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1. Welles-Turner Memorial Library: Internet Links: Homework Center
prehistory, ancient civilizations, and modern-day Western Civilization are help solvinga problem on your math homework? This site will help you solve it and
Selected Internet Links: Homework Helpers, Grades 6-12
This is a work in progress. More resources and links will be added. Please let us know what information you were hoping to find here. General American History Ancient History Biographies ... Wars
General Homework Help
    Copernicus Educational Gateway
    The Glastonbury Public School system is participating in this educational portal service, which provides resources for students, parents, and teachers. Of special interest is , where parents and students can find homework assignments and upcoming projects posted by the child's teachers. Also available: a research center, a place for students to post art and writing, educational games, and a parents' toolbox.
    BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
    Teenager B.J. Pinchbeck and his father maintain this site. It is primarily a list of links. It has now been "adopted" by
    Fact Monster
    Formerly known as Information Please Kids' Almanac, this is a good search engine/directory for elementary and middle school students. It's very kid-friendly. Besides containing links on a number of helpful topics, fun and frequently-asked trivia-type questions are also answered, such as "Biggest, Coolest, Driest...".

2. Homework Help! At The Harford County Public Library
Middle School homework help MS) Maryland History (MS) Middle Ages, Exploration Expansion(MS) Native American History (MS) prehistory ancient History (MS

3. Homework Helper
which describes itself as real life in prehistory . Ugh!! Get help with your homeworkfrom Schoolwork The ancient Greeks An excellent educational website
Also, please keep me informed "immediately" if any links are not working or Sites becoming Harmful. These pages are continually having resources added to them so check back often! If you would like to participate in the development of these pages or have a site that you would like reviewed for addition to these pages ~ please contact the Webmaster. Last Revised 05/14/03 04:51
Silver N Gold Productions™
Designed and Maintained by Silver N Gold Productions™
Homework Resources Online These pages were designed to assist you to find links and information for projects or homework that you have been assigned. They will help you avoid a lot of "surfing the internet". Although it's a great place to research materials from K to gr. 12., be sure to also investigate the "enrichment" web sites which are continually updated. College and Career Sites: Enrichment Sites for Kids: Homework Helper Sites: Preschool Sites: ... Search Engines: Homework Help Sites Ask ERIC The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) , a federally-funded national information system that provides, through its 16 subject-specific clearinghouses, associated adjunct clearinghouses, and
support components, a variety of services and products on a broad range

4. - New Sites Added
of the history of English from prehistory to the quotations from the seminal workon ancient Rome. Listed at My homework helper; Math homework help Listed at
Search Net My Facts Page My Virt. Encyclopedia My Virt. Newspaper ... HOME
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Week of May 2, 1999
  • Address Directory - Politicians of the World - Mailing addresses for the prime ministers, presidents, monarchs, and provincial governors of 194 countries. Phone, fax, e-mail, and Web addresses are added as available.
    My Facts File Postal Infomation Resources
  • U.S. Surname Distribution - Take a look at this surnames database to find out whether your last name (if it's among the 50,000 most common) is more prevalent in Minnesota or Florida. Helpful for someone trying to determine a starting point for a genealogy project.
    My Facts File Genealogy Resources
  • Paint Shop Pro 5 - Introduction - tutorial for this popular graphics editor
    My Virtual Encyclopedia Computer - Software
  • PowerPoint in the Classroom - Written for K-12 students, this tutorial covers all the basics and more of using the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. This Microsoft-related site also includes tutorials on other Microsoft programs such as the e-mail software program Outlook Express, the Web browser Internet Explorer 4, and the Web site editor.
    My Virtual Encyclopedia Computer - Software
  • Lockerbie Trial Briefing - site provides a background and a timeline and coverage of the trial being held in the Netherlands of two Libyans accused of the 1988 crash of Pan Am's flight 103. It provides information about the legal charges and includes the petition and much more.
  • 5. Greek
    Greek Mythology Chapters in prehistory - A new look at the Information on thedeities and myths of ancient Greece, with student myth homework help.
    lycos google altavista excite yahoo Click Here! Sponsored Links
    Arts Literature Myths and Folktales ... the Easy Way - Learn Greek from home with Linguaphone. We've over 150 home study langauge courses that work. Secure online ordering. Formats include books, tapes, CD's. Sale on this month! Greek - Yahoo! Shopping Save Up To 40% With Escorted Greece Tours - Our escorted Greece tours will save you up to 40% off the price of traveling the same itinerary on your own. For complete itineraries and prices, visit our easy web site now. Gods and Goddesses s See also:

    6. Lukol Directory - Arts Literature Myths And Folktales Myths Greek
    myths of ancient Greece, with student myth homework help. ancient Greek (Hellenic)Sites on the World Web Greek Mythology Chapters in prehistory A new look

    Lukol Directory -
    Arts Literature Myths and Folktales ... Perseus Project
    Frazer's summary of Apollodorus' handbook of Greek mythology all aspects of ancient texts, and including a superb image library.
    Women in Greek Myths

    A who's-who on all females in Greek mythology, with a section on Greek Men, and collection of myths.
    Greek Mythology

    Devoted to the early Greek mythology from the Iliad to the fall of the last tyrant.
    Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Sites on the World Web Web
    Links to texts, art, resources and maps. [last update May 2000] Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns and Homerica Part of the Online Medieval and Classical Library. Greek Mythology Information on the deities and myths of ancient Greece, with student myth homework help. From Myth To Eternity Excerpts from a CD Rom presenting Greek mythology in stories and images with historical background.

    7. All About Greek Mythology
    gods and myths of ancient Greece, with superb student myth homework help. Verzepro tisk / Print version. GREEK MYTHOLOGY GREEK MYTHOLOGY AND prehistory. mythology.html
    Home Reklama Taxi Reality Erotika ... SMS Nejlepší odkazy ke slovu "greek mythology"
    anorexia ashanti atkins diet ... Mythology
    Welcome to Mythweb. This site is devoted to the heroes, gods and monsters
    of Greek mythology . If you have arrived here in the interface
    Verze pro tisk / Print version
    Greek Mythology
    Verze pro tisk / Print version
    Greek Mythology : Odysseus
    Based on the Odyssey, Homer's epic from Greek mythology . Short Version.
    Detailed Version. Index. Illustrated by Mark Fiore. Text by Joel Skidmore.
    Verze pro tisk / Print version
    Greek Mythology : The Labors of Hercules
    The Labors of Heracles from Greek mythology . English Version. Latin Version. Index. Verze pro tisk / Print version Greek Mythology Welcome to Mythweb, your resource for the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology . You'll probably want to start your visit at: Verze pro tisk / Print version Greek Mythology Link, Home Page. The Greek Mythology Link is a new collection of the Greek myths written on line by Carlos Parada. Greek Mythology Link.

    8. WebSmart Homework Help : History
    OneStop homework help Try These Sites First! of Lascaux Evolution of Modern HumansNorth American Prehistory ancient Cultures Africa ancient Incas Maya
    Search Home
    Homework Help
    One-Stop Homework Help : Try These Sites First! (Or try: Science Math Literature Countries ... Music and Art
    History African American History Native Americans Prehistoric Humans Ancient Cultures ... Explorers
    African American History (See also African American Biography
    General Sites
    Slavery Amistad ... Harlem Renaissance General Sites
    The African American World
    African American History from About.Com

    AFRO-American Almanac

    Black Facts Online
    Universal Black Page
    The Amistad Case
    Amistad Trials Homepage

    Exploring Amistad : a Timeline

    Gilder Lehrman Center : Amistad Page
    ... Teaching with Amistad (the film)
    Harlem Renaissance
    Harlem: Mecca of the New Negro Harlem, 1900-1940 Perspectives in American Literature : Harlem Renaissance Rhapsodies in Black
    Africans in America: Journey through Slavery American Slave Narratives: an Online Anthology Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers Project Documenting the American South: North American Slave Narratives ... Slavery and Abolition
    Underground Railroad
    The Life of Harriet Tubman National Geographic's Underground Railroad Site National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
    Jim Crow Laws
    The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
    Little Rock 9, Integration 0? (part of Black History on the Web)

    9. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Main Page
    See the help! page for all the help on research will not, do your homework. The ancient History Sourcebook works as People of Israel. PreIsraelite Canaan/Palestine/Syria
    Halsall Home Medieval Sourcebook Modern History Sourcebook
    Other History Sourcebooks: African East Asian Indian Islamic ... Science
    Main Page Full Texts Legal Texts Additions Search ... IHSP Credits The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook has expanded greatly since its creation, and now contains hundred of local files as well as links to source texts throughout the net.
    • See Introduction for an explanation of the Sourcebook's goals. See the Help! page for all the help on research I can offer.
      Although I am more than happy to receive notes if you have comments on this web site, I cannot answer specific research enquiries [and - for students - I cannot, or rather will not, do your homework.]
    The Ancient History Sourcebook works as follows:
    • This Main Index page [this page] shows all sections and sub sections. These have also been regularized in a consistent hierarchy. This should allow rapid review of where texts are. To access the sub-section pages , simply browse the sections below and select the highlighted (white text with blue background) section title on the left.

    10. Homework Help--World History--Ancient Cultures
    were designed and built and provides information on aquaduct systems of ancient Rome. Flintsand Stones Real Life in prehistory Welcome to the Stone Ages A
    Library Services Find Your Library Ask a Librarian Reserve a PC Library Cards ... eBooks Good Reads Good Reads New Reads Book Clubs Youth Services Homework Help Kidspage TeenZone Library Resources eAudio Seniors ESL/Literacy Special Collections ... Email This
    World History-
    Ancient Cultures
    General Sites
    The Ancient World
    Provides information on ancient historical events, peoples, and regions such as the Stone Age, the Sumerians, the rise of Ancient China, the ascent of Rome, and more. Includes links to maps, images, and a timeline. Created by Frank Smitha, who has a B.A. in History from California State University.
    Ancient World Web

    Provides links to web sites that discuss many aspects of the world prior to 700 AD, including daily life, architecture, language and literature, mythology and religion, and science. Developed by Julia A. M. Hayden, a graduate in Ancient Studies as well as Management Science and Information Systems.
    History Link 101

    History Online: Ancient Civilizations

    Multiple links to Web sites on ancient civilization, included Egypt, Greece, Rome, Medieval Times, Exploration, Colonial America and more. From the Jackson Educational Service District in Oregon.

    11. Homework Center - Ancient & Classic Cultures
    The Multnomah County Library homework Center organizes over 3500 carefully reviewed K12 education and homework help resources for students, teachers, media specialists, and librarians. http// History on ancient worlds listed by Caribbean. Pre-Columbian Hispaniola Arawak/Taino Indians this PDF document to help explain the Ice Age's history.
    School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! Online ...
    Ancient Scripts and Languages
    This site provides information on ancient languages, such as the language family and pronunciation, as well as the written characters of any ancient language you can imagine.
    Ancient World Web: Geography Index
    History on ancient worlds listed by continent.
    Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
    With hands-on activities, color images, and text, this site explores theories as to why civilizations end. Focuses on the Mayans, the ancient city of Copan, Mesopotamia and more.
    HyperHistory: 3000 Years of World History
    A clickable chart of people and events throughout human history. Take a look!
    Images From History
    An archive of photos illustrating artifacts, cave and rock art, and architecture from various ancient cultures and periods.
    Museums of Ancient Inventions

    12. Paul Halsall/Fordham University: Internet History Sourcebooks Project
    on homework, research, how people lived/ate/dressed in the past, see the various help! pages ancient History help Sex and Gender in PreModern Europe
    Ancient History Sourcebook Medieval Sourcebook Modern History Sourcebook Byzantine Studies Page
    Other History Sourcebooks: African East Asian Global Indian ... Medieval Webguide IHSP Main Ancient Medieval Modern Search Subsidiary
    Sourcebooks African East Asian Global Indian ... Women Special
    Resources Byzantium Medieval Web Medieval NYC Medieval Music ... IHSP Credits Paul Halsall, editor
    The Internet History Sourcebooks are collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use. Feedback and Help While I encourage notes, comments and feedback in general, I am unable to reply to all of them. I am especially not able to reply to students (or students' parents!) seeking help with homework. For guidance on homework , research, how people lived/ate/dressed in the past, see the various Help! pages: I am unable to help locate details about your family, or give translations of your name or nickname into Chinese (a very common request)! If you find bad links , or typographical errors , please do notify me by telling me the URL (web address) of the specific page with the fault, and (in the case of bad links) the URL of the bad link.

    13. Homework Helper
    Excellent government and history links. The 50 States of the Archives, The. Math homework help pre-algebra, algebra I 18 000 people from ancient times to the present day
    Search Net Facts Subject Index Facts Encyclopedia Newspapers USA/World ...
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    Search the Web
    Search Tips

    Help Support Refdesk

    MY HOMEWORK HELPER Grades 1 - 6 Grades 7-8 Grades 9-12 College ... Other Homework Links ELEMENTARY - Homework Help For Grades 1 - 6 Homework Center READING
  • Children's Literature Web Guide - Massive and well-organized, with links to nearly every worthwhile children's reading site. WRITING
  • Common Errors in English - A concise list of the most common errors in English usage ARITHMETIC
  • APlus Homework Helper - Homework Helper will allow you to input a problem and your answer. It will then figure out if your solution is correct
  • Flashcards for Kids - This is a real working flash card application on the net! JUNIOR HIGH - Homework Help For Grades 7-8 Infoplease Homework Central MATH
  • BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper: English
  • Authors on the Web - A Collection of Biographical Sketches SOCIAL STUDIES
  • 4 - Excellent government and history links.
  • The 50 States of the United States - A quick resource for fun facts about each of the nation's 50 states, including when they achieved statehood SCIENCE
  • Amateur Science
  • Mad Scientist Network - The mad scientists from Washington University Medical School in St. Louis will answer questions in 25 areas of science, from anatomy and chemistry to zoology.
  • 14. KidsPage! Sports Homework Help
    olympics/ This site breaks down the history of the Olympics into three sectionsPrehistory (ancient Olympics), Antiquity (classical), and Revival (modern).
    Sports Supersites
    Sports Illustrated for Kids
    US Figure Skating Association
    WWW Women's Sports Page
    General Baseball Sites
    All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, 1943-1954 Ballparks
    History of U.S. major league baseball parks, football stadiums, hockey rinks, covering current, former, and planned parks. Provides photographs, statistics, history, and trivia for each field. Baseball Almanac This site provide stats including famous firsts, fabulous feats, famous families, and example autographs. This site provides stats and scores and a player finder. The site also provide information about independent leagues. Baseball Cards: 1887-1914 View electronic images of the front and back of early baseball cards. Browse by team, player, city, or league.

    15. Homework - Web Sites By Subject - FCPL
    international, US); history( good starting points, ancient, exploration of pre20th-century female scientists throughout history. for help when your world history homework assignment
    Homework you are here: homepage library homepage research tools web sites by subject ...
    Site Index

    Library Site Search:
    Library cardholders can access online databases for articles on specific subjects!

    See also the Library's Homeschooling links. Visit the Library's Research Tools links to find online information in these and other categories: Associations awards and prizes dictionaries encyclopedias ... statistics , and formats for citing electronic sources
    Good Starting Points
    • High School Hub
      This noncommercial site offers links to high school-level academic resources online, as well as a section on current events and an area devoted to college/career planning. HomeworkSpot
      HomeworkSpot is designed to be a "homework information portal," covering all curriculum areas and offering a breakdown of resources by grade level (elementary through high school). A highlighted site and special theme areas which vary with the season add a nice dimension to the permanent reference links.

    16. CCPL: Homework Help Links
    Prehistory Section Learn about ancient technology, China, Egypt, Greece, India,Japan, Latin America, Mesopotamia, Minnesota, North America, rock art

    17. Indian Tribes Homework Help
    homework help for Indian Tribes. Online Resources. homework help. Native American Indian Tribes Americans in Illinois Pre1790 Census. Illinois Indian Tribes Cusick's sketches of ancient
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    Online Resources Homework Help
    Native American Indian Tribes
    General Legends People Tribes General Native American Indian Sites

    18. CCPL: Homework Help Links
    ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages and the World Wars are just Britishhistory through these nine different time periods Prehistory, Roman Britain

    19. Homework Help/ Ancient Civilizations
    Back to top. homework help. ancient Civilizations. China. India. ancient History.Prehistory, Anglo Saxons, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Vikings. Odyssey Online. help anchistory.html
    About Storrs Library

    General Info Library Services

    20. Homework Help -- Music--History
    Youth Services. homework help. Kidspage. TeenZone music educator, click on Timelines for music history from ancient times (pre 500) to the 20th century, including a
    Library Services Find Your Library Ask a Librarian Reserve a PC Library Cards ... eBooks Good Reads Good Reads New Reads Book Clubs Youth Services Homework Help Kidspage TeenZone Library Resources eAudio Seniors ESL/Literacy Special Collections ... Email This
    Music - History
    American Operas, 1841-1997

    This site provides information about American operas written from 1841 to 1997.
    Dr. Estrella’s Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers

    From a music educator, click on Timelines for music history from ancient times (pre 500) to the 20th century, including a birthday search for composers.
    The History of Music

    From Radio Prague in the Czech Republic, this site provides an introduction to the history of classical music and then includes sections on 5 eras from the Renaissance to the 20th century.
    Inventions of Note: Sheet Music Collection

    Collection of historic American sheet music from 1890-1920 dealing with technology themes from the Lewis Music Library at MIT. It also includes links to historic collections at other institutions.
    Jazz Roots: Early Jazz History
    Compiled by Tom Morgan, writer and radio producer, this history of early jazz and blues from 1906-1920 lists musicians, sheet music, suggested books, timeline and fun facts.

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