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1. Reproductive-org_all
infertility treatment and other infertility spec http//www donors help address infertility issues . http//www sex, to infertility treatment, pregnancy, adoption, parenting Link Directory
Educating infertility organizations with: host, maintain, enhance, operate, and your promote Web site, so that it ranks high in search engines, directories, and specialized infertility directories....
Linda Nunez is a nationally recognized leader in the area of adoption, specifically interstate and domestic adoptions. She is an internationally known leader in the field of surrogacy. She has over 18...
PO Box 11203 Pittsburgh, PA 15238 (412) 921-3501 Site Navigation Home Infertility Adoption Advocacy About RESOLVE Membership Coming Events Volunteers Links Guest Book Message Boards Con...
A Base for Women's Empowerment - Q Web Sweden...
Q Web Sweden, Women’s Empowerment Base. A communication network for exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas on women’s health and gender issues. The overall aim is women's empowerm...

2. INCIID Guest Speakers, Dr. Helane Rosenberg And Dr. Yakov Epstein, September 20,
range of emotional issues related to infertility, including donor issues Davey's interest in infertility and pregnancy loss came as a I am a spec Ed. teacher in a school district
Resources for the informed patient
News and Journal Summaries Repository of essays, articles,
commentaries and fact sheets Renowned infertility experts
who participate on INCIID Directory of Fertility
Industry Professionals Mission Founders
and Organizational Structure Helane Rosenberg, Ph.D. and
Yakov Epstein, Ph.D.
The Emotional Aspects of Using Donor Gametes
September 20, 1995 Nancy Eggleston (Speaker)
Good Evening, PRODIGY Members! We are here tonight, setting up for our special event with members of INCIID, and with Dr. Yakov Epstein and Dr. Helane Rosenberg. Our topic this evening is INFERTILITY. INCIID, (pronounced "inside"), is the InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination. Co-founders Linda Davey, Terry Grant and Nancy Hemenway are joining Dr. Yakov Epstein and Dr. Helane Rosenberg this evening. Nancy Eggleston (Speaker)
was created by three professional women who met on PRODIGY's Infertility topic on the Medical Support BB, Linda Davey, Terry Grant and Nancy Hemenway. The organization's mission includes expanding the reach of such online networks to a wider range of infertile consumers, while simultaneously improving the quality and immediacy of available information.

3. Would Like More Info On Homeschooling A Child W/ Spec Needs - Adoption Forums
He is in the spec ed program and has a one on one Resolving Anger issues And What Helps? pregnancy Loss Miscarriage Primary infertility Secondary infertility ... There are 437 users online!
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Adoption Forums
Special Needs Special Needs Support ... Next Thread Author Thread Lawlwen

Junior Member
Registered: Oct 2003
Posts: 2 Would like more info on homeschooling a child w/ spec needs Reading the posts about home schooling kids with special needs.
We are in the process of adopting our nephew (8) who has been diagnosed w/ ADHD, ODD, and recently as "exhibiting signs of RAD" and recent testing shows Mildly Mentally Retarded. He is in 3rd Gr and functioning at k-1 level. It seems he has not made any progress in school in the past 12 months. He has been with us for 10 mo now.
He is in the spec ed program and has a one on one with him all day to keep him on task and behaving properly. We have had to fight to get him out of programs such as French that should be the least of his worries.
I know nothing about homeschooling! What can you tell me, where do I find information. My husband and I have talked at great length that what he needs are life skills in the end not French and such. He needs to be able to behave in public, polite, hold down a job, run a check book, pay his bills, and get by in this world. Can we homeschool these things and not the traditional curriculm? If we have not officially adopted him yet can we homeschool? Do you agree this is the best option for these kids?

4. BabyCenter | Community: BBS - Dealing With Fertility Issues
seeing a fertility spec. fertility issues • Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender fertility • pregnancy after infertility • Relationships while

5. Pregnancy At 38? - Fertilitext Discussion Board
answer your question on obgyn vs. infertility spec. For me my obgyn could only do basics Category pregnancy 101 pregnancy 101 General issues. Getting Pregnant

6. Belly Forever ::
Canadian seller of bellycast kits for pregnant parents. FREE message boards/forums. FREE lowfee baby photo contests. Cherish the Memories Forever. Occupation spec. ed. teacher, now infertility issues infertility Support. infertility Alumni. infertility Announcements/Updates. pregnancy

7. PREGNANCY-BIRTH Messages For February, 2001
Re Starting infertility Treatmentrebecca parker post1st was lost-1 spec. ? for Dr issues related to pregnancy R. Daniel Braun, MD. Re various issues related to pregnancy - to
-VISIT OUR OTHER FORUMS- Breast Health Forum Mujer (en español) PCOS Forum PCOS Diet Forums PCOS Medication Forum Vrouw en Gezondheid (nederland) Women's Health Forum Young Women's Health Forum s earch this forum:
PREGNANCY-BIRTH Messages for February, 2001 by thread
Starting: Wed Jan 31 23:00:03 2001
Ending: Wed Feb 28 22:21:41 2001

8. Chat Boards : Ready To Share My Story
I don't recall ever seeing a spec of blood the whole pregnancy. At 20 weeks i learned i was Loss of a Teen/Adult Child. infertility issues. Just For Men

9. Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, MCV Hospitals And Physicians: Ph
Disorders Medical Complications in pregnancy, Diabetes Mellitus Group Therapy Mental Health issues in Women in Depression, PMS, infertility, Psychiatric Aspects
All Health Information Services Physicians Facilities News People Clinical Facilities Professionals Careers
Areas of Interest
About Us


Find A Physician

For Employees

Our Community
Calendar of Events

VCU Homepage

Specialty Information Listing Addictions, Family Practice Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Psychogenic Lung Disorders,and Chronic Respiratory Failure Autonomic Cardiovascular Control Genetics, Cancer Genetics ... Womens Health, Primary Care/Prevention 1250 East Marshall Street, Richmond, VA 23294 Web Privacy Statement Contact the VCU Health System id=15389

10. Specialty Definitions
female primary and secondary infertility, recurrent pregnancy during and after pregnancy, and at to developmental or behavioral issues including developmental
Home Directions For Physicians Careers ... Search
Definitions of Medical Specialties
Anesthesiology – administration of anesthetics to alleviate pain and suppress consciousness, as well as monitor and support life functions during surgery; anesthesiologists also provide diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain Cardiology – prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease Critical Care Medicine – care provided to a critically ill patient during a medical emergency or crisis Dermatology – diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin Diabetes – a disorder caused by decreased production or inability to use insulin Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology) – diagnosis and medical/surgical treatment of conditions of the ear, nose and throat Emergency Medicine – evaluation and treatment of unexpected injury and illness Endocrinology – treatment of the glands, hormones and related disorders, including diabetes and disorders of the pancreas, pituitary gland, ovaries, testes, thyroid and adrenal glands Family Medicine – medical specialty providing continuing and comprehensive primary health care for individuals and families; family physicians care for patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, men and women, and all medical problems; the specialty integrates biological, clinical and behavioral sciences; some family physicians provide maternity care

11. WorldPAC Library Catalog
Obstetrics Gynecology infertility issues. Obstetrics Gynecology thrombocytopenia in pregnancy and g ABMS directory of board certified medical spec

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12. Doctor's Guide Congress Resource Center (CRC)
May 18, 2004 Critical issues in Breast Meeting on Pathophysiology of pregnancy, OG Organisation September 11, 2004 Optimizing infertility Treatments, Outcome

13. Welcome To Disability Awareness In Action
see Palliative Care).These are two separate issues. body, initially to overcome infertility, increasingly to technology connected to conception and pregnancy.\e_1997_12(spec).htm
Disability Awareness in Action
Home Page DAA News Issues ... Links
Special Bioethics Supplement, December 1997
Life, Death and Rights
Bioethics and Disabled People
Genetic counselling, prenatal diagnosis, selective abortion, in vitro fertilisation, embryo research, genetic engineering, gene therapy, voluntary euthanasia, ''mercy killing''
These things are part of our lives, shaping the societies in which we live, whether or not we understand them.This is DAA's guide to what these words mean to disabled people.You'll find brief definitions in the Words section. Scientists may be the experts about the science but we are the experts about our own lives and we need to become experts about how new developments may affect us.We have the right and the ability to contribute to policies about bioethics. Here are some tools to help that task Return to the top of this page
Disabled People's Lives At Risk
Disabled children and adults have always been at risk of early death from deliberate action or lack or action, such as not being fed adequately. Recently, they have become the target group for a ''search and destroy'' mission, both before and after birth, incorporating highly effective technologies.There are three main areas of concern:

14. Gynecology Research - Infertility
Other spec. often not buying baby clothes or making preparations during their pregnancy. author recommends a psychologist as part of an infertility team, for
Women’s Center for Mind-Body Health Gynecology Research (Infertility) Home New The Center M-B Health ... Gynecology Obstetrics Stress Physiology M-B Methods Sleep Cancer Children Other spec. The focus of this research database is on how stress affects women's health, and options for treatment using mind-body therapies. If you are not a health care professional, see new "Medical Glossary" below. To obtain full summaries of the articles, see "How to Get Abstracts" below. General PMS Birth Control Dr. - Patient ... ** How to Get Abstracts ** Infertility Psychology Immune issues Treatment Psychology JA Infertility: the impact of stress, the benefit of counseling 1997 J Assist Reprod Genet 14;4:181-3 Seibel, M. M. R,T Psychological distress and infertility: forty years of research Thorough review of the literature on the effects of psychological distress and infertility, with lack of strong conclusion due to conflicting results and design flaws. Theoretical mechanisms by how stress can influence fertility: stress effects the limbic system, which links to GnRH pulsatility; stress and depression are associated with lower serotonin levels, which leads to increased prolactin which can negatively impact ovulation; stress can cause immune function abnormalities, which may influence fertility-related antibody problems.

15. Preconception
Fertility guide, preparing and testing for pregnancy, adoption, and infertility issues.
Where Do You Live? AL - Birminghan AK - Anchorage AZ - Phoenix AR - Little Rock CA - Los Angeles CA - Northstate CA - Sacramento CA - San Diego CA - San Fran CA - San Jose CO - Aspen CO - Denver CT - Bridgeport CT - Hartford Delaware FL - Jacksonville FL - Miami FL - Orlando FL - Tampa Bay Area GA - Atlanta Hawaii IL - Chicago IN - Central KS - Kansas City KS - Wichita KY - Central KY - Louisville Maine MA - Boston Maryland MI - Detroit MI - Southwestern MN - Minneapolis MN - St. Paul MO - Kansas City MO - St. Louis Nebraska NV - Las Vegas New Hampshire NJ - Northern NJ - Southern NM - Albuquerque NY - Long Island NY - New York City NC - Charlotte NC - Triad NC - Triangle OH - Canton OH - Cincinnati OH - Cleveland OH - Columbus OK - Oklahoma City OR - Portland PA - Philadelphia PA - Pittsburgh Rhode Island SC - Charleston TN - Chattanooga TN - Memphis TN - Nashville TX - Amarillo TX - Austin TX - Dallas-Fort Worth TX - Houston TX - North Central TX - Plano TX - San Antonio UT - Salt Lake City Vermont VA - Hampton Roads VA - Northern VA - Richmond Washington DC WA - Seattle WI - Northeastern WI - Milwaukee Wyoming Calgary Halifax Montreal Niagara Falls Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg England Australia Scotland Adoption Ask an Expert Announcements Baby Books ...

16. BabyCenter | Community: BBS - Dealing With Fertility Issues
Trying to get pregnant? Monday ) • Waiting on God s Timing Tuesday • seeing a fertility spec. plz.respnd asp • LIW Monday • TTC w/infertility,Meds,IUI
var ACM, oPopup, oDefPopup, offsetTop=10, offsetLeft=10; You seem to have disabled JavaScript. To take full advantage of our site and functionality, we recommend you enable Javascript. How?
Pregnancy Baby ... Fertility Problems Dealing with fertility issues Dealing with fertility issues Threads: Posts: You are not alone! Get support when you're trying to get pregnant. Post here and check out our section to help you figure out your fertility
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Threads Threads Last Post Ttc w/infertility, grads, FET, IVF, IUI, meds, adoption, moms - TGIF (4 posts) Created by waiting4#1_cj "Where is everyone? Last thread: ..." View by *Mommy2Tyler* LIW- Friday!!! (4 posts) Created by BONKCO "Starting us off..." View by SugarP13 Waiting On God's Timing Fri/Wknd (12 posts) Created by believingtoreceive "We are a group of Christian ladies who have been ttc for 1+ years. Some ..."

17. Brooklyn Birthing Center - Home
Details about the services offered and the practice. Including information about a host of health issues for women, including pregnancy. menopause, breast cancer and infertility. Located in New York.
The Brooklyn Birthing Center (BBC) is a freestanding facility where low risk women are delivered in a warm home-like environment. The BBC is dedicated to the premise that families have the right to a safe and satisfying birth experience. The BBC provides high-quality, family centered maternal and newborn services to healthy women anticipating an uncomplicated pregnancy, labor and birth. Our midwives offer continuity of care in a homelike out-of-hospital setting with ready access to the facilities and personnel of the acute care setting when deviations from the normal occur. We support a family’s right to self-determination in an alternative birth environment. To the extent that it's safe, it's possible at the Brooklyn Birthing Center!
Health News Archive ...more Eleven Simple Steps to Limit or Prevent Impact of Arthritis ...more FDA Approval for GONAL-F Pen to Treat Infertility ...more A View on Stem Cell Research ...more
Cherry Dump Cake ...more
Join the CPSC's Recall Subscription List ...more
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Patient Education
Learn more about your specific interest in our specialized medical information resource library.

18. Ectopic Pregnancy
Causes and treatment of ectopic tubal pregnancy and tubal infertility issues. Ultrasound images.
IVF Pregnancy Rates IVF Pricing Options In Vitro Fertilization Egg Donation ... Become a Patient
Ectopic pregnancy
Tubal pregnancy
Ultrasound image of ectopic pregnancy Ultrasound showing uterus and tubal pregnancy Same image. Uterus outlined in red, uterine lining in green, ectopic pregnancy yellow. Fluid in uterus at blue circle - sometimes called a "pseudosac" Same case as above. Detailed view of ectopic. Same image. Tubal pregnancy circled in red, 4.5 mm fetal pole (between cursors) in green, pregnancy yolk sac blue. Laparoscopy images of ectopic pregnancies Background Definition of ectopic: Pregnancy in which the fertilized ovum implants on any tissue other than the endometrial lining of the uterus. 95% occur in the tube. 1.5% are abdominal, 0.5% are ovarian and 0.03% are cervical. The death rate is about 1 per 2000 ectopics in this country. About 40-50 women die each year from ectopic pregnancy in the U.S. There has been a large drop in the death/ectopic rate since 1970. In other words, it is much safer to have an ectopic than it was in 1970. Risk factors for ectopic pregnancy Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) Rate of ectopic pregnancy in women with previous known PID is increased 6-10 times higher than in women with no previous history of PID.

19. Gynecology Research - IVF
Other spec. were prayed for had significantly higher implantation and pregnancy rates (50 comparing notes about procedures, the impact of infertility on their
Women’s Center for Mind-Body Health Gynecology Research (IVF) Home New The Center M-B Health ... Gynecology Obstetrics Stress Physiology M-B Methods Sleep Cancer Children Other spec. The focus of this research database is on how stress affects women's health, and options for treatment using mind-body therapies. If you are not a health care professional, see new "Medical Glossary" below. To obtain full summaries of the articles, see "How to Get Abstracts" below. General PMS Birth Control Dr. - Patient ... ** How to Get Abstracts ** IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Psychology Stress and Depression For Men Unsuccessful Results ... What Helps Psychology JA Screening in or out of the new reproductive options: who decides and why A survey of members of the American Fertility Society, with a 47% response rate, revealed that most did not psychologically screen infertility patients prior to being accepted into their programs. Four "red flags" were significantly endorsed for treatment rejection: substance abuse, physical abuse, severe marital strife, and coercion of one spouse by another. 1993 J Psychosom Obstet Gynaecol 14 Suppl;37-44

20. Human Reproduction Update
The journal aims to provide invited, comprehensive, authoritative, upto-date critical and balanced reviews covering all areas of human reproduction including reproductive physiology and pathology, endocrinology, andrology, gonad function, gametogenesis, fertilization, embryo development, implantation, pregnancy, genetics, genetic diagnosis, oncology, infectious disease, surgery, contraception, infertility treatment, psychology and counselling, ethics and social issues.
ESHRE 2004: 27 - 30 June, Berlin, Germany View Current Issue
Volume 10 No 3
The next issue is scheduled for
online publication in: June Search for Articles Browse the Archive Email notification of TOCs Human Reproduction Update ... RELATED LINKS Other Oxford University Press journals that may be of interest: Molecular Human Reproduction Human Reproduction ESHRE Monographs Human Reproduction Update is published by Oxford University Press for the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and assisted by Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press
Print ISSN: 1355-4786 Online ISSN: 1460-2369

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