at Sagamore Hill, his home on Long Island, New York
Accomplishments Graduated from Harvard College, magna cum laude, in 1880
th President of the United States of America (1901-1909)
First American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for ending Russo-Japanese War in 1905
Wrote more than 35 books
Father of six children Environmental Legacy As 26 th President of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt left an extensive and lasting legacy of environmental conservation and stewardship. On March 14, 1903, President Roosevelt created the nation’s first wildlife refuge on Pelican Island in Florida. Located in the Indian River Lagoon just north of Vero Beach on Florida’s southeast coast, the three-acre island was home to pelicans, herons, egrets and other birds that were being hunted and killed for their large colorful and exotic feathers. The feathers, which were more commonly called plumes, adorned the most fashionable hats of the day and were in great demand both in America and across the Atlantic in Europe. By declaring the island a wildlife sanctuary, President Roosevelt protected the birds from professional plume hunters that were slaughtering flocks of the nesting birds. The National Wildlife Refuge system is now the largest in the world with over 500 refuges with more than 93,000 million acres of land.

31. Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography
(teddy) is definitely an egomaniac, but he does I suggest Nathan Millers theodore roosevelt,A Life soldier, author, conservationist, us president, world explorer
Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography
Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography

by Authors: Theodore Roosevelt
Released: 01 May, 1985
ISBN: 0306802325
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Our price: You save: Book > Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography > Customer Reviews: Average Customer Rating:
Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography > Customer Review #1: He Earned His Spot on Mt Rushmore

If he had never entered the public square, Teddy Roosevelt would have created a noble legacy somewhere. He lived every moment of his life to the fullest extent and loved every second of it! He embodied the same ardent zest in the boxing ring, watching birds, being a cowboy, traveling the world, and leading America to its debut as a superpower. Yet, the one role that brought him the most satisfaction among the many diverse parts he joyously played was that of family man. Although he sedulously guard their privacy, enough references exist to reveal the power he derived from his familys love. The timelessness of ideals can be witnessed again and again in Roosevelts detailed autobiography, and the parallels to modern day America as are striking as they are plentiful.

32. Anecdote - Theodore [Teddy] Roosevelt - VIP
expert on biggame mammals in North America and the president of the us All thesemen were named theodore roosevelt. roosevelt, theodore (teddy) (1858-1919

33. Biography Of Theodore Roosevelt
Some of theodore roosevelt s most effective achievements were roosevelt soon recovered,but his words at president s Day us presidents United in Service Take
Tours Tour in Person Tour On-Line
First Ladies ... Kids Quiz
White House Art Eisenhower Executive Office Building Facts Life in the White House ... State of the Union
Resources Historical Association Presidential Libraries
Military Air Force One Camp David Marine One Home ... Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt With the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, not quite 43, became the youngest President in the Nation's history. He brought new excitement and power to the Presidency, as he vigorously led Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy. He took the view that the President as a "steward of the people" should take whatever action necessary for the public good unless expressly forbidden by law or the Constitution." I did not usurp power," he wrote, "but I did greatly broaden the use of executive power." Roosevelt's youth differed sharply from that of the log cabin Presidents. He was born in New York City in 1858 into a wealthy family, but he too struggledagainst ill healthand in his triumph became an advocate of the strenuous life.
President Bush Biography

Vice President Cheney Biography

Laura Bush Biography

Lynne Cheney Biography
In 1884 his first wife, Alice Lee Roosevelt, and his mother died on the same day. Roosevelt spent much of the next two years on his ranch in the Badlands of Dakota Territory. There he mastered his sorrow as he lived in the saddle, driving cattle, hunting big gamehe even captured an outlaw. On a visit to London, he married Edith Carow in December 1886.

34. Theodore Roosevelt (DesertUSA)
theodore (teddy) roosevelt was the colorful and dynamic personality who In 1905, rooseveltgave Gifford Pinchot, a head of the newly organized us Forest Service
Theodore Roosevelt
U.S. President, Rough Rider, Conservationist
"Keep it for your children and your children's children,
and for all who come after you, as one of the great sights
which every American, if he can travel at all, must see."
T.R. on the Grand Canyon Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was the colorful and dynamic personality who dominated the American political landscape from 1900 until World War I. He became the 26th president of the United States following the assassination of William McKinley in 1901. Roosevelt was the first conservationist President. He established the National Wildlife Refuge program, and was largely responsible for establishment of federal control and regulation over public lands of the West. He created many desert national parks and monuments, including Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Montezuma's Castle and Petrified Forest.
Early Years
Born into a wealthy New York City family on October 27, 1858, Roosevelt grew up a sickly child, suffering from asthma and bad eyesight. But as a young man, he devoted himself to vigorous exercise, gaining a physical stamina and love of outdoor sports that became a hallmark of his character. His promotion of the "strenuous life" was his lifelong preoccupation. He also developed an early interest in nature and animals. As this keen interest increased, he collected thousands of specimens for museums and scientific study. He was considered one of the leading field biologists of his day and was the author of many books and articles on natural history.

35. Theodore Roosevelt National Park (National Park Service)
president if it had not been for my experiences in North Dakota " theodore roosevelt became one of roosevelt's major concerns Presidency, roosevelt established the us Forest Service
Fee Information
For more in depth information visit our expanded pages link.
Click here to see a current view of Painted Canyon.
Click here for a photo album of images
"I never would have been President if it had not been for my experiences in North Dakota," Theodore Roosevelt once remarked. Roosevelt first came to the badlands in September 1883 on a hunting trip. While here he became interested in the cattle business and invested in the Maltese Cross Ranch. He returned the next year and established the Elkhorn Ranch. Whenever he managed to spend time in the badlands, he became more and more alarmed by the damage that was being done to the land and its wildlife. He witnessed the virtual destruction of some big game species, such as bison and bighorn sheep. Overgrazing destroyed the grasslands and with them the habitats for small mammals and songbirds. Conservation increasingly became one of Roosevelt's major concerns. During his Presidency, Roosevelt established the US Forest Service and signed the 1906 Antiquities Act under which he proclaimed 18 national monuments. He also established 5 national parks, 51 wildlife refuges and 150 national forests. Here in the North Dakota badlands, where many of his personal concerns first gave rise to his later environmental efforts, Roosevelt is remembered with a national park that bears his name and honors the memory of this great conservationist.

36. Theodore Roosevelt - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
trustbusting era when he appointed the us Industrial Commission theodore RooseveltNational Park is home to a variety of plants (teddy) bears are named after him
Theodore Roosevelt
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Server will be down for maintenance on 2004-06-11 from about 18:00 to 18:30 UTC. Theodore Roosevelt II Order: 26th President Term of Office: September 14
March 4
Followed: William McKinley Succeeded by: William Howard Taft Date of Birth Wednesday October 27 Place of Birth: New York City Date of Death: Monday January 6 Place of Death: Oyster Bay, New York First Lady Edith Roosevelt Occupation: author Political Party Republican Vice President ... Charles Warren Fairbanks
Theodore Roosevelt II October 27 January 6 ) was the twenty-fifth ( Vice President and the twenty-sixth ( President of the United States , succeeding to the office upon the assassination of William McKinley Table of contents 1 Biography 2 The conservationist president 3 Information to be incorporated 4 Supreme Court appointments ... edit
Sickly as a young man, he took to physical exercise and became a sporting and outdoor enthusiast, frequenting such areas of natural beauty as the Grand Canyon . His energetic example influenced many to take up physical exercise during the urban sports boom in the early part of the century. Roosevelt was born in New York City October 27 to Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Bulloch. He graduated from

37. U.S. Presidential Election, 1912 - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Source us Office of the Federal Register. Former president theodore roosevelt sformation of the Progressive or Bull Moose party resulted in the only,_1912
U.S. presidential election, 1912
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Server will be down for maintenance on 2004-06-11 from about 18:00 to 18:30 UTC. Presidential Candidate Electoral Vote Popular Vote Pct Party Running Mate
(Electoral Votes) Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey (W) Democrat Thomas R. Marshall of Indiana Theodore Roosevelt of New York Progressive Hiram Johnson of California William Howard Taft of Ohio Republican Nicholas M. Butler of New York Other Total Other elections Source: U.S. Office of the Federal Register Former President Theodore Roosevelt 's formation of the Progressive or "Bull Moose" party resulted in the only instance in the 20th century of a candidate of neither the Republican nor Democratic party receiving more votes than one of the candidates of those two leading parties. edit
Major Party Conventions
The Republican Convention was held in Chicago, Illinois 8 June to 22 June , and was dramatically marked by Roosevelt bolting from the party to form the "Bull Moose Party" (see next section). Republicans renominated William Howard Taft and James S. Sherman

38. Bartleby: Great Books Online
roosevelt, theodore. theodore. roosevelt. theodore roosevelt. 18581919, 26th president of autobiography allows us into the theodore roosevelts Influence; theodore roosevelts
Great Books Online
Has Moved to the Following Location: (Note: Page will automatically refresh.)

39. TIME 100 Leaders Revolutionaries - Teddy Roosevelt
And theodore roosevelt, aware that the ineluctable reduction of distances was thrusting worldtogether, was also aware that the us had little (teddy) roosevelt.

Teddy Roosevelt

V.I. Lenin

Margaret Sanger

Mao Zedong
Nelson Mandela
HEROES: The Turning Point
Down the wilderness trail from the Tahawus Club to North Creek in- New York State's Adirondack Mountains a rattletrap buckboard jolted through the night, skidding off ruts, swaying past boulders and tree stumps, creaking and clattering through the silence of the forest. The night was black and misty. The horses were barely under control. The passenger sat tensed and hunched, eyes screwed up: behind steel-rimmed spectacles, mouth clenched tight like a steel clamp beneath a prairie-dry mustache, his thoughts projected far out across a new century big with change. "Too fast?" the driver shouted. Theodore Roosevelt, Vice President of the U.S. and due before dawn to become President of the U.S., rattled back like a Gatling gun: "Go ahead . . . Go on . . . Go on." Around the man in the buckboard in the dark night hung the gathering storm of change. It was Sept. 14, 1901. Eight days before, in Buffalo, the old century's President William McKinley had been shot by an anarchist at an international festival of peace and commerce, and now McKinley was dying, the third U.S. President to be assassinated in 36 years. Theodore Roosevelt had made a quiet point in a note to a friend: "It was in the most naked way an assault not on power, not on wealth, but simply and solely upon free government, government by the common people, because it was government and because it yet stood for order as well as for liberty."Now the needs of the hour summoned Theodore Roosevelt back from a mountain climbing trip with the urgency of the wire from Mckinley's bed side: COME AT ONCE. That day at Buffalo, Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office as 26th President of the U.S.

40. American Presidents: Life Portraits
to him which led to the naming of (teddy) bears theodore roosevelt (October 27, 1858 January 6, 1919 First Lady Edith Kermit Carow roosevelt, Wife • Wife s

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