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         Pottery & Ceramics Art:     more books (100)
  1. Art Deco and Modernist Ceramics by Karen McCready, 1996-08
  2. Ceramics (Appreciation of the Arts) by Philip Rawson, 1971-11-25
  3. The Ceramic Process: A Manual And Source of Inspiration for Ceramic Art And Design by Anton Reijnders, 2005-12-05
  4. Red Wing Art Pottery 2: Including Poterry Made for Rumrill by Ray Reiss, 1999-12
  5. Perpetual Glory: Medieval Islamic Ceramics from the Harvey B. Plotnick Collection (Art Institute of Chicago) by Oya Pancaroglu, 2007-05-28
  6. Kyoto ceramics (Arts of Japan, 2) by Masahiko Sato, 1973
  7. Coloring Clay (Ceramics Handbooks) by Jo Connell, 2007-11
  8. The Japanese Pottery Handbook by Penny Simpson, Kanji Sodeoka, 1979-09-15
  9. Iznik Pottery (Eastern Art) by John Carswell, 2006-09-30
  10. The pottery and porcelain of the United States;: An historical review of American ceramic art from the earliest times to the present day, by Edwin Atlee Barber, 1901
  11. 20th Century Ceramics (World of Art) by Edmund De Waal, 2003-11-24
  12. Shards: Garth Clark on Ceramic Art by Edward Lebow, Ed Lebow, et all 2003-11
  13. Handbuilding (Ceramics Handbooks) by Michael Hardy, 2000-06
  14. British Ceramic Art: 1870-1940 by John A. Bartlett, 1993-05

81. CeramicsWeb 3.0
ceramicsWeb updated Feb 28, 2000 Visitors since July 28, 1998 ( 125 315 visitors from January, 1996 to July, 1998) NOTE Main Index About the SDSU ceramics Web Site the information presented. As ceramics has a great many variables Visit Critical ceramics, a wonderful ceramics resource with articles and
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82. Ceramic Art, Majolica, And Woodfired Pottery By Selfridge
Internationally recognized ceramic art, illusionistic majolica and woodfired pottery by Carol and Richard Selfridge. Selfridge Ceramic art.
Selfridge Ceramic Art
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Carol and Richard Selfridge are ceramic artists working collaboratively in Edmonton, Canada since 1974. Their illusionistic majolica and woodfired stoneware has been exhibited nationally and internationally in over 145 juried and invitational exhibitions in the past 26 years.
"Eve's Red Apple Amphora"

constructed terra cotta
majolica, 30", 75cm, $1400 U.S., sold
Monarch National Ceramic Competition
Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, Florence, Alabama, 1997
(As seen in Ceramics Monthly, Dec.1998)
Juried Exhibitions 1994-2004
Solo and Invitational Exhibitions 1998-2004

Solo and Invitational Exhibitions 1995-97

Juried Exhibitions 1979-94
Solo and Invitational Exhibitions 1981-94
Latest Work Available for Purchase
Latest Trompe l'Oeil Majolica Work Latest Majolica Plates and Platters Latest Majolica Bowls, Baskets, Vases and Pans Latest Larger Woodfired Work ... Richard Selfridge's Landscape Tile Paintings, Etchings and Rock sculptures
Selfridge Work in Collections
Stoneware and Porcelain in Private and Public Collections
Gas Fired Stoneware, Saltglaze and Porcelain Work in Collections

83. Decorative Tile, Backsplash Tile, Ceramic Tile Design Since 1922
Welcome to Jerusalem pottery decorative ceramic tile ceramic tile, decorative tile glazed and fired to produce high quality ceramic tile art, made by
Armenian ceramic tiles from Jerusalem - decorative tile, backsplash tile
Unique ceramic hand painted tiles, tile art, tile installations and ceramic wall hangings, June 2004
6" Accent

Wall tiles
kitchen tiles
... FAQ Related
Links Ceramics


Welcome to Jerusalem Pottery - ceramic tile design since 1922
A family tradition since 1922, we make ceramic tiles using traditional methods and processes, with unique and vivid colors, which we mix ourselves. Each decorative ceramic tile is individually painted, glazed and fired to produce high quality ceramic tile art. Our painting, glazing and firing is done by hand, which gives our tiles their unique look and quality. B
backsplash tile
T he Tree of Life ceramic tile mural T he Phoenix bird ceramic tile mural C arnation decorative ceramic tile, floral accent
Unique ceramic tile, decorative tile, artistic tile for home decor and interior design.

84. Ceramic Art, Majolica, And Woodfired Pottery By Selfridge
Internationally recognized ceramic art, illusionistic majolica and woodfired pottery by Carol and Richard Selfridge. The Marketing Dance Choosing Your Partners. marketing dance.htm
The Marketing Dance: Choosing Your Partners
A shortened version of this article appeared
in "Ceramics Monthly" December 1998
Richard Selfridge
Richard "pouring tea" for Silken Laumann and
Carol Selfridge at the Minerva banquet

Twenty-five years ago we would go just about anywhere to try to sell our work. Yes, we were sort of hippies and we thought nothing of packing up our functional pots and selling them off a tie-dyed bedspread in a Friday "flea market" at the university or a folk festival or craft fair, even in the middle of a shopping mall. We really liked the direct contact with the end users of our pots and the "attaboys" that we got when passing over our latest, fresh-from-the-kiln, experiments to an appreciative public. In those golden granola days you could live on $300 a month (who needed a dental plan or children's university tuition?) and anything you could drink coffee or wine from, or would hold soup or a plant with a matt glaze and a splash of decoration, would usually sell. If you only had to wrap up half your stock at day's end you were laughing all the way to the grocery store. In those days we thought we could identify our customers. They looked like us (head bands, bell bottoms and women wearing drapes) they liked the same things (music and "hand made art") and our inexpensive work was considered a "consumer durable" (like an old car or stereo system) of this counter culture. Of course our most expensive item was about $40. Things changed, us, our work, our audience, and our marketing approach.

85. Tain Pottery - High Quality Hand Painted Tableware With Thistle And Tartan Desig
Sells Glenaldie thistle or tartan pattern handpainted tableware and ceramics from the Highlands of Scotland.
Click here to continue without flash
Tain Pottery - high quality hand painted tableware with thistle and tartan designs, ceramics from the Highlands of Scotland available with on-line shopping
You can place an order with our on-line shopping here About us How to find us Online Shop Stockists Tain pottery produces luxury hand painted ceramics and stoneware with thistle patterns or designs like Glenaldie in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. All this high quality pottery is hand-made by skilled craftsmen and women as well as tiles, mugs, plates and most tableware. These are then decorated with the famous tartan patterns or we can undertake commissions for design if you require something special. The dinner services we produce are hand made and ideal for wedding lists and as individual wedding gifts with a Scottish theme.
Tain pottery is collectable and our hand painted designs ensure no two pieces are identical. Top sellers include Glenaldie, with its thistle, tartans, tiles, mugs in all our famous designs: Shandwick: another "Seaboard Village" looking across the Moray Firth to Nairn, its beautiful sandy beach surrounded by rock pools reaming with shellfish.

86. Antique Ceramics, Porcelain And Pottery - Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, And Lo
Sells antique pottery including Royal Doulton, Royal Dux, Royal Worcester, Locke and Company, Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper Maling, Minton, Moorcroft, Wemyss, Volkstedt, Zslonay, and Oriental.
Royal Doulton Figures. Royal Worcester Figures. Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates. Royal Doulton Animals, Vases, Ash Pots. Royal Doulton Lambeth. Quality Collectibles including all makes listed below Ceramics - Porcelain - Pottery Royal Doulton Clarice Cliff Maling Royal Dux Volkstedt Minton Royal Worcester Sitzendorf Wemyss Zslonay Susie Cooper View and order on line click-here for on-line catalogue click-here for details of ordering Updated 18.9.2002

87. Patty's Pottery
welcome to A Muddy Place, the online home of Patty's pottery. Enjoy browsing through the ceramics gallery or finding out more about the artist and her upcoming shows.
"Does not the potter have the right to make out of some lump of clay some pottery for noble purposes and some for common use?"
- Romans 9:21
Welcome to Patty's Pottery
The highlight of this site is the pottery gallery , a showcase for my artwork. The gallery is graphics oriented, but I have tried to maintain a balance between reasonable download times and quality images. If you are looking for information about ceramic techniques and resources, check out my list of ceramic related links
Upcoming Events
May 14-16, 2004 July 10, 2004
The MN Irish Fair
August 13-15, 2004
I fell in love with pottery during my first college ceramics class in the spring of 1993, but the desire to "play in the mud" must have exisited since childhood. There are pictures of me as a little girl covered from head to toe with mud after enjoying an afternoon of mud sliding on the mound of dirt in my backyard. In 1996, I graduated with a BA in studio art, and began taking the first small steps toward becoming a working artist. I am currently doing office work part-time at the ceramics studio I rent space from and devoting the rest of my time to developing a cohesive body of work. Home Gallery The Artist Events ... Links

88. Decorative Tile, Backsplash Tile, Ceramic Tile Design Since 1922
Related. Links. ceramics. art. Design. Fireplace. Armenian Welcome to Jerusalem Potterydecorative tiles ceramic tile, decorative tile, backsplash tile

89. Pottery You Paint
Ashburn, Virginia ceramics studio. Has ceramic and glass pieces available to docorate. Provides classes, activities and workshops for children and adults. Afterhours and Roadshow events also available.
Pottery You Paint A Contemporary Ceramics Studio
Pottery You Paint is located in Ashburn Farm Market Center at:
43330 Junction Plaza #176
Ashburn, Virginia
Pottery You Paint is a contemporary ceramics studio where children of all ages can explore their artistic and creative sides.
We have the area's largest inventory of pottery and glass pieces awaiting your creative finishing.
Not feeling like painting? You can now mosaic your pottery or glass at Pottery You Paint!
Pottery You Paint offers a great time for parties, youth group and adult gatherings, as well as walk-in customers.
Pottery You Paint is also available for after-hours parties ladies' nights out, fundraisers, bridal showers, corporate and family gatherings, and so on. For information on reserving the studio for your after-hours event, simply give us a call.
Don't miss our classes. We offer classes, activities, and workshops for both kids and adults. Check back or give us a call or e-mail to get the current class offerings. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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    90. Welcome To Van Briggle Pottery
    A large studio and shop that makes and sells ceramics and tile. Online catalog available.

    91. Index Page
    Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture and Functional pottery A Showcase for artists and A Resource for Collectors of Fine art. artists Click to visit an artist.
    Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture and Functional Pottery
    A Showcase for Artists and
    A Resource for Collectors of Fine Art Artists
    Click to visit an artist Kate Misset t
    Liz Bidd
    le ...

    by Outi Putkonen
    Artwork by Category Sculpture Functional Art Animals Figures ...
    Helayne Friedland

    Claire Clark
    Outi Putkonen

    Kate Missett
    Sheryl Zacharia
    Susanne Greene Liz Biddle Beth Watson Links About Us Join the Site Contact Us

    92. Lucienne De Mauny's Website
    A comprehensive catalogue of a range of slip decorated tableware made at this studio pottery in Oxfordshire. Also details of how to order commemorative/corporate ware, house name and number plaques.

    93. Glossary Of Terms
    Selected terminology of ceramics and pottery.
    Bone China The ingredients of bone china are china clay, china stone, silica, alumina, alkalies, lime and bone ash. It is fired at high of 2,300 to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. In the best grades of English bone china, 50% or more of the body consists of refined bone ash prepared from specially selected animal bones which are reduced to a fine powder by heat. The bone is mixed with the finest china clays and highest quality Cornish stone. Specially skilled workers are needed in the manufacture of bone china and the best and most highly skilled in the world are found in the pottery district of England.
    Earthenware The basic mixture for earthenware is potash, sand, feldspar and clay. This type of dinnerware is fired at anywhere from 600 to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit — usually around 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Earthenware (often mistakenly referred to as "china" is not made from a hard paste. It has a softer body and is much cheaper to produce. It can be made almost as thin as bone china, but it lacks translucency. It is not as durable as bone china and chips more easily. However, it is much less expensive, lends itself to colorful decorations and is often interesting and quite beautiful.
    Fine China Dinnerware designed as "fine china" usually indicates that feldspar, a glassy and hard crystalline mineral made up mainly of aluminum silicates rather than bone ash has been used as the fluxing (fusing or bonding) agent. Fine china does not have the pure white body seen in bone china. It tends to have a grey-white hue.

    94. Alsager Pottery - Traditional English Slipware
    Handmade traditional English Slipware ceramics, collectable pottery, either individually made to order or supplied from our wide range.
    Alsager Pottery Traditional English Slipware Established 1978
    Hand-thrown pottery decorated with coloured clay slips was made in English country potteries from the early 17th to the mid-19th century, when styles changed as a result of the industrial revolution. Staffordshire was one of the main centres of slipware manufacture and old Staffordshire slipware has its own distinctive character. We use traditional slipware patterns and methods adapted for modern use. Our pottery is all hand thrown in local red earthenware clay and we are happy to make individual items on request. Commemorative plates are made to order to mark weddings, christenings, anniversaries and other special occasions.
    British Craft Trade Fair Award Winners Best Traditional Product
    Postal Address:

    More Pages Patterned Plates

    Owl jug
    Links Site created: Last Modified: 7th February, 2001 by KRodgers

    95. Katy's Pottery - Americana-Style Stoneware Handmade In The Arkansas Ozarks
    AmericanaStyle Stoneware, hand-built, functional, high fire ceramics.

    96. Carolinda Tolstoy Ceramics
    London based ceramicist whose work contrasts simple, pottery shapes with rich oriental decoration.
    carolinda tolstoy - ceramics
    by Ernst J. Grube
    by Juliet Highet The monograph is available at and all major bookstores. Listed in Waterstones under antiques and collectables. Read the review in Ceramics Today carolinda tolstoy - ceramics Carolinda Tolstoy is a London based ceramicist who exhibits widely and whose work is in national and private collections throughout the world. Click on any of the illustrations in the site to view the work in more detail. All the work featured can be viewed by clicking on the gallery link. Il existe aussi Click here to join Carolinda Tolstoy's exhibition invitation mailing list. Web site designed and developed by GWS Interactive Carolinda Tolstoy 1999-2004
    VR virtual rights Carolinda Tolstoy 1999-2004 Page impressions: 23359

    97. DEVICA Keramikgefässe Von Hervorragender Qualität
    About the history and hand or assembly style production of Devica pottery, from northern Portugal.
    Im Norden Portugals ..
    In the north of Portugal...
    Klicken Sie auf die Flagge, um die Seite in deutscher Sprache zu sehen.
    in the province Minho, not far from the picturesque coastal town of Viana do Catelo, you find the pottery factory DEVICA.
    Click on the flag below, to see our site in english language

    98. StudioMate Ceramics, Equipment And Supplies, Custom Tiles, Tile Murals And Potte
    Sells materials, supplies, new and reconditioned pottery equipment. Technical support, repair, delivery and consultation available.
    Equipment and Supplies Potter's wheels
    Wheel accessories

    ConeArt k
    Floor and wall tiles
    Choose the glaze for your tiles!
    ...also... Custom Pottery Custom murals We accept:
    Contact Information
    General Information and sales:
    Voice Mail
    Mailing Address StudioMate, Inc.
    5250 Grand Avenue, STE. 14
    Gurnee, Illinois 60031

    99. The Pottery Webring
    Ring of potters, ceramics artists, studios and galleries.
    Pottery Webring The Pottery Webring links quality sites from Potters, Ceramics Artists, Pottery Studios and Galleries containing information about glazes, kilns, throwing techniques, extruders and more. Sites about fine art pottery and ceramics are cordially invited to join.
    How Do You Join?
    You become a member of the ring by first adding your site to a list of potential new members. Once your site has been reviewed and quality checked it may be added to the ring. Submit your site to the member applicants list here The Pottery Ring needs you! Click here for more information Members FAQ
    The Pottery Ring This is The Pottery Webring Join Now Ring Hub Random ... Search Engine
    The Pottery Webring logo is derived from an image of Pig Dog by Joanne Fuller

    100. Keriblue Ceramics - New Zealand Ceramics And Pottery, Hand-painted Ceramic Table
    Produces ceramics and pottery for wholesalers, will produce custom orders and operates a ceramics factory shop outlet in New Zealand.
    From its studio in New Zealand, Keriblue Ceramics presents an original and comprehensive range of ceramic tableware and dinnerware produced in vibrant colour for the domestic, retail, corporate and tourist gift market All our pottery and ceramics are individually designed and handpainted by New Zealand artists A studio of premium ceramics handcrafted in New Zealand Great to enhance you home with colour or provide that perfect gift Products Shapes Purchasing Contact Keriblue Ceramics. Original New Zealand ceramics and pottery, quality hand-painted ceramic tableware dinnerware customised corporate gifts wholesale handcrafted art studio ceramic Keriblue Ceramics Original ceramics and pottery from New Zealand, selling quality hand-painted ceramic tableware, dinnerware and customised corporate gifts at retail and wholesale prices from its Kerikeri shop, ceramic art studio and ceramics website Keriblue Ceramics, original, ceramics, pottery, New Zealand, ceramics, hand-painted, handcrafted, ceramic, tableware, dinnerware, domestic ware, customise, ceramics, personalised, corporate, gifts, retail, wholesale, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, NZ, N.Z., ceramics, art, studio, ceramics, bisque, colour, designed, design, earthenware, glaze, promotional, logos, quality, tourist, tourism, Ceramic, Pottery, shopping online, manufacture, expo rt, slip cast

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