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         Pyramids Architecture:     more books (84)
  1. Great Pyramid of Cheops: Inside Story by Steve Thomsen, 1991-09
  2. The great wonders of the world: From the pyramids to the Crystal Palace by Arthur Cleveland Wigan, 1856
  3. A pyramid implementation using a reconfigurable array of processors (Computer sciences technical report. University of Wisconsin--Madison. Computer Sciences Dept) by Peter A Sandon, 1985
  4. Cubes and Pyramids (Baukunst) by Hugh Ferriss, 1926
  5. Wonders of the World (An Educational Coloring Book of)
  6. The early temple and pyarmid builders (Smithsonian Institution. Annual report) by Joseph Norman Lockyer, 1894
  7. Pyramids by Joyce Filer, 2006-01-16
  8. Engineering the Pyramids by Dick Parry, 2005-09-25
  9. Who Built the Pyramid? by Meredith Hooper, 2006-02-14
  10. Egyptian Pyramids (Ancient Wonders of the World) by Sheryl Peterson, 2005-07-30
  11. The Mystery Library - Pyramids (The Mystery Library) by Stuart A. Kallen, 2002-02-28
  12. Pyramid (Bookworms) by Dana Meachen Rau, 2006-08-31
  13. Art of Egypt by Irmgard Woldering, 1963
  14. The Pharaohs Master-Builders by Henri Stierlin, Anne Stierlin, 1995-05

101. The Steerable Pyramid
The Steerable Pyramid A Flexible architecture for MultiScale Derivative Computation.IEEE Second Int l Conf on Image Processing. Washington DC, October 1995.
The Steerable Pyramid
What is a steerable pyramid?
The Steerable Pyramid is a linear multi-scale, multi-orientation image decomposition that provides a useful front-end for many computer vision and image-processing applications. The basis functions are directional derivative operators, that come in different sizes and orientations. The transformation is a type of overcomplete wavelet transform (specifically, it is an approximation to a "tight frame"). An example decomposition of an image of a white disk on a black background is shown to the right. This particular steerable pyramid contains 4 orientation subbands, at 2 scales. The smallest subband is the residual lowpass information. The residual highpass subband is not shown. The block diagram for the decomposition (both analysis and synthesis) is shown to the right. Initially, the image is separated into low and highpass subbands, using filters L0 and H0. The lowpass subband is then divided into a set of oriented bandpass subbands and a low(er)-pass subband. This low(er)-pass subband is subsampled by a factor of 2 in the X and Y directions. The recursive (pyramid) construction of a pyramid is achieved by inserting a copy of the shaded portion of the diagram at the location of the solid circle (i.e., the lowpass branch). More detailed descriptions may be found in the references (below).
What advantages does it have over separable orthonormal wavelets?

102. Enterprise Architecture - An Enabler Of Secure E-Government
Incident Response Capability. Second pyramid (background) Top layer Authentication; Sidesloping from base layer to top layer architecture and Engineering
Slide 1 Federal Aviation Administration Enterprise Architecture - an Enabler of Secure E-Government SecurE-Biz Summit
April 1-2, 2003 Dan Mehan, Ph.D.
Assistant Administrator for Information Services and Chief Information Officer Slide 2
  • Enterprise Architecture Multiple Layered Protection Forces of Change Information Technology Landscape (highlighted)
Information Technology Landscape Slide 3
  • 1st Priority: Make Government citizen-centered 5 Key Components:
  • Strategic Management of Human Capital Improved Financial Performance Expanded Competitive Sourcing Electronic Government Budget and Performance Integration
Slide 4 E-Government Drivers
  • Progress
    • Customer Demand Technological Advances Cost and Time Pressures Statutory Mandates
    Slide 5 E-Government Key Components
    • Cyber Security Web Enablement IT Program Management Enterprise Architecture
    Slide 6
    • Manage 35,000 commercial flights to move 2,000,000 passengers safely each day Support more than 35,000 general aviation flights on a daily basis Regulate and certify the people and aircraft that use our airspace 500 FAA Managed Air Traffic Control Towers 180 Terminal Radar Control Centers 20 Enroute Centers 60 Flight Service Stations 40,000 Radars, NAVAIDs, Radios, etc.

103. CyberJourney To Egypt - Guardian's Egypt
Guardian at the Sphinx 2001 *** Recently updated to be compatible with current Quicktime player. Valley of the Kings. Temples. The Nile. Have you always wanted to GO to Egypt? Now here's your chance .
Guardian at the Sphinx 2001 The CyberJourney Continues!
Enjoy new looks at pyramids, tombs, temples, antiquities, read about new up-to-date information and interviews!
There are many more exciting pictures to come of many fascinating places!! Join Us Now at these sites , new sites will soon become active:
-Check out these wonderful 360 degree Virtual Reality Panoramic views of various sites!!!!
Recently updated to be compatible with current Quicktime player. - Read this 2001 interview with Dr. Zahi Hawass ! - See the 3rd Dynasty Step Pyramid! More to Come! - Enter An Old Kingdom Mastaba and Pyramid! Enter the newly opened Red Pyramid! Enter the Bent Pyramid! - The Hale-Bopp Comet over the Great Pyramid! Enter the all three of the famous Pyramid s, and more! - See all sides and even between the paws! New pictures from 2001. - Enter The Pyramid of Djedefre! Read all 4 interviews with Dr. Zahi Hawass , Undersecretary of the State for the Giza Monuments! Come discuss Egypt with our Ancient Egypt Discussion Board! - Explore three pyramids of kings from the 5th Dynasty!!

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105. Host Name No Longer Valid As Of 24.7.2003 - Use

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