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1. Rome And Romania, Roman Emperors, Byzantine Emperors, Etc.
emperors of the roman and people would probably regard as an obscure footnote to Mediaeval history, the Byzantine empire, was in fact still the roman empire most famous book, The
27 BC-1453 AD
Rome casts a long shadow. I am writing in the Latin alphabet. I am using the Roman calendar, with its names of the months. I use Roman names for the planets in the sky. Sentences I write contain borrowed Latin words with some frequency [e.g. sententia Latinus frequentia , for example e xempli g ratia Nietzsche said, "The Romans were the strongest and most noble people who ever lived." But this is just the problem. What Nietzsche admired was unapologetic power, conquest, and domination. This no longer seems so admirable, and the Empire founded by Julius Caesar and Augustus, as a form of government, does not look like an advance in the course of human progress. Even to Machiavelli , the despotism of Caesar was a grave retrogression in comparison to the Roman Republic . While a thoughtful Emperor, like Marcus Aurelius , expressed ideals adopted from Stoic cosmopolitanism, the unity and universality of Rome soon expressed itself as the unity and universality of a state religion , Christianity, whose intrinsic exclusivism and intolerance became characteristic of the Middle Ages. This is also

2. Holy Roman Empire - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In his famous 1667 description De statu imperii Germanici, published this new class of people would form the basis Kings and emperors. List of states in the Holy roman empire
Holy Roman Empire
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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the History of Germany
series. Franks Holy Roman Empire German Confederation German Empire Weimar Republic Nazi Germany ... Edit this box
The Holy Roman Empire should not be mistaken for the Roman Empire (31 The Holy Roman Empire German Heiliges Römisches Reich) was a political conglomeration of lands in western and central Europe in the Middle Ages . Emerging from the eastern part of the Frankish realm after its division in the Treaty of Verdun ), it formally lasted almost a millennium until its dissolution in Contemporary terminology for the Empire varied greatly over the centuries. The term Roman Empire was used in to denote the lands under Conrad II , and Holy Empire in . The use of the term Roman Emperor to refer to Northern European rulers started earlier with Otto II Charlemagne (died 814) to Otto I the Great Imperator Augustus ("August Emperor"). The precise term Holy Roman Empire dates from ; the full expression Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation German Heiliges Römisches Reich deutscher Nation ) appears in , after several variations in the late 15th century Table of contents 1 Character of the Reich 1.1 Trivia

3. ReferenceResources:AncientRome
Constantine. Gaius Julius Caesar. roman emperors. roman Rulers Weapons and Armor.Catapults of the roman empire. Biographies of famous people Both Past and Present
Reference Resources: Ancient Rome History Search Engine HistoryWizard : Search for resources and information about ancient Rome Ancient Rome Ancient Roman Daily Life The events that shaped the Roman World Chronology of Roman History Excellent links to Roman society, government, history, architecture, and much more Echoes from the Ancients from PBS Facts, information, photographs about the six-year war between the people of Yodefat and the Romans which changed the course of Western civilization History and Religion of Rome Facts and information about the history of Rome, history of the forum, Roman religion, the city of Rome and its roads Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome 1100 Photographs The Roman Empire Hippodrome; The Roman Empire; Roman Army; Roman Baths; Roman Clothes; Roman Emperors; Roman Entertainment; Roman Glass; Roman Politics; Roman Theatre; Julius Caesar Roman Empire History, religion, buildings, everyday life, the army, and gladiators, and more; Clickable maps of the city, Roman Italy, and the Empire; Picture index for finding illustrations;

4. Assignment 7-Roman Paintings And Sculptures
Many portraits of famous people included Caesar, Cicero, Brutus, Lepidus, Mark Anthony Photoscourtesy of http//

5. Roman Empire
of the most famous people who lived during the roman empire. More like this More info; The roman empire roman emperors. Empire

6. The Roman Empire In The First Century
story of that time of the emperors, slaves, poets had ever seen, and shaped theRoman empire in the Chaos. Millions of people - both famous and uncelebrated,frameless

7. Tripontium - Encyclopedia Article About Tripontium. Free Access, No Registration
famous people from Warwickshire include William Shakespeare, from Stratford rulerof the socalled roman empire; it is a rulers in that the emperors cannot be
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Tripontium was a Roman The Roman Empire is the term conventionally used to describe the Roman state in the centuries following its reorganization under the leadership of Caesar Augustus. Although Rome possessed a collection of tribute-states for centuries before the autocracy of Augustus, the pre-Augustan state is conventionally described as the Roman Republic. The difference between the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic lies primarily in the governing bodies and their relationship to each other.
Click the link for more information. town, situated in England England
(In Detail)
Royal motto: Dieu et mon droit (God and my right)
Official language None, English is de facto
Capital London
- Total Ranked 1st UK
- Total (2001)
- Density Ranked 1st UK Unification 9th Century by Egbert of Wessex Currency Pound Sterling Time zone UTC+0 National anthems Unofficial: God Save the Queen Land of Hope and Glory Jerusalem Click the link for more information.

8. Italy
The names of the famous survive on monuments There were consuls and emperors, successfulgenerals and ordinary people who kept the roman empire goingmerchants
Sample Italy Worksheet
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By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman More than 2,500 years ago, Numitor, King of Alba Longaan ancient Italian citywas deposed by his younger brother Amulius. Amulius did not want Numitor to have any descendants, so that there would be no potential claimants to the throne. He ordered Numitor's infant grandsonstwins Romulus and Remusdrowned in the Tiber River.
Fortunately the twins survived, and were suckled and fed by a she-wolf and a woodpecker, until they were found and raised by the herdsman Faustulus. The twins became leaders of a band of adventurous youths, eventually killing Amulius and restoring their grandfather to the throne.
They founded a town on the site where they had been saved. When Romulus built a city wall, Remus jumped over it and was killed by his brother. Romulus consolidated his power, and the city was named for himRome. That is what legend tells us about Rome. It was built on seven hills on the east bank of the Tiber in 753 BC.
In the centuries that followed, the Romans came to dominate Italy and the Mediterranean. They farmed, traded, and fought for new lands. Rome grew to become the center of a vast empire that stretched across Europe into Africa and Asia. Legions of soldiers marched through country after country, conquering the primitive peoples they came across.

9. Latin Research Project
of roman civilization, including famous people, emperors, authors, mythological EmperorConstantine. Emperor Marcus Aurelius. of the roman empire (1st Century BC
Latin Research Project
Task Definition:
Latin Report Guidelines and Suggestions:

1. Each Latin student is responsible for writing a research report and presenting findings to the class. 2. Topics and presentation dates will be assigned during class. 3. Topics include all aspects of Roman civilization, including famous people, emperors, authors, mythological figures, events, cities, monuments, political institutions, etc.
You are encouraged to develop your own topics, but need to get the teacher's approval before starting your research.
Possible Report Topics:
Emperor Julian Coliseum Emperor Hadrian Roman Social Classes Emperor Constantine Emperor Marcus Aurelius Romance Languages Breakup of the Roman Empire (1st Century B.C.) Cursus Honorum Roman Government Structures Rome's Contribution to Architecture Roman Historical Periods Roman Historical Periods Decline and Fall of Rome Infrastructure (Roads, etc.) of the Empire Lost Art Treasures and Antiquities Structure of the Empire From Paganism to Christianity Julius Caesar Roman Legions Public Bath Cicero Roman Calendar (Republic) Conspiracy of Cataline Augustus Caesar Four of the Major Deities Roman Calendar (Post Caesar) Roman Houses Rome's Rivalry with Carthage Virgil Horace Livy Roman Emperors - General Roman Historical Periods Roman Customs Regarding Dress Roman Religion - General Characteristics Planets and Greek/Roman Deities Totalitarian Architecture Roman Social Classes Roman Coins Roman Military The Destruction of Pompeii
The point of these reports is to provide everyone with information needed to handle these topics on the NLE, taken in March. The handouts must contain information which is complete, accurate, and relevant.

10. Untitled Document
A timeline of world history with famous people and events. An online encyclopediaof all roman emperors . The roman empire in the First Century at PBS Online.
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World History Links
~ Organized by Chapter ~
General Resources American History: A Documentary Record at Yale University Chronology of documents from U.S. history Busy Teachers Website British History A very helpful site with much information and timelines regarding historic wars. Spartacus Educational Today-in-History Page Library of Congress Hyper Chapter 1 - Early Civilizations Answers in Genesis Pyramids: The Inside Story at PBS Online Egypt's Golden Empire at PBS Online Chapter 2 - The Greek Civilization The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization at PBS Online Ancient Greece The Perseus Digital Library Chapter 3 - The Roman Republic Rome: Republic to Empire Chapter 4 - The Roman Empire Maps of the Roman Empire Imperium Romanum "An online encyclopedia of all Roman emperors" The Roman Empire in the First Century at PBS Online Chapter 5 - The Byzantine and Islamic Empires Islam: Empire of Faith at PBS Online Chapter 6 - The Civilizations of Asia and Africa History of China
Pictures and information on the Forbidden City of China Chinatown Online Japanese History at

11. Kids' Links--Biographies, Highland Park Public Library, Highland Park, IL 60035
PBSThe West-people Index Biographies of famous people associated with of Native Americanleaders roman emperors An on of the rulers of the roman empire from 31
book lists homework help reading programs special events ... library home
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12. Empires Series - Roman Empire DVD - Dvdorchard - Australian Region
1 ~ Order from Chaos Millions of people both famous and uncelebrated Claudius risesto become one of the greatest emperors of the roman empire only to

13. Mussolini's Roman Empire
Or try to look for Mussolini s roman empire at Fetch Used Books, at Barnes Nobles or at CampusI. See Also. China emperors. Amazon. About famous people.

Search High Volume Orders Links ... Yitzhak Rabin Additional Subjects 1900s History America in the 20th Century Biography Autobiography Political Clinton Hairstyles Hairstyles ... Spit in the Ocean: All About Kesey
Written by Denis Mack Smith
Published by Viking Press (January 1976)
ISBN 0670496529
Price $12.95
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14. Economic Anthropology
***. Biography Brief biographies of famous people in history. roman Atlas Mapsof roman republic and empire. roman emperors The life times of Rome s
Economic Anthropology General Resources Encyclopedia General encyclopedia , covering most topics. HyperHistory Integrates Biography Brief biographies of famous people in history . Type a name in SEARCH BOX in the upper-right corner. Anthropology Links Discover Magazine's anthropology links Archaeology Magazine Archaeology Magazine Archaeology Links Archaeology links from Encyclopedia Brittanica online. The WWWorld of Archaeology Links to archaeology resources on the internet. Auction Houses Links to auction houses (Sotheby's, Christies, etc.) that deal in historic/ancient items Globe Gallery Globes Chronology of Western Civilization Western history Anthropological Index Online Perform a keyword search of the Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals. Home page of the University of Pennsylvania's museum Antiquity Journal of expert archaeology Links to ARGOS, with hundreds of Ancient World Cultures Learn about the cultures of the Near East India Egypt China ... Discover Magazine Monthly magazine for science, archaeology DNA Testing Tests on the male Y-chromosome allow scientists to trace ancestry through many generations.

15. Important People
Important people. famous romans. Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was to take over newland for the roman empire. Emperor Augustus. Augustus proper name was Octavian.
Important People Famous Romans Julius Caesar Julius Caesar was born in 100 BC. He was a great soldier. He helped to take over new land for the Roman Empire. He made many changes like the new calendar and the starting of a daily newspaper. He also totally changed the law. He became the most powerful man and sole leader in Rome and some people thought he was too powerful and that he wanted to be king. A group of senators (led by Brutus and Cassius) decided to kill him and take his power back. They surrounded him and stabbed him with their daggers on 15th March 44 BC.
Emperor Augustus Augustus' proper name was Octavian. He was the adopted son of Julius Caesar. After Caesar's death he took over with two other men. One of them was Mark Antony. Later on, these two fell out and Augustus beat Antony in battle. Octavian ruled on his own and was given the special name Augustus. He was a clever and fair ruler and when he died in AD14, the people did not want to go back to a republic.
Emperor Claudius Claudius was a wise ruler. During his reign Britain became part of the empire. He came to Britain to accept the surrender of the leaders of the tribes of south-eastern Britain at Colchester in Essex.

16. The Holy Roman Empire
empire, divided after his death. In 800, Charlemagne had received from the pope the title of Emperor (Imperator Augustus), reminiscent of the title held by roman emperors most famous examples
The Holy Roman Empire
  • Introduction The Emperor
    The Reichstag
    The States of the Empire
  • The Courts of the Empire
    High Courts Lower Courts
    Structure of the Empire

    The Holy Roman Empire (official name: sacrum romanum imperium, more details below ) designates a political entity that covered a large portion of Europe, centered on Germany, from 962 to 1806.
    Origin and Evolution
    The Holy Roman Empire originates in the eastern half of Charlemagne's empire, divided after his death. In 800, Charlemagne had received from the pope the title of Emperor ( Imperator Augustus ), reminiscent of the title held by Roman emperors, both in the Rome of old and in the Byzantium of the time. By 911 eastern and western Franconia, as the area was known, had completely separated, the latter continuing as the kingdom of the Franks, or France; the latter continuing as the kingdom of Germany. In 962 Otto I the Great reclaimed the imperial dignity which had lost all prestige and was conferred by popes on bit players in Italian politics. This is usually taken to be the founding date of the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire ( HRE ) never achieved the political unification that France did; a prolonged attempt at centralizing authority starting with Maximilian I (1493-1519) was wrecked by the Reformation and the ensuing wars, culminating with the Thirty Years War (1618-48) and the Treaty of Westphalia (1648). The latter formalized the relationship between the Emperor and his vassals, who thereby achieved all but complete sovereignty. As a result, the HRE was still composed at the end of the 18th century of around 360 distinct entities, differing widely in size, rank and power. Some were kings and princes, other were counts; some were clerics, other were secular rulers.

17. ThinkQuest : Library : When In Rome
Caesar is one of the most famous romans of them the great was the first Christianemperor of the roman empire . defeated all the other wouldbe emperors and re things.htm
Index Europe Italy
When in Rome
Visit Site 2003 ThinkQuest USA Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

18. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome
The Adoptive emperors 96192 CE. roman Law. The Army. The empire and Provinces Contains a famous speech condemning imperialism by Calgacus. Homosexuality. WEBPeople with a History Rome
Halsall Home Medieval Sourcebook Modern History Sourcebook
Other History Sourcebooks: African East Asian Indian Islamic ... Hellenistic Wld Rome Late Antiquity Christian Origins See Main Page for a guide to all contents of all sections. Contents General
  • MEGA RomanSites [At LacusCurtius]
    A guide to Roman websites which assesses the other "megasites", including this one . RomanSites is also especially good at keeping track of changes in URLs. MEGA Romarch: Roman Art and Archeology [At DePauw]
    The best guide to Roman site web projects.

19. ThinkQuest : Library : Lets Roam Italy
themselves. The Pantheonthe perfection of roman architecture. Learn aboutthe emperors of Rome. famous Names from the roman empire. Lots
Index Europe Italy
Lets Roam Italy
"Roam Italy" get it? You know, like Rome, Italy? Still don't understand the joke? Visit this site to learn all about Italy and its culture. Besides information on various cities you will find a section on the Vatican and its many art treasures. Although many of the outside links are down, there is still a lot of solid information here. Visit Site 1996 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students Lisa Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC, United States Lucas Ashland High School, Ashland, OR, United States Kenny Talent Middle School, Talent, OR, United States Coaches Andy Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC, United States Linda Ashland High School, Ashland, OR, United States Sara Talent Middle School, Talent, OR, United States Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

20. Camelot Village: Britain's Heritage And History
A collection of the most famous people who lived during the roman empire.
Heritage > The Romans
The Origins of Rome
In AD 114 you could travel from Scotland to the Sahara desert and still be within the Roman empire but where did the Empire come from how did it start ... ( more The Conquest of Britain In the year of 61 BC the Roman republic had conquered Italy, most of the mediterranean and was making serious inroads towards Gaul ... ( more Roman Baths The public baths were a very important social centre in Roman life. Most Roman men went to the baths in the afternoons; the entrance fee was only a quadrans, and anyone could go in ... ( more The Roman Villa more The Slave System The Roman economy was built on a foundation of slavery, which was taken for granted as a normal feature of society ... ( more Roman Technology The Romans were great engineers. They built roads which formed the backbone of their vast empire, and their water supply was not equalled by any system before the nineteenth century ... ( more Roman Women The Romans believed that women were the weaker sex. Families mourned when a baby girl was born, and sometimes girls were exposed - left out in the cold to die - if the father was displeased ... ( more Travel throughout the empire People travelled the highways not only for military or business purposes, but even as tourists. These travellers influenced the countries they passed through; during the Pax Romana Christianity spread from the east to the west, thanks to the roads and seas ... (

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