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         Probability & Statistics General:     more books (100)
  1. Probability and Statistics by Example: Volume 2, Markov Chains: A Primer in Random Processes and their Applications by Yuri Suhov, Mark Kelbert, 2008-02-29
  2. Student Solutions Manual for Hayter's Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 3rd by Anthony J. Hayter, 2006-01-19
  3. Basic Concepts Of Probability And Statistics (Classics in Applied Mathematics) by Joseph Lawson Hodges, E. L. Lehmann, et all 2005-01-11
  4. Probability and Statistics with Reliability, Queueing, and Computer Science Applications, 2nd Edition by Kishor Shridharbhai Trivedi, 2001-10-26
  5. CRC Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae, Student Edition by Stephen Kokoska, Daniel Zwillinger, 2000-03-29
  6. The Pleasures of Probability (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics / Readings in Mathematics) by Richard Isaac, 1996-10-30
  7. Understanding Probability and Statistics: A Book of Problems by Ruma Falk, 1993-11
  8. Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers by T. T. Soong, 2004-04-16
  9. Statistics of Extremes: Theory and Applications (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Jan Beirlant, Yuri Goegebeur, et all 2004-10-29
  10. Easy Outline of Probability and Statistics by Murray R Spiegel, John J. Schiller, et all 2002-02-20
  11. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Paul G. Hoel, 1984-01
  12. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics (The Complete Idiot's Guide) by Robert A. Donnelly Jr., 2004-05-04
  13. Applied Longitudinal Analysis (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Garrett M. Fitzmaurice, Nan M. Laird, et all 2004-07-01
  14. Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Duxbury Classic) by Lee J. Bain, Max Engelhardt, 2000-03-17

61. Uncertainty, Calibration And Probability: The Statistics Of Scientific And Indus
and probability is a comprehensive treatment of the statistics and methods of estimating these calibration uncertainties. It features oA general theory of

62. Seminar On Scaling
3) statistics on this conjecture of GD Birkhoff that ergodicity is the general case for problem for investors seeking to minimize the probability of large
Probability and Statistics Seminar at Boston University
Seminar on Extreme Values and Financial Risk
Day: Thursdays and/or Tuesdays Click here for directions to the Boston University Department of Mathematics. Campus text map gif map , and a general area map Time: 10am-noon
Place: Room 135, Department of Mathematics, 111 Cummington St., Boston University
2003-2004 (no seminar - sabbatical)
Schedule for 2002-2003 (updated weekly)
Go to the most recent scheduled talk. This is a research oriented seminar, coordinated by Professor Murad Taqqu. The main theme, this fall semester will be EXTREME VALUES AND FINANCIAL RISK We will examine the dependence of extreme events in different financial markets and the impact that it can have on asset allocation. Recently, Extreme Value Theory (EVT) has been shown to be a promising tool for risk management. Although to date, most work in the application of EVT to risk management has been done in a univariate framework. We will apply and extend tools from multivariate extreme value theory to describe and quantify the dependence of extreme events in financial markets. Throughout, we will make comparisons with the traditional hypothesis of multivariate normal market returns. Multivariate normality, although convenient, may not be an accurate representation of reality. For institutions and investors primarily concerned with guarding against large losses (safety first investors) such a misrepresentation may have serious consequences. We will also examine optimal asset allocation strategies for safety first investors applying tools from extreme value theory.

63. Mathematical And Computer Sciences At Metropolitan State College Of Denver
in probability and statistics. Dr. Shahar Boneh, SI 335 C, 303556-2604. Dr. Charlotte Murphy, SI 141, 303-556-3208. Professor Ruth Yarar, SI 141, 303-556-3427. general
Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Mathematics - Probability and Statistics Emphasis
The emphasis in probability and statistics stresses the application of the principles and methods of statistics and probability in biological, physical, and social sciences and engineering. This emphasis also prepares the student for graduate study. A grade of "C" or better is required in all courses included in the major. Required Courses Semester Hours Basic Mathematics Core MTH 1510 Computer Programming: FORTRAN MTH 2140 Computational Matrix Algebra MTH 3210 Probability and Statistics MTH 3220 Design of Experiments MTH 3250 Optimization Techniques I MTH 4210 Probability Theory One of the following two courses: MTH 4220 Stochastic Processes MTH 4230 Applied and Computational Statistics MTH 4290 Senior Statistics Seminar Total MTH 3140 may be substituted for MTH 2140.
This is the Senior Experience course.
Purposes of the Major
The Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences offers a major in Mathematical Sciences with an emphasis in Probability and Statistics.

64. Powell's Books - Probability & Statistics 3RD Edition By Morris H Degroot
Addison Wesley Publishing Company Subject Probabilities Subject Mathematical statistics Subject probability statistics general Subject statistics

65. Probability And Statistics, Course Outline
the probability theory, mathematical statistics and other Continuous probability space (AN.Kolmogorov axiomatics The specifics of the general (continuous) case
Courses offered
in 2002/03:
Antitrust and Regulation
Applied Econometrics
Applied Microeconomics

Contract Theory -2

Contracts - 1

Corporate Finance

Data Analysis
Economics of Transition+
Economics of Corruption Empirics of Financial Markets+ English Financial Intermediation+ Game Theory ... Macroeconomics 4 Macroeconomics 5 Macroeconomics 6 (required) Mathematical Statistics Mathematics for Economists Microeconomics 1 Microeconomics 2 ... Microeconomics 4 Microeconomics 5 Monetary Economics Monetary Theory and Policy Natural Resources Non-Cooperative Games ... Research Seminar (required) Russia in the global environment: past and present Russia's Financial Syste (rus) Theory of Economic Reform* (rus) Topics in Econometrics Topics in Economic Statistics Topics in Game Theory Topics in Microeconomics (rus) PROBABILITY THEORY AND MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS (56 hours of lectures and 28 hours of seminars) Author: Dr. Prof. Serguei Aivazian

66. AMSP Summer 2004 Probability And Statistics Workshop
AMSP Summer 2004 Workshop probability and statistics for Middle School Teachers. general Information. Websites.
AMSP Summer 2004 Workshop - Probability and Statistics for Middle School Teachers
General Information
Additional Materials

67. Probability Theory, Statistics (NIWI)
statistics of extremes (statistical inference with respect to the probability of rarely occurring events). Regional Structure Research general.
Login NIWI (en) Research Information NOD - Dutch Research Database ... Powered by from "Probability theory, stati..." entire NIWI site (en)
Probability theory, statistics
Please choose one of the following aspect associated with the classification "Probability theory, statistics":
Research programmes etc. associated with this classification:
(the most recent research is placed on top)
  • Mathematical Geodesy
  • MGP Programma (Mathematical Geodesy and Positioning)
  • Stochastic modelling of nearshore wave-wave interactions for operational wave models
  • Stochastic determination of well capture zones at different scales (Optimum design of groundwater monitoring networks at landfill sites) ...
  • Race Dart Research projects associated with this classification:
    (the most recent research is placed on top)
  • Quality traits association in tomato; statistical Genomics
  • Development of statistical and bio-informatical methodology for the identification of the genetical factors underlying phenotypic trait variation in potato.
  • Statistical methods for germplasm collection.
  • Quantification of dynamics od nematodes and soil-borne pathogens and their consequences for yield in crop rotations. ...
  • Discriminant analysis Researchers associated with this classification: (only professors, associated professors and researchers with a given expertise)
  • 68. Undergraduate Program - Statistics & Probability Courses
    (3) f, s probability models and Topics in stochastic processes, simulation, and statistics. Prerequisite MAT 210 or equivalent. general studies N2.
    STP 226 ELEMENTS OF STATISTICS. (3) F, S, SS Basic concepts and methods of statistics, including descriptive statistics, significance tests, estimation, sampling, and correlation. Not open to majors in mathematics or the physical sciences. Prerequisite: Mat 114 or 117 or equivalent. General studies: N2. STP 326 INTERMEDIATE PROBABILITY. (3) f, s Probability models and computations, joint and conditional distributions, moments, and families or distributions. Topics in stochastic processes, simulation, and statistics. Prerequisite: MAT 210 or equivalent. General studies: N2. STP 420 INTRODUCTORY APPLIED STATISTICS. (3) F, S, SS Introductory probability, descriptive statistics, sampling distributions, parameter estimation, tests of hypotheses, chi-square tests, regression analysis, analysis of variance, and nonparametric tests. Prerequisite: MAT 117 or equivalent. General studies: N2. STP 421 PROBABILITY. (3) F Laws of probability, combinatorial analysis, random variables, probability distributions, expectation, moment generating functions, transformations of random variables, and central limit theorem. Prerequisites: MAT 300 and STP 420 or equivalents. STP 425 STOCHASTIC PROCESSES.

    69. 2nd International Conference On Soft Methods In Probability And Statistics
    particular, we would welcome papers combining probability and statistics with fuzzy University of Vienna, AUSTRIA) ORGANIZING COMMITTEE general Chairs MA
    2nd International Conference on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics Science Advanced Search
    Submit a Conference
    ... About Us See Also:



    Event 2nd International Conference on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics Begins September 2, 2004 Ends September 4, 2004 Papers February 15, 2004 Ab. SMPS'2004 Country Spain State City Oviedo Email Category Science Category 2 Computers Category 3 Exhibits Organization Contact Facultad de Ciencias C/ Calvo Sotelo, s/n 33007 Oviedo, SPAIN URL Description 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOFT METHODS IN PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS (SMPS’2004)
    Oviedo (Asturias) – SPAIN
    September 2-4, 2004
    SCOPE OF THE CONFERENCE: During the last thirty years a considerable number of papers have been published with the aim to extend the existing theory of probability and mathematical statistics. The common feature of those attempts is to "soften" the classical theory. Some "softening" approaches utilise concepts and techniques developed in such theories as the fuzzy set theory or the theory of possibility, and other approaches, like the Dempster-Shafer theory, have their origins in the classical theory of probability. The soft methods in probability and mathematical statistics have obviously many common features.

    70. Giulio D Agostini - Probability And Statistics
    `Role and meaning of subjective probability some comments `Teaching Bayesian statistics in the knowledge of systematic effects general considerations and stat.html

    71. QUT Library Databases
    Databases. Browsing by subject Science Mathematical Sciences Mathematical Sciences (general), Pure, probability and statistics. Full list.

    72. Recommended Books On Probability And Statistics
    offers a clear introduction for the general reader into situations in which we encounter probability in every The Cartoon Guide to statistics Larry Gonick and
    Albion Research Ltd.
    Software Research and Development
    11 June 2004 Home Suggested Boooks Products RSI ... Contact Us
    Recommended Books on Probability and Statistics
    More recent additions to this list are generally at the top. If any of the links take you to the wrong place, download Albion BookLink (it's free) to choose a more appropriate destination.
    • Calculated Bets: Computers, Gambling, and Mathematial Modelling to Win
      Steven Skiena, Cambridge University Press, 2001.

      If you've ever dreamed of creating a computer system to beat the bookies or the stock market (and who hasn't?) then Steven Skiena's book is for you. Skiena describes his own (and his team's) efforts to create an automated system which would place winning bets on jai alai , a Basque game which is also played in parts of France and some cities in North America. The book describes the game itself (a game with similarities to tennis, squash and rugby fives), the convoluted methods by which tournaments are held (a sort of round robin) and the pari-mutuel gambling system which is used to place bets on the outcome. To create the perfect system, Skiena and his team needed to model the tournament structure, the effects of player skill on match outcomes,and (since this the odds are offered using a pari-mutuel system) the betting habits of the general public. They then needed to identify bets which would (on average) be profitable.

    73. Probability & Statistics / General Books - Macworld - Price Comparison
    Home Books Mathematics probability statistics / general, probability statistics / general Results 1 25 of 1875 Sorted by Title, Book Titles,
    Macworld MacCentral MacCentral ProductFinder Hardware Photography Electronics Software ... Mathematics
    Search All Products Computers Electronics Office Software Games Photography Movies Music Books for
    Results 1 - 25 of 1894 Sorted by Title
    Book Titles
    Resort Results > Title Popularity 2002 Academic Library Trends and Statistics for Carnegie Classification Author: Not Available
    Academic Library Trends and Statistics for Carnegie Classification 2001

    Doctorate-Granting Institutions Author: Not Available
    Acta Numerica 1996
    Editor: A. Iserles
    Acta Numerica 1997
    Editor: A. Iserles
    Acta Numerica 1998
    Editor: A. Iserles
    Acta Numerica 2000
    Editor: A. Iserles Author: Arieh Iserles Acta Numerica 2002 Author: A. Iserles Acta Numerica 2003 Editor: Arieh Iserles Active Fault Tolerant Control Systems Subtitle: Stochastic Analysis and Synthesis Author: Mufeed M. Mahmoud J. Jiang Y. Zhang The Active Practice of Statistics Subtitle: A Text for Multimedia Learning Author: David S. Moore Activepi Author: David G. Kleinbaum Activepi Version 1.1 Author: D. G. Kleinbaum

    74. Uncertainty In Computer Models
    general description. This page is maintained by the Department of probability and statistics and was last updated on Friday, 31Jan-2003 143339 GMT.
    Uncertainty in Computer Models
    Summary: Complex computer models are in widespread use to simulate complex real-world processes. There is great concern about the accuracy of such models, and how to quantify the various uncertainties in their use. Innovative Bayesian methods are providing powerful tools to answer these and other important questions facing users of such models. Further information about this research area: general description (below), details of current research , suggestions for PhD or MPhil research topics
    General description
    Computer models are used in almost all areas of science and technology to simulate complex real-world phenomena. They have many uses, the principal ones being to gain understanding of the phenomenon itself and to predict its future behaviour in various circumstances. Examples are 'global circulation models', which try to model the atmosphere and how it interacts with land and sea, in order to predict future weather and climate; petrochemical reservoir models, which try to model the geology and physical processes involved in an oil or gas field, in order to predict the yield of wells; sewer network models, which model the flow of sewage and rainwater in a network of sewers, so as to predict the consequences of storms; or models of automobile engines, which are used to predict the performance of different engine designs. A major concern of the users of such computer codes is their accuracy in describing or predicting the real world.

    75. Department Of Probability And Statistics: M.Sc. In Statistics
    B. MSc general Information. B1. MSc course gives students a thorough grounding in both theoretical and practical aspects of probability and statistics.
    MSc in Statistics (PAST01)
    Course Guide for Full-Time Residential Study
    A. General Information
    A1. The University A2. The City and the Surrounding Area A3. The Probability and Statistics Department ...
    E. Notice
    A. General information
    A1. The University of Sheffield
    The University is of the type known as a civic university; founded in 1905 by the bringing together of existing colleges, in order to express the pride of the local community, and to provide a local means of teaching at a high level. It is well established in the top rank of British universities, with about 13000 undergraduate and 4500 postgraduate students, and was the Sunday Times UK University of the Year, 2001/2. Its main location is approximately half a mile from the city centre, on a site which is quite compact, and halls of residence are about a further half a mile to one mile away. Virtually all students, whether in hall or not, live within one and a half miles of the University. As a large university it has all the expected facilities for study. In particular the main University library is well stocked with books and journals, and there is a campus-wide PC computer network. The Students' Union, which is widely regarded as excellent and was top-ranked in the Virgin Alternative Guide 2001, provides facilities for many clubs and societies, and allows a variety of interests to be pursued. Students automatically become members of the Union and, in addition to membership of the clubs and societies, benefit from discounts at various shops and on services such as travel.

    76. Probability & Statistics / General Livros -
    Home Livros Mathematics probability statistics / general, probability statistics / general Ocorrências 1 25 de 1826 Selecionado por Título,
    Livros Populares Home Livros Mathematics
    Busca Todos Produtos Computadores Fotografia Eletrônicos Software Video Games Filmes Música Livros Brinquedos Papelaria Jóias Roupas Casa e Jardim por
    Ocorrências 1 - 25 de 1894 Selecionado por Título
    Títulos de Livros
    Organizar as Ocorrências > Título Popularidade 2002 Academic Library Trends and Statistics for Carnegie Classification Autor: Não temos a Disposição
    Academic Library Trends and Statistics for Carnegie Classification 2001

    Doctorate-Granting Institutions Autor: Não temos a Disposição
    Acta Numerica 1996
    Editor: A. Iserles
    Acta Numerica 1997
    Editor: A. Iserles
    Acta Numerica 1998
    Editor: A. Iserles
    Acta Numerica 2000
    Editor: A. Iserles Author: Arieh Iserles Acta Numerica 2002 Author: A. Iserles Acta Numerica 2003 Editor: Arieh Iserles Active Fault Tolerant Control Systems Legenda: Stochastic Analysis and Synthesis Author: Mufeed M. Mahmoud J. Jiang Y. Zhang The Active Practice of Statistics Legenda: A Text for Multimedia Learning Author: David S. Moore Activepi Author: David G. Kleinbaum

    77. Probability And Statistics
    limiting laws of the probability theory and Multivariate nonlinear time series; general econometric theory. Valid Edgeworth expansions for statistics under long
    Probability and Statistics
    Major Research Projects
    Prof. Robert Adler
    • Random fields.
      Study of the geometrical structure of random processes on manifolds and other general state spaces . These have applications to the analysis of fMRI and EEG brain images as well as a number of other areas.
    • Extremal distributions for random fields
      • General theory of Gaussian processes
      • Measure valued diffusions
      In particular, the study of highly localised self interactions, and applications of these models to aquatic populations.
    • Global spatial geometry of temporally developed random systems

    Prof. Ayala Cohen
    • Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Hierarchical Data
      Applications of modern statistical methods and development of new methods, particularly multivariate analysis and graphical methods.
    • The Analysis of Longitudinal Count Data
    • Statistical applications in bio-medicine, survival analysis and behavioral sciences.

    Prof. Paul Feigin
    • Methodology and Implementation of Data Mining Techniques
      Scope for both theoretical work on evaluating, criticizing and approving currently used or available methodologies, as well as applied work on a particular project, or possibly, designing new "front ends" or modules for available software.
    • Topics in Biostatistics (especially related to clinical trials)

    Dr. Eitan Greenstein

    78. Statistics And Statistical Graphics Resources
    general Bibliography on the Teaching of probability and statistics An extensive collection of references on teaching from 19871994 covering journals
    Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources
    Michael Friendly
    Statistical Consulting Service
    and Psychology Department
    York University

    Updated: 22 Jan 2003 15:11:02
    160 New items since: 28 Apr 98 10:01
    Status: Pruning/fixing broken links (103) This page provides an annotated, topic-based collection of available resources for statistics, statistical graphics, and computation related to research, data analysis and teaching, now containing over 580 links. Recently added links are now maintained automatically and indicated with the icon. There is both some redundancy (some sites listed more than once, or separate listings for different documents maintained at a single place), and some unevenness (it reflects my idiosyncratic interests) in this list, but I hope it's useful nonetheless.
    Web Feet
    Links Go

    Statistical Software Editor's Choice
    symbol of excellence Sci Central
    Meta Directory The page has grown to the point where it should be subdivided and reorganized. That process has begun, and the address for this page may need to change to reflect that reorganization. Is there something useful I've overlooked in this collection? Let me know through this

    79. RiskQ Distributional Statistics: Software For Probability And Statistics
    While RiskQ Distributional statistics is a general tool for the analysis of probability and distributions, it can be applied in a variety of areas.

    80. Probability Statistics General License
    probability statistics general License Search for books at probability statistics general License.

    Search High Volume Orders Links ... On Line Algorithms Additional Subjects R. S. Andrews Mosby's Review Questions Answers for Veterinary Boards Self Help She Microelectronic Circuit Design ... Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Second Edition Featured Books
    I just got my copy of the CD today. I was surprised to see that they had stripped off all the code comments provided in the books. All that is left is the terse library of routines with the single character variables we loved to use as a BASIC beginner.Buy this CD for the licence rights, but download the PDF chapters from the NR web site to get the commented code.
    Written by William H. Press Brian P. Flannery Saul A. Teukolsky William T. Vetterling
    Published by Cambridge University Press (January 2002)
    ISBN 0521750377
    Price $50.00
    Books Numerical Recipes Multi-Language Code CD-ROM with Windows, DOS, or Mac Single Screen License
    Written by William H. Press Saul A. Teukolsky Vetterling William T. Brian P. Flannery
    Published by Cambridge University Press (January 2002)
    ISBN 0521750350 Price $90.00

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