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         Primates Miscellaneous:     more detail
  1. Two new East African primates, (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections) by Ned Hollister, 1920
  2. A review of the middle and upper eocene primates of North America (with 14 plates) (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections) by C. Lewis Gazin, 1958
  3. Human hair and primate patterning: (with five plates) (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections) by Gerrit S Miller, 1931
  4. The behavior of Ateles geoffroyi and related species (with six plates) (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections) by John Frederick Eisenberg, 1966

41. Amazing Animal Actors - Animals - Miscellaneous Animals
Large Carnivores. Small Carnivores. primates. Birds of Prey. Other Birds. Hoofstock.Barnyard. Little Critters. Reptiles Insects. miscellaneous. Dogs Cats. Aquariums.
Elephants for riding, leading, tricks etc. Other miscellaneous animals too...
-Wild Boars Amazing Animal Actors
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42. Slides
Slides carousel 3 slide 1-6 dogs cats slide 7-27 primates slide 28 58 birds slide59-60 fish, amphibian, reptiles slide 61-62 miscellaneous mammals slide
SLIDES AALAS Review Slides - carousel #2
slide 57-70 rabbit
slide 71-80 ULAR.31 AALAS Review Slides - carousel #3
slide 7-27 primates
slide 39-47 swine
slide 51-58 birds
slide 61-62 miscellaneous mammals
slide 63-75 parasites, blood smears, dissecting, etc. ULAR.32 AALAS Review Slides - carousel #1
slide 1-31 equipment
ULAR.30 ACLAM Autotutorial - Guinea Pig: Diseases Part III ULAR.14 ACLAM Autotutorial - The Mouse: Bacterial Diseases, Parasitic Diseases, Venereal Diseases ULAR.17 ACLAM Autotutorial - Guinea Pig - Introduction and Biology ULAR.13 ACLAM Autotutorial - Introduction ULAR.10 Dr. Kathleen Smiler ACLAM Autotutorial - Non Human Primates Bacterial Diseases ULAR.19 Dr. Kathleen Smiler ACLAM Autotutorial - Non Human Primates Parasitics, Non-infectious Disease ULAR.20 Dr. Kathleen Smiler ACLAM Autotutorial - Non Human Primates Viral Diseases ULAR.21 ACLAM Autotutorial - The Dog and Cat in Research ULAR.11 ACLAM Autotutorial - The Hamster Biology and Disease ULAR.12 Dr. Kathleen Smiler ACLAM Autotutorial - The Mongolian Gerbil ULAR.15

Microbiological and parasitic diseases of selected rodents, lagomorphs, carnivores,primates, amphibia, reptilia, avians, and miscellaneous species used in
College of Veterinary Medicine GRADUATE FACULTY 1995-96 Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies: P. C. Kosch. Graduate Coordinators: C. L. Chen; C. Courtney; D. J. Forrester; T. J. Wronski. Eminent Scholar: P. J. Reier. Professors: L. F. Archbald; A. C. Asbury; A. F. Barbet; L. Belardinelli; M. S. Bloomberg; R. K. Braun; M. P. Brown; C. D. Buergelt; M. J. Burridge; C. F. Burrows; D. D. Buss; P. T. Cardeilhac; W. L. Castleman; C. D. Chen; C. L. Chrisman; C. H. Courtney; P. W. Davenport; J. K. Davis; M. Drost; D. J. Forrester; K. N. Gelatt; E. P. J. Gibbs; E. C. Greiner; R. R. Gronwall; J. W. Harvey; J. A. Himes; E. R. Jacobson; P. A. Klein; P. C. Kosch; G. A. Kunkle; P. J. Laipis; M. M. LeBlanc; A. M. Merritt; R. D. Miles; A. F. Moreland; J. T. Neilson; P. L. Nicoletti; A. B. Peck; V. M. Shille; S. F. Sundlof; E. K. Wakeland; A. I. Webb; J. C. Woodard; T. W. Wronski; M. D. Young. Associate Professors: D. R. Allred; K. J. Anderson; R. J. Bellah; D. E. Brooks; M. B. Brown; G. D. Butcher; P. J. Chenoweth; R. M. Clemmons; P. T. Colahan; B. R. Collins; W. S. Cripe; P. W. J. B. Dame; M. K. Davidson; G. A. Donovan; G. W. Ellison; R. Francis-Floyd; J. M. Gaskin; P. J. Hansen; B. L. Homer; R. D. Johnson; R. E. Larsen; R. J. MacKay; D. O. Rae; R. E. Raskin; R. L. Reep; C. A. Risco; S. M. Roberts; D. A. Samuelson; J. K. Shearer; C. A. Sninsky; J. P. Thompson; T. W. Vickroy; C. E. Wood; J. K. Yamamoto. Assistant Professors: L. E. Fox; R. C. Hill; R. R. King; J. C. Ko; L. A. Neuwirth; P. S. Snyder.

44. Skatty's Primate Page
Organizations. Chimpanzees. Gorillas. Orangutans. Other primates. General. miscellaneous.Primate Gallery. Primate Sounds. Primate Links. Evolution Links. Free Banners.
Primate Families Callithricidae Cebidae Cercopithecidae Cheirogaleidae ... Tarsiidae Organizations Chimpanzees Gorillas Orangutans Other Primates ... General Miscellaneous Primate Gallery Primate Sounds Primate Links Evolution Links ... Sign Guestbook Featured Site Stop Animal
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Patas monkeys may cover 0.3-9 miles (0.5-14.4 km) per day in search of food.
Welcome to my Primates page...
Poaching has decimated the population of endangered gorillas in the war-ravaged east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. CLICK HERE to find out how you can help protect them!
Jane Goodall
, the legendary researcher who has devoted her life to studying chimpanzees in Africa and educating the world about them, presented the annual L'Hommedieu Lecture at Rutgers College (on the Douglass Campus) on September 13th, 2000. Scientists have pronounced that Miss Waldron's Red Colobus , a type of large West African monkey, is now extinct, making it the first primate to vanish in the 20th century.

45. Green Nature Photography :: Miscellaneous Beach Pictures
Birds • Butterflies • Frogs • General • Insects • Land Animals • MarineMammals • primates • Turtles • Whales miscellaneous Beach Pictures.
Green Nature Home Green Nature Travel Green Nature Photography Auction Aid
Acid Rain

Air Pollution

Climate Change

Ozone Depletion

Energy Issues


Nuclear Power ... Recycling Land Forestry GM Foods Mountains National Parks ... Organic Farming Water Coastal/Oceans Fresh Water Rivers Miscellaneous Beach Pictures 2 images in this album Gallery: Green Nature Photography Album: Coastal, Ocean and Beach Pictures Flying Kites at the Beach Fishing Boats at Dock. Gallery: Green Nature Photography Album: Coastal, Ocean and Beach Pictures Advertising Green Nature Photography is part of the Green Nature network. Here's our

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47. Miscellaneous Orangutan News
Sumatran Orangutan Society. miscellaneous Orangutan News. January 2004 SumatranOrangutans amongst the Top 25 most endangered primates.
Sumatran Orangutan Society Miscellaneous Orangutan News January 2004: Orangutans doomed, say experts, unless immediate action taken Wild populations of orangutans are found only in the tropical forests on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, and all populations are under severe threat. New data on the rate of deforestation has confirmed the prediction that, unless action is taken to reverse the decline, Sumatran orangutans are likely to be the first great ape to become extinct in the wild. For the Bornean species, there was both good and bad news. Prof. Carel van Schaik of Duke University, USA, explained, "The estimated number of orangutans in Borneo today is higher than we thought a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean that the actual number is higher. In fact the bad news is that, from the loss of habitat we conclude there are at least one third fewer than there were a decade ago." Prof Birute Mary Galdikas, President of Orangutan Foundation International

48. Nat'l Academies Press, Nutrient Requirements Of Nonhuman Primates: (2003), Page
Nutrient Requirements of Nonhuman primates Second Revised Edition (2003) Board onAgriculture and 0.5% (02%); prey 1% (0-1%); fungus and miscellaneous 2% (0-5
Read more than 3,000 books online FREE! More than 900 PDFs now available for sale HOME ABOUT NAP CONTACT NAP HELP ... ORDERING INFO Items in cart [0] TRY OUR SPECIAL DISCOVERY ENGINE Questions? Call 800-624-6242
Nutrient Requirements of Nonhuman Primates: Second Revised Edition
Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources ( BANR
Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xx Overview, pp. 1-4 1 Feeding Ecology, Digestive Strategies, and Implications fo..., pp. 5-40 2 Energy , pp. 41-57 3 Carbohydrates and Fiber, pp. 58-74 4 Protein, pp. 75-86 5 Fats and Fatty Acids, pp. 87-93 6 Minerals, pp. 94-112 7 Vitamins, pp. 113-149 8 Water , pp. 150-158 9 Pathophysiologic and Life-Stage Considerations, pp. 159-181 10 Diet Formulation, Effects of Processing, Factors Affectin..., pp. 182-190 11 Nutrient Requirements, pp. 191-194 12 Composition of Foods and Feed Ingredients, pp. 195-258 13 Food as a Component of Environmental Enhancement, pp. 259-265 Appendix, pp. 266-268 About the Authors, pp. 269-272 Index, pp. 273-286

49. Boots Ranch
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50. - - The Online Store Search Engine. Features And Specials For Sel
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51. Wamba, D. R. Congo
New York Plenum. Kuroda, S. (1980). Social behavior of the pygmy chimpanzees.primates. 21 181197. miscellaneous, Related links. Ape Site HOME.
Wamba, D. R. Congo
Brief History
Primary source for the following Site Data is McGrew et. al. (1996), Great Ape Societies (Cambridge University Press), Appendix.
Name: Station de Wamba, Centre de Recherche en Ecologie et Forestiere Location: Status: Scientific Reserve Area Altitude Temp Rainfall Vegetation Rainforest-derived mosaic of dry, swamp, and secondary forest, cultivated fields. A species list is available at Human
Selective logging, hunting, provisioning
Disturbance ratings
Adjacent Species
P. paniscus Population
- individuals per km Fauna Perodicticus potto, Galago demidovii, Colobus angolensis, C. badius, Cercopithecus ascanius, C. wolfi, C. neglectus, C. salongo, Allenopithecus nigroviridis, Cercocebus aterrimus, Panthera pardus Study
period: Habituation:
Good for 3 groups, fair for 2 groups, poor for 1 group Research
Seasonal, occasional Conservation: Guards' training Current
Sexual development, intergroup relationships, adoption

52. Mt. Assirik
dwelling chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes verus, at Mt. Assirik, Senegal.primates. 24 154173. miscellaneous, Related links. Ape Site HOME.
Mt. Assirik, Senegal
Brief History
Research in the Parc National du Niokolo-Koba (environs of Mont Assirik) was conducted by members of the Stirling African Primate Project between 1976 - 1979; this study remains the longest-term project on "savanna" chimpanzees. It has been protected from all hunting since 1950 and is a relatively intact ecosystem. Primary sources for the following: Baldwin et al. (1982), McGrew et al. (1981).
Name: Parc National du Niokolo-Koba, aka Mt. Assirik Location: Status: National Park Area Park is 8130km ; study area roughly 50km Altitude roughly 100-311m (the peak of Mt. Assirik) Temp Rainfall 954mm/yr (N=4 yrs); 7 dry months/yr (where dry = less than 1/24 of mean annual total) Vegetation 55% grassland, 37% woodland, 5% bamboo, 3% forest Human
Park founded in 1925, all hunting banned in 1950; no people live within park except for guards and tourist camps.
Disturbance ratings
more than 15km? Species
P. t. verus, Papio papio, Cercopithecus sabaeus

53. Current Import Risk Analysis: Zoo Primates
Indexed list of files, miscellaneous, Newsletters, Contact Us. PUBLICATIONS. DAFFHome Publications. Print this page. Current Import Risk Analysis Zoo primates.

54. Classifeds > Miscellaneous Exotics
Home miscellaneous Exotics. Date SEA. 05/01/04, primates, WorldExotics Inc, Naples, Florida ** WE SHIP ALL OVER THE USA OVER SEA.

the scientific family and size (eg insectivores, primates, reptiles, rodents Tannedleather, fur and products of taxidermy miscellaneous products, manufactured
Section 7 Annexes
    Annexes include: 1. Classification of NWFPs - examples of approaches used
    2. Understanding plots and subplots
    3. Example of NWFP inventory outputs
    4. Some currently used and emerging sampling methods
    5. Useful institutions and Web sites
      Annex 1. Classification of NWFPs - examples of approaches used
      Approaches International trade reporting: for example Customs and Excise, tend to group resources according to: product type (e.g. `live plants', `prepared beverages', `animal fats', `prepared bark products'); or end use (e.g. `chewing sponge or stick', `cloth', `edible leaves', `wine', `resin'). Biodiversity inventories usually group animals and plants according to scientific names of family and genera. Ethnobotanic studies classify according to local end uses (e.g. construction, edible, fuel, medicinal, poisons). Foresters and forest-based assessments use groupings according plant form and parts used (e.g. non-wood tree parts, tree fruit, herbs, climbers, shrubs, etc.) Wildlife ecologists usually group according to the scientific family and size (e.g. insectivores, primates, reptiles, rodents, ungulates).

56. The Laboratory Non-Human PrimatesF‹IˆÉš ‰®‘“X
Clinical Signs of Illness in Nonhuman 94 (1) primates Therapeutic Agents ParasiticDiseases 102(2) Reproductive Conditions 104(1) miscellaneous Conditions 105(6

57. Funny Pictures - The Humor Source
Broken Globe, May 09, 2004, miscellaneous, G, 608. Biker primates, May 08, 2004,miscellaneous, G, 640. Monster Truck, May 07, 2004, miscellaneous, G, 707. TidalWave!

58. Funny Pictures - The Humor Source
Broken Globe, May 09, 2004, miscellaneous, G, 539. Biker primates, May 08,2004, miscellaneous, G, 565. Third World McDonald s, May 10, 2004, Companies,G, 610.

59. Article Collection Of Sverker Johansson, By Subject
primates); Evolution; Climate; Humans (and other primates); Paleontology;Climate; miscellaneous; History; Climate. Cognition Black holes
Article collection
sorted by subject
Sverker Johansson

[Updated: 2003-01-19]
Biology (non-human) More about Biology (non-human):
Chemistry More about Chemistry:

60. Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Health Of Animals - Import Of Pet Primates
destination, end use and miscellaneous qualifiers of the product they wish to import.If you wish to view the import requirements for primates, please refer to
datestamp='2003-10-14' Quick Pick By Commodity / Key Topic Animal health Biotechnology Dairy Eggs Employment Opportunities Feeds Fertilizers Fish and Seafood Food Recalls Forestry Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Grains Honey Horticulture Meat Hygiene Pet Imports Plant Biosafety Plant Breeder's Rights Potatoes Processed Products Publications Retail Food/Labelling Seeds Variety Registration Veterinary Biologics
Main Page - Animal Products
Main Page - Animal Health Act and Regulations Animal Diseases Export Import ... Offices Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Animal Products
Animal Health and Production Division
Import of Pet Primates
(Includes apes, baboons, chimpanzees, gorillas, mandrills, monkeys, organutans, marmosets etc.) The pet import requirements outlined in this page are current as of document.write (fullyear + "-" + fullmonth + "- " + fulldate) For additional information on policies and positions for exotic animals, visit the website of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada (PIJAC Canada) : From the United States Two (2) or less primates may be imported from the United States for personal use and not for resale. In these circumstances, no certification is required. However, you must check the species against the

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