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  1. Usui Reiki: Master Level by Francine Milford, 2006-11-01
  2. Degrees of Reiki by Maureen J. Kelly, 2002-12-24

141. Awaken Your Reiki Healing Power
reiki healing home study courses, training up to reiki Master level. Learn reikihealing by distance attunement worldwide for very low fees. Free ebook.
Learn Reiki healing by Distance attunements Reiki FAQ Reiki Testimonials Free NLP ... Contact
Wouldn't you like to be able to easily relieve stress,
increase relaxation, strengthen your immune system,
help your body heal and become healthy again;
relieve physical, mental and emotional pain,
find inner peace, happiness, and much more...
Your visit here is not by chance... " Dear Mona, I have to thank you for the Reiki III distance attunement at the weekend, I have noticed a definite stronger flow of energy, my hands are still tingling as I type this!... On doing a treatment on my partner he felt a definite stronger energy and as he has just had tonsillitis, the treatment really helped and he felt better the next day. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this Reiki Masters course with you and making it possible, and at such a low fee for this I am eternally grateful! Love & light, Donna Riley, England"
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"There is no such thing as a chance;

142. Startside
reiki og Karunareiki, Mikao Usui, reikialliansen, kurs og artikler.
Reiki Healing Norge TFT® Norway alternativmesse i Fredrikstad 2. og 3. oktober 2004
Nyheter fra Reiki Healing Norge Reiki Master kurs holdes i Oslo 12. og 13. juni, 4 ledige plasser. Det er begrenset antall plasser igjen. Norske kompendier. Utvidet Karuna Reiki kurs holdes høsten 2004, for Reiki utøvere som har hatt Reiki i minimum 6 måneder. Opplev sterke energistrømninger og stor framgang i ditt healing arbeid. I NDIANER WEEKEND 5. og 6. juni 2004 i Gamlebyen i Fredrikstad PAUL RICHARD MEDECINE MAN - HEALER FRA CANADA, få plasser igjen. (du har kun plass hvis du har betalt kr 500 i depositum, se påmelding Pau l) Reiki Master kurs holdes i Oslo 12. og 13. juni, 4 ledige plasser. Det er begrenset antall plasser igjen. Norske kompendier. Du må ha hatt Reiki integrert i deg i minimum 12 måneder (PS Til informasjon var det i Skottland jeg hørte utsaget "I am a healer, I do have Reiki, but I don't use it". Når man daglig arbeider med energiarbeid som terapeut og lærer vil man utrolig lett føle hvilke energier folk arbeider i. Det sammen med intuisjon og spirituell utvikling gjør at man bare vet, og bare kan se..... Det er slik at i det lange løp er det Reiki som avgjør hvor langt vi skal nå som lærere i dette utrolig spennende feltet. Etter ti år i energien - og med de gaver jeg daglig mottar som en lysarbeider har jeg fått en viss innsikt, men utlært blir man aldri.) For deg som ikke har tatt Reiki 1 og 2 hos meg tilbyr jeg repetisjon av Reiki 1 og 2 fredag ettermiddag for kr 1.000,- dette fordi jeg oppdager stadig at ikke alle Reiki Mastere lærer bort optimal fjernhealingsteknikker.

143. Asunam - Reiki Master / Reiki Foundation
Classes, services and information about reiki, Energy Healing, Meditation, Stresseducation, Chakras, Buddhism and related Holistic approaches can be found at

144. What Is Reiki?
What is reiki? reiki is a Japanese healing art that was synthesized into beingby Mikao Usui in the late 1800 s in Japan. What is the history of reiki?
What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese healing art that was synthesized into being by Mikao Usui in the late 1800's in Japan. Mikao Usui was a devout Buddhist who, in his intense desire to understand and work with methods of medicine and healing, developed Reiki. "Reiki" is a Japanese word for the concept: "Universal Life Energy". Reiki's initial stages can be learned by anyone regardless of their personal philosophy and/or spiritual belief system. Through the initiations of Reiki comes a "re-awakening", a re-opening of the stronger healing potential that lies within us all. For more information fill out our contact form In Reiki, the healing energy is allowed to flow into ourselves, and then WE, act as a vehicle - through which this energy can be passed on to another individual via our hands. It becomes natural to touch someone and allow this healing energy to flow when someone is in pain, and to assist in relieving this pain. A Reiki treatment restores balance and harmony to the whole person, bringing about a sense of wellness. A client remains dressed while receiving a Reiki treatment, as Reiki will go through the material, including plaster casts. The person being treated is not

Rosemarie Vogel, Mestra de reiki, em S£o Paulo. Oferece curso de reiki.
Ministra CURSO
Florais de Bach e Florais de Saint Germain. O l
Sigo as normas da "The Reiki Alliance" fundada em 1981, nos EUA, por Phyllis Lei Furumoto, nossa Gran-Mestra.
Silke M.Lemcke
atualizado em:

146. Reiki
reiki. William T. Jarvis, Ph.D. The word, reiki, is of Japanese origin.Rei means universal spirit, unlimited, and ki refers
Article Index NCAHF Home Page
William T. Jarvis, Ph.D.
The word, Reiki, is of Japanese origin. Rei means "universal spirit, unlimited," and ki refers to the "life force" or "energy." Proponents credit a Dr. Mikao Usui with "re-discovering" Reiki some time around 1846 as part of his search of "sacred texts." It is clear from proponents' descriptions that Reiki is but a variation of other healing superstitions such as "pranic healing" (ritual of ancient fertility religion, Wicca [ie, witchcraft]), qigong (based upon traditional Chinese medicine), Therapeutic Touch (a pseudomedical practice done by 20th Century American nurses), and unnamed shamanic healing practices that involve hand-waving, or laying-on-of-hands, healing rituals. Such rituals are magical practices that purport to manipulate unseen "spiritual" forces. First degree Reiki practitioners learn to treat through a series of 12 specific hand positions placed gently on the body. This allegedly facilitates the flow of Reiki energy through the practitioner, said to be manifested by a heightened feeling of warmth in the hands. The practitioner is said to merely serve as a conduit for the Reiki energy. A second degree Reiki practitioner allegedly "learns to send Reiki over distance through the use of special symbols which involve the opening up to the experience of the energy and listening to one's inner voice." The third level is Reiki Master, a process lasting a year or more while working as an apprentice with another Reiki Master. During this time the apprentice learns to embody the energy and is then able to teach Reiki to others." [1]

147. Startpagina Van Mani Vivendi: Alles Over Massage Healing, Reiki, Kombucha En Nog
Praktijk voor alternatieve geneeswijzen, sport en ontspanningsmassage, reiki, therapeutic touch, healing en Touch Pro stoelmassage. Uitgebreide informatie. Praktijk te Dronten.

148. Reiki En Madrid
Translate this page reiki en MADRID (España). Actividades de reiki (conferencias, cursos,talleres, tratamientos reiki en Madrid,,
var nEditorialCatId = 94; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(''); Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Reiki en Madrid What's New Join Now Mensajes Algunas NORMAS ... Recommend This Group to a Friend s i tienes interés en conocer qué es Reiki y cómo funciona, estaremos encantados de informarte. Si, además, deseas practicar este método de sanación, te indicaremos dónde y cuándo podrás aprenderlo en MADRID CURSOS de REIKI en MADRID - España, con Manual y Diploma. E n caso de haber sido iniciado en alguno de los niveles, ésta puede ser la ocasión de formar parte de un grupo de intercambio de Reiki No olvides visitar las páginas de CENTROS CURSOS CONFERENCIAS FECHAS DE ACTIVIDADES y SESIONES Contienen información práctica. ¡Bienvenido a "Reiki en Madrid"! Carlos - Maestro/Profesor de Reiki Aquí también encontrarás información sobre REIKI en BURGOS Visita la página ENERGIA MAGNIFICADA Magnified Healing Este grupo cuenta con 198 participantes Únete a nosotros Para incorporarte a "Reiki en Madrid pincha en "Únete ahora o en "Únete a este grupo".

149. Reiki
Nedir, tarih§esi, eğitim dereceleri, sık§a sorulan sorular linkler.
Merhaba Mine Dural Kimdir? Reiki Nedir? - Reiki'nin Tarihçesi ... E-Mail
Ruhsal Bilgelik Rehberliðinde þifa verir...
REIKI Ýle kendi kendinizin þifacýsý olabilirsiniz.
Zeki ve Amaçlý,
Daima Olumlu ve Þefkatli
Güçlü ve Güvenilir
Zamandan Baðýmsýz, Etkili ve Sýnýrsýzdýr

150. Reiki
Translate this page click aqui y reiki click aqui y reiki. Curarse con las manos. de reiki.

click aqui y Reiki
Curarse con las manos

Reiki es una palabra japonesa que significa " Fuerza Vital Universal ". Esta energía adopta dversas formas y está presente en todo lo que tiene vida. Es la esencia de quienes somos como seres humanos; es una parte integral de nuestro ser.
Cuando nuestro "Ki" es fuerte, nosotros estamos física, emocional, mental y espiritualmente sanos. Cuando nuestro ki está en un nivel muy bajo, podemos enfermarnos o desequilibrarnos en varias formas. Una de las maneras en que podemos reabastecernos de Fuerza Vital es usar Reiki.
Cuando un practicante de reiki hace contacto a través de las manos, transmite esa energía ya sea a sí mismo o a otra persona.
Reiki tiene un efecto equilibrador, armonizador y desbloqueador tanto en la persona que lo recibe como en quien lo transmite. Cuando experimentamos Reiki ya sea con nuestras propias manos o recibiéndolo de algún iniciado, sentimos que nos calma y relaja. Grandes curaciones en todos los niveles suceden a partir de este estado de quietud y armonía. Es excelente para reducir "stress" y fortalecer el sistema inmunológico. Muchos profesionales de la curación como terapistas físicos, psiquiatras, psicólogos, kinesiólogos etc., han empezado a combinar Reiki con los métodos de curación que ellos usan habitualmente. Reiki tiene su propia inteligencia y sabe qué es lo que cada persona necesita. La energía va directo al lugar donde quien la recibe necesita curación. Al comenzar el tratamiento la energía puede empezar a trabajar en un nivel totalmente diferente al que nosotros habíamos anticipado. Reiki siempre nos muestra la oportunidad de efectuar una curación a un nivel tan profundo como estemos preparados.. A veces sentimos que no estamos listos para confrontar aquello que aflora a la superficie; cuando es así Reiki actúa de una manera muy suave, apoyándonos sin invadir en lo absoluto nuestro momento interno.

151. Love And Light Bridge Around The World
Information about reiki, feng shui, aurasoma, Course in Miracles and spiritual personalities who have inspired the authors.

For info email:
Red Angel Leo's Art Gallery
ON planet Info
OFF planet Info ...
Contact us
Last update : May 30th 2004

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a site suitable for healing emotional, physical and spiritual.
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153. Welcome To The Reiki Council Web Site
reiki Council offers reiki Practitioners outstanding membership benefits includingProfessional Liability Insurance, Certification opportunities, discounts
Please, sign me up for the Free Reiki Council e-mail newsletter! The Reiki Council does not sell, share, or otherwise distribute
your contact information... ever... period.
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New Book by Rick Vrenios:
Extraordinary Living Through Chakra Wisdom
Now Available!
Reiki Council Publishing is pleased to announce the new book by Rick Vrenios is available now for immediate shipment! Bringing this often esoteric and vague concept to life in practical, tangible terms, this is
the most comprehensive guide to the chakra system available on the market.
Chakra Wisdom explores the major, mid-range, and minor chakras as well as the
three centers of consciousness and our full subtle anatomy with jaw-dropping
new insights that let you immediately begin to tap into the power of this system to literally
transform your life!

154. Aromatika
Bradford Brief descriptions of treatments of aromatherapy, reiki healing, Tibetan head massage, and contact details.
Therapeutic massage using the essential oils from flowers and plants to relax, uplift or stimulate mentally and physically, ease aches and pains, help the body fight infections, alleviate stress, tone or relax muscles before or after exercise, alleviate skin problems, help circulation.
Described by busy stressed as "absolute bliss". REIKI HEALING
Pronounced "Ray Kay", Reiki is a Japanese compound word. 'Rei' can be translated as universal, mysterious, essence, wisdom. 'Ki' is translated as life force energy and equates to 'Chi' used by the Chinese. Therefore Reiki literally means "vital life force energy guided by universal wisdom".
It is that power which acts and lives in all created matter.
In a gentle and safe way, Reiki takes account of healing that is needed on a physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.
It can be used on people, plants and animals.
No belief is required - only a willingness to receive the Reiki energy is needed. REFLEXOLOGY
There are 206 bones in the body, of which one quarter (52) are in the feet, which support the entire body weight for a large part of each day. They are probably the most abused part of the body. How often do you pamper your feet? It is something not ordinarily done. Reflexology can revolutionise your life - it is something special, out of the ordinary. LYMPH DRAINAGE MASSAGE
This is a series of repeated slow, gentle movements on specific therapeutic points on the face, head and body.

De beste linkverzameling over reiki. Wij hebben gevonden wat u zoekt!

156. Your Browser Does Not Support Frames. We Recommend Upgrading Your
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157. Dancing Bear Way - Hawaiian Huna And Huna Reiki
Information on various spiritual topics including meditation, healing the soul,shamanism, reiki and subtle energies, angels, and more. Huna and Huna reiki.

Soul Therapy


Flower Essences

Books and References

Links to Places that Support this Site
Links to Other Sites

Huna and Huna Reiki
Hawaiian Spiritual Healing

Hawaiian spiritual healing, known as Huna, means "secret". It is an energy system that places as much emphasis on connecting with your spirituality as it does on connecting to the earth, your body, and your emotions. Huna teaches us to celebrate life on the physical plane, to merge matter and spirit rather than transcendence of the physical plane. The Hawaiian Huna Philosophy This ancient tradition believes that the key to living a fulfilled life lies in the awakening and integration of your subconscious or lower self, the conscious or middle self, and the spiritual or higher self. It offers us a profoundly beautiful philosophy of life centered in love with the vision of humankind, nature, and the divine as harmonious parts of a cosmic community. Huna is much more than a philosophy, it is a way of life that gives us a set of practices that are simple yet, profoundly transformational.

158. One Spirit, One Heart, The Animal Connection Healing Modalities
Information on ttouch therapy, as well as radionics, spiritual dowsing, shamanism, nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, flower essence, polarity, and reiki.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Holistic Healing, Animal Healing
Our Mission
We assist any sentient being in completing it's life purpose. We aid in releasing negative emotions and energies that interfere in a being's obtaining total health, happiness and individual life purpose. We also assist in obtaining optimum health in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.
We use all healing modalities necessary to invoke total healing in body, mind, emotion and spirit to obtain complete and sustainable healing.
Our primary healing methods include: Ttouch Therapy, Radionics, Spiritual Dowsing, Prayer, Ceremony, Shamanism, Communication, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs, Flower Essence, Polarity, Reiki, Referrals.
Who I am and What I do
I am your facilitator toward health and healing for your animal companion, for you and for your family. What is Holistic Healing Modalities? Brief one-liners explaining the various modalities. Acupuncture to TTOUCH. This is designed to remove some of the confusion around a lot of overused terms. A Sustainable Healing This is an article explaining some of the various directions in which dis-ease may manifest and also the roads we need to be traveling in our search for wellness.

159. - Free For All Reiki Links
reiki. Free For All reiki Links reikionly links classified by geographiclocation. 1997 - 2004 ( Free For All reiki Links ).
Welcome to It is now Your computer's time is
Free For All Reiki Links
For practitioners to list their sites, and for seekers to find services in their area An Overview of Reiki Reiki for a Modern World ReikiAloha Home Pages Home Pages Member Login Bulletin Board Guestbook
Health and Lifestyle - Vitamin C Information: Book Recommendation:
"How to Live Longer and Feel Better" by Linus Pauling Vitamin C: How Much Is Enough?
Patrick Holford The Last Interview
Linus Pauling's final interview with the Journal of Optimum Nutrition in 1994 Vitamin C and Vascular Disease
Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, California
Owen R Fonorow
Vitamin C, Titrating to Bowel Tolerance
Robert F. Cathcart, M.D. Benefits of Exercise Walking
American Podiatric Medical Association The Original Sobagara (Buckwheat Hull) Pillow Silver (Mercury Amalgam) Fillings vs. Composite Fillings
Michael C. Goldman, DDS Good Teeth From Birth To Death with Dr. Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D. Finding the Courage to Go for Your Dreams!
Dr. Ferne Cherne
Food: Down To Earth Natural Foods Media: KIKU Television Hawaii's premiere multi-cultural television station Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Newspaper) The Honolulu Advertiser (Newspaper) Annual Events (Oahu): Honolulu Festival (March) Pan-Pacific Festival Matsuri in Hawaii (June) Taste of Honolulu (June) Aloha Festivals (September-October) Honolulu Marathon (December)

160. ::: Holistic Therapies OnLine ::: The Complete Holistic Experience
Holistic therapies for physical and mental wellbeing, including aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, stress management, massage and diet.
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