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61. K-12 Education Resources
Academy Curriculum Exchange; collaborative Lesson Archive U of Public Library; StoryPlace Stories for preschool and elementary math Forum/Teachers Place; A+ math
UW-Stout Home Library Home Subjects K-12 Education Clip Art Nutrition and Health Social Studies Curriculum Guides ... WWW Sites
WWW Sites

62. Create Your Own Home Page!!
Stuff Children s Literature Activities collaborative Lesson Archive Crayola Intelligences Power Up math Teaching Mark preschool (return to Teacher Bookmarks).
Interdisciplinary Connections
Create A Web Page
Return to Previous Page Internet Resources Free Clip Art Reasons to Create A Web Page Teacher Bookmarks SOL Internet Sites for Lesson Plans ... Free Servers Creating you own home page is easier than ever before and the benefits to your students, their parents, and yourself are many.
Reasons to Create A Web Page (return to Internet Resources)
  • Parent Communication Show case student work Provide information about activities, homework, and projects... Links to resources for students and parents Links to online activities for greater student learning Create bookmark pages with annotations/remarks
  • (return to Internet Resources)
    Making Web Pages by Deborah Quigley, TRT, Guilford
    - by Kathy Hayden TRT, Sanders Corner
    Building Web Pages With Composer

    - Montana State University
    Integration Connections
    Creating Web Pages by Patti Adams, TRT, Hillside
    Elements of Design
    Design can have a powerful impact on your message. Are my color combinations good? Are there too many animations? Is the writing too big? Is the writing too small? Take a look at the following websites for some basic tips on design.
    Web Page Design - From Planning to Posting - Elements of design
    Free Clip art (return to Internet Resources)
    Free Clip Art should be sited on your page and often require a link back to the source.

    63. Lesson Plans On The Web -- Peabody Library, Peabody College Of Vanderbilt Univer
    collaborative Lesson Archive preschool to undergraduate lesson plans integrated into science, math, creative art preschool Zone Resources for Early Childhood
    Lesson Plans on the Web
    Full List of Bibliographies The following Internet sites present exemplary K-12 lesson plans for a variety of disciplines. The Access Excellence Collection - biology and life science lesson plans. American Memory Learning PageLessons - lesson plans designed to integrate primary sources from the Internet into an American History curriculum. Collaborative Lesson Archive - preschool to undergraduate lesson plans organized by grade level and subject area. Discovery Channel School Lesson Plans Library - comprehensive and organized lesson plans that are grade-specific and content-specific; each lesson includes an overview, vocabulary, questions, Internet links, and activities. Education Place - K-12 lesson plans organized by subject area and grade level, with the unique feature of searching for integrated lesson plans of various subject areas. Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plans - K-12 lesson plans according to subject area. Exploring the Environment - earth science modules and activities using environmental issues to promote problem-based learning and technology in the classroom. Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources - designed specifically to assist foreign language teachers to find lesson plans on the Internet.

    Tutorials by Suzanne Alejandre math Fields and Science Technology collaborative Lesson Archive The KinderArt Littles - free preschool activities - Art
    100th Day
    The 100th Day of School - activities for the classroom
    Essentials of Music
    Egg to Chick
    Chickscope 1.5 Resources From Egg To Chick
    MSI Chick Hatchery
    Qwn's Coop
    Zona Land, Home
    Funderstanding Roller Coaster
    Willo, the Dinosaur with a Heart -
    Education World ® - Lesson Planning Skills Page DINOSAUR SITES
    BrainPOP - Health, Science, Technology Animation and Educational Site for Kids.
    The Learning Web at the U.S. Geological Survey
    Color Landform Atlas of the United States
    Redirecting to GSLC
    Genetic Science Learning Center
    The Field Museum Life Over Time Packets
    Earth Science
    Grade 8 Science Bookmarks
    Science Fairs
    Science Fair Theme Page
    School Science Fairs Homepage
    Building Blocks
    OrkinAnswers To Your Pest Problems
    Mars Exploration
    Room 119 Mission to Mars
    Background and Links
    Amazing Space Web-Based Activities ...
    Exploring Planets in the Classroom hands-on science activities
    Passport to Knowledge Series
    Study Life Cycles with Butterflies
    Population and Ecosystems
    Population Growth and Balance
    Microscope How to Use It and Enjoy It Teacher Guide
    Access Excellence Microscopy Links
    Online Collaborative Projects
    The GLOBE Program Welcome
    NASA CERES MountainQuest Teacher Lesson Plan
    Biology Lessons
    Biology Resources and Links
    Resource Links
    Access Excellence Resource Center
    Alphabetic List of Specific Diseases-Disorders
    Outbreak! Disease Investigation Game Beginning Page

    65. Power Of 2: Resources
    educational software games for kids preschool through sixth History, Geography, Language Arts, math, Music, Science site is to provide collaborative, needsbased


    [teacher vistas]
    [online training] [FAQs] ... Websites
    Links to Check Out ADDvance - An online resource for women and girls with Attention Deficit Disorder. Acts of Kindness - The Random acts of Kindness Foundations supports the Kindness Movement by encouraging and assisting individuals and groups who wish to perform kind acts. They provide educational and promotional materials, lesson plans, leadership, inspiration, guidance, and opportunities to connect with people around the world. Animal-Assisted Therapy - Animals offer emotional comfort and help traumatized people re-engage in life. This site has information for people who want to find out about using therapy dogs. Assistive Technology On-Line Home Page - Information and links to some of the best disability related sites, both for assistive technology and for general disability issues. Ask Eric Lesson Plans -The Educational Resources Information Center, one of the leading educational sources in the country, includes this site which contains over 1100 lesson plans submitted by teachers covering a wide range of subjects and ages.

    66. Nearctica - Education - General Lesson Plan Sites
    collaborative Lesson Archive. preschool Zone. Lesson plans and activities for preschool children. Southeastern Michigan mathScience Learning Coalition.
    General Lesson Plan Sites Special Segments Butterflies of North America Conifers of North America Eastern Birds List of N.A. Insects Home Eastern Wildflowers General Topics Natural History Ecology Family Environment Evolution Home Education Home Conservation Geophysics Paleontology Commercial Organizations Links are listed alphabetically. Academy Curricular Exhange . Columbia Education Center. An archive of lesson plans grouped by subject matter and grade level. The topic science is divided into Elementary School (K-5), Intermediate School (6-8) and High School (9-12). Access Excellence Activities Exchange . A site with a large number of lesson plans and activities for high school curricula. The emphasis is on cellular biology, but some of the plans deal with ecology and natural history. Activity Search . Houghton Mifflin. A searchable database of over 400 original classroom activities and lesson plans. Grades K-8. AIMS Education Foundation . This web site has a collection of teacher resources, puzzles and activities for kids, a magazine, workshops, and other materials for both students and teachers.

    67. Preschool Learning Games - Everything Games On The Net
    Choose math, science or reading. of Illinois collaborative Lesson Archive Lesson plans, organized by Curious George preschool Learning Games For educational
    preschool learning games
    Everything Games On The Net would like to thank you for stopping by the best preschool learning games site the net has to offer. The staff at Everything Games On The Net has gone through the web and has gathered a list of links that offer the most information on preschool learning games. Please follow the preschool learning games links below to find all the information you could ever want on the subject of preschool learning games. Thanks for visiting Everything Games On The Net! You Are Here: Everything Games On The Net preschool games
    Results For: preschool learning games
    Sponsored Links
    Columbia Education Center - Lesson Plans
    Elementary and high-school teachers can select one of several thousand plans, constructed by contemporaries. Choose math, science or reading.
    Univ. of Illinois - Collaborative Lesson Archive

    Lesson plans, organized by grade level and subject, convey concepts to K-12 students. Posted plans are written by educators.
    OFCN - Academy Curriculum Exchange

    Find a variety of lesson plans from Columbia Education Center's Summer Workshops. Includes ideas for grades K-12.
    Online Learning Games

    Curious George Preschool Learning Games

    For educational software games, baby to child educational toys, software games discounted and educational wooden toys for children at some of the lowest prices on the web go to

    68. Math And Science Games - Everything Games On The Net
    of Illinois collaborative Lesson Archive Lesson plans, organized to download and play preschool games and shows christmas and games math activities and
    math and science games
    You've just landed on the biggest resource on the internet for math and science games. We here at Everything Games On The Net have found some of the most relevant sites for math and science games, and have compiled a list of the best math and science games information sites online. Please scroll below to find our current list of the greatest math and science games resource sites on the net. Thanks for stopping by Everything Games On The Net, please come back soon! You Are Here: Everything Games On The Net games and
    Results For: math and science games
    Sponsored Links
    Access thousands of lesson plans, sorted by subject, then by grade and topic. Submit a plan and educational links.
    OFCN - Academy Curriculum Exchange

    Find a variety of lesson plans from Columbia Education Center's Summer Workshops. Includes ideas for grades K-12.
    Columbia Education Center - Lesson Plans

    Elementary and high-school teachers can select one of several thousand plans, constructed by contemporaries. Choose math, science or reading.
    Univ. of Illinois - Collaborative Lesson Archive

    69. Lesson Plan Sites
    writing terminology - general, math geometry - maps quality collection of preschool through 8th collaborative Lesson Archive collaborative Lesson Archive http
    SaskEd Evergreen Curriculum
    The WebQuest Page

    More WebQuests
    Matrix of Example WebQuests
    Lesson Plan Sites (From Google) AskERIC Lesson Plans
    ... This collection contains more ... the Lesson Plan Collection.
    Browse AskERIC Lesson Plans by Subject. ...
    Description: This collection contains more than 1100 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted...
    / - 11k - 11 Mar 2002 - Cached - Similar pages The Lesson Plans Page - Over 1,500 FREE Lesson Plans!
    ... 1,500+ Free Lesson Plans for PreK-12 - Making Teaching Easier! Visit
    Other Click to Vote For Us! ... Seasonal Lesson Plans by Date! ... Description: Arranged by grade level and subject area. - 26k - 11 Mar 2002 - Cached - Similar pages CEC Lesson Plans. These lesson plans were created by teachers for use in their own classrooms. - 5k - 11 Mar 2002 - Cached - Similar pages Teachers.Net - LESSON PLANS - The Teachers.Net Lesson Bank The Teachers.Net Lesson Bank is your opportunity to share your

    70. Birdville Elementary Home Of The Lil' Buffs
    and lesson plans for preschool, kindergarten, first over 400 pages of free math activities and Education Center Lesson Plans collaborative Lesson Archive The

    Little Kids


    For Students

    For Parents

    This website is dedicated to Pre-K teachers.
    Hall of Early Childhood Education

    Links and resources for educators and parents.
    Weblink Activities for Math

    A to Z Teacher Stuff

    Baxter's EduNET - Home Page
    Busy Teacher's Website ... Sites for Teachers
    The Net's Best resource for Teachers. Main Menu. ... Thousands of links to web sites and resources for teachers. Printable worksheets, free ebooks, clip art, activities and lesson plans for preschool, kindergarten, first, second, and third grade can be downloaded. abcteach This is a quality educational site that offers free printable theme units, word puzzles, writing forms, book report forms, ideas, lessons and much more. Great for new teachers, student teachers , homeschooling and teachers who like creative ways to teach. Updated on a regular basis. SchoolExpress Very Popular Site: FREE: 2000 printable worksheets, 221 FREE software programs to download, make awards, learning games and fun activities, daily Treasure Hunt, and more. Read our testimonials.

    71. Resources For Teachers
    NPR s Science Friday. preschool math Activities. Classic World Composers. Virtual Museums. Kodak Lesson Plans. collaborative Lesson Archive. K12 Lesson Plans.
    Resources for Teachers Sites to Browse Kathy Scrhock's Guide to Educators
    General Links Ask an Expert
    Blue Web'n
    ED's Oasis
    Homework Central~ all levels of content/really good for HS and college prep
    Quia Online Activities and Test Generator~flashcards, puzzles, etc.
    S.C.O.R.E~webguides for classroom use by grade level and content area
    Teach Net Trackstar~resources by content area WebQuests~Bernie Dodge's page Elementary Curriculum Resources Language Arts Social Studies Science Math Music Art The Writing Den Encyclopedia of Women's History Environmental Education Network K -8 Math Resources ... Ask Dr. Math

    72. Teacher And Student Resources, Compiled By James J. Haf, General Education-COOR
    Center); Innez Ramsey s Internet Library (General); The math Forum Home Page; collaborative Lesson Archive; Marc s Lesson Plans Page; preschool Through Second
    Teacher and Student Resources
    Compiled by James J. Haf
    Teacher Resources Science Resources Mathmatics Lesson Plans ... TAPPED IN Please take a moment to complete our feedback form . Information obtained will be used to improve this site.
    Thank you! Teacher Resources Teacher Lesson Plans

    73. Http://tikkun
    plans arranged by grade level for preschool and K plans and printable worksheets in history, math, and other collaborative Lesson Archive
    Lesson Plans About.coms K-6 Lesson Plan Headquarters provides a wide assortment of K-6 lesson plans and worksheet for many areas’s Science Lesson Plans (K-6). This site provides hundreds of lesson plans for teaching science in the elementary school. About.coms Secondary Lesson Plan Center This site provides a collection of lesson plans organized by grade level, subject, and special interest. Academy Curriculum Exchange. This site has lesson plans covering various subject areas for Grades K-12. Al fy’s Teach Learn and Communicate (PK-5). This site includes Internet activities, lesson plans, and related resources. downlod.htm Al liance to Save Energy Multi-Disciplinary Lesson Plans (1-12). This site provides hands-on, multi-disciplinary lesson plans for the study of energy conservation at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

    74. Mathematics Education Resources On The World Wide Web
    to teachers are the K12 statistics page and the K-12 mathematics lessons. Interactive Sites collaborative Projects. -Science And math Initiatives (SAMI).
    Mathematics Education Resources on the World Wide Web
    ERIC Digest
    Comprehensive Sites
    For Parents and Children

    Lessons, Activities, and Resources

    Interesting and Unique Sites
    About the Authors
    Education and Kids
    Related Articles
    K-12: Web Sites
    "The best aspect of the Internet has nothing to do with technology. It's us." -Steven Levy If 1995 was The "Year of the Internet" (Newsweek, Jan. 1, 1996), for educators it is quickly becoming the era of information-on-demand and collaboration-at-a-distance. Among the Internet's many resources is the World Wide Web, a global network of information "servers" provided by individuals, organizations, businesses, and federal agencies who are offering documents, data, images, and interactive sessions. For teachers, students, and parents, this means access to information not in textbooks or the local library, fast-breaking news, ideas for lessons and activities, and, best of all, collaboration with others on projects of mutual interest.
    Comprehensive Sites
    -The Math Forum

    75. Staff Virtual Library Of GES
    Clipart; Cohen s Technology Corner; collaborative Classroom; Computer Virtual Manipulatives; National math Trail; NCTM Make it Powerful; preschool Express; preschool
    GES Home Page Bavaria District DoDEA
    Virtual Library
    ... Teacher's Virtual Library Sites are Updated Frequently and are Listed Alphabetically Teacher Resources Teacher Resources Teacher Resources Rubrics Research DoDEA Back to the top

    76. Arts Lesson Plans
    This helps develop an understanding of math. Dogs Suggested Grade Level preschool K Credit Ups Post Followup collaborative Lesson Archive Search
    Arts - Architecture - Ceramics - Drawing - Film - Fine - History - Painting - Photography - Pottery - Theater - Theatre - Visual - Woodworking
    Return to
    Click here to search edhelper!
    Lesson Plans.
    Categories Arts WebQuests!

    (+42 WebQuests!)
    (+42 WebQuests!)



    (+23 WebQuests!) Environment Geography Health (+27 WebQuests!) History Holidays Journalism Language (+173 WebQuests!) Languages Literature Mathematics (+93 WebQuests!) Music Physed Reading Science (+375 WebQuests!) Social Studies (+399 WebQuests!) Thematic Webquests (+146 WebQuests!) Math Worksheets Arts Arts WebQuests! Arts Architecture Arts Fine Arts History ... Arts Visual Arts Lessons!
    Art-Behind the Mask > > Lesson Plans > ... Baltimore Curriculum Kindergarten Visual Art Lessons BCPDRAFTART1 Baltimore Curriculum Project Draft Lessons Introductory Notes These lessons generally follow the grade-by-grade topics in the Core Knowledge Sequence, but they have been developed independent of the Core Kn... Bright Ring Art Activities Free Stuff from Bright Ring Publishing, Inc. > > > Winter 2000 Crazy Kitchen Gadget Puppets Crazy Kitchen Gadget Puppets- from Making Make-Believe Big Spooky House Big Spooky House - from PreSchool Art Surimono Greeting...

    77. Teacher Resources For Thematic Instruction
    KidsNews Main Menu, Social Studies Resource Links, NPR s Science Friday, preschool math Activities, Classic World AskERIC Lesson Plans, collaborative Lesson Archive.
    Search Engines WebCrawler Lycos Yahoo AltaVista ... MicroSoft Network
    Elementary Curriculum Resources Language Arts Social Studies Science Math Music Art StoryWeb Encyclopedia of Women's History Environmental Education Network K -8 Math Resources ... Global ShowNTell M ORE R ESOURCES
    Children's Web Page Resources

    Lesson Plan Web Sites
    Finding Information And Resources On The Internet
    Activity Search AskERIC Lesson Plans Collaborative Lesson Archive ... The Virtual School

    78. Teach-At-Home Links
    collaborative Lesson Archive (8/23/2000) An archive arts, social studies, science and math curriculums. Complete Affordable Monthly preschool Curriculum Program.

    79. ENC Online: ENC Features: Lessons & Activities: Math Topics: Computation
    Elementary and ASU West collaborative project Featured in 2 as well as toddlers and preschoolers. related careers through accessible math education materials,1544,1-operations computation-any
    Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home ENC Features Math Topics Search the Site More Options Classroom Calendar Digital Dozen ENC Focus ... Ask ENC Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacher learning tools. Find detailed information about thousands of materials for K-12 math and science. Read articles about inquiry, equity, and other key topics for educators and parents. Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
    Math Topics
    Use math topic words to find web sites with lesson plans and activities.
  • Math fundamentals problem of the week
    Featured in ENC Focus ENC Digital Dozen Site
    Date: Grade(s): Cost: Free ENC#:
    This Internet site, developed by the Math Forum, features nonroutine problems for students working in the content areas of numbers, operations, and measurement, as well as introductory geometry, data, and probability. The problems are designed to help elementary students learn to problem-solve and communicate mathematically.
    (For more details, see ENC Record
    Math playground

    Featured in ENC Focus ENC Digital Dozen Site
    Date: Grade(s): K - 6 Cost: Free ENC#:
    This Internet site contains a number of word problems, math games, and logic puzzles designed to help students in grades K-6 practice their skills in mathematics. The activities focus primarily on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • 80. Lakeland:Teacher Resources
    for lesson plans, activities, resources collaborative Lesson Archive lesson plans for grades preschool through gr. use, great links Emath lesson plans
    American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
    American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
    American Library Association (ALA)
    Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI)
    Computer Using Educators (CUE)
    Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
    International Association of School Librarianship (IASL)
    International Reading Association (IRA)
    International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
    Music Educators National Conference (MENC)
    National Art Education Association (NAEA)
    National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
    National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE)
    National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP)
    National Council for the Social Studies (NCCS)
    National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
    National Education Association (NEA)
    National Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
    National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
    Please go to the page
    A To Z TeacherStuff
    this site has online lesson plans, thematic units, literature units, teacher tips and so on
    Activity Center
    Houghton-Mifflin's database of over 400 K-8 lessons, sorted by grade and curricular area

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