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         Rhododendron Gardening:     more books (62)
  1. Greer's Guidebook to Available Rhododendrons Species & Hybrids: Third Revised Edition by Harold E. Greer, 1996
  2. Rhododendrons: The New Plant Library by Lin Hawthorne, 2004-10-25
  3. Growing Rhododendrons and Azaleas by Geoffrey Yates, 1992-02-28
  4. The Rhododendron Guidebook by H. H. Davidian, H.H. Davidian, 2000-10
  5. Accepted Names in Rhododendron Section Vireya by George Argent, 1996-12
  6. Top-Rated Golden Gardening Library: Top-rated Flowering Trees; Top-Rated Flowering Shrubs; Top-Rated Azaleas and Rhododendrons; Top-Rated Vines by Susan (editor) Roth, 1983

81. The Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Helleborus and Liliums. These together with other rhododendron collections in the Gardens provide a special focus for the genus.
The Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Introduction When the first settlers from England arrived at Lyttleton in 1850, they brought with them the gardening traditions of that country. It was just thirteen years after the arrival that the initial plans were made to form the present Botanic Gardens. On 9 July 1863, the first tree was planted in the grounds to commemorate the marriage of Prince Albert to Princess Alexandra of Denmark. This tree, an English Oak, is regarded as the foundation date of the Government Domain, later to become the Botanic Gardens. The Gardens Control of the Botanic Gardens was until 1946 vested in the Christchurch Domains Board, but due to financial difficulties the government dissolved the Board and placed control and funding under the jurisdiction of the Christchurch City Council. Today responsibility for the management of the gardens is with the Botanical Services section of the Parks Unit. The grounds of the Botanic Gardens encompass an area of 30 hectares, the majority of this being within the loop of the Avon River. Contained within this area is undoubtedly the finest collection of exotic and indigeous plants to be found anywhere in New Zealand. There are numerous large majestic trees, many of which are in excess of 100 years, and form an interesting background to the various sections of the Gardens.

82. The Evergreen State's Offical "Coast Rhododendron"
For a fantastic virtual tour of a spectacular rhododendron garden, you will want to visit the Meerkerk Gardens located on beautiful Whidbey Island in
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Chamomile Times
The Pruning Book
How to prune just about anything! Seed Shop Book Shop Article Index Forums ... Herb Guide Support the wildlife that visits your garden with ideas and products from Audubon Workshop The Evergreen State's Official "Coast Rhododendron" by Naomi Mathews More than a hundred years ago, the Washington State Senate confirmed that the "Coast Rhododendron" (Rhododendron macrophyllum) would be the new floral emblem for Washington state. One of my required courses prior to graduation from high school included Washington State History. However, my mental recollection fails me about whether we learned much, if anything, about Washington state's flowers. Having lived in the beautiful state of Washington most of my life, I decided to do some research about how, when, and why this gorgeous rhododendron was chosen for this honor.

83. /Garden/story
rhododendrons are usually evergreen, meaning they retain their leaves throughout the winter, where azaleas are in the genus rhododendron but they are deciduous

84. Gardening Information,Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Planting, Maintaining, Fertilizing
gardening information, Azaleas and rhododendrons are probably one of the most commonly asked for and planted landscape plants due in part to their attractive
Home Feature Articles Bug Book Plant Gallery ... About Us Rhododendrons / Azaleas Planting Maintaining, Fertilizing, Trimming Tips Azaleas and rhododendrons are probably one of the most commonly asked for and planted landscape plants due in part to their attractive and diverse assortment of flower colors. These cherished plants are sought after by almost everyone and are always in demand, despite the fact that they are very demanding to certain growing requirements and are subject to a host of insects and diseases. Where to plant: To grow healthy, happy rhododendrons or azaleas only three basic requirements are needed. There are others, but these three are the most critical to their survival. First and foremost, proper drainage is needed. Second the situation , or site, of the plant is also a critical. The third requirement for growing these plant is proper pH The pH is not as critical as you might think, as long as it is in a range somewhere between 4.5-5.5. Actually anything below a 7.0 is acidic and anything above a 7.0 is alkaline. The majority of plants grown in home gardens can be successfully grown in a pH range of 6.0-6.5, but for azaleas and rhododendrons or any member of the Ericaceae family which also include heaths, heathers, blueberries, mt. laurel and pieris, the soil needs to be a bit more acidic in order for the macro and micro nutrients in the soil to become available to the plants. Anything out of this ideal range may cause the plant to show deficiency symptoms.

85. Komo News | In The Garden
and varieties that stay under 24 inches; there really is a rhododendron for just as beautiful as the flowers to extend the plants versatility in the garden.
tami michaels

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in the garden

sea-tac solutions

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press 1 TIP Rhododendron April 17, 2003 Rhod odendron PICTURE GALLERY Email us at More than a spring beauty Rhododendrons are a springtime staple in most northwest gardens. The incredible display of tresses with funnel to bell shaped flowers satiate gardeners craving for vibrant color and flamboyant flower forms mid-winter to early summer. Rhododendrons are familiar to gardeners as a ‘good spring flowering shrub for shade’ but the incredible versatility and variety of Rhododendrons seem to get overlooked. They all tend to be pest free and disease resistant so they provide much beauty with little care. There are Rhododendron varieties that grow well in shade as well as varieties for full sun, Rhododendrons that reach more than 30 feet tall and varieties that stay under 24 inches; there really is a Rhododendron for just about any location. Many varieties even have a distinctive leaf form that’s just as beautiful as the flowers to extend the plants versatility in the garden. Following is a list of cultural situations and special growth habits with a selection of Rhododendrons that work for each.

86. Butterstream Gardens Information
little to disenchant me, but were, I soon realised, a decided advantage and saved me from the dreaded fate of making a rhododendron garden supplemented with
Trim Homepage Photographs Butterstream General ... View Web Card Times Of Opening : April - September 11.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. Daily Phone/Fax Numbers : Tel : +353 46 36017 Fax : +353 46 31702 Jim Reynolds in his garden Garden + Isolde's Tower Pool and temple Summerhouse Waterlilies Map of Butterstream Garden Lillies Pavilions and the canals Door to Kitchen Garden Butterstream gardens is one of the finest gardens in Ireland today. It has been built up from nothing over the past twenty years through the work of one man - Jim Reynolds. Here, in his own words, he tells how it came about : It started innocently enough. There was no grand vision of Arcadia, no hint of an all-absorbing passion, no trumpets sounded in my ear - just the heaving and thud of a piece of clay being double-dug in preparation for the reception of a dozen hybrid tea roses. This irrational urge to possess a few roses had come quite suddenly. While I had enjoyed helping to plant wallflowers and summer bedding as a child, I had during schooldays been a most reluctant gardener, baulking at the prospect of involvement with anything requiring physical exertion. By my early twenties the prospect of a little light dabbling in the garden seemed attractive enough: pruning, dead-heading and a spot of gentle weeding would not be too demanding, I thought. I soon became a garden visitor. Mount Stewart, Birr Castle and Ilnacullin - all on a suitable grand scale -were favourite destinations. In Britain, Crathes and Sissinghurst provided inspiration. My horizons began to expand quickly and I realised that even a young chap with nothing more than a dozen roses could learn an immense amount about the principles of design, layout and planting.

87. Moosey's Country Garden - An Eccentric Rambling New Zealand Country Garden
Garden Journal 2002; Garden Journal 2003; Garden Journal 2004; More Garden Journals. rhododendrons; Whitney s Apricot; Red rhododendron; Pale rhododendron; More
Recent Upcoming ... Garden Magazines
Hazel Row

88. Lawn & Garden - Growing Basics - Plant Primer
Your selection will depend on your climate (some rhododendrons are hardier to cold than others), the flower color appropriate for your garden, and the plant s
Find Local Home Services Select Category Additions Air Conditioning Basements Bathrooms Decks/Patios Electrical Fencing Flooring Home Security Interior Design Kitchens Landscaping Painting Paving Roofing Siding Browse more... Indoors Home Improvement Decorate Home Appliances Outdoors Gardening Basics Crafts Features ... Vines Home and Garden Shopping Select Category Electronics Shop By Room Outdoor Living Kitchen Furniture Bathroom Bedroom Nursery Kids Room Home Décor Or Enter a Keyword Search: Search the Web Top 5 Searches Window Blinds Laminate Flooring Flowers Satellite TV ... Hot Tub Enter search terms: Rhododendron
Rhododendron and Azalea Evergreen or
Zones 4-6, 15-17, 34, 37 and 39 for best performance
Light shade
Regular watering
Photo: Saxon Holt Both azaleas and rhododendrons belong to the same genus: Rhododendron . The group as a whole includes over 800 species, and countless cultivars have been developed from these. Deadhead shrubs after bloom to ensure a good flower show the next year. Individual stems may be cut back to main branches in late winter if plants are becoming too dense or too tall. Rhododendrons.

89. Planning Gardens In Shady Areas
BORDER GARDENS Unique color and foliage make an azalea or rhododendron an ideal shrub to include in a mixed border garden. Using Astilbe In Your Garden.
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by LivingHome's Kim Garretson Planning Gardens in Shady Areas
If you're planning to use the shadier areas of your yard for gardening and landscaping, there are a variety of shade-tolerant and shade-loving plants. Shrubs
Perennials and Ground Covers

Using Azaleas and Rhododendrons in Your Garden

Using Astilbe In Your Garden
Using Hostas In Your Garden

  • Andromeda (Pieris japonica) : an evergreen shrub with clusters of fragrant cream-colored flowers in early spring.
    A variety of rhododendrons and azaleas brings lush foliage and bright clusters of blossoms to the shade garden.
  • Royal azalea: grows to 15 feet and has large pale pink flowers in May before it leafs out.
    Sweet azalea (R. arborescens): flowers in June and has glossy red foliage in the fall. Swamp azalea (R. viscosum): has fragrant pink flowers and orange-bronze foliage in the fall. Enkianthus: can attain 25 feet in height; red-veined enkianthus has bell-shaped, red-veined flowers in May and brilliant fall foliage.

90. Tree Rhododendrons
Vic. 3149. (03) 9545 5677. The National rhododendron Gardens, The Georgian Road, Olinda, Vic. 3788. (03) 751 1980. Tristania Park
Tree rhododendrons
Early introductions of rhododendrons were the result of plant hunting expeditions funded by the new wealth of the industrial revolution, competing fiercely with each other to fill their conservatories with exotic horticultural curiosities. This emerging wealthy class could afford estates of the scale necessary to accommodate species impractical for the smaller suburban garden, so size was no limit. As a result, many of the hybrids bred from these earlier introductions tended also to be impractically large. One of a number of forms of Rhododendron arboreum New shoots of the giant Rhododendron sinogrande One of a number of forms of Rhododendron sinogrande With the turn of the twentieth century and the rise of the middle classes, home gardening became more popular, and the thrust turned to the breeding of compact plants with showy, colourful flowers. This trend was spurred on by the discovery of low-growing species such as the strong red prostrate

91. Fragrant Rhododendrons
As gardening as a passion took me in its hold, one particular group of plants began to capture my imagination, the cool climate evergreen rhododendrons.
Fragrant Rhododendrons
As gardening as a passion took me in its hold, one particular group of plants began to capture my imagination, the cool climate evergreen rhododendrons. Living at the time in southern Tasmania, I was naturally drawn to the big, colourful trusses of the popular hybrids. Each spring I spent many an hour at the botanical gardens in Hobart watching and waiting as one by one these splendid plants unveiled their delights for a few short weeks before rain would come to wilt their petals. Rhododendron ciliicalyx 'Fragrantissimum' Rhododendron nuttallii Soon I realised there was much more to the vast and diverse Rhododendron genus than the showstopping garden shrubs found in every corner nursery. There are tiny, ground-hugging prostrate plants, with spiky leaves and trusses of flowers no larger than a five cent piece, that have adapted to surviving heavy frosts and winter snows of windswept rocky outcrops in the Himalayas. There are forests of trees with gigantic, leathery leaves as much as a metre in length. And there are epiphytes perching precariously in the forks of trees in the misty, mountain jungles of southeast Asia and New Guinea.

92. Travel Guide From Central Oregon To The Oregon Coast
rhododendron Garden Tour Plan a visit to Eugene s internationally recognized rhododendron garden for a special tour on May 2, at 1 pm A popular attraction, the

93. Travel Guide From Central Oregon To The Oregon Coast
For more information, call (541) 7822258 Tour of rhododendron Gardens at Hendricks ParkMay 2, 2004 Hendricks park, Eugene Join Michael Robert, former head

Lane County Oregon

Travel Guide
Events Lodging ...
Asked Questions
Garden Inspired Events
March 5 to 7, 2004
Florence Events Center
, Florence
For more information, call: (541) 997-9136
March 11 to 13, 2004
Lane Events Center
, Eugene
300+ exhibits for the home and garden, "how to" seminars, Home Builders Association garage sale of building materials, free admission to public.
For more information, call: (541) 484-9247
Daffodil Drive and Festival March 20 to 21, 2004 Long Tom Grange, Junction City The Daffodil Drive along Ferguson Road in Junction City has mile after county mile of golden daffodils and a day of family activities. Free entertainment, a classic car display, wagon rides, art show, cinnamon rolls, quilt displays, craft booths, and of course, all the daffodils entertain people of all ages. For more information, call: (541) 998-2828 Magnolia Tour at Hendricks Park March 28, 2004 Hendricks park, Eugene Roger Gossler, a nationally known magnolia expert, will lead a magnolia tour at Hendricks Park, one of the best collections in the northwest. Sturdy walking shoes recommended. For more information, call: (541) 682-5324

94. Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
Main features of the garden are a collection of rhododendron cultivars, old roses, exotic trees, the Victorian cast iron conservatory and the Victorian rock

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
Summit Road or Piccadilly Road
Crafers SA 5152
Australia Phone: (61 8) 8370 8370
Fax: (61 8) 8339 6851
Photo: D. Jeisman Less than half an hour from the city centre the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is on the eastern slopes of the Mount Lofty Ranges. This large hills garden in a spectacular setting overlooking Piccadilly Valley was started in 1952 and first opened to the public in 1977. It features plants from the cool climates of both the northern and southern hemispheres which do not grow well on the hot, dry Adelaide plains. Formerly belonging to the Backhouse Estate, the land consists of seven intersecting valleys in a regeneration Stringy Bark ( Eucalyptus obliqua ) forest. With an altitude of 600 - 700 ft, it is ideal for the planting of particular groups of plants in each valley and has an annual rainfall of 35 - 40 inches. It also has spectacular views down the Piccadilly Valley. Part of the land had previously been used for market gardening with an aqueduct system still evident in parts of the Garden today. The original Stringy Barks had been felled to feed the ovens of Adelaide bakers or for use by the tanning trade.

95. UKTV Style - Gardening + Plant Advice - Plant Care
Jan Our gardening Expert replies Hi Jan, Well, you can prune rhododendrons almost back to ground level if you really have to, unless they are grafted onto

96. Garden Plants - Blue Mountain Nurseries - Rhododendron Specialists.
for the rare and unusual while specialising in Rhododendrons, Conifers, Tree Nurseries (producing trees and shrubs) and Blue Mountain Gardens (producing bulbs
W elcome to the Blue Mountain Nurseries Web Site. We are a wholesale/retail nursery based in New Zealand producing hardy Trees and Shrubs, with a passion for the rare and unusual while specialising in Rhododendrons, Conifers, Tree Paeonies and Pleione Orchids. Blue Mountain Nurseries markets plants in a number of forms. Firstly as "Growing on Lines" and secondly as "Finished Product" for garden centres and landscapers. We also have a retail outlet selling connoisseur plants and other gardening items. This site uses frames - sorry. Webfactor Website Designers

97. The Good Web Guide Website Review :Millais Nurseries Rhododendrons
look for rhododendrons. They know their business and have been awarded for it. New Fully Updated and Revised Edition, out now in paper back. Read our gardening

98. - Flower Gardening - Rhododendrons And Azaleas
Flower gardening Rhododendrons and azaleas, Rhododendrons and azaleas Rhododendrons can also be seen at many other gardens. Or visit the
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Flower Gardening - Rhododendrons and azaleas Rhododendrons and azaleas – Soil conditions and planting in containers How do you like your rhododendrons? Do you like the giant forms, the medium ones perhaps, or the dwarf kinds? Attraction to plants is often linked to early associations. I personally like rhododendrons semi-wild and high above my head. But some of the smallest varieties also capture my attention. My earliest memories of rhododendrons date back to childhood. Suddenly, when walking among shrubs, I came upon tall branches of leathery-looking, large leaves, topped with magnificent flowers – the most bold and impressive blooms that I had ever seen. I set about picking a bunch to take home to my mother. The flowers of the brightest colours were few and difficult to reach. They tended to be on spindly twigs, threaded through more powerful and vigorous branches carrying mauve flowers. These were spotted in their throats with deeper markings of luscious hues. I became utterly engrossed in the flowers – they gleamed against the dark leaves, like brightly coloured foxgloves gathered on giant inflorescences. Name that Rhodon!

99. Garden Watchdog: Kelleygreen Rhododendron Nursery
Botanary. USDA Zones. Kelleygreen rhododendron Nursery, Company Profile. Add your own comment and rating to this company Return to the Garden Watchdog homepage.
The Garden Watchdog - Guide to Gardening by Mail
Home Kelleygreen Rhododendron Nursery Home Mailorder FAQ
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(If you don't have an account yet, click here to signup DG Network: Discussion forums Plants Database Garden Watchdog Garden Bookworm ... USDA Zones
Kelleygreen Rhododendron Nursery
Company Profile Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 62
Drain, Oregon United States Phone: (541) 836-2290
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100. Garden Rhododendrons UK At Compare Online Products UK
Search for and Compare Garden rhododendrons UK from the most popular UK shopping sites making buying Garden rhododendrons online easy at Compare Online
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