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1. Rabbit
and Raising Rabbits, Agricultural Information Bulletin No. 358. 1972. Funds to support the research for and production of the Alternative agriculture Series
North Dakota State University
NDSU Extension Service
Author: Randy Sell , Research Assistant,
Department of Agricultural Economics, NDSU Series Editor: Dwight Aakre , Farm Mangement Specialist,
NDSU Extension Service Rabbits are raised world-wide for a variety of reasons. In Europe and Asia they are an important source of food. Rabbits produce white meat that is fine-grained, high in protein, low in fat, highly palatable, low in cholesterol, and that can be substituted for poultry in most recipes. Rabbit carcasses are only 20 percent bone. In the United States rabbits are raised predominantly for nonfood purposes. High quality rabbit skins are used in fur garments and trimmings. Medical and cosmetic research also requires a large number of rabbits each year. Many people raise rabbits for show or as pets.
Breeds of rabbits
Rabbits are generally classified according to size, weight and type of pelt. Small rabbits weigh about 3-4 pounds at maturity, medium breeds 9-12 pounds, and large breeds 14-16 pounds. The two most popular breeds for meat production are the New Zealand and the Californian. These breeds are most popular because they combine white fur (preferred by processors) and good growth characteristics. New Zealand rabbits are slightly larger than the Californian, 9-13 pounds versus 8-10 pounds. The New Zealand rabbit has a completely white, red or black body, whereas the Californian is white with colored nose, ears and feet. The two most popular rabbits for fur production are the Rex and the American Chinchilla. The Rex is slightly smaller than the American Chinchilla, 7 pounds versus 10 pounds. Fur from the Rex rabbit is unique in that guard hairs and underfur are the same length. The markets for rabbit fur tend to be unstable, so be sure there is a sufficient demand to allow fur to be marketed in a reasonable amount of time.

2. Livestock And Urban Agriculture
About 98% of Hungary s rabbit production is done in small Over 31% of rabbit breeders have 6 to fruit sci.agriculture.poultry alt.sustainable.agriculture
Published by City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture
Livestock and Urban Agriculture
The Eglu: A Chicken House for City Farmers.
"Fresh, great tasting food and a healthier lifestyle. Keeping chickens that lay delicious eggs is easy and fun. The Eglu is the world's most stylish and innovative chicken house and is the perfect way to keep chickens as pets. If you live in the middle of a city, in the suburbs or in the countryside, you can start living the good life." Posted April 14 2004
Livestock Keeping in Urban Areas
"Studies have revealed that more than 20 000 households in Bamako keep livestock in town, and thousands more people supply them with inputs or marketing services; over one-third of households surveyed in Harare keep livestock, mainly chickens but also rabbits, pigeons, ducks and turkeys. In Dar-es-Salaam urban farming is the second largest employer after petty trade and labour, and 74 percent of urban farmers keep livestock; and even in densely populated Cairo, 5 percent of households keep animals, especially chickens and pigeons. " Posted November 20, 2003

3. City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes Home Page Continued
Over 31% of rabbit breeders have 6 to 10 does. an excellent place to ask your food production questions There is no alt.agriculture.urban yet amongst the 10,000
Published by City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture
Urban Agriculture Notes
by City Farmer Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture
Home Page Continued - Page 2
Established 1978
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Now Celebrating Our 24th Year!
Prepared by Michael Levenston, Executive Director
On-line on the World Wide Web since October 15, 1994.
References Relevant To Urban Agriculture
Here you will find reports on topics related to urban agriculture. Updated March 9, 2002
Self-Sufficiency Plan for Copenhagen Suburb
Posted March 2, 2002
City Farmer's Net Bulletin Board
As announcements of upcoming events cross my desk, I'll thumbtack them up here. Updated February 22, 2002
A Taste of Urban Agriculture in Havana
"So much of the food I love in Canada and eat regularly is sold in American dollars in Cuba and is therefore inaccessible to many Cubans and hard to find for people who do have dollars. Cheese is gold, eggs are diamonds, buns and rice are my sustenance, rum is blood. I realize now in a deeper sense that food does not exist without the people or animals that grow it or gather it, or process it." Posted February 13, 2002

4. Rabbit Links
Category General agriculture Food Rural Research. Commodity alt. North Dakota State University Extension Service; rabbit production Information Mississippi
Rabbit Links Category:



Alt. Livestock



Discipline: Business Dev. Engineering Environment Land Use ... Biotechnology Table of Contents: If you would like to nominate a site for inclusion on any of the above listed pages, send e-mail to: General Rabbit Sites Top of Page Health

5. AgriHelp - Meet Your Agriculture Neighbors From Around The World With The Same I
Get acquainted with your agriculture neighbors around the world with similar interest's and many of the same problems. interested in products related to agriculture production except heavy machinery out of the meat rabbit business as there is not beans and alfalfa. Bill alt (
These AgriNeighbors would like to get to know you!
Each person listed below has provided information about his or her interests and would like to hear from you. We've provided direct email links to each person to make communication a breeze. Neighbors helping neighbors... just as it's always been in agriculture. If you haven't listed yourself as an AgriNeighbor yet, you can do it right now . Your listing in AgriNeighbors will help you make contact with folks around the world who share your interests and concerns. It's and you never know who'll you meet!
  • AgriNeighbors is not available for business listings but due to many requests we are developing a resource "directory" where agriculture professionals and businesses can have an inexpensive custom designed listing to describe their services and products. If you would like more information about a business listing, drop us a line now

Last update: August 20, 2001
Peter Kanaiya (

6. Class/dict/H
of Hexa + hingeless a. Without a hinge or joint. + habitakle v. A dwelling place. + haar n. A fog; esp., hackney coaches; hackney authors. + hex alt. of Hexa + hingeless power of fertile production; condition of the soil various branches of agriculture; farming. + hunting n. The

7. Homesteader's Booklist
Straw Revolution An Introduction to Natural Farming. Fukuoka, Masanobu. alt. agriculture. Organic Orcharding Food Preservation. rabbit production. Cheeke. rabbits. Raising a Calf for Beef

Plasma total protein, urea, uric acid, alt, AST, alkaline 1 Animal production Dep., Faculty of agriculture, Suez 2- rabbit and Turkey Breeding Dept., Animal Physiology/ANIM

9. NetVet / Electronic Zoo Full List
ADM Canadian Dairy production Commercial Small Ruminants alt.agriculture.beef Oriental Angora rabbit Online Technical Manual
Home AVMA VIN DVM Newsmagazine ... Root : Contents A B C D ... Metasites A A Breed Apart Dogs A Canine Experience Training ... Zoo Animal B Comparative Medicine B's Baby Birds Exotic Birds B-Eye ... Horse C Commercial Imaging C. Guy Hancock, DVM, MEd (St. Petersburg Junior College) Vets on the Net - Personal Pages ... International D Breeders D. Formenti's Anthropology Links Other D. Formenti's Biology Links ... Imaging E Construction Pet Insurance E - Environmental Magazine AR ... Products F F-D-C Medical Reports Newsletters FA - Ferrets Anonymous Ferrets ... FVMA - Florida Veterinary Medical Association G Gabriel Foundation Parrot Foundation Rescue Groups Gaggle Educational Program Fun ... Birding H Exotic Birds H.U.B. International Pet Products Products HA - Holstein Association USA ... Sweden I I Can Be an Animal Doctor - Veterinarian Software Veterinary - Other Software I Can Be an Animal Doctor - Veterinarian Software Veterinary Career Resources ... Epidemiology J J-MAC System Imaging Software Imaging J-PAC Custom Packaging Commercial Services ... Animal Welfare K K-9 Carts Neurology K-9 Concepts, Inc. Training ... Immunology L L's Chinese Shar-Pei Breeders L. Ann Allain B.Sc., DVM (Modes Gaston Designs)

10. ALT (af)
newsalt.agriculture.fruit, Fruit production. newsalt.agriculture.misc, Use sci.agriculture instead. newsalt.animals.rabbit, Discussion of the rabbit.
Big 8 Alt.a-f* Alt.g-q* Alt.r-z* ... The Worst of Alt (Screened to remove stupidity and binaries) ALT (a-f)
removed some but a lot of stupidity is left REMOVED groups with names containing
.sex / pedophile / binaries / moron / stupid / idiot / bonehead / news:alt.12hr continuous hypermodern news:alt.1d news:alt.23is.strange There is always something news:alt.2600d n.a. news:alt.2600hz n.a. news:alt.2d People using this group have no depth. news:alt.2eggs.sausage.beans.tomatoes.2toast.largetea.cheerslove n.a. news:alt.3d Use alt.3d.misc instead. news:alt.3d.misc Three-dimensional imaging. news:alt.3d.rhino news:alt.3d.sirds Especially for Single Image Random Dot Stereograms. For 3D Studio users. news:alt.3djam-tv news:alt.a uyqouopeeoj news:alt.a.ff uaenreasgiui news:alt.a.r.of.kyfolwvtpfk.q.teej.usgq hheliusiuvjeku news:alt.a.s uexiieaugplaoia news:alt.aaaaaa n.a. news:alt.aac The Armageddon Ark Clan. news:alt.aapg.announce Announcements from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. news:alt.aapg.general The American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

11. DDT (Bruce Hamilton; Oz; Paul Savage; Tracy Aquilla)
We could REALLY do with some rabbit hunting birds it was really only used for vegetable production. bio.foodscience,sci.agriculture,alt.sustainable.agriculture
Index Home About Search for Google's copy of this article Index Home About Search for Google's copy of this article Newsgroups: sci.environment,sci.agriculture From: (Bruce Hamilton) Subject: DDT - A 1944 perspective Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 08:12:02 GMT [ Posted to both sci.agriculture and sci.environment, but followups set back to sci.environment ] Whilst scavenging around Chemical and Engineering News for an article, " DDT " popped out from an adjacent page. As I read it, I thought some of you might just appreciate some quotes. Please realise that we now have 50 years of experience, and that it's not a scientific paper. It is reporting on a meeting of the National Association of Insecticide and Disinfectant Manufacturers. Enjoy.... NADIM Holds 31st Annual Meeting Harry W.Stenerson, Industrial Chemical and Engineering News v.22 p.2179-2180 (December 25 1944) " Late in 1943 the Army was so anxious to obtain the powerful new insecticide for lice extermination that it flew overseas to a fighting front the first 500 pounds made in a pilot plant here. National production has now readed a monthly rate of 2,000,000 pounds, and insecticide manufacturers are eagerly seeking the means of marketing DDT to civilian consumers in formulations that are nontoxic, safe to use, and effective. .... Three of the major addresses' were devoted to the wartime insecticidal wonder. The toxicology of DDT was discussed by Paul A Neal, senior surgeon and chief of the Industrial Hygiene Laboratory, US Public Health Service, Bethesda. Md. ...... household and industrial insecticides containing DDT were the subject of a paper read by George W.Fiero, chief of the Pharmaceutical, Insecticide, and Cosmetic Unit, Office of Civilian Requirements, Washington. ... Dr Neal rendered a detailed report on experimental work with regard to the toxic effects of DDT on man and animals, the subject of greatest concern at this time to both manufacturer and consumer. In spite of its inherent toxicity , the use of DDT in a 1 to 5 % solution in 10% cyclohexanone with 89-85% aerosol should offer no serious health hazards he stated, when used under conditions as required for its use as an insecticide. ... The use of DDT in concentrations up to 10% in inert powders for dusting clothes ( in lice extermination ) appears to offer no serious hazards because of the relative insolubility of DDT and the large particle size of the dust. Therefore it did not reach the alveolar spaces. A large proportion of the dust is retained in the uppermost sections of the respiratory tract and the remainder is swallowed. The objective of the the investigation was the appraisal of health standards connected with the use of DDT as aerosol, mist, spray and dusting powder...In further tests, two human subjects were exposed to a dispersion of DDT in air prepared by dispersing every 15 minutes 10.4 grams of an aerosol containing 5% DDT, 10% cyclohexane, and 85% Freon in a sealed chamber of 14,750-liter capacity, for one hour daily, on six consecutive days. This test failed to show any subjective or objective manifestations referable to DDT. .... DDT production has skyrocketed from 60,000 pounds, in January 1994 to a current rate of approximately 2,000,000 pounds, Dr Fiero of the CCR told the meeting. The Armed Forces are using DDT rather extensively in malarial sections; hence, he thought, no cutbacks could be expected on V-E day. Entire islands in the war zone are being sprayed with DDT from airplanes. With the exception of small quantities for experimental work, all of the current production is being allocated to the Armed Forces. Fiero stated that preliminary research indicates that DDT, in addition to its effectiveness against body lice, should prove very valuable as a toxicant for household and industrial insecticides. It is apparently effective against roaches, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, ants and carpet beetles. Referring to the contention that DDT is fatal to beneficial insects, the speaker felt that this should not deter its use in nonagricultural insecticides unless it is found to be toxic to humans or pets. " Bruce Hamilton Search for Google's copy of this article Search for Google's copy of this article Search for Google's copy of this article Search for Google's copy of this article ... About

12. 1930 Farming PracticesRangeLand
livestock supplies.gif alt= advantage livestock plus livestock prices livestock production in turkey farming quebec agriculture rabbit farming range farming practicesRangeLand.html
1930 farming practicesRangeLand
Subject: Rangeland
Description: All your farming needs
Category: General
farming practicesRangeLand
farming in the home place.gif" alt="a book summary on farming in the home place 1930 farming practices, RangeLand" >
livestock supplies.gif" alt="advantage livestock supplies 1930 farming practices, RangeLand" >
Click here to see the content index
1930 farming practices 1930 farming practicesRangeLand 1930farmingpracticesfhrangelandu js ... zimbabwe agriculture

Poultry Resources; Permaculture Online, the home of alt.permaculture; Impacts Of The Use Of rbGH In Dairy production; or cockerel coop (or even rabbit house) from
Green Eggs Report
by alice at
The Green Eggs Report is a list of URLs
spotted within the sci.agriculture.poultry newsgroup
Up To Groups under sci.agriculture.poultry Referenced Links

14. Homesteader's Booklist
Chadwick, Janet, How to Live on Almost Nothing and Still Have Plenty, Selfsufficiency. Cheeke, rabbit production, rabbits. Raising Otters and Leeches, alt.
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Ball Blue Book Guide to Home Canning and Freezing
Food Preservation Brown's Alcohol Motor Fuel Cookbook Alternative Power Candlemaker's Companion Crafts Farm Journal Canning and Freezing CookBook Food Preservation How to salvage wood or lumber Self-sufficiency Living on a Few Acres USDA Yearbook of Agriculture Self-sufficiency Starting Right With Bees Bees The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture Bees The Complete Book of Prefabs, Kits, and Manufactured Houses Shelter Adrosko, Rita

15. Homesteader's Booklist
agriculture, Sustainable production of FreshMarket Tomatoes With Organic Mulches USDA alt. agriculture, One Straw Revolution An Introduction to Natural Farming,
Searching for an out of print title from the list:
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Gardening Real Estate ... Wildlife
The Harrowsmith Sourcebook Harrowsmith Magazine Agriculture Getting Started in Farming on a Small Scale USDA Agriculture Information BulletinNumber 451 USDA Agriculture Sustainable Production of Fresh-Market Tomatoes With Organic Mulches USDA Farmers' Bulletin FB-2279 USDA Agriculture The Farm Fiasco Bovard, James Agriculture The Gift of Good Land Berry, Wendell

16. SuperPagesPR: B To B Topics
pineapple, coffee, hydroponics, yucca, rabbits, poultry and The negative production and employment growth rates of WIDTH= 468 HEIGHT= 60 alt= please visit


Commercial Trade



NAICS Description
see all NAICS

Company Name
Start With Contains Trademark Product Location Puerto Rico Adjuntas Aguada Aguadilla Aguas Buenas Aguirre Aibonito Arecibo Arroyo Bajadero Barceloneta Barranquitas Cabo Rojo Caguas Camuy Carolina Cayey Ceiba Ciales Cidra Coamo Condado Corozal Culebra Dorado Ensenada Fajardo Florida Fort Buchanan Garrochales Guayama Guayanilla Guaynabo Gurabo Hatillo Hato Rey Hormigueros Humacao Isabela Isla Verde Jayuya Juncos Lajas Lares Las Piedras Levittown Luquillo Maricao Maunabo Mercedita Moca Morovis Naguabo Naranjito Orocovis Patillas Ponce Pueblo Viejo Puerto Nuevo Quebradillas Sabana Grande Sabana Hoyos Sabana Seca Salinas San Antonio San Francisco San Juan San Lorenzo Santa Isabel Santurce St Just Toa Alta Toa Baja Trujillo Alto Utuado Vega Alta Vega Baja Vieques Villalba Yabucoa Yauco Yellow Pages People Pages Global Directories My Directory ... Maps
New programs to boost production and employment
Puerto Rico’s agriculture sector has been declining since the start of the industri alization process in the 1950s. In recent years (1997-2001), agriculture’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures have notably decreased, except for the year 2000 when annual growth was positive (56.9%). From 1997 to 2002, the GDP of agriculture represented less than 1% of the Island’s total GDP.

Zeitoun*, Faculty of agriculture, Alexandria University Bovine Follicular Fluids, rabbit Sperm, AST, ALTRUMINANT NUTRITION1034 poultry industries. production eciency of cattle is

18. Small Stock Husbandry
Thoughts on rabbit meat production Future developments and of Nutritional Evaluation of Ingredients for rabbits. eiwitbronnen Uitvoering bestek alt 2001/6
You are here: Research Publications Small stock husbandry
Publications: Small stock husbandry
Publications starting from 2000.
Publications are available on request, quoting the reference (at the end of each publication) (
Piattoni, F. and L. Maertens. 1999. Effect of weaning age and solid feed distribution before weaning on the caecal fermentation pattern of young rabbits. 11. Arbeitstagung über Haltung und Krankheiten der Kaninchen, Pelztiere und Heimtiere. Celle, 19-20 Mai. Ed. Deutsche Vet. Med. Gesellschaft e. V., Gie en, 97-105. (DVV3w)
Huyghebaert, G., A. De Vliegher, J. Delcour and J.L. Herman. 2000.
The variation of wheat cultivars in terms of phytotechnical performance, physio-chemical composition and Men-content with emphasis on the bio-efficacy of carbo(NSP)enzymes. Med. Fac. Landbouww. Univ. Gent, 64/2, 1999, p. 25-40. (DVV6w)
Lippens, M. en G. De Groote. 2000. Effect van een verhoogd aminozuurgehalte tijdens de inhaalgroeifase bij vleeskippen. 25ste Studiedag Nederlandstalige Voedingsonderzoekers, Wageningen, 28 april, p. 14-15. (DVV7w)

19. Missouri Alternatives Center Resource Collection
information on livestock production including animal Call Number 70.8 alt Subjects Animal diseases Title Commercial rabbit producers conference Contributors

20. From Fri Sep 8 004511 EDT 1995 Article
Then again, rabbits do it as an essential part of 7 MessageID 43pb7d$jas$ k12.ed.tech3704 alt.agriculture.misc3984
From Fri Sep 8 00:45:11 EDT 1995 Article: 3860 of alt.agriculture.misc Path:!concert!!!!!pipex!!uunet!bounce-back From: (Ed Bailey) Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,rec.birds,rec.pets.birds,sci.agriculture,alt.agriculture.misc,misc.rural Subject: 2nd CFV: sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites Followup-To: poster Date: 5 Sep 1995 19:36:55 -0000 Organization: Usenet Volunteer Votetakers Lines: 172 Sender: Approved: Message-ID: Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: Archive-Name: sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites Xref: news.announce.newgroups:6476 news.groups:141596 rec.birds:25138 rec.pets.birds:43092 sci.agriculture:6648 alt.agriculture.misc:3860 misc.rural:20783 SECOND AND FINAL CALL FOR VOTES (2nd of 2) unmoderated group sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites Newsgroups line: sci.agriculture.livestock.birds.ratites Farmyard emus, ostriches, rheas, etc. Votes must be recieved by 23:59 UTC, 11 September 1995. This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party. Voting questions should be directed to Ed Bailey . For questions about the proposed group, contact Kathryn A. Smith

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