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         Profiling:     more books (100)
  1. Profiling Your Date: A Smart Woman's Guide to Evaluating a Man by Caroline Presno, 2007-09-04
  2. Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis (2nd Edition) by Brent E. Turvey, 2002-04
  3. Profiling Violent Crimes: An Investigative Tool by Ronald M. Holmes, Stephen T. Holmes, 2002-03-12
  4. Profiling Shakespeare by Marjorie Garber, 2008-03-10
  5. The Art of Profiling: Reading People Right the First Time by Dan Korem, 1997-10
  6. Profiling The Criminal Mind: Behavioral Science and Criminal Investigative Analysis by Dr. Robert J. Girod Sr., 2004-12-08
  7. The Forensic Psychologist's Casebook: Psychological Profiling and Criminal Investigation
  8. Geographic Profiling by D. Kim Rossmo, 1999-12-28
  9. Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why: The 1999 Government Report on Profiling Terrorists by Rex Hudson, 2002-06
  10. Criminal Profiling: Developing an Effective Science And Practice (Law and Public Policy: Psychology and the Social Sciences) by Scotia J. Hicks, Bruce D. Sales, 2006-03-30
  11. Criminal Psychology And Personality Profiling (Forensics: the Science of Crime-Solving) by Joan Esherick, 2005-11-30
  12. Genetic Testimony: A Guide to Forensic DNA Profiling by Charlotte A. Spencer, 2003-07-14
  13. Racial Profiling: From Rhetoric to Reason by Brian L. Withrow, 2005-05-01
  14. Genetic Witness: Science, Law, and Controversy in the Making of DNA Profiling by Jay D. Aronson, 2007-11

161. CHI, Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Dr. Yan Luo, Abbott Laboratories Dr. Petra RossMacdonald, Bristol-MyersSquibb Dr. Bert Pronk, Serenex. profiling for ADME/Tox. Dr
Conference Menu Overview Agenda-Day One Agenda-Day Two Download PDF ... Upcoming Conferences Sponsoring Publication: Web Partners: Cambridge Healthtech Reports: Predictive Toxicology

Back-to-Back with Validation and Results from Virtual Screening:
Computational Strategies for Smarter Discovery and Development, June 30 - July 1, 2004
Overview Biology has considerable experience with gene and protein-centered informatics, but chemistry is at an earlier stage of developing databases that are truly compound-centric. The historical paradigm of identifying and optimizing hits for potency, and then looking to evaluate and optimize for ADME and toxicity properties is quickly shifting to a more parallel approach that considers ADME/Tox properties at an earlier stage. This concept is epitomized by methods for differentiating between drug-like and non-drug-like compounds, the use of which is increasing significantly.
Moving compound profiling earlier means that many more compounds must be assessed, which is both the value and the challenge of this shift. Early determination of properties for many compounds requires the use of computational or high throughput surrogate methods. Prioritizing compounds using such data, however, should provide significant competitive advantage by dramatically improving quality and success rates for further development. Innovative strategies, potential pitfalls and issues requiring further advances will be highlighted, along with the practical experience of first movers in this field.

162. Materials On Racial Profiling Challenges
A lawyer's collection of recently released documents PDF format, materials on profiling challenges, and links.
William H. Buckman Law Firm
Phone: 856-608-9797 / Fax: 856-608-6244 / E-mail:
These files are provided in Adobe Acrobat "PDF" format.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
is required for viewing. (File sizes in parens.)
DEA use of State Police as proxies to teach profiles. (683 Kbytes) DEA use of State Police as proxies, Part 2 (2.8 Mbytes) Training handout. Appears to utilize profiles and/or intelligence disseminated by other state and federal agencies. (209 Kbytes) Agency confidential awareness while maintaining public/court denials (495 Kbytes) Agency confidential awareness, Part 2 (273 Kbytes) ALL ABOVE FILES IN ZIP ARCHIVE (4.3 Mbytes)
PKZIP , or similar utility required to unpack.
Materials on Racial Profiling Challenges
(NOTE: The conversion of documents to HTML for Internet access may affect formatting.)
Brief On Behalf Of Defendants DaCosta, Jackson, Lockhart Brief Challenging Profiling of Hispanics on Non-Toll Interstate Challenging Racial Profiles: Attacking Jim Crow on the Interstate Examples of Profiling Joint Operations ... State Troopers Testify on the Fact of Profiling As Well As DEA Involvement In Same
Racial Profiling Links
  • "Driving While Black" Horror Stories (ACLU)
  • NJ Report Admits Racial Profiling by State Police (Court TV Online)
  • ACLU Calls for Congressional Action on Racial Profiling
  • NJ State Police Chief Fired Over Racial Remarks (New Jersey News Online) ...
  • Black Motorists Fight Back (U.S. News Online)
  • 163. Metabolic Profiling: Pathways In Discovery
    Metabolic profiling Session Topics. 1230 Panel Discussion with All Plenary Speakers.100 Lunch (on your own). Metabolic profiling Pathways in Discovery.

    REQUEST INFO ORDER BINDER PRESS PASS Executive Sponsor: Sponsoring Publication:
    Cell Press
    World Scientific
    Plenary Session Metabolic Profiling and Engineering: The Road Ahead
    Systems Biology of Metabonomics for Drug Discovery
    Modular Organization of Cellular Systems
    Genome-Scale Models for Prospective
    Metabolic Engineering
    Computer Applications for Comprehensive Metabolite Analysis
    Metabolic Profiling and Molecular Network Analysis Metabolic Profiling Session Topics Analytical Strategies
    Metabolomic Application of NMR and MS: Linkage to Proteomics and Functional Genomics How and Why Metabolic Profiling Can Put the "Function" Back in "Functional Genomics" Metabolic Activity Profiling: Merging Dynamic Flux Analysis and Metabolomics Using MIDA to Characterize the Metabolomic Phenotype for a Given Genotype Phenotype Microarrays: Better Information, Better Decisions Applications for Disease Biology Metabonomics at the FDA Metabonomics in Understanding and Development of Disease Models Metabolic Profiling in a Systems Biology Analysis of Atherosclerosis Metabolic Profiling in Neurodegenerative Disorders: ALS as a Model Metabolic Profiling for Development of New Diabetes Therapies High-Throughput Metabolomic Profiling for Biomarker Discovery Applications for Drug Development Redirecting Microbial Physiology with Metabolite Profiling for Lead Development and Metabolic Engineering Predicting Drug Mechanisms of Action Using Pathway Databases and Structural Homology

    164. The Finest Range Of High Technology Subsea Products In The World Including Profi
    Large range of high technology subsea products including profiling and imaging sonars, bathymetric systems, subsea inspection cameras, subsea lighting, acoustic, and imaging sensors, excavation and jetting systems for the underwater ROV market.
    Tritech International Ltd is an award winning company specialising in the production of a comprehensive range of high performance compact and extremely cost effective systems for the professional underwater markets.
    The SeaKing Network allows Tritech sensors and tools to be integrated and controlled via a common Surface Control Unit, whilst each product can "stand alone" and is a world class performer in its own right.
    Tritech is represented throughout the world by a number of highly qualified agents and distributors. Tritech was awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Export Achievement in 1995 and has added to its already unique industry record by being granted the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2001.
    Click here to request more product information...
    Latest News Magnetic Proximity Switch
    The Tritech Magnetic Proximity Switch is a fully encapsulated electronic device designed to operate in a high-pressure oil filled environment of up to 4500 psi or 310 bar. Its envelope of a mere 32mm x 30mm x 8mm allows it to be the smallest dual magnetic proximity switch of its kind.

    165. Task Force On Cluster Computing
    IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC) Technical Area. Analysisand profiling Tools. Introduction. Although both programming
    IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC) Technical Area Analysis and Profiling Tools Introduction Although both programming models and clustered computer systems continue to evolve rapidly, experimental performance analysis is grounded in four basic themes:
    • Instrumentation
    • Code may be instrumented automatically (e.g., by object code patching or by compilers) or manually by inserting calls to instrumentation library routines. During subsequent execution, the instrumentation library records pertinent performance data, including process, thread, network, I/O, schedule, procedure, loop, and basic block execution counts and times.
    • Performance Data Extraction
    • After instrumentation, performance data is captured from one or more executions. Ideally, these executions involve input data and computing resources typical of those encountered in a production environment.
    • Analysis and Visualization
    • After post-processing, performance data is visualized and analyzed to identify system and application performance bottlenecks.
    • Performance Optimization
    • Based on measurement and analysis, either the application is modified to alleviate the perceived bottlenecks or runtime system policies are adjusted to better match program resource requests.

    166. SolNet Solutions: Solutions / Testing Services / PerfectTrack
    Embed profiling events into selected areas of an application to find and track specific statistics about the behaviour of application. By SolNet. Commercial
    PerfectTrack is used for profiling Java applications in production. You use PerfectTrack to embed profiling events into selected areas of an application so that you can find and track specific statistics about the behaviour of your application. These profiling events can be sent through to the PerfectTrack server for charting in real-time and also be uploaded into a database for more detailed analysis. PerfectTrack can even work when the source code is not available by using the innovative Byte Code Profiler (BCP). BCP provides a GUI displaying all the methods within your application and works with both JAR and WAR files. BCP inserts profiling hooks into the methods you select and writes a modified version of your application. The hooks are the same as if you had written them into the source code prior to deployment. BCP can be used if the source code is not available or if it is undesirable to rebuild the application from source. By building up a detailed repository of data on how your application is performing, some of the benefits to your business include being able to solve existing problems and making predictions about the future. Solving today's problems
    • Tracks down where problems in architecture lie.

    167. Racially Biased Enforcement And Racial Profiling: Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, New
    Racial profiling. Back to top. New Jersey Troopers Accept Plea Bargain,Avoid Jail; Case Helped Spark Nationwide Debate Over profiling.
    // Load MAP Functions
    Home page

    Coalition for Medical Marijuana


    About CSDP
    Quick Links
    Click on the link below to go directly to the news item, or just scroll down the page. Cop Who Killed Young Louisville Man Charged With Murder Local Leaders Outraged Over Police Shooting Of Unarmed Man On Georgia Interstate Twelve Tulia Defendants Free At Last Coleman Indicted For Perjury ... Resources On Racial Profiling More News Links Follow the links below for breaking news from these other reform organizations DRCNet Week OnLine DrugSense News Weekly NORML News Drug Policy Alliance News ... Contact Common Sense
    Racial Profiling
    Racially Biased Law Enforcement A National Problem
    Cop Who Killed Young Louisville Man Charged With Murder
    "Murder Charge In KY Police Shooting" ), "Michael Newby's extra-large jogging pants were falling down as he rushed out of the house. 'Boy, you better get a rope or a belt or something for those,' Jerry Bouggess told his slender stepson, who was heading out for a Saturday night. That was the last conversation they would have. Early the next morning, Newby, 19, was dead, shot in the back three times by an undercover Louisville police officer during a drug bust. Newby was the seventh black man killed by police in the past five years in this city of nearly 700,000, where blacks make up about 20 percent of the population." Though Newby was shot in the back, legal experts and rights activists are not confident that the charges will result in a conviction. As the Globe noted, "Unlike the past killings, however, this one led to murder charges against the officer, McKenzie G. Mattingly, a white man who had been on the force for about six years. But legal specialists and local activists are skeptical the case will end in a murder conviction. 'Just because somebody is shot in the back doesn't mean it's a criminal act,' said Tim Apolito, a criminal justice professor at the University of Dayton in Ohio. 'It's a quantum leap from somebody getting indicted to actually being convicted.' Jefferson County prosecutor David Stengel said the Jan. 3 slaying appeared all along to be a 'bad shooting,' in part because of the shots in the back. Mattingly, 31, pleaded not guilty and is free on bail."

    168. - Judge Asks For Racial Profiling Data In Nuclear Secrets Case - August
    news Editions myCNN Video ... Feedback
    CNN Sites CNN CNN Europe CNNfn CNNSI myCNN CNNfyi AllPolitics Languages
    Search The Web

    Prosecutor says witnesses saw rap star shoot gun in club

    Embassy bombing defendants' confessions admissible, says U.S. Judge

    Excerpt: John Grisham's 'A Painted House'


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    Judge asks for racial profiling data in nuclear secrets case
    Lee will remain in prison until at least Friday, when hearings on the conditions of his release on $1 million bail will resume

    169. WorldNetDaily: Racial Profiling
    Racial profiling Posted April 21, 2004 100 am Eastern © 2004 CreatorsSyndicate, Inc. What is racial profiling, and is it racist?

    170. The Village Voice: Features: Portraits In Racial Profiling By Peter Noel
    An article by Peter Noel about incidents in New York City and including a survery and interviews of police officers.
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    Gay Marriage

    George W. Bush
    Civil Liberties

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    features When Clothes Make the Suspect Portraits in Racial Profiling by Peter Noel March 15 - 21, 2000 Profiler undercover: no one would mistake him for a suspect. (illustration: Gary Aagaard) early two hours before Amadou Diallo died of the barbaric consequences of alleged racial profiling by police, his four would-be assailants, who were cruising 174th Street in the Soundview section of the Bronx in search of a serial rapist, suddenly swerved their unmarked car at the corner of Croes and Fteley avenues. In a never-before reported account of the cops' alleged actions leading up to the shooting that February night last year, Denise Marks, 37, who was driving by on her way home, remembers slowing down at about 11:20 p.m. after she saw four white men "jump out of the burnt-red, ugly, beat-up Taurus in a frenzy—like they were on drugs, on something really hyped." According to Marks, the men, who she suspected were cops in plainclothes, stopped and frisked a young black man, rummaged through his knapsack, and then let him go. Marks, who drove slowly past the cops, was about to turn into the parking lot of her nearby building when she saw her husband, Brian, approaching.
  • 171. Profiling The Canon D30  In Linear Raw Mode
    profiling the Canon EOS D30/60. in Linear Raw Mode. Nevertheless, the method discussedis also perfectly feasible for use with other profiling software.
    Profiling the Canon EOS D30/60
    in Linear Raw Mode
    By Ian Lyons
    A Computer Darkroom Tutorial A major difficulty to be found when profiling a camera such as the Canon EOS D30/60 in linear raw mode is overcoming the effects of sensor non-linearity at the extreme highlight end of the scale. This tutorial will show why it can be so difficult and will present a method whereby a greater degree of profiling success can be obtained than would be otherwise possible.
    The original image shown below is typical in appearance to those many of you will already be familiar when working with the Linear Raw images. It is dark and ugly and a quick check of the sky region with the Photoshop eyedropper tool will show that none of the colour channels are equal nor near level 255 (maximum). Put another way: - even in what appears to be a solid mass of grey we may have subtle detail that with care can be retained in our final image.
    Figure 1 - Linear Raw Capture of Original
    The linear raw Levels histogram for the above image, which I thought was "ideally" exposed to protect the highlights, is shown below. So what I here you cry it's no different to any other - Hmm, you think not?

    172. The New CodaOctopus Web Site Is Now Live!
    Geosurvey solutions provider of underwater technology for imaging and mapping the seabed including inertial attitude and positioning, subbottom profiling and sidescan sonar imaging instruments.
    The new CodaOctopus web site is now live at
    You should be redirected in a few seconds . . .

    173. Shields UP!! — System Error
    Slashdot Geek profiling The Next WAVEGeek profiling The Next WAVE. United States. This horrifically stupid Geekprofiling would be blatantly unconstitutional if applied to adults.

    174. Cougaar Memory Profiler
    A Java memory profiler using bytecode instrumentation. The profiler is written entirely within Java (no JVMPI/JNI) and can be configured to minimize profiling overhead. Open Source
    Cougaar Memory Profiler
    The Cougaar memory profiler is a tool for debugging memory usage and leaks in any Java application. It features a scalable 100% Java design that is lighter weight than existing JVMPI -based profilers ( hprof OptimizeIt (tm) JProbe ... (tm) , etc). Memory leaks can arise in Java applications due to unintentional object references. For example, an application may fail to remove callback listeners or close streams, preventing these objects from being garbage collected. Even minor leaks can grow to major problems in deployed systems. The profiler tracks memory usage within the application by using tables of WeakReferences . The developer selects which classes should be tracked and runs an automated classfile editor (using BCEL ) to add profiling instructions to the constructors. The profiler maintains pointers to the live instances and can display useful debugging information:
    • Total number of allocations of a profiled class, including the number of live and GC'ed instances Free/used/max VM heap size and force GC Show instances in order of:
      • allocation timestamp compareTo hashCode toString "capacity" (e.g. ArrayList.elementData.length)

    175. ECRI Environmental Criminology Research Inc.
    Geographic profiling is an investigative methodology that uses the locations ofa connected series of crimes to determine the most probable area of offender
    ECRI Home Geographic Profiling What is Geographic Profiling? Geographic profiling is an investigative methodology that uses the locations of a connected series of crimes to determine the most probable area of offender residence. It is generally applied in cases of serial murder, rape, arson, and robbery, though it can be used in single crimes (auto theft, burglary bombing, etc.) that involve multiple scenes or other significant geographic characteristics.
    About ECRI Geographic Profiling Rigel ... Site Map

    176. New Racial Profiling Policy In New Jersey

    177. Profiling The X Protocol
    profiling the X Protocol.
    Profiling the X Protocol
    John Danskin and Pat Hanrahan
    This paper describes a system for tracing the X Window System Protocol. We have analyzed these traces by breaking the protocol down into discrete instructions or messages, and analyzing the frequency and network resource requirements of these messages. This analysis has resulted in preliminary results in 4 areas: the relative importance of X messages, how X usage changes during different application stages differing application idioms for accomplishing similar tasks, and the size distributions of X messages and groups of X messages. Some of these results have architectural implications for network protocols and implementations.
    Additional information available:
    Back up to papers index

    178. - Racial Profiling
    Why racial profiling isn't a black and white problem by John Cloud, with viewpoint by Shelby Steele and photo essay by James Nachtwey.
    Special Features Olympics 2002 An Ex-Felon's Story New iMac Person of the Year Year in Photos Top 25 CEOs George Harrison Segway Harry Potter Xmas Shopping Best Inventions Thanksgiving America on Alert The Homefront One Nation Day of Infamy America's Best Person of the Week Week in Pictures Person of the Year Home Schooling Women's Tennis L.A. Gangs The Kennedys Spoiled Kids Sharks Racial Profiling Canine Candy Stripers Stem Cells G-8 Summit Dawn of Man War Over the West Summer Movies Internet Insecurity The New Frontier End of the Universe A Hero's Ascent Bush and Europe Global Business Pearl Harbor Innovators GOP Defection Timothy McVeigh Schools of the Year TIME Interactive Refugee Children Alzheimer's Study Power of Yoga Ghosts of Vietnam Jerusalem Views of Japan Sex in Asia Generation Europe Forecast 2001 Europe's Top Tech Views of Japan Ruins of Grozny Afghan Famine Aids in Africa Global Warming Phobias SATs The White House Stephen King Survivor Clinton's Last Days TIME 100
    Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
    Site Map

    179. LRZ: LMPI: A Profiling Library For MPI Programs
    HOCH SUCHEN LRZ LMPI A profiling Library for MPI Programs. It is based on theMPICH sources and supports profiling of C as well as FORTRAN MPI programs.
    LMPI: A Profiling Library for MPI Programs
    Stand: 14.4.2004-14.4.2004-14.4.2004 LMPI is a library for post-mortem analysis of the communication behavior of parallel MPI programs.
    LMPI is a wrapper library for the standard MPI library for post-mortem analysis of parallel programs. It is based on the MPICH sources and supports profiling of C as well as FORTRAN MPI programs. A logfile is produced during the run of a profiled MPI program. The logfile can be used for visualization and optimization of the communication behavior of MPI applications. In order to use LMPI, you need
    • the library liblmpi.a which is linked to the MPI program a tool for visualization of the logging data produced by the LMPI library; in this case the Tcl/Tk script ' upshot ' is used; upshot is included in the MPICH distribution. A version of upshot is also included in this distribution.
    LMPI installations at LRZ (version 1.2.2) Fujitsu VPP series (VPP300 and VPP700) /usr/local/lib/liblmpi.a, version 1.2.2

    180. Data Loggers For Environmental Marine And Industrial Monitoring
    Offers a range of modular oceanographic and meteorological Bluetooth data logging systems for the economical acquisition of remote data including modules for temperature, conductivity, pressure and wave profiling.
    About Us Contact Us Applications Products ... Email

    The Pelago Data Logging System
    Examples of Pelago data logging modules, palm pda devices and pcb contained inside the modules. Pelago has developed a range of Oceanographic, Industrial and Meteorological data logging systems for the economical acquisition of remote data. The company is based on the South coast of England where it has a good working relationship with many local Institutions, including the Southampton Institute of Oceanography (Ocean Engineering Division). This has enabled us to test and develop a comprehensive user-friendly data logger using the very latest chip and memory technologies. Pelago endeavours to provide the best technology in the continuing quest to discover more about the Earth’s environment.
    Web site makeover by Really Nice Web Design
    Range of Modules:
    Compass, Tilt, Rotor Counter

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