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         Psychology General:     more books (100)
  1. Teaching Introductory Psychology: Survival Tips from the Experts
  2. Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology by Rita L. Atkinson, Richard C. Atkinson, et all 1999-08-04
  3. Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment in the New Millennium by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus, 2007-01-09
  4. Educational Psychology with Student Toolbox CD-ROM and Powerweb/OLC Card by John W Santrock, John Santrock, 2003-01-27
  5. Educational Psychology by John W. Santrock, 2002-11
  6. Research Stories for Introductory Psychology (3rd Edition) by Joshua Duntley, Lary Shaffer, et all 2007-12-08
  7. Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology Student Workbook by Ronald J. Comer, 2007-03-23
  8. Qualitative Health Psychology: Theories and Methods
  9. Cognitive Psychology In and Out of the Laboratory by Kathleen M. Galotti, 2007-03-21
  10. Writing Papers in Psychology (with InfoTracPrinted Access Card) by Ralph L. Rosnow, Mimi Rosnow, 2008-02-29
  11. Police Psychology Into the 21st Century (Series in Applied Psychology)
  12. Psychology, Study Guide by Robin M., PhD Kowalski, Drew Westen, et all 2004-07-22
  13. A History of Modern Psychology by Duane P. Schultz, Sydney Ellen Schultz, 2007-03-22
  14. Practical Police Psychology: Stress Management And Crisis Intervention for Law Enforcement by Laurence Miller, 2006-02-17

61. DPA-Fish
Information on this neuropsychologist, and on psychology in general.
Welcome! Dr. Jacob L. Driesen's Neuropsychology, Medical Psychology, and Neuroscience Website Enter
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62. Psychology Fact Sheet
the instructor s console. When not in use for classes, it is available for general use by psychology majors. Because the program

  • Department of Psychology
  • Background Information
  • Career Opportunities
  • The Program ...
  • Contact Information Minard Hall
    Room 115
    Minard Hall is located on the south end of campus on Albrecht Boulevard (building #42 on the Campus Map
    Psychology Fact Sheet
    College of Science and Mathematics

    Whether you're interested in psychology as a helping profession or as the science of mind and behavior, the Department of Psychology at North Dakota State University is an exciting place to be. For the last several years, our programs have grown to build on our strengths in health psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Our expanded faculty and graduate programs mean that our undergraduate majors have ample opportunities for participating in cutting-edge research and coursework.
    Background Information
    Psychologists study a broad range of thought and behavior, from normal to abnormal, in both individuals and social groups. What distinguishes psychology from other fields is its strong research orientation. Because psychology is relevant to virtually all professions, students who plan to enter professions such as medicine, law, business management, social work, education or counseling often elect to major or minor in psychology.
    Back to fact sheet index
    Career Opportunities Most professional positions for psychologists require a master's or doctorate degree. In addition to graduate work in psychology, recent graduates have entered professional programs in medicine, counseling and guidance, business, special education, social work, law, dentistry, ministry and optometry.
  • 63. Culture And Emotion Lab
    Lab of Jeanne L. Tsai, assistant professor of psychology at Stanford University. Includes current research, publications, how to participate, related links, and the general Ethnicity Questionnaire.

    64. History, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Sociology And Other Essays By Gerhard
    Contains history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and general topics essays, and previously published articles.
    Essays and Published Articles by Gerhard Schuhmacher
    History, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, General Topics Essays
    as well as previously Published Articles.
    C O N T I N U E
    loading graphics... Gerhard Schuhmacher

    65. Faculty Of Psychology
    Official site of the faculty gives general information about its structure and organization.

    66. Coming Out Can Reduce Sexual Prejudice
    A national survey study finds that heterosexuals who personally know a gay man or lesbian have more favorable attitudes toward gay people in general than do heterosexuals without such contact.
    Coming Out Can Reduce Sexual Prejudice Heterosexuals With Personal Contact Have More Positive Feelings toward Lesbians and Gay Men Research by a UC Davis social psychologist indicates that lesbians and gay men who come out of the closet to their heterosexual friends and family members help to create more positive attitudes toward homosexuality. "Heterosexuals with a gay friend or relative have significantly more favorable attitudes toward lesbians and gay men as a group," said Dr. Gregory Herek, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Davis and principal investigator for the national opinion survey, published in the April, 1996, issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin With co-author Prof. John Capitanio, Herek reported that simply having personal contact with a lesbian or gay man does not necessarily affect heterosexuals' feelings about gays and lesbians. Rather, heterosexuals tend to hold favorable attitudes if they know two or more gay people, if those people are close friends or immediate family members, and if there has been open discussion about the friend or relative's sexual orientation. The Journal of Sex Research
    Open Discussion Is Important "Direct disclosure of one's homosexuality – talking about it openly – appears to play an important role in changing attitudes," said Herek. By directly discussing her or his sexual orientation, Herek suggested, a lesbian or gay man can help a heterosexual loved one to reach a better understanding of homosexuality and what it means to be gay. She or he can answer questions and break down stereotypes.

    67. Criminal Psychology - General Introduction
    that can help have been working,anthropology, medicine, psychology, economics, sociology But the public in general and the legal profession in particular have
    Criminal Psychology
    by Hans Gross Terms Contents General Introduction Introduction to the English Version ... Appendix B General Introduction
    T the National Conference of Criminal Law and Criminology, held in Chicago, at Northwestern University, in June, 1909, the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology was organized; and, as a part of its work, the following resolution was passed: Whereas , it is exceedingly desirable that important treatises on criminology in foreign languages be made readily accessible in the English language, Resolved , that the president appoint a committee of five with power to select such treatises as in their judgment should be translated, and to arrange for their publication." The Committee appointed under this Resolution has made careful investigation of the literature of the subject, and has consulted by frequent correspondence. It has selected several works from among the mass of material. It has arranged with publisher, with authors, and with translators, for the immediate undertaking and rapid progress of the task. It realizes the necessity of educating the professions and the public by the wide diffusion of information on this subject. It desires here to explain the considerations which have moved it in seeking to select the treatises best adapted to the purpose. For the community at large, it is important to recognize that criminal science is a larger thing than criminal law. The legal profession in particular has a duty to familiarize itself with the principles of that science, as the sole means for intelligent and systematic improvement of the criminal law.

    68. Psychology Home Page
    Undergraduate and postgraduate admissions and information, seminar programme, staff information, and general resources.
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    Welcome to Psychology
    [c] Welcome to the University of Warwick Psychology Department Page owner: Linda Wilson Last revised: Wed, Jun 9, 2004 Back to top of page General Enquiries: General Office,
    Department of Psychology,
    University of Warwick,
    Coventry CV4 7AL, UK Tel: +44/0 24 765 23096
    Fax: +44/0 24 765 24225
    Email: PhD Research Studentship 2004

    69. SAGE Publications - Psychology (General)
    The SAGE Handbook of Health psychology, Stephen Sutton, 11/2004, £75.00. Culture psychology, 1354067X, Quarterly, Individual £45.00 Institution £331.00. (General

    70. SAGE Publications - Social Psychology (General)
    Product Search. Do Search. Featured Titles. Social psychology (general). Psychology (

    71. Athabasca University Centre For Psychology
    Offers undergraduate distanceeducation courses in psychology leading to a B.A. degree.
    @import "/html/centre/specific.css"; About Us Centre Main Page Faculty and Tutors Programs Offered Courses Offered ... Questions / Searches Online Resources Psychology Discussion Board Psychology Resources (AUPR) Psychology Glossary History of Psychology ... AU Library Sample Tutorials Advanced Biological Psychology Biological Psychology Direct Instruction Internal Validity ... APA Style
    Overview of the Centre for Psychology
    The Centre for Psychology at Athabasca University offers both three-year and four-year programs leading to B.A. degrees with majors in psychology, a certificate in Career Development, and a diploma in Inclusive Education. Approximately 2000 students enroll in psychology courses each year and the Centre has approximately 200 students majoring in psychology. The majority of the Centre for Psychology's courses are offered at a distance with on-line enhancements. Students receive course packages that include student manuals, study guides, texts, quizzes, packaged lab exercises, and other learning support materials. The on-line enhancements include web accessible course materials , quizzes, on-line glossary , tutorials, web resources in psychology, discussion boards and chatrooms. Students also have telephone and

    72. Welcome To Aimed
    Conferences in psychology, art, and creativity for both the general medical community and the layman. Provides information on upcoming conferences. Continuing education credit available.
    The American Institute of Medical Education
    A Non Profit Educational Organization
    Aimed was founded in 1982 to provide the best quality and most interesting continuing education possible to physicians, social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists and others interested in the psychology of artists and the creative process. We have held over 90 conferences throughout the world. Our conferences have been held in Santa Fe, Hawaii, all of the major cities in Europe, as well as in South America, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, and China. We currently plan 4 or 5 conferences a year. We are accredited to provide continuing education to M.D.'s, Ph.D.'s, Social Workers, MFT's, and others. Comments from previous conference questionnaires:
    "The conference was more than the sum of its atmosphere was created that permitted learning and introspection ...very successful."
    Bernardo Hirschman, M.D.

    73. Area Of Study Psychology, General
    Area of Study psychology, general. Introduction. A general psychology programs focuses on human behaviors and mental states. Students

    74. Department Of Psychology
    Offers a general degree with a concentration in psychology, major, minor and Honours program. Courses, requirements, Downloadable application form, resources, schedule, faculty, research and course outlines.
    Department of Psychology
    Welcome to the Department of Psychology homepage! New Psychology Majors for Fall 2004 Download the Application to Majors Programme This site will provide you with details on our programs, course descriptions, study resources, timetables, and research information. *The Timetable button will take you to the class schedules for all courses at OUC. Select PSYC from the subject list to see the Psychology schedules : The contents of this site attempt to describe accurately the requirements for psychology related credentials. However, in the event of discrepancies between the site and the current OUC calendar, please contact the Chair, Psychology Department.
    Send feedback about this web-page

    Last updated on Tuesday May 04 2004 This page is maintained by Beverly Basdeo

    75. Psychology - General Health Information - Psychology Is The Scientific Study Of
    psychology general Health Information. psychology - general Health Information. Your general Health Information psychology business here!
    Home About Us Contact Submit Your Site ...
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    76. Columbia College Of Missouri
    A regionally accredited fouryear institution. Programs include Business Administration, Criminal Justice, psychology, Computer Information Systems, and general Studies
    Salt Lake, UT
    2790 S. Decker Lake Drive
    Salt Lake City, UT 84119 Phone:801-972-6898
    Fax: 801-972-7002
    Associate Degrees
    Baccalaureate Degrees
    Course Schedules
    Quick Links Course Schedules Online Courses Financial Aid Library Resources Catalog MBS Online Bookstore Academic Departments Administrative Offices Faculty/Staff Webmail Nationwide Campuses Resources
    Summer session 2004: Last day to withdraw from classes Summer session 2004: Classes end Early Fall session 2004: Classes begin Lake campus names building committee
    The Lake of the Ozarks, Mo., campus has named several community members to ... More Lake campus offers new education program Rolla campus offers new education program Academic Calendar ... AA/EO employer

    77. Department Of Psychology, University Of Otago
    Research strengths lie in the general areas of applied psychology, behavioural neuroscience, clinical psychology, cognition, comparitive psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, perception, and social psychology.
    The Department of Psychology offers some of the most popular and highly-rated undergraduate courses at Otago. It provides excellent preparation of students for careers in research and the profession of Psychology. Students from the postgraduate programme have achieved national and international recognition and awards and a number have gone on to positions in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and the USA. Department of Psychology
    Goddard Laboratories, 95A Union Street
    University of Otago
    PO Box 56, Dunedin
    New Zealand
    Tel 64 3 479 7645
    Fax 64 3 479 8335
    Email Site maintained by:
    Dr Brent Alsop
    Melanie Black Last modified: November 2003 Contact Us Feedback FAQs

    78. Group Therapy Specializing In Eating Disorders | Arlington VA Alexandria VA Wash
    general psychotherapy services; specialties in child psychology and development, eating disorders, adult psychiatry and couples counseling.
    located in Fairfax Virginia, is an organization of more than ten licensed mental health practitioners dedicated to the personal development and the psychological well-being of our clients. Our objective is to work together to provide our clients with services to meet their personal needs. About Us Clinical Services Group Treatments
    Site Map
    ... Directions to our Center

    79. Karen Bragg, Equine Consultant
    Breeding, pedigree, and appraisal services, plus general information about horse nutrition, psychology, training and showing, and Arabian Horse pedigree, consultation and breeding services. Sherwood, Oregon.
    Arabian Breeding, Consultation and Pedigree Service
    Training and Riding Consultation
    Visit the Barn The Barn Scrap Book ...
    Painted Valley Farms
    Much Ado Arabians
    Present a Very Few Special
    Horses for Sale

    80. Frontpage
    Complementary therapies center focusing on transpersonal and general psychology and counselling, psychosynthesis, selfhelp philosophy, meditation, personal development, yoga, acupuncture, massage and other healing arts, with educational material.
    Welcome to the Inner Harmony Center and the INNER HARMONY CENTER SCHOOL OF WISDOM PHILOSOPHY Your Path to Inner Harmony and Personal Growth The INNER HARMONY CENTER offers a list of services including: Psychology, Counseling and Therapy - both general and alternative, Multilevel Healing, Philosophy, Meditation, Spiritual Guidance, Yoga, Massage, Acupuncture, Groups, Workshops including Life Skills training, Self Empowerment and Relationships, and Educational Material such as Personal Development books, as well as networking. I hope you find the healing, harmony, freedom and empowerment that you are looking for. Phil Golding. Director.

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