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         Qatar Culture:     more detail
  1. Atlas of the Stone-Age cultures of Qatar (Reports of the Danish Archeological Expedition to the Arabian Gulf.1) by Holger Kapel, 1967
  2. Executive Report on Strategies in Qatar, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Qatar Research Group, The Qatar Research Group, 2000-11-02
  3. Discovering World Cultures: The Middle East (Volume 4, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria) (Middle School Reference)
  4. The rhythms of pearl diver music in Qatar by Toufic Kerbage, 1983
  5. Qatar: Images From the Past
  6. Al Jazeera: How the Free Arab News Network Scooped the World and Changed the Middle East by Mohammed El-Nawawy, Adel Iskandar, et all 2002-04

1. Qatar Culture | Lonely Planet World Guide
Culture. Qatari culture revolves almost entirely around Islam. Qatar is primarilya Bedouin culture, and the tribal ethos is still strong in modern society.
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Qatari culture revolves almost entirely around Islam. A monotheistic religion, Islam's holy book is the Qur'an, and Friday is its Holy day. Most Qataris adhere to the austere Wahhabi sect of Islam which also dominates Saudi Arabia. Qatari Wahhabism, however, is less strict. For example, alcohol, which is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia, is available in Qatar and there is no prohibition on women driving cars. Arabic is the official language in Qatar, though Doha's sizable population of Pakistanis make Urdu, the Pakistani language, seem more useful. English is also widely spoken. Qatar is primarily a Bedouin culture, and the tribal ethos is still strong in modern society. Bedouins (being nomads) had a culture traditionally based on poetry and song rather than buildings or art. However, the practical art of weaving has produced some beautiful Bedouin artefacts, such as tents, rugs, cushions and saddlebags. The Bedouin weavers work with wool from sheep, goats and camels, using simple tools made from wood and gazelle horn. Qatar was once renowned for its weaving industry - it's said that even Mohammed preferred his clothes made from Qatari fabric. Traditional Qatari dress is characterised by gold or silver embroidery, known as al-zari or al-qasab . Women are veiled - most take the veil when they are around seven years old, and by adolescence they will cover their body entirely with an

2. Qatar قطر
Encyclopaedia Britannica qatar culture, Economy, Health, Education, Religion, People, History Home. Up. Qatar-Art Culture. Qatar-Business Economy . Qatar
Search General Info Art Culture Arab Diaspora ...

General Information Resources Library of Congress: Area Handbook Series: Qatar Qatar (Sands of Time, Qatar) Alhitmi - information on the country and Islam; also an entertainment section, with games and e-postcards. Qatar Charity Society an Islamic aid organization whose main aim is to build mosques, sponsor orphans and provide crisis relief Homepages of Qataris. Real guide to Qatar and its people. Personal pages of people residing in Qatar. Library of Congress Country Study: Qatar Qatar Info - provides information for expatriates and visitors. Qatar Charity Society - an Islamic aid organization whose main aim is to sponsor orphans, build mosques and provide crisis relief. The Qatari Pages The regional portal for Qatar, containing searchable up-to-date local business, hotels, tourism, embassies, companies, ISPs, cyber cafes and daily news. It is linking to the portal group. The flag of Qatar CIA Factbook - Qatar Geography, People, Government, Economy, Transportation, Communications, Defense

3. Culture
Qatar Maps. qatar culture. Qatar History. Qatar Economy. Qatar Time and Date. Qatar,Culture, Back to Top. The Qatari people still strongly espouse Bedouin traditions.
Country Info Qatar Introduction Qatar General Data Qatar Maps Qatar Culture ... Qatar Time and Date Qatar Culture Back to Top The Qatari people still strongly espouse Bedouin traditions. Tribal traditions have remained very much alive. Men wear the traditional abah, and women, who rarely appear outside the home, wear not only heavy black veils but also face masks when in public. This conservatism, however, has undergone considerable strain with the heavy influx of foreign workers. The land is stony and largely barren. An extremely hot, arid climate prevails. Humidity is high during the summer (May to October), but the average annual rainfall is less than 127 mm (5 in). Petroleum and natural gas are the natural resources. Qatar relies heavily on imports of food because it has virtually no agricultural land. Water is scarce.
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4. Qatar Culture
An extensive guide to culture in Qatar. A must read for anyone whowishes to find out about culture in Qatar. Luxury Luxury Shopping and Wealth Management Directory Select a Jurisdiction Andorra Anguilla Athens Bahamas Bahrain Barbados Belize Bermuda BVI Canary Islands Cayman Islands Cook Islands Costa Rica Cyprus Delaware Dublin Fiji Gibraltar Guernsey Hong Kong Ibiza Ireland Isle of Man Jersey Kuwait Labuan Liberia Liechtenstein London Luxembourg Macau Madeira Mallorca Malta Marshall Islands Mauritius Menorca Milan Monaco Montserrat Nauru Netherlands Antilles St Kitts and Nevis Nice Niue Panama Paris Puerto Rico Qatar Rome Saint Lucia Saipan Samoa Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore Switzerland Tokyo UAE USVI Vanuatu Select a US City Atlanta Austin Baltimore Boston Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Hartford Houston Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis New York Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco Seattle St Louis Washington DC Select a Canadian City Calgary Toronto Vancouver Home Advertise Here Contact Us About Us Qatar Categories Banking



Qatar Culture Guide
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5. Qatar Culture Travel Guide From GoTravelGuide
qatar culture comprehensive travel guide to travel destinations, travel discounts, travel resources, travel news, and networking worldwide from GoTravelGuide Monday May 3, 2004. Qatar. Destinations. Special Offers Get This BizWiz Interactive Ad. qatar culture. Submit Destination within Qatar
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6. Qatar Culture Results From
Make hotel reservations in Mesaieed, Qatar.......qatar culture. Updated 2004May-01 150137. qatar culture results listed
qatar culture
Updated 2004-May-20 15:01:37
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Title: Find HOTELS In Qatar. the HOTE...
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7. Qatar - : The Internet Information Repository
commerce. qatar construction, qatar construction jobs, qatar culture.qatar department of defence, qatar education, qatar embassy. qatar
Top qatar terms click on any of the queries below to search that term academic bridge program qatar adu nida near iraq not qatar adu nidal near iraq not qatar aids in qatar ... wwwflags of qatar

8. Middle East Vacation Guide Romantic Middle East Vacations
on to you. Click here for our free Welcome to Paradise screen saverYou ll love this! qatar culture. Population 744,483 (July 2000
Middle East Luxury Vacations, Luxury Tours, Luxury Cruises
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9. Qatar Culture / History Tours qatar culture / History Tours. Hi. Welcome to the Culture / HistoryTours page. Welcome to the qatar culture / History Tours.
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: Qatar : Main Select Tour Activity
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10. WorldRover - Culture Of Qatar
Culture of Qatar. qatar culture and History Books. Nations Online A comprehensiveportal to sites in various countries throughout the world.
Culture of Qatar
Welcome to WorldRover's listing of country history and culture for Qatar. Check out the links below to find more information on the people and history of a country. On the right you can also find flag clip art and maps available for free download. Embassy information is also available for a number of countries around the world, however, please confirm all information. We hope to add additional links regarding the culture of Qatar as they become available. If you have a site or know of a site that should be added, please let us know. Thanks for visiting WorldRover's history, people, and culture site.
  • Qatar Culture and History Books
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  • Anthropological Studies Center - A non-profit center at Sonoma State University dedicated to cultural resources management, education, research, and public service.
  • EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents
  • Ethno-Net Africa - A network for comparative studies, monitoring and evaluation of ethnic conflicts and social transformation in Africa.
  • 11. How Have We Been Blind For This Long
    Encyclopaedia Britannica qatar culture, Economy, Health, Education, Religion,People, History. Discussed are the basic background of the culture of Qatar.
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    Message Base
    Comments Quotes ... RELIGIOUSREVIVAL Qatar Religion in Qatar - Sunni Islam
    Religion in Qatar - Sunni Islam.
    Qatar Charity Society
    Islamic aid organization whose main aim is to sponsor orphans, build mosques, and provide crisis relief.

    12. Qatar Maps Links And Qatar Maps Resources : Qatar Maps? Click Here!
    .. Qatar General Data. Qatar Maps. qatar culture. Qatar History QatarGeneral Data. Qatar Maps. qatar culture. Qatar History

    Asian Web Directory - Asia's Hotel Travel Guide and Internet Search Directory

    information, resources and links. Asia countries and Middle East based companies. Browse Qatar arts, banks, business, education, government, real estates and realty, hotels, resorts, travel reservations! Search Qatar
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    - Get up to 76% savings! Qatar hotels and Qatar beach resorts discounts! Beaches, diving resorts, apartments, suites accommodations! We searched the internet for Qatar Maps and other popular links and list it here. Qatar Maps - Pinoy Showcase Qatar Maps Find web sites about Qatar Maps at Pinoy Showcase Directory. Qatar Maps - Amazon products for Qatar Maps Books, magazines, music, computers, softwares, video, DVD... about Qatar Maps Qatar

    From March 9 to 16 the Hasselblad Austrian Super Circuit had the honour of beingSpecial Guest at the qatar culture Week , which is the internationally most
    LATEST NEWS HASC goes Qatar News 2004
    HASSELBLAD AUSTRIAN SUPER CIRCUIT GOES QATAR! From March 9 to 16 the Hasselblad Austrian Super Circuit had the honour of being Special Guest at the 'Qatar Culture Week', which is the internationally most respected annual cultural highlight in the Arab Region. As guests of the Qatar Photographic Society (QPS) HASC-Chairman Chris. Hinterobermaier, Markus Lauboeck and Alfred Zukrigl presented a joint exhibition HASC-QPS, held lectures on various topics of photography and presented an AV-show with the best images of the Super Circuits last 12 editions. The following pictures shall give all our friends and partners around the world an impression of our 2004 guest performance in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
    His Excellency Sheik Saoud Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Al Thani (right) visiting the exhibition with
    HASC-Chairman Dr. Chris Hinterobermaier Venue: The Exhibition hall in the Doha Sheraton Hotel Mohamed Mannai, Saad Abdulla Al Dehaimi, Chris. Hinterobermaier,
    Abdul Fakhroo, Jassem Almohannadi

    14. Hoppa - Culture In Qatar
    Culture in Qatar. Al Jazeera. Qatar, the Arab World, News, Satellite TV AlRayah.Qatar, News, Newspapers Gulf Times. Qatar, News, Newspapers Al-Watan.
    Culture in Qatar
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    Links 4 links Al Jazeera Al Jazeera Al-Rayah Al-Rayah ... Al-Watan See also: Culture in the Arab World Everything in Qatar Everything Culture Media the World the Arab World Qatar Doha Roberto Bourgonjen Created on 11 June 2004 19:04 GMT

    15. MCL
    Qatar Charity Society; University of Qatar; Qatarculture; Culture andsociety / Arabbay; Qatar-info; qatar culture / Geometry; Cultural heritage.
    General Information Art, Culture and Literature News and Media Articles

    16. Qatar - Culture, History, Economy, Trade, Government, Tourism, Media
    qatar culture, history, economy, trade, government, tourism. Jun 2004 Qatar related web sites Add your Site Modify URL What's New? What's Cool? ... Home Page
    Arab! Business Links
    Bin Mahfouz Law Firm
    based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our firm of ten lawyers is committed to excellence and providing the best service to our clients See Your Ad Here...
    Background Note Qatar Country profile, history, economy, government and political conditions ( Hits: 147 Rating: Votes: 0)
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    Hot? Recommend It Bad? Report It Destination Qatar information about events, attractions and activities for the independent traveler ( Hits: 169 Rating: Votes: 0)
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    Hot? Recommend It Bad? Report It Encarta Encyclopedia - Qatar Land and Population, Economy and Government, History ( Hits: 621 Rating: 3.00 Votes: 1)
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    17. Qatar : Art And Culture
    Front Page qatar Art and culture. Links Encyclopaedia Atlas Algeria Egypt Libya Mauritania Morocco Tunisia Sudan Reader Ads. Alhitmi. Information on the country and Islam; also an entertainment

    Front Page
    Qatar : Art and Culture
    Links Algeria Egypt Libya Mauritania Morocco Tunisia Sudan Reader Ads
    • Alhitmi
      Information on the country and Islam; also an entertainment section, with games and e-postcards.
    • Qatar Charity Society
      An Islamic aid organization whose main aim is to sponsor orphans, build mosques and provide crisis relief.

    18. The Country Of Qatar
    Offers links to business, culture, education, government, Islam, sports, personal pages, and travel sites.
    The Country of Qatar Special: The People of Qatar This page on this site will no longer be updated. Please visit new site at:

    Please update your bookmarks and links.
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    Gateways Gateways, search engines and directories to country related sites and information ....

    19. Qatar-Art Culture
    Home. Up. qatarArt culture. qatar-Business Economy . qatar-Computers Internet. qatar-Education. qatar-Government Politics

    20. Links To Qatar - History Economy Culture Government Politics - Katar
    Suggest a web site related to qatar Katar Recommend it! More Sites relatedto qatar? Search on ARAB! Links to qatar related web sites - Katar.
    Qatar Country Profile Qatar History Suggest a web site related to Qatar - Katar
    Recommend it!
    More Sites related to Qatar? Search on ARAB! Links to Qatar related web sites - Katar Essential Information about Qatar
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar Background Information about Qatar Qatar Net Qatar - Overview, history ArabNet, Qatar Information about Qatar By Christopher Eykamp Qatar - People, Government, Economy ABC Interactive Factbook, Qatar Links to Qatar related sites University of Texas at Austin Country Information about Qatar SESRTCIC InfoBase About Qatar By Petroserv Comments or suggestions? E-mail

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