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         Publishing Houses:     more books (100)
  1. The Complete Learning Disabilities Directory, 2008: Associations, Products, Resources, Magazines, Books, Service, Conferences, Web Sites (Complete Learning Disabilities Directory)
  2. Praying for Those We Love As They Serve Our Country by Zondervan Publishing House, 2003-04
  3. House Beautiful 750 Designer Secrets: Exclusive Design Ideas from the Pros (House Beautiful) by Inc. Sterling Publishing Co., 2005-09-01
  4. Alexandria Houses 1750-1830 by Rh Value Publishing, 1988-12-12
  5. William Blackwood and his sons: Their magazine and friends (Annals of publishing house) by Margaret Oliphant (Wilson) Oliphant, 1897
  6. Twenty Years At Hull House (Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints) by Jane Addams, 2004-06-17
  7. Book Marketing DeMystified: Enjoy Discovering the Optimal Way to Sell Your Self-Published Book, Practical advice from the inventor of print-on-demand (POD) publishing by Bruce T. Batchelor, 2007-06-06
  8. Coventry Pool and Garden House Plans : Including summerhouses from England by Manor House Publishing Co. Inc., 2001-03-20
  9. The Amazing Treasure Bible Storybook by Christie Bowler, 1997-03
  10. American Literary Publishing Houses, 1900-1980: Trade and Paperback (Dictionary of Literary Biography) by Peter Dzwonkoski, 1986-05
  11. The Master's Touch: Coping with Compassion Fatigue by Concordia Publishing House, Barrie E. Henke, 1994-06
  12. American Literary Publishing Houses, 1638-1899 (Dictionary of Literary Biography) by Matthew Joseph Bruccoli, 1986-09
  13. COMMENTARY PRACTICAL AND EXPLANATORY ON THE WHOLE BIBLE - 1966 printing - Zondervan Publishing House by D.D., Rev. A. R. Fausset, A.M., Rev. David Brown, D. D. Rev. Robert Jamieson, 1966
  14. Old House Journal Compendium by Rh Value Publishing, 1984-10-12

1. Chemistry - Links For Chemists - Companies - Publishing Houses
WWW VL logo, Links for Chemists Chemistry section of the WWW VirtualLibrary. Virtual Library Science Chemistry publishing houses.
Links for Chemists
Chemistry section of the WWW Virtual Library
Virtual Library
Science Chemistry : Publishing Houses
  • Academic Press US ACS Publications US Addison Wesley Longman US Adis International Ltd. US Agra Europe (London) Ltd. UK American Geophysical Union US American Scientific Publishers US Ashgate Publishing UK (Wolters Kluwer subsidiary) HU Annual Reviews Inc. US Association of American University Presses (AAUP) US Baltzer Science Publishers NL Beilstein Information Systems DE Bentham Science Publishers UK Beuth Verlag DE Blackwell Science UK Brooks Cole US CAB International UK Cambridge International Science Publishing UK Cambridge University Press UK (Acquired by Wolters Kluwer) UK/NL Chambers Harrap (Dictionaries) UK Chemical Education Resources (CER Labs) US Chemical Publishing US ChemTec Publishing CA Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press US Coral Press BG C.P. Hall Co.
  • 2. Pro-Culture Editions Presents Part #1
    History with a focus on the publishing house M. Witmark Sons.
    Tin Pan Alley and Its Publishing Houses This week, we present a study on the Tin Pan Alley publishing house: Popular American sheet music reached its heyday in the term:
    Tin Pan Alley. The fact that production of pianos and player pianos had reached record heights in 1899, when more than 350,000 were made, had something to do with the appeal of the term since it clearly defined the type of piano sounds of the period. Practically everyone was learning to play either the Pianola or the Victrola, virtually anyone could play a player piano or a record machine. It is also true that very few local publishers could produce Hits on their own territory after 1899. Their maximum regional sales could not top a thousand copies so potential hits had to be bought out by the Tin Pan Alley giants with their distribution channels virtually guaranteed. The geographic area of Tin Pan Alley could be best described as that englobed by West 28th Street between Broadway and 6th Ave. in Manhattan. For over 70 years, music publishing was synonymous with Tin Pan Alley, located around the Exchange Building at 145 West Forty-Fifth Street with its 13 floors of small to medium-sized music publishing firms. To a great degree, the new methods of "pushing" or "plugging" songs and promotion in general had opened the door for these younger houses, but also the taste in popular music had changed by the end of the 19th century.

    3. Sabine's Publishing Houses
    As a service to aspiring writers, Sabine includes a monthly listing of publishers around the world who are currently accepting manuscripts. Sabine lists what types of manuscripts different publishing houses are seeking and which of them accepts We are constantly contacting publishing houses around the world in an effort
    As a service to aspiring writers, Sabine includes a monthly listing of publishers around the world who are currently accepting manuscripts. Sabine lists what types of manuscripts different publishing houses are seeking and which of them accepts unsolicted manuscripts. We also offer book spotlights for these publishers as a service to our readers looking for that "right" book to curl up with. We are constantly contacting publishing houses around the world in an effort to keep our listings as up to date and comprehensive as possible.
    Western United States

    Eastern United States

    Click Here For More

    Outside North America

    If you would like your publishing house listed here please complete the Publisher application A must for any writer is brought to you by Sabine Magazine through
    Writer's Market 2001: 8,000 Editors Who Buy What You Write
    Writer's Market 2001 With CD-Rom
    Along with the 1112 page paperback, this version also includes a CD-Rom that offers label printing, tracking of submissions, searches, and of course the advantage of not needing to flip through all the pages. Systems Requirements: Windows 3.1 or later 486DX/66; 8MB RAM; 640x480, 250-color display; mouse; 15 MB available hard disk space (45 MB required for full installation); double-speed CD-ROM drive.
    Click Below To Order Paperback Price: $23.99

    SEPS operates as a link between universities, publishing houses and authors with the aim of promoting translation of scientific works in the various European languages to achieve a wide distribution of scientific culture around Europe.

    5. Shreve Ministries - Publishing Houses
    publishing houses. Deeper Revelation Books is the publishing arm of Triumphant Living Ministries (a.k.a. Shreve Ministries) which is a 501(c) 3 federally recognized nonprofit corporation.
    Publishing Houses
    Deeper Revelation Books is the publishing arm of Triumphant Living Ministries (a.k.a. Shreve Ministries) which is a 501(c) 3 federally recognized non-profit corporation. All books authored by Mike Shreve have been published by Deeper Revelation Books, which was formally a profit-making company, but was absorbed into Triumphant Living Ministries at its formation (April 1, 1995) and is now part of this non-profit corporation.
    Pivotal Publications is an imprint of Deeper Revelation Books, formed primarily for the publication of books that will reach a larger market than just a Christian audience. The first published work to be produced by this publishing house is "In Search of the True Light" by Mike Shreve. Titles published through Deeper Revelation Books for distribution in bookstores throughout the United States are listed below. BOOKS Our Glorious Inheritance, The Revelation of the Titles of the Children of God,
    Volume One
    . ISBN: 0-942507-00-2 Retail $14.99

    6. AMFPA - Association Of Mouth And Foot Painting Artists Of The World
    A worldwide association of artists that organizes a wide range of exhibitions, sells original art works and permits publishing houses to reproduce their works as art greeting cards and calendars.
    Hee-Jeong KIM, Südkorea
    Aquarell/Tusche, 63x70 cm
    german english french ... shop

    7. Publishing Houses
    Search the ISPE. Link to Us Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation Alzheimer Societyof Canada MedSite Link Link to the ISPE Directory. publishing houses

    Directory of Companies Reference Room Add/Update Your Company's Profile ... Search the ISPE
    Publishing Houses Home Directory of Companies
    Academic Press
    Alba Lux Biomed ...
    Balogh International Inc.
    Bentham Science Publishers
    BioMedical Translations ...
    BNA International
    Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
    Cambridge University Press
    Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
    ChemTec Publishing ...
    Current Patents Ltd
    Earth/matriX: Science Today
    EDP Sciences
    Elsevier Science
    Exon-Intron, Inc.
    FIZ Karlsruhe
    Harwood Academic Publishers
    HazSoft, LLC
    Horizon Scientific Press
    Humana Press Inc.
    Informa Group plc.
    International Academic Publishing Company "Nauka"
    Life Science Analytics, Inc.
    M u K -Mahlke und Klein
    Marcel Dekker, Inc.
    Medical Technology Stock Letter ...
    MSDS Exchange
    National Academy Press
    Natural History Book Service (NHBS)
    Noraktrad, S.L.
    OPULUS Press: Books on Ecology
    Oxford University Press
    Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers
    PJB Publications Ltd.
    Portland Press
    Pro-Active Translations, Inc. ...
    Prous Science

    8. - Books - What's Behind The $100,000 IeBAF E-book Prize? - October 25, 2
    News of the major publishing houses taking over the ebook publishing industry. CNN
    Editions myCNN Video Audio ... Feedback
    CNN Sites CNN CNN Europe CNNfn CNNSI myCNN CNNfyi AllPolitics Languages
    Search The Web

    Robert Kennedy: The 'younger brother full of pain'

    Author's survival tips for women: All you need are 'Three Black Skirts'


    More than 1,700 killed in India quake; fear of aftershocks spreads
    Bush White House says it won't be distracted by pranks of past tenants After respite, California power supply close to running on empty McCain, Lott agree 'in principle' on campaign finance reform schedule ... MORE MARKETS 4:30pm ET, 4/16 DJIA NAS SPORTS Jordan says farewell for the third time ... LOCAL EDITIONS: Europe change default edition MULTIMEDIA: video video archive audio multimedia showcase ... more services E-MAIL: Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists Enter your address: DISCUSSION: chat feedback CNN WEB SITES: Europe AsiaNow Spanish ... Korean Headlines TIME INC. SITES: Go To ... People Money Fortune EW CNN NETWORKS: CNN anchors transcripts Turner distribution SITE INFO: help contents search ad info ... jobs WEB SERVICES: A special feature brought to you by
    The e-book wars
    What's behind the $100,000 IeBAF e-book prize?

    9. Christian Publishing Houses
    Christian publishing houses. Updated. July 29, 2001 Philip Johnson's Bookmark of publishing houses. Bristol House. Living Waters
    Christian Publishing Houses Updated
    July 29, 2001 The Banner of Truth
    Soli Deo Gloria Ministries

    The Christian Book Shop

    Great Christian Books
    Kregel Evangelical Christian Books
    New and Used
    Reformation Heritage Books

    Naphtali Press

    CBD: Christian Book Distributors

    BrightLight Books

    10. Publishing Houses In Romania
    publishing houses and Booksellers. Agapis Religious Publications. Bucharest,7, Mentiunii St., Phone +4021-240.6733; Agerpres Typo
    Home Essential Data General Information Business Guide ... [Webmaster! Publishing Houses and Booksellers
    • Agapis
      Religious Publications. Bucharest, 7, Mentiunii St., Phone: +40-21-240.6733 Agerpres Typo SA
      Bucharest, 20, Calea Stirbei Voda, Phone: +40-21-311.1798, Fax: +40-21-311.0581 ALDO PRESS
      Books, leaflets, presentation movies. Bucharest 6, Postal Office 76 CP 161, Phone/fax: +40-21-769.7953 ALDOMAR EXTRASENZORIAL
      Bucharest, Phone/Fax: +40-21-683.0735, Mobile: +40-722/579790 All
      58, Timisoara Blvd, Sector 6, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-402.2620, E-mail! Amaltea
      Also Virtual Bookshop. Location: 31, Spatarului St., 70242 Bucharest, Phone/fax: +40-21-210.6522, 210.4555 ANA
      Primary school textbooks. Bucharest, 14, Andrei Barseanu St., Phone/fax: +40-21-323.9966, 323.7018, Phone: +40-21-323.6989 ANTET
      Bucharest, Mobile: +40-723-155.187, fax: +40-21-223.4945, E-mail: Virtual Bookshop: political sciences, philosophy, history, revelations, over 300 titles Antet-Samizdat
      Delivery by post. Education, textbooks, philosophy, sociology, politics, revelations, naturism, religion, esoterism, science-fiction, policier, literature. CP 22-285, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-222.1245, E-mail!

    11. Books And Publishing Houses
    Resources for Text, Speech and Language Processing. Books and publishinghouses. Back to top publishing houses. Most publishing houses
    Resources for Text, Speech and Language Processing
    Books and publishing houses
  • Books Back to Resources
    Information Retrieval
  • William R. Hersh, "Information Retrieval: A Health and Biomedical Perspective (2nd edition)" Springer Verlag, 2003 , ISBN 0-387-95522-4
  • W. Bruce Croft and John Lafferty (editors), "Language Modeling for Information Retrieval" Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003 , ISBN 1-4020-1216-0, The Kluwer International Series on Information Retrieval, Volume 13
  • Soumen Chakrabarti, "Mining the Web: Discovering Knowledge from Hypertext Data" Morgan-Kaufmann Publishers, 2002 , ISBN 1558607544
  • Thorsten Joachims, "Learning to Classify Text using Support Vector Machines" Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002
  • Ian H. Witten, Alistair Moffat, and Timothy C. Bell, "Managing Gigabytes" Morgan Kaufmann, 1999
  • George Chang et al. (editors), "Mining the World Wide Web" Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001
  • 12. San Diego Writers Cooperative
    Posts writing and writing related events in San Diego County. A collection of San Diego's talented writers, editors and small press publishing houses. Our calendar of events will keep you informed of all the best local events.
    We are a group of San Diego writers who meet regularly to share and discuss our writing. We also help promote the local writing community through contests, a local directory and calendar of upcomings events open to all. We are always looking for more members to join us. It's free.
    Happenings WORD!
    • S.D.W.C. Calendar
    • City of San Diego Library Events
    • County of San Diego Library Events
    • Balboa Park Events
      The Latest: Volunteers needed to create the The Ink Spot . Join the San Diego Writers Cooperative as we transform into San Diego Writers, Ink for the purpose of establishing a writing center at Liberty Station. Attend the fund raiser on April 3 featuring Steve Kowit and Jihyme with a special appearance by Judy Reeves. For printable flyers (and all the details), click here. For more information, please email us. The Fifth annual Poetry and Prose contest winners have been announced. For the winners SDWC's fall edition of our quarterly email newsletter (WORD!) is available. The Winter quarter will be out this month Sign up!

    13. Hungarian Publishing Houses
    Hungarian publishing houses. e are proud to present you the third (electronic)edition of the annually published booklet on Hungarian publishing houses.
    Hungarian Publishing Houses Introduction Thematic Index of Publishers Alphabetical listing of Publishers Edited by Dóra Károlyi Frankfurt '99 Non-profit Organisation,
    Budapest 1054 Báthori u. 10.
    Fax: +(36) 1 269 20 53

    14. Publishing Houses And Magazines
    publishing houses and magazines, publishing houses freccettaCittà Nuova,in USA New City Press. Magazines Città Nuova; Nuova Umanità
    Publishing houses and magazines
    Publishing houses:
    Città Nuova, in USA New City Press Magazines: Città Nuova
    Nuova Umanità
    Mondo unito
    Unità e carismi

    About us
    Spiritualiy Dialogue Word of life ... E-mail
    1998, by . All rights reserved.
    Comments to webmaster

    15. FinePrint, Music Printing And Typesetting: Welcome!
    Using Finale software. Score preparation for first performances to professional publishing houses. PDF and screen examples available. Based in Australia and Germany.
    Best viewed at a resolution of 1024x768 N.B. By entering this site, you acknowledge that all content is the property of FinePrint, Music Printing and Typesetting , and may
    not be reproduced or arranged in any format by any means, without the prior permission of FinePrint, Music Printing and Typesetting

    16. Christian Publishing Houses
    Christian Book Publishing Experts Learn how the Christian book publishing experts can help get your book published. PublishingSelf Publishing CompaniesChristian Publishing WebsitesChristian publishing housesSelf Publish ResourcesContact UsSite MapChristian publishing houses by Staff Writer
    @import "style.css"; Friday, June 11th, 2004 Bookmark This Page Email This Page Christian Book Publishing Experts Christian Book Publishing ... Site Map Christian Publishing Houses by Staff Writer The big Christian publishing houses are wonderful. As a Christian author, I'm thrilled that Christian books are becoming so popular, and that the experts at these houses are doing so well. However, if you're a first time author, you're much better off trying to self publish. Click Here For The #1 Christian Book Publishing Experts! It's not that Christian Publishing Houses don't want to foster new Christian talent and books. While they very much do, they are also aware that what they do has become a big money business, and they tend to make their choices on the safe side. This means that the experts at these houses tend to pass over first timers, in favor of proven Christian authors. While this reality of Christian publishing houses can be frustrating, it doesn't mean you can't get your book into family Christian bookstores. By self publishing and doing your marketing legwork, you can have as much if not more success than an author published by a big house. After all, you're the greatest expert on your book, and can market it better than any publisher. Christian Publishing Houses and Self Publishing
    Self publishing is a great way to get your book in people's hands without waiting on Christian publishing houses. You spend a little bit of money, and in return your book is formatted, bound, and printed on demand. Work with the right self publishing experts, and in no time at all your book will be available to thousands of bookstores.

    17. Yenza! - Start Your Research - Research Outputs - SA Publishing Houses
    outputs publishing houses. A list of South African publishing housesand publishers with offices in South Africa is provided below

    Starting out

    Surveying the field

    The research


    and theses
    Papers in

    SA publishing houses Conference presentations Electronic journals Language and style guides South African online journals Advising the novice researcher Research outputs Publishing houses
    A list of South African publishing houses and publishers with offices in South Africa is provided below: SA university presses University of Cape Town Press University of Natal Press University of South Africa Press Wits University Press South African publishers /publishers in South Africa Butterworths David Philip publishers Juta Miscellaneous SA resources Publishers' Association of South Africa Includes a database of South African publishers.

    18. NUESTRA PALABRA Calendar
    Nonprofit organization which focuses on showcasing new Latino writers as well as connecting various Latino publishing houses.
    2004 Showcase Schedule:
    1900 Kane, Houston, Texas
    (Two blocks south of Washington between Silver and White)
    Wednesday, April 28
    Nuestra Palabra 6th Anniversary!!!!

    We will feature the life stories of nuestro elders from our workshop "Our History in This Place." This will be an inter-generational and multi-media Open Forum Theatre presentation of glimpses of the lives of elders from a workshop that we conducted at the Latino Learning Center. This is our history, and you will get to participate as well. Location: M.E.C.A. 1900 Kane. Thursday, May 6, 7:00 PM - 8:30PM)
    Spotlight author: Fernando Espuelas
    talks about his book Life in Action: The 12 VOY Principles of True Happiness and Success.
    Location: Barnes and Noble, 7626 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77063.

    19. MBR: What To Expect From Major Publishing Houses
    Home / Writing Publishing / Advice / What to Expect from Major PublishingHouses. What to Expect from Major publishing houses. Bonnie
    Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers Home Advice for Publishers Index
    What to Expect from Major Publishing Houses
    Bonnie Marlewski-Probert ask a series of very pertinent questions on the subject of what an author can expect from a major publishing house. Here are those questions along with my responses: 1. Because this book is outside our normal niche, if I sign a book publishing contract with a major house, what can I realistically expect them to do in terms of promotion? And for how long can I expect them to promote the title? 2. Am I better off doing the book myself and hiring a PR firm to promote the title, set up TV/radio interviews and if so, how does that work? Who pays who and how much and when? If you are a novice or mid-list author, you must expect to shoulder almost all PR efforts yourself. It's not going to be the major house's publicity department that lines up speaking and appearance opportunities for you it's going to be you and/or someone you hire for that purpose. If you do bypass a major house and publish the book yourself, begin with a business plan that has line-item budgeting for PR. When hiring a professional PR resource, submit your proposal to several different ones and ask for their bid. If you approach half a dozen of the more seasoned independent publicist firms (and just vette some of the names on this publisher forum to create your list) you will get a reliable idea of how much things cost, from sending out publicity releases to reviewers, to pitching media for appearances, to arranging a book tour, etc., etc.

    20. Index Of Publishing Houses
    INDEX OF publishing houses. Return to Listing The merger also incorporated the publishing houses established by son Nelson Doubleday, who was for all practical
    INDEX OF PUBLISHING HOUSES Return to Listing A B C ... Return Hom e Click on the name of the publisher history you wish to see.
    If your selection is not presently linked, we can provide the history to you via E-mail
    Day, John 1926 Dial Company 1880 Dial Press 1924 Dodd, Mead 9999 Dodge Publishing 1903 Doran, George 1908 Doubleday, Page 1900 Doubleday, McClure 1892 Doxey, William 1881 Dramatic Publishing 1885 Duell, Sloan, Pearce 1939 Dutton, E.P. 1852 Dyrden Press 1939
    Began as a bookstore in Boston. Moved to New York in 1869. Was at one time the largest bookstore in that city. Published books for the Episcopalian church. Had near monopoly on Sunday School books, prayerbooks, hymnals, etc. Theological works included Brown's On the Thirty-nine Articles and Staunton's Theological Dictionary. Occassionally published a religious novel, such as Shiloh by M.L. Jay. Most successful was Farrar's Life of Christ which found a general audience beyond the Episcopalian church and became a major best-seller. Company incorporated in 1901 with Edward P. Dutton president, George D. Dutton, nephew of the founder, as secretary, and John Macrae as Vice President. From this, Macrae negotiated with English publisher J.M. Dent for a co-operative effort to compile and publish a 1,000 volume library of the world's greatest works. The result was "Everyman's Library", starting 1906.

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