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1. World-Wide Web Resources - Reference Material
tools for researching specific companies, industries, and manufacturing pulitzer prize winners, works and biographies of the winners for companies and individuals, both at work and

Reference Material
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General Resources
  • AskA+ Locator , provides resources and links to experts who offer information response services. From The Virtual Reference Desk
  • Reference Books
  • Info Service Reference Desk , international reference library covering hundreds of subjects.
  • Industry Research Desk , provides tools for researching specific companies, industries, and manufacturing processes.
  • I-Tools , access to selected Internet tools.
  • KnowPlay , centralized searching of standard Internet reference sources.
  • LibDex , guide to Library web sites and catalogs.
  • Librarians' Index to the Internet , librarian-selected Internet resources.
  • Local Online Reference Resources , from the University of Kentucky.
  • Medical Reference Tools
  • Ready Reference Collection , from the Internet Public Library.
  • Martindale's The Reference Desk
  • QuickRef , from Purdue University.
  • REFLAW: Virtual Law Library Reference Desk , from Washburn University.
  • , from the University of Iowa Libraries.
  • Virtual Reference Desk , from the Kentucky Virtual Library
  • Yahoo Reference Pointers Return to Reference Resources Table of Contents
  • Best Web , biographies from the University of Pennsylvania Library.
  • 2. Interest/Activate
    to immediate and specific goals rather than abstract or pulitzer prize. 5. How about the last ten Academy Award winners for and/or biographies of individuals that have used Tools for Coping with Life's Stressors






    3. Biography
    is linked in specific areas to the Steps site contains biographies and photographs of the 100 individuals selected as pulitzer prize winners. http//
    Biography Sites Academy of Achievement
    "In the Gallery of Achievers, we focus on individuals who have shaped the twentieth century by their accomplishments. Through interviews with Academy inductees, we believe that these great achievers can motivate and educate others by serving as inspiring role models for us all. The difference is how they went about achieving their dreams. This message is the central theme of the Gallery of Achievement. The Gallery of Achievement offers guests the marvelous opportunity of conversing with current-day Academy members.
    These contemporary role models have been grouped in the following categories: the Arts, Public Service, Sports, Business and Science and Exploration. The biography and profile of each featured achiever are also available. The Gallery of Achievers is linked in specific areas to the Steps of Success."
    Entries in the Gallery include a profile, biography and interview including audio and video clips of the honoree. African Americans in Medicine, Technology and Science

    4. Research Wizard - Keyword List By Discipline | Research | University Library
    Access to tools and resources for Internet and Library research including electronic indexes. individuals. mtm/kkh. The pulitzer prizes. http// prize lists with full text of recent winners. mtm/kkh. biographies sites as well as specific occupational sites

    5. Virtual Reference Desk: Biography
    deal with specific writers all Nobel prize winners individuals themselves, who own the copyrights to their own pages." Women's International Center Biography Index. Brief biographies
    Biographical Sources Contents Almanacs





    The American Presidency
    "Grolier Online is pleased to present The American Presidency, an exclusive history of presidents, the presidency, politics and related subjects."
    Ancestry's Genealogy Library
    Search the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), the Ancestry World Tree and a constantly changing selection of other databases, some available without charge.
    Author Webliography
    "This directory is an index of indexes. It contains pointers to individual author guides or other cumulative documents that deal with specific writers."
    Biographical Dictionary
    "This dictionary covers more than 25,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day. The dictionary can be searched by birth years, death years, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, achievements, and other keywords."
    Women's Studies Database
    Brief biographies of important women from throughout history.

    6. RCPL - Links
    information for all individuals who have served pulitzer winners, opera and classical masters, and chronologies. Colonial Hall biographies women in specific fields, and different

    7. BUBL LINK Updates
    of locations pictured, and offers biographies of the such as Nobel and pulitzer prize winners, novelists, Irish into both general and specific emotive responses
    BUBL LINK Updates Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
    Updates for September 2001
    Index Select number to read resource description or select title text to connect. Titles Descriptions
  • American Psychological Society: Psychological Research on the Net
  • Bauhaus Archiv Museum of Design
  • CHILDE: Children's Historical Literature Disseminated Throughout Europe ...
  • Zero Saga
    For more search options, try a general Internet search
    American Psychological Society: Psychological Research on the Net
    An index of psychology research studies which use the Web to recruit subjects, usually by way of an online questionnaire. Some studies listed actually concern the Internet in their hypotheses by considering, for example, the investigation of Internet relationships or memory capacity for electronic information.
    Author: John H Krantz
    Subjects: psychology research
    Location: usa
    English language resource with information on the introduction and evolution of words throughout the 20th century, a guide to better writing, a selection of word games, and a discussion on 'global english'. A word of the day, quotation of the week, and prize quizzes and crosswords also feature. Author: Oxford University Press Subjects: english language education, english language research
  • 8. Bookmarks For GUSD
    will find short biographies on individuals from history and a listing of the Booker prize winners since 1969 including the Nobel prize for Literature, pulitzer prize, the Edgar Award bookmarks.html
    Bookmarks for EDCI 560
    AFRO-American Almanac
    Find biographies on men, women, and groups of people in African-American history.
    CNN Daily Almanac
    The CNN Daily Almanac has a wide variety of information from historical and political to entertainment and best-seller book lists. Use the search tool to find the information you need.
    Daily Almanac
    The Daily Almanac is part of Interlink resources. Fun facts, tidbits, and statistics can be found while navigating through this site.
    Daily Almanacs
    Click on any day of the month for a trip back through time. Find historical events and famous people who were born or died on that day.
    Daily Calendar and Almanac Page
    Find anything and everything that has to do with today's date in history. Discover who was born, who died, what the national deficit is today, the word of the day, and news from around the world.
    Kids' Almanac presents fun facts just for kids. Topics include People, Sports, Life, Science, U.S., and the World.
    Living Almanac of Disaters
    Check out a resource of disaster facts from around the world. Look by date or type of disaster: fire, earthquakes, or transportation.

    9. Landmarks For Schools: Reference
    Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and through acronyms, search for specific acronyms or A timeline of the pulitzer prize winners going back to

    10. Biographical Sources
    SUBJECT specific BIOGRAPHICAL SOURCES. American Writers A Collection of Literary biographies. Who s Who of pulitzer prize winners, REF AS911.P8 B74 1999.

    11. As I See It - Vol. 1, No. 11, Nov 1998
    valuable works on whatever specific subject I Among the fifteen individuals treated is John He wrote pulitzer prizewinning biographies of Columbus (ADMIRAL OF
    As I See It - Vol. 1, No. 11, Nov 1998
    by Douglas K Kutilek
    "AS I SEE IT"
    Volume 1, Number 11, November, 1998
    One of my brothers works for a man who owns a number of rental properties. From time to time, my brother helps in the renovation of a house or apartment after the renters have moved out (not infrequently skipping out on the last month or two of rent). Oftentimes, when people move out, they leave things behind that they do not wish to trouble themselves withbroken-down furniture, old clothes, car parts, and an amazing array of other items. Most of the stuff is taken to the nearest dumpster, but sometimes there are things which are good and usable. Once my brother offered me a nearly-new all-wool topcoat from one of the houses. It fit perfectly. I have also gotten a few LP records that way as well (remember, "vinyl is final"). But one item abandoned by renters skipping out on a couple months' rent disturbed me greatly. It was a Bible. This attractive and expensive copy of the NIV has an inscription on the inside cover: There is much to see in these few words. I reconstruct the scenario this way: a Christian girl decides to marry a non- Christian boy. Her parents are not happy with her choice, but hope to make the best of a bad situation. He probably came to church some with her before the marriage, but afterward neither he nor she showed any interest in God.

    12. Guest Registration
    can use the search engine to find specific biographies. fraction of these are worthy of the pulitzer prize. Current winners are online, and the site includes a

    13. Apple Learning Interchange
    This ALI resource guide includes biographies of eight specific individuals of note rock and roller Fats Domino (1928), pulitzer prizewinning novelist Toni
    var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var SERVER= ""; var ORDER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; var adname=""; Shortcuts Members Almanac Space Science Help Apple Education Learning Series Login Online Course Login ALI Learning Resources Browse Resources Featured Content The Apple Learning Interchange celebrates Black History Month with a variety of specially selected curriculum material. From mathematics to music, African-Americans have made innumerable contributions to the richness of American culture. The resource guides collected here explore those contributions in math, science, sports, literature, civil rights, music and more. Featured lessons cover topics ranging from colonial slavery to famous landmarks to Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Stay with us all month long for great resources, quotations, and more - all in honor of Black History Month.
    Black History Month for Elementary Students

    Although Martin Luther King Day is celebrated in January, Black History Month is celebrated each year in February. This ALI resource guide provides an abundance of material to enhance studies for Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month.

    14. The 'Sylvia Plath' Effect
    are not blinded, reliance on biographies that might is still out on the specific nature of who has studied Nobel laureates, pulitzer prize winners and other
    Volume 34, No. 10 November 2003
    Considering Creativity
    Creative peoplespecifically, eminent female poetsmay be more prone to mental illness if they are more vulnerable to extrinsic motivational constraints, such as interpersonal relationships.
    Considering Creativity
    The 'Sylvia Plath' effect Questions swirl around a supposed link between creativity and mental illness. BY DEBORAH SMITH BAILEY
    Monitor staff

    Print version: page 42 Popular culture has long stereotyped poets as depressed and creative scientists as mad. In fact, the idea of a link between creativity and mental illness goes back to the time of Aristotle, when he wrote that eminent philosophers, politicians, poets and artists all have tendencies toward "melancholia." Indeed, there are numerous examples of famous creatorswriters like Virginia Woolf, painters like Vincent Van Gogh, composers like Robert Schumannwho have been highly successful but had or are suspected to have had a mental illness. Some studies have backed up this notion, suggesting that writers, artists and others are more likely to have a mental illness and that people with certain mental illnesses, such as depression and mood disorders, appear somewhat more likely to be creative. While some researchers have found that creative people are slightly more at-risk, others have found more grave connections, such as that they are 30 percent more likely to have bipolar disorder. However, such research is often fraught with methodological problems, including selection bias, controls that are not blinded, reliance on biographies that might play up mental illness, retrospective designs and unclear definitions of creativity. And considering that not all studies have found a link between creativity and mental illness, the jury is still out on the specific nature of the relationship, says psychologist and creativity researcher James Kaufman, PhD, of California State University, San Bernardino.

    15. Books And Literature
    For information about a specific author or work guides, book reviews, author biographies and more pulitzer prize winners (http//www
    Home Web Directory HOME Page Contents

    Discussion Groups

    Electronic Texts

    Literary Journals
    Web Directory


    Children's Center

    Consumer Information
    Resources from the Wilton Library Association Preparing for a book discussion? The Wilton Library offers these tips for doing research at the Library and on the Web. You may want to see what the Wilton Library staff recommends - you'll find great suggestions for your next book! For information about a specific author or work, try searching the name on any search engine
    Antiquarian, Rare, and Used Book Sites
    Booksellers on the Web

    16. Research Wizard - Keyword List By Discipline | Research | University Library
    The pulitzer prizes http// prize biographies and links of individuals who have distinguished categories from award and prize winners to best

    17. Forum: HSIE
    highlight noteworthy Websites or specific aspects of POTUS A site with biographies, historical documents in the world, like pulitzer prize winners Jim Borgman
    10 Downing Street
    Visit the London home and office of the British Prime Minister for information about British politicians and government. 1492 : an Ongoing Voyage
    Find out about America before its discovery by Europeans, Christopher Columbus and his voyages of discovery. The 50 States of the United States, Their Capital Cities and Information Links
    A site which lists all 50 states in the USA with maps, state features (flag, song, bird, motto, etc.) and capital cities. ABC Election 96
    1996 Federal Election. ABC TVs Behind The News
    Scripts for and behind the scenes information on this current affairs program for kids. ABS WWW Information Service
    The Australian Bureau of Statistics is the official statistical organisation for Commonwealth and State Governments. About Wool
    Project sheets give current information about the wool industry in Australia. Academy of Achievement
    Devoted to great achievers of the twentieth century this site has pictures, biographies and interviews with sportsmen, scientists, artists and public figures. Africa Online: Kids Only
    This site offers opportunities to learn about the land, languages and people of Africa and to communicate with African children and schools.

    18. Research Links To Other WWW Sites!
    novels, short stories, drama, poetry, biographies, science texts looked up using either specific terms or works and profiles of pulitzer prize winners past and
    • Acronym and Abbreviation List - If you think LLOX belongs on a bagel (no, sillyit's Lunar Liquid Oxygen), or you're not sure what DEFCON stands for (DEFensive [Readiness] CONdition), this is the site for you.
    • Acronym Finder - The Acronym Finder bills itself as the web's largest database of its kind, with over 156.000 listings and their meanings. Definitions for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms about all subjects, including information technology, telecommunications, military, government, and more.
    • - The Advertising Council, a private, non-profit organization, has been the nation's leading provider of public service campaigns for more than 60 years. Through partnerships with non-profit organizations and government agencies, the Ad Council has unprecedented access to the critical information and resources needed to address many of the nation's most important social issues. Ad Council icons and slogans are woven into the very fabric of American culture - from Smokey Bear's "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" and McGruff the Crime Dog's: "Take A Bite Out of Crime," to the United Negro College Fund's: "A Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste," and "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk."

    19. KBS Productions-motivational Speaker Kathryn Beisner Offers Keynotes, Seminars,
    specific accomplishments of individuals and groups as well If you love good biographies, buy a (pulitzer prize winning photographer Brian Lanker arranged these
    "If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in a library?" Lily Tomlin Click below to
    Request Information
    A FREE sticker with every KBS purchase!
    Click here
    for a printable order form. Audio Book Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Spirit!
    Adventure (Ball) Caps

    The Story Behind the Products

    F or any of the gift occasions on your calendar, KBS Productions offers unique items to honor the extraordinary people in your life, starting with you! Plus, receive a FREE Celebrate! sticker with every KBS order!
    While supplies last. AUDIO BOOK Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Spirit! Written and performed by motivational
    speaker and writer, Kathryn Beisner . Perfect for that daily commute, a soak in the tub, or entertainment the entire family will enjoy... Bessie Coleman was cruising along at about 80 MPH when suddenly, the plane accelerated to 110 MPH! A moment later, 1000 feet up in the air, the plane nose-dived and went into a tailspin. The aircraft flipped and... (story excerpt) Click here to order from

    20. Reference 1999
    Press for young adults who are researching specific disorders 31760. $42.00 Slavery Throughout History biographies 0-7876 Who s Who of pulitzer prize winners.
    PSLA Media Selection and Review Committee
    Reference 1999
    **Highly recommended Abridged Encyclopedia of World Biography Gale Group, 1999. 0-7876-3904-0 (set). $495.00/6-vol. (Grade 9-12)This set is based upon the 17 volumes of the Encyclopedia of World Biographies . In this abridged edition there are 2,000 detailed essays and 5,000 brief biographical synopses on contemporary and historical individuals. Joyce Valenza This set is based upon the 17 volumes of the Encyclopedia of World Biographies . In this abridged edition there are 2,000 detailed essays and 5,000 brief biographical synopses on contemporary and historical individuals. Joyce Valenza Adamson , Lynda G. Notable Women in American History: A Guide to Recommended Biographies and Autobiographies . Greenwood Press, 1999. 0-313-29584-0. $49.95. (Grades 7-12) This extensive collection offering profiles of five hundred women in American History, ranging from the colonial age up until 1998. Appendixes list the women by year of birth; title, occupation, or main interest; and ethnicity. An excellent resource. Joyce Valenza Allcock , John B., Marko Milivojevic, and John J. Horton, eds

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