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1. Publications And E-mail Lists
s of ICPSR publications and email lists of interest to ICPSR members. Saved Files. publications and Email lists. publications. ICPSR eurobarometer. discussion list for users of the Eurobarometer series teach-methods. A list for those interested in......


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Saved Files
Publications and E-mail Lists
ICPSR Bulletin
The ICPSR Bulletin is is published twice a year in the spring and the fall. The Bulletin contains feature articles of interest to the social science community and announcements about people and events at ICPSR. See the most recent issue (PDF 757K), browse past issues , or see the index to featured articles
ICPSR Summer Program Catalog
The ICPSR Summer Program Catalog describes this year's Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research. See also the course syllabi for the previous year's program
Other Publications
E-mail Lists
  • or-announce. This list, automatically available to all ORs, carries announcements from ICPSR staff regarding new developments at ICPSR. How to subscribe. eurobarometer . Discussion list for users of the Eurobarometer series. How to subscribe.

2. ARI - E-mail Discussion Lists On The Internet
ANTHROteach-LEARN Discussing the learning and ARCHPUB Archaeological publications Announcement List BRITARCH-EDITING discussion list for archaeological
Discussion lists A B C D ... I ] [J] [ K L M N ] [O] [ P Q R S ... V ] [W] [ X ] [Y] [Z] For e-mail discussion lists relating to Classics studies, see :
For e-mail discussion lists relating to Linguistics, see : Directory of Language-Related Mailing Lists or Linguist List
For e-mail discussion lists relating to History, see : and
For e-mail discussion lists relating to Museums, see :
Check out the " Distribution lists " page for other 'push' e-mail lists.
The discussion lists today are hard to check out re their contents. Anything queer going on in a list ? It will be added here on a " black list
The 142 lists published here have been checked through January to February 2004 for their e-links and their contents ( see 'black list' ).
: " facilitate communication among anthropology graduate..."
Subscribing to the list : send message "subscribe AAGS1" to

3. EFL Organisations And Usenet Discussion Lists - Links - Teach - English - Britis
JALT Japanese Association of Language Teaching (JALT) access to various online publications and Special Interest Groups (SIGs USENET AND discussion lists.
Better English More Opportunities
Want to develop your English skills for work or to study or live abroad? We can help you get the qualifications you need. Find out more LINKS FOR TEACHERS General ELT resources Lesson plan resources Software publishers Journals and magazines for teachers ... MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH ELT schools and organisations, and discussion lists Useful list of websites of schools and English discussion groups ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN SCHOOLS AND ORGANISATIONS CILT
Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research. IATEFL
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) a range of information about IATEFL and its Special Interest Groups (SIGs). JALT
Japanese Association of Language Teaching (JALT) - access to various online publications and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), affiliate associations and academic links useful for research. Pilgrims
UK-based English as a Foreign Language (EFL) school group. UCLES
University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. Details of international examinations for EFL teachers. TOEFL Online
Lots of information about the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test, including advice for students and details about the new computer-based TOEFL test.  

4. Women-Related Religion/Spirituality Email Lists
Frequentlyupdated, annotated listing of women-related email lists that focus on religion or spirituality discussion of feminist theology. It features events, celebrations, conferences, new publications loving wife, and teach the children to
Women-Related Religion/Spirituality Email Lists
Last updated: November 26, 2003 Here are some women-related email lists that focus on religion or spirituality. If the instructions say "send subscription message," the message to send is SUBSCRIBE [listname] Your Name (e.g., SUBSCRIBE BRIDGES Jane Doe):
BRIDGES is a moderated list that explores Jewish feminist identity and considers both Jewish and female existence and activism in relation to movements for change. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE BRIDGES Your Name to LISTPROC@SHAMASH.ORG is an ecumenical forum on ordination of women. The list is for prayerful and charitable group reflection, and no flaming is allowed. Membership is now restricted to members of Ecunet , an interactive Christian community. Free and moderately priced memberships are available. is a women-only discussion forum "for Christian women who use the Internet for personal, domestic, business, and/or ministry activities." For more information or to subscribe, go to the CHRISTIAN_WOMEN web page CNWE is the email list for the Catholic Network for Women's Equality, a support and advocacy group for women and men in the Roman Catholic tradition. Based in Canada, the organization seeks "to effect structural change in the institutional church that reflects the mutuality and integrity of a community of co-equal disciples." It also seeks to create "life-giving alternatives to the present institutional structures." For more information, see the

5. English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme  - Teach English  - English
has seven regional discussion lists. more than 5,000 members. shares information on teachers associations, events and ELT publications worldwide. Main priorities.
Teaching English Training courses ENGLISH LEARNING ZONE MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH ELTECS NETWORK English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme The English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS) is a global network of institutions and ELT professionals. It was established to foster expertise in English language teaching and is a way for the British Council to set up and support regional networks of ELT professionals. ELTeCS
has seven regional discussion lists more than 5,000 members funds regional events for ELTeCS members produces a regular publication ELTeCS Info. shares information on teachers' associations, events and ELT publications worldwide
Main priorities developments in IT and ELT primary learners ELT management and teacher training, as well as to discuss concerns. Membership If you are an ELT professional working in Morocco and are interested in networking with colleagues all over the world,  join ELTeCS by filling in the registration form , or contact us for further information. Membership is free and you can register as an individual or an organisation.

6. Academic Publications
is an index to current government publications on technology online and using discussion lists in instruction. seeking to research, study, teach, support, and
Academic Publications
The Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning

Based at UW-Madison, this annual conference site provides current and past conference papers. This is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in online instruction. The Institute for Higher Education Policy
This non-profit, non-partisan organization's mission is to foster access to and quality in postsecondary education. THE INSTITUTE provides articles on a variety of education topics. The American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
This AFT site links to a number of thoght provoking articles concerning distance and online learning. Titles include: "A Virtual Revolution: Trends in the Expansion of Distance Education" and "Distance Education, Guidelines for Good Practice" among others. EDUCAUSE
EDUCAUSE evolved from EDUCOM, and focuses on the management and use of computational, network, and information resources in support of higher education. EDUCAUSE has a number of

7. Women-Related Arts And Humanities Email Lists
Frequentlyupdated, annotated listing of women-related email or e-mail lists in the arts and humanities. list for all who teach or do research on of new publications, requests for information, and discussion concerning historical
Women-Related Email Lists in the Arts and Humanities
Last updated: February 16, 2004 Here are some women-related email lists that focus on the arts and/or the humanities. If the instructions say "send usual subscription message," the message to send is SUBSCRIBE [listname] Your Name (e.g., SUBSCRIBE AUSTEN-L Jane Doe): AAWOMLIT is a forum for discussing literature written by African-American women. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE AAWOMLIT Your Name to AcademicMus (Academic Women in Music) is a Yahoo Groups list devoted to the "needs and concerns of women academics in music-related higher education," including composers, theorists, musicologists, IT people, and others. For more information or to subscribe, see the AcademicMus Yahoo Groups page or send a message to AFAMFEMPLAYWRIGHTS is dedicated to promoting African American female playwrights and African American theatre by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among African American female playwrights. Although primarily a group for African American female playwrights, AFAMFEMPLAYWRIGHTS welcomes other African American female theatre artists and technicians. For more information or to join, see the AFAMFEMPLAYWRIGHTS web page at .

8. Mailing Lists For Teachers
Resources. Articles. publications in ERIC. TECHNOLOGY. Virtual Fieldtrips is a list of mailing lists, also known as "listservs Digital Materials to teach Biology discussion Group
Welcome to The Teacher's Guide- T T G . Don't forget to bookmark us!!
Supported by:
Lesson Plans

Thematic Units

Children's Songs

Book Activities
Teacher Created

Teaching Supplies

Teacher Orgs
Teacher Mailrings Prof. Development ... Teacher Magazines FREE STUFF Free Ed. Software Free Ed. Clipart Free Printouts EDUCATION Class Management Schools and Violence Education Psychology Education Reform ... Dept of Education SPECIAL EDUCATION Organizations Resources Articles Publications in ERIC TECHNOLOGY Virtual Fieldtrips Interactive Sites Internet Safety Guide Online Reference ... Educational Software LINKS Your Best Bets Ed HelperNet Sites for Teachers The Best of the Web Keyword Title Author Contact at: Theteachersguide
This is a list of mailing lists, also known as "listservs." They are email discussion groups dedicated to topics of interest to educators. Each "subscriber" may contribute to the ongoing discussion, and any contributions are automatically forwarded to everyone on the list. To network among educators I suggest subscribing to one or several of the many mailrings available at The Teacher's Net . They have separate mailrings for each grade, along with specialty rings. It is the best source available in my opinion.

9. National Standards For History Discussion On H-Net Lists
National Standards for History discussion on HNet lists that will allow us to teach at a college level dues, their newsletter, and occasional publications. For those interested
National Standards for History Discussion on H-Net Lists
  • From: Gary Nash Bob Wheeler has asked me to comment on the origins and purpose of the National Standards for History that have been in the news lately with a series of debates between Gary Nash of UCLA and former NEH chair Lynne Cheney. Some list members may have seen their debate on the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour last Friday (?). for membership information about dues, their newsletter, and occasional publications. For those interested in related history information on the Internet, you can use your gopher capabilities to access our History Department menu at
    • Patrick D. Reagan * e-mail:
    • Professor of History * snail mail: Box 5064 *
    • Tennessee Technological University * home phone: (615) 528-3998 *
    • Cookeville, TN 38505 * work phone: (615) 372-3332 *
  • 10. OPLIN OH! Teach / INFOhio Professional Links Organizations
    teach / INFOhio Professional Links Organizations Internet links; journals publications; standards and other resources; research; and discussion lists.

    11. LESSON PLANET - 30,000 Lessons And 1845 Lesson Plans For Environmental Publicati
    1843 publications Lesson Plans 6. Outdoor Education listservs / discussion lists Outdoor education is mentors with younger children to teach an environmental
    Powered by
    Over 30,000 Lesson Plans, Teacher Tools and More! All Grades Pre-K K-2 Higher Ed Search the largest directory of lesson plans on the web! Attention Teachers!
    Join Lesson Planet Today!
    For only $9.95 (a year) gain full access to Lesson Planet's directory of 30,000+ lesson plans as a Lesson Planet Silver Member! For only $24.95 (a year), become a Gold Member and gain full access to 30,000+ lessons AND our TeacherWebTools suite of online tools (featuring TeacherSiteMaker, Online Storage, NewsletterMaker, LessonMaker and more!) Learn More TeacherWebTools:



    Your Account

    Teacher Web Resources: Current Top Sites
    Top Site Archives

    Curriculum Corners
    Maps Planet ... Publications Found Publications ' Lesson Plans. Also for ' Publications 4238 Web Sites 48 Books 3 Software Titles 8 Maps ... 54 Other Products * Log in or become a Lesson Planet Member to gain access to lesson plans. Lesson Plans (1 - 10 of 1845): EPA's Environmental Education Center - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's site for teachers. Background information on environmental concepts, environmental curriculum resources and activities, workshops and conferences, environmental education grants and contacts. Developing Environmental Awareness Through Problem Solving - Environmental education is primarily based on the concepts of ecology, the science that deals with the interrelationships among living and nonliving parts of the environment. The work in this unit is planned to help students become more aware of their en...

    12. Hydrology Links Of C. P. Kumar
    SVFlux SWICAM SWIM teach Glossary Texture ilectric) Water Resources discussion lists Water Resources Journal) Water Resources publications Water Resources
    var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
    Hydrology Links of C. P. Kumar
    ACRU - Agrohydrological Model
    Advances in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling
    Advances in Water Resources (Journal)
    AEA Groundwater Modelling Software ...
    Yahoo! Hydrology Links
    These links are compiled by Mr. C. P. Kumar , Scientist, National Institute of Hydrology, Jal Vigyan Bhawan, Roorkee - 247667 (Uttaranchal), India.
    Mail Me

    13. Internet Resources For Teaching Writing
    writing, but its conferences and publications focus on about this organization of people who teach writing and Internet discussion lists on teaching Writing.
    Home FAQs News Writing Courses ... For Faculty
    Internet Resources for 
    Teaching Writing
    W riting instructors have created a strong presence on the Internet. Here is some information about two ways to connect with others who think about writing as a subject in itself. Web Sites Discussion Lists
    Web Sites on Teaching Writing 
    T his sampling of sites (in alphabetical order) shows the kinds of resources available for university writing instructors.
    • Antipedantry page : Singular "their" in Jane Austen and elsewhere
      This page shows how often Austen and other writers break the "rules" of Standard English usage. Aristotle's Rhetoric
      An English translation of this seminal text for writing studies, including Rhys Roberts's helpful chapter summaries and a bibliography of commentaries. AskERIC
      An inclusive set of clearinghouses for information on education and educational research. You can ask questions, search for specific items, or read educational news. Bibliography for Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication
      A huge inclusive list of current research publications. Well maintained. CATTW (Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing)
      This bilingual Canadian organization includes specialists in scientific writing, but its conferences and publications focus on research about all types of writing. The next conference is in Toronto, 26-28 May 2002.

    14. FLTEACH WWW Resources
    offers links to help teach about the well as lesson plans and information on publications. U. of Kentucky includes discussion lists, professional organizations
    F oreign L anguage T eaching F orum
    WWW Resources for Language Teachers
    Many other WWW resources are available for foreign language teachers. We have grouped together a number of Collections put together by FL colleagues so that we don't all have to reinvent the wheel. You will also find a number of essential General FL Resources . Finally we have listed a few favorites language specific sites in a variety of languages: Chinese German French Italian ... Return to FLTEACH main page.
    Collections of WWW FL Resources
    Media : The BRS Radio Directory includes an international section. Links to live radio on the Internet from many different countries and in many languages from COMFM. Links to live television on the Internet from many different countries and in many languages from COMFM. Links to live radio on the Internet from Worldwide Radio. The International News Link is another good source for online newspapers around the world.
    News and Newspapers Online
    is a service from the U. of North Carolina..
    The NewsLink site has many world-wide links to on-line newspapers as well as other media. ABYZ News Links includes geographically organized world-wide links to a selection of on-line newspapers, magazines, and broadcast stations.

    15. Jo S Blurb For Teachers
    ESL mailing lists information about e-mail discussion lists for teachers Capsules ) and some interesting information in his presentations and publications.

    16. LISTS FOR LAW LIBRARIANS (as Of 3 September 2003) Compiled By
    List teachLAWRESL LISTPROC@LAWLIB.WUACC.EDU teach. send a blank message to online discussions - AALL e-mail lists, discussion rooms/boards

    17. You Can Teach Online
    Ed Tech. Offering publications and discussion groups on topics related evaluating resources; references; periodicals and journals; mailing lists and newsgroups;

    18. Teach English - English - British Council - Turkey
    teach English, training organisation with a small range of publications focussed on The site has downloadable information sheets, discussion lists and access to
    Learn English in Turkey
    Learn English in UK Teach English ... International English Exams English Teach English On-line Resources for Teachers
    In our on-line teachers resources you can use the following to make help you make your lessons even more motivating.
    Key Resources

    Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas


    EFL Schools and Organisations
    Business English
    Key Resources
    For the widest search, try AltaVista or NorthernLight . If you are interested particularly in the UK, try the new UKMax . Or for European information, the Euroferret . To search by categories, Yahoo (international) or Yahoo UK are probably still the best. Using a meta-engine, such as Dogpile , automatically sends your search to a dozen different engines. Sometimes it can help. If you are looking for quality, rather than quantity, try the new service from the Encyclopaedia Britannica
    Communicating Egroups Make your own discussion group for students. As well as email, groups can have on-line chats, databases, calendars and other facilities. Students must have email addresses ( Hotmail could be used to set them up.)

    19. Entopia: Lida Liberopoulou On Archaeological Computing
    where discussion lists and online publications could be Internet, and people that can teach the students about what is available (discussion lists, web sites

    Transforming the Arts and Humanities through ICT
    Greek archaeology, computers and the WWW
    A viewpoint by Lida Liberopoulou
    The following is an edited version of two messages I received recently from Lida Liberopoulou, raising important issues on the impact of computers and electronic communication on archaeology in Greece. It opens the stage for an interesting discussion. Costis Dallas Individual attempts to promote discussion on the application of computers in the humanities in Greece should be respected. But I think that the real aim should be a serious discussion on how to promote research on the subject in Greece at a institutional level. With the exception, perhaps, of the Foundation of the Hellenic World (and even they are mostly interested in virtual reality presentation), Institute of Computer Science (FORTH) and the Benaki Museum , there seems to be no interest on the subject whatsoever. On the contrary we seem to be moving backwards. For instance, I hear that the post-graduate course on the application of computers in archaeology provided by the University of Crete is under threat of being scraped, after just a year running. Also Greek web sites about archaeology are almost non-existent. The web site of the Greek Ministry of Culture is quite impressive, but clearly not enough. It is depressing to find that countries like Australia or Denmark have every aspect of their archaeological activities published on the WWW, while we are evident by our absence. In an ideal world half of the links on Entopia should have .gr on them.

    20. Oh! Another School Year! Terrific Teacher Sites On The Web!
    teachers Helping teachers teach http//www.pacificnet Internet links; journals publications; standards and other resources; research; and discussion lists.
    Oh!  Another School Year!
    Terrific Teacher Sites on the Web!
    Greg Byerly and Carolyn S. Brodie
    OH!  Have we got a great teacher site for you!
    Known around the state of Ohio as OH!  Teach/INFOhio, now you can search this selective list of outstanding links and also share it with other educators!  This page is a joint project of both the Ohio Public Library Information Network (the statewide public library network) and INFOhio (the information network for Ohio's schools), working together to provide a terrific online resource for teachers, librarians, and educators.  
    To gain access to the high quality list of recommended resources, go to the OPLIN homepage and select "Choose a Topic."  A drop-down menu will appear.  Select OH! Teach from the menu and the page is loaded to reflect a new frame and "subtopics."  From the "Subtopics" drop-down menu there are six major selections:  New! OH!Teach; Educator Resources; New and Seasonal Resources; Ohio Resources; Parent Resources and Professional Resources.  Though selected with Ohio curriculum in mind, this site provides excellent materials for all educators.  An additional access point to this website is provided through the INFOhio homepage at

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