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1. O'Keefe Library-Best Information On The Net - English Usage And Citation Guides
These Web pages will guide you through the steps involved in researching and writing a paper writers Writea guide for writers about places on the net that might publish
Online Reference Resources
English Usage and Citation Guide

2. Updates To
Finding People * researching Forums * researching FTP * researching Gopher * researching WAIS * researching the Web * Advanced And so it goes for
Updates, Re-Visions, Errata, etc.
Welcome to free annotated links to resources for writers! These are brought to you as an adjunct to my new book (pictured to the right). Use the book's Table of Contents as your navigation interface. [ The bottom of any page has a link back to :
  • the Table
  • to the book's home page, or
  • to my own personal pages (other books, works-in-progress, archives of articles, etc.
So please: bookmark, explore around, and stop by again. And if you bump into any juicy, informative updates, additions, or corrections to share with other writer-readers, please e-mail them along for posting herein. (Indicate which chapter your posting should be linked to.) Thanks! Here's the hyperlinked Table:
Net Learning
Online Learning , For Free * Online Workshops , For Free * Online Learning, For Fee * Distance Learning
Forums * Online Services' Writing Groups * Magazines Megasource Jumpstations
Net Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers
Forums * Magazines and Newsletters * Bookstores * Publishers * Authors' Homes Pages * Megasource Jumpstations * Miscellaneous
Net Romance Writers
Forums * Magazines and Newsletters * Publishers * Reviews * Authors' Home Pages * Megasource Jumpstations * Miscellaneous
Net Mystery Writers
Forums * Magazines and Newsletters * Bookstores * Publishers * Authors' Home Pages * Megasource Jumpstations * Miscellaneous
Net Poets
Forums and Online Critiques Magazines Poets' Home Pages ... Miscellaneous
Net Children's Writers
Personalized Literature * Forums * Books and Magazines * By Kids * Authors' Home Pages *

3. Neat New Stuff On The Net - Weekly Reviews Of New Sites By Marylaine Block
Best Information on the net. The site I built for create a convenient personal digest, to track their favorite writers a good start on researching the issue in scholarly articles /neatnew.html
chosen by your
"librarian without walls,"
Marylaine Block
marylaine at sponsored by
my bulk mail
This Week
Previous Weeks
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How Does a Site Qualify?
The sites I include are usually free sites of substantial reference value, authoritative, browsable, searchable, and packed with information, whether educational or aimed at answering everday questions. I'll also include one or two sites that are just fun. To read an article about how I choose the sites, go to
My resume or, why you might want to hire me to speak at internet or library workshops or conferences. To view outlines of presentations I've done, click on

4. FictionAddiction.NET - Don't Get Burned - Researching And Evaluating Writing Con
But contests can be costly. writers should choose intelligently. Before These guidelines might help Tips for researching Contests. • Check
The Ultimate NETwork for Fiction Writers and Readers
Don't Get Burned: Researching and Evaluating Writing Contests
By Lenore Wright
Hundreds of writing contests tempt novelists and screenwriters with the lure of prize money, instant film industry contacts and personal feedback from film and publishing professionals. But contests can be costly. Writers should choose intelligently. Before you write that check, research and evaluate the contests that interest you. Narrow down your choices to the best contests for you personally and the best ones for your scripts. These guidelines might help: Tips for Researching Contests • Check out their Web site
Nearly all contests have an online page with guidelines and other vital details. I know it's tempting to salivate over the prize list and ignore the other features available on the site. Don't let the promised goodies distract you > $10,000 and a trip to Hollywood to meet the film industry movers and shakers you dream of impressing. You're on a mission. You need to find out if the contest has preferences regarding the subject matter of the script, the ethnicity/gender of the author or the area where the writer resides. Shortcut: At the very least read the FAQ page and note the submission deadline.

5. - Getting It Right: Verifying Sources On The Net
Getting It Right Verifying Sources on the net. by are linked to the site you are researching linksiteurl example evaluate their overall skill as writers. 5. Buy, or
Navigation Advanced Search Law Pro Links LLRX Buzz LLRX Top 10 Meta Links Newstand Research Guide Resource Centers - Document Delivery - Comparative and Foreign Law - International Law - Intranets/Knowledge Management - Marketing - Search Engines
Getting It Right: Verifying Sources on the Net
by Sabrina I. Pacifici Sabrina I. Pacifici is the Founder, Editor, Publisher, Web Manager of For the past 23 years, Sabrina has worked as a library director and legal researcher in Washington, D.C. She is the author of numerous articles on legal-tech issues, many of which are available on LLRX Published March 1, 2002 Introduction This guide provides strategies and tools to assist you in the task of evaluating website content. Determinations about quality, value and reliability are certainly subject to the discretion of the reader, and can be based on personal or professional perspective. When considering whether to use a site with confidence, consider that the criteria for evaluating web site content has similarities to the methodology used for print publications, including newspapers, magazines and newsletters. However, choosing to rely on content published on Web sites does require an extra level of due diligence on the part of the reader. Web sites exist in a more fluid and time sensitive environment than do print publications. Sites are subject to rapid changes in the marketplace. New sites are constantly introduced while the ‘lights are being turned off’ at hundreds of established, content-rich sites each year, often with no warning. For example, the abrupt closing of the well-regarded Industry Standard site (

6. FictionAddiction.NET - Don't Get Burned - Researching And Evaluating Writing Con
Don t Get Burned researching and Evaluating Writing Contests. Her site,, offers visitors a place to search for script agents, how For writers
The Ultimate NETwork for Fiction Writers and Readers
Don't Get Burned: Researching and Evaluating Writing Contests
By Lenore Wright Tips for Evaluating Contests
• Sponsors
The people or companies sponsoring the contest should identify themselves and they should have film industry credentials. Some contests feature a well-known director, actor, publishing company honcho or producer as a nominal sponsor, implying that this person will read the final scripts or at least the winning one. If that is so, it should be stated in their guidelines or on their Web site - don't just assume it's true. • Judges
Some contests post their judges' names and credentials. I find this reassuring; however many legitimate contests don't make this information available for various reasons, not necessarily because they're hiding something shady. A general guideline: The less information the contest makes available, the more aggressively you should query the contest contacts before you write them a check. • Press releases
You want to win a contest that makes an effort to publicize their winners. When you come across the press releases of contests that tout their finalists or winners, resist pitching a rant at your agent; instead swallow your envy and jot down the contest details so you can enter the next time around.

7. NWU - Brief Guide To Researching Literary Agents
Caveat Scriptor A Brief Guide to researching Literary Agents. In our opinion the AuthorLink, Nebraska Center for writers, and writers net web sites are
Caveat Scriptor: A Brief Guide to Researching Literary Agents
Finding a literary agent is like moving to a new town and having to find a contractor to remodel your house and a mechanic to fix your car all at once. It has a strong element of Russian roulette. The union receives a steady stream of complaints from writers who have been defrauded and mistreated by agents, many of whom are really scam artists posing as agents. If you don't do your homework, you're likely to be another of their victims. On the other hand, if you do your homework as outlined here, you can be one of the lucky ones with an agent who works hard for you and advances your career.
NWU Agents Database. Information about agents gathered from the agents themselves, including the genres they do and don't handle, and comments by union members on agents they've worked with. Being anecdotal, the database is sometimes very useful and sometimes not. Reading it is like sitting at a table with a few other writers, exchanging war stories. The NWU Agents Database in only available to NWU members.

8. Writing Classes In All Genres. Writers On The Net At
Online writing classes, all genres, taught by published authors. writers on the net at Free newsletter, tutoring, writing tips more. Work habits, hours, writing as a job. 9. researching the mystery. Research tools examples copyright 19952003 writers on the net.
Home Writing Classes Newsletter Enroll ... Contact Us Receive the monthly class schedule and free newsletter. Subscribe We 'never' give out your e-mail address. Tutors Quotes Writers Groups Writing Tips ... FAQs
shelley singer
mystery, thriller and mainstream fiction
mystery, thriller and suspense writing

the "I've always wanted to write fiction" workshop

ongoing fiction workshop

getting your book published
student comments

mystery, thriller, and suspense writing (10 weeks) This ten-week course offers help and incentive in getting started or in completing a novel already begun. Lectures concentrate on the art and techniques of mystery-thriller-suspense writing and include information about the publishing business, agents, editors, networking, research, and the process of becoming a working novelist. The course offers ongoing critiques of student work by the teacher and feedback from other students as well. The assignment for the eight-week period is a completed first chapter of a new book , or a new chapter in a novel already underway, and in either case a synopsis of the entire novel. Class outline .An introductory lecture/discussion and overview of the course. Beginning the book or story. The craft of writing, and fiction generally. Explanation of class assignment including sample synopsis.

9. Researching An Agent's Track Record--an Article By Victoria Strauss
researching an Agent s Track Record by Victoria Strauss. Research is the name of the game, whether First, look for warnings from other writers or watchdog groups
Back to Articles
Researching an Agent's Track Record
by Victoria Strauss
The Procedure
Start with a good print Guide to Literary Agents and Jeff Herman's Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents
Other good places to search:
  • The Publisher's Weekly website. For genre writers, there may be a specialty magazine that covers the field. a website where many established agents have detailed listings (as with any online agent listing, use caution: there are a few bad eggs here). which provides the latest news on the publishing industry plus a weekly special edition covering recent book sales. This is a goldmine of information, some of it available nowhere else. The rights sections of publishers' websites, where recently published and forthcoming books are listed, along with their agents. Not all publishers host such listings, but some do, and they are a real treasure trove of information.
I've left till last the most obvious source of information: the agent him/herself. No agent is going to want to respond to an out-of-the-blue inquiry from an author s/he's never heard of, but an agent who shows interest in you should be willing to answer a polite inquiry such as, "Can you tell me something about your agency and your most recent sales?" Refusal of this information, vagueness, or statements that sales information is confidential should be regarded with suspicion.
If Your Research Fails
Links to Resources Mentioned Above
Writer Beware

10. The 'Wired' Writer: Researching On The Internet
researching on the Internet. in .org, and if none of the above .net. numbers, reverse phone directory Biographical Dictionary Christian writers Resources Church




    new stuff

    The Wired Writer: Researching on the 'net "The Internet will not make stupid reporters smart. But it will make smart reporters smarter,"
    Julian Sher, Media Magazine , Winter 1995 It's hard to believe that prior to 1993, if I wanted to research an obscure topic, I had to jump in my car and drive to the nearest library eight miles awayif it was opened. Today, I can read hundreds of magazines and newspapers, scan out-of-print books, search through Encyclopedia Britannica , and interview an expert in England all without leaving my houseat 3 a.m.!
    The Internet and the World Wide Web provide literally millions of research sources. (Presently, one million new web pages are added to the Internet each day .) What a great time to be a writer! First, some definitions: The Internet is an electronic "superhighway" of computer networks connected around the world through cables and satellites. This network allows a computer to share information with a connected computer anywhere in the world.

11. Neat New Stuff On The Net - Backfile Of New Sites
Best Information on the net. The site I media monopolies, "ten mistakes writers don't see " etc Recent topics including researching telecommunications, bankruptcies, labor statistics /oldneat.html
chosen by your
"librarian without walls,"
Marylaine Block
Current Neat New Stuff
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How Does a Site Qualify?
The sites I include are usually free sites of substantial reference value, authoritative, browsable, searchable, and packed with information, whether educational or aimed at answering everday questions. I'll also include one or two sites that are just fun. To read an article about how I choose the sites, go to
Order My Books
Net Effects: How Librarians Can Manage the Unintended Consequences of the Internet , and The Quintessential Searcher: the Wit and Wisdom of Barbara Quint
My resume
or, why you might want to hire me to speak at internet or library workshops or conferences, or have me consult on building your library page. To see presentation outlines for a variety of workshops I've done, click on

12. On The Net Resource Guide For Writers Reviews
I would like to congratulate Ms. Jackson for the wonderful job she has done researching her book, On The net, Resource Guide For writers.
Internet Store and Ecommerce Solution Provider - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95
Reviews of On The Net Resource Guide for Writers
All Links Open In New Window
Ask Misti

Read My Bio

The Write Stuff Book Reviews
Inform Me of Any Dead Links Please
Check out the reviews of On the Net, Resource Guide for Writers below.
If you would like to write a review of On the Net, Resource Guide for Writers send me an e-mail , and I will send it to you in PDF, Word 97 or RTF format; state what format you wish to have it sent to you in. Thank you.
"The road to publication is a rocky one. Finishing your manuscript is only the beginning of the writing journey. Agents and publishers are inundated with Great American Novels. How do you make yours stand out from the pack? The Internet is filled practical advice covering all aspects of the writing process. Misti Jackson has compiled an extensive list of web sites into a book titled On the Net: Resources for Writers
This book mimics the classic Writer's Market format . Certain contacts are similar, but On the Net does cover a publicity-related niche not found in

13. Oakland's DigiScents Putting Aromas On The Net
Oakland's DigiScents Putting Aromas on the net. Carolyn Said, Chronicle Staff which makes software for researching gene sequences, and have since DESIGN. Top writers needed to Consult

14. The Writer The Essential Resource For Writers
Safety net. EA Vander Veer. post a question related to the subject I m researching, but not in their zeal to hit ever tighter deadlines, many writers forget to

15. Freelancing Writing On The Net
Freelancing Writing on the net. by Jill Black This requires studying and researching the needs of the marketplace along html?tw=jobs Many writers prefer to stick within the topic
Freelancing Writing on the Net
by Jill Black As a freelancer there are many opportunities available for working from home as a career or providing an extra stream of income for your established information publishing business by filling the needs of a widely diverse market as a paid freelance article writer both on the internet and in offline publications. What is a Freelancer? A freelancer is an independent writer who earns his/her living by contracting for work projects, working for no fixed employer, and may work for a number of employers at any given time. You will be required to negotiate the terms and conditions of work and all work must be completed to the satisfaction of the client’s requirements. Note: The objectives and requirements of both parties should be understood fully by both parties from the start to save any problems later on - this includes terms of payment. As a freelancer you need to keep up with the latest developments to compete in the marketplace. This requires studying and researching the needs of the marketplace along with selling yourself to your potential clients. Getting Started as a Freelancer The freelance market can be fiercely competitive at times requiring emphasis on marketing your work effectively and assessing your expertise and skills.

16. The Writer The Essential Resource For Writers
net//Working. Learn to swim in the Internet swamp with these through 7.3 million pages Tips for researching on the Fellow writers offer some organizational tips

17. 19th Century Women Writers
You will be able to evaluate why women were not capable of becoming published writers. In researching the subject, you will ask yourself the following questions

18. WFD
I ve found that researching through the for children s writers Visit ROFLing

19. Great Sites For Research
writers Free Reference Maps, encyclopedias, copyright information, zip on whatever topic you might be researching. Journalism net (UK) A terrific portal of
Click to subscribe to WriteSuccess: the free ezine of ideas, information and inspiration for writers! Great Sites for Writing Research Need background information? Experts to interview? Just scouting around for writing ideas? These sites can help you....
Search Engines Brain Boost A question answering search engine. It was specifically designed to answer questions, asked in plain English. Google : The "granddaddy" of all search engines. Libraries/Reference American Memory The U.S. Library of Congress provides "a gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States. The site offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections."
Berkeley's LibWeb
: Links to online libraries in 115 countries. Everyone Who's Anyone A portal of links to agents, editors and publishers in the U.S., Canada and the UK.
Farmer's Almanac
The online version of this eclectic collection of features and information. How Stuff Works : How does a digital camera take pictures without film? How does a 401K plan work? What are the rules for tipping waitresses, hairdressers, bartenders or movers? How do anti-lock brakes differ from regular brakes? You'll find loads of information (not to mention article ideas or facts to use in your fiction) here.

20. Beginner's Guide To Freelancing
query them in the future.) Request writers’ guidelines if copies if you prefer not to go broke researching. subject matter early in the letter.) net One, an
Welcome to PoeWar.Com. Suggested Books from 2004 Poet's Market
2004 Writer's Market

If you're interested in actually selling what you write, then the Market books should be a yearly purchase. Publishers and editors change frequently in this business. Secrets of a Freelance Writer:
How to Make $85,000 a Year

The Well-Fed Writer:

Financial Self-Sufficiency As a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less

Secrets has stood the test of time. Year after year this book remains a great guide to making a living in professional writing. Well-Fed is more focused on creative writers and its advice is great for anyone starting out as a freelancer. Line by Line - How to Edit
Your Own Writing

Editing is an essential part of the writing process, and one that many writers fail to perform properly. This book is more than a style guide, it teaches you how to read and analyze your writing. The Screenwriter's Bible
Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting

Screenwriting 101
These three books will provide you with an excellent background in the screenwriting process. The Screenwriter's Bible is a comprehensive guide to putting together a screenplay.

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