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         Preschool Activities Teach:     more books (28)
  1. Preschool Sing Along Activity Book with CD: Songs That Teach Preschool (Sing Along Activity Books) by Kim Mitzo Thompson, 2006-01-02
  2. Using Literature Activities to Teach Content Areas to Emergent Readers by Mildred R. Donoghue, 2000-11-15
  3. Following Directions: Easy Learning Songs And Instant Activities That Teach Key Listening Skills (Sing Along and Learn) by Ken Sheldon, 2006-05
  4. Tunes That Teach Spelling Bk/cd Set: 12 Lively Tunes and Hands-On Activities That Teach Spelling Rules, Patterns, and Tricky Words by Marcia Miller, Martin Lee, 2005-01-01
  5. Sing Along and Learn: Early Skills: Easy Learning Songs and Instant Activities That Teach Key Skills and Concepts (Sing Along and Learn) by Ken Sheldon, 2006-05-01
  6. Sing Along and Learn: Early Math: Easy Learning Songs and Instant Activities That Teach Key Math Skills and Concepts (Sing Along and Learn) by Ken Sheldon, 2006-05-01
  7. Around the Year: Easy Learning Songs And Instant Activities That Teach And Delight All Year Long (Sing Along and Learn) by Ken Sheldon, 2006-05
  8. Kindergarten Sing Along Activity Book with CD: Songs That Teach Kindergarten (Sing Along Activity) by Sue Laroy, Ken Carder, 2005-08-01
  9. Literacy Play : Over 300 Dramatic Play Activities that Teach Pre-Reading Skills by Sherrie West, Amy Cox, 2004-08-30
  10. 26 Easy & Adorable Alphabet Recipes for Snacktime: Quick, No-Cook Recipes with Instant Activities That Teach Each Letter of the Alphabet & Turn Snacktime into Learning Time! by Tracy Jarboe, Stefani Sadler, 2002-04-01
  11. The Peaceful Classroom: 162 Easy Activities to Teach Preschoolers Compassion and Cooperation by Charles A. Smith, Nancy L. Downing, 1993-07
  12. And the Cow Jumped over the Moon: Over 650 Activities to Teach Toddlers Using Familiar Rhymes And Songs (For Toddlers and Twos) by Pam Schiller, Thomas Moore, 2006-07-31
  13. Instructional activities to teach concepts and technical language as readiness skills for instruction in reading: A preschool activities plan (Masters' theses. Education. Reading) by Susan E Maxon, 1986
  14. Literacy-Building Booklets: A Big Collection of Interactive Mini-Books That Help Children Explore Concepts of Print, Build Vocabulary, and Tie Into the Topics You Teach-All Year Long! by Suzanne Moore, Lucia Kemp Henry, 2007-03-01

1. Preschool Activities
Teach Me Mommy is a preschool education guide containing preschool lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and crafts for use by mothers of preschoolers, preschool teachers and other caregivers article about my home preschool activities for a national, special to have preschool activities at home for their own children, too. So I wrote, TEACH ME MOMMY A Preschool
Preschool Activities
Give Your Child This Head Start In Life!
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Listen to "Kookaburra" sample
My name is Jill Dunford.
Several years ago, I wrote an article about my home preschool activities for a national, special interest magazine. The response was amazing! I received calls and letters from all over the country asking for more information. Many asked for a manual or a how-to book , so that they could learn how to have preschool activities at home for their own children, too. So I wrote, TEACH ME MOMMY - A Preschool Learning Guide , now in its third edition . I'm offering it to you because, if you're like me, you want:
  • more quality time with your children, greater parent/child interaction, a good opportunity to teach correct principles in a home setting, but in a way that is easy as possible, with a minimum of preparation.

2. Preschool Zone - Teaching Ideas
Play Skills ideas to teach students with disabilities preschool Ideas This site has ideas organized by theme, you can find songs, activities, and curriculum
Teaching Ideas for Early Childhood Special Educators
Don't reinvent the wheel - there are lots of ways to share teaching ideas on the web. Choose from: [actual ideas sorted by theme] [Linda's database of teaching ideas] [links to other sites with teaching ideas] (The symbol indicates items added after February 2003)
Ideas sorted by Theme:
(A indicates a link that will take you to a new web site. All other links are to pages on this web site.) Animals including farm, zoo, water, birds, bugs


3. Preschool Activities For A Multicultural Theme
I wrote this for multicultural month to teach diversity and For AfricanAmerican early childhood education activities go to the preschool Black History
P r e s c h o o l
Activities for a Multicultural Theme
Young children explore different cultures, traditions and customs as they participate in these early childhood education activities and lesson plans. E-mail Gayle to include your favorite Multicultural activity!
Print this Theme
Preschool Multicultural Activities
Promote multicultural awareness and self esteem with this early childhood education activity by Matina Materials: Paper and a camera. Description: We made passports by stapling white paper to construction paper. Then from January until May we studied a different country. We studied Russia, Africa, Ireland, Israel, China, Antarctica, Australia, Mexico, Japan, France, Hawaii, and Saudi Arabia. Then for each country the youngsters wore a hat or a prop from that country (ex: France, beret). We took pictures of each child wearing his or her hat or prop. Then I glued the pictures into each child's individual passport and gave it to them along with a world traveler certificate at the end of the year. They had lots of fun "dressing up!" World Passport
Teach pre-k and kindergarten children the concept of "Around the World" with this early childhood project by Gina.

4. Preschool Activity Children's Videos: The Preschool Power! Series
Multiaward-winning preschool activity videos recommended by Montessori and other early childhood development experts. preschool Activity Videos Skill-Building activities for preschoolers Toddlers Weekend called these activity videos "Simply the best preschool programs that teach basic skills."
Preschool Activity Index
Great Reviews Expert Opinions Success Stories ... Contact Us Testimonials "I borrowed a copy of Preschool Power! from my neighbor, and my nearly-3-year-old really latched on to it. It's amazing: that's all she wants to watch, and all the time! She really loves those little children. And I discovered that she learned to put on her jacket all by herself!"
Linda Rainone, Londenderry, NH "When my 15-month-old woke up cranky from her nap one day I turned on the TV and there was Preschool Power! She just quieted right down and watched- fascinated by all those wonderful little kids. Now we prefer to use Preschool Power to TV. We limit the amount of TV our children watch and consider these videos valuable.
Deborah A. Bailey, Bothell, WA
My daughter's three and four-year old boys went wild about the first Preschool Power! video they got, so I just gave them three more! Where could you find a more perfect gift for a grandchild? It's fun while learning!"

5. Preschool Activities
activities for preschoolers during homeschool school time Thousandth Book Celebration! preschool activities. HOME Site Map All my activity bags for this subject shared the same goal to teach DS beginning consonant sounds
Get Paula's Vocabulary Vine
More fun, more reinforcement, less money!
And for Biology, check out Science Roots
Win a FREE book!
Thousandth Book Celebration!

Preschool Activities
Sonlight Art Lit for History ...
  • Jump to Bottom of this Page For more preschooler ideas, see these sites:
    Linda Coyle's page

    Abecedarian Academy Homepreschool

    Homeschoolchristian.Com Preschoolers

    101 Activities to Do With Your Toddler
    ... Michelle's Preschooler Activities 102 I-Can-Do-It-Myself Activities is a book with more ideas for homeschoolers. Shekinah Curriculum Cellar and Hewitt Homeschooling carry it for $14.95. What can I do with my preschooler now, to make sure she's ready for kindergarten? There's a good essay on the subject, at Eclectic Homeschool . What if my 3- or 4-year-old is ready to start school? Read Homeschooling 3 and 4 Year Olds Activity Ideas for Preschoolers From: MrsD These are things we have done at one time or another. OBVIOUSLY, some require more supervision than others. Many are intended for when the child is near you as you work with other children on their lessons. These are in no particular order. If nothing else, maybe reading this list will get your own creative juices flowing!
    • Plastic (or cardboard) coins and a piggy bank - bought or home-made (Pringles can, slit cut in top).
  • 6. KWL1
    Offers a reading program with activities and workbooks that teach preschool children beginning reading skills as well as other skills that prepare them for school.




    Search At Home

    Find all the top sites for Search At Home, find reviews of the best resource, Thousands of Internet information, Quick and easy search at Home.

    This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here PRESCHOOL and KINDERGARTEN CURRICULUM Kids Without Limits Language Arts Levels One and Two are now available to the public. Audiblox. Develops foundational learning skills such as concentration, spatial orientation and number concept, visual and auditory memory, and verbal comprehension. Can be applied one-on-one or in a group. For more information, click on the links to the left. There is a separate, detailed page for each of these levels. Still being developed: Language Arts Level 3, a math program, and a monthly program including holidays, music, physical activities, crafts, science, and much more. These methods have been used for my own child and children in the home child care center I used to run. This program works. The children become empowered and so proud of themselves when they develop these skills, and are extremely ready to begin school. The course begins with very basic skills and covers many skills a child needs to develop in the preschool and kindergarten years and includes learning to read, which isn’t often included in preschool courses. This is an accelerated course for preschool children, and is comprehensive even for a kindergarten curriculum. There will be suggestions for each level and subject how to adjust the curriculum according to your student’s age, grade, and/or abilities.

    7. Preschool, Kindergarten Skills Link Page
    What s great about this site is its primary purpse is to teach. While all the activities are entertaining, they all educate and GRADE LEVEL preschool; Secular.
    Don't forget to go to Preschool Links Page 2!

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    Please e-mail them to me at the address below.
    SONG:  "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers"
    Midi-Player: courtesy of Crescendo - Click on the MIDI graphic to download it from Crescendo.
    Click here to read a cartoon story about "Room 310"
    Kids Domain
    GRADE LEVEL:     Ages 2-5;  Secular
    Lots of educational preschool games to download here.   Available for PC's or MAC's.   The site also contains educational games for other ages.    We found some nice things here.   Worth a look. Barney Online
    GRADE LEVEL:     Preschool, Kindergarten; Secular COMMENTS:     Lots of educational preschool games related to Barney.   The games change according to holiday or season but all games require Shockwave to play. Billy Bear Alphabet Games GRADE LEVEL:     Preschool, Kindergarten;  Secular

    8. Early Learning At Home -
    Offers information for parents who wish to teach their early learners at home. Includes news and articles, discussion boards, and links to curricululm providers, lesson plans and activities, and other home preschool sites.

    Early Learning at Home
    Search The Web Member Central Join Our Community! Login What's New Become a SuiteU Affiliate ... MemberUpdate Suite University About Suite University Suite University News Visit the University Course Listing ... FREE Demo Course New Topics Parenting Babies and Toddlers Views of a Young Appalachian Woman SpiritWell Travel Book Reviews ... More... Suite Events Teacher Appreciation Event 2004 Family Focus 2004 In Tune With Johann Sebastian Bach More about Suite101 About Advertise With Suite For more information - Select a related topic - Adult Education African-American Home Sch Amateur Astronomy Astronomy and Astrophysic Biographies of Scientists Homeschool Curriculum Rev Indexing Making Learning FUN! Math is fun Physics Lite Saving For College Science Surfing Social and Emotional Lear Success Strategies for Co Teachers Using Technology Teaching Computers To Chi Welsh Language Words, Words, and More Wo Writing Well
    - Select a related course - Adventures in Impressioni Awesome Grades in Math an Beyond Stenciling Creating Dynamic Unit Stu Cure Your Math Anxiety: B Developing Basic Grammar Effective College Strateg Grant Research and Writin Helping with Homework Homeschooling Your Specia How to Start Homeschoolin Learning a Second Languag Stenciling 101 Study of Linguistics and Teacher's Net Teaching Writing to Child Teaching Writing to Child Understanding Poetry Visual Literacy - A Cours Visit Education Detailed Topic List Home Social sciences ... Elementary education Early Learning at Home

    9. Preschool Black History Activity Theme
    I teach Head Start and we celebrate lots of cultural and ethnic holidays......Black history activities, African American, lesson plans, songs, rhymes, crafts and games for preschool children. preschool Black History Theme. activities for teachers of Young Children
    P r e s c h o o l Black History Theme
    Activities for Teachers of Young Children
    Early childhood education Black history activities and lesson plans for teachers of preschool children. You'll find action rhymes, songs, art and crafts, a game, a skit and even a rap song in this theme that enhances curriculum and celebrates the contributions of African-Americans.
    E-mail Gayle
    to include your favorite Black History activity. Print this Theme
    Preschool Black History Activities
    Black History
    This preschool and kindergarten song is from Marilyn G . who says, "E xemplify unity through song and help children understand that even though we may be different, we are the same in many ways. Send Dr. Martin Luther King's message to others." Description: This is a song but it could be learned as a poem. It was written by a former preschool teacher, Esther Yost , of Ann Arbor,Mi., about 15 years ago: I have a dream, said Martin Luther King
    We're gonna make that dream come true.
    Let freedom ring, said Martin Luther King

    10. Preschool Theme: Activities For Toddlers
    Color Glove teach toddlers five colors with this song and idea from Tammy. More dinosaur activitiesare in preschool activities for a Dinosaur Theme
    P r e s c h o o l Theme:
    Activities for Toddlers
    Early childhood activities especially suitable for teaching toddlers. Seasonal learning ideas that can be included in a wide variety of themes. E-mail Gayle
    to include your favorite Toddler activity in this theme!
    Print this Theme.
    Preschool Activity Theme For Toddlers
    Sensory: Pudding Paint
    Michelle T
    Materials: Instant pudding, food coloring, small containers for pudding, long sheet of bulletin board paper or heavy craft paper, soap and water. Description: Prepare pudding and tape paper to a table. Teachers can pre mix food coloring with the pudding or let the children do it. Give each child their own container of pudding, then let them use their fingers to do the rest. Talk about how it feels between their fingers, about the taste, and the smell.
    Phone Book Beams
    Toddlers use gross motor skills and practice walking and balancing during this inexpensive activity from Gabby Materials: Old phone books, large sheets of paper and tape.

    11. Preschool Lessons, Activities, What Your Preschooler Should Know.
    Kidspsych teach through games. Everything preschool Themes, lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, and more. April s Daycare activities, themes, and links to

    What About Socialization?

    An article written by Mary Gardner

    One of my friends printed off worksheets from here with letters, numbers, etc. Instead of making numerous copies, she put each worksheet inside one of those plastic page protectors.
    Using washable or dry-erase markers, her child can trace the worksheets. Afterwards, each page can be cleaned off with some mild detergent and water.
    (Thanks, Carla!)
    Providing links to lesson plans, worksheets,
    tips,activities and more for your preschool child!
    Kinderart - Littles: Artmaking: Building/Creating
    Kinderart: Special Nature Card (Could also be used as Science) Crayola Early Childhood Creative Experiences Books to Help Preschoolers Learn About Art More Books on Preschool Art Science Kinderart - Littles: Science/Nature Kinderart - Littles: Oceans/Lakes Kinderart: Animal Noises Kinderart: How Do Flowers Grow? ... Guess the Animal Books to Help Preschoolers Learn About Science More Books on Preschool Science Marilee's Paperdolls Page Paperdolls are a great way to learn social skills through play. This site has LOTS of links!

    12. The ChildFun Family Website
    Who says parenting cant be fun Seasonal activities Spring Ideas activities. Posted by Jenny you are trying to teach them to expand their making "headdresses" (a common preschool activity) is not recommended

    13. Preschool Activity Ideas (Toddlers, Too!): House Work
    If you’ll take the trouble to teach your child polishing is only one of hundreds of housework activities around the So well, in fact, that the preschool Power
    Preschool Power! Activity Children's Videos (for Toddlers, too!) Housework Activities
    Preschool Activity Index Great Reviews Expert Opinions Success Stories ... Contact Us
    Housework Activities Can Be FunWhen You're a Preschooler Polishing a Beautiful Table Until it Shines!
    Preschoolers love to help with the family chores. It’s a wonderful way for little guys to develop manual dexterity, concentration and self-confidence. And it makes your child so proud to know he or she is contributing something real and important to the life of the family. I f you’ll take the trouble to teach your child each task step by step and have the patience to stand back and let her master things at her own pace, you’ll be richly rewarded. Children may not really be much help at first, of course. But as time goes on and their confidence and skill grows, you may be surprised at the things they can do around the house. T able polishing is only one of hundreds of housework activities around the house where preschoolers can pitch in and help. Try the totally non-toxic home-made formula in our lesson plan (see below)to give your child a safe and sweet-smelling experience.

    14. Alphabet Activities For Preschool And Kindergarten
    Everything needed to teach preschool and kindergarten the alphabet in 1 convenient source handson alphabet activities, letter worksheets, songs, games
    O'Block Books Proud member of the Better Business Bureau of Western PA Click here to read the Product Review of our book done by the national magazine, Connecting@Home Now I Know My ABCs and a Whole Lot More! Everything needed to teach preschool and kindergarten the alphabet in 1 convenient source: hands-on alphabet activities, letter worksheets, songs, games, puppets and more. O'Block Books understands the time constraints teachers and parents face. This is why we offer everything you need to teach the alphabet and pre-reading skills in one convenient place. We offer:
    • 26 letter units, one for each letter of the alphabet (383 total pages) Hands-on alphabet activities for teaching letter recognition and pre-reading skills that utilize a variety of teaching styles Cute patterns and picture cards for all activities A puppet mascot and student reward for each letter Picture cards, bingo cards, songs, games, and recipes

    15. Fingerplay To Teach Counting And Number Skills
    ISBN 0876591829. © 1997. Gryphon House, Inc. Jackie Silberg presents this fingerplay for preschoolers,. along with other fun preschool activities in.
    Literacy Connections See all of our Fingerplays for Young Children
    Ten Red Apples Jackie Silberg Say the following poem and do the actions:
    Ten red apples growing on a tree. Hold arms up in the air like branches.
    Five for you and five for me. Shake one hand and then the other.
    I will shake the tree just so, Shake body.
    And let the apples fall below. Move fingers downward through the air.
    One, two, three, four, five, Count fingers on one hand.
    Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Count fingers on the other hand.
    This activity (excerpt) is taken from: 300 Three Minute Games: Quick and Easy Activities for 2-5 Year Olds by Jackie Silberg Page 100. ISBN: 0876591829 Gryphon House, Inc. Jackie Silberg presents this fingerplay for preschoolers, along with other fun preschool activities in
    300 Three Minute Games:
    Quick and Easy Activities for 2-5 Year Olds Jackie Silberg presents this fingerplay for preschoolers, along with other fun preschool activities in
    300 Three Minute Games:
    Quick and Easy Activities for 2-5 Year Olds
    Say the following poem and do the actions: Ten red apples growing on a tree.

    16. Early Learning & Coloring Books
    in preschool 8 Lessons Ideas, Developing Number Sense in preschool Lessons activities, Math Skills Development With activities. 28 Ways to teach Beginning Math,
    Early Learning Coloring Pages Reading and ABC's Songs, Stories and Poems Math Coloring Pages ... Home Early Learning Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers abcteach Activities and More The Perpetual Preschool Bry-Back Manor
    Activity Pages Holidays
    Picture Recipes More Everything Preschool Excellent Site Preschool Home Activities for Parents and Young Children Activity Pages Recipes 4 Learning ... The Chalkboard Excellent! Activities All Subject Areas
    Early Preschool Express
    by Jean Warren
    Printable Calendar Items ...
    Kindergarten Teacher HUGE Resource of Links All Curriculum Areas Early Childhood Excellent! Activities and much more Poems Recipes Expectations
    Pratt's Educational Resources for Parents and Teachers
    Many Ideas and Activities Food for Tots
    The Idea Box Cooking with Young Children
    Preschool Learning Activities Printables Writing and
    Enacting Children's Stories
    Scissor Skills
    Printable Pictures Worksheets Activity Pages over 225 Sesame Street
    Preschool Planet A World of Information and Fun!
    Billy Bear 4

    17. Fun Preschool Activity -- Blind Painting
    This activity will teach your child to be more empathetic when preschool Play is a daily newsletter that features fun, educational activities for parents to
    Baby Names Partners Coupons ... Contact us
    The Chatter! American Baby Mag Baby Announcement Baby Names Baby Clothing ... Home Business Opp Link to Us Maternity Clothes Morn Sickness Help Multiples Freestuff ... Your Baby Today
    Disposable or Cloth Diapers?
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    Cloth Diapers
    Disposable Diapers
    Current Results


    Fun Preschool Activity Blind Painting
    By Preschool Play BLIND PAINTING
    Before doing today's activity, talk about what it would be like if you couldn't see. Use the term blind and explain what that means. Encourage your child to paint a picture with the art materials you have set up on the table. After doing her best work, ask her to try painting blind. When done, compare the two paintings. This activity will teach your child to be more empathetic when she encounters sightless people. She will also appreciate her ability to be able to learn how to do many things with her eyes.

    18. Little Kids Movies And TV Page 1 - Activities Games Puzzles Coloring Crafts - Al
    Imaginative play activities for children. • CBC Get Set for Life CBC s preschool programming s companion Emily Elizabeth and their friends teach children one
    All Info - About the Family Screen Scene
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    TV Upcoming DVDs/VHS Movies ... Home All Info About
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    Subscribe Unsubscribe Powered by Advertise on Allinfo About We offer extremely competitive rates for businesses of all sizes. Click here to find out more Kids First! Kids Pick the Best! Junior Jurors Little Kids Television, Films, Games, and Activities Page 1 The Cow Jumped Over the Moon Buy From Check out our Sizzlin' Summer Movie Guide for this year's blockbusters and movies for every age. TLC's Ready Set Learn! premiered a new preschool series, Peep and the Big Wide World More... Meanwhile, Hi-5 is touring American through May. Tour Schedule Clifford "Clifford Live! A Big Oversized Musical Adventure!" is touring the country. The show travels to 90 cities, including New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Toronto, Kansas City. More...

    19. Preschool Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Themes -
    com FREE holiday craft activities and history lesson plans teach children about holiday celebrations and traditions. Download preschool printable pages with
    Preschool Lesson Plans
    Kindergarten Themes Reading Lesson Plans
    Literature Circles Gr 4-8
    Home Lessons-Themes ... Site Map Preschool lesson plans with preschool themes for daycare, kindergarten, homeschool, or home activities.
    Preschool Lesson Plans, Kindergarten Lesson Plans, Preschool Themes, Kindergarten Themes.
    Kindergarten lesson plans and preschool lesson plans have children's free crafts, games,
    health and manners lessons, kindergarten printables, preschool worksheets, holiday activities,
    and holiday history lesson plans plus kindergarten themes and preschool themes in e-booklets.
    Preschool Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Themes -
    Kindergarten themes, preschool themes, pre-k themes, themes for daycare, homeschool, and home, preschool lesson plans, kindergarten lesson plans, lesson plans for parents, teachers, daycare, kindergarten, pre-k, homeschool, and home, children's free printables for kindergarten and preschool crafts, games, and preschool activities. Download preschool themes and preschool lesson plans, electronic booklets with children's songs, games, health and manners lessons, and preschool crafts. Reading Lesson Plans Site Map K-12 Science Lesson Plans for K-12
    Alternative energy science projects explore wind power, water power, solar power, and biomass power with hands-on demonstrations for teachers of K-12 students in classes or homeschools.

    20. Preschool Development: Play And Learn At
    com This index lists activities appropriate for the preschool level that are on EasyFunSchool, activities that teach letters, colors, and numbers.
    Games, books, toys, and activities for your active preschooler.
    Just For Mom
    Celebrations ...
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    Follow Me Too: A Handbook of Movement Activities for Three-To-Five-Year Olds
    Great for parents, daycare providers, early childhood educators, and grandparents!
    When our children are infants and toddlers it seems like they're always moving, but as they grow, what can we do to encourage regular physical activity?
    Here's a brand new article from Rae Pica, Helping Your Child Develop the Fitness Habit
    Rae Pica is the author of several books for parents and early childhood educators regarding children and physical activity. Ivy's Coloring Page Search Engine - Just type in what sort of picture you are looking for, be it an elephant, thanksgiving, or the letter A, and voila, you have your pick to print for your kids. Very addicting! Preschool Lesson and Activities Ideas Index at - This index lists activities appropriate for the preschool level that are on EasyFunSchool, activities that teach letters, colors, and numbers. New to MommyLinks! Author Magdalena Ball

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