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  1. Forensic DNA Profiling Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) (Methods in Molecular Biology)
  2. The Social Psychology of Crime: Groups, Teams, and Networks (Offender Profiling Series, Vol. 111)

141. Carnival Booth: An Algorithm For Defeating The Computer-Assisted Passenger Scree
chaired by VicePresident Gore) published its final report5 in February of 1997,giving the federal seal of approval to automated passenger profiling.
Carnival Booth: An Algorithm for Defeating the Computer-Assisted Passenger Screening System Samidh Chakrabarti Aaron Strauss 6.806: Law and Ethics on the Electronic Frontier May 16, 2002
Abstract To improve the efficiency of airport security screening, the FAA deployed the Computer Assisted Passenger Screening system (CAPS) in 1999. CAPS attempts to identify potential terrorists through the use of profiles so that security personnel can focus the bulk of their attention on high-risk individuals. In this paper, we show that since CAPS uses profiles to select passengers for increased scrutiny, it is actually less secure than systems that employ random searches. In particular, we present an algorithm called Carnival Booth that demonstrates how a terrorist cell can defeat the CAPS system. Using a combination of statistical analysis and computer simulation, we evaluate the efficacy of Carnival Booth and illustrate that CAPS is an ineffective security measure. Based on these findings, we argue that CAPS should not be legally permissible since it does not satisfy court-interpreted exemptions to the Fourth Amendment. Finally, based both on our analysis of CAPS and historical case studies, we provide policy recommendations on how to improve air security.
Table of Contents Introduction Defining CAPS 2.1 Government Guidelines

142. The Drug Reform Coordination Network
The full set of racial profiling documents released by the New Jersey Attorney General's office on Monday, November 27th, 2000. Links to related news and articles.

143. SGI - Developer Central Open Source | Kernprof
Kernprof (Kernel profiling) This page describes Kernprof, a set of facilitiesfor profiling the Linux kernel. It consists of a kernel
kernprof Overview News FAQ Mailing List How To Contribute ... Linux Documentation Project Kernprof (Kernel Profiling) This page describes Kernprof, a set of facilities for profiling the Linux kernel. It consists of a kernel patch that implements a number of profiling data collection mechanisms, as well as a device driver for controlling them, plus the user level command kernprof that allows a user to configure and control the kernel profiling facilities. At this time it also includes a small gcc patch that is necessary to build correct i386 kernels when profiling is compiled in (see the FAQ for details). To use the kernel profiler, download and apply the kernel patch as normal to your linux source tree. Version 0.11 patches the 2.4.16 and 2.4.17 kernels, and version 0.12 patches the 2.4.19, 2.4.18, 2.5.3, 2.5.8, 2.5.10, and 2.5.17 kernels. Patches are also available against various earlier kernel versions (found in the download/old subdirectory). This patch supports the following architectures: i386, ia64, sparc64, and mips64. Version 0.12 of the kernel patch requires the use of the kernprof command version 1.5; version 0.11 of the kernel patch requires the use of kernprof command version 1.4; version 0.10 of the kernel patch requires the use of kernprof command version 1.3. The earlier version 0.9.x requires the use of kernprof command version 1.2.x. $ cd linux
$ patch -p1 < profile-0.12.2-2.4.19.patch

144. Journal Of Criminal Profiling
Empirical studies, literature reviews, case reports, and theoretical papers dealing with aspects of profiling, investigations, forensic psychology, and criminology. Includes submission and subscription instructions.

145. News Search Engine
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146. EPC Labs
Manufactures and sells thermal graphic recorders and data acquisition systems for use in a wide variety of custom applications including sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiling and spectrum and acoustic analysis.
EPC Labs, Inc. manufactures and sells Thermal Graphic Recorders and Data Acquisition Systems for use in a wide variety of custom applications including:
  • side-scan sonar sub-bottom profiling spectrum and acoustic
    analysis post-processing

Acquisition and Processing System EPC Laboratories, Inc.
42A Cherry Hill Drive, Danvers, MA 01923 USA

147. Xdebug: Documentation - Profiler
The first step in profiling your code is enabling of the profiler, which will makeXdebug time all subsequent function calls, thus creating a pool of data from

updates installation documentation ... protocol
Xdebug's Profiler is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to analyze your PHP code and determine bottlenecks or generally see which parts of your code are slow and could use a speed boost. The profiler offers a number of output modes, that are suited for a variety of tasks when analyzing code. Thus allowing you to select the output that would be most suited for your needs. Even output itself can be retrieved in number of ways to allow for maximum flexibility. STARTING THE PROFILER
The first step in profiling your code is enabling of the profiler, which will make Xdebug time all subsequent function calls, thus creating a pool of data from which the reports can be generated. This can be accomplished in two ways, via the use of the function, which will begin profiling code from that point on, this is particularly useful when you have very large script and you only want to profile a particular portion of the script you suspect to be slow. This function has a single optional parameter that allows you to specify the file where the profiling data will be written to. The other way to enable to profiler, is via the xdebug.auto_profile ini option that should be set to 'On' or '1', this will automatically start the profiler upon PHP initialization. The one advantage of this method is that it will allow you to use the profiler without having to modify any of your PHP code as described in the automatic profiling section GENERATING RETRIEVING OUTPUT

148. Java Profiler - JProfiler
An allpurpose Java profiling suite targeted at J2EE and J2SE applications. It features CPU profiling, memory profiling, thread profiling and VM telemetry information. Shareware




Choose product: Overview JProfiler jclasslib JProfiler is an award-winning all-in-one Java profiler. JProfiler's intuitive GUI helps you find performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and resolve threading issues.
JProfiler 3.0 Release News
All new features of JProfiler 3 are described on the What's new page. Upgrade notice: If you own a copy of JProfiler 2 and have support for it (Basic or Gold support), you can upgrade your old license key online . If you do not have support anymore, you can purchase an upgrade JProfiler - Best Java Profiling/Testing Tool 2003 Latest News JProfiler Release 3.0 new heap walker, method graphs, allocation hot spots, deadlock detection and much more JProfiler wins JDJ Readers Choice Award Best Java Profiling/Testing Tool 2003 install4j Release 2.0.4

149. : Profiling API
MSDN Home Visual Studio 2005 Home Teams CLR Common Language Runtime profilingAPI. profiling API. Jonathan Keljo Program Manager, CLR profiling API. Home Site Map MSDN Home Developer Centers ... MSDN Worldwide Search for
All MSDN All Library Code and Downloads Product Information Knowledge Base
Advanced Search
Visual Studio 2005 Home Newsgroups Teams ... CLR
Profiling API
This technology preview contains the beginnings of several big changes to the Profiling API, and we'd love to hear what you think about them. I hope to post some preliminary documentation soon, but in the meantime let me give you a quick summary of what's new and hopefully you can make progress just from what you already know about the existing profiling API plus the comments in corprof.idl. Please post any questions, suggestions, and feedback you have to the microsoft.private.whidbey.clr newsgroup. For the profiling API we're interested in hearing not only your feedback about the new features or bugs that are blocking you from using the new features, but also your feedback about what's changed from the v1.1 release to now. If you notice differences from v1.1 to now that are not listed below, they may be bugs, so please report them. In-process Debugging The first thing you'll notice is that in-process debugging is gone BeginInprocDebugging and friends return E_NOTIMPL. In response to overwhelming feedback from folks like you, we realized the original design wasn't living up to expectations, and as a result have replaced it with something that's more integrated with how the rest of the profiling API works. Here's a quick overview:

150. Capital Lasers - Menu
UK. Specializes in laser processing of wood, plastic, and metal materials. Includes profiling, small hole drilling, welding, and marking. Can handle flat and three dimensional parts. Site provides details of capabilities.

151. Connection Strings For The Profiling System (Microsoft Commerce Server 2000)
Two types of connection strings are recognized by OLE DB Provider for CommerceServer for use with the profiling System URL=mscop//InProcConnect/Server
MSDN Home MSDN Library Enterprise Development Windows Server System ... Profiling System and OLE DB
Connection Strings for the Profiling System
Two types of connection strings are recognized by OLE DB Provider for Commerce Server for use with the Profiling System:
  • "URL=mscop://InProcConnect/Server= myserver :Database= dbname
    Catalog= Profile Definitions :User= userid :Password=*******"
    "Provider=commerce.dso.1;Data Source=mscop://InProcConnect/Server= myserver :Database= dbname
    Catalog= Profile Definitions :User= userid :Password=*******"
The URL based format is the recommended format. The name of the catalog must be "Profile Definitions". The Fastload option ( False by default) is not used by the Profiling System. Please send your suggestions and comments about the documentation to Commerce Server Documentation Feedback.
Manage Your Profile
Legal Contact Us ... Privacy Statement footerjs(document);

152. Bush Asks Ashcroft To Review 'racial Profiling'

153. - Massachusetts Launches racial Profiling Probe - May 5, 2004
A study has found that nearly three out of four Massachusetts police departmentsengaged in racial profiling of minority drivers, prompting the state to launch
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Services CNNtoGO Contact Us SEARCH Web
Massachusetts launches racial profiling probe
Police ordered to track all traffic stops
Massachusetts Public Safety Secretary Edward A. Flynn describes the racial profiling report on Tuesday in Boston. YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Police Minority Groups Northeastern University or Create your own Manage alerts What is this? BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) A study has found that nearly three out of four Massachusetts police departments engaged in racial profiling of minority drivers, prompting the state to launch a probe. The Northeastern University study, released Tuesday, was commissioned four years ago by the Legislature and included 366 departments from cities and towns and the state police, to university, state transit and Amtrak police agencies. Just 92 got a passing grade. Public Safety Secretary Edward A. Flynn warned against condemning departments that failed until more information can be gathered. The study caused the state to order 249 departments to collect a year's worth of data on all traffic stops. "We are not today finding any agency guilty of having engaged in racial profiling," he said. "Data collection is not punishment."

154. Racial Profiling
Perspective on profiling, identification of the problem, prohibition, and analysis of ethnicity and race data.
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Racial Profiling

Memorandum on Profiling
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Racial Profiling

Memorandum on Profiling
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155. - Airlines, Passengers Confront Racial Profiling - October 3, 2001
ArabAmerican complaints against racial profiling on commercial carriers have increasedsince the September 11 hijacking attacks on the World Trade Center and



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CNN International

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Airlines, passengers confront racial profiling
ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) Arab-American complaints against racial profiling on commercial carriers have increased since the September 11 hijacking attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, an anti-discrimination group said. According to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), passengers who appear to be Muslim or Middle Eastern have been removed from planes on several occasions. The atmosphere hearkens back to the pre-civil rights era, said Joshua Salaam, civil rights coordinator for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has received more than two dozen reports of airline-related racial profiling, mostly targeting males. Vahid Zohrehvandi, a Dallas software developer on his way home from Seattle, said he was reading his paper aboard an American Airlines plane when an airline employee approached him with a passenger manifest and told him to grab his belongings and get off the plane.

156. Intermountain Environmental | Instrumentation For Monitoring The Environment
Distributes a full line of echo sounders and bottom profiling systems for precision seafloor, deep lake, and river bottom exploration. Systems are manufactured by Ocean Data Equipment Company.
Home About Us Contacts Projects ... Web Store Sensors




Relative Humidity

Soil Heat Flux

Soil Moisture
Water Flow
Systems Weather Stations Buoy System Motor on/off Current Meters ... Flood Warning Data Acquisition Direct Comm. Telemetry Dataloggers Software ... Mounts Calibration Precipitation Relative Humidity Water Quality Wind Other Misc. FRP Flumes/Weirs Steel Flumes FRP Buildings FRP Manholes ... Contact Us - We Distribute miniTroll AquiStar PT2X Onset (HOBO) OAKTON ... Calibration Solution (we guarantee the best pricing and service available) Weather Stations Water Quality Dataloggers INSTRUMENTATION FOR RESEARCH AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT We can assist you with all your data collection or monitoring projects. By using the navigation box to your left you can choose from individual sensors, complete systems or peripherals like instrument towers and enclosures. We also offer fiberglass flumes, buildings and manholes. If you need assistance in selecting a sensor or system please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. We have also added a web store to our site, this will allow you to quickly purchase many of our products on-line.

157. Profiling The Profilers
profiling the profilers By By Laurence Vanhelsuwé A comparativereview of three commercial Java code profilers. odern software
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Profiling the profilers
A comparative review of three commercial Java code profilers
4,000 words; August 22, 2003
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Mail this to a friend Page 1 of 4 Advertisement Performance's proverbial tip of the iceberg consists of the subjective, user-tangible perception of program speed and responsiveness. If we temporarily eliminate the user from the equation, then we can equate performance with the sum effect of objective performance facets such as algorithm choice, overall memory usage, object allocation and de-allocation dynamics, and multithreading design and runtime behavior. Helping you to understand your program's dynamic behavior in these select dimensions is the burdensome job of code profilers. In this article, I look at three commercial Java profilers and determine which ones come close to satisfying your, and my, needs:
  • Borland's Optimizeit Suite Quest Software's JProbe Suite ej-technologies' JProfiler
Profiler basics Not surprisingly, all three products have a lot in common. All modern profilers begin from an identical starting point and constraint: the Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface (JVMPI) (see sidebar, "

158. JProbe
A set of tools that are useful in profiling and working with java systems. The JProbe suite includes a Profiler and Threadalyzer, as well as a variety of tools for profiling server performance remotely. Trial version of some tools are available. Commercial

159. Profiling CPU Usage From Within A Java Application
Java Q A. profiling CPU usage from within a Java application. Roll process.By itself, this data is not particularly useful for profiling.
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Profiling CPU usage from within a Java application
Roll your own CPU usage monitor using simple JNI
By Vladimir Roubtsov
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Advertisement November 8, 2002 How do you determine CPU usage in Java? So, here is the good news and the bad news. The bad news is that programmatically querying for CPU usage is impossible using pure Java. There is simply no API for this. A suggested alternative might use to determine the JVM's process ID (PID), call an external, platform-specific command like ps , and parse its output for the PID of interest. But, this approach is fragile at best. The good news, however, is that a reliable solution can be accomplished by stepping outside Java and writing a few C code lines that integrate with the Java application via Java Native Interface (JNI). I show below how easy it is by creating a simple JNI library for the Win32 platform. The Resources section contains a link to the library you can customize for your own needs and port to other platforms.

160. Defense Attorney Says Wen Ho Lee Victim Of Racial Profiling

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