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         Python Snakes:     more books (60)
  1. Constricting snakes (Dominie world of amphibians & reptiles) by Graham Meadows, 2002
  2. Morphology and function of the jaw apparatus in Python sebae and Python molurus by Thomas Henry Frazzetta, 1964
  3. Pythons and Boas by Peter J. Stafford, 1990-10
  4. Ball Python Manual (The Herpetocultural Library. Series 300) by Philippe De Vosjoli, Phillipe Devosjoli, et all 1997-10
  5. Pythons (New Naturebooks) by Don P. Rothaus, 2006-08-11
  8. Big Snake , Snakes - The Hunt for the World's Longest , LargestPython - with Photos by Robert Twigger, 1999
  9. The Giant Snakes: The Natural History of the Boas Constrictor, the Anaconda and the Largest Pythons by Clifford H. Pope, 1961
  10. The Giant Snakes: The Natural History of the Boa Constrictor, the Anaconda, and the Largest Pythons by Clifford H. Pope, 1975
  11. The Green Tree Python and Emerald Tree Boa: Care, Breeding and Natural History, Second Extended Edition by Ron Kivit, Stephen Wiseman, et all 2005-12-31
  12. Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons
  13. Biology of the Boas and Pythons
  14. Animals ATTACK! - Constrictors by Maurice Gray, 2005-09-26

61. Snakes Alive !  Serpents Of Southeast Asia
Pipe Snake Cylindrophis ruffus, pythons. Family pythonidae Genus python, Reticulated python python reticulatus, Longnosed snakes.

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Snakes Alive ! ... Serpents of Southeast Asia
Love them or hate them, Snakes are undoubtedly one of the most successful of animal groups, inhabiting a wide range of habitats. And many species in Southeast Asia have simply stunning colouration. These photos were taken in the wild ... 'with a little help from my friends'. Blind Snakes Family : Typhlopidae
Genus : Ramphotyphlops
Brahminy Blind Snake
Ramphotyphlops braminus Sunbeam Snakes Family : Xenopeltidae
Genus : Xenopeltis
Sunbeam Snake
Xenopeltis unicolor
(juvenile illustrated here) Asian Pipe Snakes Family : Cylindrophiidae
Genus : Cylindrophis
Red-tailed Pipe Snake
Cylindrophis ruffus
Pythons Family : Pythonidae Genus : Python Reticulated Python Python reticulatus Long-nosed Snakes Family : Colubridae Genus : Ahaetulla Oriental Whip Snake Ahaetulla prasina Cat Snakes Family : Colubridae Genus : Boiga Green Cat Snake Boiga cyanea Dog-toothed Cat Snake Boiga cynodon Gold-ringed Cat Snake Boiga dendrophila Reed Snakes Family : Colubridae Genus : Calamaria Variable Reed Snake Calamaria lumbricoidea Schmidt's Reed Snake Calamaria schmidti Pink-headed Reed Snake Calamaria schlegeli Family : Colubridae

62. ADW: Python Reticulatus: Information
Reticulated pythons inhabit steamy tropical rainforests (Mattison 1999). These snakes are heavily dependent on water and can often be found near small rivers$narrative.h
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Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata Class Reptilia Order Squamata Suborder Serpentes Family Boidae Species Python reticulatus
Python reticulatus
(reticulated python)

editLink('skunkworks/.accounts/49b94649-0bdf-4647-9577-4a5beecb0332') 2004/05/18 13:42:06.928 GMT-4 By Todd Mexico Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Suborder: Serpentes Family: Boidae Genus: Python Species: Python reticulatus
Geographic Range
The reticulated python can be found in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Its range includes the Nicobar Islands; Burma across to Indochina; and Borneo, Sulawesi, Ceram and Timor of the Philipines (Murphy and Henderson 1997). Biogeographic Regions: oriental native
Reticulated pythons inhabit steamy tropical rainforests (Mattison 1999). These snakes are heavily dependent on water and can often be found near small rivers or ponds. They require tropical environments with temperatures in the range of 80 - 92 degrees F. Terrestrial Biomes: rainforest
Physical Description
158 kg (max)
(347.6 lbs)

63. The Australian Reptile Park - Snakes
longer) scrub python of northern Queensland. This is the longest of Australian snakes the scrub python of northern Queensland.
Snakes About Us Activities Contact Us Eric Worrell ... Home
Australian Snakes at the Australian Reptile Park

Snakes are something most people go out of their way to avoid, but not at the Australian Reptile Park. Snakes can be distinguished from the other members of the reptile class by the absence of external limbs, eyelids and external ears. There are seven families of snakes in Australia. Most species belong to the Elapidae family and are venomous.
This picture is of a carpet python from northern Queensland. There are Australian snakes in the Colubridae family which include the green tree snake and the brown tree snake, both of which occur along much of the east coast of Australia. Some of the colubrid snakes are venomous though none are regarded as potentially dangerous to humans.The long and slender tree snake in this picture inhabits rainforests of northern Queensland. Another family of harmless snakes includes the pythons, with about 15 species occurring in Australia, ranging in size from the half metre long dwarf python from Western Australia, to the five metre long (and occasionally longer) scrub python of northern Queensland. This is the longest of Australian snakes - the scrub python of northern Queensland.
The fierce snake or "inland taipan" is believed to have the most toxic venom produced by a land snake. Fortunately, this species is confined to the sparsely populated floodplains of south-west Queensland and adjacent areas in South Australia. Bites which occurred before the availability of antivenom in the late 1950's were almost always fatal.

64. Captive Care For Ball Pythons
python can be a very rewarding and pleasant experience if one take the time to learn a few simple facts BEFORE purchasing an animal. Unfortunately these snakes
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Captive Care for Ball Pythons (Royal Python)
(Python r. regius) By Edward M. Craft Introduction: Selection: Housing: Lighting/Heating: Diet: Supplementation: Dietary vitamin and mineral supplementation is not necessary in snakes that eat a diet of small mammals. This is a result of the fact that all of the vitamins and minerals are in the prey animal to include calcium which is absorbed from the bones of the prey item. The majority of vitamin and mineral related problems seem by veterinarians are related to the fact that the animal was provided with OVER-SUPPLEMENTATION. Since most supplements come in one of three forms: powder, liquid and spray, it is hard to judge the amount of each vitamin or mineral contained in each dose of either form. The one type of supplement that has no effect at all is the spray. No snake is physically capable of absorbing vitamins or minerals through its skin. If this were the case they would also be able to absorb water as well and would not have the need to drink. Their scales and skin are designed to keep things out not to let them in. Salmonella: Cage Mates: It is recommended that ball pythons be housed separately since all snakes are solitary animals. In the case of a ball python a cage mate may be stressful enough to cause the snake to go off feed. Separating animals also helps to prevent the spread of illnesses between snakes in the same enclosure. Being sure that you have the room to house more than one snake is part of being a responsible owner. Proper housing should not be look at from our standpoint in terms of space available, but in terms of what is best for the snake.

65. Hoobly Python Classifieds
Ball python $100.00 sabrinashley (0) 4 year old very sweet female ball python with complete setup Category Pets Animals snakes pythons Home Area

66. Rattlesnake, Python, Monitor Lizard, Komodo Dragon, Iquana And Chameleon Skulls
The Reptilian skull ranges from the reduced, loosely joined, or kinetic skull of snakes to the large, solid skull of the crocodiles.
REPTILIA - Squamata
10313 South Sunnylane
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73160

Use Our Search Engine to Search Skulls Unlimited The class Reptilia is divided into four orders: Turtles Lizards and Snakes Crocodiles , and the Tuatara . The living reptiles are comprised of Turtles (order Chelonia) about 250 species; the Lizards and Snakes (order Squamata) about 5700 species; the Crocodilians (order Crocodylia), about 21 species; and the Tuatara (order Rhynchocephalia) only one species. Reptiles are cold blooded vertebrate animals. Many characteristics define Reptiles, some of which are dry scaled skin, internal fertilization, and three to four chambered hearts. They inhabit many environments. But most, channeled by cold bloodedness, are confined to warmer habitats. Reptiles may be aquatic, semi-aquatic or terrestrial, as well as arboreal. Reptiles range in size considerably. The longest reptile is the Reticulated Python, reaching 33 feet in length. The heaviest living reptile is the Leather Back Sea Turtle, which has attained 1,600 pounds in weight. The smallest Reptile is possibly the Dwarf Gecko that reaches only about 1.3 inches in length. The Reptilian skull ranges from the reduced, loosely joined, or kinetic skull of snakes to the large, solid skull of the crocodiles. One characteristic identifying a Reptile skull is a single ball-and-socket connection (condyle) at the head-neck joint instead of two, as in mammals, and an incomplete or complete partition (the secondary palate) along the roof of the mouth, separating the food and air passageways so that breathing can continue while the food is being chewed.

67. Burmese Python
There is little market for adult pythons, and few owners want to euthanize a pet, so unwanted snakes are often dumped in the wild.
Burmese Python
This page contains two photos of a Burmese python that I took in the Everglades (south Florida, USA) on Wednesday, 11 December 2002 at about 11:40 am. This species is not native to Florida. Pet owners dump them when they discover how big they get and when the novelty wears off. A park employee at Everglades National Park told me that Burmese pythons (and also green anacondas) are not uncommon in the park. This webpage written by Tom Spinker
Page released on 17 December 2002
Last updated 26 March 2004 I make no warranties as to the accuracy of any of the info on this website. Home Snakes I was bicycling along a dead-end road which has almost no traffic; only an occasional fisherman. I saw two other snakes a racer and a ringneck plus several turtles, anoles, alligators. Temperature was in the low 80's. Location is in the Everglades, but outside the boundaries of Everglades National Park. I glanced at this thing as I passed it. I thought it was a fire hose or a discarded drain pipe. But I turned back to double-check. Burmese Python Python molurus bivittatus 11 December 2002 11:40am Burmese Python Python molurus bivittatus 11 December 2002 11:40 am I had to check photos on the internet to determine that the snake is a Burmese Python.

68. Untitled Document
I think the best known one would be the Royal (Ball) python. All snakes in captivity suffer a great amount of stress and one side effect of this is self
How long do snakes live? Snakes live any where from 10 - 25 years on average. The average life span varies from species to species but as is true with dogs the larger ones tend to live longer. A small corn snake with an average length of 36" might live 15 years while a large Python such as a Reticulated Python that would easily reach length of 25 foot could easily live for 25 years and possibly as long as 40 years. Are snakes slimy or slippery? No. Some snakes do have a very shiny skin and the appearance that might look slimy but a snakes skin is very similar to a good quality leather jacket. Most often warm and soft Are Boa's and Pythons Dangerous? Yes and No Like all snakes they have very sharp teeth that can inflict very messy and painful bites but Boa's and Pythons kill there food by means of constriction (coiling around there food and taking a tighter coil every time it breaths out. They don't crush the animal or break any bones like some people think) and not by injecting venom. but as with all large snakes care should always be used when ever you come in close contact with these animals. Most captive Pythons and Boas do settle down well though and make excellent pets. Can I keep two or more snakes together?

69. © The American Physiological Society - Press Room - Lazy Snakes...Pythons Can B
Lazy snakes Pythons Can Be Couch Potatoes, Too. Consumption of certain food types cause the constricting reptile to expend excessive energy in digestion. press room conference news

Contact: Donna Krupa
Phone 703.527.7357
Cell: 703.967.2751
Lazy Snakes... Pythons Can Be Couch Potatoes, Too
Consumption of certain food types cause the constricting reptile to expend excessive energy in digestion San Diego, Calif. – Comic strip genius Gary Larson, creator of “The Far Side,” is noted for morphing animal scientific attributes into human behavior. Consider the sketch of a family of pythons laying about after Thanksgiving dinner. The snakes that consumed a mouse, some chicken, and glucose are ready to go out and play football shortly after dining. But the pythons that indulged on the starchy foods cannot budge from the couch, still trying to digest their meal. A scene from a Larson cartoon? Perhaps. But it is also a notion based in scientific fact. A team of California researchers have tested pythons, determining that the reptiles’ specific dynamic action (SDA) or the metabolic increment associated with a python’s digestion, assimilation, and excretion of specific foods. SDA is determined not by how much it eats, but what it eats. Moreover, the energy required for a certain level of SDA accounts for a large energy expenditure which may reduce the metabolic scope available for other activities.

70. World Of Pets - Snakes And Pythons For The Beginner, Housing, Feeding, Etc
Q Why is my Ball python hissing? A When some snakes feel the need to defend themselves they will puff up and expel air with force, which causes a hissing
Snakes for the beginner HOME Birds Cats Dogs ... Contact Us ff Snakes for the Beginner
Housing Rat Snakes


Heating and Lighting

Snakes as Pets! Many people believe that all snakes are dangerous, slimy creatures. This is far from the truth. Unfortunately, the stories about the hiker who scared away a shy corn snake don't make Helens, but stories of anacondas eating children sell papers. In fact, snakes are clean, dry silky skinned animals that are mostly non-dangerous to humans. Of course, there are a number of poisonous, and even lethal snakes, but they are encountered far less often than the rumour mill would have us believe. As far as pets go, there are types of snakes that make fine companions. A snake won't come when you call it, or fetch a ball for you, but watching it explore, eat and sleep has a strange, soothing effect. My snakes have taught me that there is value in a patient, unhurried approach to life, springing into action only when necessary. A snake needs special consideration as a pet, however. Despite your best efforts and intentions, you will encounter people who fears snakes, and will not or can not overcome this fear. If one of these happens to be your husband or wife, you (and your pet) are in for a rough time! Don't assume that logic, or time will take this fear away. Make sure that everyone in your family, and any frequent guests that you plan on keeping as friends have at least an attitude of acceptance towards snakes.

71. Giant Snakes (Henophidia): Herpetology
ParaguayAnakonda (Eunectes notaeus) - Abbildung. Pipe snakes (Aniliidae) - Text and Image. python curtus brongersmai - Image. python regius - Abbildungen.
Deutsch Links Libraries Publishers Database producers Database hosts ... Organisations Search this website: Website Index Subject Index Impressum
Chemistry, Biology and related disciplines in the WWW
Giant Snakes (Henophidia): Herpetology
Home Links Zoology Metazoa ...

72. Reptile Discovery - Reticulated Python Page
Photograph by David Barker © VPI. Many species of snakes are hunted by people for their meat and skins, especially the reticulated python. The Reticulated Python The reticulated python gets its name from the distinctive color and pattern on its scales. According to Webster’s Third New International Dictionary the word “reticulated” is an adjective defined as “having lines intercrossed, forming a network.” It is also known as the regal python (regal is a word that refers to a king). Its scientific name is Python reticulatus.
This snake is the largest species of python living today. Some people believe that the giant South American water boa, known as the anaconda may grow larger or heavier, but the longest snakes that are found in the wild or that are living in a zoo today are reticulated pythons.
Reticulated python hatch from eggs. Very large females may lay over 100 eggs at a time. The eggs are white and have a soft, leathery shell. Female pythons wrap their powerful bodies around their eggs until they are ready to hatch. This behavior is known as brooding and it prevents the eggs from getting too warm or too cool. The eggs need to remain close to 89 degrees Fahrenheit during the incubation period, which lasts about eighty-five days. The young pythons emerge by cutting a slit in the eggshell with their egg tooth.
Once free from the egg, they are on their own. They must use their coloration and reticulated pattern to hide from predators and to hunt for food. Some of the hatchling pythons get eaten by other animals such as hawks, wild pigs, cobras and monitor lizards. The hatchling pythons are 26 to 35 inches long and weigh only 4 to 5 ounces. From the time they hatch these snakes are also predators and they can kill and eat small mice, rats, lizards and frogs.

73. Snakes For Sale Boas And Pythons
1.1 het albino ball pythons £900 pair, 1.0 het albino ball python £250, 1.0 high gold ball python £80, for more info and photos of the above snakes go to www;read=1234

74. Number 2 Pencil: Not A Merry Hissmas After All
this that make me wish we could figure out when pets are hurting (ie if they could only talk) However, mebbe you will get another python (snakes are quite
Number 2 Pencil
Kimberly's take on testing and education reform Main
December 20, 2003
Not a Merry Hissmas after all
Remember a few posts back when I poked fun at a post on Joanne Jacob's site ? The one where a reader of hers mentioned a ridiculous suggestion by her child's teacher to sing "Merry Hissmas" instead of "Merry Christmas"? And I said, "As for me, my pet snakes and I will have a very Merry Hissmas this year, thank you very much." I spoke too soon. I just got back from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School emergency room, where I've been all afternoon. My python, Dancer, who seemed fine a week ago, actually had an internal infection. Once it surfaced, it was too late for me to save him without radical surgery that would have seriously affected his quality of life. So he had to be euthanized. The UPenn people were very good, and very comforting, and I thank them for that. I'm just very, very sad. His health was never perfect, and I figure the fact that he was originally bought (not by me) through a pet store was related to that. It's very difficult to tell when reptiles are sick, and pet stores are notorious for selling sick animals without giving much information as to the normal care and feeding of them. Case in point: One week ago, my python looked fine and was eating normally. Perhaps a breeder or a vet would have noticed signs of disease, but had he been in a pet store someone very well could have bought him, only to have him on the verge of death a week later.

75. Animal Planet :: Australia Zoo -- Native Snakes
Able to grow 20 feet in length, the scrub python is one of the largest snakes on the Australian continent. Name BlackHeaded python
June 11, 2004 EDT OAS_RICH("hedthick"); A green tree python looped over a branch. Want a closer look? Check out More Python Photos To learn more about the zoo, check out The Australia Zoo in Depth Ready for more? Head back to the Australia Zoo Map
Native Snakes Several pythons native to Australia can be found lazing about at the Australia Zoo. Bert and Ernie , two black-headed pythons, are both 8 years old. They are very quiet and well-behaved, traits not often associated with wild black-headed pythons, which can be quite aggressive. Black-headed pythons live in the dry coastal forests, rocky hills and peripheral desert regions of northern Australia. They are commonly found sheltering in burrows, hollow logs and beneath ground debris. Emerald and Kato , the zoo's green tree pythons, are both 4 years of age. They are very shy and secretive, and do not like to be disturbed. Green tree pythons live in a variety of wooded habitats in northeast Australia, including rainforests and bamboo thickets. They are the most arboreal of all the pythons, spending the majority of their lives in trees. With tight, muscular coils and a prehensile tail, the green tree python can wrap itself tightly around a branch, its vivid green skin melting in with the surrounding leaves. It both rests and hunts from the same position: coiled around a branch with its head hanging down, ready to strike at prey.

76. Critter Corner - Ball Python
When it is threatened, it will roll itself into a ball with its head buried inside its coilshence the common name ball python. These snakes are mainly
Meet the Ball Python
About this Daily Classroom Special
Critter Corner
is maintained by Judith Jones , teacher at East Chapel Hill High School (NC) and Teachers Network web mentor. To the Critter Corner Directory Introduction I have acquired my two ball pythons in interesting ways. One of them was found by some Chapel Hill residents on their front porch when they returned home one day. This was a bit unusual since ball pythons are definitely NOT native to North Carolina. They took the snake to the Animal Shelter and I adopted it from the shelter. My other ball python came to me from a counselor at the high school where I teach. Her brother was ready to find a new home for his snake. Both of these snakes are beautiful colors and have proved to be docile and hungry! Ball pythons are a very widely sold snake. About seven or eight years ago, there were huge numbers being imported into the United States from Africa. Fortunately, exporters have now established breeding programs and it is very easy to get a healthy ball python bred in captivity. It is relatively inexpensive and reaches a very nice five feet. However, this snake is probably best acquired by someone who has experience raising snakes. Recently imported snakes can be very reluctant eaters. However, if you can get hold of an adult snake that is a known "good eater" or a captive bred juvenile, you may have better luck. Imported snakes can harbor parasites also, so I heartily recommend for health and ecological reasons, that people only buy captive bred snakes.

77. Snakes
snakes of these types, especially those handled infrequently, become conditioned to The small Ball python has the most predictable and even temperament of all
Snakes are elongated, legless animals with dry, scale-covered skin. Their skin is unusually elastic, which allows it to stretch when large prey items are swallowed. Snakes are rather unique because of these features and because they lack movable eyelids and external ear openings. Snakes may be only a few inches to several yards long. Snakes inhabit a wide variety of ecologic habitats: land, trees, underground, fresh water, and salt water. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. No native snakes are found on the islands of Hawaii, Iceland, New Zealand and Ireland.
Selecting a Pet Snake Some snakes are rare, endangered and protected by law. Zoos and legitimate herpetologists may only keep these snakes with the appropriate permits. This is also the case with venomous snakes, which should not, under any circumstances, be kept by the average hobbyist. The most common snakes kept by enthusiasts are the many and varied constrictor species (boas, pythons, rat and milk snakes, etc.), and the racer, gopher and garter species. The husbandry and dietary requirements for these types of snakes vary considerably. Further, some of the same species (notably the boa constrictors and pythons) reach very large sizes in captivity, and their considerable space requirements must be anticipated. Usually, an individual eager to own a snake already has a species preference in mind because of some familiarity with it (friend owns a snake of the same species, etc.) or because of an inexplicable attraction to a species' physical appearance, size, activity or habits. Before you acquire a snake, you should carefully consider the following recommendations:

78. Python Hook, Python Hook, PYTHON HOOK, Snake Hooks, Boa Hook
python SNAKE HOOK. PRODUCT NAME python Snake Hook. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Heavy hook made to carry the heaviest of snakes like boa s and pythons.
PYTHON SNAKE HOOK PRODUCT NAME: Python Snake Hook. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Heavy hook made to carry the heaviest of snakes like boa's and pythons. It is 4.5 feet long and made from aluminum. PACKAGING AND COST: Each one is $75.00 plus shipping. CLICK HERE TO GO BACK TO ARTICLE CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO ORDER FROM U-SPRAY CLICK HERE TO GO BACK TO PRODUCT SELECTION PAGE CLICK HERE TO GO TO MAIN PAGE ... E-Mail url:

79. California Zoological Supply | Ball Pythons
GENERAL INFORMATION Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes. The Europeans refer to this snake as the Royal python.
CALZOO'S REFERENCE SHEET > Ball Pythons Latin name Python regius Maximum length 3 - 5 feet Native to West Africa Approximate life span 15 - 20 years GENERAL INFORMATION
Ball Pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes. Varying colors and patterns, docile nature and its small size, when compared with other pythons, make this a very desirable pet. The name "ball" comes from the defensive nature of the snake. When it feels threatened the Ball Python will coil into a ball with it's head protected in the middle. The Europeans refer to this snake as the Royal Python. This comes from it's species name "regius". Ball Pythons reach sexual maturity in 3 years. All baby Ball Pythons sold by California Zoological Supply are farm raised in West Africa.
The Enclosure should be no shorter than ½ the snake's body length. Baby Ball Pythons can live in a 20-gallon aquarium up to a year. Pythons are notorious escape artists! Your enclosure can never be too secure. Provide plenty of ventilation and a secure hiding place. Baby Ball Pythons like to climb, so provide them with lots of sturdy climbing branches.
Pine shavings, Zoo Med REPTIBARK ™, rabbit pellets or Zoo Med CAGE CARPET. Do not use cedar shavings! It's oils are toxic to reptiles.

80. Searching The Internet
You type the keywords python AND snake. Success! To make sure you also pick up the plurals, snakes and pythons, you might want to add a wild card character, *.
the Internet
by Susan Ives
An Introduction to Boolean Logic
It's happened to all of us. You're searching for something on the World Wide Web and get a million hits. Or no hits at all. Or bunches of weird hits that have nothing at all to do with your interests. How do you structure a search to get back the information you need? There are more than 250 search engines on the Internet. Most of them use a symbolic logic system called Boolean Logic, named after George Boole, the mathematician who invented it. It uses a set of connecting words - AND OR NOT and NEAR - to make your search more precise. Let's try it. Your daughter needs help with her fourth grade science project about pythons. You search for the keyword python and get 135,264 hits, most of them about the Monty Python's Flying Circus television show. What next? You decide to use two terms to narrow your search. You type the keywords python snake and get twice as many hits as before. What went wrong? If you use two terms without specifying a Boolean operator, most search engines will interpret it as OR. This means that you will get a list of all web sites that contain the word snake and/or the word python. Instead of limiting your search you have expanded it! Don't discount OR; it can be useful. If you are searching the site about Texas, for example, you might want to use the keyword

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