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  1. The Color of Guilt & Innocence: Racial Profiling and Police Practices in America by Steve Holbert, Lisa Rose, 2004-08
  2. Mapping Murder: The Secrets of Geographical Profiling by David Canter, 2003-11-01
  3. Driving While Black : What To Do If You Are A Victim of Racial Profiling by Kenneth Meeks, 2000-05
  4. Profiling and Criminal Justice in America: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) by Jeffrey Bumgarner, 2004-09-08
  5. Racial Profiling (At Issue Series)
  6. Vertical Seismic Profiling: Principles (Handbook of Geophysical Exploration: Seismic Exploration) by B.A. Hardage, 2000-02-01
  7. But Is It Racial Profiling?: Policing, Pretext Stops, and the Color of Suspicion (Criminal Justice) (Criminal Justice: Recent Scholarship) by Vikas K. Gumbhir, 2007-09-15
  8. Eliminating Racial Profiling in School Discipline: Cultures in Conflict by Martha R. Bireda, 2002-06
  9. Conflict, Crisis, and Accountability: Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement in Canada by Charles C. Smith, 2007-10
  10. Dead Giveaways: How Real Life Crimes Are Solved by Amazing Scientific Evidence, Personality Profiling and Paranormal Investigations by Andrew Donkin, 1998-07
  11. Offender Profiling by Robert D Keppel, 2006-04-01
  12. Criminal Minds - The Science and Psychology of Profiling by David Owen, 2004
  13. A Supported Employment Workbook: Using Individual Profiling and Job Matching by Steve Leach, 2002-02
  14. Profiling Poker "Nitwits" by G. Ed Conly, 2003-01-27

41. Register At
many other homes in Brooklyn. Community page. ADVERTISING Net profilingLures Advertisers. By NAT IVES ISITORS to The Wall Street
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42. C I Profiling: Specialists In Modeling, Assessment, Performance Effectiveness
Specialists in modeling, assessment, and performance effectiveness. Uses customdesigned enterprise-wide systems for managing selection, development, and career-mapping of people in a best-practices environment.
About Us


43. Racial Profiling In An Age Of Terrorism
But before assessing whether our government s response to the events of 9/11betray a pattern of racial profiling, I first want to identify what it is.
About the Center Events Ethics Home
Focus Areas
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Racial Profiling in an Age of Terrorism
By Peter Siggins
Earl Warren, 14th Chief Justice of the United States, has become an icon to generations of Americans who believe in the gains for civil rights and personal freedom that were the hallmark of his tenure on the Supreme Court. In 1940, Earl Warren was the attorney general of California, and he delivered a speech where he cautioned against bigotry based upon national origin. He said, It should be remembered that practically all aliens have come to this country because they like our land and our institutions better than those from whence they came. They have attached themselves to the life of this country in a manner that they would hate to change and the vast majority of them will, if given a chance, remain the same good neighbors that they have been in the past regardless of what difficulties our nation may have with the country of their birth. History proves this to be true . . . .We must see to it that no race prejudices develop and that there are no petty persecutions of law-abiding people. Then, in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor, by January and February 1942, Attorney General Warren directed the preparation of maps showing all Japanese-owned lands in California, called upon the state's district attorneys to enforce the Alien Land Law against Japanese landowners, and said the presence of Japanese in California provided the opportunity for a repetition of Pearl Harbor. And by March he advocated the exclusion of all Japanese from within 200 miles of the California coast.

44. KALNEY Profiling
Rotor profile and complete screw compressor design. Design software that integrates with AutoCAD. Short programme description with screen shots, download area and contact information.
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exclusive license contact NOW GeomCurves:
Autolisp program to create analytical curves just in AutoCAD system!
Software tools
K-prof (C) 2002 by Eugeny Kalney.
Version: 1.0 beta 01.11.2002
The application of K-prof is proved extremely and genuinely useful in solving problems of screw rotors' design, patenting and manufacturing.
Working within program package AutoCAD as polyline via object creating procedure or using point array import, K-prof allows coping with all sorts of geometrical problems existing within AutoCAD and consequently is applicable to ANY screw compressor rotors practically used.
Have you had the need for new, enhanced profiles, do obtain them with K-prof.
10 good reasons to purchase K-prof: Having acquired the software package entitled K-prof you are able to:
  • solve problems of high accuracy profiling with no extra efforts;
  • define required inter-rotor variably sized functional gaps freely;
  • calculate screw rotor manufacturing tool profiles, including disk mills and grinding wheels;
  • calculate rotors thermal deformation and center distance deviation;
  • 45. Online Profiling: A Report To Congress
    Online profiling A Report to Congress. Part 2 Recommendations FederalTrade Commission July 2000. Federal Trade Commission*. (9). B. profiling.
    Online Profiling:
    A Report to Congress Part 2
    Federal Trade Commission
    July 2000 Federal Trade Commission* Robert Pitofsky Chairman Sheila F. Anthony Commissioner Mozelle W. Thompson Commissioner Orson Swindle Commissioner Thomas B. Leary Commissioner Bureau of Consumer Protection Division of Financial Practices Table of Contents
    I. Introduction II. Fair Information Practices and the Network Advertising Initiative Principles
    A. Background B. Profiling C. Fair Information Practices and Profiling D. The NAI Principles
    Notice Choice Access ... Additional Consumer Protections
    III. Recommendations IV. Conclusion APPENDIX A: NAI Principles
    I. INTRODUCTION On June 13, 2000, the Federal Trade Commission (hereinafter "FTC" or "Commission") issued Online Profiling: A Report to Congress The report described the nature of online profiling, consumer privacy concerns about these practices, and the Commission's efforts to address these concerns. The Commission did not make recommendations at that time, because a dialogue with the network advertising industry regarding self-regulatory principles was still ongoing. The Commission promised, however, to supplement its report with specific recommendations to Congress after it had an opportunity to fully consider the industry's self-regulatory proposals and how they interrelate with the Commission's previous views and recommendations on online privacy generally. This report presents the Commission's recommendations.

    46. Compaq (Digital) Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI)
    Features an advanced development kit for Compaq Alpha platforms.
    summary of site-wide JavaScript functionality United States-English Contact HP Search: Tru64 UNIX site All of HP
    Compaq (Digital) Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI)
    Site information
    Send us your comments
    Download DCPI Installing DCPI
    Product information
    Frequently asked questions Documentation Publications The Compaq (formerly Digital) Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI) Advanced Development Kit for HP Alpha platforms permits continuous low-overhead profiling of entire systems, including the kernel, user programs, drivers, and shared libraries. The system is efficient enough that it can be left running all the time, allowing it to be used to drive online profile-based optimizations for production systems. The Continuous Profiling Infrastructure maintains a database of profile information that is incrementally updated for every executable image that runs. A suite of profile analysis tools analyzes the profile information at various levels. At one extreme, the tools show what fraction of cpu cycles were spent executing the kernel and each user program. At the other extreme, the tools show how long a particular instruction stalls on average, for example, because of a D-cache miss.

    47. Federal Trade Commission Issues Report On Online Profiling
    For Release July 27, 2000 Federal Trade Commission Issues Report on Online profiling.Commends Network Advertising Initiative s Self Regulatory Principles.
    For Release: July 27, 2000 Federal Trade Commission Issues Report on Online Profiling Commends Network Advertising Initiative's Self Regulatory Principles The Federal Trade Commission today issued the second part of its report on online profiling by network advertisers. The Commission unanimously applauded the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) for developing an innovative self-regulatory proposal which addresses the privacy concerns consumers have about online profiling. This report follows an initial report released on June 13, 2000, which described the nature of online profiling practices, consumer privacy concerns about these practices, and the Commission's efforts to address these concerns. The report also calls for Congress to enact legislation to provide privacy protection for consumers with regard to such online profiling practices. Such legislation would serve to complement the NAI self-regulatory structure by guaranteeing compliance by non-member network advertising companies. "This report reflects the Commission's view that industry self-regulation must play a central part in protecting consumer online privacy," said Jodie Bernstein, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. "NAI played a valuable and constructive role in developing these Principles which serve as the basis for protecting consumer privacy in this area. I applaud their willingness to take significant steps in this area, and hope that the entire online industry follows their lead," Bernstein added.

    Human resource management consulting; specialized in psychological profiling, preemployment testing, work culture assessment, team building, conflict resolution, and recruiting. Based in San Antonio, Texas.
    God Bless America
    EVM Employee Values Management
    Welcome to the web site of STEHOUWER AND ASSOCIATES a human resource management technologies company. We specialize in psychological profiling pre-employment testing work culture assessment team building ... and recruiting and individual out-placement
    Learn about us by clicking one of the topics below and registering with us
    Ron Stehouwer, Industrial Psychologist

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    49. Racial Profiling: Prejudice Or Protocol?
    do police balance their enforcement knowledge against the potential for discriminationbased on stereotyping – or what’s commonly called racial profiling
    horizon: people and possibilities email this article printer-friendly version previous page next page How do police balance their enforcement knowledge against the potential for discrimination based on stereotyping – or what’s commonly called "racial profiling"? It’s a complex, provocative issue, but a brief look at police training may help. For law-enforcement personnel, training and experience are critical. Training comes from many sources. It begins with the initial training academy, and continues with ongoing updates known as in-service training. Additional formal training happens when a field training officer, a police officer’s first street partner, imparts law enforcement’s version of "on-the-job training." Somewhere along the continuum, "informal" training begins. It takes place anywhere and everywhere, and continues throughout a career. And just like in any job, officers learn to cut corners, streamline processes and get the job done. The end result can be a more efficient employee – or one who omits necessary pieces of the puzzle.
    Does all of this add up to the potential Four of the five paragraphs below are summaries of claims filed with police departments around the United States in the past year. Can you spot the incident that didn't actually happen among the ones that did?

    50. Knowledge Solutions L.L.C.
    Court qualified in crime reconstruction, crime scene analysis, criminal profiling, victimology, and offender signature analysis. Located in California.
    Career Guide to
    Criminal Profiling

    Have questions about Criminal Profiling as a career choice? Our Career Guide can be purchased as an online access subscription for one year, as a CD-ROM, or both. Get access now ! For more info:
    Criminal Profiling

    2nd Edition

    by Brent E. Turvey, M.S. Campus Course catalog Instructors Registration ... Philosophy For more info:
    2nd Edition

    by Eoghan Casey For more info:
    Handbook of Computer Crime Investigation
    edited by Eoghan Casey This site is designed and produced by Knowledge Solutions LLC
    Last update: 1/6/03

    51. Lymphoma/Leukemia Molecular Profiling Project (LLMPP)
    Lymphoma/Leukemia Molecular profiling Project. Home. Welcome to thewebsite companion to Alizadeh et al. Nature 403 503511 (2000).


    Return to the LLMPP Homepage

    Interactively explore the figures

    Search the LLMPP Microarray dataset

    View figures from the paper

    Data analysis methods and links Supplement Help Get help with interpretation of the data Download Download the primary data Authors List of authors
    Lymphoma/Leukemia Molecular Profiling Project
    Welcome to the website companion to Alizadeh et al. Nature 403: 503-511 (2000) The accompanying by Anton Berns from the same issue is also available here. Here you can find enhanced views of data presented in the paper, as well as additional enhanced content not found in the paper. Please make a selection from the following:
    • Explore figure details using GeneExplorer , a web application for online browsing of the clustered gene expression data A search function over the complete dataset, including BLAST Figures from the paper and web exclusive supplemental material Data analysis methods employed, along with relevant links. Web Supplement containing additional figures Help on how to interpret the figures Download the primary data The Authors involved in this publication
    • (This website is still under construction)
    Home Explore Search Figures ... Authors For questions and/or comments on this website, please send e-mail to

    52. Profiling Vin Diesel | 2,000+ Pictures, Wallpaper, Biography, Photos, Video Clip
    Includes news, media, pictures, articles, and a message board.
    Image Search News Articles Images Video Clips Message Board ... Contact Registered Users Username:
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    Forgot password

    News Submission Please only click submit if you have legitimate Vin Diesel news. Name: Email: Source: URL: Information:
    Links 2 Us
    Merchandise A Man Apart DVD VHS XXX Poster
    XXX Calendar XXX DVD Donate
    Registration: In Order to join fan club a.k.a upload images, comment on images and give ratings to images you will have to register. You will also receive an email when I have added bulk images. Also a weekly newsletter containing Vin news. Registration is free and done within 2 seconds. I only ask for a username, password and email address and after that you can login.

    53. Roger Clarke's Profiling
    profiling A Hidden Challenge to the Regulation of Data Surveillance. Roger Clarke.Principal, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Canberra. Benefits of profiling.
    A Hidden Challenge
    to the Regulation of Data Surveillance
    Roger Clarke Principal, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd , Canberra Visiting Fellow, Department of Computer Science Australian National University Version of 28 November 1993 Published in the Journal of Law and Information Science 4,2 (December 1993) This document is at
    Profiling is a data surveillance technique which is little-understood and ill-documented, but increasingly used. It is a means of generating suspects or prospects from within a large population, and involves inferring a set of characteristics of a particular class of person from past experience, then searching data-holdings for individuals with a close fit to that set of characteristics. It is rather different from better-known data surveillance techniques such as front-end verification and data matching. It raises rather different issues, and requires rather different regulatory measures. This paper surveys the limited information available, defines and describes the technique and its social implication, and argues the case for action by regulators.
    Data surveillance, usefully abbreviated to dataveillance, is the systematic use of personal data systems in the investigation or monitoring of the actions or communications of one or more persons. It is supplanting more traditional forms of surveillance because it is cheap and effective.

    54. DQ Now - Home
    Integrating data profiling, cleansing, and match/dedup tools with indepth interactive reports.
    D ata Q uality Now
    DQ Now was created to bring data quality solutions to more projects at more companies. Data quality is widely regarded as a key success factor for CRM, business intelligence, data warehousing and other major IT initiatives. data quality : A dimension or measurement of data in reference to its accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, uniqueness and validity (Department of Defense). Data is considered to be of high quality if it has all of the above attributes. Glossary DOD Guidelines on Data Quality Management) Our first product, DQ Now AUDIT, fills a major gap in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and data cleansing products. AUDIT 1.0 compares data before and after a transformation or correction process, identifying and categorizing every changed value. See the products page for details. We are actively seeking qualified beta sites for subsequent releases. Please contact us for details.
    What's New
    • December 3, 2002 : released AUDIT June 28, 2002 : fixed-price data audit service.



    DQ Now, DQ Now AUDIT, DQ Now ETL Audit, DQ Now Cleansing Audit, and the DQ Now logo are trademarks of DQ Now.
    Send questions or comments to

    55. » Profiling Librarians May 11th, 2004. profiling Librarians. Placed in Michael at 1113 pm. As Steven noted, Blogger has added their new profile system.
    @import url( );
    May 11th, 2004
    Profiling Librarians
    Filed under: As Steven noted , Blogger has added their new profile system. So you can go through and look at all the people in a specific industry like the ever-popular Museums / Libraries . I found out any number of things like that CLASS is in a class of its own . And Freddy-D, we are out here
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    56. Profiling People - Psychological Consultancy
    We specialise in personality assessment to assist in the selection of child carers and nannies.

    57. Compaq Continuous Profiling Infrastructure Project
    The Compaq Continuous profiling Infrastructure originally developed here at CompaqSystems Research Center has made a successful transition to advanced
    CPI has a new home The Compaq Continuous Profiling Infrastructure originally developed here at Compaq Systems Research Center has made a successful transition to advanced development groups. All future releases and support will come from our colleagues outside Corporate Research. Please visit the project's new home for the latest information. Old releases from here will no longer be supported; web pages here will not be updated and so may have become obsolete. Although email messages sent to us will be redirected appropriately, please try to use the contact information available at the project's new home. If you were on our user mailing list, you are on the new mailing list maintained by our advanced development colleagues. You do not have to sign up again.
    What's New
    Download Installation Guide Documentation ... Contacts The Compaq (formerly Digital) Continuous Profiling Infrastructure for Compaq Alpha platforms permits continuous low-overhead profiling of entire systems, including the kernel, user programs, drivers, and shared libraries. The system is efficient enough that it can be left running all the time, allowing it to be used to drive online profile-based optimizations for production systems. The Continuous Profiling Infrastructure maintains a database of profile information that is incrementally updated for every executable image that runs. A suite of profile analysis tools analyzes the profile information at various levels. At one extreme, the tools show what fraction of cpu cycles were spent executing the kernel and each user program. At the other extreme, the tools show how long a particular instruction stalls on average, e.g., because of a D-cache miss.

    58. Willkommen Bei Der BCOMS Bavaria Computer Service GmbH
    Developer of microarrays using their biochip and readout technologies for genomic screening, profiling and SNP analysis. Includes application illustrations, corporate profile and careers in Munich, Germany.
    Willkommen bei der BCOMS Bavaria Computer Service GmbH

    59. DNA Profiling Interactive
    designed to Australian State and Territory Curriculums. This interactiveallows users to investigate the process of DNA profiling.

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