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         Postscript Programming:     more books (30)
  1. Mathematical Illustrations: A Manual of Geometry and PostScript by Bill Casselman, 2005-01-24
  2. Learning Postscript: A Visual Approach by Ross Smith, 1990-03
  3. Postscript Language Reference by Adobe Systems Inc., 1999-05
  4. Programming the Display Postscript System With X (APL) by Adobe Systems, 1993-01
  5. Understanding PostScript Programming by David Holzgang, 1988-10
  6. Display Postscript Programming by David A. Holzgang, 1990-07
  7. Taking Advantage of Postscript by John F. Sherman, 1991-08
  8. Hands-On Postscript/Book and Disk (Electronic Publishing Library) by Michael B. Spring, David S. Dubin, 1992-05
  9. Understanding Postscript by David A. Holzgang, 1992-03
  10. Inside Postscript by Frank Merritt Braswell, 1989-09
  11. Encapsulated Postscript: Application Guide for the Macintosh and PCs by Peter Vollenweider, 1990-12
  12. Postscript Programmer's Reference Guide: Featuring Phoenix Page by David Holzgang, 1989-05
  13. A Postscript Cookbook by Barry Thomas, 1989-02
  14. Programming the Display Postscript System With Nextstep by Adobe Systems Inc., 1991-11

1. PS Programming
postscript programming Resources. Links to information and software. postscript/postscript.html. postscript programming Tutorials is an introduction to postscript programming, including curves, recursion, and
PostScript and Ghostscript Resources
It's also a programming language, with variables, arrays, conditionals, and a stack.
Not to mention superb vector graphics and fonts. PostScript has been called "an unappreciated yet superb general purpose computing language". You can write a PostScript program using any text editor. Here's the familiar "Hello World" program in PostScript: %!PS
/Times-Roman findfont 50 scalefont setfont
2.5 inch 5 inch moveto
(Hello, World!) show
showpage To run a program, all you need is a PostScript interpreter such as Ghostscript. Tutorials
Want to write your own PS programs? Learn the basics for free, right here on the web

2. PostScript Programming
latest postscript programming job was at Adobe Systems, working on the Adobe PostScript Three ( PostScript Level Three a collection of PostScript code samples, acted as
var toplevel = 0; Software for the Macintosh Millennium . . . Company Products Services Background Personal PostScript and Fonts I could not get my brain around the concept of a proprietary standard . . . . so I quit . . . I have over ten years experience working with the PostScript Page Description Language My PostScript knowledge led to my co-writing PostScript by Example with Mary Campione. PostScript by Example is the first and only tutorial to cover PostScript Level Two in detail. See my Authoring page for more information. My latest PostScript programming job was at Adobe Systems, working on the Adobe PostScript Three ( PostScript Level Three ) Software Developer's Toolkit. I developed a collection of PostScript code samples, acted as technical liaison to selected software developers, and contributed material to technical notes to explain the features of Adobe PostScript Three to third party developers. At Quorum Software Systems , I improved the performance of their PostScript-based software packages.

3. Postscript Programming Links
Brandon's postscript programming Links. A First Guide to PostScript. A First Guide to PostScript. PostScript in Variable Data Printing. A couple of nice intro articles written by Thomas Greer. Technical Notes for Developers
Brandon 's Postscript Programming Links
A First Guide to PostScript
A First Guide to PostScript
PostScript in Variable Data Printing
A couple of nice intro articles written by Thomas Greer
Technical Notes for Developers
Technical Notes for Developers
Internet PostScript Resources
Internet PostScript Resources
Richard's PS Junk Page
Richard's PS Junk Page
Last change: January 18, 2001 URCS Home Page

4. Pn-Pz postscript programming Tutorial pstoepsi, for converting PostScript into Encapsulated PostScript; pstotext, which converts PostScript files
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P ortable N etwork G raphics is a format for portable graphics, as you might surmise from the name. PNG unofficially stands for P NG's N ot G IF, which originates from the decision of Unisys and CompuServe to require royalties from programs using the GIF format since Unisys has a patent on the LZW compression format used therein. The main advantages which PNG has over GIF are:
  • alpha channels (variable transparency), gamma correction (cross-platform control of image brightness), and 2-D interlacing (a method of progressive display).
It also compresses better in almost every case, with the difference generally ranging from 10% to 30%. Since PNG is intended to be single-image format only, it doesn't feature multiple-image support. PNG also has the advantage that it has one and only one official pronunciation, i.e. ``ping.'' Standard PNG features include:
  • support for three main image types, i.e. truecolor, grayscale, and palette (with JPEG supporting the first two and GIF only the third);

5. DevCentral - Error
Stepby-step guide to writing PostScript programs by DevCentral Learning Center. Site registration (free) is required to view this guide.

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C, C++


Visual Basic


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6. The RoPS PostScript Viewer
A Microsoft Windows implementation of the postscript programming language interpreter. Free and commercial versions
Welcome to This web site is maintained by Centipede Productions as a central resource for the RoPS TM PostScript TM Interpreter.
'RoPS' is a trademark of Centipede Productions LLP. The name 'PostScript' is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
  • What is RoPS?
    The RoPS interpreter is a Microsoft Windows implementation of the PostScript programming language interpreter described in Adobe Systems' book, the 'PostScript language reference manual.' RoPS is optimized for viewing documents on screen, using TrueType fonts. It's ideal for reading PostScript documents downloaded from the Web. There are lots of good reasons for using RoPS! Latest News
    The source code for the core PostScript interpreter (not including the GUI wrapper) can be browsed here . If you are interested in using the code in your own project, please contact us for a copy.
    RoPS version 6.5c
    has been released. This adds the facility to display a page's bounding box and fixes a couple of minor bugs: see readme.txt

7. The PostScript Programming Language
The Web directory for the postscript programming language. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe. Reference material. postscript programming manual, by David Maxwell. PostScript Reference manual (Level 2), at Luminous Corp.
The Web directory for the PostScript programming language
PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe
Reference material
  • Two pages by pages : a script to manipulate DVI-generated PostScript for reduce printing.
Encapsulated PostScript
Related topics: Computer programming languages
Christophe Tronche

8. PostScript - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
PostScript. (Redirected from postscript programming language). Typically, PostScript programs are not produced by humans, but by other programs.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
(Redirected from PostScript programming language Server will be down for maintenance on 2004-06-11 from about 18:00 to 18:30 UTC.
PostScript (PS) is a page description language used primarily in the electronic and desktop publishing areas. Table of contents 1 History
2 Usage in printing

2.1 Traditional printing

2.2 PostScript printing
The concepts of the PostScript language were seeded in when John Warnock was working at Evans and Sutherland , a famous computer graphics company. At that time John Gaffney was developing an interpreter for a large three-dimensonal graphics database of New York harbour. Gaffney conceived the Design System language to process the graphics, very similar to the Forth programming language In Evans and Sutherland asked Warnock to move from the San Francisco bay area to their main headquarters in Utah , but he was not interested in moving. He then joined Xerox PARC to work with Martin Newell . They rewrote Design System to create JaM (John and Martin) which was used for VLSI design and the investigation of type and graphics printing. This work later evolved into an expanded system known as

9. The PostScript Programming Language
The Web directory for the postscript programming language. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Reference material.
The Web directory for the PostScript programming language
PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe
Reference material
  • Two pages by pages : a script to manipulate DVI-generated PostScript for reduce printing.
Encapsulated PostScript
Related topics: Computer programming languages
Christophe Tronche

10. Help-Site: PostScript Programming Computer Help
postscript programming. Search.
[Main Index] -> [Programming] -> [Programming Languages] [Directory] [Forums] PostScript Programming
options PostScript by Example Other PostScript Programming books to buy at Amazon.
A First Guide to Postscript (ps) [13 Dec 2002]
PostScript monthly FAQ v2.4 07-18-95 [01-04]
[13 Dec 2002]
v04INF1: PostScript Sources monthly FAQ [1]
[13 Dec 2002]
v04INF1: PostScript Sources monthly FAQ [2]
[13 Dec 2002]
v04INF1: PostScript Sources monthly FAQ [3]
[13 Dec 2002]
If you can't find the help you are looking for on the main site you can now visit the new Help-Site Forums to ask for help. [New Links]
[Add Url]

11. PostScript Programming Language - Encyclopedia Article About PostScript Programm
encyclopedia article about postscript programming language. postscript programming language in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. programming language
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
PostScript programming language
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition PostScript (PS) is a page description language A page description language is a file format (and almost a programming language) for describing the contents of a printed page in a higher level than the actual output bitmap.
  • DVI (stands for DeVice Independent)
  • PCL (Printer Control Language)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • PostScript

Click the link for more information. used primarily in the electronic and desktop publishing Desktop publishing , or DTP , is the process of editing and layout of printed material intended for publication, such as books, magazines, brochures, and the like using a personal computer. Desktop publishing software, such as QuarkXPress, is software specifically designed for such tasks. Such programs do not generally replace word processors and graphics applications, but are used to aggregate content created in these programs: text, bitmap graphics (such as images edited with Adobe Photoshop, and vector graphics (such as drawings/illustrations made with Adobe Illustrator).
Click the link for more information.

12. What Is PostScript? - A Word Definition From The Webopedia Computer Dictionary
The main focus of the page is to provide postscript programming and product development information. Introduction to PostScript
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PostScript Last modified: Friday, January 18, 2002 A page description language (PDL) developed by Adobe Systems. PostScript is primarily a language for printing documents on laser printers , but it can be adapted to produce images on other types of devices . PostScript is the standard for desktop publishing because it is supported by imagesetters, the very high-resolution printers used by service bureaus to produce camera-ready copy. PostScript is an object-oriented language , meaning that it treats images, including fonts , as collections of geometrical objects rather than as bit maps . PostScript fonts are called outline fonts because the outline of each character is defined. They are also called

13. BlackLightning Specialty Laser Printer Toners
Online version with information on graphic tricks and techniques, publishing, printer maintenance and repair, postscript programming, and digital photography.

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14. Bersearch PostScript Programming Products
Bersearch PostScript Examples 1.01a $40.
The Clearinghouse for International Computing

15. Guru's Lair: PostScript Library Directory
Essays and examples on postscript programming.
Don Lancaster's Guru's Lair
PostScript Library auctions bargains books contact ... site map
    Search Guru's Lair:
beg stuff books gonzo procs links ... utilities
    PostScript from Adobe Systems is an underappreciated yet superb
    general purpose computing language. In its spare time, PostScript
    also excels at dirtying up otherwise clean sheets of paper. You can click here Only recently has PostScript become exceptionally fun and easy to
    use. You simply create a textfile and send it to Distiller. Outputs can
    be in the form of PDF docs, screen reports, log files, or new disk files. Among its many other capabilities, PostScript can read or write virtually
    any disk file format in just about any language. PostScript is a premier
    choice any time exotic calculations need to be combined with fancy
    visual presentations. PostScript also has unique robotics potential. This library shelf holds one of the world's foremost collections of raw
    PostScript-as-language demos, utilities, and applications. Also offered is lots of support for all of the more traditional desktop
    publishing uses of PostScript. There are also companion

16. Erik Ahlefeldt Postscript Programs Freeware Graph Paper Isometric Grid Paper Lin
Erik Ahlefeldt Postscript Programs. Free Software. postscript programming Examples. Postscript (by Adobe) is the language
Erik Ahlefeldt
Postscript Programs
Free Software
Postscript Programming Examples Postscript (by Adobe) is the language used by most high-end laser printers. While it is excellent for putting marks on paper, it is also a versatile general purpose computer language. The best starting place to find Postscript resources on the Internet is Jim Land's Postscript Page
  • Download Postscript programs
  • Author : Erik Ahlefeldt (
    Last revision : 8 August 2001

    17. Postscript Programming
    These simple regular patterns in the arabic style are produced by a postscript program, and not from specifying each line (click on each picture to download
    These simple regular patterns in the arabic style are produced by a postscript program, and not from specifying each line (click on each picture to download the postscript source file). home

    18. Help Postscript Programming help postscript programming. Does anybody out there know postscript programming well? I need some help modifying the file.
    Hylafax Mailing List Archives Date Prev Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index help postscript programming so that anyone able to help could view it. Fixing this will be highly useful as it becomes very easy to change the logo on the fax template simply by replacing the bitmap code with postscript bitmap code for the desired logo... making logo customization of the coverpage quite simple (especially compared to some of the FAQ answers). Thanks. Lee Howard

    19. PostScript: The Language
    Dylan s PostScript Page. PostScript programs by Dylan. Genesis of PostScript. postscript programming Tutorial. Interface Technologies Inc.
    PostScript: the language Last update: Fri Jun 11 04:16:20 EDT 2004
    School of Computer Science
    McGill University
    Montreal, Canada H3A 2K6

    A first guide to postscript
    Guide by Peter Weingartner. Spanish mirror
    A First Guide to PostScript
    By P.J. Weingartner (University of Indiana): a nice ten-chapter primer.
    A First Guide to PostScript (mirror)
    A manual for mathematical PostScript Fantastic collection of code and tutorials by a mathematician (Bill Casselman) for mathematicians. A must visit!
    From the press release by Peter Szabo, its developer: "a2ping is a UNIX command line utility written in Perl that converts many raster image and vector graphics formats to EPS or PDF and other page description formats. Accepted input file formats are: PS (PostScript), EPS, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, BMP, GIF, LBM, XPM, PCX, TGA. Accepted output formats are: EPS, PCL5, PDF, PDF1, PBM, PGM, PPM, PS, markedEPS, markedPS, PNG, XWD, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, XPM. a2ping delegates the low-level work to Ghostscript (GS), pdftops and sam2p. a2ping fixes many glitches during the EPS to EPS conversion, so its output is often more compatible and better embeddable than its input." Adobe resources via FTP Adobe resources web page Adobe's Red Book (PostScript Language Reference) Adobe's new Red Book "PostScript Language Reference Book" (1999) supersedes all the material about LanguageLevel 3 in the 3010 Supplement. Hardcopy book published by Addison-Wesley. See also

    20. Learning PostScript: A Visual Approach By Ross Smith
    ISBN 0938151126 ; Dimensions (in inches) 0.82 x 9.02 x 7.04. This book is an excellent introduction to the postscript programming language!
    Main News Software Order ... Contact
    Learning PostScript: A Visual Approach
    by Ross Smith
    ISBN: 0938151126 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 9.02 x 7.04 This book is an excellent introduction to the PostScript programming language! It has an easy, introductory style that visually leads to a strong understanding of the PostScript language and what it can accomplish in graphics and text design. It has hundreds of language examples along with an illustration of each example! Contents
    Introduction - Getting Started
    Chapter 1 - Drawing Lines
    Chapter 2 - Showing Text
    Chapter 3 - Graphics States
    Chapter 4 - Resizing and Repositioning
    Chapter 5 - Arcs and Curves
    Chapter 6 - Repeat Loops
    Chapter 7 - Procedures
    Chapter 8 - Special Effects Appendix A - Text Characters Appendix B - Tools and Techniques Appendix C - Other Programs NOTE: This book is not available in electronic form and is not available for download from the Internet. If the book is ordered, it must be physically shipped. Available for a limited time from LaserGo, Inc. for FREE plus US$ 5 shipping within the U.S. or US$ 10 shipping outside of the U.S.! Get it now by simply selecting the FREE BOOK, part number BK-9000, on any of our order forms and submitting the form (be sure to select a quantity of at least one, and select a shipping method other than Internet download)! Yes!

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