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         Poultry Agriculture:     more books (100)
  1. Nutrient Requirements of Poultry: Ninth Revised Edition, 1994 (<i>Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals:</i> A Series) by Subcommittee on Poultry Nutrition, National Research Council, 2000-03-03
  2. Diseases and parasites of poultry (Farmers' bulletin / United States Department of Agriculture) by Walter J Hall, 1949
  3. Hints to poultry raisers (United States. Dept. of agriculture. Farmers' bulletin 528) by Harry M Lamon, 1918
  4. Judging Livestock, Dairy Cattle, Poultry, and Crops (Prentice-Hall Vocational Agriculture Series) by H. G. Youtz, 1970-06
  5. Poultry management (Farmers' bulletin / United States Department of Agriculture) by G. Arthur Bell, 1922
  6. Sloping wire floors in poultry houses (Bulletin / Pennsylvania State University, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station) by G. O Bressler, 1974
  7. How to kill and bleed market poultry (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bureau of Chemistry. Circular) by Mary Engle Pennington, 1910
  8. Tuberculosis of poultry (Bulletin / University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station) by A. J Durant, 1936
  9. 2006 Avian Flu, Wild Birds, and Domestic Poultry:Agriculture and Veterinary Information on Bird Flu and the H5N1 Threat, USDA and USGS Documents and Data, Biosecurity for the Birds by U.S. Government, 2005-11-05
  10. Proceedings of the National Livestock Poultry and Agriculture Waste Management, Kansas 1991 (Asae Publication)
  11. Livestock and Poultry Production (Prentice-Hall Agriculture Series) by Clarence E. Bundy, 1982-06
  12. Poultry in Kansas (Kansas State Board of Agriculture 1926) by Kansas State Board of Agriculture, 1926
  13. Poultry grading manual (Agriculture handbook / United States Department of Agriculture) by Ashley R Gulich, 1965
  14. Massachusetts Agriculture:Poultry Culture - Bulletin Number One. September by Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture, 1917

1. FIPSE Grant Database
e-mail. Grant P116N010020....... Globalization of Education in Animal and poultry agriculture, printerfriendly-version print, Email Project

2. THE COOP..Your Source For Poultry, Agriculture And Pet Oriented Books. Secure On
A wide selection of poultry, agriculture and pet oriented books available for secure online purchase and quick shipment. poultry agriculture Pets Etc.
"Where 5000
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"The best search engine in the book business." Internet World "One of the best bookstores in the English-speaking world." The Washington Post "...if there's a new edition of the Bible, people expect God to be at Powell's to sign books." The Nation "One other map proved indispensable: a map of Powell's City of Books (provided at the door), a sprawling bookstore in Portland, Oregon, with a well-deserved national reputation for a vast stock and a smart staff...." The Atlantic Just take me to the books!
The Coop Partners With Powell's Books
To bring you the best selection of poultry, agriculture and pet books available. Why Powell's? We had the opportunity to enter into a similar relationship with or Borders Books, but we chose Powell's for several reasons.
  • Powell's is our favorite book store. The City of Books shop covers a square block several stories deep. In addition to a huge selection of new titles, Powell's does a brisk business in used books which means that browsing around we often find books we would like at fantastic prices. Poultry folks in the know visit Powell's regularly, treasure hunting for everything from antique "Standards" to out of print texts.
  • Powell's has great people - We have always had positive experiences shopping with Powell's.

3. Poultry
cat=2?=15. Rutgers Cooperative Extension. A list of publications about poultry agriculture available to order. Publications can be

4. A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative: Poultry
A SmallScale agriculture Alternative poultry. Author Phillip J. Clauer, poultry Extension Specialist, Animal and raise a flock of domestic poultry makes this an ideal venture for
A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative: Poultry
Author: Phillip J. Clauer, Poultry Extension Specialist, Animal and Poultry Sciences Posted March 1997 Written for the United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, Office for Small-Scale Agriculture
The low investment and small area required to raise a flock of domestic poultry makes this an ideal venture for the beginning small or part-time farmer. Domestic poultry can supplement family food supplies, and small specialized poultry producers can sell to several niche markets. For example, producers can consider selling organic meat and eggs, brown eggs, range-reared meat and eggs, live birds for ethnic markets, and birds for hobby, leisure, and purebred exhibition purposes. Most small specialty poultry enterprises raise chickens or waterfowl.
To ensure profitability, the small specialty poultry producer must do careful research on market opportunities. Successful producers for niche markets usually have unique products, good customer loyalty, limited competition, and the ability to maintain a profit margin when in competition with larger businesses.
Egg Production
Breed Selection
The best chicken breeds include commercial White Leghorn-type hybrids, which produce white-shelled eggs and are the most economical feed-to-eggs converters. Commercial production Reds (e.g., Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire) or sex linked hybrids produce large, brown shelled eggs and are usually preferred for small range flocks. These birds have meaty carcasses and produce a good supply of eggs. The hybrids that lay brown eggs tend to be more docile than those that lay white eggs. All poultry breeds lay eggs, but they are not equally efficient.

5. Poultry Internet Resource List
General Govt. Information. poultry Related Agr. Research. University Cooperative Extension poultry Info. Extension Publications poultry. Online agriculture Associations poultry
Internet Information Resources
Poultry Index
  • Market Information
  • Commodity Markets
  • Weather
  • Trade Information ...
  • So what are we missing?
    Market Information
    Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC)Search
    AgNIC is a guide to quality agricultural information on the Internet as selected by the National Agricultural Library, Land-Grant Universities, and other institutions. AgNIC continues to expand the scope and depth of its coverage, presently describes and presently links to more than 800 information resources, many of which pertain to Animal Science. Carefully crafted resource descriptions guide users directly to relevant, quality information resources. AgNIC offers an alphabetical index, a list of recently added records, subject-classified access, and full-text search functionality. Its uncomplicated user-interface makes it suitable for Internet-novice and -veteran, alike. AgNIC content ranges from "technical" to "practical". AgNIC, Agricultural Conferences, Meetings, Seminars Calendar (Great Resource, aggressively maintained)
    This calendar, maintained by the National Agricultural Library, has information about and links to more than 1,200 major national and international agricultural conferences, with emphasis on those of apparent scientific significance.
  • 6. Nebraska Department Of Agriculture
    Nebraska Department of agriculture web site Welcome to the Nebraska Department of agriculture's Home Page. I'm glad you have taken the time to learn Swine, dairy cattle, and poultry also are
    DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Merlyn Carlson, Director

    Ag Calendar
    Contact Us News Releases Public Service Announcements ...
    Welcome to NDA Welcome to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture's Home Page. I'm glad you have taken the time to learn more about our agency and Nebraska's diverse agriculture industry. Nebraska is a world-class leader in producing a high-quality, abundant, and an affordable food supply, made possible by our state's farmers and ranchers. The products that are raised here are diverse, and representative of the ingenuity of Nebraska producers to address the varied climate and geology found in this state. Field crops, like corn and soybeans, fair particularly well in the rich, fertile farmlands of the Platte Valley, but can be found in most parts of the state. Producers also raise grain sorghum, mostly in the south; potatoes in several areas that have pockets of sandy soil; and wheat, sugarbeets, and dry edible beans in the more arid Panhandle and southwest. While some crops depend on timely rains for success, Nebraska is fortunate to have an abundance of water. About 8 million acres of Nebraska's field crops benefit from irrigation, through the nearly 24,000 miles of streams and rivers, numerous reservoirs, and vast aquifers that underlie most of the state. Our animal industry is also strong. Cattle can be found in all of Nebraska's 93 counties, and thousands of cows and calves spend their spring and summer grazing in the rolling, lush pastures of the north central Sandhills region. Swine, dairy cattle, and poultry also are in abundance and are generally raised in the more diversified, eastern part of the state.

    7. Home
    FSIS) is the public health agency in the US Department of agriculture responsible for ensuring that the nation s commercial supply of meat, poultry, and egg
    Information For... Educators Researchers Businesses Constituent Groups FSIS Employees You are here: Home Canadian Imports, Sep 1, 2003 - Apr 30, 2004 (PDF Only)
    FSIS data on fresh and processed beef and veal products. Nation Kicks Off 2004 Grilling Season (May 26)
    Follow simple steps for safe grilling.
    This booklet tells you what you need to know as a consumer about protecting our Nation's supply of meat, poultry, and egg products against intentional and unintentional contamination. Barbecue Food Safety Fact Sheet PDF
    Use these simple guidelines for grilling food safely. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)
    News, risk assessment results, and resources related to BSE, including the recently released preliminary regulatory impact analysis. Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency PDF
    A weather-related power outage could jeopardize the safety of your food. Learn what to do before summer storms strike!
    View Archived FSIS Web Site
    Ask a Food Safety
    Locate an FSIS Office ... Export or Import Meat, Poultry or Egg Products To view PDF files you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

    8. APHIS | Hot Issues
    Information on the current status of this disease and its prevention and control in horses, poultry, and other livestock.
    APHIS Services Find Traveler's Information Search Regulations Find Permit Application Information Download permit forms Apply Online for Import Authorization View Status of Biotech Applications Apply to Import, Move or Field Test Genetically Engineered Organisms Locate Missing Pets Apply for AWA Licenses/Registration Find Vet Accreditation Information Locate Wildlife Damage Resources Report a Pest or Disease View Small Business Information
    Email Us
    Privacy Statement
    EEO Statement

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    9. Complete Of Tables For Puerto Rico Census Of Agriculture
    Percent of farms and of cuerdas by value of sales, selected crops harvested, market value of crops sold, livestock, fish, poultry, and their products, and additional agricultural data from 1993 to 1998.
    Puerto Rico Census of Agriculture
    NOTE: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF).
    If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.
      Overview: Agricultural Census of Puerto Rico
      View: Puerto Rico Census of Agriculture Graphics
    • Chart 1: Percent of Farms and of Cuerdas by Value of Sales:1998 Chart 2: Selected Crops Harvested:1998 Chart 3: Market Value of Crops Sold:1998 Chart 4: Market Value of Livestock, Fish, Poultry, and Their Products:1998
        Table 1-3 : Farms, Land in Farms by Size, Tenure of Operator, and Type of Organization: 1998 and 1993 Table 2: Farms, Land in Farms, and Land Use: 1998 and 1993 Table 3: Farms, Land in Farms, and Harvested Cropland, by Tenure of Operator : 1998 and 1993 Table 4-5 : Operator Characteristics by Principal Occupation: 1998 and 1993 Table 5: Hired Farm Workers, Agregados, and Sharecroppers: 1998 and 1993 Table 6-8 : Inventory and Value of Machinery, Equipment, Land, Buildings, and Facilities on the Place: 1998 and 1993 Table 7: Agricultural Chemicals Used, Including Fertilizer: 1998 and 1993

    10. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Poultry (Agriculture: Animals) - Encyclopedia reference and encyclopedia resource provides complete information on poultry, agriculture Animals. poultry, agriculture Animals.
    AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather SEARCH : in Reference June 11, 2004 You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Agriculture: Animals ... poultry
    By Alphabet : Encyclopedia A-Z P
    poultry, Agriculture: Animals
    Related Category: Agriculture: Animals poultry, domesticated fowl kept primarily for meat and eggs; including birds of the order Galliformes, e.g., the chicken, turkey guinea fowl pheasant quail , and peacock ; and natatorial (swimming) birds, e.g., the duck and goose . Several poultry birds, including the chicken and the goose, were domesticated over 3,000 years ago. The chief poultry bird is the chicken, which probably originated as a jungle fowl in SW Asia. Until recently, poultry were raised for domestic and commercial use on many farms in the United States. Large-scale producers now virtually monopolize the poultry industry. Specialized hatcheries deliver chicks fresh from the incubator to commercial growers, who mass-produce birds under precisely controlled conditions on diets scientifically calculated to produce rapid growth to market size, for delivery to processors. Many distinct chicken breeds, once appreciated for their particular combinations of characteristics, have been combined through selective breeding into a few relatively standard types that are notably efficient converters of feed into meat or eggs. The dominant meat chicken today is a cross between the fast-growing female White Plymouth Rock chicken, and the deep-breasted male Cornish chicken (see Cornish hen ). The predominant egg type in the United States today is the White

    11. Back40Books
    Books on farming, homesteading, agriculture, and pastured poultry.
    This Site Was Created By

    12. Untitled Document
    Livestock Market News. Livestockpoultry Field Forces. Market Bulletin Nursery Program. Organic agriculture. Personnel. Pesticides. Pesticide Applicator Licensing
    Welcome to
    The Georgia Department of Agriculture

    13. Virginia Market News: Agriculture, Cattle, Crop & Livestock Prices
    Virginia agriculture prices for livestock, feeder cattle, grain, vegetables, fruits, hay, poultry, eggs, cotton, tobacco, peanuts, and horticulture





    Virginia Market News Service collects and disseminates daily agriculture market prices and analyses for Virginia buyers, sellers, and the media. Choose from the following subjects: Livestock


    ... Market News Archive Search Market reports are also available by: Radio
    Newspaper Fax-on-demand ... About VDACS This information is provided by Virginia Market News Service, a cooperative program of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture . Unless otherwise noted, all Virginia reports are official releases prepared and disseminated in accordance with the USDA-VDACS Cooperative Agreement No. 12-25-A-3781. 1100 Bank Street, Suite 805 Richmond, VA 23219-3638 Voice Reports 800.552.5521 Fax Reports 804.371.4444 E-mail

    14. Agriculture Portal - Breeding Farmers Livestock
    A portal providing links to agriculture industry including tractors, feeds, cattle, fertilizers, and poultry.
    HOME REGISTRATION INFO HELP ... Home page DIRECTORIES how to add url Breeding
    Health Products ... Research TOP STORIES Suggest a story Foster Farms Joins Save Mart Center Family Market News
    Yahoo News
    reports that, Foster Farms , produces fresh chicken and turkey, a marinated fresh chicken line, deli meats, has entered into an exclusive $1 million partnership with the California State University, Fresno Association as an exclusive corporate sponsor of the Save Mart Center currently under construction on the campus.
    Post a Comment
    View Comments Landec Corporation Reports Q4 and Fiscal Year 2002 Results Company Info/Reports ...
    reports that, Landec Corporation , a developer and marketer of technology-based polymer products for food, agricultural and licensed partner applications, has reported results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended October 27, 2002 with total revenues for fiscal year 2002 were $183.2 million versus revenues of $190.6 million in fiscal year 2001.
    Post a Comment
    View Comments American Farm Bureau Federation Agrees On Changing livestock industry
    Everett Fazioli
    For the Farm
    reports that, American Farm Bureau Federation delegates agree the rapidly changing livestock industry is at a crossroads, but there’s deep division within the nation’s largest farm organization about how to address problems of market structure, competition, and low prices.

    15. FAS Online Home
    by agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman Regarding the Reopening of the Hong Kong Market to U.S. poultry Products Appearing before the House agriculture Committee, Veneman noted
    JavaScript not enabled: This script activates and deactivates link and button images and rollover effects, depending on the browser.
    Doing Business With FAS

    Buying U.S. Products


    About FAS
    Job Opportunities

    Please Note: Due to computer security concerns, FAS is unable to send out notifications of news releases by email at this time. We regret this inconvenience and will have the situation remedied soon.
    Veneman Signs Donation Agreements With Yemen Secretary Veneman and Yemeni Foreign Minister Abubakr A. Al-Qirbi signed donation agreements for 10,000 metric tons of non-fat dry milk, 44,000 tons of wheat and 13,500 tons of flour valued at about $36 million. (06/08/04) Veneman Announces Science and Technology Ministerial Conference in West Africa
    Conference in Burkina Faso, June 21-23 to focus on increasing agricultural productivity and reducing hunger (06/01/04) U.S. Agricultural Exports Forecast To Be a Record $61.5 Billion in FY 2004

    16. 411.584-010 - FARMWORKER, POULTRY (agriculture) Alternate Titles: Helper, Chicke
    411.584010 - FARMWORKER, poultry (agriculture) alternate titles helper, chicken farm; poultry helper - DOT Dictionary of Occupational Titles Job
    CODE: Buy the DOT: Download/Diskettes/CD-ROM
    TITLE(s): FARMWORKER, POULTRY (agriculture) alternate titles: helper, chicken farm; poultry helper
    GOE: 03.04.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77
    URL address of this page:
    Immigration Lawyers on the Internet

    Children Lawyers ... E-mail "Immigration Superhighway", "Immigration Central", "Immigration Assistant", "Immigration Expert", "Immigration Expert Pro" and "Immigration USA" are trademarks of Information Technology Associates. Photius Coutsoukis and Information Technology Associates
    Revised 26-May-03

    17. AgribusinessUniverse – Agribusiness, Agriculture, And Food Processing Industry
    This site contains many reports derived from commercial and trade research, plus a directory, intended for the agribusiness, agriculture, and food processing industries, particularly in Asia. The data is supplied by and majors on dairy products, fruit and vegetables, poultry and meat, rice and other grains, seafood and sugar.
    Quick Links explore our universe AECUniverse AgriBusinessUniverse CeilingFanUniverse CementUniverse DutyFreeUniverse FurnishingUniverse HitechUniverse PCBUniverse PharmaceuticalsUniverse PoloUniverse PolyesterUniverse PulpUniverse SteelUniverse TapeUniverse TaxiUniverse TheEUniverse WoolUniverse Industry Portals Company Websites Sector Research Research Related Links Restricted Access Sitemap About Us Search This site Our universe, Asia, auction, b2b, canned, chicken, China, dairy, directory, distributor, duck, ecommerce, exchange, exporter, fish, food, food processing, fresh, frozen, fruit, grains, importer, Internet, juice, livestock, maize, marketplace, meat, news, nutrition, pork, poultry, produce, research, rice, seafood, shellfish, shrimp, Thailand, tuna, vegetable Website of the Month Latest Food Industry News Coming soon. e Company Limited. Contact
    AGRIBUSINESS UNIVERSE is owned by the e Company Limited the Universal Internet company.

    18. USDA Economics And Statistics System
    Livestock, Dairy, and poultry. Miscellaneous. Rural Affairs. Specialty agriculture. Trade Issues economics agencies of the U.S. Department of agriculture. These materials cover U.S. and
    About the USDA Economics and Statistics System Search titles and descriptions of: Reports and Datasets Datasets only Reports only from the selected agencies: ERS NASS WAOB for these words: Search Tips Note: You will get the best results by using broad terms rather than very specific ones.
    or Browse for reports and datasets by clicking a subject heading below. The USDA Economics and Statistics System contains nearly 300 reports and datasets from the economics agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These materials cover U.S. and international agriculture and related topics. Most reports are text files that contain time-sensitive information. Most data sets are in spreadsheet format and include time-series data that are updated yearly. See help for more introductory system information. Partners in the Economics and Statistics System: ERS - Economic Research Service
    The USDA's Economic Research Service provides economic analysis on efficiency, efficacy, and equity issues related to agriculture, food, the environment, and rural development to improve public and private decision making. WAOB - World Agricultural Outlook Board
    The WAOB coordinates the USDA's commodity forecasting program; monitors global weather and analyzes its impact on agriculture; and coordinates USDA's weather, climate and remote sensing work.

    19. Alberta Turkey Producers - Turkey, Poultry, Agriculture, Orderly Marketing, Supp
    reporting procedure which sets out the flock information required by processors under agriculture and AgriFood Canada s new Canadian poultry Inspection Program
    Production: Breeder Farm Hatchery Turkey Farm ...
    On Farm Food Safety Program
    Alberta Turkey Industry
    Turkeys are raised year round in Alberta. Alberta turkey producers raise approximately 2 million turkeys a year producing approximately 14 million kilograms of fresh turkey. Alberta produces 9% of the total Canadian turkey production.
    Production Breeder Farm : Special breeds of turkeys are used to lay fertilized eggs. Mature turkeys are artificially inseminated (A.I.) Hatchery: Fertilized eggs are shipped to a hatchery where the eggs are incubated and within 28 days hatch into poults (baby turkeys). Turkey's beaks can be dangerous to other birds and people. Poult's beaks are trimmed with a laser by trained professionals who work in the hatchery.
    Turkey Farm: Poults are sold to a turkey farm and quickly transported within 24 hours of being removed from their incubator. Turkeys are raised in special climate-controlled barns that protect the birds from harsh weather, disease and predators. Barns: Turkey do not suffer from overcrowding. Agriculture and Agrifood Canada's Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Poultry recommends up to .37m² (4 ft²) of space per bird depending on their size. Barns often have windows and are always well ventilated to protect turkeys from respiratory diseases which are a major concern to producers. Many barns have side doors which open to let turkeys outside. A proper climate is always maintained to ensure maximum comfort level for the birds. Turkeys respond very well to good management and to provide anything less would not be economical.

    20. North Carolina Dept Of Agriculture & Consumer Services
    The North Carolina Department of agriculture publishes annual county statistics for selected crops, livestock, poultry, dairy, and cash receipts.
    Total Area in County, Acres 199,968 Census of Agriculture - 1997 Number of Farms
    Total Land in Farms, Acres
    Average Farm Size, Acres
    Harvested Cropland, Acres
    Average Age of Farmers
    Average Value of Farm and Buildings
    Average Value of All Machinery and Equipment
    Total Farm Production Expense
    CROPS - 2002 Acres Harvested Yield Production Rank within State Tobacco, lbs.
    Cotton, 480 lb. bales
    Soybeans, Bu. Corn, Bu. Corn for Silage, Tons Peanuts, lbs. Small Grains: Wheat, Bu. Barley, Bu. Oats, Bu. Sweetpotatoes, Cwt. Irish Potatoes, Cwt. All Hay, Tons Sorghum, Bu. LIVESTOCK Number Rank within State Hogs and Pigs (Dec. 1, 2002)

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