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         Probability & Statistics Activities:     more books (46)
  1. The Practice of Statistics 2e & Activities and Projects & Study Guide by Dan Yates, David S. Moore, et all 2004-03-22
  2. Discussion papers / Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences by Mike West, 1991
  3. Intro to the Practice of Stats & CDR & Minitab V12 CDR & Activities/Projects by David S. Moore, George P. McCabe, 2000-07-15
  4. Keepers of the Covenant: Frontier Missions and the Decline of Congregationalism, 1774-1818 (Religion in America) by James R. Rohrer, 1995-06-29

61. Department Of Probability And Statistics: Home Page
a number of the leading journals in probability and statistics. broader concerns ofthe subject publications, professional activities, collaboration with
The Probability and Statistics Department
The Probability and Statistics Department is part of the School of Mathematics and Statistics , which includes two other Departments, Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics, all of which are housed in the Hicks Building, which is near the centre of the University; in particular the Students Union, the Computer Centre and the Main Library are all nearby. In addition, however, the Department has a comfortable reading room containing a wide selection of postgraduate and research texts, and a number of the leading journals in Probability and Statistics. The Department has an extensive and very active programme of teaching and research. In addition, it has a long tradition of interest in the broader concerns of the subject: publications, professional activities, collaboration with researchers and teachers in other subjects, international contacts, consultancy, conferences, and so on. Great emphasis is placed on the practical application of statistical method in the outside world. This interest is reflected in the research work of staff and Ph.D. students and in the importance that is attached to the Department's Statistical Services Unit , which provides a comprehensive range of services to industry, commerce and the public services, including consultancy, courses and the development of computer software. The Unit has a Director and several full time consultants, as well as its own clerical staff. Other members of the academic staff act as specialist consultants as required. The staff of the Department also provides a consulting service to other departments within the University and in local hospitals, and is always willing to offer advice on the application of statistical method to problems from diverse fields.

62. ISLP Resources For Teacher Training
solving, and handson experiences correlated to the probability and statistics strandof the grades K-5 and grades 6-8. These activities include instructional
I nternational S tatistical L iteracy P roject of the International Association for Statistical Education ISLP Homepage List of Other ISLP Resource Webpages IASE Homepage Last Updated on April 10, 2004 Search: Click Here for Table of Contents for this webpage
Note: This webpage is still under development. RESOURCES FOR THOSE TRAINING TEACHERS (BOTH FUTURE TEACHERS AND THOSE ALREADY TEACHING) This page is coordinated temporarily by Carol Blumberg, USA, . If you would like to volunteer to help coordinate this page please contact C. Blumberg at General suggestions for and comments about the ISLP webpages should be send to Carol Joyce Blumberg, the Chair of the International Statistical Literacy Project, at or
FREE INTERNET RESOURCES American Statistical Association Center for Statistics Education
This website provides links to upcoming workshops and other educational opportunities and resources for K-12 teachers sponsored by the ASA.

63. Mathematics - Algebraic Connections-(1) Probability
Bloom s, Source, activities. Analysis, GA Quality Core Curriculum,01/24/00, Concepts of probability and statistics, Item 12, Classroom.
Mathematics Grade K, First Quarter Grade K, Second Quarter Grade K, Third Quarter Grade K, Fourth Quarter ... AP Calculus AB/BC Algebraic Connections-(1) Probability Algebraic Connections-(2) Statistics Algebraic Connections-(3) Functions Algebraic Connections-(4) Discrete College Prep Algebra ... AP Statistics
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Fayetteville Public Schools Mathematics Curriculum Mathematics - Algebraic Connections-(1) Probability Printable Version Goals and Descriptions
Probability/Statistics Probability: Manipulatives
The learner will be able to use manipulatives to create random outcomes, data sets from student observation and data collection, and computer generated data to determine experimental probabilities (Master). Bloom's Source Activities Analysis GA: Quality Core Curriculum, 01/24/00, Concepts of Probability and Statistics, Item #12 Classroom Probability: Construct/Interpret
The learner will be able to create and analyze events and sample spaces (Master). Bloom's Source Activities Analysis FPS from Arkansas Math Frameworks and Everyday Mathematics Classroom Probability: Comprehend/Apply
The learner will be able to comprehend and apply probability with relative frequency definition of probability (Master).

64. MAA99 - Using Web Applets To Assist Statistics Instruction
Student activities Guessing Correlations a neat game to show the relationshipbetween Virtual Laboratories in probability and statistics - good site
Robin H. Lock Mathematics Department St. Lawrence University Canton, NY 13617 USA ... Presented at 1999 Joint Mathematics Meetings San Antonio, Texas January 15, 1999 Sponsored by Mathematical Association of America
Getting started:
  • Browse through the applets and sites listed below. Set up a course webpage with links to favorite applets. It doesn't need to be fancy. Start off with just a few links and add more as you go along.
A sample "course" page Quick demonstrations:
  • Histogram - check the effect of bin size on Old Faithful data, Webster West - S. Carolina. Regression - see the effects of adding an outlier -Webster West - S. Carolina. Power of a Hypothesis Test - graphical look at power for a test of a mean -Todd Ogden - S. Carolina. Scatterplot Changes with Correlation - another way of seeing how scatterplot shape and correlation are related. A non-java applet by Juha Puranen at the Univ. Of Helsknki.
Student activities:
  • Guessing Correlations - a neat "game" to show the relationship between correlations and scatterplots - part of the CUWU Statistical Program at Illinois-Champaign-Urbana.

65. Research Activities
Group Of probability and statistics, Top. statistics); Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Gad(probability and statistics); Dr. Ammar Mahmoud Ali Sarhan (Reliability ).\index.htm
Welcome To Mathematics Department
Research Groups
Introduction Top Applied Mathematics Top
  • Prof. H. M. Yehia (Theoretical Mechanics) Prof. M. N. Allam (Elasticity, Viscoelasticity) Prof. E. Ahmed (Field Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics Dr. Magdy Elias Fares (Theory of Elasticity) Dr. Khaled Abd El-Azim Elsibai (Thermo Elasticity) Dr. Samy Ahmed Abd El-Hafeez (Theoretical Mechanics) Dr. Awad Ibrahim El-Gohary (Theoretical Mechanics) Dr. Samya Hassan (Theoretical Mechanics) Dr. Mahmoud Hamdi Abd El-Hafeze (Hydrodynamics) Dr. M. N. Farah (Fluid mechanics)
Pure Mathematics Top
  • Prof. A. F. Dowidar (Mathematical Analysis)
Group of Abstract Algebra Top
  • Prof. A. S. Hegzi (Harmonic Analysis) Dr.Saleh Saleh Al-Mahdy Dr. Soad Abd El-Mohsin Abd El-Aziz Dr. Mirvat Abd El-Bary El-Sharabasy

66. Lesson Plans
nceskids/graphing/; Data Analysis and probability 14 lessons Dig Stats A collectionof activities and discussion on inferential statistics and two
Probability and Statistics Return to Hotlists Ed Services
Lesson Plans

67. Mathematics - Probability/Statistics
Printable Version. probability/statistics. probability/statistics. Bloom s,Scope, activities. Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Master, Classroom.
Mathematics Kindergarten Grade One Grade Two Grade Three ... Trigonometry Probability/Statistics Math of Money A Pre-Calculus Math of Money B AP Calculus
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Altus Public Schools MATHEMATICS K-12 Mathematics - Probability/Statistics Printable Version

Probability/Statistics Data Display-Real World
The learner will be able to use a variety of representations (bar graphs, line graphs, tables, etc.) to display real world data. Bloom's Scope Activities Comprehension, Application, Analysis Master Classroom Measures of Central Tendency: Calculate
The learner will be able to calculate measures of central tendency for a given data sample. Bloom's Scope Activities Comprehension, Application, Analysis Master Classroom Variability: Calculate
The learner will be able to calculate measures of variability. Bloom's Scope Activities Comprehension, Application, Analysis Master Classroom Correlation: Coefficient/Compute
The learner will be able to compute and interpret the correlation coefficient for collected data. Bloom's Scope Activities Comprehension, Application, Analysis

68. The Lesson Plans Page - Math Lesson Plans, Math Ideas, And Math Activities
value the dice way. probability statistics A Math A Math lesson on probabilityand Chance. Problem Solving andseek twist to number fan activities; Here are
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Math Lesson Plans - Grades 2-3
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  • With the help of a telephone keypad, this idea reinforces spelling while working with addition of multiple numbers
    Counting: Decimals: Geometry - Measurement:
  • 69. BC Education - Applications Of Mathematics 10 - Statistics And Probability (Data
    Mathematics 10 statistics and probability (Data Analysis Exploring statistics withthe TI-82 Graphics Calculator; Graphing Calculator activities for Enriching
    Applications of Mathematics 10 -
    Statistics and Probability (Data Analysis)
    This sub-organizer contains the following sections:
    Prescribed Learning Outcomes

    Suggested Instructional Strategies

    Suggested Assessment Strategies

    Recommended Learning Resources
    It is expected that students will implement and analyse sampling procedures, and draw appropriate inferences from the data collected. It is expected that students will:
    • choose, justify and apply sampling techniques that will result in an appropriate, unbiased sample from a given population defend or oppose inferences and generalizations about populations, based on data from samples determine the equation of a line of best fit, using:
      • estimate of slope and one point least squares method with technology
      use technological devices to determine the correlation coefficient r interpret the correlation coefficient r and its limitations for varying problem situations, using relevant scatterplots
    Most data collection involves the use of samples rather than populations. Understanding the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of sampling is critical to interpreting statistical information.

    70. Awesome Library - Mathematics
    301; probability and statistics, Grade 10 (British Columbia Ministry of Education)Provides math outcomes, strategies, resources, activities, and assessment

    Talking Library Examples ... Spelling Here: Home Classroom Mathematics Middle-High School Math > Probability and Statistics
    Probability and Statistics
    Also Try
  • Math Lessons (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons, worksheets, and activities. 6-00

    Lesson Plans
  • Probability Lessons (Information Institute of Syracuse)
      Provides lessons by topic and grade level. 1-04

  • Probability and Chance (Dartmouth College)
      Provides a directory of lessons, exercises, and resources to teach courses in Probability and Chance. Files are in PDF format. 5-00

  • Probability and Statistics (Math Forum)
      Provides their 15 sources of lessons. 6-02

  • Probability and Statistics (Weisstein and Wolfram Research)
      Provides a comprehensive set of advanced resources in probability and statistics, including statistical distributions, time-series analysis, estimators, rank statistics, error analysis, and much more. 12-99

  • Probability and Statistics Lessons (PBS TeacherSource)
      Provides six lessons, by topic. 3-01

  • Probability and Statistics, Grade 10 (British Columbia Ministry of Education)
      Provides math outcomes, strategies, resources, activities, and assessment strategies for data analysis, chance, and uncertainty. 2-04

  • Probability and Statistics, Grade 11 (British Columbia Ministry of Education)
  • 71. Chances Are: Hands-on Activities In Probability And Statistics, Grades 37 - Book
    Booksearch Chances Are Handson activities in probability and statistics,Grades 37. Author Sheila Dolgowich Helen M. Lounsbury
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    Chances Are: Hands-on Activities in Probability and Statistics, Grades 37

    Sheila Dolgowich
    Helen M. Lounsbury
    Barry G. Muldoon
    Teacher Ideas Press 15 February, 1995 Paperback
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    72. Statistics And Probability Group Activities - Course 1
    statistics and probability Use groups of 2. In the Name of probability. Writethe first name of everyone in your math class on a sheet of paper.
    and Probability
    Use groups of 2.

    In the Name of Probability Write the first name of everyone in your math class on a sheet of paper. Suppose that one name from the list you made will be selected at random. Each partner writes three events for this situation. The probability that the first event will occur should be 1. The probability that the second event will occur should be about . The probability that the third event will occur should be 0. Partners should combine their lists and share their work with other pairs.

    73. Statistics And Probability Group Activities - Course 3
    statistics and probability Use groups of 4. Materials Spinner. probabilityProblem. Label equal sections of a spinner , ,12
    and Probability
    Use groups of 4.
    Spinner Probability Problem
    Label equal sections of a spinner " ," " ," "-12," "8.2," " ," " ," " ," " ." Find the probability of each outcome.
    • P (spinning a rational number)
    • P (spinning an integer)
    • P (spinning a whole number)
    Use the probability for spinning an integer to predict the number of times an integer will be spun in twenty-five, fifty, and one hundred spins. Then perform the experiment. Write the number of successful outcomes out of each number of spins as a fraction and as a decimal. What can you say about using probability to predict actual events?

    74. Mathematics - Probability And Statistics
    . Data Strand, Bloom s, Scope, Hours, Source, activities. Data,...... probability/statistics. probability/statistics. probability/statistics math prob stats.htm

    Board Members


    Ordering Info

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    Marsh Valley School District #21 Preschool Standards Mathematics - Probability and Statistics Printable Version Goals and Descriptions

    Probability/Statistics Probability/Statistics Description Data: Questions
    The learner will be able to pose questions that can be answered with data. Strand Bloom's Scope Hours Source Activities Data Application Master 262.01a - Idaho Preschool State Standards Classroom Graphing: Organized Data
    The learner will be able to apply organized data in the creation of real object graphs, picture graphs, and/or bar graphs. Strand Bloom's Scope Hours Source Activities Graphing Synthesis Master 262.02a - Idaho Preschool State Standards Classroom Experiments: Predict Outcomes The learner will be able to make predictions of the outcomes of probability experiments. Strand Bloom's Scope Hours Source Activities Experiments Analysis Master 262.03a - Idaho Preschool State Standards Classroom Informal Predictions The learner will be able to make informal predictions based on collected data and past experience.

    75. OSU Statistics: Editorial Activities / Service To The Profession
    EDITORIAL activities / SERVICE TO THE PROFESSION. Member of the Editorial Board, Communicationsin statistics. the Indian Society for probability and statistics.
    Home News People For Visitors ... Contact Us
    The faculty members in the Department of Statistics have a long history of active participation in national and international professional organizations. This is particularly evident when it comes to editorial service for statistics and biostatistics journals, textbook series, and special volumes. Below we list the current editorial service for our faculty members, followed by a broad picture of past editorial contributions.
    Bill Notz is the current Editor of Technometrics
    Member of the Editorial Board, Communications in Statistics
    Haikady Nagaraja
    Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Environmetrics
    Noel Cressie
    Associate Editor, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Sciences
    Stan Lemeshow
    Associate Editors, Journal of the American Statistical Association
    Noel Cressie
    Jason Hsu
    Mario Peruggia
    Associate Editor, Journal of the Indian Society for Probability and Statistics
    Haikady Nagaraja
    Associate Editor

    list of probability and statistics topics included in grades K 8. Click here forlinks to examples of probability and statistics activities in grades K - 8.);
    M 362K (PROBABILITY I): RELEVANCE TO FUTURE TEACHERS What is this course about? Most problems students encounter in algebra and calculus have a definite answer the ball will go 20 feet high; the cars will collide in 30 seconds. But there are many situations in real life that don't have definite answers Will it rain tomorrow? What number will come up on the die when you roll it? Probability is the study of these types of uncertain situations, where we cannot say definitely what will happen, yet can say that over the long run, a certain pattern will occur (for example, if you toss the die many times, each number will come up about the same proportion of the time.) Since these types of uncertain situations occur in so many areas, probability is important in a wide variety of fields, including weather, medicine, political analysis, business, environmental risks, semichip manufacturing, quantum mechanics, sports, insurance, traffic flow, and lotteries. Probability, like most mathematics courses you will take at the University, isn't about manipulating formulas (although you will need to do some of that, too). Probability is mostly about thinking. The goal is to learn to think logically about the incomplete information we have about the real world. For more about probability and its history, click

    77. ENC Online: Curriculum Resources: In All Probability: Investigations In Probabil
    Data collection. Graphing. probability. Process skills. statistics. Science Dataanalysis. Literature. Resource Type Lessons and activities; Teacher guides.,1240,002749,00.shtm
    Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home Curriculum Resources Search the Site More Options Classroom Calendar Digital Dozen ENC Focus ... Ask ENC Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacher learning tools. Search Browse About Curriculum Resources Read articles about inquiry, equity, and other key topics for educators and parents. Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
    Series: GEMS.
    Publisher: GEMS Project
    Ordering Information

    Similar Records

    Featured in ENC Focus Subjects:

    Data. Data analysis. Data collection. Graphing. Probability. Process skills. Statistics. Science
    Data analysis. Data collection. Prediction. Process skills. Integrated/interdisciplinary approaches Language arts. Literature. Resource Type: Lessons and activities; Teacher guides. Media Type: Print material. Languages: English; Spanish. Supporting Materials: ENC-004801 To build a house ENC-004802 ENC-004803 GEMS leaders handbook ENC-004804 ENC-004805 Once upon a GEMS guide Abstract: Record Created: Last Modified: 2004 ENC . All information in this catalog record was verified and accurate when it was first made available to the public. ENC updates catalog records when resources are featured in special projects or when we learn that the information in the record is out of date. Back to Top You Are Here ENC Home Curriculum Resources

    78. Social Activities For The 2003 Summer Program: Probability And Partial Different
    probability and statistics in Complex Systems Genomics, Networks, and 2003 SummerProgram probability and Partial Differential Equations in SOCIAL activities.
    Contact Information
    Program Registration Postdoc/Membership Application Program Feedback ... 2003 Summer Program: Probability and Partial Differential Equations in Modern Applied Mathematics July 21-August 1, 2003
    Planned Activities:
    • Activity: Walk along the Mississippi
      Organizer: Scot Adams
      Where: Start from EE/CS 3-180
      When: 3:00pm 29 July , should take about 1 hr
      Cost: $0
      Transportation: On foot
      Activity: Minnesota "Twins" baseball game
      Organizer: Michele Baldini
      When: Tuesday, July 29 at 7.05pm
      Where: Metrodome stadium Ticket cost: $14 Transportation: walking distance (20/30 min) Meeting point: Comstock Hall entrance at 5.30pm; leaving at 5.45pm DEADLINE FOR SIGNING-UP: FRIDAY 25TH AT 4PM (because limited seats). Please contact the organizer for signing up.

    79. Murray Spiegel, Schaum's Outline Of Probability And Statistics (Schaum's Outline
    MURRAY SPIEGEL, SCHAUM S OUTLINE OF probability AND statistics degree level studentfacing the statistics finals. each provides four exciting activities at two
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    Reviews Review No : As with all Schaum Outlines series, this is an excellent book for every college/univserity degree level student facing the statistics finals. Over 800 pages long, hundreds of examples, covering desc... Rating : Review by : UK guest.

    80. Math Forum: Probability And Statistics
    The best Internet resources for probability and statistics classroom materials, software, Internet projects, and public forums for discussion. probability and statistics. Back to Math by Subject
    Probability and Statistics
    Back to Math by Subject
    Math by Subject

    K12 Topics
    discrete math
    Advanced Topics analysis calculus diff. equations game theory discrete math geometry (coll.) geometry (adv.) linear algebra modern algebra num. analysis
    Probability and Statistics
    See also the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library Probability and Statistics.
    Home The Math Library Quick Reference Search ... Contact Us

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