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         Printmaking Art:     more books (100)
  1. Digital Art Studio: Techniques for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials by Karin Schminke, Dorothy Simpson Krause, et all 2004-08-01
  2. Mexico and Modern Printmaking: A Revolution in the Graphic Arts, 1920 to 1950 (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
  3. Art Stamping Workshop: Create Hand-Carved Stamps for Unique Projects on Paper, Fabric, Polymer Clay and More by Gloria Page, 2006-01-05
  4. Origins of European Printmaking: Fifteenth-Century Woodcuts and Their Public by Peter Parshall, Rainer Schoch, 2005-09-15
  5. Art of the Far North: Inuit Sculpture, Drawing, and Printmaking (Art Around the World) by Carol Finley, 1998-09
  6. The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking : Woodblock Printmaking with Oil-bases Inks and the Japanese Watercolour Woodcut
  7. Radical Art: Printmaking and the Left in 1930s New York by Helen Langa, 2004-03-25
  8. Printmaking for Beginners: 2nd Edition (Printmaking Handbooks) by Jane Stobart, 2006-04-01
  9. Japanese Prints: The Art Institute of Chicago (Tiny Folios) by James T. Ulak, 1995-08
  10. Defining Russian Graphic Arts: From Diaghilev to Stalin, 1898-1934
  11. Landfall Press: Twenty-five Years of Printmaking by Joseph Ruzicka, 2005-02-21
  12. Relief Printmaking (Printmaking Handbooks) by Ann Westley, 2002-02-01
  13. The Arts: World Themes by Geraldine Nagle, 1993-01-01
  14. The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques (Encyclopedia of Art) by Judy Martin, 1998-03

1. Printmaking Studio And Gallery Of Fine Art Prints By Maria Arango: Home Of 1,000
printmaking artist Maria Arango showcases original woodcut prints and drawings; invited artists show free, printmaking mural, methods, studio notes on paper, woodcut method, reference library, Welcome to woodcut printmaking! You will find galleries where you can view and collect woodcut useful websites for artists, printmakers and anyone interested in art and printmaking
Welcome to woodcut printmaking!
You will find galleries where you can view and collect woodcut prints and wood engravings, learn how to make your first woodcut or get advanced tips, connect with a huge number of links, buy supplies, browse resources and books for printmakers and much more... What's going on right now?
Presenting and ongoing show..."The May/June Hiatus!"
I am knee deep in dust and gravel and desert weeds (oh my!), in the process of cleaning and renewing the back-back yard. Stay tuned for the upcoming show: "A desert garden is born"
Seriously? No more shows until Portland Rose Festival in June Progress! 205 done... Check it out: 1,000 Woodcuts Page
(Click on image for larger version) Latest Works:
Check all the latest in

Chronological Order (Newest First)

Just published! Click to view
Want to know all about the crazy life of Art Festivals?
Here is a new group that discusses the business of Art Festivals and hopefully a growing useful resource for every traveling artist! Subscribe to artfestivallife Powered by

2. Woodcuts By Minna Sora, Woodcuts Printmaking Art Galleries For Woodcut Relief Pr
Also John Edgar Platt Museum of Modern Art provides well known animation about printmaking. Gauguin, Baselitz, Nolde, Heckel etc.
Click the text to go to MAIN INDEX CV About me Guestbook See Galleries: RECENT WORK Gallery archives: WOODCUTS PAINTINGS
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Woodcuts have been an upmost thing for me, so I have a page dedicated to them - or, in fact a bunch of pages.
My recent woodcuts:
  • Wrapped - Draperies
  • Aquatic
  • Shelter
  • Details of the woodcuts in "Aquatic" and "Shelter"
    If you start from HERE you can easily jump through all the galleries in a loop by clicking "to the next gallery" - link.
    Click here
    to see selected woodcut links outside this site.
  • Wrapped
    Woodcuts, my archives
    These woodcuts seem to be individuals. Sometimes an idea leads from one work to another, but the colors and compositions change a lot. Sometimes I've been taken by color, transparency, contrasts and harmonies. Or cutting and woodplates - roughness, wandering markings, softness.
  • Cleanliness 1993
  • Tables 1988-1990
  • More Tables
  • Color woodcuts 1986-88 ...
  • Yellow Corridors
    Selected woodcut sites
    Pictures of woodcut art:
    The most famous woodcuts

    More woodcut classics
    especially from Germany and USA, such as Ernst Barlach, Arthur Wesley Dow, Jim Dine, Leonard Baskin, information and pictures collected by Scattergood-Moore.
  • 3. Artist Minna Sora - Contemporary Art, Printmaking Woodcuts Monotypes, Soft Groun
    Installation art, printmaking, intaglio, etching, monoprint, woodcut printmaking, painting and mixed media. printmaking artist works
    Contemporary art, etchings, contemporary printmaking and color woodcut art galleries by Minna Sora
    ONLINE EXHIBITION < start here
    Secret Shortcuts to this site

    See my NEW WORK


    Welcome to artist Minna Sora' s online art gallery. Thank you for stopping here and welcome back some day - I update frequently. New pictures added in April 2004: Recent work and Orangery
    The latest update: Woodcut galleries are revised.
    Navigation: In the top of every page there's links to the main parts of my site - except here in the main page there more detailed links in Shortcuts to all parts of the site. In the bottom of the gallery pages there's "go to the next gallery" -link, they are linked a loop. For more information about art work move the mouse over a picture to see title, size, year etc.
    To see more works in ORANGERY gallery CLICK HERE
    [In Finnish]
    Minna Soraluoma Tampere
    Teretulemas Minna Soraluoman kotisivuille. Teosten nimen, koon, tekniikan ym näet laittamalla hiiren kuvan päälle. Väripuupiirroksia, taidegrafiikkaa, etsauksia, installaatioita.

    hedelmän kuorimisen jalo taide - etsauksia, pehmeäpohja, sekatekniikka
  • 4. Printmaking, Art Department, City College Of San Francisco
    FINE ART printmaking art 150A curriculum offers an overview of basic, plate creation, techniques for beginners. FINE ART PRINTMAKING COURSES ART 150A.
    art department city college of san francisco
    the faculty: Anna Asebedo
    Tron Bykle
    Robin Kaneshiro
    Anita Toney

    Xavier Viramontes
    Art 150A curriculum offers an overview of basic, plate creation, techniques for beginners. The opportunity to explore these techniques in greater depth is offered in courses 150B and 150C. MONOPRINTING:
    Art 151A curriculum offers an overview of basic monotype and printing techniques for beginners. The opportunity to explore these techniques in greater depth is offered in courses 151B and 151C. FINE ART PRINTMAKING COURSES: ART 150A. Fine Art Printmaking (3)
    Lec-2, lab-4, field trips
    Prereq.: ART 130A
    Repeat: max. 6 units Designed to help students explore the theory and practice of printmaking through various printing techniques. Beginning problems will deal with techniques used in various areas of relief, intaglio, lithography, monoprinting and collography printing. Tools and techniques of printmaking are inherent in the medium and become a part of the creative process. Students will transfer their ideas and artistic expressions into these various print media. Introduction to historical traditions and contemporary issues of the field. CSU/UC/CAN

    5. Polymetaal Etching Presses, Graphic Art Equipment, Links To Other Printmaking Si
    Wherever possible, you ll be directed to the university s studio art or printmaking page. Etcher s Homepage An art work collection of many printmaking artist s.
    Links to other Printmaking Sites
    Printmaking Education
    Italy the Netherlands United Kingdom United States of America
    the Netherlands
    Printmaking Workshops
    Italy The Netherlands

    6. Buy Discount Printmaking | Art Supplies | Printmaking | Discount Art Supply Stor
    Buy discount printmaking art supplies. s art supply store online products include printmaking art supplies. Art Supplies Printmaking.
    in All Stores Art Supplies Craft Supplies Gift Ideas Kid's Korner Adhesives Airbrush Brushes Canvas ... Art Supplies Printmaking Select a Category below Brayers
    Linoleum and Wood Block Printing

    SPEEDBALL Block Printing Water Soluble Ink
    Excellent for classroom use. Cleans up easily with water. Dries to a rich, satiny finish. Works well with all printing surfaces, including... more
    Acrylic Screen Printing Ink
    LOEW CORNELL Scribers
    SPEEDBALL Linoleum Blocks
    You Save:
    More Info
    Unsubscribe Info HOME Art Supplies ... Kid's Corner Contact us at 866-672-7811 or Security and Privacy

    7. Hunter Editions Fine Art Giclee Printmaking Art Reproduction Printer Printmaker
    Welcome to the Hunter Editions web gallery, your complete source for the latest ideas in fine art digital printmaking. New at Hunter
    Welcome to the Hunter Editions web gallery, your complete source for the latest ideas in fine art digital printmaking. New at Hunter:
    Updated Price List
    Updated Gallery Media to Media Since its founding in 1994, Hunter Editions, located in the beautiful coastal town of Kennebunkport, Maine, has been at the forefront of the digital printmaking revolution. Over the past five years, we've used state-of-the-art digital technology to help hundreds of artists, photographers and illustrators from around the world realize their creative visions. That wealth of hands-on experience has allowed us to not only refine our printmaking process and contribute to technological advancements in the industry, but also to fine-tune our most important process - communicating with artists. First we make sure we understand your artistic goals, sales goals and budget, which helps us determine the quantity, size, paper and "feel" that make the best aesthetic and economic sense for your art. Then we work with you throughout the printmaking process to ensure that the final edition is exactly what you want. Even with this close personal attention and cutting-edge technology, giclee printmaking at Hunter is more cost-effective than traditional fine art printing methods. Initial costs are affordable, and the fact that prints are stored electronically and can be produced in small quantities on demand means you can reorder whenever you need them and be assured of a consistent product.

    8. ART 2930C Printmaking: Art Of The Book
    Lyons, 1554. ART 2930C printmaking art OF THE BOOK Natasha Lovelace Materials from the Dept. of Special Collections. Comments to Jeffrey Barr.
    From: Gvlielmi Rondeletii ... Libri de piscibus marinis By Guillaume Rondelet. Lyons, 1554 ART 2930C PRINTMAKING: ART OF THE BOOK
    Natasha Lovelace
    Materials from the
    Dept. of Special Collections
    Comments to: Jeffrey Barr Jacobus Philippus, Bergomensis, 1434-1520.
    Supplementum chronicarum
    Opus preclarum supplementum chronica [rum] vulgo appattatu : in omnimoda historia nouissime congesta Fratris Jacobi Philippi Bergomensis : religionis heremitaru diui Auguistini decoris : saustissime inchoat.
    [Venetiis : Bernardum Rizum, 1490]
    [12], 261, [1] leaves (first and last blank) : col. ill ; 31 m.
    909 F718s oversize Catholic Church.
    Book of hours Hore presentes ad usum Sarum impresse fuerut Parisius per Phillipu pigouchet anno salutis. M.CCCC. xcviii. die vero. xvi. Maii. pro Symone vostre: librario comorante ibide : in vico nuncupato novo beate Marie. in intersignio sancti Johannis evangeliste. [Paris, Phillipe Pigouchet for Simon Vostre, 16 May 1498] [128] l. : ill. ; 18 cm.

    9. Endi Poskovic, Classes
    CREDITS 4 (January) PREREQUISITE 100 and 242 PERMISSION Yes; SPECIAL PROJECTS IN printmaking art 343 A continuation of the objectives of Printmaking I and II
      course syllabus

      Initial study of basic processes of preparing and printing the inked surfaces of metal, wood, linoleum, and other intaglio and relief printing surfaces. The student is taught a variety of techniques, proper and safe use of the equipment and tools, and the basic aspects of preserving and collecting prints as fine art. I also cover technical and conceptual aspects of an on-going integration of technologies and printmaking arts both in relation to industrial printing and fine arts.
      CREDITS: 3 (one semester) PREREQUISITE: 100 PERMISSION: No
      course syllabus

      CREDITS: 3 (one semester) PREREQUISITE: 100 and 242 PERMISSION: Yes
      PRINTMAKING WORKSHOP ART 342 course syllabus Intensive 4-week class with presentations of a variety of techniques, experimental printing processes, proper and safe use of the equipment and tools. The student has first hand experience in basic mixed media intaglio and relief processes.

    10. Larry McNeil Printmaking Art
    Keet 1 All of the Printmaking Work in this series was made under the instruction of In the Northern Tlingit style of artmaking, there is usually a hole n the
    Keet #1
    All of the Printmaking Work in this series was made under the instruction of the Master Printmaker Melanie Yazzie, 2003 9 by 12 inches, Monotype collograph with a stencil Print with Rives BFK paper and relief inks. Keet is the Tlingit word for Killerwhale. In the Northern Tlingit style of art-making, there is usually a hole n the fin. Edition of one (1/1).
    Melanie Yazzie
    , Master Printmaker and Assistant Professor of Printmaking at the University of Arizona at Tucson, was a Visiting Artist at Boise State University for the 2002-03 academic year. This work was produced in her three week summer session, where she taught the monotype, collograph, gum Arabic transfer, polyester plate, relief, and solar plate processes. It was entirely our honor to have an artist of Melanie's stature as a one-year guest; Gunalscheesh, Thank you, Melanie.

    11. Larry McNeil Printmaking Art
    how a digital piece would translate into a printmaking piece mythology, humor, humorist satire, satirical, Traditional Northwest Coast Art, Contemporary Tlingit
    In the True Spirit of White Man
    All of the Printmaking Work in this series was made under the instruction of the Master Printmaker Melanie Yazzie, 2003 6 by 6 inches, Solarplate copper plate print with Rives BFK paper and etching inks. In the True Spirit of White Man is about hypocritical patriotism. The thought of stealing a car to search for America is a very fitting metaphor for the Spirit of America. Edition of ? (A/P).
    This In the Spirit of White Man piece is a version of a digital piece of the same title made in 2002 for the New Works series. I was curious as to how a digital piece would translate into a printmaking piece.

    12. Printmaking Art Supplies Printmaking Arts Online Shopping Store
    printmaking art Supplies printmaking arts Online Shopping Store An Online Shopping Mall and directory arranged in a variety of categories.
    Home Electronics Electronics Brands Camera ... Toys 254 Shoppers Online Coupons, Today's Deal and Specials Save 40%-70% on Crystal Stemware at Ross-Simons
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    13. WAC | Calendar | August 1999 | Printmaking Art Lab For Adults
    Art Lab for Adults
    6:30-9:30 PM
    This two-part, hands-on class introduces participants to some of the print and bookmaking techniques used by artist Edward Ruscha as well as relief and monoprint methods. Students are encouraged to incorporate their prints into books during the second week. Led by artists Cole Rogers and Carla McGrath. Class is limited to 15. Early registration is suggested. Price includes cost of materials.

    14. Anderson Ranch Arts Center
    16. Printmaking Intaglio printmaking art Werger June 28 July 9 Check out Art s work at Sculpture Constructing
    Registration Continues:
    It's not too late to register for Summer 2004. The classes listed below are just a sample of the m o re than 80 incredible workshops that have spaces available and can be enrolled in RIGHT NOW! E-mail us today to energize your creative life this summer.
    Critical Studies

    Lawrence Weschler
    August 16 - 19
    Brian Reid, Kalli Tables by Hand:
    hand tools are cool
    Brian Reid
    June 21 - July 2 Skill Level: Open to All Concept: This is the perfect class for those who are interested in woodworking but don't want to invest thousands of dollars in power tools. We’ll learn to make things quietly, using technology from the pre-industrial era. This class is equal parts skill building and design development. Media: Wood Techniques: This workshop will provide an introduction to hand tools, tuning them up and using them – not worshipping them. Power tools will not be used in this class with the possible exception of a band saw or drill press. Students will learn mortise and tenon joinery as well as frame and panel construction. Activities: Frequent exercises in idea generation will launch our study of design. This workshop will emphasize the importance of legs and feet in table design. We will explore curvy legs, tapered legs, fat legs and skinny legs as well as feet turned in, feet turned out, smooth legs and rough legs. Our design projects will include lots of full-scale drawings as well as some sketching.

    15. Printmaking Art By Claire Nash, Gallery, Techniques Etc
    Printmaking gallery of contemporary Fine art prints and paintings by artist Claire Nash, explanations of lithography, collagraph, intaglio, etching and screen
    Printmaking gallery of contemporary Fine art prints and paintings by artist Claire Nash, explanations of lithography, collagraph, intaglio, etching and screen printing techniques and other pages of interest within printmaking. Skip flash intro Site designed for 800x600 or higher resolution, 16 bit or higher colour and Internet Explorer

    16. Printmaking Art
    printmaking art. Trevor.
    Printmaking Art

    17. Atelier West Printmakers
    printmaking artist Audrey Feltham showcases original prints, printmaking methods, studio printmaking lessons, instruction, printing and consultation.

    18. Course Schedule - Fall 2004 - ARTS 595 - Graduate Laboratory
    31167 Departmental Approval Required Photography Art Design 12, printmaking art Design 100, Art Design Paint 20, and Graduate Sculpture AD 70.00 dollars.
    Home Class Schedule Summer I 04 Summer II 04 Fall 04 Course Catalog help Fall 04 GenEd
    ... Programs of Study Fall 04 Undergraduate Graduate Professional Course Numbers ...
    Crosswalk Table
    ARTS 595
    Graduate Laboratory
    Credit: 4 to 12 hours.
    For Art majors only.
    Section Information CRN Type Section Time Days Location Instructor independent study ARRANGED 10364: Instructor Approval Required
    laboratory G ARRANGED Pokorny, M 31167: Departmental Approval Required
    laboratory GC ARRANGED Van Laar, T 31259: Departmental Approval Required
    laboratory M ARRANGED Theide, B 31169: Departmental Approval Required
    laboratory NG ARRANGED 41683: Instructor Approval Required
    Instructor Approval Required laboratory PH 06:00 PM - 08:50 PM T room ARR Art and Design Bldg Scott, E 30218: Departmental Approval Required Three additional hours of studio time each week to be arranged. laboratory PNT 06:00 PM - 07:50 PM Kendrick, B

    19. Art, Printmaking Concentration
    printmaking art is usually, but not always, twodimensional and is often called the “democratic art,” since with multiple original copies, the artist’s
    Art, Printmaking Concentration Bachelor of Fine Arts
    The Katherine K. Herberger College of Fine Arts Definition of the field. Career opportunities in the field. Trained printmakers are working artists, practicing the expression of a personal understanding of their place in the world. They contribute to the continuity of human creativity through time. Their art may sell successfully in the open marketplace. They may find employment as artists, printmakers in schools of all levels, teaching the execution and appreciation of visual art. They work in fine art print studios, executing original prints for other artists. Printmaking skills such as screenprinting or photomechanical techniques, acquired for the production of art, also have commercial, nonart applications that may afford skilled employment. Artists with printmaking skills may also do graphic design, illustration, and signage or may work in museums, in conservation, for publishers, in arts, galleries, and in other art-related activities. Uniqueness of the program at ASU.

    20. Uwsoa | Faculty + Staff
    206685-1805. Larry Sommers, Instructional Technician - printmaking art 210 206-543-0633. Laura Todd letodd
    University of Washington School of Art, Seattle Faculty + Staff Directory Campus Maps
    School of Art
    University of Washington
    Box 353440
    Seattle, WA 98195-3440
    206-543-0970 Phone
    206-685-1657 Fax
    Paul Berger Photography ART 019
    Cynthea Bogel Art History ART 369 Art History ART 114 Riley Brewster Painting ART 306 David Brody Painting ART 334 Lou Cabeen Fibers ART 218 Susan Casteras Art History ART 361 Karen Cheng Visual Communication Design ART 251 Meredith Clausen Art History ART 222 Jeffrey Collins Art History ART 363 Rebecca Cummins Photography ART 019 Patricia Failing Art History ART 311 Ann Gale Painting ART 306 Ellen Garvens Photography ART 017 Layne Goldsmith

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