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         Profiling:     more books (100)
  1. Reflow profiling for fun and profit: save time and gain accuracy by tweaking your profiling process.(On the Forefront): An article from: Circuits Assembly by Phil Zarrow, 2004-04-01
  2. Do Toronto police engage in racial profiling?: An article from: Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice by Ron Melchers, 2003-07-01
  3. Policy point-counterpoint: profiling at airports.: An article from: International Social Science Review
  4. Researchers zero in on lupus genetic profiling: low error rate with 50 genes.(Clinical Rounds): An article from: Skin & Allergy News by Jeff Evans, 2004-03-01
  5. NAACP receives more complaints of racial profiling by Eugene police.(Minorities)(Chief Robert Lehner says his department is committed to working to resolve ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  6. Prospector's Choice 3.0-3.5 Disks: The Electronic Source Profiling 8,000 Corporate Foundation Grantmakers (Prospector's Choice 3.5 Dsk)
  7. Profiling the Islamic Civilization: A History of the Legislative, Judicial, & Executive Branches
  8. DNA Profiling and DNA Fingerprinting by J. T. Epplen, 1999
  9. Portfolio Development and Profiling for Nurses (Central Health Studies) by R. Brown, 1994-02
  10. Expression Profiling of Human Tumors: Diagnostic and Research Applications
  11. The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument for Occupational Profiling: A Practical Resource for Carers of People With Cognitive Impairment (Bradford Dementia Group Good Practice Guides) by Jackie Pool, 2007-10-15
  12. Its All Rock N Roll to Me: Profiling Today's Popular Artists and Bands from a Biblical Perspective by Dave Hart, 1996-05
  13. Profiling Excellence in America's Schools/Pbn 02100157 by John E. Roueche, George A. Baker, 1986-08
  14. Inside the Mind of the Insider.(profiling employees for potential malicious behavior)(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Security Management by Eric D. Shaw, Jerrold M. Post, et all 1999-12-01

121. FindLaw: Dean A. Wideman, M.Sc.
Notfor-profit organization assisting law enforcement agencies and victims of sexual and violent crimes with crime analysis and reconstruction, investigation, behavioral profiling, and related forensic services. Houston, Texas.
Dean A. Wideman, M.Sc.
Consulting Forensic Scientist and Criminal Profiler
8403 Timber Coach Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78250

Mr. Wideman provides case consultation services and forensic science education and training to law practitioners. This includes review and interpretation of forensic laboratory results, physical evidence re-examination, expert witness testimony, and development of trial strategies. Through instructional seminars, Mr. Wideman provides education and training in the areas of crime scene processing, evidence collection, general forensic science and crime scene investigation, forensic serology, and forensic DNA analysis. Membership Information Sections Expert Consultant Publications ... Contact Information See also our other Web Site options Contact Expert Consultant ... Links
FindLaw Firms Online Web Sites for the Legal Community.

122. Open Profiling Standard (OPS)
THE OPEN profiling STANDARD (OPS). Open profiling Standard Press Release.Open profiling Standard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
H OW W ILL OPS W ORK Individuals will have a Personal Profile that contains their personal information. This profile will be stored on their personal computer (and can, at the user's option, be securely stored in a corporate-wide or global directory). The first time that an individual visits a website that supports OPS, the website will request information from the Personal Profile. The individual has the choice of releasing all, some or none of the requested information to the website. In addition, if the website collects additional information about the individual's preferences, it can (with the individual's permission) store that information in the Personal Profile for future use. On subsequent visits, the individual can authorize the website to retrieve the same personal information without asking permission each time. W HY IS OPS I MPORTANT TO D EVELOPERS? OPS has attracted broad support from the Internet community. Advertising companies, auditing firms, high-traffic consumer Web sites, privacy groups, navigational guides and search engine companies, software and hardware companies, and trade associations are among the more than 60 companies and organizations supporting the Open Profiling Standard and the exchange of Personal Profiles over the Internet. H OW C AN I L EARN M ORE A BOUT OPS?

123. Business Data Quality - Data Analysis Products, Data Profiling Software
Provider of data quality assessment, data profiling and data monitoring products.
Home Contact Us About Us Products ... Careers Business Data Quality is a leading vendor of products which profile and monitor data quality, increasing productivity by up to 80% compared with manual methods.
Knowing data quality helps organisations reduce project risk, and improve return on investment with projects involving data. Projects involving data analysis can be hard to manage - we help you gain transparency and manageability.
Business Data Quality specialises in giving customers the information required to perform the tasks of data analysis, issue management and monitoring in a focused, efficient and integrated framework. 
Automating data analysis , then managing the results and issues in a single integrated environment yields enormous benefits when planning activities which involve data consolidation, such as data warehousing or customer relationship management.
Monitoring data quality ensures that companies maximise their return on investment on systems they have implemented. Implementing Business Data Quality helps organisations prevent the "Garbage In = Garbage Out" syndrome.

124. Background Check, Psychological Profiling, Trace Email, Criminal Record, Find Pe
Background Check, Trace email, Unlisted Phone number search, Psychological profiling,Criminal Records, Marriage Records, Cell Phone number look up, USA and
Home Testimonials Help Background Check, Criminal Records, Unlisted Phone Number Search, Driving Records, People Search, Marriage Records, Verify College Degrees, Employment Psychological Profiles Get Behavior History
Minimize Risk
Search Backgrounds ... Psychological Profiles Criminal Records, Court Records, Aliases, Education Personality traits, Consumer Preferences, Romantic Preferences Birth Dates, Names of Relatives, Roommates, Neighbors Real Property Ownership, Tax Liens, Civil Judgments
Trace IP Address. Source of Emails, Instant Messages

Locate Anyone's Computer
ebay User Background Checks
race IP to the owner or user. Find new email or IM Name from old. Trace unauthorized access to your accounts. Recover Passwords. Search names, addresses phone numbers from email / IM Name.
Cell, Unlisted or Disconnected Phone Number Searches

Monthly Call Activity
Reverse Phone Search, Trace Calls
Find Unlisted Numbers, Cell Numbers, Reverse Search Phone Numbers, List of toll calls dialed from any phone number. Get details of incoming or outgoing calls.
License Plate Search
Driving History, Trace Cars

125. Methexis Genomics: SNP Discovery / Genotyping / DNA Re-Sequencing
Genome profiling, and typing alleles, for mutation, including SNP validation and verification. Offers diagnostics kit and resequencing services, using proprietary mass array technology in Ghent, Belgium.
about us news jobs contact Welcome Mission Profile Strategic Alliances Management
Company Profile
deKat Webdesign

126. Online NewsHour: Racial Profiling -- March 13, 2001
Online NewsHour, RACIAL profiling. March 13, 2001. A report on driving while black and the controversial lawenforcement strategy of racial profiling.
March 13, 2001
A report on "driving while black" and the controversial law-enforcement strategy of racial profiling.
Jan. 15, 2000:
A look at the political divide among African-Americans. Online Special:
A Dialogue on Race with President Clinton
July 11, 2000:
A look at a New York Times series on race in America. Online Forum:
Did the NYT series adequately depict U.S. race relations July 26, 1999:
A look at diversity in television programs Feb. 16, 1999: The aftermath of the James Byrd Jr. murder Nov. 18, 1998: A report on Texas prison gangs and racial violence March 2, 1998: Is America becoming a nation of segregated societies Complete NewsHour coverage of race relations Black Enterprise Magazine The ACLU's site on Racial Profiling GWEN IFILL: In 1992, Robert Wilkins, a Harvard educated lawyer, was driving with three relatives on a Maryland highway. A state trooper pulled them over and tried to search their car.

127. Ashcroft Calls For Elimination Of Racial Profiling

128. Online NewsHour: Racial Profiling -- September 26, 2001
GWEN IFILL So is this racial profiling or reasonable investigation?We ask four San Diego. profiling acceptable or effective? GWEN
September 26, 2001
Gwen Ifill and four civil rights and terrorist experts weigh the problems and merits of the racial profiling system to improve national security, and discuss the potential costs to Arab-Americans and U.S. civil rights.
Online Special
Combatting Terrorism America After the Attacks Afghanistan
Complete NewsHour coverage of the Race Relations , and the Middle East. The FBI The U.S. Department of Justice The Central Intelligence Agency ... Newsweek GWEN IFILL: So is this racial profiling or reasonable investigation? We ask four people who specialize in civil rights, terrorism and the law. Juliette Kayyem is executive director of the Domestic Preparedness Session at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government; Frank Wu is a professor at Howard University Law School, he is the author of Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White ; Stuart Taylor is a columnist for the National Journal and Newsweek ; and Gail Heriot is a law professor at the University of California at San Diego.

129. Nature Genome Gateway - Post Genomics - Profiling Microarrays
profiling microarrays. news Nature 406, 688689 (17 August 2000) Full Text PDF (232 K) . profiling metastasis in melanoma. Two

genome gateway
post genomics profiling microarrays
profiling microarrays
news feature
When the chips are down
DNA microarrays are transforming studies of gene expression. But some of the biologists flocking to exploit this powerful technology are not aware of its potential pitfalls. Jonathan Knight relates a cautionary tale.
Nature 860-861 (19 April 2001)
Full Text
Of microarrays and meandering data points
Microarray analysis greatly assists in defining functions of genes and elucidating important biological pathways. To enhance this power, a database or compendium of hundreds of gene-expression profiles was constructed using gene-deletion mutants of yeast. Statistical tools could then sift through the compendium to identify matching fingerprints of expression and thereby unearth, for example, therapeutic targets.
news and views
Of microarrays and meandering data points
Nature Genetics 4 (September 2000) Full text PDF
A portrait of breast cancer
Human breast tumours are diverse, and arise from abnormalities in various cell types. Using DNA microarray technology, expression profiles for more than 8,000 genes have now been determined from a diverse set of breast cancer samples. Specific patterns of gene expression have been revealed giving characteristic molecular portraits of tumour cells which are recognisable even after metastasis and chemotherapy. These findings may facilitate a more detailed characterisation and diagnosis of human breast cancer.

130. Welcome To Biospherical Instruments Inc.
Designs and manufactures a variety of instruments for monitoring UV radiation in ocean and fresh water environments including profiling reflectance and UV radiometers, natural fluorometers and PAR and monochromatic sensors.
Port-powered, multi-channel sensors and new software! Biospherical Instruments Inc. a research-oriented company that designs and manufactures scientific instrumentation for environmental monitoring. We invite you to take a look around our site, and then contact us with any questions and/or comments! Pick from our list of products. Click here if you already know our product line and just want to click ahead. Aquatic Field Instruments
State-of-the-art multiwavelength radiometers aquatic research
Terrestrial Field Instruments

Radiometers for terrestrial applications including UV monitoring
Laboratory Instruments

Port-powered, general-purpose sensors for PAR or monochromatic light.
Water Quality Monitoring

A Remote Electro-Optical Sensor (REOS) system to help reservoir managers more effectively detect and treat nuisance algal blooms
International Representatives
Check our list of international representatives to see if we have a local contact in your area.
National Science Foundation Polar UV Monitoring Network BSI's spectroradiometers serve as the heart of the NSF UV Monitoring Network.

131. Plasma Profiling Ltd
UK. Company has introduced a new concept in sheet metal cutting technology via laser cutting designed with efficiency and economy in mind.

132. Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/19/2002 | Profiling Charged On 'nightmare' Flight
profiling charged on nightmare flight. This is blatant racial profiling, Rajcoomar,a naturalized citizen since 1985, said by telephone from Florida.
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AP HEADLINES Updated Friday, Jun 11, 2004 New Mexico Fire Continues to Grow - 02:11 PM EDT Sermon on Mount Read at Reagan Funeral - 02:11 PM EDT Nigerian Unions Suspend General Strike - 02:10 PM EDT Slayings Still Haunt Law School Shooter - 02:09 PM EDT Thatcher, Gorbachev Honor Reagan Memory - 02:07 PM EDT MORE Back to Home Friday, Jun 11, 2004 email this print this Posted on Thu, Sep. 19, 2002
Profiling charged on 'nightmare' flight
A doctor on Delta Flight 442 was detained by U.S. marshals. By THOMAS GINSBERG Philadelphia Inquirer The incident on Delta Flight 442 was scary enough last month: U.S. marshals seized an unruly passenger, then one aimed a pistol at other passengers for a half hour and shouted at them to stay seated. The event, however, didn't end there. Unknown to most passengers on the Atlanta-to-Philadelphia flight, the marshals upon landing also seized an Indian passenger from first class and silently whisked him away in handcuffs.

133. HP Unix - Java - HPjmeter Overview & Features
Platformindependent tool from Hewlett Packard which helps detect performance bottlenecks by graphically displaying profiling data. Freeware
United States-English Contact HP Search: Java for HP-UX All of HP US Summary of site-wide JavaScript functionality
Java for HP-UX
Site information
Patches Information library Archived releases Version history ... VeriSign certificate expiration
Related information
Mozilla web browser for HP-UX Java for Alpha Systems NonStop Computing Java for HP-UX Japan ...
Buy online from HP
Measure, view, and improve your Java™ application performance with HPjmeter Run HPjmeter on HP-UX, Solaris™, Windows®, and Linux platforms
Product information
Downloads Specifications Information library FAQs ... Support for your product HPjmeter features include:
  • CPU Time - Inclusive or Exclusive; List or Call Tree; Process or Thread. Clock Time - Inclusive or Exclusive; List or Call Tree; Process or Thread. Call Count - List, or Call Tree; Process or Thread. Object Creation - Location in code where created. Heap Analysis - Live and Residual Objects; Heuristic memory leak detection. Monitor Contention - List or Call Tree; Process or Thread. Thread-based Metrics - Histogram color-coded: CPU

134. The Java Community Process(SM) Program - JSRs: Java Specification Requests - Det
profiling Architecture. A mechanism and APIs for extracting time and space profilinginformation from a running Java TM virtual machine. Status In Progress,

135. - N.J. Attorney General Questions Selected Release Of Memos On Profiling
U.S. News Editions myCNN Video ... Feedback
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California braced for weekend of power scrounging

Court order averts strike against Union Pacific railroad

U.S. warning at Davos forum

Two more Texas fugitives will contest extradition
TOP STORIES Thousands dead in India; quake toll rapidly rising Davos protesters confront police California readies for weekend of power scrounging Capriati upsets Hingis to win Australian Open ... MORE MARKETS 4:30pm ET, 4/16 DJIA NAS SPORTS Jordan says farewell for the third time ... LOCAL EDITIONS: Europe change default edition MULTIMEDIA: video video archive audio multimedia showcase ... more services E-MAIL: Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists Enter your address: DISCUSSION: chat feedback CNN WEB SITES: Europe AsiaNow Spanish ... Korean Headlines TIME INC. SITES: Go To ... People Money Fortune EW CNN NETWORKS: CNN anchors transcripts Turner distribution SITE INFO: help contents search ad info ... jobs WEB SERVICES:
N.J. attorney general questions selected release of memos on profiling

136. Metal Engravers - Hot Stamping And Wire Marking Wheel Engraving
Specializes in 2 and 3 dimensional pantograph engraving and profiling. Includes mold and logo engraving as well as production of impression and hot stamps, wire marking wheels, and embossing dies.
We are metal engravers specializing in metal engraving and profiling of hot stamping, dies and wire marking wheels. Our specialties include:
  • Impression Stamps Hot Stamping Mold Engraving Logo Engraving Wire Marking Wheels Embossing Dies
Our metal engravers have over 40 years of experience in metal engraving and have been at the same location for over 20 years. Our metal engravers provide the highest level of quality service at competitive prices. about us services contact us gallery
Site Developed by Internovations, LLC

137. : When Voice Recognition Leads To Bias
Johnson is suing the landlord for linguistic profiling, a form ofracial discrimination the courts have yet to fully recognize.
var SectionID="WNT"; var SubsectionID="WorldNewsTonight"; var NameID="linguistic_profiling011206"; Search the Web and June 11, 2004 HOMEPAGE NEWS SUMMARY US INTERNATIONAL ... TRAVEL FEATURED SERVICES NEW! INSURANCE SHOPPING WIRELESS ... FREE HEADLINE FEED
James Johnson believes prejudice is the reason he never got a call back about an apartment availability. "I believe in my heart that they were definitely discriminating against me for sounding black," he says. ( Voice Recognition
By Steve Osunsami
Dec. 6
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Mom Hopes Mystery Boy Is Her Son
... Lowly Fruit Fly's Amazing Flight Secrets MORE ON THIS STORY IN DETAIL Linguistic Profiling Audio Test He says he really needed the apartment. It was close to work. It had plenty of room for his two children. It was affordable. So when he never got a call back, Johnson was greatly disappointed. As he explained, "I always thought that if you had good credit and stuff like that, you wouldn't have a problem." But there apparently was a problem: his voice. "I believe in my heart that they were definitely discriminating against me for sounding black," Johnson says. "Being black."

138. Reekie Steeltec Ltd
UK. Specializes in subcontract sheet metalwork and fabrication. Capabilities include laser profiling, bending, grinding, welding, finishing, and painting. Handles mild and stainless steel. Serves wide range of industries.
Enter Reekie Steel Tec Ltd
Engineering Subcontractor
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139. New Pathways To Planning - Profiling Your Community
profiling Your Community Introduction Index. Pathways Logo. Introduction.profiling Your Community. Internal Library Audit. Vision, Objectives Goals.
Profiling Your Community
The worksheets included in this module of New Pathways are based on The Community Analysis Process developed by Roger Greer and Martha Hale. The premise of this article is that effective library planning can be enhanced through an analysis of the community and the library. In the article, Greer and Hale outline the theory behind community analysis as well as methods useful in conducting a community analysis. Tools for analyzing the library are also discussed. To get a sense of the full process and its impact on library planning, we recommend that you read this entire article before you begin working on your community's profile. Because the article spans several pages, you may want to print it. According to Greer and Hale, "Community analysis is a systematic process of collecting, organizing and analyzing data about the library and its environment" (L-1) or community. The analysis of the data you collect during this process will allow you to make inferences about your community's interests and needs. You will then be able to design customized services and select appropriate materials targeted to those inferred interests and needs. The activities included in this module will help you gather, organize and analyze data about your community and its residents. The instructions provided for each set of worksheets will help you use them effectively. The instructions will also point you to the appropriate sections of "The Community Analysis Process" article.

140. FBI Profiling Suspect In Dartmouth Killings

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