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         Primates Miscellaneous:     more detail
  1. Two new East African primates, (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections) by Ned Hollister, 1920
  2. A review of the middle and upper eocene primates of North America (with 14 plates) (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections) by C. Lewis Gazin, 1958
  3. Human hair and primate patterning: (with five plates) (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections) by Gerrit S Miller, 1931
  4. The behavior of Ateles geoffroyi and related species (with six plates) (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections) by John Frederick Eisenberg, 1966

81. Search For Lots, Collections, And Miscellaneous
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82. Primates And Phylogeny
Biosystematic Codes. primatesUnspecified 86190. Hominidae 86215. MiscellaneousDescriptors. evolution; genetics; mapping; ribosomal DNA. Year of Publication.
Go back Biochemical Genetics. 32(7-8). 1994. 257-269.
Phylogenetic relationships among Homo sapiens and related species based on restriction site variations in rDNA spacers.
Suzuki H [a]; Kawamoto Y; Takenaka O; Munechika I; Hori H; Sakurai S. [a] Div. Mol. Genetics, Jikei Univ. Sch. Med., 3-25-8 Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105 Japan.
A rapid method, using 12 restriction enzymes, was employed to analyze variations in ribosomal DNA (rDNA) spacers in a study of phylogenetic relationships between Homo sapiens and related species. We mapped restriction sites in the external and internal spacer regions and compared the arrangements of sites. The estimated sequence divergence between Homo sapiens and Pan troglodytes, Pan paniscus, Gorilla gorilla, Pongo pygmaeus, Hylobates lar, H. agilis, and Macaca fuscata was 2.7, 2.3, 3.8, 7.3, 6.8, 7.8, and 14.1%, respectively. The genetic relationships inferred from these distances generally correspond to those inferred from analyses of other molecular markers in the literature. The divergence between H. lar and H. agilis and between H. lar and H. syndactylus was 0.34 and 2.4%, respectively.
Publication Type

83. Summarise Those Features Shared By Humans And Other Primates, Describe Their Gen
it relies far less on the sense of smell; as a result primates have stereoscopic
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Summarise those features shared by humans and other primates, describe their general adaptive significance, and evaluate their contribution to human adaptation.
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84. Jerome Bruner
p. 39). What higher primates lack and humans continue to evolveis a set of beliefs about the mind (p. 50). We psychologists
Some Thoughts from Jerome Bruner
Passages from The Culture of Education
And a few from Acts of Meaning
"Mind could not exist save for culture" (p. 3). "It is culture that provides the tools for organizing and understanding our worlds in communicable ways" (p. 3). "Culture and the quest for meaning within culture are the proper causes of human action" ( Acts of Meaning , p. 20). "The rules common to all information systems do not cover the messy, ambiguous, and context-sensitive processes of meaning making, a form of activity in which the construction of highly 'fuzzy' and metaphoric category systems is just as notable as the use of specifiable categories for sorting inputs in a way to yield comprehensible outputs" (p. 5). "The meaning making of the culturalist, unlike the information processing of the computationalist, is in principle interpretive, fraught with ambiguity, sensitive to the occasion, and often after the fact" (p. 6). "While there are a finite number of words, there are an infinite number of contexts in which particular words might appear" (p. 7). "Once meanings are established, it is their formalization into a well-formed category system that

85. Wizbang: Nominations: Ecosystem Playful Primates
it about 2 weeks ago, but already deserving of a Playful primates nomination.
Explosively Unique... Main
December 01, 2003
Nominations: Ecosystem Playful Primates
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Body and Soul

Citizen Smash

Doc Searls
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86. Amazing Animal Actors - Animals - Primates-
Specializing in fully handleable working chimpanzees. Let our chimpsamaze you with their skills personalities. We have chimps
We have chimps of all sizes that can skateboard, rollerskate, do back flips, ride horses, brush their teeth, dress themselves, work a VCR and more. -Baboons
-Monkeys (variety of species)
We support the Animal Actors Guild , providing responsible retirement for performing apes.
Please visit their site by clicking the logo to learn more about this important cause.
Amazing Animal Actors

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87. Primates Cartoons
There are more than 10 primates cartoons click here to view the
Primates Cartoons
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Primates cartoon 1 - catalog reference amc0155
Monkeys at a disco - "I can therefore conclude that the primates are social animals."

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Primates cartoon 2 - catalog reference dmc0056
After Darwin - "I won't spoil it and tell you the ending."

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88. Artwork • Miscellaneous|10-105

89. The Desirability & Appropriateness Of Non-human Primates As Pets
Animal Welfare National Consultative Committee on Animal Welfare Position Statements The desirability appropriateness of nonhuman primates as pets.

90. The Hindu : Primates Languish At AIIMS 'cells'
Other States Previous Next primates languish at AIIMS cells . ByBindu Jacob. NEW DELHI, APRIL 19. Imagine being caught and shoved
Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Friday, April 20, 2001
Front Page
National Southern States Other States ... Next
Primates languish at AIIMS 'cells'
By Bindu Jacob NEW DELHI, APRIL 19. Imagine being caught and shoved into a small dingy cage where the only movement possible is to breathe standing, week after week, year after year under-fed, constantly injected with drugs...awaiting certain death. Life comes to this torturous standstill for the 172-strong non- human primate population housed in the country's premier All- India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) after they were caught and brought here. Soon these voiceless creatures would be tested upon, rendered useless and later their battered bodies would be cleared out to make space for another set of primates ready to be scarified at the altar of biomedical research. According to the report submitted to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment by the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiment on Animals (CPCSEA) nominee at AIIMS, Ms. Camellia Satija, the condition in which the non- human primates (which form the backbone of bio-medical research) are kept in the Institute is ``deplorable''. ``Monkeys kept in the Institute often go without water and food for many hours at a stretch. A regular practice here is to feed and provide water to the monkeys on Saturday afternoon and then leave them unattended till Monday morning with only a `hurried' feed on Sunday noon,'' says Ms. Satija.

91. Primate Links
Viral Diseases; Bacterial, mycotic, protozoal, metazoan parasitic, neoplastic, andmiscellaneous diseases; Pathology of Nonhuman primates; Primate Zoonoses; Ebola
INDEX General Primate Info
General Links
Evolution and Genetics
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Enrichment Private Ownership Maillists Primate Products Sanctuaries Labs Nutrition Diseases Current Issues Fun *PRIMATE NEWS* *NEWS ARCHIVES* Well, ok, so Lucy really hasn't seen any of these links I'm sure she'd approve bonobos are such intelligent creatures. If anybody would like to buy Lucy a computer (or maybe just stop by and say "Hi") you can find her at the Columbus Zoo Lucy does not necessarily concur with all the viewpoints you will find here, the goal is simply to provide a good comprehensive information source.
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93. Primates Posters, Poster, Cheap Poster, Buy Posters, Movie Posters, Sports Poste
More primates.
Great Primates Posters Posters Store. Tens of thousands of posters. Great gifts. Great for your walls.
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... Monkey Trouble
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94. UKPets Directory News Primates Centre A Tourist Attraction In Spain
primates Centre A Tourist Attraction In Spain Saturday 27 July 2002 The WorldSociety for the Protection of Animals, (WSPA), hopes to encourage tourists
UK Directory
Pet Shops

Pet Supplies
Pet Accessories
Pet Sitters
Dog Walking

Dog Groomers
Cat Groomers Pet Insurance Wholesale Manufacture Boarding Kennels Catteries Breeders Friendly Hotels Veterinary Travel Cemeteries Charities Clubs/Societies Rights/Research Miscellaneous Homepages Worldwide Sites Business Non-Business Jobs Job Seekers Job Vacancies Pets UK Pets UKPets Archive.. Primates Centre A Tourist Attraction In Spain Saturday 27 July 2002 The World Society for the Protection of Animals, (WSPA), hopes to encourage tourists visiting Catalonia and the surrounding regions to support rescued chimps by visiting Spain's first primate rescue centre, which has opened near Gerona. The centre, currently housing nine chimps, offers an ideal viewpoint for people wishing to see chimps in similar surroundings to their natural habitat in the wild. The enclosure, which covers an area of 1.5 hectares, comes complete with frames, swings, hammocks, a pond and indoor sleeping quarters. There is also an education centre on site. go to full article..

95. ASM 15(4); Editorial: Ebola Virus
properties. 6,7,14 Neither strain has hitherto been isolated from nonhumanprimates that had not been infected experimentally. There
July 1995 Editorial
Ebola Virus Update
Between 1 January and 24 April 1995, an outbreak of febrile hemorrhagic disease occurred in Kikuit, Bandindu Province in the southwestern part of Zaire. Approximately 136 cases were identified with 101 (74%) deaths reported so far. The cause of the outbreak has now been confirmed to be Ebola (EBO) virus. The high mortality rate that occurred during the recent outbreak caused by this virus has been the subject of increased media attention, prompting confusion and international anxiety. EBO virus is one of 12 distinct viruses that can cause severe hemorrhagic disease in humans (Table 1). The single strand EBO RNA virus is a member of a new family known as Filoviridae. The virus is pleomorphic, appearing as long filamentous (and sometimes branched) forms in a variety of shapes including U, 6-shaped, and circular. The virions have a uniform diameter of 80 nm, composed of a helical nucleocapsid and are enveloped with surface projections . The EBO virus first emerged in two severe hemorrhagic fever outbreaks in Zaire and Sudan in 1975 and 1979, infecting more than 500 people with 88% mortality in Zaire and 53% in Sudan. The EBO strains from Zaire (EBO-Z) and Sudan (EBO-S) are related but distinguishable in terms of serology, virulence potential and biochemical properties.

96. LABSG Quiz Index
Quizzes I ve put these quizzes together to help facilitate my studying.The questions come from collections at UC Davis and the
Quizzes I've put these quizzes together to help facilitate my studying. The questions come from collections at UC Davis and the UIC Biologic Resources Center, in addition to other sources. Each quiz has 50 interactive questions. Feel free to run them as many times as you want to test your knowledge. If you find mistakes, let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible. This page will be updated as I finish making quizzes, so check back when you can.
Regulations 1
Guinea Pig 1 Rabbit 1 Regulations 2 Regulations 3 CL Davis Slide Quizzes
Quiz 38 (Management)
Quiz 37 (Non-Human Primates) Quiz 36 (Rodents) Quiz 35 (Rodents) ... Quiz 1

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