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         Punk Music:     more books (100)
  1. Make The Music Go Bang!: The Early L.A. Punk Scene
  2. Encyclopedia of Punk Music and Culture by Brian Cogan, 2006-05-30
  3. The Rough Guide to Punk 1 (Rough Guide Music Guides) by Rough Guides, 2006-09-04
  4. The History of Punk Rock (Music Library) by Brenden Masar, 2006-07-12
  5. Punk: The Illustrated History of a Music Revolution by Adrian Boot, Chris Salewicz, 1997-01-01
  6. Punk Love
  7. False Prophet: Field Notes from the Punk Underground (Music Culture) by Steven Taylor, 2004-01-15
  8. Fear of Music: The 261 Greatest Albums Since Punk and Disco by Garry Mulholland, 2008-03-04
  9. My So-Called Punk: Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Distillers, Bad Religion---How Neo-Punk Stage-Dived into the Mainstream by Matt Diehl, 2007-04-17
  10. Punk Pioneers
  11. Punk: The Definitive Record of a Revolution by Stephen Colegrave, Chris Sullivan, 2005-09-20
  12. Punk Rock: An Oral History by John Robb, 2007-03-01
  13. Going Underground: American Punk, 1979-1992 by George Hurchalla, 2006-02-15
  14. Punk by DK Publishing, 2006-09-18

1. Punk Music Dot Com: Punk News, Punk Reviews, Punk Radio + Other Punk Stuff
Overview of today s punk newss from punk music Dot Com. punk music Community. Punk Rock News, Reviews, Forums, Mp3s, Punk Radio other punk stuff.
Punk Rock News, Reviews, Forums,
Friday, June 11, 2004 Latest Punk Music News Ten Foot Pole E-Card full story
pThe new http://www,tenfootpole.comTen Foot Pole/a album Subliminable Messages hit stores nationwide. You can view the band's new
full story
Rochester NY based indie/emo rock band Verona will be heading out on tour this summer around the US to help support their debut E.P. entitled Memoirs and Anecdotes releas...
Pre-order the New Craig's Brother E.P.
full story
Hey kids just letting everyone know that you can now purchase the new Craig's Brother E.P.idemic. Mosey on over to the Takeover site and you w...
full story
We announced this last week, but in-case you missed it: “You Fail Me” is now officially on the release schedule and we have the album title page up and active at the ...
Punks Vs. Psychos
full story
As this killer tour treks on, the line up has morphed a bit: the next leg of this tour, which begins on June 1st, will feature Punk Music Dot Com and affiliated punk music sites.

2. - The Ultimate Punk Music Store
THE ULTIMATE punk music STORE! With over 44,000 Punk, Emo, Hardcore Ska items!
New Items
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Proving once and for all why they've always been leaders in Southern California and not followers. more info...
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3. Punk Music Community: Punk News
punk music NEWS, SUBMIT NEWS. punk music News Archive 7 Days * 2 Weeks * 30 Days * 3 Months * The Past Year. Rufio Tour Spring 2004.
7 Days
2 Weeks 30 Days 3 Months ... The Past Year

4. - Comprehensive Punk Music Directory
The District Line label will focus on rare and unreleased music from the Washington DC area Submit ReleaseNews content provided by, Punk Updates, and BBC News
Punk Updates New Releases BBC News World News Punk News 'Another State Of Mind' screening in LA
To celebrate it's 20th anniversary, the film Another State Of Mind is being screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday, June 19th at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatres. The 1984 documentary chronicles a 1982 Youth Brigade Social Distortion tour during which the bands tried to make 30 shows in 35 days traveling in an old school bus (and all the ensuing chaos). Minor Threat also makes an appearance in the film (along with the ice cream parlor where Ian MacKaye worked). Ticket details can be found on the festival's website. Zao E-Card Posted
has posted an e-card for the July 13th Zao release The Funeral of God . The band released a retrospective record last year titled Legendary which was reviewed here The e-card includes three sample tracks from the record and can be found at this link . The label has also posted the track listing and cover art Give Up the Ghost in Europe
Give Up the Ghost
will be heading to Europe this summer for summer dates. The Bronx and The Catheters on the road
The Bronx
are headed out on tour in early July with Seattle's The Catheters . Following these dates The Bronx will be on the road with Dillinger Escape Plan, Planes Mistaken For Stars and Decahedron, as was

5. - Music Mends Broken Hearts
Online source for punk music, free mp3s, news, tabs, lyrics, forums, downloads, multimedia, pictures, aim icons, wallpapers, and more. and increasing the quality of their music this is a must

6. Rare Punk Rock Music Punk Clothes
Browse catalog for hard to find rare punk rock music and ska music. Also offering a wide variety of punk clothes such as punk tshirts and creeper shoes. The Biggest Selection of rare punk music
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The Biggest Selection of rare punk music, oi, hardcore, ska, patches, stickers, buttons, creeper shoes, body jewelry, bondage pants, Fred Perrys, punk clothes, studded belts and more on the whole freakin' web!! (WOW!)
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7. Techno Punk
A focus on drum'n'bass, techno, trance, house and punk reviews and interviews.
A Resource For Intelligent Underground Music Navigate: Home Interviews Rev iews ... New Techno Review Breaking Down Back-Room Dance Music, World Politics and The Importance of Having An Imaginary Robot! an interview with Aquasky "If each one of us were to express our anger with the state of our planet, politics, and lives, and think of ways to change, then in a respecting way talk about it to every person we know, and they changed and did the same, then over time it may be a way of educating people and changing our culture for the better. Just a theory." - Will Kisner of Born/Dead Read the Interview Here Front Page Reviews By Bill Mahoney Mukunga Umbura Secret Vision Inpsyde Media ( Sometimes I get asked why we push so hard on the psy-trance sound when precious few seem to be genuinely passionate about it in my homeland. True, America is nearly the Bermuda Triangle of psy-trance, in that precious few find it worth their while to cross these borders and even far fewer homegrown talents ever emerge. There are Ceiba and Kagdila Records in California, true, but that’s hardly an army, though what I believe we all have in common is a genuine love for this side of electronic production. Rarely is this maddeningly intense and liberating music ever about money. Though, sometimes, those types do get discouraged by the lack of riches in psy-trance (in fact, we refused to run an interview conducted with the head of trance’s most prominent distribution company because he was bitter over not being “better off” in this scene,) we here find ourselves spiritually strung to this subculture because it is its own little world, a world you can claim as your own even if you can’t necessarily live in it, a world that cleanses and makes the world out there that much more tolerable, perhaps even giving you the insight to make our real-life Matrix that much more hopeful for others.

8. - The Ultimate Punk Music Store
THE ULTIMATE punk music STORE! With over 44,000 Punk, Emo, Hardcore Ska items! This is a powerful document of real punk music.

9. Smartpunk - Punk Music Made Smarter
Cambria, New Found Glory, AFI, the Matches, Yellowcard, Thrice and more!!! punk music. The music you want. FAST, CHEAP, RELIABLE!

10. Canadian Punk Music -
Top Music Links, Home Canadian Music Punk / Hardcore, CanEHdian Features. Ugly Pop Records Toronto label specializing in punk rock and hardcore music.
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Canadian Music : Punk / Hardcore
CanEHdian Features
CanEHdian Music
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Canadian Punk Artist Directory EMusic FREE Trial MP3 Subscriptions
your band or artist ... at EMusic Related Links: Punk Music Discussion Punk Album Reviews
  • Black Halos, The @
  • Bloody Chicletts, The @ ...
  • Blank Stare - Hardcore punk rock band from Toronto. Pictures, MP3s, links, show listings, message board, booking information, recipes and more.
  • Broomfiller - Three piece punk-based alternative band from Toronto. Includes a biography, photos, and reviews.
  • Conflicting Plaid - MP3 downloads from the Toronto, Ontario punk band.
  • Core-upt Records - A label from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Punk, ska, hardcore.
  • Dayglo Abortions, The - Purveyors of putrid punk perversions, the infamous Canadian band.
  • Declaration Records - Punk and hardcore label out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Includes news and band listings.
  • DOA - This Canadian punk band has been bucking the system for over 20 years. Now that's 'old school'.
  • 11. Punk Music And New Punk Bands At Planet Punk
    Listen to new punk bands and new punk music at Planet Punk. Welcome To The Planet punk music Website Planet Punk Homepage. Planet Punk Bands.
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    • Welcome To The Planet Punk Music Website
      Planet Punk Bands
      Planet Punk has the best new punk bands and new punk music on the internet. We currently have over 40 featured punk rock, pop punk, emo and hardcore bands and over 250 fully streamed songs. We aim to let punk music fans discover great new punk bands and music and to provide a place where they can get together to chat about CDs, shows and artists. You must be registered to access Planet Punk. Registration is FREE and only takes a few seconds. If you are already registered then please login below. Otherwise click here to get your Username and Password If you have not registered, you can still view our forums but you will be unable to post. User name: Password:
      Message Boards
      Visit the Planet Punk message boards to chat with other punk fans about all our featured punk bands, punk music, shows, punk clothes and hair styles and anything else. With thousands of members and growing all the time, you're sure to find some other like-minded people to chat with.
      FREE Planet Punk E-Mail Address
      You can now get your very own Planet Punk e-mail address ( right

    12. History Of Punk Music In England: 1976-1981
    Basic chronological history of the punk music in England between 1976 and 1981. Key Division. History of punk music in England 19761981.
    History of punk music in England: 1976-1981
    Basic chronological history of the punk music in England between 1976 and 1981. Key bands and records, particularly the Sex Pistols and Joy Division.
    Punk music and culture has had a great impact on many different aspects of culture, both in its own right and by fundamentally changing the social environment which other western cultures share with it. Despite the wide variety of modern elements of punk, it is generally agreed that the culture began in England in the years 1976 to 1981, when the first and simplest from of punk music began and ended. There was a recognisable progression in the kind of music being created during this era. This is a progression which went on to result in the pervading influence of punk in areas of the culture where it could never have imagined being influential back during its birth, when it was a youth culture and an outsider culture. bodyOffer(17204) Although punk music, which called itself punk music, was a very English thing until the early eighties, the bands which led Malcolm McLaren to create a band called the Sex Pistols in early 1976 were American, principally the New York Dolls, for the image and attitude, and the Stooges, for the basis of the music. Punk was a reaction against the pretentiousness of the prevailing bands of the mid seventies, progressive rock bands with songs so indulgent and inaccessible to the youth of Britain that there was a palpable gap in youth culture. In 1977 the Pistols sacked bass player Glen Matlock and brought in Sid Vicious, a fan who could not play the bass but had the image, reputation and heroin habit to court more controversy. In a flurry of publicity, the Pistols signed first to A+M records, where they were dropped after a week and then to Virgin, where they released two more excellent singles, God Save the Queen and Pretty Vacant. Their album Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols came out later in the year to much acclaim.

    13. PUNK MUSIC SITE - Welcome
    punk music SITE. TOPlist. POKRACUJTE PROSÍM TADY .

    punk music SITE Optimalizováno pro Internet Explorer 5.0 - doporucené rozlišení 800×600, 1024×768 - © TLAMICZKA 1999-2000.
    window.status="PUNK MUSIC SITE - CZ vers. - dop. IE 5.0 800×600" PUNK MUSIC SITE - Optimalizováno pro Internet Explorer 5.0 - doporuèené rozlišení 800×600, 1024×768 - © TLAMICZKA 1999-2000 Chcete dostávat informace o aktualizaci na vᚠmail? Zaregistrujte se POSLEDNÍ UPDATE: NEW: 80 Novejch fotek Bad Religion...
    další >>
    Vaše pøipomínky nebo òáký vecièky který bych moh´ umístit na tenhle web mi mùžete mailovat na: Jestli se zajímáte o punk tak se urèitì podívejte na adresu kde najdete od rozpisu koncertù až po punkovej chat.
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    15. Punk 77 - Where To Buy Punk Music
    Where To Buy punk music ! Home Where To Buy The Music. If you are releasing stuff and think you should or want to be here eemail me.
    Where To Buy Punk Music ! Home Where To Buy The Music If you are releasing stuff and think you should or want to be here e email me. Please be aware though that I require a link to me to be on your site. The description for my site and URL can be found by clicking here links.htm I do check out sites and I do check out links Last Update 25/5/2002 Ok so you've looked through the site and you've felt inspired to go get some music or maybe you used to have these records and want them back in your life here is an incomplete guide to set you on your way. From cds that rarely cost more than £10.00 and include rarities, demos and live stuff to vinyl that will relieve you of much cash. Generally other re-releases are widely available like Generation X, Skids, Ruts Siouxsie and The Banshees etc at your local record store. Check out Bin Liner Records the punk part of Detour records at Has for sale Xtraverts retrospective 'So Much Hate' and some great compilations of rare punk 1977-1982 which include tracks by bands such as Disorder and the Amazing Space Frogs. They also released a superb cd of Cigarettes material that should be in everybody's collection. These boys deserve a medal for their dedication to '77 style punk rock and to researching and paying bands like they do. Give 'em a go. Some quality material there. Overground are back.

    16. Body Jewelry, Punk Music, Clothing, Accessories
    week bodyPUNKS is adding over hundreds of new products including many new wallets, handbags, watches, and punk tshirts of your favorite music bands, check
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    17. The Punk Page
    The purpose of this page is to provide punk music lyrics, pictures, and sounds as well as to organize all the other punk resources on the Internet.
    This site is sponsored by:
    We recently took over , the greatest Punk Rock Tshirt source anywhere, and with it, the Punk Page. We were given really old files for the punk page, and are going to be updating them as soon as possible. Please be patient, as it will take some time to try to get the most recent files from the previous webmaster. We will also attempt to get the reviews back, as those were not forwarded either. In the meantime, there may be a lot of broken links. Hopefully we will get the most recent pages back soon, and then we will start taking new submissions and updates. Thanks for your understanding.
    Welcome to the Punk Page
    , one of the very first punk sites on the WWW, up-and-running now since January 1995. Over the past few years the Punk Page has gained incredible popularity due to the amount of links and information provided by the site. The purpose of this page is to provide punk music lyrics, pictures, and sounds as well as to organize all the other punk resources on the Internet. On the seperate pages you will be able to access sites maintained by other people as well as information provided by the Punk Page. The site is updated constantly with more links in order to provide you with the most current punk stuff out there, so visit often. Enjoy!
    Sorry - Links Submissions Are Currently Not Being Accepted. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience And Will Try To Rectify The Situation ASAP.

    18. Rare Punk Music - Special Prices
    Rare punk music offered and a large selection of rare punk rock music and punk clothes. Rare punk music. Rare punk music Special Prices.
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    Rare Punk Music The question is posed by The Skulls, who will release their second album today at Dr. Strange Records, a punk rock record store as out of place in Alta Loma as Best Buy might be hawking CDs on Haight Street. Store owner Bill Plaster, who will stand behind the counter today selling the album, is equally out of place. Complete Selection of Rare Punk Music At 38 years old, he's something of a punk himself informal in speech, irreverent in attitude, with two earrings and punk style from shirt to shoes. It's those credentials and the fact that he owns the store, the label, and a mail order business bearing the same name that qualify Plaster as much as anyone to know whether or not a guy can pay the bills working in the world of rare punk music. "I started with the mail order business 15 years ago," Plaster said. "Now the record store is doing better than the mail order business, and I'm here paying the rent and eating pizza. Which is all that you can ask." In what was once downtown Alta Loma, in a structure built in 1906 that at times housed a general store and the Alta Loma post office, Plaster runs a store with the biggest selection of hard-to-find rare punk music in California. It's one that attracts mail order business from as far away as Israel, Tahiti, and South Africa.

    19. Punk Rock
    Shortly after this, Lenny Kaye began performing avant garde protopunk music with poet Patti Smith, so this would seem to lead directly to the use of the term
    Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
    Punk rock
    Punk rock (from ' punk ', meaning rotten, worthless, or snotty; also a prison slang term for a person who is sexually submissive) usually refers to the anti-establishment music movement of the period , exemplified by the Sex Pistols The Damned The Clash and The Ramones , and to subsequent music scenes that share key characteristics with these first-generation "punks." The term is sometimes also applied to the fashions or the irreverant " do-it-yourself " attitude associated with this musical movement. The term "Punk rock" was originally used to describe the primitive guitar-based rock and roll of untutored US bands of the mid- such as The Seeds from Southern California and The Standells from Boston. Probably the first use of the term "punk" music was in Lester Bangs essay "Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung" (collected in the book of the same name, ISBN 0679720456): "punk bands started cropping up who were writing their own songs but taking the Yardbirds ' sound." A year later

    20. List Of Musicians In The First Wave Of Punk Music
    Main Page See live article Alphabetical index, List of musicians in the first wave of punk music. List of Early Punk bands see List of musicians by genre.
    Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
    List of musicians in the first wave of punk music
    List of Early Punk bands see: List of musicians by genre Please add to list in alphabetical order
    See also

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