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  1. CHIP FIGHT!(AMD's Duron processor vs Intel's Celeron)(Hardware Review)(Evaluation): An article from: Computer User by Cheryl Masse, 2000-10-01
  2. ERP software for processors.(Computer Hardware & Software): An article from: Plastics Engineering by Hope Molinaro, 2003-10-01
  3. Controlling S/390 Cmos Processors Using the Hardware Management Console by IBM Redbooks, 1996-12
  4. ERP Software for plastics processors. (Computer Hardware & Software).: An article from: Plastics Engineering by Hope Molinaro, 2002-10-01
  5. Dedicated Digital Processors: Methods in Hardware/Software Co-Design by F. Mayer-Lindenberg, 2004-03-05
  6. Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems: First International Workshop, CHES'99 Worcester, MA, USA, August 12-13, 1999 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  7. The Everything Computer Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Computer, from E-Mail to the Internet, from Hardware to Software, Processors to Printers, Memory to Modems, and (Everything Series) by John K. Waters, 2000-10
  8. The flexible digital receiver: Study on various aspects concerning the realization of a flexible digital receiver using micro-processors hardware and software algorithms (ECR) by N Horstock, 1982
  9. Preliminary investigation of digital speech processor hardware implementations (Lincoln Laboratory Technical note ; 1975-8) by P. E Blankenship, 1975
  10. Vlsi Chip Design With the Hardware Description Language Verilog: An Introduction Based on a Large Risc Processor Design by Ulrich Golze, Peter Blinzer, et all 1996-02
  11. Cisco announces intelligent processor engine for the WAN edge.(Cisco NPE-G100): An article from: Federal Computer Market Report
  12. GATEWAY ENHANCES NOTEBOOKS W/ MOBILE INTEL PENTIUM 4 PROCESSOR.(Product Announcement): An article from: PC Business Products
  13. Advances in Computer Graphics Hardware III (Focus on Computer Graphics)
  14. CISCO ANNOUNCES THE CISCO ADVANCED ATM MULTISERVICE PORTFOLIO.(Cisco Systems MGX 8950, MGX 8830 and Cisco Route Processor Module XF)(Product Announcement): An article from: Software Industry Report

1. P6 Family Of Processors
Order No 244001001P6 Family of ProcessorsHardware Developers ManualSeptember 1998iiP6 Family of processors hardware Developers ManualInformation in this document is provided in connection with Intel products.

2. Processors:   Hardware:   Best Web Links:
Best Web Links PROCESSORS Here you ll find information on implementing Linux on Intel and other processors, as well as resources for understanding CPUs.,289521,sid16_tax28280
Home Best Web Links Hardware Processors EMAIL THIS PAGE TO A FRIEND Best Web Links: PROCESSORS: Here you'll find information on implementing Linux on Intel and other processors, as well as resources for understanding CPUs.
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3. Processors:   Hardware:   Best Web Links:
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4. Geekpedia • Processors Hardware
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5. Ace's Hardware
Previews of the newest processors of AMD, Intel, Cyrix, IDTof the newest hardware, tips to optimize your PC, insight in the computer industry. Buyers guide for CPUs and videocards, new overclocking tips.
Friday, June 11, 2004
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Go to... Latest News Community ...General Forum ...Technical Forum ...RC5 Hardware Net. Links Contact Information Reviews 3D Graphics Servers Workstations Online Price Search Intel CPUs

Athlon 64

Opteron 144
RC5 Project

Socket 939: New Socket, New Athlon 64s
Socket 754 Chipset Shootout Athlon 64 FX-53 and 3.4 GHz P4 EE: Premium CPU Shootout Prescott: The New Pentium 4 Reviewed ... More Reviews... Technical
Niagara: A Torrent of Threads
TLP and the Return of KISS Multi-Core UltraSPARCs Uncovered Architecting the Future: Dr. Marc Tremblay ... More Technical Articles... How-To Guides
K6-III+: Super-7 to the Limit
Overclocking Socket A Processors K6-2+ Optimization and Performance Guide Buying and Overclocking the Athlon ... More How-To Guides... Latest Discussions
DDR2 and bandwidth utilization
Mobile 35W Athlon64 RaidCore RC4852 (a.k.a. BC4852) Build a NAS box with Linux? ... RTS Question #2 - what makes a great RTS enjoyable for you? Open Polls Your current CPU in your most used HOME computer is: (Poll 2004) Nostalgic for the old-days? What computer system did you cut your teeth on?

6. Intel Motherboards,Intel Processors,Computer Hardware-LEM Computers
Intel Motherboards Computer hardware.Featuring Intel Motherboards Intel processors Computer hardware. LEM ComputersSystem Integrators and OEM's Intel Server Board. Intel processors. KDS Monitors
LEM COMPUTERS, INC. Search Home Contact LEM News ... Feedback LEM Computers...877-536-4968...Intel P4 Motherboards,D875PBZLK,D865GRH,D850EMVRL,D865PERLK,D865GBFLK,D865PERLX,SE7501HG2,S875WP1-E Cases CD Rom / DVD CDRW / DVDRW Consumer Elect. ...
Seagate Drives
LEM Computers, Inc.
9249 S. Broadway #200 Suite 275
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126
Phone: 303-791-5194 Fax: 303-471-2915 E-Mail Contact

7. Basics About Computer Hardware
Basics about computer processors. Basics of computer processors. Summary processors are the actual working part of a computer increasing program performance is the diverging cost of computer
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Basics of computer processors
I apologize about the site temporarily going offline. Please vote with your donations as to whether this web site should continue to exist or not. Send food or cash donations to: Milo, PO Box 5237, Balboa Island, Calif, 92781, USA Summary: Processors are the actual working part of a computer, performing arithemetic, logic, and other operations needed to run computer programs. A computer is a programmable machine. There are two basic kinds of computers: analog and digital. Analog computers are analog devices. That is, they have continuous states rather than discrete numbered states. An analog computer can represent fractional or irrational values exactly, with no round-off. Analog computers are almost never used outside of experimental settings. A digital computer is a programmable clocked sequential state machine. A digital computer uses discrete states. A binary digital computer uses two discrete states, such as positive/negative, high/low, on/off, used to represent the binary digits zero and one. The classic crude oversimplication of a computer is that it contains three elements: processor unit, memory, and I/O (input/output). The borders between those three terms are highly ambigious, non-contiguous, and erratically shifting.

8. List Of FPGA-based Computing Machines
up to date places to find a variety of FPGAbased hardware are available be used as hardware accelerators, pre-processors, embedded processors, or hardware algorithm benchmarking
List of FPGA-based Computing Machines
Welcome to the list of FPGA-based computing machines. This list was first compiled in the beginning of 1994, where there were a small handful of FPGA boards available. Since then the number has grown considerably. Because of the large and growing number of FPGA-based systems currently available, I have decided to stop making additions to this list and leave it available as an historical document. The last entry added to this list was in March 1999. Other more up to date places to find a variety of FPGA-based hardware are available. I suggest Optimagic's Programmable Logic Jump Station as a good resource. I have also re-ordered the entries grouped by type of device used. This provides a rough chronological order of introduction of these boards. The original list, sorted alphabetically, is still available. Finally, thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this list. List of FPGA-based Computing Machines / Steve Guccione /

9. P6 Family Of Processors - Hardware Developer's Manual
P6 Family of processors hardware Developer s Manual. The P6 family of processors is the generation of processors that succeeds
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P6 Family of Processors - Hardware Developer's Manual
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10. Tom's Hardware Guide Processors Processors Articles In Chronological
Hard Drives. hardware Access. Ink Toner processors. When choosing the right CPU for your notebook, you should always consider the applications you plan on running. Tom's hardware

11. Hardware Design - Processors
Select a processor type from the categories below. Desktop processors. Select a Processor. Notebook processors. Select a
US Home Intel Worldwide Where to Buy Contact Us ... Hardware Design Processors Included on this page: Desktop Processors Notebook Processors Network Processors Embedded Processors Select a processor type from the categories below. Desktop Processors Select a Processor Notebook Processors Select a Processor Select a Processor Network Processors Select a Processor Embedded Processors Select a Processor Select a Processor Select a Processor Network Processors Select a Processor I/O Processors Select a Processor Digital Media Processors Select a Processor Mature Processors Select a Processor Learn more Developer Programs Intel Press Technical Books Design Solutions ... Design Tools Selector Tools Motherboard Selector Guide Intel Technical Documentation Center Processor Spec Finder Download Finder ... Electronic Tools Catalog Additional Resources Intel Processor Performance Information Intel Processor Pricing Guide Where to Buy Product Change Notification ... Site Assistance

12. Computer Builders Warehouse
Sells desktop and notebook systems, hardware components including processors, motherboards, memory, video cards and hard drives.
Shopping Catalog for computers, hardware and all
your computing products
Custom Line of Computers from personal to gaming
to business

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13. Tom's Hardware Guide Processors Benchmark Marathon 65 CPUs From 100
Benchmark Marathon 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 MHz After 300 hours of testing in the Tom's hardware labs, we bring you a comparison of 65 CPUs - from the Pentium 100 to the latest Athlon XP

14. A Community Of People Dedicated To Optimizing PC System Performance.
hardware reviews and usersubmitted reviews for motherboards, processors, graphics cards, sound cards, monitors.
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Case Study: Athlon XP 2500+ at 3200+

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    Click Here AMD Forecasts New Entry-Level Chips
    AMD Monday announced its new entry-level brand, the AMD Sempron, to replace its discount Duron family of processors. The new desktop and mobile PC chips are expected to be available in the second half of 2004. comments ATI Speeds PCI Express to the Desktop ATI Tuesday announced the launch of its first desktop PCI Express graphics chips, the Radeon X800, X600 and X300. ATI introduces these new visual processing units (VPUs) at a time when the industry is abuzz speculating if PCI Express will replace legacy PCI and AGP. Add Comment AMD Releases 4 New 64s AMD Tuesday announced the immediate availability of four new Athlon 64 processors boasting Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) and the company’s Cool'n'Quiet power management technology. AMD’s focus with this round of processors is security in a world of increasing threats, all within a system that provides “cinematic” computing. comments Corsair Appeals to Tweakers With New Memory Modules Corsair Memory Wednesday announced its new family of XL memory modules that supports 2-2-2-5 latencies at 400MHz. Boasting the highest performing PC3200 memory in the world with the fastest latencies, this memory family is for the serious gamer.
  • 15. Fake Pentium Processors | Hardware Secrets
    Actually, Intel doesn t put stickers on its processors – this is the work of damage of any kind caused by the use of information contained in hardware Secrets
    Quick Search:
    Enter your e-mail ( Why? Rapid Guide: document.write("") document.write('');tot=itens.length;for(var i=1;i<=tot;i++) document.write("" +itens[i]);document.writeln(''); hardware hardware hardware Em Português

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      Fake Pentium Processors By Gabriel Torres January 3rd, 1997 There are numerous adulterated Pentium processors on the market, coming in from God-knows-where. The method employed is simple re-marking; i.e. the surface of the 'original' processor is scraped lightly, and a new inscription is added. In this way, a Pentium-100 is just a scrape away from a Pentium-133! One of the typical symptoms of these fake processors is constant freezing and, mainly, low performance. Intel is intensely aware of the problem, and has already created a device to make adulteration more difficult. On the inner side of the processor – that square area between the terminals – there is a bas relief mark that is harder to tamper with. This mark is iPP for Pentium-100 processors and i133 for the Pentium-133. But the falsifiers are clever and already know about these marks. So they cover these marks on the inner side of the processor with a sticker – usually with the inscription VOID IF REMOVED, which technically means the loss of warranty in case this sticker is removed – to keep technicians from reading the manufacturer's inscription underneath them. Actually, Intel doesn't put stickers on its processors – this is the work of falsifiers. So be on the lookout!

    16. About Acorn Computers And ARM Processors
    Includes an introduction, history, hardware and software details, photographs, and screenshots of the RISC OS operating system.
    For latest news, try the Acorn Cybervillage , one of the Acorn-related newsgroups (for example comp.sys.acorn.advocacy ), or the websites of Element 14 (formerly known as Acorn) and Advanced RISC Machines (ARM). Many of the JPEGs are only thumbnails - click on a picture to view it full size. All of this must be regarded as my personal view. Other people may have different thoughts about Acorn and their products! If you think that some of the information on this page is wrong, I'd be glad if you told me.
  • Information about Acorn Computers Introduction - some advertising, a little about the company's history Hardware - details about old and new prototypes which were never produced Software - a small market, but good quality Operating system - RISC OS had a task bar before Windoze, look at the screenshots Information about Advanced RISC Machines On a separate page ARM's way - copy of an article which appeared in Electronics Weekly
  • Introduction
    "Acorn? Never heard about it... and why should I bother?" I am perfectly aware that your computer and your OS are far better than what I will be talking about - but if you learn a little about Acorn, you might find that even though the system really can be considered exotic, it is well-planned with consistent design and some clever details which aren't present in any other OS.

    17. How To Recognize Pentium Processors | Hardware Secrets
    Further details in our article entitled Adulterated Pentium processors . damage of any type caused by the use of any information contained in hardware Secrets
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      How to Recognize Pentium Processors By Gabriel Torres January 3rd, 1997 Learn how to interpret the numbers stamped on the bottom of Pentium, Pentium MMX and Pentium Pro processors. In the internal area of the processor, between its terminals, there are 4 lines: Line 1: An Alfa-numerical series identifies the date/place of manufacturing: The first character indicates the code of the manufacturer that produced the processor; The second indicates the number corresponding to the year of manufacturing; The third and forth numbers indicate the week of manufacturing. All other numbers indicate the lot/internal code of manufacturing.

    18. Welcome To The Inquirer
    European site for computer hardware news. Covers processors, graphics cards and major hardware providers.
    The empires of the future are the empires of the mind - Winston Churchill Friday June 11, 2004 SEARCH REVIEWS WEEK TO DATE EARLIER ... TRAINING
    Edited by Mike Magee Phone +44 208 248 2800 Terms and Conditions of use. To advertise in the UK or Europe email us or for more info click here. To advertise in Asia email here. To advertise in North America email here. Join the INQbot Mail List for a weekly guide to our news stories: Subscribe/unsubscribe here. Canadian company sues IBM over XML Seeking $5.1 million in damages Friday 11 June 2004, 16:09 Wi-Fi NerdBus debuts at public transport exhibition All aboard to smurf the Interweb Friday 11 June 2004, 15:19 White hats, black hats, who's got the grey hat? net.wars Microsoft versus Linux Friday 11 June 2004, 14:08 Security holes splatter Open Source Blackburn Lancashire effect Friday 11 June 2004, 07:10 Valve thieves captured You're nicked, chaps Friday 11 June 2004, 05:58 Forum members pitch in money to save a life Geeks: we look after our own Thursday 10 June 2004, 14:36

    19. Dynamics Processors (hardware)
    Dynamics processors (hardware) ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN STAFF Electronic Musician, Feb 1, 2001.
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    Dynamics Processors (hardware)
    Feb 1, 2001 12:00 PM
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    Waves L2 Ultramaximizer For years, mastering engineers relied on computer-based mastering compressors to maximize a mix's overall level. Of the various software solutions, Waves' L1 Ultramaximizer is an established favorite. In 2000, Waves released its first hardware device, the L2 Ultramaximizer, and a praiseworthy entry it is, too. Like its software sibling, the L2 performs limiting and normalization without adding coloration. Thanks to Waves' Increased Digital Resolution (IDR) technology, the L2 provides dithering for word-length reduction without audible artifacts, while at the same time bringing low-level information (for example, reverb tails and the room sound) forward in the mix. The L2 lets you work in real time, which makes the it handy for any situation that requires limiting to avoid digital overs, such as recording rough mixes to DAT or CD-R. Besides the convenience of real-time processing, the L2 offers individual input level control over each channel, 48-bit internal processing, and support for sampling rates up to 96 kHz and word lengths up to 24 bits. You can use both digital outputs simultaneously, letting you master two devices at once. Despite the professional features, setting up and using the L2 is easy.

    20. Computer Wholesalers, Inc. - HP9000, DEC, Cisco, 3Com, Micom, Itouch/Xyplex, 700
    Data General computer hardware. Resale of servers, workstations, processors, disk drives, tape drives, memory, crt, terminals, and controllers.
    Best Viewed at 800 X 600
    Designed By: Sheri Krom
    All Trademarks and names are properties of their respective owners.

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