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         Reiki:     more books (100)
  1. Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art by Diane Stein, 1995-05
  2. Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life by Elizabeth Fulton, Kathleen Prasad, 2006-04-05
  3. Reiki The Ultimate Guide Learn Sacred Symbols & Attunements plus Reiki Secrets You Should Know by Steve Murray, 2004-01
  4. The Original Reiki Handbook by Mikao Usui, Frank Arjava Petter, 1999-06-01
  5. Shamanic Reiki: Expanded Ways of Working with Universal Life Force Energy by Llyn Roberts, Robert Levy, 2008-01-25
  6. The Reiki Touch: complete home learning system by William Lee Rand, 2005-12-23
  7. Reiki For Dummies (For Dummies (Psychology & Self Help)) by Nina L. Paul, 2005-11-07
  8. Essential Reiki Teaching Manual: An Instructional Guide for Reiki Healers by Diane Stein, 2007-06
  9. Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles, 2006-04-06
  10. The Reiki Sourcebook by Bronwen Stiene, Frans Stiene, 2004-01-25
  11. The Power of Reiki: An Ancient Hands-On Healing Technique by Tanmaya Honervogt, 1998-03-15
  12. The Spirit of Reiki (Shangri-La Series) by W. Luebeck, F.A. Petter, et all 2001-04-10
  13. Big Book of Reiki Symbols, The by Mark and Luebeck,Walter Hosak, 2006-06-01
  14. The Japanese Art of Reiki: A Practical Guide to Self-Healing by Bronwen Stiene, Frans Stiene, 2005-04-25

161. L'Ecole De Dance - Home Page
Davagna, GE Corsi e seminari di yoga, reiki, massaggio e danza sacra. Informazioni via email.
cos'è L'Ecole de Dance "Un uomo non può far niente da solo e tuttavia qualche cosa deve essere fatta..."
- G.I Gurdjieff - "Una teoria va sperimentata. Un fatto va riconosciuto. Una verità vissuta."
- Sri Chinmoy - Appuntamenti 2004 ...i Compagni d'Avventura Pratiche permanenti e non Link interessanti... ... L'École de Dance
tel. 010 907228 - e-mail: a cura di Francesca Riggi

162. Reiki Turkey Natural Healing
reiki in Turkey for healing alternative medicine. We are Usui reikiMasters in Turkey offering healing energy reiki training
TÜRKÇE Reiki nedir? Reiki nasýl ... Gülcan ve Peter ENGLISH What is Reiki? How ... Baðlantýlar / Links s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) Reiki in Turkey has been spreading as a form of natural healing and alternative medicine. Reiki is the universal life force energy used worldwide for both healing and spiritual development by over 2 million people. This energy is transferred by the hands. The Reiki system was first started in Japan around 1920 by Mikao Usui. In the USA Reiki is used in hospitals and clinics as a complementary therapy speeding up the patients recovery. Reiki is not a replacement for conventional medical care. Used alongside conventional medicine, it is effective for many physical, mental and emotional problems. Reiki is not a religion. Reiki is compatible with all beliefs and does not require the acceptance of any particular belief system. Reiki, Türkiye'de bir doðal þifa ve alternatif týp yöntemi olarak git gide yayýlmakta. Reiki, dünya üzerinde iki milyondan fazla kiþi tarafýndan, gerek þifa gerekse ruhsal geliþim amacýyla kullanýlan evrensel yaþam enerjisidir. Bu enerji elle aktarýlýr. Reiki sistemi ilk olarak , tahminen 1920 senesinde Japonya'da Mikao Usui tarafýndan baþlatýlmýþtýr. Bugün Amerika'da hastalarýn iyileþme sürecini hýzlandýran bütünleyici terapi olarak hastane ve kliniklerde kullanýlmaktadýr. Reiki, çaðdaþ týp yöntemlerinin yerine kullanýlamaz. Geleneksel týp ile yan yana kullanýldýðýnda ise birçok bedensel, zihinsel ve duygusal sorunun çözülmesinde

163. Bruce Butcher Services Home Page
Works with all types of animals. Sessions are by phone or inperson. Also offers reiki and workshops.
Bruce Butcher
"I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone." - Rilke ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Using the name of your animal a direct, telepathic link is established for the purpose of exploring issues relevant to the animal and/or their caretakers. One need not be present with the animal to establish this connection or to seek their perspective on important aspects of their life situation. The session is directed according to the needs as defined by the animal, and by the questions from their caretakers. Animals who have passed remain alive in our hearts, in our memories, and in the Universe. Their energy never dies; nor does their essence and love - these are available to us eternally. I regularly connect to those who have passed to help you bring closure and peace of mind to their passing and to your life. As a Professional Animal Communicator, I work with all species of animals, in domestic, captive and wild settings. It is my mission to bring the love, compassion and clarity necessary to create a better understanding between you and your animal. Total Guests: Bruce Butcher • Worldwide Animal Communicator
Telephone ~ 614-296-0479

164. Reiki Healing
reiki. reiki (pronounced RayKey) is a method of natural healing based onthe application of Universal Life Force Energy . THE HISTORY OF reiki.
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of 'Universal Life Force Energy'. The name 'Reiki' literally means Universal Life Force Energy. THE HISTORY OF REIKI 1802-1883 (approximate dates given) The history of Reiki goes back to the teachings of Dr. Makio Usui, in the late 1800's, the founder of Reiki. His teaching have been passed down in woral and written traditions. Dr. Usui looked for a way to heal through the 'light of God' which is the way Jesus had healed. This set him on a journey of many years. Studying first at Christian schools in the US, for where else to learn of Jesus, but with no results. In the Christian schools the method was not known. It was suggested he study Buddhist writings since the Buddh had also healed. This took more years studying at a monastary in the Orient. Nowhere could he find the answers. In Japan he toured many temples asking for knowledge of how the Buddha had healed. At each one the priests said they were more concerned with spiritual than physical well being. In one small monastary he found some ancient Sanskrit writings from India (or perhaps Tibet). After a few more years of study, he felt he had come to an understanding and that to go further required indepth meditation. He declared to the monks of this monastary his intention to fast and meditate for 21 days at a nearby mountain - Mount Koriyama - a mountain known as an excellent place for meditation.

165. Index.htm
reiki Healing och diettj¤nster.
På den här sidan används ramar som inte stöds av din webbläsare.

166. Otherkin Reiki
Otherkin reiki. Hopefully the mini FAQ will get you where you re going. Otherkinreiki Resources Otherkin reiki FAQ. Otherkin FAQ. reiki Guided Attunement.
Otherkin Reiki
Ok, chances are that either you stumbled on this page when researching Reiki, or that you followed a link or webring to this page. Hopefully the mini FAQ will get you where you're going.
Otherkin Reiki Resources:
Otherkin Reiki FAQ Otherkin FAQ Reiki Guided Attunement Rialian's Reiki Pages ... Barton Wendel Advanced Reiki Page
Symbol Resources
Channeled by Railenne Channeled by the Crisses Symbol Index (links through this site, and other websites)
Otherkin Reiki Practitioners:
**note to practitioners: put link to bio and lineage info etc. here** Railenne The Crisses
(specific dates may be mentioned in particular texts, in which case, the date listed in the text takes precedence)
Please feel free to ask for permissions for use, however, I can be quite giving. Notice: All information on these pages is intended as complimentary medicine, and should not be used as sole treatment for any illnesses. In all cases of illness, one should use one's best judgement to determine appropriate medical attention, whether physical, psychological, spiritual or emotional. These methods can be quite effective with the use of medical treatment and alternative therapies, there are, as yet, no known harmful interactions. As with all treatment programs, the use of Reiki as a treatment option should be regarded with conscientious research and approached with full concent. Home Criss' Web Pages EMail Criss

167. Északi Fény Alkotómûhely
Tanfolyamok, veget¡ri¡nus ©telek, receptek, gerinctorna, massz¡zs, j³ga, k¶nyvaj¡nl³, reiki, a feh©r piramis.
Nyitóoldal Északi Fény alkotómuhely Feng Shui Mandalatanfolyam ... Az öt elem kártyajáték - Ne próbáld elhajlítani, mert az lehetetlen. Helyette inkább
próbáld felismerni az igazságot!
- Miféle igazságot?
- Hogy nincs kanál.
- Nincs kanál?
- Akkor majd látni fogod, nem a kanál hajlik, hanem te magad. Mátrix
(A bal oldali menüpontokban további információkat is találsz)
A gondolatolvasó Egy este, amikor a császár egy hosszúra nyúlt, fáradságos nap után már éppen visszavonulóban volt a lakosztályába, az ajtónálló lélekszakadva rontott be hozzá:
- Felséges Uram! Elnézést, hogy éppen most kell alkalmatlankodnom, de délvidékrõl egy pandit érkezett, s nagyon erõsködik, hogy most azonnal szeretne kihallgatást kérni.
Noha Akbar már igen-igen fáradt volt, de mert mindig nagy tisztelettel volt a bölcs emberek iránt, e kései órán is mutatott némi érdeklõdést:
- Igen? És mit akar?

168. Allspirit Reiki
Site Meter. Allspirit logo I am not currently practicing reiki. You can visit myreiki Master s site at http//
Poetry Index


Contact Gill
var site="sm5allspirit" I am not currently practicing Reiki. You can
visit my Reiki Master's site at:

169. Reiki Bear Creations
crystals, bears, reiki and other new age products.
<% If Request.Cookies("reikibear") = "True" Then Response.Redirect "main.asp" Else Response.Cookies("reikibear") = "True" Response.Cookies("reikibear").Expires = DateAdd("YYYY",1,Date) Response.Cookies("reikibear").Secure = FALSE End If %>
Please click on the logo to enter Reiki Bear's Web Site

170. Brahma Satya Reiki
GREATLY REFINED Originated In India On August 7th, 1997 Founder Deepak HardikarSearch This Site For Originality In The World Of reiki reiki SHIFTED INTO
Originated In India On August 7th, 1997

Founder : Deepak Hardikar
Search This Site For Originality In The World Of Reiki
 The whole of this is website is on automated round the clock energy beaming mode. Right now you are on an Astral-Healing Zone. Feel the Astral Healing Energies as you surf. Watch out for subtle vibrations, heat built up within your body or just feel the pains ease out. Some of the experiences reported to us are experiencing vibrations at finger tips, head, watering eyes, sleepy feeling. To avail these healings, just open any page of this website, sit relaxed with eyes closed requesting for the Shiva-Shakti energies to flow towards you for the purpose you wish for. Continue to stay thus for a period of 3 to 5 minutes. Sensitive people are able to sense these energies within a minute. What is it that you look for when you learn reiki ?

171. High Priestess Regina
Courses in reiki, Melchizedek methods and the Merkaba, tarot and numerology, crystals, totems, and chakra balancing. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Divine Spiritual Light Services
High Priestess Regina
Learn the ancient art of Tibetan Healing
Melchizedek Method
Three-Breath Merkaba
And harness the energy from Heaven and Earth.
Draw upon the pure white light of Christ.
Certificates Levels 1-3
Phone Kamadon High Priestess Regina on
Auckland, New Zealand +64 (09) 267-8496
or 021 238-1300
Willow for more information
Blue Lotus
Maori Wairuatanga Therapeutic Massage/ Reflexology ... Click here for Io "Jupiter's Moon" May the Peace of the Creator burn in your Heart. As this candle is carried from one site to another, the flame of spiritual love and healing continues to light the way for those who seek to know the true self. Take this light with you to your page that it may light the way to love and healing. Watch as it travels from one place to another and in so doing it embraces our world with hope. Peace, Love and Light ! Sairam Baba. Spiritually Divine Homepages of Kamadon High Priestess website created by Kre-8 Konnect Websiter

172. Neuhaus, Francine
R©flexologie, drainage lymphatique, massage m©tamorphique, ©lixirs floraux, reiki et cours de formation individuels ou en petit groupe. Gen¨ve, Suisse.

173. Reiki-praktijk Sattva
Homepage van Hans Fukkink in Driel. Met woordenlijst, informatie over de geschiedenis en links.

Een moment U wordt door verwezen..........

174. The International Reiki Federation
Nonprofit organisation founded by Sanjnashakti in 1997, which has connections to the Dr Usui society in Japan.
Become a member.
enter e-mail and receive regular updates

What is it? What is it's history? Some helpful advice for those new to ReiKi... SACRED PLACE TOURS
Join us on tour when we visit some of the most sacred places on Earth... OUR AIMS
Who are the International ReiKi Federation? Read all about what we are trying to achieve... COURSES
Learn about the courses we offer including residential courses with a list of recommended accommodation... catch up on coming events Read up on our members contributions or send your own! Read what they're saying in the media
International ReiKi Federation, 5 Tindle Centre, Warren Street, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, SA70 7JY

175. Scuola Di Naturopatia Ad Indirizzo Bio-energetico Ed Ambientale- Accreditata ECM
Presenta la scuola di formazione nata per permettere di operare in modo professionale.
scuola di naturopatia firenze, modena, teramo, genova A cura del Centro Studi Medicine Integrate La Casa del Glicine
E' attivo il primo servizio di recupero lezioni via rete telematica E' attivo il servizio di messaggistica SMS! Bio-News via Web! Clicca qui AGGIORNATO al 29- 02- 2004 che visita questo sito 208 Crediti formativi (4320h) Entra PRATO- Modena- Genova- Teramo (nuova apertura) Aderenti al Coordinamento Nazionale del CoLAP Soci Fondatori del Sindacato Nazionale CONSAP Inscritti nella banca dati del Consiglio Nazionale dell'Economia e del Lavoro- CNEL Le iscrizioni sono a numero chiuso e dato l'alto numero di richeste apriranno a Febbraio Le lezioni cominceranno in Ottobre
  • 3 anni di base (diploma in Naturopatia) 1240 ore (facoltativo)
    Master in Naturopatia 460 ore effettive (facoltativo) Monte ore totale 2120
    Iscrizione all'Albo Interno dei Naturopati A.I.NA. "I crediti E.C.N." educazione continua naturopatica P er conoscere ed operare in modo professionale L'Accademia di Naturopatia con la propria Centro Studi, collaborano ATTIVAMENTE per una proposta di legge equa riguardante il riconoscimento giuridico degli operatori.
Articoli della sezione "fondamenti giuridici"

176. Resonantie Therapie Scherpenzeel
i n. a a n b o u w. de praktijk voor polyenergetische therapie is veranderdin resonantie therapie scherpenzeel . het nieuwe concept
n a
w de praktijk voor polyenergetische therapie is veranderd in "resonantie therapie scherpenzeel" het nieuwe concept is zo anders van benadering dat de website zoals het was niet meer toereikend is. vandaar deze verbouwing. tot snel
op de nieuwe website i
n a
a n b o u w titus davidheimann beek vermeerlaan 48 3925 xd scherpenzeel

177. InfoSpace
YOU ARE HERE , Page Not Found. Page not found. You many have accidentallytyped in the wrong web address or requested an old web page.
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Convenient Web Services: Recommended Sites: If you believe you have reached this page in error, please email us at . Please indicate the URL of the page you requested as well as any other related information.
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