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         Prolog Programming:     more books (100)
  1. The Transparent Prolog Machine: Visualizing Logic Programs by Marc Eisenstadt, Mike Brayshaw, et all 1991-10-31
  2. Prolog and Its Applications: A Japanese Perspective (Chapman & Hall Computing)
  3. Logic Programming: 17th International Conference, ICLP 2001, Paphos, Cyprus, November 26 - December 1, 2001. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  4. Intelligent Image Processing in Prolog by Bruce G. Batchelor, 1991-07
  5. Vlsi Prolog Processor, Design and Methodology: A Case Study in High Level Language Processor Design by Pierluigi Civera, Guido Masera, 1994-01-15
  6. Prolog for Natural Language Processing by Annie Gal, Guy Lapalme, et all 1991-07-04
  7. Functional Grammar in Prolog: An Integrated Implementation for English, French, and Dutch (Natural Language Processing) by S. C. Dik, 1992-05
  8. Warren's Abstract Machine: A Tutorial Reconstruction (Logic Programming) by Hassan Aït-Kaci, 1991-08-12
  9. Natural Language Processing in Prolog: An Introduction to Computational Linguistics by Gerald Gazdar, Chris Mellish, 1989-04
  10. 1984 International Symposium on Logic Programming, February 6-9, 1984, Bally's Park Place Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey
  11. Prolog, Children and Students (Fifth Generation Computing in Education Series) by Jon Nichol, Jonathan Briggs, et all 1988-05
  12. Knowledge Systems and Prolog: A Logical Approach to Expert Systems and Natural Language Processing by Adrian Walker, 1987-01
  13. Web Knowledge Management and Decision Support: 14th International Conference on Applications of Prolog, INAP 2001, Tokyo, Japan, October 20-22, 2001, Revised ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  14. The Handbook of Programming Languages (HPL): Functional, Concurrent and Logic Programming Languages by Peter Salus, 1998-05-08

101. FAQ: Prolog Implementations 2/2 [Monthly Posting]

102. XSB
A researchoriented Logic programming system for Unix and Windows/DOS-based systems, representing a semantically enriched functional superset of prolog and offering among other things evaluation through full SLG resolution.
Home Research XSB System Contact Us
Welcome to the home of XSB!
XSB is a Logic Programming and Deductive Database system for Unix and Windows. It is being developed at the Computer Science Department of the Stony Brook University , in collaboration with Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Universidade Nova de Lisboa Uppsala Universitet and XSB, Inc XSB is kindly hosted by Sourceforge . You can directly access the following resources from here:
  • Project Summary XSB Released software CVS repository Mailing Lists ... Bug tracking
  • If you are new to XSB, please read the XSB Technical Summary for an overview of its main features.
    Latest Release
    XSB Version 2.6 was released on June 27, 2003. See the release notes here You can browse Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the XSB Programmers' Manual online, or download them in the following formats:
  • Compressed Postscript: Volume 1 and Volume 2 PDF: Volume 1 and Volume 2 Other Documentation:
    • Package Documentation: The xsbdoc Documentation Generator. Postscript PDF Package Documentation: XASP: Answer Set Programming with XSB. Postscript PDF
    Related Projects
    These are related projects that use and are distributed with XSB.
  • 103. The PiLLoW Pages
    programming in Logic Languages on the Web (PiLLoW) is a publicdomain library for developing Web applications using (constraint) logic programming. It constitutes part of the Ciao prolog development system.
    The P i LL o W Pages
    P rogramming i n (Constraint) L ogic L anguages o n the W eb Providing full WWW connectivity for LP and CLP systems Welcome to the PiLLoW package home page. This package is a public domain HTML/XML/HTTP conectivity package for Logic Programming and Constraint Programming systems. This package is provided under the GNU Library General Public License Downloading: The package has been developed in the context of the Ciao Prolog system and it comes as part of this system's libraries, i.e., to use PiLLoW within Ciao you only need to load the appropriate library. However, PiLLoW is also available for a number of other popular LP/CLP systems, see the links below for downloading. Support: The PiLLoW/Ciao developers can be reached at Bugs should be reported to . Specific professional support and maintenance services are available. Please contact for details. Subscribing to the PiLLoW/Ciao mailing list: If you download PiLLoW, we highly recommended that you subscribe to the

    104. The Starlog Project At The University Of Waikato
    Declarative temporal logic programming language for general purpose programming, simulation, modeling reactive systems. Starlog programs consist of 2 components a set of timed facts, a set of temporal logic rules. Somewhat like prolog.
    A new Logic Programming Language
    The Starlog Project
    What is Starlog? Starlog is a pure-logic programming language designed to overcome some of the problems inherient in traditional approaches to logic programming. As a result, Starlog is designed to be a general purpose programming language, and is particularly useful for simulation, and for modelling reactive systems. Although most logic programming languages (e.g. Prolog) are query driven (i.e. are evaluated "top-down"), Starlog programs are evaluated "bottom-up". That is, as a Starlog program executes, it builds a model of all the true facts that can be derived from rules in the program. The evaluation of Starlog programs is controlled using a stratification order.
    Traditionally, logic programming languages have never been able to compete with the popularity of other language paradigms. We attribute this to:
    • Most implementations of logic programs being less efficient at run time than equivalent programs from other language paradigms. The introduction of extra-logical operators that improve efficiency often break the declarative semantics of logic programs.

    105.    BinNet Corporation - Java And Prolog Software For Internet Programming
    C/C++ and Java based prolog Compilers and prolog based Internet programming tools.
    BinNet is a Texas based innovative software development company specializing in Java and Prolog based Internet Programming, Intelligent Mobile Agent building tools, distributed AI and networked knowledge processing components. The BinNet Website can be better viewed with a frame capable browser If you do not have such a browser go to the menu of BinNet Corp to proceed with a non-frame environment.

    106. Logic Programming Associates
    WINprolog, DOS-prolog, Macprolog32 compilers. Products range from prolog++ an OOPs extension, flex an expert system toolkit, and various web based technologies. Commercial

    107. Actor Prolog. Programming Language Definition.
    if you are tired of reading papers, you could see a nice 3D pictures created with the help of Actor prolog. Please visit our logic programming 3D cyberspace.
    Welcome to the world of Actor Prolog!
    New! Please, visit my photo-report on the International Conference on Logic Programming (Mumbai, India
    Please, visit our photo-report on Artificial Intelligence international conference (Divnomorskoe, Russia
    First of all please read Getting Started in Actor Prolog . This document explains the main ideas of Actor Prolog and gives general information on the application of the results of the project. The document is available in English and Russian now.
    Then, read English research papers that are available in PDF and HTML format.
    Then, you could study a complete definition of the Actor Prolog language, if you understand Russian . Here you could also subscribe to Russian mailing list on Logic Programming and find a complete list of recommended Russian and English papers concerning the project. The Site supports the following Russian codings: Alt (OS/2, MS DOS) KOI8 (UNIX) , and 1251 (Windows)
    Then, if you are tired of reading papers, you could see a nice pictures created with the help of Actor Prolog . Please visit our logic programming 3D cyberspace . These Web pages are created on the base of VRML . Please read how to prepare your Web browser to review of VRML worlds in the introduction.

    108. Arity/Prolog
    With a compiler and interpreter written in prolog, C and assembly language and representing a superset of Edinburgh prolog, a programming environment is offered for Windows/NT.

    109. Consultancies And Training Courses
    The Software Verification Research Centre (Univ. of Queensland) extended version of prolog currently released under Linux and Solaris is designed primarily as a prototyping language and tactic language for theorem provers, including support for efficient higherorder programming and logic programming of interactive applications.
    Public ITEE All UQ ITEE theses
    Select a quick link: ITEE Public Web Study @ ITEE ITEE Student IT Help UQ Innovation Expo (Authentication required) ITEE Internal Web ITEE Staff IT Help
    ITEE Home
    print version
    Consultancies and Training Courses
    The University of Queensland 's School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering has expertise in a wide range of technical areas. Its major research groups and their leaders are: There are also a number of more specialised groups and centres within the School. The School arranges consultancy projects and industrial training courses through the university's commercial arm, UniQuest Pty Ltd (ABN: 19 010 529 898). To find out more about the School's industrial consultancy capabilities please contact the leader of the relevant research group. (For ITEE staff there are also checklists of activities to be performed when planning a consultancy.)
    ABN 63 942 912 684
    CRICOS Provider No:
    Authorised by: Head of School
    Maintained by:

    110. Visual Prolog 6: Products, Compiler, Download Free Personal Edition
    A fullfeatured programming environment is offered with all the facilities necessary to write mission-critical, commercial-grade applications. A freeware version is available.
    var toRoot=""; Navigation without JavaScript Site Map What's New? Visual Prolog 6.1 Migration Tool
    New Tutorials:
    More News »
    Coming Soon
    Visual Prolog 6.1
    Visual Prolog 6.1
    Personal Edition
    Visual Prolog 6.1
    Visual Prolog 6 is the latest generation of the Visual Prolog logical programming language counting PDC and Turbo Prolog as predecessors. The goal of Visual Prolog 6 is to support industrial strength programming of complex knowledge emphasized problems. The release of Visual Prolog 6 is the result of 3 years of development. Continuing the Visual Prolog effort and considering the requirements of our user base we have added:
    • A unique object system Multi threading Unicode support Improved support for DLLs Improved support for functions Improved exception handling and much more.

    111. Software At The Logic Programming Group At Imperial College
    As part of Imperial College's Logic programming Group Software Products, this Edinburghstyle, WAM-based version provides multiple threading, an object-oriented layer, TCP interfacing and other features.
    Logic Programming Group,
    Department of Computing,

    Imperial College

    of Science, Technology and Medicine,
    University of London.
    Logic Programming Group Software Products
    This page contains software produced in the Logic Programming Group. Note that some of the products can only be released after a special agreement with Imperial College has been signed and returned to us. Also note that some products are not maintained any more (there will be no more official bug fixes).
    (Frank McCabe, Keith Clark)
    IC-Prolog ][
    (Frank McCabe, Damian Chu, Yiannis Cosmadopoulos) Note: There is currently no user support for this product

    112. BinNet Corporation - Prolog Compiler - BinProlog
    BinNet Corporation offers a highperformance, robust prolog system able to generate C/C++ code and standalone executables and providing high-level networking along with secure internet programming integrated with rule-based reasoning components.
    BinNet is a Texas based innovative software development company specializing in Java and Prolog based Internet Programming, Intelligent Mobile Agent building tools, distributed AI and networked knowledge processing components. The BinNet Website can be better viewed with a frame capable browser If you do not have such a browser go to the menu of Binprolog to proceed with a non-frame environment.

    113. Prolog yPROgramming In LOGicz : IT—pŒêŽ«“T
    The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    ƒTƒCƒg‘S‘Ì ¤•i
    IT—pŒêŽ«“T ƒvƒƒOƒ‰ƒ~ƒ“ƒO ƒvƒƒOƒ‰ƒ~ƒ“ƒOŒ¾Œê Prolog
    Prolog‚Ì“Ç‚Ý•û :
    Prolog‚̃tƒ‹ƒXƒyƒ‹ :
    PROgramming in LOGic
    ƒvƒƒOƒ‰ƒ~ƒ“ƒOŒ¾Œê ‚̈ꂁB ƒGƒLƒXƒp[ƒgƒVƒXƒeƒ€ (99.6.1 XV)

    ¡T‚̐V’…—pŒê10 F
    æŒŽ‚̃AƒNƒZƒXƒgƒbƒv10 F
    —pŒê RELAX ƒŠƒ‰ƒbƒNƒX ƒCƒ“ƒs[ƒ_ƒ“ƒX ƒ‰ƒ“ƒ^ƒCƒ€ƒGƒ‰[ ... ƒz


    114. Products: Visual Prolog (programming Language, Compiler, Development Environment
    Products Visual prolog 6.1 and 5.2 (programming language, compiler, development environment, debugger, linker) a free Personal Edition, Commercial Edition
    var toRoot=""; Navigation without JavaScript Site Map
    Visual Prolog 6.1

    (Build 6108)
    Personal Edition
    Visual Prolog 6.1 Personal Edition
    Prolog Development Center offers you an opportunity to learn Visual Prolog by using a free Personal Edition. The Personal Edition has got the limited library support compared to the Commercial Edition, and it may only be used privately for learning Visual Prolog. The Personal Edition is free and can be downloaded from Simtel
    Visual Prolog 6.1 Commercial Edition
    The Commercial Edition contains everything from the Personal Edition plus help generator tool and extra library support. Especially for multithreading, ODBC, Sockets, pipes and many extra GUI controls. See a list of differences between the Commercial and Personal Editions of Visual Prolog 6. You have to purchase the Commercial Edition if you want to use Visual Prolog commercially. Visual Prolog 6.1 Commercial Edition costs $299. If you need more than 10 licenses please contact Prolog Development Center for an individual offer, otherwise you can simply make you order

    115. Prolog Tutorial -- 2
    The key goals of the presentation are to show several important methods of knowledge representation in prolog and the declarative programming methodology of
    2. Sample Prolog Programs
    In this chapter we provide several sample Prolog programs. The programs are given in a progression from fairly simple programs to more complex programs. The key goals of the presentation are to show several important methods of knowledge representation in Prolog and the declarative programming methodology of Prolog.
    Map colorings
    This section uses a famous mathematical problem that of coloring planar maps to motivate logical representations of facts and rules in Prolog. The prolog program developed provides a representation for adjacent regions in a map, and shows a way to represent colorings, and a definition of when the colorings in conflict; that is, when two adjacent regions have the same coloring. The section introduces the concept of a semantic program clause tree to motivate the issue of semantics for logic-based programming.
    Two factorial definitions
    This section introduces the student to computations of mathematical functions using Prolog. Various built-in arithmetic operators are discussed. Also discussed is the concept of a Prolog derivation tree, and how derivation trees are related to tracings of Prolog.
    Towers of Hanoi puzzle
    This famous puzzle is formulated in Prolog. The discussion concerns both the declarative and the procedural meanings of the program. The program write puzzle solutions to the screen.

    116. SEM242 Introduction
    SEM242 prolog and Logic programming. This course structured object. Using this, it is possible to write simple and useful prolog programs.
    SEM242 - Prolog and Logic Programming
    This course is supported by World-Wide Web documents. These notes originated from the School of Computer Science in the University of Birmingham , United Kingdom. More precisely, they were written by Peter Hancox mainly in the early hours of the morning at home in the edge of Worcestershire in the English midlands. These notes are publically accessible and we know they are used by students learning at other universities. If you are a tutor and want to use these notes for group teaching, please ask for a copy rather than using our World-Wide Web server. These notes will be greatly improved if you report the errors that are bound to creep into teaching material like this. I'd welcome comments about difficulties in using these notes and (of course) any encouraging comments you want to make. Messages should be addressed to The reward for helpful messages is to get your name in the acknowledgements! The set of documents includes:

    117. IT—pŒêŽ«“T: Prolog yPROgramming In LOGicz
    The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    Today on ITmedia
    News Enterprise AnchorDesk ...
    Site Map
    Œ©o‚µ‚©‚ç ‘S•¶‚©‚ç
    ƒRƒ“ƒsƒ…[ƒ^ ƒCƒ“ƒ^[ƒlƒbƒg IT‘S”Ê ... ƒvƒƒOƒ‰ƒ~ƒ“ƒOŒ¾Œê 1999/06/01 XV Prolog yPROgramming in LOGicz
    “Ç‚Ý•ûF ƒvƒƒ[ƒO
    ƒtƒ‹ƒXƒyƒ‹F PROgramming in LOGic


    ... LISP All ITmedia News ƒGƒ“ƒ^[ƒvƒ‰ƒCƒY Mobile PCUPdate LifeStyle Games IT—pŒêŽ«“T Anchordesk „‘E‡ “ú•t‡ about ITmedia —˜—p‹K–ñ ƒvƒ‰ƒCƒoƒV[ ITmediai¤•W“o˜^oŠè’†j

    118. Logic, Programming And Prolog
    Logic, programming and prolog (2ed). by Ulf Nilsson and Jan Maluszynski. Previously published by John Wiley Sons Ltd. Download the book as a pdf file.
    Logic, Programming and Prolog (2ed)
    by Ulf Nilsson and Jan Maluszynski
    • Download the book as a pdf file. Download the errata. Download transparencies (not yet available)

    119. SWI-Prolog's Home
    SWIprolog an LGPL comprehensive portable prolog compiler under the LGPL. prolog libraries are distributed under the GPL to the image. Compiled prolog however is compact, allowing the

    120. Prolog AI Blog Of AI4U Textbook Artificial Intelligence
    Using the AI4U textbook to create artificial Minds in prolog for robots. prolog. AI Weblog This weblog invites prolog programmers to implement the main Alife Mind loop of the the evolution of the AI Minds in prolog or any other language
    AI Weblog
    Mind Supporters


    var site="s13ai4udex"
    AI Algorithm Steps

    AGI Mailing List

    AI Chat

    AI Meetup Day

    AI Poll:
    ... Resources Advogato AI FAQ: Software AI Funding AI4U Online Index ... BlogShares Member Sites and Others Linking To Amazon AI4U Agents Portal GreatMindsWorking Amazon AI4U Concept-Fiber Theory of Mind DMoz Prolog DSM-AI FAQTs Prolog ... Visual Prolog Weblogs Via Technorati Programación Lógica q.v. First implement the main Alife Mind loop at the core of the AI framework from the AI textbook AI4U: Mind-1.1 Programmer's Manual with printable Index See also Ada APL C C++ ... XML Sat.30.AUG.2003 in the evolution of Do-It-Yourself Artificial Intelligence This weblog invites Prolog programmers to implement the main Alife Mind loop of the simplest artificial intelligence. Please put the resulting free AI source code on the Web to inspire other coders to flesh out the core of the AI with additional mind-modules. There is no need to standardize or homogenize the evolution of the AI Minds in Prolog or any other language. Let there be a wide diversity and diaspora of the evolving Minds in a classic scenario of the survival of the fittest.

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