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         Preschool Art Coloring Books:     more books (45)
  1. Scare Squad (Tabbed Coloring Book) by Frank Berrios, 2003-05-13
  2. Call of the Wild (Super Coloring Book) by Frank Berrios, 2003-05-13
  3. My Own Very Hungry Caterpillar Coloring Book
  4. The Tank Gang: Finding Nemo Coloring Book Plus Bathtub Stickers by RH Disney, 2003-04-22
  5. The Frog Prince (Read and Color Me Again & Again)
  6. Rainbow Brite:Rainbow Falls (Coloring Book with Foil Stickers) by Jeff Albrecht, 2004-10-01
  7. Native Animals of Hawaii Coloring Book by Patrick Ching, 1997-06
  8. Snow Place Like Home (Scooby-Doo! (Golden))
  9. Friends Forever? (Col Plus SelfInk Stamper Mark) by Golden Books, 2003-01-14
  10. Sunshine and Flowers (Color Plus Magnets) by Golden Books, 2003-01-14
  11. My Little Pony Color & Iron-Ons Book (My Little Pony) by Jennifer Frantz, 2005-01-01
  12. Mouse house: A starting art adventure book : to draw and color, ages 3-7 by Sarah Gross, 1985
  13. My Little Pony Color & Sticker Book (My Little Pony) by Ann Marie Capalija, 2003-09-01
  14. My Little Pony: Pony Pals Color & Cutie Marks Tattoo Book (My Little Pony) by Ann Marie Capalija, 2003-09-01

21. Just For Preschoolers - WebTopic - France & Associates
Kinder art Little Hands - Free preschool Activities Lots Perpetual preschool This is a vast site with They have projects, coloring books, online games and a
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at Just for Preschoolers When the web was first getting underway, there weren't very many online games and activities. And those for pre-readers were even more scarce. Now, thankfully, we have an abundance of sites geared toward preschoolers. A few of them can even be managed without much adult help. I've included some of the best in this WebTopic (be sure to also see our list of books, software, videos, and kits just for preschoolers). I'd still like to see more critical thinking sites for younger children. There's an overabundance of coloring pages and no-brainers that could just as easily be accomplished off the web. Who needs a $2,000 computer to print out a coloring book page when you can just go grab a whole book at any grocery or bookstore? The computer could be put to better use by letting the child use a graphics program or a more open-ended story-writing CD-ROM. For instance, I sat down with my niece, Rachel, when she was four years old. She had an insatiable curiosity about animals of the sea. So, together we created her own storybook on the computer. She dictated the plot as I typed her words. Then she placed dolphins, sharks, and people on backgrounds of ocean scenes. She narrated her story into the microphone. We printed it out in color and bound it into a book that she could take with herher very first story, written by

22. Christian Coloring Pages And Materials
coloring Pages. Come and have fun with free coloring pages suitable for preschool and kindergarten. Clip art. coloring books. Craft books. colorin

23. Preschool Coloring Book - Preschoolcoloringbook http// http snow coloring book pages Winter coloring Book Pages preschool coloring books coloring Book Of
Preschool Coloring Book Children > Arts and Entertainment > Arts and Crafts Description of Site:
Dedicated to helping your preschooler explore the creative world of drawing and coloring. Coloring and no line coloring pages, and journals.
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Camping Coloring Pages

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24. Coloring Books
Marx (Introduction) (Plastic Comb June 1999) The Tibetan art coloring Book by J Big preschool Workbook by School Zone Publishing Company (Editor), School Zone
Toy Store

Children's Books

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Jazz Music Store
Baby Products Camera Store ... Video Store Coloring Books Purchase the most popular Coloring Books Coloring Books items available sorted by sales rank. Get product descriptions, prices, reviews, and more information by clicking on any item. Sort Items By: ALPHABETICAL PRICE The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals by Richard Hughes, Michael Rowe (Contributor) (Hardcover - February 1991) Milady's Standard Hair Coloring Manual and Activities Book: A Level System Approach by Deborah Rangl, Deb Rangl (Paperback) Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbook: A Complete Study Guide by Elaine N. Marieb (Author) (Paperback) Horse Anatomy, A Coloring Atlas

25. Kiddie Links
line of books, there are also activities such as Cooking art,preschool art, Math art, Language art, Circle Time Even has free downloadable coloring books!).
Cartoon Favorites
The Official Smurf Homepage

Includes historical smurf facts, games (including a "Smurfsaw Puzzle" and the "MegaSmurf Quiz"), events and shopping.
Sponge Bob Square Pants

He's a Sponge, his name is Bob and he wears square pants ->Nickelodeon's favorite undersea creature. Featuring games, a screen saver and more.
The Magic School Bus Fun Place

A Scholastic site which includes a kids art gallery (now accepting your masterpieces), an activity lab (Maze Craze, Space Chase, Shine-On, Monster Bugs, The Great Habitat Match-Up, Monster Bugs, Gets an Earful, Steller Storytelling Studio, Coloring Book, Party Kits, etc.), as well as plenty of information about books, videos, CD-ROMS, fan clubs, etc.
Pokemon-Gotta Catch ‘Em All

All about Pokemon!
Arthur-the World’s Most Famous Aardvark

This site delves into the lives of each and every character from the Marc Brown cartoon. Arthur, D.W. , Buster, the Brain, etc. - they are all there! Includes, bios, games, coloring, parent/teacher information, etc. Literary Sites The Official Eric Carle Website This site features all aspects of Eric Carle’s beautifully illustated Childrens’ books. Includes an Eric Carle bio, info. about the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, upcoming events and new publications, FAQ, a bulletin board, list of books and even an Eric-Carle store.

26. Drawing And Coloring
Suitable for preschool and primary school children. http// Toddler art A place to show the world your toddlers
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book coloring drawing
Links: Kids and Teens: Pre-School: Drawing and Coloring
Home Kids and Teens Pre-School : Drawing and Coloring
Shop for books on animation, sketching, painting with pastel and colored pencils, and related art topics such as perspective.
Shop for books on animation, sketching, painting with pastel and colored pencils, and related art topics such as perspective.
Buy the "Color Drawing." by Michael E. Doyle. Get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.
Office Depot - Drafting Supplies

Large array of graphic business supplies includes markers, crayons, and colored pencils, drafting papers and supplies, and cutting mats.
KB Toys - Disney Princess Shop

Sell Your Drawings

Online marketplace for artwork helps you sell your work. Searching for drawing and colorin? Uncover more of the web with metasearch. collects only the top results from the best search engines on the Internet. Web, News, Images, ... Drawing and Coloring Web Search Results Below Add Your Site or modify Art Links to online coloring sites, learn-to-draw and paint sites, and art museums.

27. Art Supply Store By
Related terms include preschool crafts, digital art supplies for arts and craft supply, art for kids Three themed Color Wonder coloring books Dinosaurs, Castles
Art Supply Store Information Available by
Art supply store sources presented at Art supply store information available by clicking above. Find art supply store on The largest selling oil color in America, Pre-tested has remarkable acceptance with artists. From artist easel, table top easel, display easel and studio easel AllArtSupply has the right easel for what you need. AllArtSupply has all you need when looking for Rapidograph Pens and supplies. We carry various sizes of Sigo Portfolio Cases along with economical refill supplies. We carry a great selection of Paint by Numbers Kits and Sets. Testrite PC Series light boxes feature metal enamel bases, UL-listing, 5000 degrees K color. Related terms include preschool crafts digital art supplies arizona art supplies art supply kit , and art supply stores
Art supply store
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28. Coloring Books
Capalija, Gayle Middleton Children preschool preschool Recreational Activities Stress Management Papercrafts Adult coloring books art - General
Coloring books
The Anatomy Coloring Book (3rd Edition)
Wynn Kapit
Lawrence M. Elson
Human anatomy
... Color Theory

29. Ask The Preschool Teacher: Question 12
play (there are lots on the preschool Education Webpage Again using the clip art books from 2 just make 5. coloring books also make great flannel board pieces
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Preschool Education .Com
2-26-00 Question 12
Dear Preschool Teacher
I teach 3 year olds and they love flannel stories. Is there a good website or do you know of a great flannel book?
Thank you,
Flannel for three's
Dear Flannel for three's,
I love flannel board stories. I have taken a few work shop on the subject. Below are a few links to some great Flannel board books from
I also wanted to mention some other ways to make flannel board stories and parts.
1. Take old story books that are falling apart and copy the story down to another paper. Then cut out key pictures to the story and laminate them and add a felt back. Walla! Instant story. 2. When you find a story either from a books or other wise, go through clip art books and find pictures that go with the story and copy, cut, and color them. Add a felt back. Then place the pictures up on the board as you tell the story.

30. Lukol Directory - Kids And Teens Pre-School Drawing And Coloring
Suitable for preschool and primary school children. Download online coloring books for hours of coloring fun Toddler art A place to show the world your toddlers

Lukol Directory -
Kids and Teens Pre-School Drawing and Coloring ... Coloring Spot
Offer animal pictures to colour online, and pictures of people to download and colour.
Free Coloring Pages

Download printable coloring pages to keep the kids happy.
Lil' Fingers

Many assorted coloring pages for toddlers.
Caillou's World
Printable pictures of Caillou and friends to color. Includes seasonal pictures. Coloriage for kids Offers the magic of interactive color filling within a colorful website. Unofficial Blue's Clues Drawings for printing and coloring. The Little Artist Free coloring pages with the alphabet, numbers, and bears. Cory's Paintbox Interactive coloring book for children ages 3-8. A comic strip to color on line. Also in Spanish, French, and Japanese.

31. Gift Giving For The Holidays, Toddler, Preschool, Scool Aged, Teens
Other toy ideas for school age children are art supplies, computer games with clothes and the youngest (4) got different coloring crayons and coloring books.
Perfect Gifts for the Holidays
by Marie-Helen Goyetche
"I use my children's wish list for gift giving but the gifts stay in my home. We enjoy playing together so they receive gifts we can all share. My ex-husband and I discuss the gift giving first, so we know who is buying what," says Elisa V. Buying holiday presents is a challenge for all parents. What to buy, whether or not you know what they have? As soon as they are old enough, you'll probably receive lists of toys wanted. Here are some ideas for those that don't get a list. The toddler: Young children love building toys. The bigger the block, the better. (Caution: younger children have choked on the small mini ones.) You'll find cardboard, soft sponge, wooden, plastic, and fitting blocks. Other toy ideas for toddlers are: board books, puzzles, and balls. The pre-schooler: Through art, children learn to create. Make an art kit using an brief case to hold art supplies. Fill it up with: various papers, different crayons and markers, scissors, glue, stickers, and other office supplies. Other toy ideas for pre-schoolers are: books with tapes, action figures, dolls, playdough, puzzles, memory games, balls and hoops. The school-age child: They love to build and create, they can read directions and are more patient. Model cars, and crafting kits are great gift ideas. Other toy ideas for school -age children are: art supplies, computer games, board games, sports accessories, science kits, books, and 3-D puzzles. "I get the ideas from their lists, but I always like to sneak surprises in, little things they didn't ask for. I like computer games, videos, video games, books, things that are small, and can be put away at my house, (or theirs) and things that retain their value. Good quality expensive toys, are to me, worth the investment," says Sally M. "I really don't have any regrets, except maybe when I over did it, (to compensate for whatever feelings of guilt I may have)."

32. Coloring Books
art StainedGlass Window (Doodle art Medium Tubes Dot-To-Dot preschool Activity and coloring Double-Dip Penguin Surprise The coloring Book Down on the
Coloring Books ABCs Activity African American Airplanes ... Words Other Children's Products Jigsaw Puzzles Sticker Books Stuffed Toys Videos for Kids
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Coloring Books Without Images
3-D Alphabet Coloring Book 3-D Designs A Book For Coloring And Learning About Diabetes A Christmas Carol Coloring Book [ABRIDGED] ... Zoo Animals Coloring Book

33. Coloring Books And Art Activities For PreSchoolers On CD-ROM From
Toprated Games and Educational Products for All Ages. has been in the CD-ROM business for 8 years and maintains one of the largest web sites dedicated to CD-ROMs in the world. Our

New Arrivals

Back in Stock

Price Reductions

Upcoming Titles
Amazing Animals
- Crayola - $9.95 Ages 3 to 7. Preschoolers can create beautiful 3D pictures with a simple click of a mouse in the Magic 3D Coloring Book. Animal World Adventures - NVI Kids - $14.95 Ages 4 and up. Have hours of fun coloring and learning about the exciting world of wild animals. Blue's Art Time Activities - Humongous - $14.95 Ages 3 to 6. Steve and Blue need help creating art for the Really Big Art Show. Will you help them? Cool Critters - Crayola - $9.95 Ages 3 to 7. Coloring book critters leap to life in 3D! Create and Draw in Elmo's World - Mattel Media - $14.95 Ages 3 and up. Makes your child's drawings come to life! Dandy Dinosaurs - Multicom - $8.95 Ages 3 to 9. Enjoy the interactive adventures of Max the Dragon. Discovery Adventures - NVI Kids - $14.95 Ages 4 and up. Travel the globe and learn about the the world's greatest inventions. Favorite Places - Crayola - $9.95 Ages 3 to 7. Preschoolers can create beautiful and life-like, three-dimensional pictures with a simple click of a mouse. Gus and the Cyberbuds Sing, Play and Paint

34. Animated Coloring Pages, Drawings To Print And Paint And Fun Coloring Books For
Offers online coloring books and printand-paint pages. Fun games for kids, by kids. Suitable for preschool and primary school children.
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Fun coloring pages, coloring books and drawings
animated coloring books, print-and-paint coloring pages, drawings for kids and much more.
Click here
to visit
... and if that doesn't interest you,
try our search engine for kids (and family) : ...or visit these fun free sites :

35. The Platypus Family On Line Book Store Coloring Book
Online coloring book and printand-paint page. Suitable for preschool and primary school children.
Date Place Childrens
keep the track of your
family's activities from
week to week. on Baby Shower Throwing or Children Theme Parties.
The Platypus Family On Line Book Store Coloring Book Use your browser's Print command, usually located in the File menu to print out the platypus picture. It can then be colored as desired. You can see this picture in color on the bottom left on this page or full size if you click here or on Contact Us button on this site.
Find more platypus free, printable coloring pages
Find out more about childrens animal books author Emma Lafond!
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36. First Art Appreciation Preschool Activities And Crafts
plans for older toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Story of the Sunflower coloring Book Activity, Learning First Bible art that Reflects Biblical Scripture.
Home Search
Preschool Themes Index
Alphabet Activities

Alphabet Printables


Art Appreciation



Coloring Pages
Sisters Sites: DLTK's Crafts KidsRCrafty
First Art Appreciation Preschool Activities and Crafts
Home Themes Updated: April 28, 2004 Come and have fun with Art Appreciation activities and lesson plans for older toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Visit a theme or artist to find activities that include easy instructions and a list of materials needed. You will find lesson plans, crafts, printable activities, coloring pages, and related early childhood resources related to art appreciation. I would love to hear your kind comments and ideas to make this a better site. Story paper Suggestions to encourage drawing, artistic expression, handwriting, and early creative writing First Art Appreciation A Still Life and Activity Collage Technique: Seashore Collage A Autumn Landscape: Craft: Fall/Autumn Family Landscape, What is a landscape?, Online Visit: North American Landscapes, Shapes, Colors, Seasons, Holidays, All About Me: My Family, A Winter Landscape: Winter Bear Craft Landscape Activity, Winter Season

37. Gumby Coloring Books
Come into the art room at Creative art Projects to find FREE games for all ages, FREE arts and crafts, coloring pages, Seasonal art Projects, art products, and more. 1999 Creative art Projects Javasript By Randy Bennett Site Map Search. Gumby coloring books. Published by Trendmasters, Inc Some of these coloring books have a print option
var code = ' '; document.write(code);
Artwork and Website Design By: Debbie Parker © 1999 Creative Art Projects Javasript By: Randy Bennett HOME Site Map Search
Gumby Coloring Books
Published by Trendmasters, Inc. Age Group: Age 2 to 8
Type: Freeware
Description: Children will have loads of fun coloring in space or underwater. Gumby even travels to prehistoric times, joins the army, and becomes a ninja. (With all these adventures how does he make time for his TV show?) Some of these coloring books have a print option. So, either use the machine and color the 6 pictures with a palette of about 30 colors, or print them out to share with friends! Download Details Requires: 486 DX2 66 or higher, 8 MB RAM, SVGA, mouse, Windows 3.1 or better Filename: gplush.exe Filesize: 1.3 MB Download Sites: Gumby Plush Coloring Book Gumby Astro Coloring Book (printable) Gumby Prehistoric Coloring Book (printable)

38. Activities For Kids,Art Craft,Mathemagic,Coloring Book,Mathematics,Quiz For Chil
coloring Book I Learn to draw Indian dances, Dandiya so here is a traditional art from India Multiplication I For Nursery / preschool Learning through Story


... Search Activities Mathemagic Quiz 4 U Previous Page Looking for Games Cartoonist Profile [ By Randy Glasbergen - From his book " How to be a Successful Cartoonist " ]
John Caldwell
[ "MAD Magazine", National Lampoon" ]
Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman
[ "Baby Blues", "Nancy" ]
Mort Walker
[ "Beetle Bailey", Hi & Lois" ]
Brian Crane
[ "Pickles" ]
Joe Kohl
[ Designing Greetings Plus author of two cartoon collections, Martial Bliss and Other Oxymorons and Unspeakably Rotten Cartoons
John McPherson
[ Universal Press Syndicate ]
Frank Cotham
[ The New Yorker Magazine ] Coloring Book [XIV] More designs for Bed Sheets, Covers, Table Clothe, Sofa Covers, Pillow Covers etc. A must for housewives, and those who love stiching / sewing... Coloring Book [XIII] Indian Textile Patterns. Some new designs for Bed Sheets, Covers, Table Clothe, Sofa Covers, Pillow Covers etc. A must for housewives, and those who love stiching / sewing... Mehandi / Henna Design Book [II] Hindu, Muslim, Arabic Wedding / Festival Make Up with Henna...

39. - Coloring Sites - Print & Color
Picture categories include themes like Refrigerator art, About 3, Calendar, and more. preschool coloring Book preschoolers, get ready to color!




... Alphabet Coloring Pages
From Apple to Dinosaur to Monkey to Zebra, get creative and color these alphabet pictures, then print them out to create your very own alphabet art gallery! Animal Forest Coloring Book
Print and color pictures of Tommy Turtle, K.G. Rabbit, Odell and Okie Possum, or five other scenes from the Possum Twins world. Arthur the Aardvark: Coloring Book
D.W. has put together a cool coloring book filled with pictures of her brother Arthur, his best friend Buster, his puppy Pal, and the rest of the characters from the show! Berenstain Bears Coloring Book
Choose from 9 great pictures to print and color starring your favorite Berenstain Bear characters. Bungalo Books - Color a Picture
Nicely illustrated cartoons you're sure to have fun coloring. Cartoon Critters
Offers dozens of cartoons to print and color, and coloring books with pictures that you can color online. Also includes graphic step-by-step instructions on how to draw cartoons, online games you can play, and crafts. Chevron Cars Coloring Pages Now you can print and color your favorite Chevron toy car. Choose from 16 to color.

40. Flower Theme
coloring Page Daisy (pdf) preschool Printable Activity Christmas Winter art Activities Poinsettia. Rose Kendra s coloring Book Online or Offline coloring
Flower Theme
Pratt's Educational Resources
Poinsettia Crafts

Flower Craft
Dye rice and different shapes of pasta using some rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Let it dry. Take those and have your children or students glue it on paper plates to make flowers. You can even glue glitter or other things onto the flower. Place pre-cut paper stem and leaves to put under the finished flower. DLTK's Learn About Flowers Craft Books
Leo The Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus
Leo The Late Bloomer Activities
Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
A book about planting flowers that looks like a rainbow.
Planting a Rainbow Science Lesson Plan @ Lessonplanpage

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
These songs are in the Children's Songbook published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from page 238-245. You can find this songbook in any bookstore (for example, Deseret Book). "In the Leafy Treetops", 240 "Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep", 243 "Little Purple Pansies", 244 Game I went to Preschool Printables: File Folders/ Number In Bloom I copied the different pages of this file folder game. I had to print it at 95% so it would fit a page. I did something different than what she has in her directions. Here is what I did different: Copy the flowers and the pages of the dots on flower pedals.

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