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         Preschool Reading Lessons:     more books (20)
  1. Research-Based Reading Lessons for K-3: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension by Maureen Mclaughlin, Leslie Fisher, 2005-09-01
  2. Shared Reading With Big Books: Lessons Using Building-Blocks And Four-Blocks Strategies, Grades K-2 by Dorothy P. Hall, Joseph M. Fuhrmann, 2005-08-31
  3. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Siegfried; Bruner, Elaine; Haddox, Phyllis Engelmann, 1983
  4. Eloise Has a Lesson (Ready-to-Read. Level 1) by Kay Thompson, Hilary Knight, 2004-12-28
  5. Leap tries again: (if at first you don't succeed, try, try again) (Leap into lessons for life) by Justine Korman, 1999
  6. Storytime Slam: 15 Lesson Plans for Preschool and Primary Story Programs by Rob Reid, 2006-01
  7. Easy Strategies & Lessons That Build Content Area Reading Skills (Grades 4-8) by Joyce Graham Baltas, Denise Nessel, 1999-08-01
  8. 40 Wonderful Blend Poems: A Delightful Collection of Poems With an Easy-to-Use Lesson Plan to Help Young Learners Build Key Phonics Skills (Teaching Resources) by Shelley Grant, Dana Haddad, 2005-02-01
  9. LeapFrog Imagination Desk Reading Games, Interactive Color & Learn Activity Book & Cartridge, Leap Frog, Read, Lesson 3 (LeapFrog Imagination Desk, Lesson 3, Read) (LeapFrog Imagination Desk, Read, Lesson 3)
  10. Understanding Research in Early EducationThe relevance for the future of lessons from the past by Margaret Clark, 2005-09-27
  11. Poem Of The Month Flip Chart: 12 Joyful Read-Aloud Poems With Skill-Building Lessons and Writing Springboards by MARIA FLEMING, 2005-04-01
  12. Easy Poetry Lessons That Dazzle and Delight (Grades 3-6) by David Harrison, Bernice Cullinan, 1999-01-01
  13. Strategies and Lessons for Improving Basic Early Literacy Skills by Robert Algozzine, Mary Beth Marr, et all 2008-03-11
  14. Lessons from Mother Goose by Elaine Commins, 1988-06-01

41. Archived:Beginning To Read
Activities for reading and Writing Fun May 1997. BEGINNING TO READ. preschool through Grade learning to connect language and reading. become excited about reading when they begin to
A r c h i v e d I n f o r m a t i o n
READ*WRITE*NOW Activities for Reading and Writing Fun - May 1997
Preschool through Grade 2
The Sound Shopping Trip
Listening for the first sounds in words is an important step in learning to connect language and reading. What you'll need:
  • Magazines or catalogs with pictures of objects children know.
What to do:
  • Have your child choose a magazine or catalog. Invite your child to go on a make-believe shopping trip. Tell your child you will make believe you are shopping for things in the magazine. Have your child close his or her eyes. Point to an object on the page. Then have your child open his or her eyes. Ask "What are you going to buy?" If your child says, "A hat," ask, "What sound does hat start with?" Then say, "Good. Hat starts with the sound h
  • Repeat the steps, with each of you taking a turn shopping for something and then naming the first sound of the word that describes it.
Now You Hear It, Now You Don't
Hearing and saying the parts of words help prepare children to learn to read. What you'll need:
  • A list of words with two parts, like

42. Preschool Lessons, Activities, What Your Preschooler Should Know.
All your preschool homeschooling needs in one spot. Free worksheets, lesson plans, activities, laws. Tons of links to everything educational. Basic Handwriting Free lessons to teach kids how to

What About Socialization?

An article written by Mary Gardner

One of my friends printed off worksheets from here with letters, numbers, etc. Instead of making numerous copies, she put each worksheet inside one of those plastic page protectors.
Using washable or dry-erase markers, her child can trace the worksheets. Afterwards, each page can be cleaned off with some mild detergent and water.
(Thanks, Carla!)
Providing links to lesson plans, worksheets,
tips,activities and more for your preschool child!
Kinderart - Littles: Artmaking: Building/Creating
Kinderart: Special Nature Card (Could also be used as Science) Crayola Early Childhood Creative Experiences Books to Help Preschoolers Learn About Art More Books on Preschool Art Science Kinderart - Littles: Science/Nature Kinderart - Littles: Oceans/Lakes Kinderart: Animal Noises Kinderart: How Do Flowers Grow? ... Guess the Animal Books to Help Preschoolers Learn About Science More Books on Preschool Science Marilee's Paperdolls Page Paperdolls are a great way to learn social skills through play. This site has LOTS of links!

43. A To Z Lesson Plans: Lesson Plans, Units, Activities And Resources For Teaching
Tonya, preschool teacher Large group lesson using the see the books the kids havebeen reading! Bunny Rabbit Grade Level preschool Kindergarten; Submitted by
Visit Network Sites ... A to Z Teacher Stuff SearchEducation EduBanners if(document.all) document.write('bookmark this site " ') about us advertise



... Home Lesson Plans E-mail to a Friend LESSON INDEX


Grade 1

Grade 2
New Lesson Plans
FIND MORE LessonPlanz .com Preschool Grades K-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 ... More... CLICK TO FIND Top : Preschool Subjects: Arts and Crafts Book Activities Cooking Language Arts ... Thematic Units Lesson Plans: Abraham Lincoln's Log Cabin Grade Level: Preschool-K; Submitted by: Karey from Staten Island, NY All About Me Graphing Grade Level: Preschool - K; Submitted by: Debbie Haren, preschool Children learn about hair color, eye color, etc., and how to present this information in a graph. Animals That Fly or Do Not Fly Grade Level: Preschool and Kindergarten; Submitted by: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher Children classify animals according to if they can or cannot fly. Art with Colored Shaving Cream Grade Level: Preschool and Kindergarten; Submitted by: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher The students use different textures and mediums to paint with.

44. Parents And Children And Reading
Offering free phonics reading lessons and other advice for parents, grandparents, and teachers.
When is it?
Discover how to teach your child
to read in the best possible way. USING from the beginning: a = /a/ - ant acts b = /b/ - big bat c = /k/ - clad cub k = /k/ - kid kiss d = /d/ - dad dog e = /e/ - elk elm f = /f/ - frog frond g = /g/ - gal gull h = /h/ - hen hut i = /i/ - imp in j = /j/ - jack jumps l = /l/ - lad licks m = /m/ - mom midst n = /n/ - nest naps o = /o/ - ox off on p = /p/ - pet pig qu = quick quack r = /r/ - ram romp s = /s/ - sad scrod t = /t/ - tom trek u = /u/ - ump up v = /v/ - vast van w = /w/ - wet web x = /ks/ - fox box y = /y/ - yon yak z = /z/ - zigzag zip To find more information about the vast array of English spellings your child will need to become a completely independent reader, go to for its First Steps program. This site is best viewed at1024x768 with High Color (16bit) and JavaScript enabled

45. Preschool Lesson Plans -
Across the curriculum lesson plans include shapes for math, the water cycle for science, health, manners, an alphabet banner for reading, and a numbers book for writing. preschool Lesson Plans .
Preschool Lesson Plans
Kindergarten Themes Reading Lesson Plans
Literature Circles Gr 4-8
Home Lessons-Themes ... Site Map Preschool lesson plans with preschool themes for daycare, kindergarten, homeschool, or home activities.
Across the curriculum lesson plans include shapes for math, the water cycle for science, health, manners,
an alphabet banner for reading, and a numbers book for writing.
Camp Out Theme Week, a preschool math lesson plan At the Seashore Theme, a preschool science lesson plan Camp Out
has 23
free pages with preschool lesson plans for math and
a camping theme. At the Seashore has 41 pages
with a preschool science theme that
explores nature.
14 sample pages. ABC Airline Alphabet Banner The My Numbers Book: 1 to 10 a preschool reading lesson plan and craft a preschool writing lesson plan and craft Trace letters from the dotted "School Font", recite the alphabet, assemble, and tape in a window.
3 pages with teacher's guide for a first reading lesson plan The book provides practice for writing and counting with numbers using the dotted and guided "School Font".

46. Pre-K Smarties: Parent's Resource For Preschool Education, Teaching Phonics, Fam
Contains 53 readers, 2 reading lesson plan manuals, games book will help almost anychild read at or Video Service (for newborns to preschoolers) selects the
Welcome to Pre-K Smarties! - a preschool education resource for parents teaching preschoolers with tips for early reading using phonics, parenting articles, family freebies, and deals on the best educational toys. Click here to download the free BabyTips eBook. *NEW!!!* Please use our brand new Preschool Directory
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Teaching your child to read? Try this easy to use program developed by a pediatrician specially for younger children. Lots of free lessons and online movie at

47. Pre-K Smarties - Online Learning Tools For Preschoolers
recommended online learning games for preschoolers Your child can be reading ata beginning third Contains 55 lessons and 43 readers with additional manuals
Home our main topics
Preschool Directory

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Parent Connection
sites of interest

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Do you have a friend with preschoolers who might be interested in this site? Click here to tell-a-friend. recommended online learning games for preschoolers
Give your child a head start in school with FrontLine Phonics - Click here to take a free reading assessment now.
The Flying Rhino - Click on Fun Stuff and you will find four colorful animated games including the The HAAACK - a short lesson in cartooning The ABC TOON CENTER has original cartoons, stories, puzzles and games. FUN ACTIVITIES for kids of all ages. A portal for kids... UpToTen Over 500 games and activities in a safe and fun learning environment plus links to other sites for kids. PreSchool Coloring Book - a huge selection of printables here. Includes no-line coloring pages and journal pages, as well. MothImages Electronic books for children. Latest books are Wolfie's Whistle and Silas and the Tooth Fairy Trouble. At the moment MothImages is giving away a FREE collection of electronic poems for children.

48. Simply Phonics, Simply Reading Is A Literacy Program, Reading Program, Phonemic
Simply Phonics offers literacy program, reading program, phonemic awareness, teaching phonics, teaching comprehension, learning disability, phonics program, reading comprehension, phonics lessons
Educators, parents, and tutors will enjoy this simple and effective phonics program, created by a public school educator, to simplify the process of teaching reading skills, improve phonemic awareness and teaching English. About Us Teachers, administrators, parents, volunteers, home school teachers, tutors, day care providers, and preschool teachers are using this reading program with great success and enthusiasm by teaching phonics to help students that may have a learning disability. Seminars The lessons in this literacy program are sequentially designed for use with preschool to adult students and provide consistent practice in alphabetics, phonics (phonics lessons), reading (reading lessons), comprehension (through teaching comprehension), speaking, writing, and spelling to help learning to read with phonics a positive experience.
If you are home school teaching a child, learning phonics can increase their reading skills. Simply Phonics can work with your home school reading program. Home school phonics can help a child increase their reading comprehension.

49. Sample Reading Curriculum Timeline Preschool Through Eighth Grade
Chart showing language arts skills that children should know at each grade level. ORAL LANGUAGE, LISTENING, AND SPEAKING. Strand. preschool. Kindergarten. First Grade Fall Spells words in

50. The Reading Lesson (Book/CD-ROM)
Some children may be early preschool readers, while others don t develop an interestin books and reading until later. The reading Lesson is a wellstructured
by Tina Velgos Home CD-ROMs Books ... Features
The Reading Lesson (Book/CD-ROM)
Perfect for homes and home schools, the Reading Lesson is a comprehensive learn-to-read package (book and CD-ROM) for less than $50. by Michael Levin, M.D. and Charan Langton, M.S.
ISBN: 0-913063-02-9
Mountcastle Company

(800) LTL-READ
620 pages softcover with CD-ROM
ages 4-8
$49.95 with CD-ROM ($27.95 book only; $29.95 CD-ROM only) You can buy
The Reading Lesson

now, from
If your child is having difficulty learning to read, The Reading Lesson stands out as an exceptional program aimed at children ages 4 and older. Although perfect for using at home and home schools, this workbook/software combination could also be integrated into the primary classroom. If used in the classroom, at least one teacher and a few parent helpers (or aides) should be on hand to help individual children, as needed. The workbook and the software could also be used with an overhead projector, but I believe it would work better as an individual program or for one-on-one tutoring. Although you can buy the book separately, I recommend buying the book and software combination. This gives you the opportunity to play the software first with your pre-reader, lesson by lesson, and then to work your way to the supplemental workbook for reinforcement. For children who are accustomed to "edutainment" software, this software is a bit of a departure. The graphics are simplistic yet the sound effects are lively and entertaining. It's not a boring educational title but it IS an educational title.

51. Teaching Reading With The Reading Lesson
for preschool children, where Rennu Dhillon, D.Sc, teacher par excellence, is teachingchildren as young as three years old to read with The reading Lesson.
ADHD and the Reading Lesson Dyslexia and the
Reading Lesson
Get Downloads ... Visit The Reading Lesson Message Board The Reading Lesson Reviews Winner of numerous awards, here are just some of the reviews

Review by Homeschooling Host, Terrie Bittner, Bellaonline

Review by Jennifer B Lesse, Storybook Weaver
Christian Homeschool Review

Review of StoryBook CD - Gold award
Heartland Reviews

Kings Harvest .com Review of The Reading Lesson CD - Gold award Gold Award Winner Writing Lesson Review Sympatico -Kids and Internet Reviews at Amazon - The Reading Lesson Review by James Cox - Midwest Book Review Thoroughly "user friendly", eminently resourceful - Midwest Book Review A review by Tina Velagos, The Review Zone

52. Teach Your Child To Read With The Reading Lesson
I began using the reading Lesson books and CD when he turned four. Myson s preschool teacher always mentions how much my son knows.
The Reading Lesson CD-ROM The Reading Lesson CD-ROM is a must-have companion for teaching your child to read. Younger children like the excitement of animation and interactivity. This CD-ROM is choke full of activities and games that entertain and teach. See sounds/letters taught in first ten lessons. Try these sample movies from the CD-ROM Letter D Blending sounds and reading words Word Theater The CD-ROM works with both Mac and PC (Win 95 to XP) Price: $29.95
Less is more:
You will notice that the backgrounds of the movies are plain. This has been done with thought. We do not have busy backgrounds because although attractive to you as a parent, these are counter productive for teaching.
A lot of flashing buttons, music, one-eyed monsters popping up and beeping, distract the child and keep him from learning rapidally. Testimonials.... The best things in life are worth waiting for. Today I received the Reading Lesson and set it up with Silvana, age 5, and she spent 3 hours (late afternoon hours) totally immersed. I am so psyched about your products. The graphics are so clean, the steps so simple and intelligent, sequenced and non-patronizing to the child. Thanks you for all the thought and care that went into this program and the lack of silliness. Janet Snoyer When my son was three-and-a-half, I began looking for books and programs on how to teach my son to read. My son soon became bored with books and the materials I found. I began using the Reading Lesson books and CD when he turned four. He is now four and a half and knows all the sounds of the letters, including vowel sounds and has begun blending. The program is so easy to use for parents. The software is beautifully animated and he instantly loved it. I have to literally tell him to that it is time to put the program away because he spends so much time on the computer with it. My son's preschool teacher always mentions how much my son knows. Thanks for your wonderful program.

53. - Resource Library
http// Category reading Hits In 1 Hits Out 662. preschool Lesson Plans Themes - Download children s printable

54. KinderArt - Art Lessons - Art Education: The Largest Collection Of Free Art Less
also the art book, lessons for preschoolers, bulletin board can discover new thingsby reading art articles Communicate Have you used KinderArt lessons in your
Flowers Fresh From the Grower Wow! Sticker Art Club
Click for KinderArt Quick Site Menu *home* sitemap what's new early childhood education art contests kinderart store free newsletter the fridge search submissions feedback help search search this site
big list
click for the master lesson list ...

kinderart extras

the fridge: kids art

special sections summer camp
special artists (art for kids/adults with disabilities)

tell a friend
let others know about kinderart! ...
Ideas, Plans and More Over 1000 art lesson plans, including art history drawing painting printmaking ... textiles and drama . There's also the art book lessons for preschoolers bulletin board ideas and crafty ideas too. KinderArt ToolBar Through our association with, we are offering an exclusive KinderArt version of the award winning Alexa Toolbar. With the toolbar you can search the web, using their amazing search engine, right from your toolbar. Plus, when you download and use the toolbar, you'll help support KinderArt. Get Yours Today! Art Library Attention parents, grandparents, teachers, artists and kids... you can discover new things by reading

55. Frontline Phonics - Learn To Read, Preschool Phonics Reading Program
Free learning assessment test Learn to read phonics reading program for preschoolchildren includes free oneon-one coaching, lesson plans, songs, flash cards
openLayer('background',0,0,510,799); openLayer('logo',5,10,80,80); openLayer('body',95,2,80,80); Phonics Research Why Our Phonics Methodology Works Phonics For Teachers Site Map ... Resources
Frontline Phonics is the premiere reading program for children ages 3-8. This easy-to-use program has been refined and tested during 17 years of pre school and kindergarten classroom application. Tens of thousands of children have used Frontline Phonics to successfully enter their reading years ahead of their peers. Now available to parents as well as schools, Frontline Phonics is a fun, effective way to get the right start in learning to read. Frontline Phonics is dedicated to the ideal that literacy is attainable for every child. We believe that kids learn to read best when given the kind of individual attention that parents provide. Our comprehensive reading materials and reading worksheets provide parents with exactly what they need to help their pre school and kindergarten aged children learn to read. Our phonics program is the result of a long-term (and ongoing) study of kids learning to read. Over the years

56. Frontline Phonics - Yes. Read.™
national studies suggest that no home school curriculum or preschool lesson planis complete with out phonics. Learn more statistics about reading Q What
Frequently Asked Questions How does Frontline Phonics differ from other phonics programs?
What is an appropriate age for my child to begin Frontline Phonics?

How long is each lesson?

How long does it take to finish the entire Frontline Phonics program?
How do I return the Program?

Name Email Question
Q: How does Frontline Phonics differ from other phonics programs?
A: Traditional phonics methodology will have a child learn just about all of the letters, corresponding sounds, and many rules before it will have the child blending and learning to read. And more recently, phonics has been branded as a program just for older children who are struggling with reading. Frontline Phonics is a program for children who are learning to read for the first time, it is guaranteed to give them a head start to reading. Unlike traditional methodology, Frontline Phonics introduces reading and books after your child has learned eight of the most important letters along with a few simple rules. Doing this gives your child success with reading in about 3 ½ weeks. If you would like to research the difference between Frontline Phonics and Hooked on Phonics ™ or The Phonics Game ™ we encourage you to visit their respective websites at and

57. Resources, Lesson Plans And Activities For KINDERGARTENS
BEGINNING to Read preschool to GRADE 2 - READ*WRITE net lesson plan exchange ~ topicallesson ideas submitted by site offers a beginning reading program which
Resources, Lesson Plans and Activities for KINDERGARTENS
An Internet Hotlist on Kindergarten created by Sue Roseman
Language Arts/Literacy Web Pages/Mailing Lists ... Links to YOUR Curriculum
Hop on board for an hour of exploration and sharing of exemplary web sites, thematic units and classroom organization ideas to kick-start your school year.
Walk away from this session with a wealth of resources and web site links for all subject areas.
Time will be allotted to the exploration of sample kindergarten schedules, worksheet ideas, center ideas, balanced literacy and 4 blocks resources, home/school connections.
Participants will leave with a comprehensive web page handout, accompanying online resources, and simple web-based activities to use with students.  
Emphasis will be placed on exploring sites which link to strands in YOUR curriculum.
UPDATED May 24th, 2004
The Internet Resources

58. The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child To Read In 20 Easy Lessons
Before purchasing the reading lesson I downloaded the first two lessons (free) website and my daughter was thrilled that she knew how
The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons
The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons

by Authors: Michael Levin , Charan Langton
Released: April, 2002
ISBN: 0913063029
Sales Rank:
List price:
Our price: Book > The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons > Customer Reviews: Average Customer Rating:
The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons > Customer Review #1: Best reading program

I must say that the Reading Lesson is the best Ive seen so far. After six months of looking for the right reading program for my five-year-old, I finally found the one that makes sense and works. What I liked the best is that it moves steadily from one set of sounds to the next without overwhelming my son with the whole alphabet soup. Most of the other books Ive seen on the internet and in stores have pages filled with busy pictures, games, funny squeaking animals, and other irrelevant characters that are so distracting. Or they are utterly boring like Phonic pathways. Many programs teach phonics and forget about teaching reading. The reading Lesson is very easy to use. I also like instructions for parents before each lesson. The lessons, stories are just right for a young child. If you are looking for a super easy to follow program for a young child that has more just lists of words, then you should consider this program.

59. They Dont Like Me: Lessons On Bullying And Teasing From A Preschool Classroom
Bullying and Teasing from a preschool Classroom Customer Review 1 a great read,but it needed to go deeper The subtitle of this book, lessons on teasing
They Dont Like Me: Lessons on Bullying and Teasing from a Preschool Classroom
They Dont Like Me: Lessons on Bullying and Teasing from a Preschool Classroom

by Authors: Jane Katch
Released: 01 September, 2003
ISBN: 0807023205
Sales Rank:
List price:
Our price: You save: Book > They Dont Like Me: Lessons on Bullying and Teasing from a Preschool Classroom > Customer Reviews: Average Customer Rating:
They Dont Like Me: Lessons on Bullying and Teasing from a Preschool Classroom > Customer Review #1: a great read, but it needed to go deeper

Overall, I did devour this book and would recommend it to my fellow teachers, (...)
They Dont Like Me: Lessons on Bullying and Teasing from a Preschool Classroom > Related Products Under Deadmans Skin: Discovering the Meaning of Childrens Violent Play Complaining, Teasing, and Other Annoying Behaviors The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander : From Preschool to High SchoolHow Parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle of Violence Boys and Girls: Superheroes in the Doll Corner ... edu books

60. Education World® - Teacher Resources : Lesson Plans : Preschool
preschool curriculum resources for children ages 25; This preschool curriculumis theme Down By the Bay Rhyming Lesson (Pre-School,reading/Writing) posted

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