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         Radio Communication:     more books (100)
  1. Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy: VFR Edition: Talk Like a Pro with Templates That Function as a Script for Your VFR Flights by Hugh C. Ward, 2006-04-01
  2. The Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook by Paul E. Illman, 1998-04-01
  3. Simulation and Software Radio for Mobile Communications (The Artech House Universal Personal Communications Series) by Hiroshi, Harada, Ramjee, Prasad, 2002-05-01
  4. The Arrl Handbook for Radio Communications 2007 (Arrl Handbook for Radio Communications)
  5. Narrowband Land-Mobile Radio Networks (Mobile Communications Series) by Jean-Paul Linnartz, 1993-12-01
  6. The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2008: 2008 (Arrl Handbook for Radio Communications)
  7. The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2008 (ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications)
  8. Emergency Power: For Radio Communications by Michael Bryce, 2006-01
  9. Software Defined Radio: The Software Communications Architecture (Wiley Series in Software Radio) by John Bard, Vincent J., Jr Kovarik, 2007-05-08
  10. Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, and Adaptive Wireless Systems (Signals and Communication Technology)
  11. Software Radio: A Modern Approach to Radio Engineering (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series) by Jeffrey H. Reed, 2002-05-30
  12. Communications at Sea: Marine Radio, Email, Satellite, and Internet Services by Mike Harris, 2003-05
  13. The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2004
  14. Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits: Analysis and Design by Devendra K. Misra, 2004-07-30

1. Information About Radio Communications (aerials, Radios, Modes Etc.)
Information about various types of radio communication. CB Radio, scanning, amateur and more! An Introduction to the world of radio communications.
An Introduction to the world of Radio Communications
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Plain CB Radio
Extended topics about radio SIGN MY GUESTBOOK! About Authors ...
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2. RITRON, Inc. Leaders In Professional Radio Communication
Professional twoway radios for any workplace or jobsite. Ritron, Inc., founded in 1977 has become a leader in the design and manufacture of cost-effective professional radio systems. Ritron Jobcom Display Base Stations. Jobcom Radio Accessories. DataFlow RTU Telemetry
All Ritron products are proudly
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Patriot SST D-Series
Patriot Plus Radios Patriot RTX Radios ... Patriot Retail Price List Ritron Technical Bulletins and Helpful Hints Click on the image Need help? Use our Search Engine All of Ritron, Inc Patriot SST Display Portables Patriot Plus Portables Patriot RTX Portables Patriot RPM Mobiles Patriot RRX-460 Repeaters Patriot Repeaters Patriot Exciter Liberty Repeaters Patriot Display Base Stations Quick Talk Reporter Quick Assist OutPost Callboxes OutPost XT Callboxes Jobcom Display Portables Jobcom VHF Portables Jobcom Display Base Stations Jobcom Radio Accessories DataFlow RTU Telemetry OEM Data Radios Users Manuals Dedicated to Serving The Customer Founded in 1977, RITRON, INC. has become a leader in the design and manufacture of cost-effective professional radio communication systems. RITRON products range from affordable JOBCOM portable radios, to repeaters, to programmable mobiles, to sophisticated data telemetry systems. The RITRON Factory Sales Department can be reached by E-Mail or by calling our toll-free telephone at 800-USA-1-USA A RITRON sales representative will answer your questions about RITRON products, recommend the best possible equipment to meet your needs, and direct you to the RITRON Authorized Dealer nearest you. Please mention you heard about our products from this web site.

3. KTH Signals, Sensors And Systems :: Radio Communication Systems
STEX, Lab Exam Booking, Internal info », Intranet, S3 Welcome to the radio communication Systems Group at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.


Signals Sensors and Systems

People and Department
Research ... Intranet Welcome to the Radio Communication Systems Group at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The Group conducts research and education in the radio systems area.
Research Topics
Contract education
Undergraduate Education

Master's Thesis projects

Graduate Education
Contact information
RST 10 years
Stipends for master students
Post-doc fellowship
Old and Internal
Internal information Computer rules Archive Olav Queseth, Last updated: 2004-03-31

4. Marlborough Communications Limited ; Advanced, Innovative Electronic Communicati
radio communications, Telecommunications and Smart Materials
Home About Us Products Support ... Contact Us Providing quality design, development, production and support of advanced electronic and electro-mechanical systems for the military, government and commercial markets for almost 25 years.
Based in secure premises near Gatwick airport in the UK, Marlborough Communications Limited is a specialist in military communications and signal intercept. We have the versatility to tailor products and support to your specific requirements.
Our highly trained and skilled engineers have successfully met our customers' requirements from single bespoke works through to multi-million pound contracts.
Find out more about our quality products and proven reputation for reliability that has helped us to successfully deliver over 1000 contracts around the world. Employment Site Map

5. KTH Signals, Sensors And Systems :: Research At Radio Communication Systems
S3 / Research. Research Topics of radio communication Systems. Radio Resource Management in Wireless Systems The main emphasis is


Signals Sensors and Systems

People and Department
Research ... Microsystem Technology Radio Communication Signal Processing Sound and Image Processing
Education ... Research
Research Topics of
Radio Communication Systems
Radio Resource Management in Wireless Systems
The main emphasis is on studying schemes to handle and to avoid interference in order to make efficient use of the scarce natural resource radio spectrum. Of particular interest is radio resource management for wireless multimedia systems requiring a multitude of data rates and transmission qualities. 4th Generation Wireless Infrastructures
The 4GW project aims at studying key problems in the architecture and deployment of future wireless access infrastructures required to provide Personal Multimedia communication to all at the same cost as fixed telephony today. Ad hoc Radio Networks
Ad-hoc networking attacks a number of todays critical problems, infrastructure cost, roll out time and the limited radio ranges associated with higher frequency bands and higher data rates. The project focus on on the radio environment and radio resource management, factors that have often simplified in previous studies.
OFDM for Mobile Communications Systems

OFDM allows high data rate transmission and the possibility of maximizing its efficiency by adapting its variables to the channel behaviour. We are looking at the potential of OFDM when combined with variable rate modulation and trellis coded modulation.

6. ELMO Autonomous Robot With Radio Communication
ELMO autonomous robot with radio communication. Introduction. ELMO is an autonomous robot I constructed for using LEGO, the Handy Board, motors, sensors, and a radio data transceiver
ELMO autonomous robot with radio communication
ELMO is an autonomous robot I constructed for my master's thesis at the department of Computer Science at the University of Twente . My assignment was to design and implement a robot that would be able to move around using genetic algorithms. This webpage shows you how I made the robot using LEGO, the Handy Board, motors, sensors, and a radio data transceiver. Each of these components will be discussed in the next paragraphs. If you are interested in the rest of the work (including the genetic algorithms and the results), please let me know at
The body of the robot is made of LEGO Technic. Basic parts of the LEGO Technic Barcode Truck (item number 8479) are used for the construction of the body. The main function of the body is to firmly hold the Handy Board, the motors, the sensors, and the radio data transceiver.
Handy Board
The Handy Board is a microcontroller board designed by the MIT for experimental mobile robotic projects. It is used throughout the world by researchers and teachers in the robotics field.

7. Untitled Document
Tait Electronics Ltd analog radio, australia radio, conventional Tait designs and manufactures professional radio communication solutions for mobile organisations. Products include MPT 1327 trunked
The Radiocommunications Agency ceased to exist on 29 December 2003 and its duties were assumed by Ofcom, the Office of Communications. Ofcom is the new communications sector regulator and will have wide-ranging responsibilities when it assumes its powers at the end of 2003. Ofcom inherits the duties of the five existing regulators it replaces: the Broadcasting Standards Commission (BSC), the Independent Television Commission (ITC), Oftel, the Radio Authority and the Radiocommunications Agency. As part of the transition process the material on the Radiocommunications Agency website is being transferred to the Ofcom website. To view material previously on the Radiocommunications Agency website please click on the link below.

8. Pearson Education
of modern radio communication systems. radio communication systems are an essential feature introduction to the principles of radio communication along with practical applications

9. CCLRC - Radio Communications Research Unit
radio communications Research Unit. at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. These are essential for planning radio communications and managing the radio spectrum.
CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX Tel: 01235 445622
Fax:01234 446140
Radio Communications Research Unit
at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
The RCRU a Division of the Council for the Central Laboratory for the Research Councils (CCLRC) at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The Unit carries out research on a wide range of topics in radiowave propagation, radio communications and meteorology, based on extensive measurement facilities and expertise developed over many years. Many of the propagation studies were funded by the Radiocommunications Agency, now part of the Office of Communications ( OfCom ). An increasing amount of work is funded by other organisations such as NERC, EPSRC, the Met Office, ITC, ESA, QinetiQ and the EU.
The team at Chilbolton conduct much of the experimental research for RCRU. Facilities include multi-frequency, multi-parameter radar systems installed on a 25m steerable antenna, experimental millimetre wave systems, meteorological sensors and a UV vertical sounding lidar. Located 8 km from Chilbolton at Sparsholt, is a multi-frequency satellite-receiving system.
RCRU conducts most of its analysis and modelling at the Rutheford Appleton Laboratory. The research helps to improve propagation models and create novel communications concepts. These are essential for planning radio communications and managing the radio spectrum.

Contains telecommunication designs, RF and Microwave electronic designs and simulation programs written in matlab. There is also a reference section.
Radio Communication Designs and Programs Site

11. Burnaby Radio Communications - Home

12. Penta Marine Radio Communications:Penta Comstat VZX
Penta Marine radio communications is a private HF radio communication service for yachts and pleasure craft. Penta Marine radio communications.
Penta Marine Radio Communications is a private HF radio communication service for yachts and pleasure craft.
Penta Comstat VZX is the station identification and callsign. Penta Comstat has been providing a personalised service for maritime mobiles for more than 20 years. Operating on a range of HF channels from 4 to 22 MHz, Penta Comstat has gained both national and international recognition for the service provided for pleasure craft around Australia and the Pacific Ocean.
Site Contents
Voice Service Membership
Communications Schedule
Radiophone Service ...
The radio room at Firefly NSW SailMail is an email over HF radio service provided for members of the SailMail Association.
Penta Comstat VZX provides a continuous automatic HF radio gateway to the Internet for email messages. The station was relocated from Holgate to Firefly on the NSW mid north coast in February 1998.
Penta Comstat ceased operation on 27 MHz and VHF and now only provides a HF service.
Please disregard any references to the previous location or 27 MHz and VHF services in the information on this site.

13. Document Has Moved
the August 13, 1912 "An Act to regulate radio communication". This was the first act in the United or operate any apparatus for radio communication as a means of commercial
United States Early Radio History has a new home:
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14. Marlborough Communications Limited
radio communications, telecommunications and smart materials.
Marlborough Communications Limited

15. Harris RF Communications - Tactical Radio Communications
radio communications in the Digital Age This series of books on modern radio comms is written in layman s terms, with all technical terms and concepts
RF COMMUNICATIONS Search For You are here: Home Products Tactical Radio Communications PRODUCTS > Tactical Radio
Communications > Tactical Networking
and Data > Embeddable Security > Integrated Comm
II Series Tactical Network Access Hub Wireless E-mail ... Radio Communications in the Digital Age
This series of books on modern radio comms is written in layman's terms, with all technical terms and concepts carefully explained. Volumes will cover various frequency bands and technologies, COMSEC, and specialized user applications. RF-5800 FALCON II Series
The world's next generation of wireless communications.
  • Complete family of tactical radios HF VHF , and Multiband
  • Custom-tailored encryption options
  • Designed for manpack, vehicular, base station, and handheld use
  • Common platform, common operation, common logistics
  • Software based, front-panel programmable
The FALCON II is a complete tactical system that will get critical voice, data, and position information through in the shortest possible time. With all the security today's "digital battlefields" demand. This common-platform, software-based system meets the increasing need for integrated HF, VHF, and UHF communication system and provides interconnectivity among land-based and wireless communications media.

16. Radio Communication
Rohde Schwarz supply professional radio communication systems of any size to provide undisturbed and secure communication. radio communication.
Radio Communication
Radio Communication
In contrast to conventional combat radios with fixed architecture, our new digital software defined radio generation - like (Multimode Multirole Multiband radio and Tactical Radio) - feature maximum flexibility in terms of frequency bands, waveforms and functions.
As solution for multiband radio the M3TR transceiver family covers the whole spectrum from shortwave through to the UHF band. "Multimode" means, that thanks to optimized protocols and waveforms M3TR can achieve high data rates of up to 64 kbit/s in the VHF, UHF band. This digital software defined radio offers comprehensive multirole features allowing its easy integration into tactical radio and communication networks.
M3TR (Multimode Multirole Multiband radio and Tactical Radio) is not restricted to use in strictly military networks: by loading the appropriate software the transceivers can be used as terminals in civilian PMR networks.
Muehldorfstrasse 15, 81671 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 41 29 -
Fax: +49 89 41 29 12 164

17. Radio Communication Tester R&S CMU200
We continue this tradition of RF test and measurement with the Universal radio communication Tester R S CMU200. radio communication Tester R S CMU200.
THE multimode tester for current and future mobile radio networks Facing one of the fastest changing markets CMU200 provides you with a modular HW and SW platform as you never know what's tomorrows needs, the highest processing power and innovative measurement concepts to speed up your production and most accurate maesurements due to excellent HW and SW design to guaranty for highest production yield. The base unit with its standard-independent module test provides many generalpurpose measurement facilities for the development of all kinds of standards within its wide and continuous frequency range. If extended by the relevant options, the CMU200 offers the hardware and software necessary to handle your 3G, 2.5G and previous-generation testing applications, including analog. All standards are available in ONE software package. That allows fast switching between the networks. Available mobile test applications ar GPRS, EDGE, GSM, Bluetooth, TDMA (IS-136), AMPS, WCDMA as well as the American standard CDMA2000.
Muehldorfstrasse 15, 81671 Munich, Germany

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19. Reich Associates, Inc., All Your Communications Needs
Electronics manufacturing, radio communications equipment, relm, computer systems, specializing in high voltage power supply design and manufacturing.
Our Services in a Nutshell
Design High Voltage Power Supplies for applications ranging from military night vision equipment to high resolution aircraft flight simulators Support Corona Generators in the power range of 10 watts to 10 kW for use in the converting industry and plasma generation; Sales and service of two-way radio Communications Equipment utilized by Public Safety, EMS, Fire, Local Government, and Business Specialized Computer Systems, including networks, used in libraries, law firms, office, retail, and manufacturing. Electronics Design. Capabilities include prototype design and fabrication, circuit board design, and CAD systems. Click the Product Development button above to submit a request for quotation on your specific requirement or contact us for a quotation (see below). Reich Associates, Inc.
7147 Park Road 37
PO Box 521
Lakehills, TX 78063
Telephone: Toll Free: Fax: Toll Free Fax: Reich Associates, Inc.

20. ORCA - Oakland Radio Communications Association
The Oakland radio communication Association,
The Oakland Radio Communication Association
RACES Info and Weekly/Emergency Nets


Club Information

Meeting Schedule
Related Links
Meetings are normally held on the first Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM at the media room of Oakland Fire Station 1; 1605 Martin Luther King at 17th St. Exceptions are when it falls near a holiday, or if a video night is planned. Talk-in is available on the WB6NDJ repeater: 146.88MHz, PL 77. The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 5, 2004, 9:00AM at Station 1. The focus of the meeting will be Planning for Field Day!. NOTE: There is NO JULY MEETING ! Instead, ORCA will participate in the annual 4th of July Fire Patrols. Newsletter editor is Michael Hole. Send articles to . (Please remove "NOSPAM" from the address before sending). ORCA dues are $30 per year, and include extended repeater privileges for licensed members. Send a check payable to

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