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         Python Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Python Annotated Archives by Martin C. Brown, 1999-11-10
  2. Scripting with Objects: A Comparative Presentation of Scripting with Perl and Python by Avinash C. Kak, 2008-04-04
  3. XML Processing with Python (with CD-ROM) by Sean McGrath, 2000-06-15
  4. wxPython in Action by Noel Rappin, Robin Dunn, 2006-03-23
  5. Core Python Programming (Prentice Hall Ptr Core Series) by Wesley J. Chun, 2000
  6. Python Programming on Win32 by Mark; Robinson, Andy Hammond, 2000
  7. Introduction To Computing & Programming Python No CD by Mark Guzdial, 2005
  8. Python Programming: From the Ground Up by Martin C. Brown, 2000-07
  9. Python Programming with the Java(tm) Class Libraries: A Tutorial for Building Web and Enterprise Applications with Jython by Richard Hightower, 2002
  10. Gui Programming With Python: Using the Qt Toolkit by Boudewijn Rempt, 2002-01
  11. Python Web Programming by Holden Steve, 2002
  13. Game Programming with Python, Lua, and R by Tom Gutschmidt, 2003-12-01
  14. Masterminds of Programming: Inspiring conversations with creators of major programming languages (Programming) by Federico Biancuzzi, 2008-09-15

101. 9th International Python Conference
Held in Long Beach, California, 58 March 2001, 9th in series of conferences for those interested in the python programming language.
The Ninth International Python Conference
March 5-8, 2001
Long Beach, California
Conference Events Contact Us
Managed by Foretec Seminars Privacy Statement
The 9th International Python Conference (Python 9) was held on March 5-8, 2001 at the Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, California. Over 300 people...from industry, government, and academia...attended the event. The main conference consisted of two days of refereed paper and application tracks-including a Zope Track and a multi-technology Python Applications Track-as well as a poster display of new and useful applications and tools that utilize Python, and a vendor exhibition. The main conference also featured keynote presentations by Guido van Rossum, the inventor of Python, and Bruce Eckel, president of MindView. The conference was preceded by day of tutorials for Python users at all levels, and was followed by a Developers' Day where Python language and application developers met to discuss future enhancements to the language. Post Conference Refereed Papers Tutorial Notes Keynote Speakers Conference Awards ... Glimpses of the Conference Python 9 Sponsors and Exhibitors ActiveState
Platinum Sponsor-Exhibitor
Digital Creations

Gold Sponsor-Exhibitor
Silver Sponsor
New Riders Publishing
Silver Sponsor
Perforce Software Exhibitor Archaeopteryx Software Exhibitor Last Updated: April 12, 2001

102. Guido's Personal Home Page
Personal home page of the creator of the python programming language.

Guido van Rossum - Personal Home Page
"Gawky and proud of it."
Who I Am
I am the author of the Python programming language. See also my resume and my publications list , a brief bio , assorted writings presentations and interviews (all about Python), some pictures of me , and my blog on This web page is not one of my priorities. Much of the information here is several years old, and although still correct, not necessarily very relevant. I do try to make sure that all the links work, from time to time. In July 2003, I left Zope Corporation to go work for Dan Farmer's new company, Elemental Security in San Mateo, California. I have moved with my family to the San Francisco bay area. For better or for worse, the news made Slashdot In June 2003, I was finalist in the category "IT - Software (Individual)" of the World Technology Network awards In May 2003, I received the NLUUG Award 2003 for extraordinary services to the community of users of Unix and Open Systems. In February 2002, I was given the Free Software Foundation Award On November 5, 2001, my son

103. Python DevCenter
O'Reilly Network's source for python developer news and information. Learning python, 2nd Edition. programming python, 2nd Edition. python XML. python Cookbook python Pocket Reference, 2nd
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Content All Articles Python News Numerically Python
Python Topics
Database Distributed Education ... User Interfaces
ONLamp Subjects Linux Apache MySQL Perl ... Security Sites Mozilla DevCenter ... Affiliate Sites MobileWhack ... Scripts Resource Centers Perl Java Python C/C++ ... Python Standard Library Traveling to a tech show? Discount Hotels California Hotels New York City Hotels Canada Hotels ... Miami Hotels supported by: Buy Shoes Online Womens Shoes Online Lotus founder and new open source advocate. Uche Ogbuji examines the XML namespaces support in 4Suite. ... Mod_python's PSP: Python Server Pages For simple web sites, inlining code in the pages themselves is shockingly effective. For more complex sites, it can even work with good MVC design. Fear not, Pythonistas, mod_python's PSP brings the power and clarity of Python to web programming. Grisha Trubetskoy explains. [Python DevCenter] Python and XML Introducing PyRXP In Uche Ogbuji's latest Python and XML column he examines PyRXP, discovering that it's not a conformant XML parser. He recommends the use of the PyRXPU variant instead.

104. Python Tutorial
2.2.2 Executable python Scripts. 2.2.3 Source Code Encoding 5.1.3 Functional programming Tools. 5.1.4 List Comprehensions
Python Tutorial Up: Python Documentation Index Next: Front Matter
Python Tutorial
Guido van Rossum
Fred L. Drake, Jr., editor PythonLabs

Email: Release 2.3.4
May 20, 2004
Python Tutorial Up: Python Documentation Index Next: Front Matter Release 2.3.4, documentation updated on May 20, 2004. See About this document... for information on suggesting changes.

105. GUI Programming With Python QT Edition
A guide to application development using PyQt.

Where to buy Retailers FAQ ... Contact Us.
Boudewijn Rempt
ISBN: 0-97003300-4-4
Available from bookstores everywhere or you can order it here.
You can download the source files for the book (code / eps) here. GUI Programming with Python: QT Edition
Boudewijn Rempt
"as is" without expressed or implied warranty.
This book is dedicated to Irina.
Table of Contents Preface
Who is using PyQt For whom is this book intended How to read this book ... About the BlackAdder IDE
I. Introduction to the BlackAdder IDE
Installing BlackAdder Installing sip and PyQt without BlackAdder ... If all else fails
II. PyQt fundamentals
Qt Concepts
Python, Qt and PyQt As simple as they come ... Advanced Designer topics
III. Creating real applications with PyQt
Application Frameworks
Architecture: models, documents and views Macro languages ...
IV. Appendices
A. Reading the Qt Documentation B. PyQwt: Python Bindings for Qwt
NumPy PyQwt
C. First Steps with Sip
Introduction How sip works Creating .sip files ... Index List of Tables GUI Toolkits for Python Matrix of QObject combinations.

106. Python & Programming
Various python programming related stuff Various python scripts programming stuff Lightflow Export script module (Windows DLL Linux SO) and scripts (zip) python Extension programming
Lightflow Export script This is a modified script originally created by Jaan 'Montz' Oras. I made some changes (with permission) to make it easier to use, and allow materials to be defined from Blender. UV-textures will also work correctly without workarounds. A special "no lights" lighting method has also been added, which makes 'Arnold" type renders and fake HDR (image based) lighting possible.
Windows users will need Python1.5 to be able to use Lightflow, on Linux however you don't necessarily need this, you will get a warning but it will work nevertheless. I use the 'final' version 1.5.2, you can download it from the official python site
download the script (zip)

UPDATE April 10, 2002:
A new version which will handle deformed meshes as well as parent transformations, but not fully tested yet, I'd appreciate if somebody would let me know if everything works ok..
Download new script (zip)

For people having problems with Lightflow or Python, these NOTES might be helpful...

107. PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook
Suite of common programming problems solved in Ada, C++, Erlang, Guile, Haskell, Java, Masd, merd, NASM, Objective Caml, Perl, Pliant, python, Ruby, Tcl.
PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook
Following the great Perl Cookbook If successful, this project may become a primary resource for quick, handy and free reference to solve most common programming problems using higher-level programming languages, and for comparison on ease-of-use and power/efficiency of these languages. The material, considered as some Documentation, is wholy released under the Gnu Free Documentation License freely available Please subscribe to the discussion mailing-list if interested in the project. The FAQ is here . You may also see who talked about Pleac.
A copy of the build from CVS is always accessible from here. The Perl part presents the Solutions from the Perl Cookbook.

108. ActiveState
ActiveState Open Source programming tools for Perl, python, Tcl, PHP, XML and XSLT. Quality development tools for programmers, systems administrators, database administrators, network Visual Perl. Visual python. Visual XSLT"ActiveState" ASPN Perl ASPN Tcl Expect for Windows Komodo ... Expect for Windows 1.0 May 11
InfoWorld's Top 10 tools of the trade

Perl most valuable IT tool; ActivePerl best Windows version Cookbooks Documentation Mailing lists Perl modules Anti-spam and anti-virus for business PureMessage Sophos Anti-Virus Email Opt-out Site Map ... Feedback

109. ASPN : Modules : Python Modules
ActiveState Open Source programming tools for Perl python XML xslt scripting with free trials. Quality development tools for programmers systems administrators database administrators network administrators and webmasters
sign in join Cookbook Documentation ...
Thread-Safe Packages

Modules First letter: All A B C D ... Z Language: All Perl Python Order: Name Date
Name Version Language Last update ActivePython-Debug Python November 26, 2001 bplustree Python November 26, 2001 calldll Python November 26, 2001 DataHandlers Python November 26, 2001 davserver Python November 26, 2001 dmutil Python November 26, 2001 dumper Python November 26, 2001 dynwin Python November 26, 2001 egenix-mx-base Python November 26, 2001 fcrypt Python November 26, 2001 FFTPACK Python November 26, 2001 HappyDoc Python November 26, 2001 HTMLgen Python November 26, 2001 Python November 26, 2001 Python November 26, 2001 Julian Python November 26, 2001 kinds Python November 26, 2001 MA Python November 26, 2001 MySQL-python Python November 26, 2001 npstruct Python November 26, 2001 Numeric Python November 26, 2001 PIL Python November 27, 2001 PILGraph Python November 26, 2001 ping Python November 26, 2001 platform Python November 26, 2001 PorterStemmer Python November 26, 2001 PropertiedClasses Python November 26, 2001 ptml Python November 26, 2001 Python November 26, 2001

110. Index Of /en
Interpreted, dynamically typed, pure objectoriented, scripting language for fast, easy programming, from Japan. Simple, straightforward, extensible. Many features to process text files and do system management, as in Perl. More elegant than Perl, fewer parentheses than Lisp. Japan has more users of Ruby than python. Open Source
Index of /en Name Last modified Size Description ... Parent Directory 05-Jun-2004 11:45 - announce.txt 29-May-2004 16:27 1k announce2.txt 04-Jun-2004 12:53 2k Apache/1.3.26 Server at Port 80

111. Imperial Snowman Soft
Game programming resources for VB, Java, JavaScript, python and Perl. Tutorials, source codes, forum, sound files, pictures, programming tools and links.

112. Secure Programming For Linux And Unix
C++, Java, Perl,python, TCL, and Ada95.
<" and ``helpfully'' insert one - attackers can exploit this behavior and use the ">" to create an undesired " (paragraph), (bold), (italics), (emphasis), (strong emphasis), (preformatted text),
(forced line break - note it doesn't require a closing tag), as well as all their ending tags. Not only do you need to ensure that only a small set of ``safe'' HTML commands are accepted, you also need to ensure that they are properly nested and closed (i.e., that the HTML commands are ``balanced''). In XML, this is termed ``well-formed'' data. A few exceptions could be made if you're accepting standard HTML (e.g., supporting an implied where not provided before a [IE] [IE] [Mozilla] [IE] [code] ... [code] This is not a complete list, of course, but it at least is a sample of the kinds of attacks that you must prevent by strictly limiting the tags and attributes you can allow from untrusted users. Konstantin Riabitsev has posted [] some PHP code to filter HTML (GPL); I've not examined it closely, but you might want to take a look. - 5.11.4. Validating Hypertext Links (URIs/URLs) Careful readers will notice that I did not include the hypertext link tag as a safe tag in HTML. Clearly, you could add

113. Do-It-Yourself English Teaching Activities
Text processing using the computer programming languages Perl, Tcl/Tk, and python, Perl scripts for extracting sentences out of HTML web pages.
New Linguistics Programming Page
Language Zoo: Conversational Moves

Movie Scenes for Roleplay

Lexical Phrase Resources
Computational Linguistics Links

Do-It-Yourself English Teaching Activities Language Discovery and Exploration Tools for English Teachers,
Translators, and Writers
by Jon Fernquest
New Balzac Reading Page

New Business Language Page

Linguistics Programming Page
The Language Zoo (Conversational Moves) Activity Graphs with Scripted Language Scheduling Business Meetings (Business Activity)
Looking for someone Making and canceling appointments, suggesting times, inviting, accepting and declining invitations, politely declining invitations, apologizing, inquiring whether invitation is accepted or declined, inquiring about and expressing preference, expressing regret. Business Problems (Business Activity) Asking and offering advice, asking for and offering suggestions Corporate Organization (Business Activity) Describing what someone does in their job including responsibilities and why the job is important. Acquisitions Fever (Business Activity) Stating reservations, making predictions, giving advice

114. Sean Brown:
Information and code for developers on python, zope, ColdFusion, ASP, XML, XMLRPC and Web programming.
June 06, 2004
Fall semester, what to study Looking through the course catalog, the following cuaght my eye:
HARC E-183 The Architecture of Boston (11489)
Alexander von Hoffman, PhD, Lecturer on Urban Planning and Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design.
Boston is among the most admired cities in the world. This course surveys the city's architecture and urban design from its founding to the present. Through lectures and walking tours, we trace how the social and economic context shaped Boston and how the city in turn interpreted and contributed to European and American architecture. In particular, we examine the work of major Boston designers such as Charles Bulfinch, H. H. Richardson, Frederick Law Olmsted, Charles McKim, Walter Gropius, I. M. Pei, and Philip Johnson.
HIST E-1633 Boston's Topographical History (22035)
Nancy S. Seasholes, PhD, Research Fellow, Archaeology, Boston University.
One-sixth of Boston is manmade land, and some sections of the city have been more than doubled by fill. This course will examine how filling has transformed Boston's topography. Using historical and contemporary maps, illustrations, and photographs, we will discuss filling in different sections of the city, relating this landmaking to developments in Boston's history.
May 29, 2004

Home of esoteric programming languages such as Java2K, Smith , Sorted!, , Esogotschi and the Great python Language Zoo. Also heavy on the code obfuscation front.
Home Download Python Humor ... About

116. Scripting Help
Message board for help in programming using scripting languages including PHP, python, ASP, JSP.

117. Micro Programmers
Maheshwaran, S. and Indumathi, R. about, projects. Computer programming resources for Java, JSP, ANTLR, C, c++, python.
Free Web Site Hosting Web Hosting
This site is under modification. Sorry for the inconvience. Please bare with us for some time.

118. Introduction To Programming Using Python
Introduction to programming using python. Next. Introduction to programming usingpython. programming Course for Biologists at the Pasteur Institute.
Introduction to Programming using Python
Introduction to Programming using Python
Programming Course for Biologists at the Pasteur Institute
Katja Schuerer
Corinne Maufrais
Catherine Letondal
Eric Deveaud
Pasteur Institute February, 16 2004 Abstract The objective of this course is to teach programming concepts to biologists. It is thus aimed at people who are not professional computer scientists, but who need a better control of computers for their own research. This programming course is part of a course in informatics for biology . If you are already a programmer, and if you are just looking for an introduction to Python, you can go to this Python course (in Bioinformatics). PDF version of this course This course is still under construction . Comments are welcome. Handouts for practical sessions (still under construction) will be available on request. Contact: Table of Contents
First session Documentation Why Python ...
List of Figures
History of programming languages(Source) Namespace Reassigning values to variables Comparison of compiled and interpreted code ... A composite tree
List of Tables
Order of operator evaluation (highest to lowest) String formatting: Conversion characters String formatting: Modifiers Type conversion functions ... String methods, operators and builtin functions

119. A Short Introduction To The ABC Language
python's predecessor. Interactive language, environment for personal computing, originally intended as replacement for BASIC. Designed by first doing task analysis of programming. Home site, description, code samples, downloads, contact.
A Short Introduction to the ABC Language
Also available in Japanese NEW Two new implementations are now available: an improved PC version, and precompiled binaries for Redhat Linux. ABC is an interactive programming language and environment for personal computing, originally intended as a good replacement for BASIC. It was designed by first doing a task analysis of the programming task. ABC is easy to learn (an hour or so for someone who has already programmed), and yet easy to use. Originally intended as a language for beginners, it has evolved into a powerful tool for beginners and experts alike. Here is an example function words to collect the set of all words in a document: Some features of the language:
  • a powerful collection of only 5 data types that can easily be combined strong typing, yet without declarations no limitations (such as max int), apart from sheer exhaustion of memory refinements to support top-down programming nesting by indentation programs typically one fourth or one fifth the size of the equivalent Pascal or C.
Some features of the environment:
  • no need for files: procedures and functions and global variables remain after logging out one consistent face is shown to the user at all times, whether executing commands, editing, or entering input to a program

Library of subroutines and functions that display data graphically. Software is available for the programming languages C, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Perl, python and Java.
Overview What's New Examples Online Manual ... Impressum Welcome to the Home Page of the scientific data plotting software DISLIN. DISLIN is a high-level plotting library for displaying data as curves, polar plots, bar graphs, pie charts, ... contours and maps DISLIN is intended to be a powerful and easy to use software package for scientists and programmers. There are only a few graphics routines with a short parameter list needed to display the desired graphical output. A large variety of parameter setting routines can then be called to create individually customized graphics. DISLIN is available for several C, Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 compilers on the operating systems UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenVMS, Windows and MS-DOS. DISLIN programs are very system-independent, they can be ported from one operating system to another without any changes. For some operating systems, the programming languages Python Perl and Java are also supported by DISLIN. See a complete list of the supported operating systems and compilers. A short description of the DISLIN features is given in Overview . DISLIN manuals can be downloaded as compressed tar files in PostScript PDF and HTML format. An

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