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1. Ancient Roman Civilization Ancient Rome
you will find many aspects of ancient roman civilization from daily life to politics architecture, places, virtual tours Daily Life - Emperors Other Famous People - empire Beyond Rome; The Online Collection of photos of roman architecture. - From Artifice Inc
Rome Civilization Home Roman Archaeology Roman Pottery Roman Medicine ... Roman Houses Other Ancient Civilizations Ancient Africa Aztec ByzantineEmpire Cambodia ... General Resources Architecture , Places, Tours Ancient Roman Architecture - Great buildings Online Collection of photos of Roman architecture. - From Artifice Inc. - Ancient Rome History and view many of the important structures still around from ancient Roman times. - photos - Ancient Rome: Images and Pictures Galleries dealing with the sights and monuments of ancient Rome. - photos - From Prof. Felix Just, S.J. - Loyola Marymount University - Buildings of Artificial Stone by J.A. Geary About concrete usage in ancient Rome. "You may be surprised to learn that there are 2000 year old concrete structures still in daily use." - From - m Fast Facts, Ancient Rome's Colosseum Short, interesting facts about this Roman structure. -

2. Roman Britain - The Roman Invasion
roman Britain Julius Caesar's invasion, followed by the final roman conquest, and overcoming the druids. Our Favourite places. Villages. virtual tours. England. Wales HISTORY. Index. English architecture. Events and Society however, the contacts between the roman empire and Celtic Britain grew
The Roman Invasion of Britain
The invasion of Britain in 43 AD. Home History
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Britain Express
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Roman Britain - the Roman Invasion
Note: The terms "England", "Scotland", and "Wales" are used purely to indicate geographic location relative to modern country boundaries - at the time of the Roman occupation, these individual countries did not exist). Caesar's Summer Vacation. In 55 B.C. Julius Caesar, then general of the Roman armies in Gaul, decided that it would be a good move to try a little summer invasion of Britiain. It may have been a move intended to gain prestige back home in Rome, but it was a move that made sense. The Celts in Gaul had been receiving aid from their close relations in southern England. British Celts may even have fought with related tribes in Gaul against the Romans. Certainly J. C. complained that defeated Gauls would slip away to Britain to regroup. Tackling the British Celts made sense in the battle to secure Gaul for Rome.

3. Roman Art
Magna The roman empire in Africa ( with a virtual museum not Greek and roman) places ( mostly architecture in Rome time of Gregory of tours (Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University
Home Egypt Ancien Greeks Roman Art Dark Ages Renaissance The Modern World 20th Century ANCIENT ROME Lacus Curtius: Into the Roman World (Bill Thayer), with a Gazeteer of the Roman World ArchArt , art and archaeology images - mostly Roman (Giovanni Lattanzi) with a Main Index and links to: Jordan (including Pella and Petra) Israel Italy Campania - including Pompeii Lazio - including Rome, Ostia, Sperlonga Molise Umbria plus
Archaeological exhibits in Italy
- including Roman painting Roman Art (through ArtLex Roman Art and Architecture (through Digital Art Collections , Kathryn Andrus-Walck, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs), with links to:
Images grouped by Subject and Media: Architecture in the City of Rome Sculpture Painting Images grouped by Historical Periods The Republican Era (506-49 BC) Augustus and the Early Roman Empire The Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum) Late Imperial (The Apotheosis of an Emperor) The Art and Architecture of Constantine The Architecture of Pompeii Images grouped by Location City of Rome Pompeii Roman Athens and Greece Verona ... Ancient Rome in the The State Hermitage Museum , St. Petersburg, Russia

4. NM's Creative Impulse..Rome
two virtual tours offered estimated of roman architecture, art, and roman empire. Rome's Imperial Forums Live web telecast from the forums, as well as other information. virtual
NM's Creative Impulse
The Development of Western Civilization
World History
Perseus Award - February 1998
The Romans preserved much of the Greek culture and blended it with their own traditions to give us the Classical ideal. Their military conquests brought an empire to Rome that even surpassed that of Alexander the Great. For nearly a thousand years all roads led to Rome. From a small village on the Tiber River to the greatest Empire (Maps) the world had ever known, Rome left a rich heritage for all who followed. Back to Top
Hist ory
  • Archimedes**** site is a collection of Archimedean miscellanea contains much info on the man, the place and the time - Syracuse during Punic War times- interesting about Archimedes Screw The Lever The Burning Mirrors and much, much more. Augustus Caesar one page bio of the first emperor of Rome with a very nice image. The Barbarians - this is a fun and informative site. Bright colors and graphically rich, it has sections on history, art, religion, games and links. There is a tremendous amount of info here, so plan to stay awhile. There's a nice table comparing the Barbarians to Romans in many areas. (I took one of my classes to the lab and couldn't tear some of them away from this site)

5. Greco-Roman Studies
links to virtual tours of shrines at Epidauros of images information on important places (Dept of Classics, U of Persian cult that swept across the roman empire. virtual Mithraeum
Home Academic Sites American Studies Ancient Near East ... What's New? Note: Some texts are buried deep in e-archives. If title link does not work, click source. General Resources American Classical League Web page designed by Suzanne Bonefas posts sources for the myth of Asklepius cult hymns , reports of miraculous cures Epidauros Pergamum Biblioteca Arcana ... seasonal festivals , the Pythagorean pentacle , the Saturnalia , etc. Gnomon On-Line: Bibliographische Datenbank downloadable thesaurus . Bi-lingual website of Jurgen Malitz posts assorted messages in either German or English. Interactive Ancient Mediterranean Multimedia on-line atlas provides high quality topical maps The Internet Classics Archive K. C. Hanson's Classified Bibliographies On-line lists of recent scholarly literature on The Classics Page at Ad Fontes Academy Features a Latin Library with attractive e-editions of original Latin texts (without translation) by authors from Apuleius to Vergil Mythology in Western Art The Perseus Project archive of classic texts (in Greek Latin ET ). Scholarly tools include

6. Ancient Civilizations
virtual Egypt photos of places, items from geography, government, agriculture, architecture, music, art language and literature roman empire - Pictures of
Ancient Civilizations
Egypt Greece Rome ... Other
Teachers - check out Mr. Donn's Ancient History Lesson Plans
Check out the links on Welcome to Ancient Times!
- learn about Neanderthals
- Real Life in Prehistory. Learn about the Stone Ages.
Kids' Almanac Ancient History
- brief list of events by era from before the year 1
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Ancient Egypt
A History of Egypt for Kids
- short overview of Egypt
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
- what was it like to live then, links to more great sites Odyssey Egypt Ancient Egypt Webquest daily life, mummies, hieroglyphics, King Tut, games and archeology Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt - from the British Museum, stories, explorations and challenges Life in Ancient Egypt - natural world, daily life, gods and religion, funerary customs Ancient Egypt for Kids - a brief history, daily life, pyramids, Tutankhamen, mummies, animals, gold, boats, the gods, Ramses II, Valley of the Kings, links Mysteries of Egypt - Egyptian civilization, Valley of the Kings, pyramids, Tutankhamen, more

7. Ancient Rome
Walkthrough, virtual Walkthrough2, roman Art and architecture, or virtual new words such as people, places, and things Create a map of the roman empire during a
The Topic:
Ancient Rome
Easier - Ancient Rome is that time in history when the Roman Empire existed. At its peak, the empire included most of Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East. The Romans were known for their army, architecture, and government. The empire existed from about 100 B.C. to 500 A.D. Harder - Although many people talk about the "rise and fall" of the Roman Empire, others focus on how the civilization changed over time. Both positives (i.e., art and architecture) and negatives (i.e., slavery, cruelty) can be identified in the culture throughout the history of Ancient Rome. The first settlements were established around 753 B.C. At the height of the empire around 200 A.D., the empire covered 2.5 million square miles. The Western Empire fell in 476 A.D. and the Eastern Empire lasted until 1453. Based on strict organization and centralized control, the empire was connected by a huge network of roads with the city of Rome in the center. Each town was planned in exactly the same way including a system of streets, running water, and sewers. The forum at the center of town was surrounded by shops, temples, and government buildings. A strong army defended and expanded the empire. The soldiers belonged to legions of about 5,000 people. They were highly trained and well-equipped with armor, shields, spears, and swords. A well-organized civil service system governed the people. Roman history contains many famous figures including Augustus the first emperor, Julius Caesar, Caligula, and Nero.

8. Resources In Architecture
Architects virtual tours architecture Museums Graced places The architecture of Wilson Archeology and architecture. ROMARCH roman architecture List. architecture of
Resources in Architecture
Table of Contents
Search Engines General Lists Bibliographic Resources Libraries ... Periodicals Periods/Locales Ancient Medieval Asian Architecture
Search Engines
METACRAWLER (searches 10 engines at once)
Individual Search Engines
General Lists
Aleph (France)
Architektur + Bauen Links Page (Germany)
(U Nevada Las Vegas)
Australia National University Architecture Site
BatOnLine (France)
Belgi@n @rchi Online
CCA Architecture List (Canadian Center for Architecture)
De Architectura (Superb Italy-based European Architecture Site)
Galaxy Architecture List
Graham Resource Center Links Page
PAIRC: Planning and Architecture Internet Research Center (U Buffalo)
ROACH Architecture List
Society of Architectural Historians Net Resources
Van Nostran Reinhold Architecture and Design Resources
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Architecture
Bibliographic Resources
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
Architectural Index (online index to 11 major architectural journals. The hard copy has been published since 1950. The online search is for the years 1982 to 1996 andß will be posted as a free service during the first part of 1997.)
Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia: OIKO Database (searchable index to architectural periodicals)
ArchiText (indexes articles from over 50 architectural and construction trade journals)
Index to Historic Preservation Periodicals (National Trust) FirstSearch Databases (local access only), including:

9. World History
from early roman rule through the late roman empire. palaces and monasteries including castle tours, medieval architecture. of England (and Other places) . .
    World History
Starting Points and MegaSites

10. Medieval Architecture In England
Medieval architecture in England and Wales. Romanesque and Gothic styles, art and daily life. Our Favourite places. Villages. virtual tours. England. Wales copied the pattern and proportion
Medieval Architecture and art
Romanesque and Gothic architecture, church sculpture, and daily life in Medieval England. Home History Medieval
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Medieval Architecture
in the Middle ages was inseparable from religion. It was infused with spiritual symbolism and meaning. The purpose of art was to awe and inspire the viewer with the grandeur of God. It also served to symbolize what people believed. Pope Gregory the Great, he of the Gregorian chants, said, "painting can do for the illiterate what writing does for those who read." He might have added that sculpture could serve the same purpose.
Church Sculpture.

11. Architecture - Rome
Information about roman coins, architecture, artwork from the structure of the late roman empire; a survey Lepcis Magna A virtual tour presenting material from
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About History Ancient / Classical History Art Archaeology Architect Roman Architecture Home Essentials Site Map - Start Here! Atlas - Myths - Timelines ... Trojan War Hero Achilles - Troy zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Atlas and Places - Where? Ancient Greece - Greek Ancient Rome - Romans ANE Egypt Persia Israel... ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Subscribe to the About Ancient / Classical History newsletter. Search Ancient / Classical History
Architecture - Rome
Roman architecture: its styles, its buildings, and architects, including Emperor Hadrian's building wall and arch building projects.
Recent Up a category Architecture Gallery Parthenon, theatre, Pantheon, Roman bakery, aqueduct, Palace of Minos, groma, cross-section of aqueduct, dioptra, Ara Pacis. Dead Romans Information about Roman coins, architecture, artwork from the early Roman Empire. Contains "virtual walk-throughs." Diocletian's Palace at Spalato A unique structure of the late Roman Empire; a survey of what remains today.

12. S.Murray's Home Page Classics and Medieval architecture http//rome.classics.lsa The roman empire http//
G.W. Latin senectus nos omnes vincit The Roman Experience
Welcome to the GW Latin Web Page!
The Latin Program at G.W. Latin VI Topics Curriculum Overview Online and Hands-on Activities
... Pictures and Clip Art
Greece and Rome - easy to read - Excellent Informative Timeline - The Organization of the RomanRepublic Forum Romanum - Includes a virtual tour of Rome Jay's Roman History, Coins and Technology Site
Map of the Empire with links by region Interactive Map of the Empire / Italy / Rome
  • Pompeii A Super Site - Lots of interesting info and a variety of pictures The "Official" Archaeological Page for Pompeii

    13. Teaching And Learning About Time Line Anicent History
    empire History of the roman empire, featuring large detailed articles about ancient places, and a The Moon Mayan Glyphs And architecture- Mayan hieroglyphic
    Best Sites

    Daily History

    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
    FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Subject Matter Social Studies ...
  • Ancient Economic History - History of ancient economics. Ancient Egypt Discovery Case - This Guide is intended to provide parents, elementary and secondary school teachers, and their students with some of the tools they will need to explore the World of the Pyramids. There are helpful suggestions about books, videos and websites to consult. Some highlights include an Interactive Timeline of Ancient Egypt from Predynastic to Roman times, the make a mummy activity and a hieroglyphics translator. Ancient Egypt Kid Connection - Come discover the many fascinating Egypt kids features throughout the Internet. From pyramids to mummies, hieroglyphs to pharaohs, Egypt has always fascinated kids. Here are fun and interesting Egypt links especially for kids! Ancient World Web: Main Index Ancient/Classical History - Internet resources on ancient civilizations for school aged people.
  • 14. BBC - H2g2 - Cyber Tourism. - A841259
    to the tribes that overran the roman empire in the Vasari implied that this architecture was debased, especially Unreal Tournament has many places that induce
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    15. Social Studies-Ancient Civilizations
    Mysterious places. MythologyWorld,Three Reading levels. Pompeii architecture. Pompeii Forum Project. roman Baths and Aqueducts. roman empire - Children s Section. Resources/SocialStudiesAncien
    MSAD#54 Schools Welcome to our schools... Bloomfield School Canaan Elementary Cornville Elementary Margaret Chase Smith Mercer Elementary Norridgewock Elementary North Elementary School Smithfield Elementary Skowhegan Area Middle School Skowgegan Area High School Ancient Civilizations MSAD #54 Home Curriculum Links Home Search the WWW Social Studies Menu ... Alexander the Great Virtual Ancient Art - Egypt Ancient Board Games Ancient China, Yellow River Valley Ancient Egypt - Staff Room ... Ancient Egypt Site Kent School Ancient Egypt-Gods and Goddesses Ancient Egypt-Life in... Ancient Egypt- Ms.Kempe's Class ... BBC-The Romans Great Site Board Games of Ancient World Byzantine Caesar Cairo, Egypt

    16. Virtual Tourof Colchester - Part C
    the year 411 AD, when the roman empire was in the Norman period, cut through the roman wall to stark contrast between Saxon and Norman architecture unique in
    HOME Archaeology and History Britannia Motor Cars CAG ... What's On in Colchester? PART of your GUIDED TOUR OF COLCHESTER We continue our virtual tour having just seen the imposing Town Hall in our High Street, which is known to follow the original Roman street that would have joined Balkerne gate to the west and East Gate to the east. Before we set off (and to give the pictures time to load), perhaps I ought to say a little bit about our history, so that you can fit in the places and buildings that we'll see with the events that produced them. The Romans came to Colchester in the year 43 AD and here they were to stay until around the year 411 AD, when the Roman Empire was in decline and their forces were required on other fronts. The east of Britain was being threatened by Saxon and Danish invaders, Vikings to the north and, after the Romans left, law and order, stability and trade took a nose dive. This is the period of King Arthur, when Colchester would have been his beloved Camelot, a walled and easily defended city. We then entered the Dark Ages, when very little evidence exists of there having been any inhabitation within the town's walls. The Roman buildings eventually decayed and collapsed, the Norman conquerors arriving some six centuries later to a place that must have seemed as if it had been built and populated by giants. THE GEORGE HOTEL Along the High Street to the east, we have the George Hotel, the last of our coaching inns, certainly dating to the 16th century and perhaps earlier. It was given a Georgian front but inside its timber framed construction has been very well restored. If you can call it a pub, it is perhaps our most sumptuous. Call in there for a drink (virtual of course!) and see what I mean!

    17. Links For Social Studies
    the Civil War. Events and places in American material on life in the roman empire, including descriptions of the architecture, politics, clothes
    Prentice Hall School
    - companion site for our new social studies books.
    American History
    • Congress in Action Locate information on current legislation in the United States Congress The Fifty States Links to All Fifty States Presidents
        The White House has a biography of each President and First Lady, along with interesting facts about the families who lived at the White House. Internet Public Library has interesting facts about each President as well as links to others sources of information. The Smithsonian Institute , a museum in Washington, D.C., has photos of many gowns worn by the first ladies to their husbands' Inaugural Balls. There are also links to the homes of many Presidents,like the Hermitage in Nashville.

    18. Fine Arts Links
    National Gallery of Art); The roman empire in the with Historic places, National Register of Historic places); Triumph of the Baroque, architecture in Europe
    Fine Arts Links

    19. Ancient Rome: Our Projects & Resources
    through the history and places of his features, government, agriculture, architecture, music, art CE, the Christian movement grew throughout the roman empire.
    Grade 6 Projects Ancient History Menu Ancient Rome Project
    Ms Hos-McGrane's Grade 6
    Social Studies Class Welcome to our Ancient Rome
    Project Pages
    Scene from The Triumph of Titus
    a Roman relief from the Arch of Titus [Main Menu] [Amsterdam Projects]
    [Other Schools]
    ... [Rome Resources]
      Amsterdam Student Projects Ancient Rome Project 1
      by Akiko G. Kayoko S. and Seung Yeob L.
      Projects on Ancient Rome from Other Schools
      Secondary Projects on Ancient Rome: History and Thought of Western Man
      Rich East High School, Park Forest, IL These webpages were the final project for a high school course on the History and Thought of Western Man . In 1997/98 grade 10 and 11 students were required to prepare an informative research paper, at least four pages in length using a minimum of seven sources, two external links and four original color graphics. Rome and Latin
      Olivier Van Damme, Belgium Student project by Olivier Van Damme from Belgium. The site offers information in both Dutch and English. There are beautiful images and online quizzes about the Roman army the Roman legions and the spread of the empire.

    20. Latin Sites
    and information about the buildings and places there. The architecture of Pompeii Information on houses and and Social Position in the roman empire http//www2
    Latin Students: Check to see if your class has a specific section for your project under Teacher Websites and Projects!
    Click here for:
    General Information
    Daily Life in Rome
    Roads, Bridges, Temples and Aqueducts
    Roman Houses ...
    Latin Homework Help
    General Information
    Ancient History Online- All about the cultures of major ancient civilizations, including Rome. You will need a password from home. User name: walnut ; password: hills.
    Rome and World History- General information about all aspects of the Roman world look for your topic. MANY links to other more specialized sites Rome Resources - A collection of links to sites about ancient Rome from the Dalton School, a high school in New York that (like Walnut) requires three years of Latin. Many good links about Roman food, daily life, military, weapons, etc. The Roman Empire Net In spite of the annoying advertisements, this is a good source of information about the Roman world. Perseus Project - One of the oldest and most highly respected websites around, the Perseus Project is a good source for Greece and the Hellenistic World as well as the Romans; it also has full text editions of most major works of Latin and Greek literature. Lacus Curtius Homepage - Subtitled "into the Roman World," this metasite has hundreds of links to information and images about ancient Rome and the Romans. It has has its own internal search engine: use this to find specific information

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