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         Rhododendron Gardening:     more books (62)
  1. Getting Started with Rhododendrons and Azaleas (The Timber Horticultural Reprint Series) by J. Harold Clarke, 1983-03-01
  2. A Plantsman's Guide to Rhododendrons (Plantsman's Guide Series) by Kenneth Cox, 1989-12
  3. Encyclopedia of Rhododendron Hybrids by Peter A. Cox, Kenneth N. Cox, 1988-07-01
  4. Rhododendrons (Classic Garden Plants) by John Street, 1988-05
  5. The Book of Rhododendrons by Marianna Kneller, 1995-07-01
  6. Rhododendron Portraits by D. M. Van Gelderen, J. R. P. van Hoey Smith, 2005-03-01
  7. Rhododendrons of China (Science Press Foreign Language Book ; No. 119) by Feng Guomei, 1989-03
  8. Tales of the Rose Tree: Ravishing Rhododendrons And Their Travels Around the World by Jane Brown, 2006-05-30
  9. The Illustrated Rhododendron: Their Classification Portrayed Through the Artwork of Curtis's Botanical Magazine by Pat Halliday, 2001-06-01
  10. Rhododendrons & Azaleas: A Colour Guide by Kenneth Cox, 2005-11-01
  11. A Rhesplendence of Rhododendrons by Victoria Rododendron Society, 2005-03-23
  12. The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Story: The Hybridizers, Collectors and Gardens by Sonja Nelson, 2001-01
  13. Rhododendrons of the World (Rhododendrons of the World Tsp) by David G. Leach, 1961-01
  14. Fungi on Rhododendron: A World Reference by David F. Farr, H. Bartolome Esteban, et all 1996-04

41. Berkeley Horticultural Nursery
Information on Fragrant Rhododendrons, Vireyas, and Sun Tolerant Rhododendrons for the mild California climate. Helpful Plant information, a monthly newsletter, and gardening tips by Dr. Chlorophyll.
1310 McGee Avenue Berkeley California 94703 HOURS: 9:00 to 5:30 CLOSED THURSDAY

42. Rhododendron & Azalea News - Gardens
Azalea Chapter wins major award…. Featured a whimsical, woodland rhododendron garden! Proud of you! Keep it up! Want a dwarf gem rhododendron in your garden?
Rhododendron and
Azalea News
ARS Home Page Plant Tips People and Events Ideas for Chapters Gardens Massachusetts Chapter opens display garden at Elm Bank On April 27 the display garden at Elm Bank, Wellesley, MA, was officially opened. The garden was named in honor of Alan Payton who gave a major gift to the chapter. Alan was a true rhododendron lover from Harvard, MA. His bequest really helped make this garden possible. Alan’s wife, Patty Payton Critchlow, and Neil Jorgensen, Alan’s good friend, both trustees of the fund, were present to celebrate. Neil is also the designer of the garden layout. Jay Ipppolito of Olde Colonial Tree and Landscape, Inc. gave generously of his time and that of his crew to make things happen. Mention is made of his receiving a Citation of Merit in the People and Events section because of his dedication to making things beautiful in this special garden. Wayne and Beth Mezitt , who gave generously and whose plants from the Case Estates were wintering in their home waiting to be transplanted, were present. Betty Carlhian and Joan Ferguson who worried about details and sited the plans were among other guests at the celebration. Also present to enjoy this special day were many, many volunteers who gave of their time, their elbow grease, their visions and suggestions. All are to be thanked. And, be assure, all of your efforts are appreciated and will be enjoyed by others for time in the future.

43. Buy Rhododendron Hybrids By Harold E. Greer At
rhododendron Hybrids by Harold E. Greer in Hardcover. ISBN 088192184X.

44. Rhododendron Garden Screen Saver
rhododendron Garden Screen Saver. Rhodies and their friends from the Pacific Northwest, with original music for piano and harp by a talented young musician.
Island of Mysteries
Click arrow to start music.
Rhododendron Garden Screen Saver "Rhodies" and their friends from the Pacific Northwest, with original music for piano and harp by a talented young musician. Multi-colored blooming trees line paths to quiet corners. Shot in the rain, when everything turns greener with anticipation. Download

Artist's Notes: The music is an original piece by a young man from New York, Eddie Regner. It's called "Island of Mysteries". Eddie's web site is: and you may encourage him at: Eddie now has a page here, MIDIs by Eddie Regner The screen saver has 25 images, high resolution, displays beautifully on higher screen resolutions, and the file size is 3.45 meg. (High resolution images take up a little more space.) The image transitions and timing are all user-configurable, images may be set as wallpaper, and the wallpaper itself can be configured to change weekly, hourly or never. May be password protected.

45. Rhododendrons
Rhododendrons. Categorized links to a variety of topics including ponds, agricultural, organic gardening, bulbs, perennials, vegetables, houseplants, herbs

General Gardening


Organic Gardening


Rhododendrons Azalea Works
Educational and research activity. Fraser South Rhododendron Society, ARS Massachusetts Chapter of the A.R.S.
Massachusetts Chapter of American Rhododendron Society features rhododendrons and azaleas growable in New England gardens as well as the numerous activities of the chapter. Portland Chapter, ARS Rhododendron and Azalea News
Henning's rhododendron and azalea pages feature descriptions, cultural, and trouble shooting pages as well as companion plants. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
United Kingdom. The American Rhododendron Society The Anderson Garden An internationally famous collection of 3,000 rhododendrons. The Danish Chapter, ARS Vancouver Rhododendron Society, ARS Virtual Rhododendron Garden Photographs of hybrid rhododendrons.

46. Broad Leafed Evergreens - Rhododendrons & Azaleas -
and Azaleas! The Virtual rhododendron Garden by David Royster is a gallery of lovely photographs of rhododendrons in flower. You

Gardening in Shade
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- Select a related course - Certified Organic Food: Cooking with Herbs and Sp Ecological Gardening: Org Gardening the Square Foot Growing Houseplants Under Herb Gardening Grand o Houseplants for Beginners Lives and Loves of Women

47. Garden Guide To Transplanting Rhododendrons, Roses And Other Large Plants
The only trick is that I have to dig them up out of my mother s garden and transplant into mine. When is the best time of the year to do this? rhododendron.
Transplanting Rhododendrons, Roses
and other Large Plants
I was given some rhodies and roses recently. The only trick is that I have to dig them up out of my mother's garden and transplant into mine. When is the best time of the year to do this? And how deep do I dig up the roots? The roses have been there for 30 or so years and the rhodies about 5. Can you give me some advice?
Because of the size and age of these plants, you will have to take extra precautions and care when transplanting them. The plants will undoubtedly go through transplant shock, but by following these steps I have had very good luck. I prefer to move specimen plants in the dead of winter when they are completely dormant. Try to time this so that you have a 2-3 week minimum window of nonfreezing temperatures after the transplant.
Step by step guide to transplanting....
  • PREPARATION.... Dig your new planting hole about 50% larger that your root ball. Mix in peat moss, compost , and possibly a little sand if your soil is heavy. Add a scoop of transplant fertilizer, and create a soil mound in the center of the hole. Fill this hole with water, and let it settle.
  • THE ROOT BALL Water the plant thoroughly. These plants will have extensive root systems. Using a good spade cut a ring completely around the plant at the drip line, pushing the shovel straight down to it's full depth. Dig a 6 inch wide trench around the plant on the outside of this line and then again make your perimeter cut at the drip line so that you now have cut the roots to a depth of two shovels.
  • 48. Photograph Of A Large Rhododendron In The Garden
    rhododendron in the Garden. Feel free to right click on this photo to save, or set as your desktop wallpaper. Home page The
    Rhododendron in the Garden
    Feel free to 'right click' on this photo to save, or set as your desktop wallpaper
    Home page
    The Garden Helper Site index
    Plants by common terms
    ... Link to the Garden Helper Have a great gardening day!

    49. City Gardening Azalea And Rhododendrons
    City gardening Azalea and Rhododendrons Links. White Flower Farms carries azaleas and rhododendrons. Greer Gardens sells rhododendrons and other perennials.
    City Gardening Azalea and Rhododendrons Links
    White Flower Farms
    carries azaleas and rhododendrons Just click on the text link to visit that site
    Lazy K Nursery
    sells Azaleas
    Roslyn Nursery
    stock a wide range of camelias, Azaleas, and rhododendrons available
    A Sandy Rhododendron
    has a huge selection of rhododendrons
    The Bovees Nursery
    sells azaleas and rhododenrons
    Greer Gardens
    sells rhododendrons and other perennials
    Singing Tree Gardens
    sells rhododendrons and ornamental trees
    Just click on the text link to go to the main index
    City Gardening Main Index

    Search the Web. Click here for $20 off your first order at Spring Hill Nursery! - Use special coupon # G5666 for 3 free Peacock Orchid Bulbs with any purchase!
    Search City Gardening for Gardening Product Links Azalea and Rfododendron Information Links

    50. Rhododendron - Azaleas And Rhododendron (Rhododendron) At Home And Garden Televi
    Azaleas and rhododendron (rhododendron) at Home and Garden Television. Expand your search (more results) Home and Garden Television
    Azaleas and Rhododendron (Rhododendron) at Home and Garden Television
    Expand your search (more results):
    More from Home and Garden Television:

    Found 3 articles. Displaying articles 1 to 3:
    Azaleas And Dogwoods

    Beyond regular watering, the only other routine attention azaleas might need is a little fertilizer and pruning, both of which can be done right after the bloom period. Cottonseed meal is a good fertilizer for azaleas, or you can use specialized ...
    Home and Garden Television
    Rhododendrons And Azaleas

    The "Yaks" (Rhododendron degronianum subsp. Yakushimanum) are also still performing well here, especially the robust 'Ken Janek', the blushing 'Mist Maiden' and the delicate 'Yaku Angel'. Yak rhododendrons are small plants, just 4 feet high at ...
    Home and Garden Television
    In just about every yard in the country you'll find azaleas, an enormously popular group of shrubsusually evergreen but occasionally deciduousthat range in height from a few feet to 30 feet, depending on the species or variety. And the nearly 80 ... Home and Garden Television Note: Growing Lifestyle is a search engine that indexes articles on many different web sites, including

    51. Rhododendron - Azaleas And Rhododendron (Rhododendron) At Better Homes And Garde
    Azaleas and rhododendron (rhododendron) at Better Homes and Gardens Australia. Expand your search (more results) Better Homes and
    Azaleas and Rhododendron (Rhododendron) at Better Homes and Gardens Australia
    Expand your search (more results):
    Found 3 articles. Displaying articles 1 to 3:
    Azalea Lace Bug

    They feed on the undersurface of leaves, causing dull mottling of the upper surfaces, progressing to bronzing and silvering. They're a serious pest of azaleas and rhododendrons and if left untreated will weaken and may eventually kill the plant. ...
    Better Homes and Gardens Australia
    Petal Blight Of Azaleas

    Petal blight of azaleas is a fungus that causes brown or transparent spots on the flowers. The spots enlarge rapidly until the whole flower softens and becomes slightly slimy. Flowers shrivel prematurely and become brown and papery. They remain fused ...
    Better Homes and Gardens Australia

    This very large genus includes 850 species of evergreen and deciduous shrubs or small trees from temperate areas of the northern hemisphere, especially South-East Asia, the Himalayas and the highlands of New Guinea. Thousands of cultivars and hybrids ...
    Better Homes and Gardens Australia Note: Growing Lifestyle is a search engine that indexes articles on many different web sites, including

    52. NWsource: Event Details
    May events at Meerkerk rhododendron Gardens. schedule Email a friend Peak bloom season in the ten-acre display garden surrounded

    53. GLP Rhodoendron & Azalea
    Mississippi State Extension Service Henning s Azaleas rhododendron and Azalea News The American Rododendron Society Virtual rhododendron Garden contains many
    Preferred Vendors Recognition Home FlastClick ... Past Articles
    Azalea Rhododendron Azaleas
    by Alabama Cooperative Extension Azalea Works is an educational and research activity that was created in 1989 by William C. Miller III for the purposes of consulting and lecturing, plant research, the development of improved azalea cultivars, and the production and sale of educational materials (pamphlets and books) on azaleas and related companion plants.
    Growing Azaleas
    from Mississippi State Extension Service
    Henning's Azaleas

    Rhododendron and Azalea News

    The American Rododendron Society

    Virtual Rhododendron Garden
    - contains many photographs
    The American Rhododendron Society (Niagara 98) Convention

    The American Rhododendron Society Homepage

    The Danish Chapter, ARS

    The Cascade Chapter, ARS
    ... Massachusetts Chapter, ARS Gardens The Anderson Garden
    An internationally famous collection of 3,000 rhododendrons, including 150 species and 300 different hydrids. Site of the American Rhododendron Society conference tours in 1993 and 1999. Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens - Whidbey Island, Washington.

    54. Early Flowering Rhododendrons
    Early Flowering rhododendrons. In the Pacific Northwest one of the most popular garden shrubs is the rhododendron. One of the greatest
    Early Flowering Rhododendrons
    At a time when there is not much flower color in the garden it is nice to be able to include plants that provide early color. The early flowering rhododendrons vary in color from beautiful pinks, rose, reds, yellows, whites, purples and lavenders. Growing heights of these early varieties of rhododendrons vary from about two feet high, to varieties that may grow into small trees when mature. Whenever possible, these early flowering varieties are best planted in a location in the garden where they will be protected from late winter frosts, that could possibly damage buds or flowers. I think one of the most important factors in selecting any plant, but particularly rhododendrons, is to select varieties that have attractive foliage. The plants are in bloom for only about three or four weeks, so the rest of the year you are looking at foliage. So good leaf color and pleasing textures are important considerations when choosing rhododendrons. It is estimated that there are close to one thousand species and thousands of varieties of rhododendrons. So with this wide selection it should be fairly easy to choose one with the right flower color; attractive foliage and a growing habit to meet the needs of any location in the garden. The following are just a few varieties that you may want to consider for their beauty and early flowering: R. mucronulatum

    55. ***** Meerkerk Gardens ***** Whidbey Island's Peaceful Woodland Garden *****
    Meerkerk rhododendron Gardens was founded by Ann and Max Meerkerk in the early 1960 s. Enchanted by Whidbey Island, they began these Gardens with 13 acres.
    The Peaceful Woodland Garden Meerkerk Gardens Spring Plant Sale A grand selection of rhododendrons and companion plants are available this weekend in the Meerkerk nursery. Celebrate the arrival of spring with a walk through the early blooming gardens, featuring drifts of daffodils, magnificent magnolias and cherry trees accompanying hundreds of rhododendrons for this spring symphony of color. (There is no admission fee these two days, however donations are gratefully accepted.)
    Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens was founded by Ann and Max Meerkerk in the early 1960's. Enchanted by Whidbey Island, they began these Gardens with 13 acres. The Rothschild's Exbury Gardens in England, Max's life in Asia and our native Rhododendron macrophyllum, influenced the Meerkerk's. Ann was active with the WA Park Arboretum and the American Rhododendron Society. Together, they visualized creating a Pacific Northwest style woodland garden enveloped by a forest preserve. Over the years, the Meerkerk's purchased an additional 40 acres to achieve this goal. The Meerkerk's began hybridizing rhododendrons and collecting unique specimens of rhododendrons, flowering trees and conifers. They planted the first five acres, known as the "Secret Garden" as a miniature arboretum.

    56. Parks Victoria: Garden Volunteers Page
    need. Spring view National rhododendron Gardens About the gardens. Volunteers working in the National rhododendron Gardens. Contact

    57. SEL Resources: Rhododendron Web Resources
    Reliable rhododendrons for the Middle Atlantic Region (Donald W. Hyatt); Virtual rhododendron Garden (David Royster). top of page. Questions?

    General Information
    Resources Engineer's Library Blueprint Subject Guides ... Satellite Libraries
    Rhododendron Web Resources
    Subject Librarian: Heidi Dodson I'd like to schedule a Research Tutorial (See also Gardening and Horticulture Links)

    58. Rhododendron & Azalea News - Gardens
    R. sargentianum does not look like a ‘typical’ rhododendron and will be certain to add more interest and variety to your garden. Thoughts.
    Rhododendron and
    Azalea News
    ARS Home Page Plant Tips People and Events Ideas for Chapters Gardens
    Finnerty Gardens Something to think about…with the ARS Convention being held in Olympia WA, you might want to consider visiting one or more of the following gardens while In the area. Finnerty Gardens has one of Canada’s best collections of rhododendrons. The spectacular three-acre plot is tended by the Finnerty Garden Friends, a special group of University of Victoria alumni and community members who advise on the planning and development of the year-round garden. The Gardens were developed when, in 1974, the estate of Mrs. Jeanne Buchanan Simpson of Cowichan Lake was left to the University. She and her husband George, beginning in the 1920’s, built up a notable collection of rhododendron species at their Lake Cowichan home. Many plants were grown from seed obtained directly or indirectly from famous plant explorers of the day. Theirs was the largest collection in British Columbia. The Buchanan Simpson’s gift transferred to the University the responsibility for the well-being of a significant collection of a popular genus among Victoria gardeners. The University decided to move many of the rhododendrons to the campus where they would form the nucleus of a new garden that was created on nearly three acres of land at the south end of the campus.

    59. Northwest Garden Societies And Clubs -
    Societies Native Plant Societies Orchid Societies Perennial Societies Primrose Societies Primula Societies rhododendron Societies Rock Garden Societies Rose
    Northwest Garden Societies and Clubs
    We have a huge listing of various plant and garden societies from around the Pacific Northwest. You're sure to find one that's right for you! Although we used to provide addresses for all societies, it was too time consuming to keep up with all the address changes as the society leaderships change yearly, so we are limiting to those that have web pages only. Please send link suggestions or report a dead link by clicking on link to contact us in left hand column.
    Quick Jumps
    Garden Clubs and Horticultural Societies
    Bamboo Societies

    Bonsai Societies

    Bulb Societies
    Garden Clubs and Horticultural Societies
    Central Vancouver Island Botanical Garden Society (BC) Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Horticulture Centre of the Pacific (BC) Lake Forest Park Garden Club Northwest Perennial Alliance Salem Hardy Plant Society The Tacoma Garden Club ... Victoria Horticultural Society (BC) Willamette Hardy Plant Group
    Bamboo Societies
    American Bamboo Society American Bamboo Society Pacific Northwest Chapter Oregon Bamboo Association
    Bonsai Societies
    American Bonsai Society American Bonsai Society Oregon Chapters American Bonsai Society Washington Chapters
    Bulb Societies
    International Bulb Society
    Camellia Societies
    American Camellia Society
    Chrysanthemum Societies
    National Chrysanthemum Society Washington Chapters National Chrysanthemum Society Oregon Chapters
    Daffodil Societies
    American Daffodil Society
    Dahlia Societies

    60. SloatGardens: Resources & Links
    The V s. Vascular Plant Image Library. Ventnor Botanic Garden. Virtual rhododendron Garden. Visual Garden. The W s. A Walk through Colin s Garden. Web Garden.
    The Best of the Rest . . .
    Like any garden, sometimes things can get out of hand. If you find a "weed" (or a link that doesn't work), or have a favorite link or reference that you would like to share, let us know. Send your suggestions to A B C ... Z
    The A's All-American Rose Selections Alpine Garden American Begonia Society American Rhododendron Society ... Australian National Botanic Gardens The B's Backyard Gardener Better Homes and Gardens Gardening Guide Birds in a Cheshire Garden Blink Within a Dream ... The Butterfly Website The C's Return to Top California Native Plant Society California Academy of Sciences California Wildflowers Calla's Place ... Cyber-Plantsman The D's Daylilies Online Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Dig Magazine Don Hyatt The E's Emily Compost EveryRose Rose Reference Database Exbury Gardens The F's Return to Top Fairchild Tropical Garden Fine Gardening Online Fuchsias from Kenneth in Stockholm The G's The Garden Design Information Site Garden Forever Garden Gate Garden Guides ... Gesveriad Reference Web The H's High Desert Rose Garden Half-Barrel Pond Page Henry Doubleday Research Association Houpt's Hosta Habit The I's Return to Top International Bulb Society Internet Directory for Botany Internet Gardening ... Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia The J's John McLaren Memorial Rhododendron Dell, Golden Gate Park

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